00:05 - Joe Dale
You're doing fine Lorna :-)

00:10 - Peggy George
absolutely!!! Take 2 :-)

00:10 - Kim Caise
lol @jose

00:24 - Kim Caise

00:28 - Peggy George
it is so great to have all of you joining us today!!!

00:34 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Excited to be here and learn from Joe Dale. :)

00:47 - Joe Dale
Thanks Paula!

00:50 - Jose Rodriguez
Hey Kim..

00:58 - @bcdtech Maureen
Quick question re java... Are folks turning it off and then turning it back on for BB?

01:05 - Peggy George
Don't even try to keep up with clicking on all of the links during the show!!! Just listen and access them later :-)

01:13 - Kim Caise
all links mentioned will be in the livebinder and links shared by others will be added as well http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=718751

01:26 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

01:26 - Eileen K
I wonder if Joe can give us any tips on writing a grant to get ipads for our students to use in the classroom

01:31 - Elizabeth Anne
@Maureen Why switch it off?

01:31 - Lorie Moffat
No, I frequently clear Java's cache, though.

01:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Kim. How are things in San Antonio? Are you excited about ISTE13?

01:45 - Peggy George
great question @Eileen! We'll ask him at the end of his presentation

02:00 - Kim Caise
things are really warm lately! can't wait till June!

02:03 - @bcdtech Maureen
Just wondering because of the security alert from Homeland Security about not using it

02:08 - Peggy George
I love seeing all of your starbursts on the map!!!

02:15 - aunttammie 2
Houston, TX

02:17 - Joe Dale
The Isle of Wight, UK!

02:20 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Steve from Roanoke, IL

02:27 - Sandy O ~
Sandy O - NJ

02:28 - Peggy George
double click to place yourself on the map and then type it in the chat :-)

02:28 - Annette Whitby
Annette from Arkansas

02:29 - SharonG
Tyler Tx

02:30 - Gail
Gail from Grand Island NY

02:30 - Adam Pizzi
Adam Pizzi, NJ

02:37 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ :-)

02:38 - Harj1 1
Zurich, switzerland

02:38 - Karen Burns
I'm in WA state

02:38 - ellengordonsc
South Carolina

02:41 - Daniel
Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada

02:41 - Reba @jghfoundation08
reba from dallas

02:43 - ellengordonsc

02:45 - Paddy
Paddy, England

02:47 - Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning 1 #2
Elizabeth Wendell,NC

02:52 - neil
I'm from Somerset

02:54 - JimHoffman

02:56 - Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning 1 #2

02:56 - Leslie

02:57 - @bcdtech Maureen
I use mine, but the kids don't have them

02:58 - Adam Pizzi

02:58 - Patti R
I said yes but we are just trying to get started

02:59 - Elizabeth Anne

03:01 - Sue Maloney

03:01 - stidmama
South end of the Salish Sea in Washington State.

03:01 - Margery

03:01 - Daniel

03:02 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Just have one my personal one. It is a first generation.

03:04 - Peggy George
many of us don't have classrooms so we have to say no...

03:06 - Kg

03:06 - Karen Burns
Not yet

03:09 - Harj1 1
No, looking to do so

03:12 - stidmama
I use the ipad sometimes in classrooms when I substitute.

03:12 - Eileen K
Eileen, Langhorne, PA

03:31 - Peggy George
but if I had a classroom I would love to have ipads to use with students!

03:40 - Tina Schmidt #2
Eileen, I am in Langhorne too:)

03:44 - sethwieck #2
Yes, we use iPads in classroom

03:50 - neil
Managers just agreed to buy 10! Using my own at the mo'

04:08 - Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning 1 #2

04:09 - Sue Maloney

04:10 - Daniel

04:13 - Harj1 1

04:15 - Kg

04:15 - sethwieck #2

04:22 - Amanda Westman
we have a class set, used by 3 different classes.

04:27 - stidmama
The one school I am in that actually does have ipads doesn't have enough for all kids to have one.

04:35 - Peggy George
the question disappeared from poll question #1 when you posted the results

04:37 - Joe Jerles, Ed.D.
My vote may skew things. I use iPads in college.

04:50 - aunttammie 2
We hope to have 1:1 next year, but we need much better Internet access for that to work.

04:53 - Eileen K
Tina - let's connect our classes(f)

04:57 - Kim Caise
http://grantwrangler.com/ has great information about writing grants and upcoming due dates

04:57 - Peggy George
we can't vote on that one if we aren't using ipads in the classroom

05:03 - Sandy O ~
If our answer to Q 1 was No, we won't be voting either wy for Q2

05:13 - Kg
@joe...me too

05:17 - Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning 1 #2

05:24 - Peggy George
do your students share their ipads?

05:25 - Harj1 1

05:30 - sethwieck #2

05:34 - aunttammie 2
Use a combo of whatever kids bring

05:40 - Amanda Westman
not at the same time - one ipad per student, but they leave it on the cart

05:40 - Kg

05:48 - Joe Jerles, Ed.D.
More of my students bring their own, esp. with Mini's now available.

05:56 - Peggy George
I think many of us are "wannabees" for having ipads to use in classrooms!

06:03 - Harj1 1

06:05 - Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning 1 #2

06:05 - Peggy George
that might be the teacher's ipad :-)

06:12 - sethwieck #2

06:13 - Jose Rodriguez
My own :D

06:16 - Tina Schmidt #2
I have 2

06:18 - catherineku

06:20 - Margery

06:20 - Reba @jghfoundation08
We use an iPad cart

06:23 - Kg
3...all mine

06:25 - Peri_Azerbaijan
Hi from Azerbaijan

06:26 - Jane Z
Just mine

06:28 - Peggy George
So great to have so many of you joining us today!!!

06:28 - @SteveHayes_RB60

06:33 - Daniel

06:35 - Reba @jghfoundation08
but have a teacher ipad

06:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Peggy, that's me. Just one which is my own iPad.

06:49 - Patette
La Pampa, Argentina

07:03 - Peggy George
We are so thrilled to have Joe Dale with us to share his expertise and resources about iPads!!!!

07:04 - Kim Caise
happens to all of us!

07:04 - @debvane
Just purchased the iPad mini for myself and my son and we love them! We already had iPad2s

07:20 - Kim Caise
http://grantwrangler.com/ is a great resource

07:22 - BARB

07:32 - Peggy George
All of his resources are in our Livebinder today :-) Archives for all recordings:

07:54 - Peggy George
http://community.tes.co.uk/forums/28.aspx (TES MFL Forum)

08:04 - Peggy George
http://www.core-ed.org.uk/activities/ou-vital-2013-a-joint-project-with-open-university (Open University’ Vital programme)

08:08 - aunttammie 2
I remember open univ. from "educating Rita"

08:16 - Peggy George
Welcome Joe!!!

08:20 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Welcome, Joe.

08:29 - Kim Caise
exciting show today!

08:31 - Reba @jghfoundation08
welcome Joe!

08:36 - Peggy George

08:55 - Peggy George
Joe's blog:

08:59 - Kim Caise
i wasnt sure what MFL meant

09:01 - Eileen K
Thanks for the grant link, Kim :)

09:41 - Kim Caise

09:44 - Elizabeth Anne
YEY - I come from Hull UK

10:20 - @SteveHayes_RB60
ownership is important

10:29 - Peggy George
I have heard that in many places--best if each student has their own iPad but schools can't always afford that

10:42 - Peggy George

10:42 - Sarah
Hello everyone - first time here - really looking forward to it.

10:49 - Peggy George

10:52 - Kim Caise
some schools use sets of iPod touches

10:59 - catherineku
20 iPod Touches +1 iPad in French classes.

11:04 - Sue Lercher
I am a "wannabee"

11:05 - aunttammie 2
Sarah, you will be amazed!

11:10 - Kim Caise
the mini iPads are helping get more mobile devices in class

11:10 - miranda
Me too Sarah. Welcome1

11:16 - Annette Whitby
I think that foreign language apps tend to be quite engaging for the iPad. (Example: Duolingo)

11:28 - Kim Caise

11:34 - Peggy George
The Livebinder is totally awesome!!!

11:35 - Sue Lercher
I am a library media specialist grades 3-5

11:46 - BARB
Yes, Sue I am too - a wannabee

11:49 - @jackiegerstein
Peggy always rocks the livebinder

11:51 - Kim Caise

12:06 - catherineku
@Annette: http://catherine-ousselin.org/apps.html These are the apps I recommend for WL teachers.

12:20 - Peggy George
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/social-media/9068591/Teenagers-prefer-social-media-to-TV.html (Students Prefer Social Media to TV)

12:32 - Peggy George
http://www.jasonrhode.com/students-like-social-media-infographic (Infographic: Students Like Social Media)

12:33 - Annette Whitby
Awesome. Thanks.

12:46 - Peggy George
I love infographics!

12:53 - Kim Caise
i know my step children definitely do - especially on their phones!

12:59 - Kim Caise

13:04 - Reba @jghfoundation08
Here is my iPad/iPod Lesson and resource livebinder lnk: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=168147&backurl=/shelf/my

13:08 - Peggy George
I'll try to keep up with the links in the chat but they are all in the Livebinder too

13:21 - Peggy George
Thanks Reba! I'll add that to our Livebinder after the show :-)

13:26 - Rhonda
nice of you to share Reba

13:36 - Peggy George
https://twitter.com/elearninglaura/status/289760439313776640/photo/1 (Diffusion of innovation graphic)

13:54 - @bcdtech Maureen
I just discovered the app easy portfolios that I am trying out- like it so far

14:00 - Peggy George
love that graph!!! very informative!

14:33 - @SteveHayes_RB60
great graph showing early vs late adopters

14:38 - Peggy George
(Graph: Global Mobile vs Desktop Internet Users-iPad invading Classroom)

14:41 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Greetings to all

14:44 - Laz
Problems signing in with my MacBook Pro. Finally got in with my PC.

15:06 - Kim Caise
i will definitely use this info on my cell phones preso in Feb. at TCEA

15:11 - Peggy George
http://ipadineducation.co.uk/iPad_in_Education/Simplification.html (iPad=Simplified Technology for Learning)

15:19 - aunttammie 2
Lax, you can't sign in with thenewermacbook pros

15:27 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Thank you Kim Caise for your comment :)

15:29 - Reba @jghfoundation08
the iPad is all these devices in one. Love my ipad!

15:49 - Kim Caise
:) @luciane

16:04 - Peggy George
http://www.guardian.co.uk/teacher-network/2012/aug/13/schools-secondary-schools (An Apple for the teacher: are iPads the future in class?)

16:09 - catherineku
For WL teachers, the iPad has replaced the need for language labs.

16:13 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Are we able to participate in this with an iPad?

16:26 - Kim Caise
yes with the Blackboard Collaborate app

16:32 - Peggy George
http://ipadeducators.ning.com/profiles/blogs/10-steps (Are iPads the Future in Class?)

16:34 - Kim Caise
we will take questions at the end

16:39 - Aaron C
Are you using the term "ipad" to refer to all tablets? Or is the iPad special among tablets?

16:42 - Kim Caise
so please type them in the chat

17:01 - Kim Caise
primarily ipad but it can apply to mobile devices

17:19 - Oronoque
love the emphasis on creation over consumption:*

17:25 - @bcdtech Maureen
@catherineku Thanks for the link I will add to my WL livebinder http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=62576

17:25 - Peggy George
this is the app you need to use Blackboard Collaborate on your ipad https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blackboard-collaborate-mobile/id546742528?mt=8

17:31 - @debvane
Agree about multitasking

17:34 - BARB
Yes, Reba. Nice of you to share

17:35 - Annette Whitby
Right. I had to purchase an app to get around the Flash issue.

17:48 - Peggy George
@Oronoque I totally agree about creation over consumption!!!!

17:54 - Kim Caise
you can use the blackboard collaborate app on an iphone or an ipad

17:55 - stidmama
I use a bluetooth keyboard when I must type or take notes on the ipad

17:58 - aunttammie 2
Annette, what app?

17:58 - Reba @jghfoundation08
@Barb you are welcome

18:01 - @debvane
Splashtop gets around the flash issue so you can mirror your desktop

18:09 - catherineku
Some multitasking abilities: switch between apps/listen to music while working. But students are focused on the creating.

18:10 - Kim Caise
Rover does too

18:12 - Jason Brinkley
bluetooth keyboard or dragon software makes writing easy

18:24 - Peggy George
I have included several scoop.its and Livebinders for iPads in our Livebinder for today

18:45 - @bcdtech Maureen
I've been using Puffin browser and like it better than Photon for gettng around the flash issue

18:45 - Annette Whitby
I am using the Photon app to get past the Flash issue.

18:46 - Peggy George
http://www.TPACK.ORG (TPACK-Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge)

18:50 - Kim Caise
lots of web conf. apps as well for the ipad and mobile devices

18:51 - Rhonda
Thank You Peggy, I appreciate how easy you make the LiveBinder

18:54 - Karen Locke
can other people click on his links? I can't get there

18:54 - Elizabeth Anne
@Kim I just tried out BBCollaborate on the ipad, and it was decidedly slower (that's when I left)

18:55 - LucianeCurator @web20education
@KIM I win the Ipad . Thank you again , I write a complete review with links , logos and more http://bitly.com/LucianeCuratorthankyoubecausewinIpad

19:06 - Peggy George
We had a great presentation on our show about TPACK by Steven Anderson. It's in the archives.

19:14 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Jason - that may be true, but it drives up the cost of the device, right?

19:21 - Kim Caise
no, the links are static but included in the livebinder http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=718751

19:36 - Karen Locke
ok, thx

19:36 - Kim Caise
you did win @luciane?

19:42 - Rhonda
Our children will not ignore technology

19:50 - LucianeCurator @web20education

19:53 - Kim Caise

19:55 - Kim Caise

19:55 - Dotty
I like using the IPAD for portability, but it does not replac my computer. It is another tool.

19:56 - Peggy George
this is such a comprehensive model! love TPACK!

19:56 - Annette McKee 3
I am able to open links on ipad

19:59 - Annette Whitby
Regarding the Puffin app. . . I was using the free Puffin app but then they started charging for it.

20:06 - Reba @jghfoundation08
@Peggy I have attended Steveexce Anderson's T-Packs webinsars. Excellent and very informative!

20:09 - Jason Brinkley
@Glenn Hervieux, dragon is free and a hundred for the keyboard and hard case integrated is well worth it.

20:12 - Peggy George
http://www.matt-koehler.com/tpack/using-the-tpack-image/ (Mishra & Koehler-2006-TPACK visual)

20:15 - Kim Caise
you can access links in the chat and open in your browser, just not on the slides

20:26 - Reba @jghfoundation08
oops Steve Anderson's lol

20:34 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Annette- me too- but it is worth it for me to pay , i think 1.99

20:41 - Peggy George
http://edudemic.com/2013/01/ipad-king-of-classroom/ (Dr. Puentedura’ SAMR Model)

20:49 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
The pedagogy of redefinition or transformation vs. substitution is important

21:03 - Larry A
Any tool amplifies what you have in the first place - especially if you learn to use tools in many ways for many things/ideas

21:05 - Peggy George
http://www.hippasus.com/rrpweblog/archives/000080.html (SAMR)

21:16 - Peggy George

21:31 - Annette Whitby
@Maureen Funny thing is, I was taking a digital scrapbooking class when I learned about the Flash apps for iPad.

21:54 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Jason - for a teacher maybe - but not for students in high school when I can get a Chromebook for $250 :)

22:01 - Peggy George
(Transformation and redefinition) page 98?

22:11 - LucianeCurator @web20education
When I was selected finalist I write a blog post in december : Top 10 free social media curation apps to unleash ipad power in 2013 . Feed-back welcome :) http://bitly.com/Top10iPadCurationedapps

22:11 - Jason Brinkley
@Glenn True True

22:23 - Kim Caise
i think the mini ipad is about $299 USD

22:23 - Rhonda
redefining meaning creating what was once inconceivable

22:34 - catherineku
Even with the iPods in class, I still have 4 laptops/2 desktops for students.

22:41 - Pam Cranford
$329 iPad Mini

22:44 - @debvane
Yes @Kim and it has Siri which my son loves!

22:48 - Peggy George
love the new level for extension!

22:56 - Peggy George
transformational is the key word!!

23:00 - Annette Whitby
@Glenn Valid point made regarding the Google Chrome book.

23:24 - Kim Caise
thanks Pam, couldn't remember for sure

23:29 - LucianeCurator @web20education
I like this :)

23:29 - Peggy George
using technology doesn't necessarily improve teaching!! it's all about how you use it!

23:44 - Reba @jghfoundation08
@catherineku I agree. iPads will not replace laptops, but can be utilize as a more mobile tool

23:46 - Rhonda
thinking skills built through engagement

23:48 - Kim Caise
i was just having the conversation yesterday @peggy

23:50 - Annette Whitby
Regarding Blooms: This is one of the favorite posters for iPad!

23:50 - Pam Cranford
So true, Peggy

23:52 - stidmama
this is a nice graphic

23:55 - Peggy George
http://langwitches.org/blog/2012/03/31/ipad-apps-and-blooms-taxonomy/ (Silvia Tolisano-iPad Apps and Bloom’ Taxonomy)

23:58 - Sue Lercher
how can I get a copy of this graphic?

24:06 - Peggy George
on that link Sue

24:08 - stidmama
It helps me sort the apps into usefulness for thinking tasks.

24:11 - Kim Caise
silvia tolisano is awesome! especially using skype!

24:12 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
I've used graphics like that in the past and they are helpful for teachers/admin.

24:21 - Peggy George
http://www.schrockguide.net/bloomin-apps.html (Kathy Schrock-Bloomin’pps-get the most out of iPads when creating and producing and not just consuming)

24:27 - Patti R
found this link in my Scoop It today, apps recommended for content creation http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/01/15-ipad-skills-students-must-have.html?_tmc=Ls_w2RoC_lQ6s71kNzsivVEY2syRNs8-OtUQtD-zFFA

24:40 - catherineku
@Reba Students are working on projects in class, some on iPods, some on laptops. Many needs met with variety.

24:41 - Reba @jghfoundation08
yes don't focus on the app, but the objective

24:44 - @jackiegerstein

24:52 - neil
I use puppet pals all the time. Awesome.

24:59 - Peggy George
http://www.ipadinschools.com/349/ipad-app-creation-in-school (iPad Creation in Schools, apps and Bloom's Taxonomy)

25:13 - Kim Caise
that is such a fun, powerful app @neil!

25:23 - Rhonda
& if flipped begins with creating and moves to remembering

25:32 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Perhaps with the new Common Core Standards, more teachers will catch the understanding of transformation

25:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have learned so much from Silvia Tolosano about Skyping and Blogging with my students.

25:44 - Peggy George
excellent point @Glenn!!!

25:51 - catherineku
Using WordFoto w/2nd year Fr to create accrostic poems with adjectives. Focus on outcome, iPods are the creative outlet.

25:57 - Peggy George
me too @Paula! Silvia is an awesome educator!

26:11 - Peggy George
http://www.langwitches.org/downloads/pdf/iPad-activities.pdf (Silvia Tolisano-iPad Apps & Activities)

26:12 - Rhonda
Hopfully Glenn, seeing transformation as a use of tools instead of more work

26:20 - @jackiegerstein

26:40 - Peggy George
http://keldarichards.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/ict-for-education-conference/(quote from Kelda Richards, Lead Practitioner for Media Rich Learning, Isca College of Media Arts, April 2012)

26:52 - Peggy George
http://ipadders.eu/apps-for-multiple-intelligences (Gardner's Multiple intelligences-learning strategies)

26:53 - Kim Caise

26:58 - @jackiegerstein

26:59 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Rhonda - yes, that is a good point - change often translates to teachers as more work

27:16 - aunttammie 2
Wonder if those arelivelinks onthegraphics?

27:23 - Rhonda
building upon engagement to users in the way they are interactive in learning

27:31 - Kim Caise
when in reality it eases the workload @glenn

27:39 - @jackiegerstein
another graphic by Langwitches http://www.flickr.com/photos/langwitches/7721583246/

27:39 - Kim Caise
not on the slides @rhonda, just in the livebinder http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=718751

27:40 - Peggy George
have you heard of the eyeconit app? it scans icons and tells you what the app is and takes you to the link :-) Joe will talk about it later I think

28:09 - Peggy George
https://itunes.apple.com/app/eyeconit/id478802786?mt=8 (app icon scanner: with eyeconit you can get apps fast simply by scanning their icon. Get apps by pointing eyeconit at any app icon from another friend's iPhone, iPad or iPod, or from any internet site or magazine and get a link to download it from the AppStore.)

28:26 - Kim Caise
ahhh, you would need an ipad 2 for the camero for the eyeconit i presume

28:39 - aunttammie 2

28:41 - Rhonda
becoming Pedagogy collaborative and future

28:42 - Peggy George
http://www.isc.co.uk/Resources/Independent%20Schools%20Council/Research%20Archive/Bulletin%20Articles/2012/Bulletin29_ICT.pdf (ICT as a catalyst for change in Pedagogy-Mark Steed and Laura Knight)

29:02 - Peggy George
http://independenthead.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/ict-as-catalyst-for-change-in-pedagogy.html (iPads as Catalyst for Change in Pedagogy)

29:05 - Karen @klirenman
Super late, but better late than never. A lot of amazing educators in the room.

29:11 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Kim - we're seeing that with a few teachers this year who have started using the Haiku LMS with a variety of devices.

29:13 - Peggy George
http://www2.hull.ac.uk/ifl/ipadresearchinschools.aspx (iPad Scotland Evaluation Study)

29:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Turning lessons into tech infused ones is so much fun and much more engaging for our students. Right now my 4th graders are writing animal reports on their blogs and creating Thinglinks to share their reserach with others.

29:22 - Kim Caise
absolutely karen - check out the livebinder too http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=718751

29:29 - Peggy George
it is so helpful to have all of these research resources!!!

29:52 - JimHoffman

29:59 - Kim Caise
paual, remind me what a thinglink is? on a facebook timeline?

30:11 - Kim Caise
@paula i mean, ss

30:14 - neil
It's all about speaking to kids in their own language. And kids speak iPad!

30:16 - Peggy George
http://www.naace.co.uk/publications/longfieldipadresearch (iPad as a Tool for Education: A Case Study, Jan Webb, NAACE Research Papers)

30:24 - clinds
Does Haiku LMS have an app and/or work well using browser on an iPad?

30:24 - Peggy George
http://www.agent4change.net/resources/research/1658 (Longfield Academy iPad case study)

30:24 - Kim Caise
so true neil!

30:24 - aunttammie 2
I must say I'm a little disappointed when presenters spend half the time justifying the use of technology...less time for the specifics. Preaching to the choir, after all.

30:25 - Rhonda
seems iPads would be better as assisted in package prices for edu

30:38 - Peggy George
http://www.agent4change.net/bett-week/news/1364 (iPads Changing the Game for Learning at Longfield)

30:42 - Sheri Edwards

31:03 - Kim Caise
oh that's right - thanks sheri

31:21 - Peggy George
that graph is in the research report

31:24 - neil
WOW! As an MFL teacher that's a disaster!

31:37 - Karen @klirenman
Agree Peggy. I do, and love, and see with my students, but it's nice to see research support what my gut tells me.

31:43 - JimHoffman
little grant money goes to MFL

31:44 - Peggy George
lots of room to improve for MFL :-)

31:51 - catherineku
MFL teachers are not always on the top of the receiving line for tech.

31:57 - Peggy George
very helpful to see that!

31:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thinglink is a website that allows you to turn any picture into an interactive one. My example http://www.thinglink.com/scene/344183562137763840#tlsite

32:01 - Harj1 1
Yes, I am disappointed with MFL too, as teacher

32:02 - neil
True Jim.

32:03 - Elizabeth Anne
@aunttammie - it's great to have the refs to convince doubting collegues though

32:06 - Kim Caise
great poin @catherineku

32:10 - Peggy George
http://www.teachthought.com/teaching/12-characteristics-of-an-ipad-ready-classroom (12 Characteristics of an iPad ready Classroom)

32:16 - Reba @jghfoundation08
If you are looking for some FREE apps for iPads http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=168147

32:16 - catherineku
They are not "core" teachers and have to seek out the resources through grants.

32:26 - Peggy George
awesome list of characteristics!!!!

32:27 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@clinds - It works in a broswer & they're working on a native app for the iPad http://goo.gl/SC2nt

32:32 - Rhonda
urban or low income would obviously need a financing option over time

32:44 - Kim Caise
i like having the research as proof to admins that this technology works

32:56 - Kim Caise
and is effective in the classroom

33:05 - clinds
@Glenn - Great news about Haiku - thanks!

33:07 - Peggy George
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jkb3WbomL3RdFpsGCByalsPn_7hE79sPwL7MHBjTTrA/mobilebasic?pli=1 (Can you help me plan for iPad implementation? @dmchugh675)

33:25 - Peggy George
crowdsourcing is such a powerful way to learn!!!

33:39 - aunttammie 2
Yes, true, but would love more techniques,real life examples...still we're not ther.e....good ideas in chat, though

33:47 - Reba @jghfoundation08
Does "Apple Ecology mean able to sync ipads, iCloud, ipad carts, etc??

33:54 - Peggy George
lots of examples of apps coming :-)

33:54 - Rhonda
True, from PLN's collaborated with Symballoo then administered in peer groups

33:57 - Kim Caise
screenchomp and showme are great screen recording apps too

34:32 - Reba @jghfoundation08
@Kim I have the students use ScreenChomp to make peer video tutorials

34:38 - catherineku
PLN allows access at any time. In-district trainings are not always well-attended.

34:48 - Peggy George
http://www.cultofmac.com/175642/heres-how-guided-access-works-in-io6-6-video (iOS 6 Comes with Guided Access for guiding students to provide access to specific apps selected by teacher)

34:57 - Kim Caise
great way to allow for indiv. creativity

35:18 - Sheri Edwards
I love Expain Everything app; works with evernote, youtube, dropbox, etc.

35:19 - Rhonda
may be also the best way to manage updates

35:41 - aunttammie 2
Anyone using apple tv?

35:59 - Pam Cranford
We use apple tv

36:08 - Kim Caise
i prefer reflection sometimes over apple tv but both are effective for sharing

36:11 - @SteveHayes_RB60
I use apple tv

36:19 - catherineku
I use apple TV

36:20 - Peggy George

36:22 - Rhonda
Sheri that seems to be popular, haven't used it yet but i hear it a lot

36:26 - aunttammie 2
So Pam, do you have one in each classroom?

36:34 - clinds
Yes - love apple tv - we have one in each classroom and makes it so easy for students to share what they create.

36:42 - @SteveHayes_RB60
I agree with Kim - Reflection often works better for my needs

36:42 - Kim Caise
pam is a symbaloo guru!

36:46 - Lisa 1
where can i get info on how to configure apple tv?

36:52 - Pam Cranford
We have one in an ELA classroom and we have one in the conference rooms of intermediate and primary

37:04 - Rhonda
broadcast sharing means a lot

37:06 - Peggy George
info is in Livebinder re configure apple tv

37:14 - Lisa 1

37:22 - Pam Cranford
all RtI meetings/parent conference notes are displayed so that everyone SEES what is being recorded

37:26 - Karen @klirenman
Would love to hear how everyone is using their apple TV in their classroom. Always looking for new ways. Comments welcomed. http://learningandsharingwithmsl.blogspot.ca/2013/01/loving-appletv.html

37:28 - Elizabeth Anne
info is in Livebinder re configure apple tv GREAT THX

37:30 - Pam Cranford
there is no question about what was said

37:34 - Peggy George
(Apple Volume Purchase Program)

37:37 - aunttammie 2
Peggy, great! We're going to try that I think

37:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My iPad bookmarks in Diigo http://www.diigo.com/user/plnaugle/ipad

37:40 - clinds
@Lisa - Not much configuring with apple TV - just need to have a wireless network that you can connect to in settings and a projector with hdmi port of you need to buy a vga adapter.

37:43 - Kim Caise
probably http://apple.com @lisa 1 but i will add that to the list of quesitons

37:44 - Peggy George
(iRules at Eastbourne Academy)

37:49 - Pam Cranford
Thanks @Kim

37:59 - Rhonda
Exciting to think about the potential for students in the future

38:00 - Kim Caise

38:01 - Peggy George
some of these links aren't in the Livebinder yet but they will be after the show

38:45 - Rhonda
hashtags makes it so easy to interact

38:48 - Peggy George
http://www.kanexlive.com/atvpro (Use Apple AirPlay®irroring with a VGA Projector.

38:58 - catherineku
Students may/read sign this, but they do not always follow. Develop a few strategies to deal with ss who misuse the device.

39:01 - Peggy George
https://www.reflectorapp.com/ (Reflector App to AirPlay mirror your iPad to any Mac or PC, wirelessly.)

39:01 - Rhonda
especially with older students middle and above

39:09 - Pam Cranford
Seriously....my husband set up our TWO Apple TV at home

39:13 - Pam Cranford
nothing to it

39:16 - Pam Cranford

39:37 - Patti R
what was the app that is free today? I didn't catch it

39:46 - Reba @jghfoundation08
Just downloaded doodlecast pro this week. it still FREe

39:54 - clinds
Love using Flipboard app to see twitter hashtags about ipad apps and uses. Follow #ipad and #mlearning

39:56 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
iPad boards on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=ipad

39:56 - Pam Cranford
doodlecast pro

40:05 - Reba @jghfoundation08
@Patti doodlecast Pro

40:11 - Peggy George
http://tweetchat.com/room/ukedchat (#UKedchat-different theme each week, Thursdays, 8:00pm UK time)

40:16 - Pam Cranford

40:18 - Kim Caise
i thought it was the reflector app

40:23 - Patti R
@reba and pam thanks

40:25 - Rhonda
realizing that collaboration with community and parents may be better with hangouts or Live sessions

40:28 - Peggy George
http://ukedchat.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/session-83-theme-mobile-devices-and-apps-in-schools (Session 83 –heme: Mobile Devices and Apps in schools)

40:35 - Pam Cranford
Whoa? Reflection Free today?

40:36 - Karen Burns
We are having trouble with access to Apple TV with 50+ on our wireless at one time. I can't wait until it's figured out!

40:41 - Kim Caise
not sure pam

40:45 - @debvane
I love Tweetdeck

40:48 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Jon Samuelson's (@ipadsammy) boards on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/ipadsammy/

40:48 - Peggy George
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tweetbot-for-twitter-iphone/id428851691?mt=8 (Tweetbot for Twitter)
http://www.tweetdeck.com/ (TweetDeck for Twitter)

41:13 - Peggy George
http://www.scoop.it/t/ipads-in-education-daily (Scoop.it example for iPad recommendations-curated by Jon Samuelson)
http://www.scoop.it/t/ipads-in-education (Scoop.it example for iPads in Education curated by John Evans)

41:19 - Pam Cranford
We had those issues too Karen. You might try Air Parrot

41:23 - Pam Cranford
solved our issues

41:35 - Peggy George
http://ukedchat.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/session-83-theme-mobile-devices-and-apps-in-schools (Session 83 –heme: Mobile Devices and Apps in schools)

41:43 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Peggy if you want you can add also on livebinder my blog post http://teacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/2012/12/mlearning-in-education-in-2013-using.html ; Top 10 statup social media curation Ipad apps

41:46 - clinds
Has anyone tried the Haiku Deck app for presentations? I've seen it recommended a couple times.

41:51 - Karen Burns
Thanks-I will ask my tech dept about that

42:07 - Peggy George
we will post this chat along with the recording after the show--you are all sharing such great tips and links!!! thank you!

42:21 - Elizabeth Anne

42:33 - neil
Yes, Joe. And for the Somerset thing!

42:35 - Peggy George
http://antsict.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/ipad-events-part-2-teachmeet-ipad-the-videos-joe-dale-and-more(TeachMeet iPad)

42:46 - Peggy George
(TeachMeet iPad)

43:25 - Peggy George
TeachMeets are so much fun to participate in! Love it when they are virtual!

43:46 - Peggy George
funny name!

43:54 - @SteveHayes_RB60
sorry - have to leave early - thank you Joe!

43:58 - aunttammie 2
Got a feeling today's live binder will take a l-o-n-g

44:05 - aunttammie 2
Time to get thru

44:29 - Kim Caise
tom barrett produces great collaborative presentations

44:33 - Peggy George
http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways (103+ Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom-crowdsourced compilations by Tom Barrett)

44:42 - Peggy George
http://murcha.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/tech-talk-tuesdays-using-ipad-apps-for-effective-learning (Tech Talk Tuesdays-organized by Anne Mirtschin-presentation by Jenny Ashby-Using iPad apps for effective learning webinars)

44:44 - Kim Caise
anne is awesome - she has been on our show

44:51 - Kim Caise
love to collaborate with her

45:05 - Peggy George
I try to go to all of the Tech Talk Tuesday webinars! Anne Mirtshin does such a great job with them!

45:09 - Kim Caise
i will be there presenting wed morning!

45:32 - Peggy George
http://www.tcea.org/ipad (TCEA iPad Apps organized by subject area)

45:34 - Sheri Edwards
What was the mp3 app translator?

46:11 - Reba @jghfoundation08
Will Joe put names under these Killer apps?

46:20 - Reba @jghfoundation08
Some icons I do not recognize

46:21 - Val Brooks
Can you use the pointer?

46:39 - catherineku

46:41 - Karen @klirenman
Samples on my kids blogs from My Story (gr 1 class). They love it! http://kidblog.org/MsLirenmansClass2012/

46:42 - Peggy George

46:44 - Peggy George
seeing it

46:45 - STEVE

46:45 - Jit Shalin

46:49 - Reba @jghfoundation08

47:13 - Reba @jghfoundation08
comic life is an app. Yippeeee! is it FREE

47:14 - Val Brooks
click again Joe to show the pointer

47:16 - Aaron C
We only see the pointer when you left click, I think

47:18 - Sal
can't see the pointer

47:27 - Jit Shalin
pointer gone

47:38 - Val Brooks

47:41 - Sal

47:45 - Jit Shalin

47:51 - Peggy George
Use Eyeconit to scan these icons :-) https://itunes.apple.com/app/eyeconit/id478802786?mt=8 (app icon scanner: with eyeconit you can get apps fast simply by scanning their icon. Get apps by pointing eyeconit at any app icon from another friend's iPhone, iPad or iPod, or from any internet site or magazine and get a link to download it from the AppStore.)

47:59 - @shamblesguru
Phototable one of my favourite #apps #iPad #iPhone - http://bit.ly/Xt74Tk expensive but fortunately today FREE !!!!!!!

48:17 - Karen @klirenman
All these apps are on the livebinder right?

48:25 - Kim Caise

48:30 - Elizabeth Anne
@peggy - d'ye think it can really deal with a page like that :-)

48:33 - stidmama
:-) I actually have a few of these apps!

48:34 - Val Brooks
where do i access the livebinder please?

48:35 - Peggy George
thanks for the tip Shambles!!!! will download it today!!!

48:42 - catherineku
AudioBoo is a favorite.

48:52 - Peggy George

49:05 - Val Brooks

49:08 - Karen @klirenman
i know what i'll be doing this aternoon - checking out a few new apps. Thankfully they aren't all new. :-)

49:15 - Peggy George
that's the link I just shared! Eyeconit is amazing!!!

49:32 - Peggy George
Eyeconit https://itunes.apple.com/app/eyeconit/id478802786?mt=8

49:57 - Ludmila Smirnova
labels to the apps would have helped ;-)

50:14 - Laura H
comic life 4.99 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comic-life/id432537882?mt=8

50:26 - Laz
no audio

50:34 - aunttammie 2
Wow just got eyecomit on my phone

51:01 - Reba @jghfoundation08
posterous Oh no shutting down Noo

51:05 - Peggy George
Joe is sharing a link for his entire presentation slides at the end and you can download them and use Eyeconit on this slide to get all of his "killer apps" :-)

51:09 - Kim Caise
click on the audio wizard at the top - blue mic with red starburst for audio

51:21 - Sandy O ~
There are so many great opportunities for education!

51:26 - Jit Shalin
goog to know Peggy

51:29 - Reba @jghfoundation08
posterous is so easy to blog for students w/photos

51:33 - stidmama
installing eyeconit now...

51:34 - Annette Whitby
Which one created eCards?

51:42 - Elizabeth Anne
Yiles - ppl are having difficulty signing in to Posterous this week (start of EVO, the Electronic Village Online)

51:44 - Peggy George
ifiles :-)

52:14 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Wesley Fryer 2 - Hi Wes...Happy Saturday.

52:32 - Shelly Moses 1
I just LOVE the screen casting apps Educreations and Explain Everything, and especially the student participatin app Nearpod.

52:35 - Pam Cranford
@Wes Fryer....watching your copyright video last night

52:38 - Sandy O ~
When an adult says to me "I don't need to know how to do that, I say, "How much longer do you expect to live? This isn't going away!" Learn how to use it and enjoy life more!

52:39 - Peggy George
I couldn't live without Dropbox!

52:45 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
big fan of Socrative

52:59 - Peggy George
free!!! the magic word!

53:06 - Ludmila Smirnova
Me too. Free Clikers

53:07 - Kim Caise
great app for using with younger ones

53:08 - LucianeCurator @web20education
My scoop.it ipad / iphone apps scoop.it topic http://www.scoop.it/t/mlearningusingiphone-ipad-ipod-web20education/

53:10 - Wesley Fryer 2
@Pam Cranford that's great!

53:10 - Karen @klirenman
I agree Peggy! FREE FREE FREE!

53:14 - Ludmila Smirnova
with Socrative

53:15 - Reba @jghfoundation08
I live by dropbox and evernote

53:25 - Peggy George
but often the apps you pay for are much more robust :-)

53:27 - Sheri Edwards
Is there a list of these app names?

53:31 - stidmama
i prefer dropbox to evernote because I can still acces content when offline

53:33 - Wesley Fryer 2
What is the app to the left of dropbox joe mentioned?

53:36 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Reba - yes + Google Drive

53:38 - Peggy George
same for me on evernote!!! love it! willint to pay for that!

53:39 - Karen @klirenman
Evernote is great for collecting work samples.

53:42 - Kim Caise

53:42 - Sandy O ~
Love Dropbox but it is blocked at work

53:43 - catherineku
Even better than Socrative: InfuseLearning = Socrative + Drawing/Sharing links photos. selearning.com

53:47 - Wesley Fryer 2
thanks kim

53:53 - catherineku

53:56 - catherineku

53:58 - clinds
Google Drive on the iPad has much a huge difference for us. If you have Google Apps for Ed, students can upload their videos to Google Drive and share so easily with their teacher

53:58 - stidmama
:-) YAY shambles!

53:59 - Kim Caise
sure wes!

54:06 - Annette Whitby

54:22 - aunttammie 2
What is the justification for blocking Dropbox?

54:29 - Sheri Edwards
Students and I love being a Google apps school!

54:36 - Wesley Fryer 2
I'll send you a copy Joe! :_)

54:38 - Kim Caise
shambles curates, creates and collects awesome things!

54:40 - Lisa 1
dropbox uses lots of bandwidth

54:40 - Rhonda
toture to think I'm beginning my virtual detox, I look forward to the growth

54:43 - Peggy George
Wes's ebook is incredible!!!

54:44 - catherineku
Infuse is not an app, but works through Safari. Can be used on phones, computers.

54:56 - Sandy O ~
Book sounds great!

54:57 - Karen @klirenman
Hi Wes!

55:08 - Kim Caise
http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=718751 all apps mentioned listed in livebinder

55:09 - Shelly Moses 1
Looks like a great book. off to iBooks!

55:10 - Peggy George
there will be links to both of those ebooks in our Livebinder-Wes Fryer and Shamblesguru!

55:20 - Rhonda
Joe-wonderful information and so well done given how much there was to present

55:22 - Kim Caise
along with lesson plans, ideas and research links

55:43 - Peggy George
http://www.aneducatorsipad.com (An Educator’ iPad eboook by Chris Smith/Shamblesguru)

56:03 - Kim Caise
be sure to check out silvia's stuff - amazing work!

56:18 - stidmama
Thank you for this presentation -- so many great apps and ideas today

56:18 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Sandy O - hope you can talk your IT's into opening that. That's strange to block Dropbox - such a power tool for teachers/students

56:28 - Rhonda
congratulations to the educators who are making these tools a success for 21st century learners.

56:41 - Kim Caise
maybe concern for sharing copyrighted materials

56:44 - Peggy George
http://maps.playingwithmedia.com/ (Wes Fryer: Mapping Media to Curriculum)

56:46 - Kim Caise
or confidentials docs

57:08 - Kim Caise
wes is in here right now too!

57:20 - Peggy George
http://learninginhand.com/blog/be-an-ipad-superstar-8-collections-of-ios-5-tips.html (Tony Vincent: iPad tips and tricks)

57:30 - Peggy George
http://syded.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/one-ipad-in-the-classroom-top-10-apps (Daniel Edwards: One iPad in the Classroom? Top 10 Apps)

57:32 - Kim Caise
wes's book and blogs are great resources along with tony vincent

57:36 - BARB
REALLY like that quote, Sandy.

57:38 - catherineku
@Glenn @Sandy Dropbox has some major issues with security that make districts nervous. Google Drive is a very good replacement. IT is blocking DB a few good reasons. Annoying, yes. But there are work-arounds.

57:39 - @shamblesguru
I have another (multimedia) iBook with Apple at this moment which shares the 1,400+ Apps on my iPad .... will tweet when published

57:39 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
I've seen Tony Vincent provide so much for education - first handheld computers to iPhones, iPads, etc.

57:49 - Sandy O ~
Thanks for the great presentation, especially the last 15 min. and great resources.

57:51 - Kim Caise
awesome shambles - please do

57:56 - Sheri Edwards
Peggty, can you share the twitter pic for one iPad in class? Thanks.

58:19 - Kim Caise
i worked with miguel for several years and he is phenomenally creative!

58:35 - JimHoffman
high school math teachers: check out www.deismos.com for excellent graphing calculator which works on ipads/tablets

58:44 - JimHoffman

59:00 - @aslilidice
thanks for the intensive presentation with all the links :)

59:02 - @bcdtech Maureen
Not getting any results in itunes store for droppler.. am I spelling it wrong?

59:07 - Peggy George
http://learninginhand.com/blog/5-ways-to-show-your-ipad-on-a-projector-screen.html (Tony Vincent: 5 Ways to Show your iPad on a Projector Screen)

59:11 - JimHoffman

59:18 - @bcdtech Maureen

59:31 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@catherineku - We are a Google Apps district, so that is what most use :) I'm not convinced that Dropbox is a major concern for our security, but it is a something to consider for sure.

59:35 - Rhonda
teachers seem to speak a lot more about LMS than before

59:37 - Peggy George
(Edmodo and Open in other app)

59:51 - LucianeCurator @web20education
For everyone I begin to write a online eBook about Curation (anyone can contribute ) and if you want to write with friends a online ebook I suggest to use http://www.widbook.com/book/cover/2425/

59:53 - Kim Caise
it was bekblayton whomever asked about the one i pad image

1:00:06 - Peggy George
(Create an Interactive eBook for the iPad using iBook Author-the Complete Guide)

1:00:24 - @shamblesguru
iPad and mobile devices on theShambles ... website .. everything (almost) at http://shambles.net/ict/

1:00:27 - Peggy George
http://www.boxoftricks.net/2012/01/reviewing-apples-ibooks-author (Reviewing Apple's iBooks Author)

1:00:53 - Tammy Moore
We love our Apple TV!

1:00:57 - stidmama
we have apple TV at home, sometimes I am surprised to see my photo stream pop up on the TV...

1:01:10 - Kim Caise
these sites would have info on configuring apple tv. someone asked about that earlier

1:01:25 - Kim Caise
i presented on qr codes last year at tcea

1:01:36 - Karen @klirenman
This presentations is LOADED with great information. I will have to go through everything again. So much information!

1:01:44 - Peggy George
http://keldarichards.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/le-mur-parlant/ (Kelda Richards-Talking Wall with QR Codes and Aurasma app)

1:02:04 - catherineku
QR for WL teachers: http://aatftech.blogspot.com/2011/12/if-you-have-qr-scanner-scan-my-very.html

1:02:15 - Ludmila Smirnova
I used bar-code for Teasure hunts ;-)

1:02:16 - Peggy George
(Deputy Mitchell: 4D Books linking Analogue to Digital)

1:02:35 - Kim Caise

1:02:50 - Wesley Fryer 2
Hi Karen @klirenman (just saw your hi in the chat - I'm info flow challenged by this!)

1:02:51 - Rhonda
thoughful way to move to portfolio

1:03:05 - Rhonda

1:03:14 - Peggy George
http://www.guardian.co.uk/teacher-network/2012/nov/07/languages-teaching-tips-technology-ideas (QR Codes in Education-foreign languages)

1:03:27 - Kim Caise
people have added qr codes to demo videos and pasted in old textbooks

1:03:40 - Peggy George
these examples are great!!!

1:03:44 - Karen @klirenman

1:03:53 - Kim Caise
great to have wes with us today!

1:03:57 - Martine
Have you heard of Aurasma . It's just like qr codes but from images so it looks like an image instead of code check it out

1:04:14 - Wesley Fryer 2
@kcaise I'm so glad to be able to join, even tho I was tardy :-)

1:04:37 - Kim Caise

1:04:42 - Peggy George
love that cartoon!!

1:04:48 - Wesley Fryer 2
that's a GREAT cartoon! :-)

1:04:49 - Val Brooks

1:04:50 - Kim Caise

1:04:56 - Shelly Moses 1
How fabulous to put aQR code in the notebook! I'm going to do that with my kiddos this week!

1:05:02 - Karen @klirenman
@Wes :-) I am getting over whelmed in here today and LOVING it. Will need to review everything later on. A feel like I'm in a full year course, in an hour. :-)

1:05:12 - Peggy George
I'm still in transition--keep trying to "swipe" on my laptop :-)

1:05:12 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Wes - tardy slip for you...LOL

1:05:31 - Harj1 1
Funny and very much the thinking of today! Kids multitask technology devices all the time.

1:05:33 - Wesley Fryer 2
@Glenn thanks!

1:05:39 - Peggy George
http://langwitches.org/blog/2012/09/02/ipads-in-education-slide-decks (Silvia Tolisano: iPads in Education Slide Decks)

1:05:41 - Kim Caise
wes' daughter is a great presenter and video creator

1:05:46 - Karen @klirenman
@Wes you'd be impressed with the choices my kidlets are making and the creations they re creating.

1:05:52 - Peggy George
Download - http://snipurl.com/liveclass20-class2

1:05:53 - Rhonda
Excellent, enjoy the use, potential and progress. Parents and community could learn and benefit Globally

1:05:54 - Kim Caise

1:05:59 - Rhonda
Thank You Joe

1:06:07 - @jackiegerstein
Wes' website http://maps.playingwithmedia.com/

1:06:08 - Wesley Fryer 2
I whipped out my iPhone and was able to scan that QR code, whew!

1:06:09 - Peggy George
all of Joe's slides on are that download link :-) Download - http://snipurl.com/liveclass20-class2

1:06:09 - Harj1 1
Thnx for a great presentation, Joe

1:06:19 - Pam Cranford
got it

1:06:25 - Karen Burns
Anyone know of a source I shouldn't miss on high school creativity with the Ipad?

1:06:26 - Peggy George
we'll take questions after we officially close the show :-)

1:06:31 - @jackiegerstein
lots of great content

1:06:39 - Wesley Fryer 2
GREAT preso Joe!

1:06:45 - Amanda Westman
Thanks for the download link! So much info - I'm going to have to go through it slowly later.

1:06:45 - Peggy George
what a fabulous LOT of information!!!!!

1:06:49 - Peggy George
thank you so much Joe!

1:06:54 - Sarah
Thanks Joe - very stimulating - food for thought - a banquet!

1:06:57 - Sue Maloney
thank you!

1:06:59 - Peggy George
Download - http://snipurl.com/liveclass20-class2

1:07:12 - Reba @jghfoundation08
great resources here. thanks Joe!

1:07:14 - Peggy George
that download is just Joe's slides

1:07:15 - Paddy
Lots of wonderful ideas as usual cheers

1:07:17 - Kim Caise

1:07:25 - Wesley Fryer 2
Can you use Edmodo to bring audio into the iPad app "Pinnacle Studio?"

1:07:53 - Reba @jghfoundation08
please show QR code again

1:07:54 - Peggy George
Joe added a bunch of links after I created the Livebinder so I'll add them after the show :-)

1:07:59 - Wesley Fryer 2
it IS still free in the iTunes US store

1:08:00 - @jackiegerstein

1:08:02 - Jason Brinkley
it is still free downloaded

1:08:11 - russelm
Excellent Joe...thanks...

1:08:16 - Val Brooks
Great session Joe - thanks - glad I didn't miss all of it even though I was a bit late:(

1:08:17 - Peggy George
Let's officially close the session and then continue with Q/A

1:08:32 - Reba @jghfoundation08
photocard? fotocard?

1:08:39 - Shelly Moses 1
Still missed the name of the free app. Noisy here at home. Can someone help me?

1:08:48 - JimHoffman
Bill Atkinson of Hypercard fame?

1:08:49 - Val Brooks
doodlecast pro

1:08:57 - Ludmila Smirnova
Thank you got a very informative session!

1:08:59 - Joe Dale

1:09:04 - Kim Caise

1:09:17 - Elizabeth Anne
Je suis éuiséien qu'àéouter !:/

1:09:23 - Laura H
Photocards app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bill-atkinson-photocard-postcards/id333208430?mt=8

1:09:25 - Eileen K
I have to run. Thank you for all the great information!

1:09:41 - Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going if you need to leave :-)

1:09:41 - Joe Dale
Thanks guys!

1:09:44 - Reba @jghfoundation08
@Laura thanks

1:10:04 - Peggy George
Steve always has such great interviews!

1:10:17 - Shelly Moses 1
Thanks Laura H!

1:10:19 - Karen @klirenman
This was an incredibly rich chat one I will use as a resource. I will be sharing lots too.

1:10:29 - Peggy George
if you haven't registered for Educon 2.5 do that right away. You can participate virtually for free!

1:10:44 - @shamblesguru
@Joe ... congrats on the session

1:10:48 - Laura H

1:10:49 - Wesley Fryer 2
yeah for EduCon!

1:10:52 - aunttammie 2
Peggy,got a link?

1:10:56 - Peggy George
Chris Lehmann-Science Leadership Academy in Philly

1:10:58 - Joe Dale
Thanks Chris!

1:11:03 - Peggy George

1:11:12 - Karen @klirenman
Link for Educon 2.5?

1:11:14 - shukufa
thanks Joe for the interesting work

1:11:18 - Peggy George

1:11:21 - aunttammie 2

1:11:36 - Peggy George

1:12:04 - Peggy George
be careful typing your email address in the survey if you want a PD certificate :-)

1:12:13 - Peggy George

1:12:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Joe Dale. :) So much great info for us.

1:12:19 - stidmama
thanks again for this session! Time to defrost the car...

1:12:25 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:12:32 - @debvane
Great presentation :)

1:12:41 - Laura H
Awesome! Thank you!!!

1:12:42 - Peggy George
STanding ovation for Joe!!! Incredible resources!!!!

1:12:47 - CAKosmo
thanks so much. This was great.

1:12:50 - Karen @klirenman
Joe Dale this was fantastic! TONS of solid information.

1:12:50 - Robert Simonesu 1
Thank you. Great session !

1:12:51 - Patti R
awesome info, thanks Joe!

1:12:52 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Have a great weekend everyone.

1:12:52 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Joe, appreciated the mix of research and links to apps/resources

1:12:53 - Gail
Wonderful resources.... thanks so much

1:12:54 - catherineku
#21stedchat is a great Twitter chat to follow.

1:12:59 - aunttammie 2
Thank you for all the resources!

1:13:05 - Kim Caise

1:13:08 - Mary Beth
Thanks, Joe.

1:13:08 - Karen @klirenman
Would love to stay but really have to go. Thanks all.

1:13:17 - Ludmila Smirnova

1:13:32 - SharonG2
So many apps so little time. Great session!

1:13:38 - Peggy George
so true Sharon!

1:13:39 - Jit Shalin
Hi Peggy, shall i be able to get certi for this ?

1:13:43 - Reba @jghfoundation08
can he show the QR code again

1:14:02 - Peggy George
yes fill in the survey when you log out and I'll send you a certificate

1:14:10 - Kim Caise
@jit as soon as you exit the survey will open in your browser

1:14:16 - Kim Caise
there is a section to request the certificate

1:14:17 - Peggy George
Download - http://snipurl.com/liveclass20-class2 (QR code on final slide for Dropbox download of all slides)

1:14:19 - Jit Shalin

1:14:21 - Reba @jghfoundation08

1:14:23 - Jit Shalin

1:14:49 - Reba @jghfoundation08

1:14:52 - Peggy George
yes Joe

1:14:56 - Dan Edwards 1
In agreement with Joe. The rest of the market is indeed trying to catch up.

1:14:56 - Sheri Edwards
it was on one slide

1:15:04 - Reba @jghfoundation08
in your chart for being ready ipads

1:15:07 - Elizabeth Anne
excellent! bravo! thanks a million! clap! clap! clap!

1:15:14 - Peggy George
hard to understand the accent sometimes :-) especially when you speak fast :-)

1:15:27 - Reba @jghfoundation08
it was on his chart for 12 ready items for ipad integration

1:15:41 - Kim Caise
joe didnt use the term, it was one of the slides which you can download while in the session

1:16:00 - Robert Simonesu 1
Have to go. Chai !

1:16:03 - Peggy George
check out this link (fun) http://mrparkinsonict.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/using-ipads-and-football-to-encourage.html?m=1 (Using iPads and Football to Encourage Reluctant Boys to Write)

1:16:04 - @shamblesguru
For some info about the management of iDevices see http://shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/manageidev/

1:16:42 - Peggy George
http://www.simonhaughton.co.uk/2012/06/sharing-links-and-images-onto-ipads.html (Collect Student iPad Creations with Edmodo)

1:16:45 - @jackiegerstein
Our range of Latin and Greek apps http://www.romansgohome.com/apps

1:17:09 - catherineku
Exactly: Adapt the app that best suits your needs: Digital storytelling, presentations, audio, spelling. Apps are more than just digital worksheets.

1:17:12 - Reba @jghfoundation08
12 things to be ready for ipads

1:17:13 - Peggy George
Tony Vincent has an amazing list of iPad resources: http://delicious.com/tonyvincent/applist+ipad (Tony Vincent: iPad App lists on Delicious)

1:17:25 - Peggy George
it's the slide for things to be ready

1:17:28 - Sheri Edwards
getting ready for ipad a list

1:17:33 - Lorie Moffat
All of the additional questions I had, Kim.

1:17:40 - catherineku
Would it be possible to add my WL/MFL apps site to the livebinder?

1:17:49 - @shamblesguru
Apple Ecosystem ..... is maybe the term

1:17:50 - Reba @jghfoundation08

1:17:54 - catherineku

1:17:56 - Kim Caise
sure post the link cahterine

1:17:58 - Peggy George
http://www.teachthought.com/teaching/12-characteristics-of-an-ipad-ready-classroom (12 Characteristics of an iPad ready Classroom)

1:17:58 - Reba @jghfoundation08
not that one

1:18:04 - @debvane
what was the ipadders.edu link?

1:18:04 - Dan Edwards 1
Ecosystem is indeed the term

1:18:06 - Reba @jghfoundation08
thanks for asking

1:18:20 - Sheri Edwards
that's it -- the 12 characteristics

1:18:27 - @debvane
Thank you :)

1:18:42 - Reba @jghfoundation08
yes 12 characteristics

1:18:50 - Amanda Westman
Perhaps I missed this - can we access the recording of this show?

1:18:51 - Reba @jghfoundation08
that's the slide it was one

1:19:08 - Reba @jghfoundation08
thats it!!!!

1:19:17 - @debvane
Great work everyone!

1:19:19 - Dan Edwards 1
Very impressive Joe

1:19:21 - Peggy George
a few more links I didn't get into the chat but in the LIvebinder: http://www.digitalcreator.org/dvined/?p=1480 (20 iPad Lesson Ideas)
http://www.isteconference.org/2012/uploads/KEY_70144461/CreativeiPadPampletGood.pdf (Creative iPad Apps-Dr. Ellen Fishman-Johnson)
http://www.rm.com/_RMVirtual/Media/Downloads/ipad_lessonideas.pdf (iPad Lesson Ideas from RMEducation)
http://www.avatargeneration.com/2012/08/ipads-in-the-classroom-free-ebook (Sabrina Huber-iPads in the Classroom)

1:19:23 - Gail
any ideas on available grants for getting ipads in the classroom?

1:19:28 - Kim Caise

1:19:31 - Sue Lercher
Any difference between using ipad and mini ipad? I can see purchasing minis (less expensive)

1:19:31 - Wesley Fryer 2
Joe I missed lots, so I apologize: Your fav apps for audio recording on iPad now?

1:19:44 - SharonG
somebody. How do you exit on an iPad?

1:19:48 - Joe Dale
Recorder HD Plus

1:19:49 - Sheri Edwards
thanks all

1:19:58 - Peggy George
grant opportunities are different in the US and UK

1:20:09 - Reba @jghfoundation08

1:20:12 - Peggy George
yes that's the slide :-) good job!

1:20:20 - catherineku
@Joe C'éait trop cool. Bien fait!

1:20:22 - Wesley Fryer 2

1:20:24 - Sue Lercher
great presentation - I received a lot of thinks to check out

1:20:24 - aunttammie 2
Sharon, click on the lines attop left

1:20:40 - Peggy George
audioboo :-)

1:20:46 - aunttammie 2
Then look to bottom left

1:20:49 - Peggy George

1:20:54 - SharonG
Aunttammie2, thanks a bunch

1:20:55 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
RE: Ecology - after Googling it, it seems it does seem to refer to the world of apple products/methodology

1:21:43 - Peggy George
use eyeconit to scan that slide to find out all of the apps :-)

1:21:52 - Peggy George
rec pad

1:22:12 - Wesley Fryer 2
Rec Pad on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rec-pad/id506007781?mt=8

1:22:13 - Peggy George
love that Wordle!

1:22:29 - Sheri Edwards
VoiceThread is available for iPad also

1:22:35 - Wesley Fryer 2
Recorder & Editor ~ iSaidWhat?! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/recorder-editor-isaidwhat-!/id345273683?mt=8

1:22:53 - Wesley Fryer 2
Recorder Plus HD for iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/recorder-plus-hd/id499490287?mt=8

1:22:59 - Wesley Fryer 2
how do you spell it?

1:23:04 - Peggy George
was that voxdrop studio?

1:23:07 - Wesley Fryer 2
Boss drop?

1:23:11 - Sheri Edwards
what was that app?

1:23:51 - Peggy George
can you spell it Joe?

1:23:58 - Sheri Edwards
Which app? spell it?

1:24:03 - clinds
For elementary students my go to is still Voice Memos - so user-friendly and audio can be emailed right to the teacher.

1:24:04 - Peggy George
bossjock studio

1:24:04 - Joe Dale
Bossjock Studio

1:24:05 - Wesley Fryer 2
Bossjock Studio

1:24:07 - Peggy George

1:24:19 - Wesley Fryer 2
$10 Bossjock Studio https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bossjock-studio/id531205021?mt=8

1:24:24 - Reba @jghfoundation08
thanks Joe Great Q & A

1:24:25 - Wesley Fryer 2

1:24:31 - Peggy George

1:24:32 - Reba @jghfoundation08
bossjock studio

1:24:32 - Sheri Edwards

1:24:41 - Amanda Westman
Thank you!

1:24:46 - Dan Edwards 1
Is there a recording of the show?

1:24:49 - @jackiegerstein
very cool info - good session

1:24:51 - Peggy George
pant pant!!!! so many awesome things to explore!!!!

1:24:52 - Joe Dale

1:24:54 - Kim Caise

1:25:10 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!!!

1:25:11 - Donna
Thanks so much!

1:25:13 - @debvane
Thank you :)

1:25:17 - Sheri Edwards
You all were fabulous. Thanks

1:25:24 - Wesley Fryer 2
thanks Kim, Lorie, Peggy & Tammy!

1:25:26 - Annette McKee 3
Awesome info, will require extra time to review.

1:25:30 - Joe Dale
You're welcome

1:25:31 - Gail
Thanks again!

1:25:36 - Peggy George
we have another great ipad session coming up for UDL too

1:25:42 - BARB

1:25:45 - Reba @jghfoundation08
Bye everyone