Classroom 2.0 LIVE - August 14, 2010 IEAR with Scott Meech

00:07 to: Kim Caise
welcome everyone!

00:07 to: Peggy George
Just a little reminder to use the hashtags: #IEAR and #edapp when posting to social networks about apps, uses, articles, blogs, etc. for iPods, cellphones in the classroom, iPads, etc.

00:09 to: Tony Vincent
Not for the new licesning agreement. I can't answer that one.

00:14 to: Peggy George

00:44 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Good morning, Lorna.

00:50 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yay! SMEECH!!!!!

00:55 to: Kim Caise
we all have done that at one time or another

01:04 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
SMEECH is in the house.

01:05 to: Kim Caise
yeahhhhh Tammy!

01:11 to: McTeach (Karen)
How about "convenient" hearing impairments???

01:29 to: Kim Caise
or 'selective' hearing?

01:36 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Tammy Moore is an incredible CC person. I don't know how she does it.

01:38 to: Peggy George
closed captioning is also great for non-English speakers!!

01:41 to: McTeach (Karen)

01:49 to: EdTechLeader
#IEAR Rules!

02:03 to: Scott Meech
:) Thanks David ... @edtechleader

02:10 to: Peggy George
you may want to save the whiteboard at the end of the session today because Scott has lots of great slides for us :-)

02:39 to: Kim Caise
this will be another fantastic session with another fantastic guest! :)

02:43 to: Peggy George
the ding can get really annoying so you want to turn those off

02:55 to: Kim Caise
i have been anxiously waiting for this show for a loonnnng time!

03:31 to: Peggy George
all of our links are here today:

03:33 to: blairteach
Hi, Paula. Sneaked away just before the start time to take the dog out. Now I'm ready to learn!

03:51 to: Peggy George
welcome blairteach!!

04:20 to: McTeach (Karen)
Tools please

04:25 to: Peggy George
we will be giving people a chance to take the mic after Scott finishes to share your favorite apps so get ready!!

04:34 to: blairteach
Hello from Atlanta.

04:39 to: Peggy George

04:44 to: yorkieswv
West Virginia

04:45 to: Len_Horn
AZ rocks!

04:48 to: Marragem
One lone Aussie again

04:49 to: Peggy George

04:49 to: Reba

04:51 to: Scott Meech
Please note that there is a Mobile Learning Experience in Phoenix April 6-8. 2011 ... Please remind me to talk about this sometime!

04:52 to: EdTechLeader
Greetings from Arizona!

04:58 to: Peggy George
very hot day in Phoenix today--going to be 112 degrees

05:02 to: Debby
Hi from So.CAl

05:04 to: anachorete
i'm @ #detmold germany

05:08 to: Kim Flack
Hi Peggy!

05:09 to: Peggy George
welcome everyone!!!

05:10 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
New Orleans, LA

05:12 to: kmulford
Hi from the Chicago suburbs!

05:14 to: Adam
Hi from NY

05:16 to: SusanSi
howdy from NE TEXAS

05:17 to: Janet C
East Bay (SF area), California

05:18 to: Marragem
Brisbane, Australia

05:18 to: Kim Flack
this is the best place to be if you are in hot AZ ;)

05:20 to: RoxanneC
norcal usa

05:20 to: Peggy George
Hi Kim Flack!! what a treat to have you joining us today!!!

05:21 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey! Just noticed there are tools on the bottom of that last window!!

05:29 to: McTeach (Karen)
What if you don't remember???

05:32 to: Peggy George
join right now if you're not a member :-)

05:35 to: Scott Meech
I hope there are lots of you in here! #iear community ... if not ... please join the grassroots effort!

05:36 to: anachorete
not yeat?

05:39 to: Peggy George
it will tell you when you start to log in

06:07 to: Peggy George
it's a great one-stop shopping site for apps for you :-) with reviews!!!

06:08 to: Kim Caise
fantastic gain in members after the show, Scott

06:09 to: McTeach (Karen)
But I will this year!!!

06:18 to: Valaina
Planning to this year

06:19 to: Len_Horn
sadly district policy :(

06:23 to: Peggy George
no students but if I had students I would!!!

06:26 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
@McTeach I know. I belong to so many communities I can't remember them all.

07:06 to: Peggy George
are you talking Lorna?

07:08 to: Kim Caise
i have been a bit intimidated to do so

07:13 to: Kim Caise
yes she is peggy

07:17 to: Peggy George
oops lost my connection

07:20 to: Peggy George
back now

07:25 to: Len_Horn
I hear you Lorna

07:25 to: Peggy George

07:42 to: Scott Meech
@Kim ... Please don't be intimidated at all! We need your input!

07:50 to: McTeach (Karen)
I need to go get my iTouch in the other room...

09:13 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Mobile devices.

09:25 to: Kim Caise
mobile computers

09:29 to: EdTechLeader
Yes, "App Phones" is a better term (:))

09:29 to: Peggy George
I wasn't finished :-)

09:40 to: Peggy George
can't wait to hear more about these apps!!!!

09:47 to: Peggy George

09:51 to: Len_Horn
Definately my vote for App Phones

09:53 to: Sheri Edwards
it's my "communicator"

10:07 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Hi Sheri.

10:12 to: Peggy George
my heart is pounding!! I just love talking about apps!!!!

10:19 to: Len_Horn

10:31 to: Peggy George
we're sooooo glad to have you here Scott!

10:31 to: Valaina
I use my iPhone for me and my iTouch for school and students

10:58 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
I need this because I'm using my iPad because I don't know much about great edu apps.

10:59 to: Peggy George links for later :-)

11:05 to: EdTechLeader
Thanks for getting the word out about #iear

11:23 to: Peggy George

11:31 to: Peggy George (iEAR-Education Apps Review)

11:42 to: Kim Caise
the hashtags related to today's session are #IEAR and #edapps

11:43 to: Peggy George (Ning network - community effort to grade Educational apps)

12:00 to: Kim Caise
is it research based?

12:08 to: Peggy George
yes and also use our hashtag--#liveclass20 :-)

12:31 to: Peggy George
it is so valuable to have apps to explore that are recommended by other educators!!!

13:03 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
I need apps on my iPad.

13:08 to: Peggy George
my grandson just introduced me to a new app yesterday-hope to share it later. He's just turned 8 yrs old

13:18 to: Kim Caise
cool Peggy!

13:27 to: Peggy George
this is such a great resource for us!!

13:31 to: Peggy George (Ning network - community effort to grade Educational apps)

13:36 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
He is teaching you, love it.

13:54 to: Peggy George (Scott Meech: What Do Teachers Really Want in an Educational App?)

14:22 to: Peggy George
wow! 40 app reviewers--all teachers or educators!!

14:46 to: Peggy George

14:52 to: McTeach (Karen)
Where's Judi today???

15:01 to: EdTechLeader
Volume pricing for iTunes apps now being addressed by Apple

15:16 to: EdTechLeader
Hi Jeremy and Judy!

15:23 to: Valaina
great resources - the podcast I mean

15:51 to: Karen
Karen Bantuveris - me

15:54 to: Peggy George
I'm sure Judi wishes she could be with us :-)

15:55 to: Adam
Adam Bellow from eduTecher

16:00 to: Adam

16:02 to: Peggy George
fabulous Adam!!!

16:06 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Hi Adam.

16:13 to: Adam
Hi Paula

16:15 to: Kim Caise
he will be our guest on August 28th

16:20 to: Valaina
Love the app reviews and the comments

16:21 to: Peggy George
he will be our special guest coming up on Aug. 28!!! You are going to LOVE his resources!

16:33 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
love Adam's app- helpful and easy to use

16:41 to: Adam
Thanks Peggy and Maureen

16:43 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Hi Maureen.

16:45 to: Peggy George
me too Maureen!! it is such a great app!

17:11 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Hi Paula- trying to eat my Ben &Jerry's and type- messy

17:17 to: McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Maureen! I have Adam's app, but I haven't used it yet.

17:19 to: EdTechLeader
Can't wait to start reviewing ed apps

17:24 to: aunttammie
i'm late...what is "Adam's app"?

17:29 to: Peggy George
there are so many compilations of ed apps and we've tried to compile many of them in our links today. I'll keep dropping them in the chat too.

17:32 to: Peggy George (Vince Viloria: LiveBinder for Mobile Apps in Education)

17:37 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
@Maureen B&J for breakfast?

17:39 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Hi Karen- you're home? or still gadding about?

17:51 to: Peggy George

18:02 to: Peggy George
the app is called edutecher

18:17 to: Valaina
I just downloaded that app and would love more info

18:17 to: McTeach (Karen)
Maureen...I'm home! Ok, adding "gadding about" to my list of favorite words and phrases!

18:27 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Paula- it'

18:32 to: Peggy George

18:43 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
sorry- Paula, it's noon, but breakfast would work for me

18:46 to: Peggy George (iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch Apps for Special Education)

18:49 to: EdTechLeader
gWhiz - app for creating flashcards

19:01 to: Peggy George Vincent's site for iPod Touch)

19:09 to: Peggy George (Tony Vincent's site for iPad)

19:23 to: Peggy George (list of educational apps for the iPod Touch categorized by subject area)

19:29 to: EdTechLeader
Great links Peggy!

19:44 to: Peggy George
so many people think it is just a consumption device and they are soooo wrong!!

19:44 to: McTeach (Karen)
I just started creating a list of recommended apps for the teachers in our diocese. This is the perfect show for me!!

19:50 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Kevin Honeycutt is awesome.

19:50 to: McTeach (Karen)
Oh, just LOVE Kevin!!!

19:59 to: Peggy George
you could say that about many tech tools--it's all in how you use them!

20:11 to: EdTechLeader
Kevin Honeycutt Rocks! (podstock2010)

20:18 to: McTeach (Karen)
We had a jam session with Kevin in Denver!

20:24 to: Peggy George
Kevin always does such a fantastic job of demonstrating what you can PRODUCE with apps!

20:47 to: Peggy George (Lots of great tips in this blog post by Wes Fryer)

20:57 to: Peggy George
Tony introduced me to Brushes :-)

21:20 to: EdTechLeader
Brushes = great iPad/iPod app for creating artwork

21:40 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
I can't draw, but I'm sure I have some artists in my class.

21:41 to: Peggy George
I just installed Pocket Zoo on my iphone yesterday after McTeach told me about it! My grandson loved seeing the live webcam of the elephant at the San Diego zoo!!

21:56 to: Kim Caise
i cannot wait for another company to provide service for the iphone

21:56 to: Valaina
guess I need to find out what to do with the Brushes app that I already have

22:07 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
I saw your tweet about that Peggy.

22:26 to: Peggy George
Have you tried Spoken? Download pics and add recording/audio to it! :-)

22:32 to: Peggy George
Spoken Motion

22:50 to: Kim Caise
i am anxious to try out dragon dictation

22:55 to: Peggy George
iSock is really fun puppet app too :-)

23:09 to: Peggy George
dragon dictation is really very good as an app!!

23:18 to: Kim Caise
i love those 2 kids

23:24 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
@Kim I use Dragon Dictation on my iPhone.

23:28 to: aunttammie
just downloaded edutecher on my ipad...seems to be a list of other that right?

23:30 to: McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...what do you use dragon for?

23:41 to: EdTechLeader
Vmath Master created by two 7th graders, interview on

24:03 to: Karen
Love those kids!

24:04 to: Peggy George
I installed it because I wanted to test quality and recommend to others--especially people who have problems typing/texting

24:08 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I watched the video on cnn- wish I could go to camp

24:11 to: Kim Caise
do they have to know how to program/code in Cocoa to create the apps?

24:14 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
I launch a free project in the clouds for teachers

24:24 to: Len_Horn
twitter Kevin at @kevinhoneycutt

24:38 to: Peggy George
have you seen AutoVerbal (I have the PRO version) and it is fantastic for speaking text

24:53 to: Valaina
I would love to see a Scratch app

25:20 to: clinds
I would love to offer this to students but can they use something like the Stanford course curriculum if there isn't an adult that can teach this?

25:33 to: Reba
just got a droid yesterday FABULOUS

25:42 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
, Teach, learn ,play in XXI Century using free tools and applications Web 2.0 , social media in a e-Safety way in education 2.0 “

25:47 to: Peggy George Free App a Day website

25:53 to: Tony Vincent
When there is an 'iPod touch" version of an Android handheld, I think many schools will go the Android route.

25:59 to: Peggy George (list of educational apps for the iPod Touch categorized by subject area)

26:13 to: Karen
love the collaboration!

26:16 to: Peggy George (Shamblesguru: iPhone apps)

26:32 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Tony I agree- wish the apple hadn't become such a closed shop

26:38 to: Peggy George
this is a fantastic Scribd doc compilation: (iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch Apps for Special Education)

26:53 to: Peggy George
what a great idea!! eclicker :-)

27:11 to: Len_Horn
Please talk about handheld apps in conjunction with the teacher's desktop

27:12 to: Peggy George
yes blairteach

27:23 to: Reba
what is the name of the app those students created when they were in the 7th gr?

27:23 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I don't get using clickers- I have small classes, tho

27:26 to: Peggy George
good idea Len! we'll ask him soon

27:50 to: Kim Caise
math master

27:53 to: Peggy George
clickers allow for instant feedback from students on understanding--everyone can participate at once

27:56 to: Len_Horn
Airliner / SmartBoard

28:13 to: EdTechLeader
Wow, this is great info. The transcript will be very helpful.

28:17 to: Len_Horn
Love DB

28:18 to: Peggy George
yes dropbox!!! awesome app!

28:27 to: Reba
LOVE dropbox- can't live w/o it!!!!

28:30 to: Kim Caise
i use zumo too

28:39 to: Peggy George
hard to type in chat and order apps on the spot :-)

28:53 to: Kim Caise
i know it!

28:53 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Peggy- I have 12-17 kids at a time- they all "participate" at once anyway :-)

28:56 to: Debby
From a newbie:Where is funding coming from - to get these handhelds in the classroom?

29:09 to: Peggy George
diigo is an excellent app and improving all the time

29:23 to: Kim Caise
you can download the app to as many devices as you wish

29:23 to: EdTechLeader
Nice collaborative apps dropbox, diigo...

29:26 to: Len_Horn
@peggy george lol, muti tasker champ

29:42 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Dropbox is one of my favs too

29:52 to: Valaina
Would love to figure out funding to buy a couple of iPads for my school

29:53 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Does have an app?

30:00 to: Kim Caise
not sure

30:07 to: EdTechLeader

30:13 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
That's what I need to know too, Kim. Can I download unto iPhone, iPad, and iTouch?

30:13 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

30:16 to: Peggy George
:-) I'm holding my own--2 new apps installed :-)

30:19 to: Valaina
cash cab is a free app today

30:37 to: Len_Horn

30:40 to: Kim Caise
yes as many as you wish

30:55 to: Valaina
36 newly free iPhone apps today. Cash Cab (Like the tv show, was $3) -

31:03 to: Peggy George
there is a nice Delicious app called Yummy :-)

31:18 to: Kim Caise
freeappalert is one of the sites listed in our link

31:20 to: Peggy George (Vince Viloria: LiveBinder for Mobile Apps in Education)

31:25 to: EdTechLeader

31:27 to: Kim Caise

31:31 to: Peggy George (Tom Barrett: 16 Interesting Ways to use an iPod Touch in Classroom)

31:44 to: Peggy George
thanks or posting that link EdTechLeader

32:15 to: EdTechLeader
I am going to find out more info on the volume licensing program next week

32:20 to: Peggy George (Apptivities: Models for successful instructional practices with mobile devices-application of apps for learning)

32:22 to: Kim Caise
why do they have to be so cryptic about it?

32:53 to: Peggy George
Tony you should do a live show on your ustream channel when you get the answer (or invite apple to come and talk with you on the show) :-)

32:57 to: EdTechLeader
I will sign our district up, and see how it well works. Scott has identified some impt issues.

33:15 to: Valaina
should have a discussion on twitter so apple hears from educators

33:34 to: Kim Caise
this issue can hinder the adoption of these devices

33:45 to: @shamblesguru
in the USA

33:48 to: Peggy George
to keep up with new links related to apps be sure to join this Diigo group: (Diigo Group for iPhone, iPod, iPad Users created by Lucy Gray- articles and

33:48 to: Peggy George
resources including links to information about applications that can be used and resources that might help educators incorporate these technologies into classrooms. )

33:57 to: Jane Koval
Does the volume licensing effect Free Apps purchased

34:18 to: Peggy George
Did you know you can watch all of the TED videos on your iphone with the TED app?

34:20 to: Kim Caise
good question.

34:21 to: Tony Vincent
Peggy: I wish I could get to the bottom of how all this will work. If a code has to be put in for each app and each iPod, then I will recommend sticking with only free apps. There's no time to input

34:21 to: Tony Vincent
hundreds of app codes!

34:29 to: Sheri Edwards
jailbreak then no warrenty

34:33 to: @shamblesguru
Reason I jailbroke my iPad is so could project .... "Display Out"

34:35 to: Peggy George
so true Tony!!

34:51 to: Kim Caise
good point shambles

34:54 to: Peggy George
you can easily restore to original settings though if you jailbreak and then resync

35:20 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I got the adapter to project from itouch to TV...sometimes I just want to sit back and be comfy and watch videos

35:22 to: Peggy George
isn't it funny that we like being given permission to jailbreak :-)

35:26 to: Len_Horn
love that pic

35:29 to: @shamblesguru
You can jail break your iPhone VERY easily AT

35:34 to: Peggy George
fabulous pic!

35:53 to: hshawjr
looks like home :-)

35:55 to: Kim Caise
the carts are expensive

36:02 to: EdTechLeader
Bretford will be coming out with an iPad cart in Sept

36:16 to: Peggy George (Tony Vincent: Classroom iPod Touches Dos and Don'ts)

36:17 to: Tony Vincent

36:29 to: Peggy George
thanks Tony! I'll add that link to the links

36:44 to: Tony Vincent
You've already got it on there, Peggy!

36:55 to: Peggy George
oh that's the one I just shared :-) you shortened it :-)

37:09 to: Reba
just heard about this - our district is starting wkshps for teachers

37:15 to: Len_Horn
I love using LanSchool in the computer lab :)

37:18 to: Peggy George (Tony Vincent: Presentation and blog post re iPod Touch/iPad apps)

37:38 to: Peggy George (K-12 iPod and iPad User Group Wiki)

37:41 to: Reba
about LAN school -supports netbooks also

37:50 to: Peggy George
good to know that Reba

38:15 to: EdTechLeader
LanSchool EdApp = gr8 classroom mgt tool for ipods

38:25 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Good to know Reba. I have 15 netbooks in my class.

38:38 to: Peggy George
if you use tweetdeck you should have a column just set up for #iear and #edapp - you get the hot tips daily about good/new apps :-)

38:54 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Good tip, Peggy.

39:07 to: Peggy George
mobicip? new to me!

39:35 to: Tony Vincent
Issues with iPod touches in the classroom:

39:59 to: Peggy George

40:14 to: Kim Caise
mobicip is about $5 per unit

40:20 to: Peggy George
don't have that one Tony :-) thanks

40:28 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks Peggy- just added the columns for #iear and #edapp to my tweetdeck

40:36 to: blairteach
Just added column for #iear OR #edapp on Tweetdeck. Thanks for suggestion, Peggy.

40:39 to: Len_Horn

40:44 to: Reba
LANschool quided tour link:

40:47 to: Kim Caise
same here

40:55 to: Peggy George

41:00 to: EdTechLeader
AT devices site

41:05 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
You can use for twitter stream free power twitter app

41:29 to:
Tony Vincent
blairteach: I suggest adding #slide2learn to those two tags in your column. Good stuff there too.

41:31 to:
DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
I use

41:45 to:
Peggy George
thanks Reba-I'll add that link to the links

41:56 to:

42:11 to:
Peggy George
good suggestion Tony!

42:23 to:
Kim Flack
these are fantastic!

42:34 to:
Thanks, Tony. I added #slide2learn, too.

42:50 to:
Peggy George
me too!!

43:00 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
So many apps are really worksheets

43:03 to:
like Pizza Fractions and the others in this series

43:14 to:
Peggy George
true Maureen--not all apps are equal :-)

43:35 to:
Tony Vincent
blairteach: One more tip. Add -RT to your Tweetdeck column. That will take out many of of the retweeted duplicates. :-)

44:00 to:
Peggy George
can you take the mic to explain later Tony?

44:17 to:
Love Meg

44:18 to:
One of my favourite Apps is "UZU" ... no use whatsoever but additive (NOT a game)

44:20 to:
Mary P
Yes, Would love more Tweetdeck tips

44:22 to:
I LOVE learning here! Thanks for the tip, Tony.

44:28 to:
Meg Wilson @iPodsibilities is awesome!

44:56 to:
Wow, Scott thanks!

45:38 to:
Peggy George

46:18 to:
I will be writing a follow-up post to the SPED apps posting on #iear in the very near future

46:33 to:
Tony: tried the erased everything

46:51 to:
I couldn't get -RT to work either

47:35 to:
Tony Vincent
Hmm, that shouldn't happen! Be sure there is a space before the -RT.

47:35 to:
Peggy George
that's funny aunttammie! you mean everything on your screen was a RT? I added it but it didn't erase things for me. We need Tony to explain :-)

47:45 to:
Peggy George

47:47 to:
Tony Vincent

47:53 to:
Tony Vincent
MobiLE in downtown Phoenix.

48:00 to:
Tony Vincent

48:05 to:
yes, took out everything...then I took out the -RT, and they came back

48:16 to:
Peggy George
Mobile Learning Experience in Phoenix April 6-8. 2011. Registration will open in October and we'll be posting about the great sessions and speakers we'll have at that time as well.

48:17 to:
Thanks Tony... would love to attend

48:17 to:
My TweetDeck column is set like this:

48:24 to:
Kim Caise
sounds like an amazing conference

48:35 to:
Tony Vincent
I wish I had more time to blog. I have so many posts to write based on all my workshops I've done this summer.

48:37 to:
Peggy George
I'm so excited that conference is in Phoenix!!!! Yeah!!

48:48 to:
Tony Vincent
It will be!

49:01 to:
Peggy George
I didn't know about App Advice!!

49:10 to:
Peggy George
there's Adam's site!!!!

49:10 to:
Tony Vincent
Peggy, any chance you want to host an app sharing session? We're still looking for moderators. :-)

49:14 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Here's the Raised Digital blog:

49:21 to:
Peggy George
Sure I'd do that with you Tony

49:25 to:

49:30 to:
Kim Caise
that's my bday. maybe we can swing a trip out to phoenix for my bday and the conference peggy

49:31 to:
Oops.Hit enter too soon. My TweetDeck column looks like this and seems to work fine: -RT #iear OR #edapp OR #slide2learn

49:58 to:
That would be awesome Kim

50:03 to:
Peggy George
Adam will tell us all about his site and app when he's our special guest on Aug. 28!!

50:19 to:
Peggy George
Adam's site is much more than apps!

50:32 to:
Tony Vincent
I'm not sure I'll be able to be in the app sharing sessions. We have 6 concurrent sessions at a time--making for over 60 breakouts. But one ongoing is app sharing with a different focus each session

50:32 to:
Tony Vincent

50:44 to:
what is the url for this site

50:47 to:
Peggy George
don't click on links that say get a free ipad!!! SPAM!!! virus!!! learned hard way!!

50:59 to:
ePubBud - great site for creating ebooks for ipad

51:00 to:
Tony Vincent
Those get a free iPad links are everywhere!

51:01 to:

51:17 to:
@shamblesguru thanks

51:18 to:
Peggy George
sure Tony-ping me and let me know what you're thinking/needing

51:18 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
I learned that lesson the hard way too, Peggy. Got spammed.

51:23 to:
Tony Vincent
I like StoryKit for making books on iPod touch.

51:34 to:
Tony Vincent
Yay! Thanks Peggy!

51:44 to:
Peggy George
StoryKit is excellent! I added that based on Tony's recommendation

51:59 to:
Kim Caise
i think i clicked on a video from someone from facebook and that is how they got access to my credit card

52:01 to:
Peggy George
this is the Diigo group I shared earlier-in links

52:15 to:
blairteach: I copied your setup, works great, thanks. I think the secret is -RT Before the #edchat, rather than after

52:33 to:
I put it after but put a space between

52:43 to:
Peggy George (37 Curated Lists from Appolicious for Elementary Apps)

52:44 to:
I wish I could use this on my friends column

53:03 to:
Hoping to have Travis at TeachMeet GA in January.

53:06 to:
Peggy George
the Appolicious links are incredible because each of them are compilation of links!

53:44 to:
Peggy George
boot camps for app developers? that's an interesting idea :-)

53:48 to:

53:54 to:
Tony Vincent
Travis will be at the Mobile Learning Experience 2011. :-)

54:27 to:
Peggy George

55:04 to:
Kim Caise
cool, could bone up on French again

55:05 to:
Peggy George
Oh I really want both of those! Noah and MindSnacks

55:26 to:
Peggy George
I have no desire to design apps--just want to use them :-)

56:14 to:
Peggy George
MindSnacks is $4.99

56:15 to:

56:16 to:
Tom Krawczewicz
What was the link for the site prior to Vidyo?

56:17 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
I want to be able to help students design apps. Problem is- kind of hate games- and I know the kids love them and some are great- but just not for me

56:25 to:
Peggy George
yes!! Love Dragon Dictation

56:51 to:
Dragon Dictation seems to work well with adult voices but not so well with younger students. They get frustrated.

57:08 to:
Peggy George
on the app clinds? or computer?

57:10 to:
I use Teamviewer on my iPad to mirror my laptop screen so I can walk around a room with iPad controlling my laptop at the front of the room which is connected to the projector ... brilliant

57:23 to:
Peggy George
that is brilliant!!

57:35 to:
Tom Krawczewicz
I have one of my students in indep study course looking for apps that will help his education. He was skeptical initially. Hopefully, he will change his views!

57:40 to:
Peggy George
Sylvia Martinez is an expert on quality educational games!

57:54 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@shamblesguru- I got a mini eno and hope to be able to do that sort of thing- haven't tried it yet tho

57:55 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Somebody tell Scott to keep going! I could listen to him all day!!

58:06 to:
Peggy George
me too McTeach!!!

58:19 to:
McTeach (Karen)
This is such awesome stuff!!!

58:20 to:
Peggy George
we'll officially close the show and then keep going. I think Scott is willing

58:35 to:
Peggy George
we can keep the recording going so if people have to leave you won't miss anything

58:43 to:
Thanks for the Teamviewer app tip!

58:51 to:
Nice job Scott! Thanks!

58:59 to:
Sheri Edwards
thanks :)

59:03 to:
ugh, need more coffee! ;)

59:05 to:
Peggy George
this is such an important concept for us--we need to help each other and collaborate on quality resources!!!!

59:07 to:
Kim Flack
great resource!!!

59:08 to:
Great Job Scott - Thanks

59:12 to:
shamblesguru. do you use the free or paid version of teamviewer?

59:13 to:

59:17 to:
Thanks a bunch!

59:17 to:
Thank you, thank you!

59:19 to:
Peggy George
I keep my coffee thermos right next to my computer :-)

59:19 to:
Thank you Scott! Very informative!

59:27 to:
Peggy George
fabulous Scott!!!!

59:33 to:
Hi Kristen

59:33 to:
Janet C
Excellent overview, resources. Thanks!!!

59:36 to:
Scott Meech
Sorry I went so long!

59:38 to:
Post link again for the recording link?

59:40 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Thank you, Scott. I have a lot to learn about apps for education.

59:44 to:
Scott Meech
I can certainly stick around!

59:44 to:
scott this was GREAT!! Can't wait for the recording

59:44 to:
Peggy George
everyone please stay on and take the mic to share some of your favorite apps and tips

59:46 to:
Tony Vincent
Wonderful info Scott!

59:54 to:
TY Scott

59:55 to:
@peggy...had to replace my keyboard when my coffee spilled on it...didn't lose my computer thenk goodness

59:56 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
love being able to subsribe to recordings on itunes U now

1:00:01 to:
Peggy George

1:00:08 to:
Peggy George
recording will be posted there

1:00:17 to:
Umm ... just looking .... the Free version of TeamViewer is on my iPad

1:00:32 to:
Peggy, are you sending out PD certifications for this session?

1:00:37 to:
Scott Meech
I was totally long winded ... but I am passionate about the community because it is a grass roots teacher community!

1:00:46 to:
Peggy George
if you want to save Scott's slides, go to File>Save>Whiteboard and save as PDF :-)

1:00:49 to:
Sheryl A. McCoy
It was great Scott.

1:00:50 to:
Karen (@VolunteerSpot)
Scott - you rocked - thank you!

1:00:51 to:
Scott you did a great job

1:00:58 to:
Peggy George
yes when the survey pops up when you log out

1:01:01 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Carol Dweck- oh good!!

1:01:07 to:
Thank you, Scott!

1:01:15 to:
Peggy George
you can request a certificate and as soon as I get the results I'll email you the certificate

1:01:21 to:
Thsnk you Scott.

1:01:31 to:

1:01:39 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...I'll be sending you an email. Assuming I remember.

1:01:42 to:
Phew ... guys .... his has been a brilliant session ... many thanks ... historians will look at this moment in time as a watershed period for education .. going mobile

1:01:53 to:
Peggy George
iTunesU is a great way to get the shows on your ipod and listen wherever you are

1:02:01 to:
Scott Meech
Happy to take questions if you have them ... Also feel free to use, iear on Twitter, smeech on Twitter as well.

1:02:05 to:
Peggy George
I agree shamblesguru!!!

1:02:07 to:
Karen (@VolunteerSpot)
nice - and quite timely =)

1:02:30 to:
Scotts twitter name is ????

1:02:31 to:
Scott Meech
This was my pleasure ... I had so much fun!

1:02:46 to:
Scott Meech
@shamblesguru ... Twitter=smeech

1:02:47 to:
Scott, would you please address using the teaher's desktop with these mobil apps

1:02:51 to:
Peggy George
my mind is spinning and can't wait to explore some of these apps further

1:02:52 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)

1:03:13 to:
Peggy George (Scott Meech on Twitter)

1:03:18 to:

1:03:24 to:
Peggy George

1:03:42 to:
Peggy George
strange sound--try turning off mic and turning it back on Scott

1:03:46 to:
yuk .. audio breaking up for me

1:03:51 to:
very muddled sound now

1:03:56 to:
not clear!

1:03:59 to:

1:04:10 to:
reminds me of audio at reform symposium

1:04:11 to:
Peggy George
it's Scotts mic!!! :-) try again

1:04:18 to:
Peggy George
not really

1:04:29 to:
Peggy George
his tips are burning up his mic cable!!

1:04:34 to:

1:04:42 to:
OH NO the "Gremlins" ... is that an App?

1:04:43 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Too funny, Peggy.

1:04:47 to:
Peggy George

1:04:49 to:
Peggy George

1:04:49 to:

1:04:52 to:
Peggy George

1:04:52 to:

1:04:54 to:

1:05:16 to:

1:05:32 to:
Peggy George
iTunesU has some outstanding podcasts for us to access

1:05:50 to:
Peggy George
would love to have those links Scott

1:05:57 to:
Peggy George
I'll add them to the links after the show

1:06:13 to:
Scott Meech
Here is the link to the Summer Camp Video:

1:06:23 to:
I havbe a 4th grade student who went to UC Berkely this summer to learn gaming development

1:06:34 to:
Kim Caise on the archives page is where the recordings will be posted

1:06:45 to:
Peggy George
eager to watch that video Scott

1:07:07 to:
Peggy George

1:07:14 to:
is the flash problem going to be resolved for ipad...locked out of so many sites because of it

1:07:17 to:
Peggy George
the archives link for our show is always in the links

1:07:25 to:
Peggy George
turn your mic on kim

1:07:25 to:
Scott Meech
Did I lose you?

1:07:35 to:
Peggy George
she must be having a mic problem

1:07:41 to:

1:07:42 to:
I hear you Scott

1:07:45 to:
Peggy George
no !!!!

1:07:46 to:
McTeach (Karen)
We can hear you Scott, but think we lost Kim

1:07:46 to:
Hi Scott, I can hear you

1:07:52 to:
wow- interesting about Adobe and Mac.

1:08:08 to:
Peggy George
would anyone like to take the mic to share??

1:08:14 to:
Karen (@VolunteerSpot)
Patience is the key.....=)

1:08:18 to:
Any advice on how to respond to students who get the App Cydia (which comes when you jailbreak) and who then downloads the App Installous which is a source of cracked (therefore iilegal) Apps ..... ?

1:08:18 to:
... school policy?

1:08:26 to:
I have to yield my internet connect back to my digital native... so gotta go. Great Job Everyone!

1:09:11 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Bye EdTechLeader Those digital natives are so demanding. LOL

1:09:15 to:
Karen (@VolunteerSpot)
Gotta go - thanks for a wonderful session. Gotta get to the app store!

1:09:21 to:
McTeach (Karen)
How about best apps that could help keep the teacher organized? Especially this teacher with special needs.

1:10:19 to:
App to help anyone organise .... my top one is "Evernote" no doubt

1:10:36 to:
Teamviewer has two apps for is free, the other is $ well does the free one work?

1:10:51 to:
Peggy George
my favorite app changes daily but evernote is at the top of the list

1:11:02 to:
Kim Caise
i have heard good things about the free one

1:11:26 to:
Free one works fine for me fine ... TeamViewer

1:11:27 to:
Thank you!

1:11:43 to:

1:12:03 to:
if schools are going to use a particular mobile device to keep the haves and have nots on a equal learning field

1:12:11 to:
My school has a separate guest network that students/parents can use for mobile devices. Seems to work pretty well.

1:12:20 to:
Do not jailbreak with Cydia .... just go to .... and one swipe .. and it is done

1:12:34 to:
Peggy George
my grandson told me about Doodle God yesterday and it is an amazing science app that he loves--creates new elements from basic elements like fire, wind, water, oxygen, etc.

1:12:34 to:
Peggy George

1:12:46 to:
Scott Meech
@shamble ... good point .. I have not tried

1:13:01 to:
Peggy George
much easier shamblesguru

1:13:09 to:
oops I mean they should buy the mobile devices because there will be those who don't have them.

1:13:09 to:
McTeach (Karen)
I have organizational issues

1:13:21 to:
Evernote / OneNote

1:13:49 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Scott!!

1:13:52 to:

1:13:58 to:
@shamblesguru - I just read that the newest iphone update makes jailbreakme no longer work...

1:13:58 to:
One of the concerns with jailbreaking might be the invalidation of Apple warranties.

1:14:03 to:
Peggy George
Karen!! that's a great tip for you

1:14:12 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Yes, it is, Peggy!!!!

1:14:23 to:
McTeach (Karen)
I'll have to add that to my spreadsheet

1:14:28 to:
Peggy George

1:14:35 to:
McTeach (Karen)
I really need to figure out Evernote

1:14:41 to:
Evernote + Dropbox + Xmarks + Google Docs = Survival

1:14:49 to:
Peggy George
we should do a special session on evernote

1:14:59 to:
McTeach (Karen)
That would be awesome, Peggy!!

1:15:03 to:
Peggy George
love that shamblesguru!!! can I quote you???

1:15:07 to:
Kim Caise
we definitely should peggy

1:15:55 to:
I scan namecards ... put the jpeg into Evernote ... then get the auto character recognition ... so names cards searchable ....

1:15:56 to:
TY Scott for a great session!

1:16:01 to:
Does anyone know when we'll be able to edit Google Docs on an iPad?

1:16:10 to:
Peggy George
didn't wait for permission @shamblesguru--just tweeted it :-)

1:16:34 to:

1:16:40 to:
thxs for suggestion of a tech toolbox - Dropbox, evernote, diigo and Google docs - will work on that

1:16:54 to:
is this presentation online?

1:16:55 to:
Peggy George
what a great idea @shamblesguru!! do you have a blog post about that? or screencast?

1:17:27 to:
Peggy George
yes anachorete-today's presentation will be posted once we can capture the recording

1:17:32 to:
Peggy George
are you wanting his slides?

1:17:36 to:
UMMmmm ... Screencast ... good idea .... I'll do one ...

1:17:50 to:
Peggy George
that would be great

1:17:56 to:
yes Peggy! that would be great!

1:18:21 to:
But then who owns the App and the mobile device .... school / district / parents ...

1:18:27 to:
Peggy George
you can download/save his slides in this session as a PDF--go to file>save>whiteboard and save it as PDF

1:18:32 to:
Scott, what was your reccomendation for teacher organization, I missed the name

1:18:32 to:
interesting times as this evolves

1:18:43 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
@shamblesguru Please make that screencast and then share it with us.

1:18:46 to:
add yolink to the shakespeare app and imagine?

1:19:07 to:
Yes RoxanneC

1:19:12 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Len: check Teacher Tools on

1:19:19 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Love Flipboard.

1:19:29 to:
thanks @McTeach

1:19:35 to:
McTeach (Karen)
No problem!

1:20:07 to:
Peggy George
Scott do you have these slides uploaded on Slideshare?

1:20:18 to:
Paula ... I'll do the screencast later in the week and it will live at

1:20:32 to:
Peggy George
fantastic and I'll add the slideshare link to the links

1:20:41 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
@shamblesguru Thank you.

1:20:41 to:
I think I prefer Pulse to Fliboard .....

1:20:42 to:
McTeach (Karen)
This has been awesome!!! Thank you, Scott!!!!

1:20:44 to:
Peggy George
excellent shamblesguru!!!

1:20:44 to:
Scott Meech
Adding slides to Slideshare right now.

1:20:46 to:
Kim Caise

1:20:54 to:
thanks Scott again

1:20:59 to:
Peggy George
as soon as it's great shambles we can all tweet about it :-)

1:21:04 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Bye everyone. Have a great weekend.

1:21:08 to:
Kim Caise

1:21:12 to:
McTeach (Karen)
You too, Paula!!

1:21:14 to:
Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!! this has been fantastic!!

1:21:17 to:
Thank you.

1:21:20 to:
Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Thanks, Karen.

1:21:25 to:
Peggy George

1:21:28 to:
What a brillaint session ..... Scott ....and Gang ... I'll certainly be promoting this webinar

1:21:40 to:
Scott Meech
Thank you everyone ... It is converting on Slideshare right now.

1:21:42 to:
Sheryl A. McCoy

1:21:42 to:
Thanks for a great show. Bye everyone. I'm off to bed!

1:22:02 to:
Peggy George
full elluminate recording link will be posted within 30 minutes--the others take awhile to publish

1:22:06 to:
Pleasant Dreams

1:22:08 to:
Peggy George
you are all awesome!!

1:22:14 to:
McTeach (Karen)
Thank you, everyone!

1:22:16 to:
Peggy George
did anyone want to take the mic????

1:22:18 to:
Scott Meech
Do you want me to email you the link?

1:22:19 to:

1:22:19 to:
I'm off to bed to ... nite all .....

1:22:27 to:
thanks everyone! it was so great!

1:22:41 to:
Peggy George
wonderful!! sleep well Shamblesguru and Amanda

1:22:43 to:
Peggy George
yes please

1:22:53 to:
Peggy George
email the link or DM--great!!!

1:22:58 to:
giga great show!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx

1:23:01 to:
Peggy George
I'm so excited about this show!!!!

1:23:06 to:
Peggy George
I am off to download more apps!!!

1:23:08 to:
Kim Caise
awesome show

1:23:13 to:
Peggy George//
bye everyone--see you next week