CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE - July 24, 2010

00:20 to: Peggy George
this should be a really fun show today!!

00:58 to: Peggy George
be thinking about all of the ways you have been learning new things this summer so you can share links :-)

01:15 to: colleenk
Hi Maureen! I'm leaving for Ithaca tomorrow morning. Will wave as I pass by your neck of the woods. What is SAM?

01:25 to: Peggy George
lots of things are the same but the participant area is rearranged

01:43 to: April Brown
Moring everyone!

02:03 to: Peggy George
good morning everyone (or evening wherever you are). Type in the chat where you're located

02:16 to: April Brown
Grande Prairie, AB Canada

02:18 to: Nick Palm-Flordia Virtual School Instructor
Fort Pierce, FL

02:19 to: Cindy Shaffer
Ligonier, Pennsylvania

02:25 to: Peggy George
so glad to see you April!!

02:27 to: colleenk
@Maureen That sounds like fun. I'm going to the GeoGebra conference.

02:29 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
western Mass

02:29 to: carolteach4
Carolyn Stanley - West Haven, CT

02:36 to: Carlos38205
Hi form Tenerife, canary Islands, Spain

02:40 to: Peggy George
I'm in steamy Phoenix AZ where monsoon season has hit!

03:05 to: Lorna Costantini
Think we are the same here in St. Catharines Peggy

03:07 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@colleenk- Just did 2 days online with Bonnie Roskes- sketchup- great prgm

03:13 to: Lorna Costantini
45 % humidex

03:21 to: carolteach4
It is 80 degrees plus in West Haven, CT, but the humidity has to be 100%- had breakfast in backyard, but too humid to sit outside.

03:34 to: April Brown
It's nice to be here Peggy. Thanks!

03:36 to: Cindy Shaffer
91 in PA and high humidty

03:52 to: colleenk
@Maureen Sound like your students are going to have some cool projects to do this year!

03:56 to: Peggy George
be prepared to share those links in the chat or on the mic!! we want a huge collection of resources by the end of the show!!

04:17 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@colleenk- hope so- lots of possibilities- math, art, etc...

04:33 to: prw
Paul Wood Dallas TX 90 and 50% humidity going to 98 today.

05:00 to: glumb
Kansas in the house!

05:01 to: McTeach
Good morning from Northern California!!

05:13 to: oswego98
Upstate NY here

05:18 to: Carlos38205
it's always difficult to place my island

05:19 to: Peggy George
oh my-I lost my Elluminate window briefly!! scarey!!!

05:19 to: Janet C.
Another Northern Calif. hello from the East Bay

05:22 to: carolteach4

05:23 to: Cindy Shaffer
Who's out in the Atlantic Ocean? Woo hoo!

05:24 to: Peggy George
all is well now :-)

05:32 to: Carlos38205
That's me

05:34 to: McTeach
Janet C: Me too! Pleasant Hill here!

05:42 to: Cindy Shaffer
Lucky man!

05:43 to: Peggy George
must be Hawaii right?? :-)

05:44 to: David G. Ramie
another scorcher here in N.Y.

05:58 to: Carlos38205
Trying to`place my island on the map

06:05 to: Carlos38205
but it's too small

06:10 to: Peggy George
love it Carlos!

06:22 to: Carlos38205

06:23 to: carolteach4
@Carlos - what's the weather like in Spain?

06:29 to: Peggy George
you're doing a great job with the voting!

06:34 to: Carlos38205
Down here is always lovely

06:46 to: Carlos38205
not too hot or humid

06:55 to: carolteach4
@Carlos - temperature?

06:58 to: glumb
Podcast 2010

07:00 to: Peggy George
hooray for virtual conferences!!!!!

07:05 to: Oronoque Westland
@Carlos --- where are you?

07:06 to: aunttammie
was hoping I could join this from my new ipad, but doesn't work....must be something with Flash on Elluminate....

07:13 to: Carlos38205
at around 28-30

07:14 to: Peggy George
even part of a conference counts :-)

07:16 to: Jan Wells
Podstock2010, too

07:31 to: Deborah J. Boyd
I did attend my residency for PhD in Educational Leadership. I do not think that is what you asked

07:31 to: carolteach4
30 degrees C - so about 70 F

07:36 to: glumb
Hey Jan Greg Lumb from Junction City here

07:39 to: Carlos38205

07:41 to: Jan Wells
@Paula Good Morning

07:48 to: Peggy George
get those fingers warmed up :-) type on the next slide

08:41 to: Jenni

09:27 to: Jan Wells
@Greg from Meriden, KS 4th grade

09:57 to: Peggy George
that was just to get you warmed up :-) now we'll start sharing some specific links :-)

10:10 to: Peggy George

10:12 to: Paula Naugle
Hi @Jan Wells. I was late getting here because I just Skyped into the #ntcamp Smackdown being held in Philly.

10:21 to: Peggy George
We have a great start for you in the links :-)

10:29 to: Jan Wells

10:52 to: kg
is anyone doing the PBL Camp at Edutopia?

10:56 to: carolteach4
my chat just disappeared - that which came before - ?

11:01 to: Peggy George
that is our start to the links today

11:06 to: Cindy Shaffer
PA Keystones event wiill be virtual next week. Check us out at

11:07 to: McTeach
kg...I am, but way behind!

12:20 to: carolteach4
What happened to the chat?

12:45 to: McTeach
It was amazing!!!!

12:49 to: Peggy George
Kim do you want me to bring some of these up in the web tour?

12:59 to: Carlos38205
@carolteach4 it might have been a glitch on your side

13:13 to: Dotty
good morning from San Jose

13:15 to: Peggy George
the web tour will cover the slides

13:27 to: AK Jenny
kg - i am doing the edutopia pbl camp too -- but as McTeach I am behind too.

13:40 to: Paula Naugle
I was just attending #ntcamp in Philly virtually this morning.

14:05 to: kg
I too am behind in pbl camp...time flies. kg

14:26 to: Dotty
I don

14:34 to: terevillegaslo
no i havent´ participate in any yet

14:38 to: Dotty
I dont have the tools menu

14:50 to: Peggy George
you can also share links for events that are still coming up--summer isn't over yet!

14:59 to: colleenk
@PeggyG Guess what? I'm finally going to meet Tim (mathcasts) f2f this week. Waited 7 yrs for this.

15:21 to: Lorna Costantini
edchat is twitter has tag

15:26 to: April Brown
Looking forward to the Reform Symposium next weekend

15:30 to: Brad S
yes, musedchat is music education topics.

16:27 to: carolteach4
Now I can sent to the room

16:38 to: McTeach
Hmmm...have to think about this one...

16:38 to: carolteach4

16:52 to: Peggy George
I can't wait for the reform symposium!! there are some awesome presenters!!

16:57 to: terevillegaslo
I´e read a blog about literature

17:04 to: Peggy George

17:34 to: Paula Naugle
Yes, Peggy. Next weekend is going to be busy.

17:43 to: Peggy George
it sure is!!!

17:44 to: McTeach
Just added the Google Site for the Google Geo Teachers Institute

17:50 to: April Brown
For the Love of Learning

17:52 to: Carlos38205
freeTechnology for educators is fantastic

17:58 to: McTeach
Haven't read nearly enough this summer!

18:02 to: terevillegaslo
Yes one about constructivism

18:13 to: Peggy George
I am accumulating quite a few books on my Kindle from all of the futureofeducation interviews!! they are fantastic

18:21 to: Cindy Shaffer
The Element is a must read.

18:43 to: McTeach
Just started The Book Whisperer

18:58 to: Vicki IL
Readicide is awesome by Kelly Gallagher

19:07 to: aunttammie
hadn't heard about the reform symposium...thanks for the info

19:12 to: aunttammie
looks interestign

19:18 to: Peggy George
the Element is Sir Ken Robinson

19:29 to: Paula Naugle
The Element is one of my favorites.

19:29 to: Peggy George
Macrowikinomics isn't out yet

19:43 to: Jenni
What is the Book Whisperer about?

19:50 to: Paula Naugle
Drive by Daniel Pink

20:08 to: Peggy George
awesome list!!

20:14 to: Vicki IL
Book Whisperer: Awaking the Inner Reader in Every Child It's great

20:27 to: Peggy George
we hope you'll take the mic to give a quick pitch for some of these books :-)

20:38 to: Jenni
Oh that sounds good!

20:41 to: David G. Ramie
awakening our inner child is cool too

20:41 to: carolteach4
I have to admit, I'm doing some old fashioned reading - reading all 6 books in the Anne of Avonlea series -quite enchanting to get back to such a intense, descriptive writing style.

21:06 to: terevillegaslo
No, this is the first

21:06 to: Peggy George
even if you haven't taken the course but heard about it please list it

21:22 to: Peggy George
someone tell us about the google sketchup course

22:20 to: roxanne c
yeah DEN

22:22 to: Peggy George
there are some great sessions coming up on

22:24 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@peggyG- CRSTE did bootcamps- 1-2 day courses. Bonnie Roskes- who is excellent- taught both a beginner and intermediate one day course

22:25 to: aunttammie
Oh, carolteach4....Anne is the greatest...I just finished a new bio of L.M. Montgomery

22:42 to: Peggy George
not an online course but virtual conference from Australia :-)

22:45 to: Jane Z
I did PBWorks Summer Camp a couple years ago - that was super!

23:03 to: Peggy George
yes there have been some great bootcamps!! :-)

23:17 to: Peggy George
on this slide tell us how you find out about them

23:43 to: April Brown
Forgot a book - Project-Based Learning with Young Children by Deborah Diffily & charolette Sassman

24:25 to: carolteach4
@aunttammie - she was such a prolific writer - and what she has to say about human natures still rings true today; I am amazed at how her charactors are resonating with me and reminding me of people I

24:25 to: carolteach4
know in the 21st century.

24:30 to: terevillegaslo
facebook and institutional mail

24:43 to: John Peters
Here's the one I attended at the Univ of TX last Week:

24:55 to: carolteach4
I hope to learn sketch-up better this summer

25:14 to: Vicki IL
Twitter for sure

25:15 to: carolteach4
Love Steve Hargadon and you guys!!!!!!

25:32 to: Peggy George
thanks!!! we want to be a great resource for all of us!!

25:37 to: Carlos38205
Yes he's great

25:47 to: Carlos38205
such an inspring mind

25:53 to: McTeach
Biggest takeaway and favorite tool: My PLN!

25:54 to: Peggy George

26:05 to: Peggy George
absolutely McTeach!!!!

26:08 to: Paula Naugle
I learned that we need to educate parents about digital footprints and digital safety.

26:14 to: McTeach
Thanks Peggy! :)

26:16 to: Peggy George
hearing you great!!! no feedback!!

26:29 to: McTeach
Love Machias!!!!

26:30 to: John Peters
My Blog Post about My Summer Vacation (PD & Conferences)

26:52 to: Paula Naugle
Hi John. How are you doing?

26:56 to: Peggy George
if you take the mic to share we'll bring up the link in web tour for everyone :-)

27:07 to: McTeach
Oh, yeah...I sat in on that one!

27:11 to: John Peters
@Paula Naugle Good Morning from San Antonio1

27:11 to: Kim Caise
awwww love kitties!

27:14 to: Cindy Shaffer
Check out the PA Keystones Technology Integrators wiki for the virtual schedule. We would love to have you join us.

27:14 to: Peggy George
oh yes the Sieman's course!!! :-) outstanding!!

27:19 to: Peggy George
keep going!

27:30 to: John Peters
@kimcaise Hi there!

27:52 to: Kim Caise
hi and welcome John! is it hot enough for you?

27:54 to: Cindy Shaffer
Love Heidi Hayes Jocobs!!!!

27:56 to: Peggy George
there are tons of resources on the Classroom 2.0 ning!! videos, websites, forums, etc.

28:05 to: Peggy George

28:13 to: Kim Caise
not much different though from the temps up your way though,@john

28:23 to: Peggy George
that is a fantastic point about being able to interact in the chat :-)

28:28 to: John Peters
@kimcaise I thought that HOT sets in about 10 AM here in San Antonio1

28:52 to: Cindy Shaffer
The power of backchats is amazing.

28:53 to: Peggy George
thank you carolteach4!!!

29:14 to: Peggy George
go ahead and raise you hand anytime and we'll take you in the order your number comes up :-)

29:25 to: Peggy George
yeah David!!!! you're awesome for a first webinar

29:26 to: John Peters
@David Well Welcome!

29:39 to: Paula Naugle
Great to have you here. They picked a good one to send you to.

30:00 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@McTeach- can you talk about the Geo conference- you went right?

30:15 to: Peggy George
oh yes forgot to add delicious and diigo as fantastic places to learn about PD!!

30:16 to: Jenni
What is delicious?

30:26 to: carolteach4
@David - isn't this great. There is such a feeling of connection and immediecy (sp?)

30:30 to: Peggy George
yes McTeach!! talk about the Google geo event

30:33 to: Paula Naugle
@David your grad class sounds awesome.

30:34 to: McTeach
Maureen...yup! I was at the Googleplex for two whole days!

30:42 to: Peggy George
thank you David!!!!!

30:56 to: Peggy George
get your hand raised McTeach!!

30:57 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Karen, don't be shy- tell us more- grab the mike!

31:09 to: glumb
Is Googleplex virtual?

31:18 to: Paula Naugle
Clap clap for Karen.

31:21 to: carolteach4
I encourage my teachers to join these webinars, and a few have, but there is certainly room for growth.

31:22 to: Peggy George
Maureen you need to be raising your hand too!!! talk about edubloggercon!!

31:28 to: McTeach, we were actually there!

31:28 to: David G. Ramie
thanks to all for the nice comments

31:35 to: Peggy George
yeah John!!!!

31:42 to: Paula Naugle
Yeah John's speaking

31:45 to: glumb
Very cool! MCTeach

32:10 to: Peggy George

32:30 to: Peggy George
ISTE and edubloggercon and unplugged were all fantastic!

32:31 to: Paula Naugle
I got to meet John at ISTE.

32:36 to: Peggy George
thank you John!!!!

32:36 to: McTeach
Trying to get my mic set up, but having issues

32:39 to: David G. Ramie
thanks for the link John

32:40 to: John Peters

33:03 to: Vicki IL
Always learning

33:17 to: Paula Naugle
I got to spend a week in Denver and a week in Boston thanks to PD conferences.

33:19 to: April Brown
three months. Wow! we only get 2 months but it's getting shorter every year.

33:32 to: David G. Ramie
that is my favorite thing about these Webinars, furthering my ed, virtually

33:36 to: Peggy George
we have included links to lots of recordings from conferences, webinars in our link today.

33:37 to: roxanne c
love pulse pen!

33:41 to: carolteach4
It is so exciting to have time in the summer to do this extra learning; often during the school year, we are limited by time.

33:41 to: Peggy George
a pulse pen!! yes

33:42 to: Kim Caise
how awesome to receive a Pulse Pen!

33:47 to: Peggy George
need the link for that

33:51 to: April Brown
Thanks John. Looking forward to checking out your blog

33:56 to: roxanne c
using it for my masters and taking notes right now with it

33:58 to: Kim Caise
similar to a Live Scribe Pen

34:09 to: Peggy George

34:26 to: Dotty
They sell the pens at Target, bestbuy, Costco, Walmart

34:29 to: Peggy George
that technology is amazing!!

34:37 to: Kim Caise
Tim Fahlberg uses those a great deal to create mathcasts at

34:41 to: David G. Ramie
I agree Peggy

34:42 to: roxanne c
totally new way of taking notes!

35:00 to: Peggy George (Discovery Education-DEN Summer School-August 2-19, 2010)

35:17 to: Peggy George (Reform Symposium Conference: July 30-Aug. 1- free online conference re innovative practice in educ reform) http://ref

35:17 to: Peggy George

35:29 to: John Peters
How did you get my blog up there? Cool!

35:33 to: Peggy George
Steve Hargadon is the kickoff keynote for the Reform Symposium Conference

35:36 to: roxanne c
you can share the notes with voice with everyone too

35:43 to: Peggy George
using web tour John :-)

35:57 to: Peggy George
hooray! keep raising your hands :-)

36:22 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Maureen. It was great to meet you in person at ISTE.

36:24 to: glumb
Are ther archived sessions from ISTE?

36:32 to: McTeach
Loved meeting Maureen at ISTE!!!

36:42 to: Peggy George (ISTE Connects to access conference resources and continue the conversations)

36:51 to: Kim Caise

37:00 to: Cindy Shaffer
Pulse and Echo pens

37:01 to: Peggy George
CRSTE bootcamp!!! need that link!!!

37:03 to: John Peters
@peggy Well as I said, that was pretty cool

37:07 to: Peggy George
thanks Cindy

37:11 to: glumb
Thanks Peggy and Kim

37:15 to: Paula Naugle
DEN took us to BLC for a day while we were in Boston. It was great.

37:33 to: Peggy George
can you drop those links here Maureen?? they sound wonderful!!

37:36 to: John Peters
@kimcasise My son and I are supposed to go "Float the River" later today!

37:45 to: Peggy George
I'm so grateful for the virtual conferences and webinars!!

38:19 to: Peggy George (Brazil TESOL 10 Conference-ustream channel) (BrazTESOL10 Conference website)

38:29 to: aunttammie
me, too, Peggy...there is no way a single teacher can afford ISTE, etc.

38:32 to: peterhorn33
What happened to the web tour? I am seeing an internal server error

38:35 to: Paula Naugle
Yeah, Peggy.

38:39 to: carolteach4
Peggy, I absolutely love your enthusiasm.

38:59 to: peterhorn33
Thank you ...

39:16 to: David G. Ramie
It is amazing to just show up at a conference

39:24 to: Kim Caise
i saw some tweets about that conference

39:33 to: Dotty
And no travel involved

39:33 to: Maureen (bcdtech) CRSTE

39:47 to:
Kim Caise

40:02 to:
Peggy - please explain streaming from a 3G connection - as in iPhone???

40:07 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks Kim- didn't see that overlap on the address

40:14 to:
Peggy George
yes as in iphone :-) couldn't believe it!

40:26 to:
John Peters
Go Paula!

40:26 to:
Kim Caise
no problem Maureen! thanks for sharing

40:48 to:
How do you do that? with an iPhone - use UStream?

41:02 to:
Peggy George

41:03 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Good idea- I have search columns setup still from BLC, DEN and now NTcamp

41:17 to:
Jim Beeghley
I know it is over for this year, but this is an interesting conference for social studies teachers:

41:18 to:
Peggy George
wow! those are fantastic Paula!!

41:19 to:
Cindy Shaffer
ISTE is in Philly next year!

41:20 to:
April Brown
I do the same thing Paula. It's fabulous.

41:50 to:
I hope to get to ISTE in 2011 - haven't been since 2007

41:50 to:
John Peters
Steven Anderson showed me TweetDeck @ ISTE10 I love it!

41:52 to:
Peggy George
doesn't matter if it's over Jim! Thanks a lot!! we want to know about things we can go back and see and also things we can put on our calendars for next summer :-)

41:55 to:
Jan Wells
Absolutely, Paula!

42:08 to:
Peggy George
you are all fantastic PLN members :-)

42:21 to:
Jan Wells
Awesome for the students!!! and us too!

42:32 to:
Peggy George
thank you Paula!!

42:52 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
I got to meet Paula at ISTE this year... nice to put faces to names

42:59 to:
We tried to use Skype to connect with our sister school in China, but technical difficulties prevented real success - will try again in the fall

43:13 to:
Peggy George
don't forget about second life for PD :-) (Jokaydia Events Calendar for Second Life events)

43:14 to:
Jan Wells
@Paula - thanks for the mention!

43:26 to:
Peggy George
tons of great PD on second life1!

43:28 to:
so difficult to get skype partners for my students

43:30 to:
jan I loved what you shared at Podstock on wallwisher, I plan to use that right away!

43:36 to:
I, too, have been shocked by lack of good technology at some tech conferences.

43:38 to:
Would love to more about projects to do with your Skype classes, just starting with my Skype buddy this year, can't wait, but would love ideas too!

43:39 to:
Ok, I think I'm ready

43:45 to:
John Peters
@Mureen Same here. Her ISTE Unplugged session on Wednesday was GREAT!

43:55 to:
Peggy George (AZ K12 Teacher Center: Camp Plug and Play resources)

44:16 to:
I find that sometimes technology can b distracting.

44:22 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
The online CRSTE conference- in spring? was free and very, very good- a little like k12 online... which is one of my favorite virtual conferences every year

44:25 to:
Kim Caise
that sounds so cool!

44:27 to:
John Peters

44:41 to:
@Peggy - that sounds so wonderful - any scholarships???

44:48 to:
Kim Caise
anyone want to share about Podstck last week?

44:53 to:
Pat D
Sorry I got here late for my first Sat webinar. So, no mic and no notes! Anyway, yesterday at Sloan-C Emergency Technologies conference in San Jose I saw demo of Kaltura (an online video site for teac

44:53 to:
Pat D
hers to use, upload, students can edit, grade projects, etc. Fantastic tool.

44:58 to:
David G. Ramie
I shouldn't complain about the 95 plus we have been having here in NYC

45:02 to:
@Maureen (bcdtech) Gotta run. Enjoy your workshop!

45:07 to:
Peggy George

45:12 to:
Kim....I can tell you about Google Geo, if you'd like. You might have to kick me off, though!

45:17 to:
Jan Wells
@glumb Yeah, thanks. Soo many uses.

45:22 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@Colleenk- got to get together at some point- have fun in Ithaca

45:25 to:
Peggy George
yes McTeach!!! take the mic!!

45:29 to:
Jim Beeghley
Podstock Rocks!!

45:34 to:
Peggy George
I really want to go to podstock next year!!

45:34 to:
Jan Wells
Thanks for the shout out! It was fabulous!

45:41 to:
@Maureen Absolutely - it's been far too long.

45:42 to:
Peggy, you might have to help me

45:46 to:
link for podstock please

45:51 to:
Peggy George
I've tried to include all of these conferences in our links

45:57 to:
Peggy George
I'll help you!!!

45:58 to:
thanks, Peggy

46:10 to:
Pat D
If anyone's following, just got the URL:

46:10 to:
Jim Beeghley

46:11 to:
Peggy George
what link should I open up McTeach? :-)

46:13 to:
hi, mcteach

46:15 to:
Pat D

46:21 to:
Peggy George
hearing you great!!!

46:28 to:
Kim Caise
as part of the Google Teacher Institute

46:41 to:
Kim Caise

46:44 to:
Peggy George
isn't it exciting to be around people who LOVE what they do??

46:48 to:

46:56 to:
I ive in the bay area, but seems like people out of the area find out about local conferences more than us locals.

47:04 to:
Jan Wells
@Jim Beeghley where are you at? plurk name is JanWells

47:10 to:
Thanks, mcteach.

47:20 to:

47:21 to:
This show is really inspiring.

47:24 to:
do you think they will start having more Google institutes?

47:24 to:
Peggy George
love having these links!!

47:33 to:
Peggy George
tell some stories

47:33 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Anyone going to Keene, NH bootcamp in August?

47:36 to:
Paula Naugle
It keeps jumping back to you Roxanne.

47:40 to:
Kim Caise
so true Dotty, that is where I rely on my PLN members and email listservs

47:41 to:
Peggy George
and tell us what you're thinking of doing with your kids

47:46 to:
David G. Ramie
I feel like I have just found a treasure chest

47:59 to:
Paula Naugle
@Jan Wells Didn't you attend Podstock? Tell us about it.

48:11 to:
Peggy George
google earth has incredible potential!

48:16 to:
@Maureen - what is the boot camp in Keene, NH?

48:18 to:
Peggy George
yes!! Google Lit trips!!

48:19 to:
Where does one even begin to search for all these tech conferences?

48:24 to:
roxanne c
McTeach, how did you get to go? What will you implement?

48:28 to:
Peggy George

48:31 to:
Eileen K
Google Earth is fabulous!

48:40 to:
Vicki IL
Would like to learn more about GoogleLit Trips

48:42 to:
Jan Wells
Yes. I did. I'll take my turn.

48:46 to:
Peggy George
love that you can add images and videos to google earth

49:03 to:
Peggy George
we'll do a whole show with Google Lit Trips :-)

49:08 to:
Have your kids show where they went on summer vacation. My class does a tour of favorite summer vacation's fun. First graders can do it!

49:24 to:
Peggy George
did you think sketchup was hard to learn?

49:29 to:
Paula Naugle
Have kids create a Google trip of their wished for trip. Can put pictures and video in placemarks.

49:35 to:
Peggy George
oh great tip!!!

49:41 to:
Peggy George
let your kids teach you!

50:06 to:
Peggy George
I'm always amazed that kids don't need to be taught to use the tool--they just start trying it out and figure it out

50:24 to:
Our tech teacher had the kids use Sketch-Up to design a "green" house - not the plant kind - but one that uses eco-friendly energy savings. They learned a lot, and hopefullly it will translate into th

50:24 to:
eir being more energy aware.

50:25 to:
Peggy George

50:39 to:
Peggy George
what fun to hear from the teens :-)

50:52 to:
Peggy George
fantastic McTeach!!! thank you!!!

50:55 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)

51:09 to:
I wish I had the imagination that the kids have; I've learned never to limit kids by what I don't know how to do.

51:12 to:
David G. Ramie
great job

51:15 to:
Yeah, it was amazing!

51:17 to:
Paula Naugle
Yeah, McTeach. You do it.

51:22 to:
AK Jenny
have to run -- thank you everyone for sharing! Lots to go make and "mine" for this school year - and tons to consider for next year -

51:28 to:
Jan Wells

51:30 to:
Peggy George
we have the links to 3 fantastic "smackdowns" in our links today

51:31 to:
@Maureen - thanks.

51:43 to:
Kim Caise
podstock is an experience

51:51 to:
I was my first time, too, Jan! It's interesting...not hearing people's voices while you're talkign

51:55 to:

52:02 to:
Paula Naugle
It is about time you took the mic. yeah, Jan.

52:12 to:
Peggy George
fantastic summary Jan!

52:12 to:
Wichita, eh?

52:17 to:
@Maureen - maybe I can talk my husband into visiting there - we'll be traveling up to Maine around that time.

52:26 to:
Peggy George
I loved seeing all of the pics on Flickr from Podstock!!!

52:41 to:
My highlight was Jan's session at Podstock

52:59 to:
You're doing great, Jan!

53:00 to:
Paula Naugle
What did you present Jan?

53:14 to:
Paula Naugle
Two great tools.

53:18 to:
I love VoiceThread.

53:20 to:
I'm still processing my week in Mountain View, so it's hard to remember everything. My brain is jam-packed!!

53:29 to:
Peggy George
I am feeling the Podstock fever!!!! I wore my Podstock tshirt and necklace while I participated virtually because I wanted to be part of it!!!

53:50 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@carolteach4 I haven't decided yet- would like more k-8, vs higher ed focus. But maybe I will go

53:51 to:
Peggy! I've been wearing my necklace all summer!!!! My t-shirt doesn't fit. :(

53:58 to:
Oh, my - it's going to take hours to explore all these great resources.

54:02 to:
Jim Beeghley

54:06 to:
Peggy George
that is so true McTeach!! our brains are on overload and it's hard to be specific with one idea!!

54:15 to:
Kevin rocks!!!

54:24 to:
Peggy George
thanks for that link Jim!

54:31 to:
Peggy George
Jime take the mic and talk to us

54:35 to:
Vicki IL
Can't wait for the show on Google Lit Trips!

54:40 to:
Paula Naugle
Kevin Honeycutt is an awesome and passionate educator.

54:41 to:
Peggy George
Jim!! take the mic next

54:56 to:
Peggy George
I attended lots of Podstock virtually :-)

55:11 to:
April Brown
What is Google Lit Trips?

55:24 to:
Peggy George
and podstock continues all year long on the Ning

55:32 to:
Paula Naugle
The Woodstock of educational conferences?

55:32 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
I was looking for ways to integrate tech into mainstream curriculum- hoping that if I teach my kids how to use sketchup that they can use it for other class projects- so versatile.

55:35 to:
Jan Wells
@glumb and McTeach THANKS!

55:43 to:
Jerome uses it as a teaching tool

55:53 to:
April Brown
Is there a link? Thanks

55:55 to:
But you can also have students create them

56:07 to:

56:17 to:
Paula Naugle
@Jan Wells is your presentation archived anywhere?

56:18 to:
Peggy George
you can bring novels to life using google lit trips!

56:32 to:
There's another google...trips type of thing, let me get that...

56:35 to:
April Brown
Thank you very much.

57:05 to:
Peggy George
another great google site:

57:14 to:
Peggy George
the expedition lit trips focus on math/science

57:25 to:
Kim Caise

57:29 to:
Jan Wells
@paula I don't know. I'll have to check.

57:49 to:
April Brown
Looking forward to participating in the Reform Symposium.

57:55 to:
Kim Caise

57:59 to:
Kim Caise

57:59 to:
Check out Bob Sprankle's latest blog post on Tech&Learning "Behind the Curtain"

58:04 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@McTeach- is Peggy's link the one you were looking for?

58:05 to:
Pat D
Love all the resources everyone - it sure helps the single teacher and you are all stunning examples. Thanks!

58:18 to:
Peggy George

58:18 to:
Here's a link for you:

58:21 to:
Paula Naugle
I'm looking forward to the Reform Symposium next weekend. Anyone here presenting?

58:34 to:
Oh, yeah...that's one we learned about at Google this week

58:35 to:
I´ really amazing, i can´ express myself with all this experience

58:43 to:
Jan Wells
PLN Revolution VoiceThread

58:48 to:
Bob talks about attending the conference in Boston with his 12 year old daughter and about letting kids in on all the learing we do to make things better for them in the classroom.

59:07 to:
Kim Caise

59:18 to:
He said she thought it was "awesome" - not boring.

59:26 to:
Paula Naugle
No sleep next weekend.

59:32 to:
John Peters
Hey I'm signed up for that already!

59:41 to:
Paula Naugle
Thanks, Jan.

59:41 to:
Kim Caise
most definitely @paula

59:44 to:
This is a really cool project using Google Earth:

59:54 to:
Kim Caise
Sue Waters, Steve Hargadon and Kevin Jarrett

1:00:00 to:
Reform Symposium is going to be amazing!

1:00:08 to:
Paula Naugle
Kelly hines, Paula White too.

1:00:08 to:
David G. Ramie
what is a simple way to stay abreast to some upcoming webinars to improve my use of all of these incredible tools?

1:00:14 to:
And FREE!!!!

1:00:21 to:
Kim Caise
yes, i was just gonig to add taht

1:00:21 to:
Jan Wells
@paula I haven't had a chance to put mine on, but soon. Check back.

1:00:23 to:
Jim Beeghley
Of course you are all welcome to come to Hershey, Pennsylvania next February for our conference:

1:00:32 to:
Paula Naugle
We need to have a pajama party.

1:00:34 to:
April Brown
Are they through elluminate?

1:00:40 to:
Kim Caise
i believe so April

1:00:44 to:
April Brown

1:00:47 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
@David- Learn Central has a good ongoing list, but I rely on my PLN in twitter

1:00:57 to:
Oh, you are hilarious!!!!

1:00:59 to:
Kim Caise
how funn!

1:01:05 to:
wow I need a bucket l list just for technology conferences.

1:01:05 to:
Love that Peggy!!!!

1:01:07 to:
David G. Ramie
thanks for that,

1:01:08 to:
Paula Naugle
I set my alarm on my iPhone.

1:01:12 to:
Peggy George
love it :-)

1:01:15 to:
a pajama party - nice concept

1:01:17 to:
Peggy George
works every time!!

1:01:22 to:
Peggy George
yes pajama party!!

1:01:32 to:
Jan Wells
Shout out to say THANKS to all of you.

1:01:40 to:
Peggy George
thank you all for sharing today!!! this was fantastic fun!!

1:01:44 to:
Ohmygosh! Next Saturday is the LAST day of July????? NOOOOOO!!!!!

1:01:44 to:
Maureen (bcdtech)
Gotta go roll up car windows- raining

1:01:48 to:
Thanks to everyone; this was great;

1:01:50 to:
Jan Wells
plurk @JanWells Twitter janwells

1:01:53 to:
Paula Naugle
Great, I need a refresher on Diigo.

1:01:55 to:
Great! I LOVE Diigo!

1:02:05 to:
David G. Ramie
great first show for me, thanks for all of your sharing!!!!

1:02:07 to:
Peggy George
be sure to use the links to find lots of great PD resources and the recording will be posted shortly after the session today

1:02:13 to:
Paula Naugle
@plnaugle on Twitter, Skype, and Plurk.

1:02:15 to:
Pity i'll be away next session

1:02:17 to:
Classroom 2.0 is awesome! as always, wonderful job. Thanks.

1:02:17 to:
Peggy George
so glad you came AND shared David!!!

1:02:20 to:
roxanne c
Great show ladies....should do this topic more often throughout the year...or a single slide to share before the end of some sessions to gather what everyone is doing... you rock ladies!

1:02:31 to:
I'll have to catch up on the web

1:02:42 to:
Nancy Porter
Thanks so much!

1:02:46 to:
@David G - prepare to become obsessed with webinars - so many webinars - so little time.

1:02:47 to:
Peggy George
The Diigo v. 5 show will be great! Can't wait to hear Maggie talk about the new features and she'll be joined by a couple of teachers

1:02:56 to:
Paula Naugle
The gals ROCK!

1:03:07 to:
Thanks for always being here on Saturday! You ladies rock!!!

1:03:10 to:
Brad S
Thanks a bunch!

1:03:15 to:
Peggy George
that's a great idea roxanne!! we should build that in!

1:03:22 to:
I am working on getting the professional ed department at my district to count these certificates.

1:03:31 to:
Yeah, love that idea Roxanne!

1:03:36 to:
Paula Naugle
McTeach Did you blog about experience at Google?

1:03:42 to:
Cindy Shaffer
How do I access the list?

1:03:44 to:
roxanne c
and then add it to the Glam links each it!

1:03:45 to:
April Brown
Thank you very much. Lots to look at and ponder over the summer.

1:03:51 to:
Peggy George
good luck! more and more districts are beginning to accept online experiences for recertification

1:03:53 to:
drop that into the chat - please

1:03:57 to:
Paula...just got home yesterday afternoon. Will be blogging and wikiing about it! :)

1:04:00 to:
Can you make any university department to endorse the certificates?

1:04:12 to:
Yeah, Steve!!!!

1:04:14 to:
Peggy George
you can always print out the archives for documentation about our shows--staple it to the certificate :-)

1:04:20 to:
Janet C.
Thanks for helpful, practical info.

1:04:22 to:
Nancy Porter
Can you show that last tinyurl again?

1:04:22 to:
Paula Naugle
@McTeach Great can't wait to read about it.

1:04:24 to:
thank you. Anyone attending Adobe Ed conference in san Jose.

1:04:39 to:
Peggy George
usually universities can't accept the certificates because they need to be accredited courses

1:04:48 to:
Jan Wells
@McTeach what's your blog link please

1:04:50 to:
There's an Adobe Ed conference in San Jose?

1:04:51 to:

1:04:53 to:
Peggy George
but state departments will accept the hours often

1:04:56 to:
That's a great idea, Kim!!

1:04:56 to:
roxanne c
it's great for our kids to know we are stilllearning too

1:04:57 to:
Can you drop the address for the iTunes link, please

1:05:01 to:
Paula Naugle
I need a huge wall for all of mine.

1:05:02 to:
Certificates are nice to share with co workers.

1:05:13 to:
Peggy George
yes you would all need huge walls :-)

1:05:21 to:
Nancy Porter
Please post iTunes address again.

1:05:24 to:
My fellow teachers laugh at me

1:05:25 to:
Jan Wells
@paula LOL The whole wall + some

1:05:32 to:
Peggy George
you need a scrolling monitor to post your ongoing learning :-)

1:05:37 to:
down here we need everything to be accredied by a university or educational dept.

1:05:46 to:
Paula Naugle
Actually I'm putting all the certificate in my digital portfolio.

1:05:48 to:
I have my certificates in a folder - never thought of displaying them - good idea - model lifelong learning

1:05:49 to:
Certificates are valuable for us to show we get prof dev without being forced to

1:05:50 to:
It's feeling close to done, though.

1:05:55 to:
Peggy George
still lots of time this summer to continue learning and sharing :-)

1:05:55 to:
John Peters
@KimCasie Boo!

1:05:59 to:
How do we get the certificate again?

1:05:59 to:
April Brown
Bye everyone. Off to finish my workout.

1:06:08 to:
Let's change the subject.

1:06:08 to:
Peggy George
when you log out you will get the survey

1:06:10 to:
Vicki IL
I go back to 2 of my year round schools this week.

1:06:12 to:
Paula Naugle
We start back on Aug 9 and the studnets come on the 12th.

1:06:19 to:
THANK YOU!!! Perfect.

1:06:21 to:
Kim Caise

1:06:26 to:
Peggy George
when we get the survey results I'll send you the certificate as an email attachment

1:06:27 to:
Pat D
I've notes to take and places to search! Thanks all

1:06:34 to:
We have until August 30 - I am keeping a daily log in a Google doc - so I don't forget what's happening to every precious moment.

1:06:38 to:
I'd love to have a PD summer offerings session offered in about Feb. or March so I can get my summer plans and requests made to my district early. I have to return in 3 weeks...

1:06:40 to:
Peggy George
you don't need to email for the certificate unless you have a problem with the survey

1:06:44 to:
Cindy Shaffer
How do I hook up with the list?

1:06:57 to:
John Peters
@Peggy & @KimCasie Thanks ladies. Great job today!

1:07:00 to:
Peggy George

1:07:13 to:
Vicki IL
Thanks for another great session today!

1:07:17 to:
Cindy Shaffer
Audio is out

1:07:22 to:
Peggy George
and all of the links will be in our show archives along with the recording :-)

1:07:25 to:
Paula Naugle
Bye everyone. Thank you for all the sharing in today's session.

1:07:40 to:
Cindy Shaffer

1:07:41 to:
roxanne c
My Saturdays always start out so energized because of these sessions. Thaks a bunch

1:07:47 to:
Tahnk you all!!!! I love spending my Saturdays here.

1:07:48 to:
Peggy George

1:07:58 to:
Thank you so much, ladies!!!!

1:08:06 to:
Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!! so excited to explore your sites :-)

1:08:11 to:
Eileen K
Great information as always!

1:08:16 to:
Peggy George
see you next Saturday for Diigo fun!

1:08:24 to:
Peggy George
have a great weekend!!

1:08:30 to:
Tammy Moore
Thanks a bunch. Always a lot of fun!

1:08:31 to:
enjoy the weekend

1:08:36 to:
John Peters
This Week!

1:08:39 to:
see you