Jun 9, 2012 Featured Teacher: Kristen Beck - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

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:-) got back just in time!

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hi Dorie

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central PA

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Longview, Texas

01:41 - Carolyn Stanley
west haven, ct

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Anna, TX

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San Antonio, TX

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late afternoon for you, shufuka?

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Tyler, Tx

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Ismailli, Azerbaijan

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same here Charlotte

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yes stidima here is 9.03 evening

02:57 - stidmama
That last session gave me so much food for thought -- and a friend looks like she'll get ipads for her whole classroom next year (science teacher) so I am very excited to share all the resources with her!

04:12 - Pam Cranford

04:22 - stidmama
I don't have a class of my own (yet) so no... and will depend on school policies for me, many districts don't have this set up

05:01 - stidmama
I have done this -- a little

05:22 - stidmama
YAY Kristen!!!

07:12 - connect2jamie
I'm a librarian, so don't have my own classroom of kids. District policies are very restrictive as to using tools other than the ones provided by district. Edublogs, etc. are not allowed. We have access to gagglenet, but classroom tchrs must manage that, and it is so difficult to manage with our network, that not a single teacher in my bldg will put themselves through the frustration so far. :(

08:22 - Kim Caise
those challenges are difficult

08:32 - connect2jamie
just getting into using evernote myself, and I am really loving it!

08:36 - erinkcook
I used it quite a bit when teaching 7th grade tech apps, but not as much this past year in World Geog. Love Google Earth, but need more practice!

08:40 - Kim Caise
the paper blogging idea may help overcome and get blogging started

08:53 - Pam Cranford
I have presented on elementary blogging before and have helped teachers set up blogs on WordPress

09:18 - connect2jamie
Interesting @Kim. I need to know more about paper blogging! Glad to hear about it!

09:24 - Pam Cranford
even in schools that do not provide blogs for students

09:26 - shukufa

09:37 - clinds
Just did paper blogging with 3rd graders and it was an awesome introduction!

09:44 - Pam Cranford

09:54 - shukufa
i also learned by myself it is interesting to learn by working

10:12 - connect2jamie
Twitter is the most amazing PD tool I have!

10:17 - @Len_Horn
Woot, Kristen

10:18 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, Kristen - You are voicing exactly my experience - so glad you are a featured teacher - I was one last August, and it was one of the most frightening and yet enriching experience of my teaching career.

10:38 - @Len_Horn
We miss you Paula!

10:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Peggy is my mentor!

11:04 - Kim Caise

11:05 - Carolyn Stanley
Yeah Kristen! You go girl!

11:11 - @Len_Horn
Peggy is my SuperHero, Carolyn. :)

11:13 - connect2jamie
Peggy is mentor to all of us! She is also amazing!

11:25 - shukufa

11:28 - Maranda Wilkinson
I love TED talks!

11:29 - Oronoque
Sorry to be late.

12:02 - Kim Caise

12:10 - Pam Cranford
driving motive there, Kristen!

12:43 - Carolyn Stanley
Smart Phones put the whole world in your hand - my only problem is the screen size - much prefer the iPad because of the screen geography. It's not as portable,however.

12:57 - Arthene Baskin
Hello. Sorry I'm Late.

13:06 - Carolyn Stanley

13:41 - Kim Caise

13:45 - Kim Caise

13:57 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, Darryl - How is the weather in Canada? It is overcast and drizzly here in West Haven, CT

14:24 - Kim Caise

14:32 - stidmama
I like my ipad a lot, I just can't read anything on the smaller screen of the smart phone. I have a purse that just fits the ipad, which makes it easier to take nearly everywhere.

15:14 - Carolyn Stanley
What great ideas for connecting math to real life - very helpful ideas.

15:17 - Rade
Peggy is so great person

16:30 - Carolyn Stanley
We see a graph with Creating Real Life Problem and Christmas tree Farm math under

16:52 - stidmama
I like the way you used this graph, Kristen -- would have loved to have heard the discussion!

16:55 - Carolyn Stanley
Sounds like water running in background - coincidental?

18:03 - Kim Caise

18:08 - Rade
Maybe it is water

19:31 - stidmama
This is JUST what I needed to see today. Especially that last bullet point...

19:45 - stidmama
Sometimes I want to push too fast.

20:38 - Pam Cranford
hate deepfreeze

20:50 - SteveHayes_RB60
It's great that you are willing to learn along with your students! Too many teachers seem scared to do that!

21:39 - Carolyn Stanley
That is ridiculous - you need to be a real risk-taker and take on those in your tech department and convince them of how important it is to allow Google Chrome to exist on computers alongside IE.

22:20 - nikki
we can click on the link directly

22:37 - Carolyn Stanley
We've had them side by side in my lab for over 6 months now - ever since Google Presentations would not work with our version of IE, and we've had no problems.

22:39 - Kim Caise

25:16 - Arthene Baskin

25:24 - Carolyn Stanley
This is a very inventive assignment. Kudos.

26:26 - stidmama
I love this, and I really appreciate how you are modeling the kinds of thinking and questions at the various grade levels

26:46 - shukufa
yes stidima me too

26:53 - shukufa
very nice

27:27 - Kim Caise
it can be really difficult for some students to come up with the questions instead of just solving questions

29:02 - Carolyn Stanley
What you have done is so important. I walked by an algebra classroom the other day and they were talking about factoring quardractic equations (sp?), and I thought as I passed by, when have I, in my lifetime, except in math class ever had to do that.

29:22 - Kim Caise
great point carolyn

29:47 - Carolyn Stanley
Google Apps for Education rule! I am a little nervous about the change in storage-hope it doesn't mess things up.

30:03 - Pam Cranford
homeland security

30:07 - Kim Caise

30:14 - Carolyn Stanley
What????? Really??????

30:27 - Pam Cranford
You CANNOT take pics in Walmart

30:28 - Kim Caise
strange about the pictures

30:33 - Kim Caise

30:34 - Pam Cranford
they have askedm me to leave before

30:35 - Pam Cranford

30:40 - Kim Caise
i have taken pictures in walmart

30:40 - connect2jamie
probably corporate spying concerns. Walmart is big about that.

30:50 - Kim Caise
i guess they haven't 'caught' me

30:54 - stidmama
True -- real-life math doesn't use "nice" quantities, it's messy.

30:59 - Pam Cranford
Covert Kim?

31:10 - Carolyn Stanley
Hey, I just thought of a cool assignment. Compare the cost of that highly processed deli turkey per pound to how much it would cost if the students cooked a turkey preast at home.

31:31 - Carolyn Stanley
It would probably be a lot cheaper and much healthier.

31:37 - Kim Caise
i guess so Pam - secret camera!

31:40 - stidmama
Great idea, Carolyn!

31:40 - Carolyn Stanley

32:02 - stidmama
We are now cooking our own "pulled pork" instead of buying it for exactly that reason...

32:19 - Carolyn Stanley
I wish I had had a math teacher as inventive as you!!!!

32:56 - Rhonda

33:01 - Kim Caise
so true carolyn

33:18 - roxanne clement
I bet they can't wait for their math problem solving questions!

33:22 - Carolyn Stanley
I agree - sharing is so important. The value you get from sharing is so much more rewarding than any monetary gain you might get from "selling" your materials.

33:25 - Rhonda
I agree

33:43 - roxanne clement
It's all about making connections after all

33:50 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kristen, have you tried using any webcasting in your classroom?

33:56 - Maranda Wilkinson
So creative!

34:12 - erinkcook
Sharing your family's activities is a great way to build relationships with your students, too.

34:27 - stidmama
I was in a classroom a week or so ago and the kids were planning a party (as an assignment, trying to learn to use excel), but they weren't truly engaged, and I was thinking how nice it would have been to actually have them plan a party for real. I think it would have been more motivating and meaningful.

34:37 - Kim Caise
i struggled getting my students to try to solve the problems on their own without just putting down garbage answers. they wanted to just circle A, b, c, or D on a worksheet

34:55 - Carolyn Stanley
I will be sure to share these resouces with the math teachers at my school.

35:51 - Carolyn Stanley
@stidmama - yeah! I'm all in favor of parties.

36:07 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kristen -thanks! I will pass that on.

36:12 - Pam Cranford
We study fractions on the football field

36:29 - Carolyn Stanley
Love those designs.

36:53 - Pam Cranford
Love the pancakes

37:50 - Maranda Wilkinson
So, you just use one set of problems a week? Do you present it in class, or do they go to your website to view the problems?

38:35 - Kim Caise
they absolutely will reflect upon it and appreciate it

39:11 - Kim Caise

39:16 - Maranda Wilkinson

39:25 - stidmama
@Kristen -- Wondering how long these activities take? Should I plan a whole class period, two... assign it in class and finish at home?

39:32 - Charlotte
These activities answer the "When will I EVER use this (math) in real life?"

39:42 - Kim Caise
so true

39:59 - Kim Caise

41:24 - roxanne clement
Authentic math created by students themselves....what a great way to build collaborative intelligence!

42:02 - Carolyn Stanley
Give the kids a big huge "Thank You" -When you have kids taking on the role of teaching, it becomes doubly valuable for them.

42:39 - stidmama
I like the home-school connection through the gmail accounts.

42:45 - Carolyn Stanley
Do you have the form you can share that you used setting up the email parameters with the parents?

43:51 - Kim Caise

44:05 - Kim Caise
http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcteach/5065803203/in/set-72157625004568191/ Paper blogs on Flickr

44:11 - Pam Cranford
Our first student attempts with blogging were set up at student pages on the teachers' blogs

44:27 - Carolyn Stanley
I keep a blog myself, and I know how frustrating it is when nobody bothers to comment - you almost have to set up a time for kids to comment; it makes the experience more relevant.

45:00 - Pam Cranford
it was so successful that now every single 3,4,5 student has personal blog...I'm sure they love it Kristen. Great opportunity

45:52 - Carolyn Stanley
You have done a great job - you've provided nice, specific, replicable assignments.

45:59 - Kim Caise

46:05 - Maranda Wilkinson
Great job so far!

46:27 - Lorna Costantini
Terrific job not to worry about the chat

46:29 - Carolyn Stanley
It's almost impossible to keep track of the chat and not lose your train of thought in the presentation. Don't worry about it.

46:35 - Pam Cranford
Do you ever have them record video on ShowMe app and embed into a blog post?

47:40 - stidmama
I used google forms to do some formative testing when student teaching, and it was a great way to summarize who learned what and what I really hadn't taught well!

47:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Google Forms is such a useful information gathering tool; I try to get my teachers to use it, but many just can't find the time.

47:52 - Kim Caise

48:36 - Pam Cranford
Carolyn, we used google forms at registration and had parents sign up with email address for the teacher's blog

48:51 - Kim Caise
that's a great idea

49:00 - Pam Cranford
then used the spreadsheet to subscribe them to the teachers' posts

49:45 - Carolyn Stanley
@Pam - where did you put the link to the form so that all parents could access it? on your school webpage?

49:57 - Kim Caise

50:16 - Maranda Wilkinson
My 7th graders will say anything!

50:22 - Pam Cranford
We had a table set up as the final step to registration with 4 macbooks open to the blog post where we embedded the google doc

50:39 - Pam Cranford
they entered the student name, homeroom teacher assigned, and email address

51:04 - Pam Cranford
they could enter as many email addresses as they wanted to register...i.e. step dad, grandparents, etc

51:37 - Carolyn Stanley
@Pam - that is a great idea! I would not have thought of that, and now I see how great a solution that would be.

51:38 - Kim Caise
that was my philosophy too

51:42 - Pam Cranford
then we sorted by homeroom teachers and went to that teacher's blog and copied/pasted the email addresses and subscribed them to the posts

52:14 - stidmama
@Pam, great idea!

52:48 - @viralber

52:49 - Pam Cranford
Thank you Kristen....you are right on target

52:59 - shukufa

53:02 - Kim Caise

53:04 - Carolyn Stanley
I do not have a LiveScribe pen - I have seen it demoed - I use SmartTools recorder and Screenr for a similar technique, but the LiveScribe Pen would really facilitate this -pencast - I'll see if I can talk anyone to try this out at my middle school.

53:09 - Becki
I have the same homework policy. I never want them to practice incorrectly - it just make it harder to teach them the correct way!

53:22 - Kim Caise

53:34 - @LucianeCurator
Hi everyone

53:38 - Kim Caise
that is the heart of a true math teacher!

53:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks so much, Kristen. You have been a terrific resource.

54:15 - @viralber
I'm teaching math in an italian high school

54:18 - Carolyn Stanley
I asked that question - and her use of the PenCasts is nearly identical.

54:29 - Maestra Sofia

54:35 - Carolyn Stanley
So she is doing it - just using a different tool.

54:55 - Kim Caise
pencasting is recording a screencast using a Livescribe Echo Pen

55:03 - Carolyn Stanley
@Maestra - have to have the Livescribe pen to do a pencast.

55:10 - Maestra Sofia
can I see your pen casting 5 minute lesson you were mentioning?

55:22 - Carolyn Stanley
It records as you draw with the pen.

55:27 - Kim Caise

55:39 - Kim Caise
@maestra they are on that link

55:53 - @viralber
I htink to use pencast the next year in calculus

56:07 - @LucianeCurator
I invite you to read my reflections after Intel Esssentials teachers training course in Prague organized by GlogsterEDU http://bit.ly/prgessentials

56:25 - Carolyn Stanley
Great - thanks!

56:54 - Kim Caise
show me is an ipad app

56:57 - stidmama
Kristen, another puzzle, since I only taught math when student teaching, is that I am not sure when to implement the real-life activities -- part of me thinks that introducing some of the questions/actvities before the skills I plan on teaching might be motivating. But what is your experience with that?

56:59 - Carolyn Stanley
ShowMe is an ipad app

57:27 - clinds
I think it's great to give assignments for the week and for them to have to learn how to manage that. Students need to be pushed to be more independent and this is a really good step!

57:43 - Carolyn Stanley
please repeat the name of the group

57:50 - Pam Cranford
That is a great idea, Kristen

57:55 - Kim Caise
Dot Divas and Dudes

58:07 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kim - thanks

58:58 - @viralber
very interesting

59:06 - Pam Cranford
We are immersing in Project Based Learning and these math lessons are just perfect

59:08 - stidmama

59:51 - megkingabraham
Thank you...great ideas!

59:57 - Carolyn Stanley
I have done a number of webcasts in "how to" for technology tools - Microsoft Word, Excel, PhotoShop, etc. I am using the webcasts instead of whole class approach on the SmartBoard - plus I am leaving the webcasts for others when I retire in 2 weeks.

59:59 - stidmama
Kristen, this has been excellent!

1:00:12 - @LucianeCurator
Follow Kristen https://twitter.com/#!/teachtekbeck

1:00:22 - Pam Cranford
Carolyn you need to share those with us

1:00:27 - Carolyn Stanley
That is what is so great about your pencasts - useful for a wider audience

1:00:47 - Becki
Thank you Kristen!

1:00:52 - roxanne clement
Great ideas Kristen, and all applicable K-12. Thanks for the session!

1:00:53 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Thanks so much for being here today! It was really fun sharing with you all!!

1:01:06 - Kathy Goins
Thanks for sharing.

1:01:12 - Pam Cranford
Good job, Kristen

1:01:14 - @viralber
thanks Kristen!

1:01:21 - @viralber
great presentation

1:01:30 - Pam Cranford
Tots and Technology

1:01:34 - Rita
where is link for livebinder?

1:01:56 - Arthene Baskin
Thanks for sharing.

1:02:01 - roxanne clement

1:02:02 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kristen - you mentioned that you were going to mention Evernote - but you ran out of time. Just to let you know, I've been keeping track of all the links in Evernote as you have been speaking.

1:02:31 - Carolyn Stanley
Lost stream!

1:02:33 - stidmama
lost audio?

1:02:40 - roxanne clement

1:02:47 - Pam Cranford
thought it was just me stidmama

1:02:53 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, my!

1:03:05 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Thanks Carolyn!! I LOVE Evernote and plan on having my kiddos create accounts to organize themselves next year!

1:03:35 - Carolyn Stanley
Great idea!

1:04:04 - Pam Cranford
Love that idea, Kristen

1:04:41 - Kim Caise

1:04:51 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Or nominate yourself!!

1:05:33 - stidmama
I like evernote, but because my ipad doesn't have the cell connection I learned the hard way that it costs a lot of money to have your data show up when there is no internet...

1:05:33 - @LucianeCurator
Keep in touch https://twitter.com/#!/LucianeCurator . For everyoane if you like pinterest sure you will enjoy bo.lt

1:05:40 - Carolyn Stanley
I am sooooo thankful for those archived recordings and for the LiveBinders - great work, ladies!

1:05:48 - Kim Caise

1:07:00 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
OOOH! RSS Feed, why did I not realize that existed?

1:07:41 - Carolyn Stanley
Thank you, Kim and Lorna.

1:07:53 - Carolyn Stanley
Is Peggy still on vacation? I hope she is well.

1:07:53 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Thank you Moderators!!

1:08:01 - Rhonda
Great Job! Thank you for so many opportunities to learn and advance learning.

1:08:11 - Lorna Costantini
Yes Carolyn

1:08:21 - Lorna Costantini
Peggy is with her family

1:08:42 - Kim Caise

1:08:55 - Carolyn Stanley
I am so happy for her - it's about time! well-deserved, indeed.

1:09:22 - Carolyn Stanley
Kristen did a terrific job - lots to investigate.

1:09:23 - Rhonda

1:09:34 - Rhonda
Fun and informative!

1:10:02 - Rhonda
Kristen, Thank You so much for your time

1:10:04 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

1:10:16 - stidmama
Kristen, you did a great job, thank you so much!

1:10:26 - Rita

1:10:36 - Carolyn Stanley
Good luck with the last few days of school. We finish two weeks from yesterday.

1:10:46 - Carolyn Stanley
June 22

1:11:02 - stidmama
Lorna and Kim, thanks again!

1:11:07 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Have a great weekend everyone!

1:11:15 - Lorna Costantini
Thanks everyone for sharing your Saturday with us!

1:11:28 - Maestra Sofia
So true!

1:11:28 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Thank you for putting up with me Kim!!

1:11:31 - Arthene Baskin

1:11:40 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kristen - go celebrate and breath! Breath! I know that's what I did when I finished my session:)

1:11:44 - Tammy Moore
Thanks Kristen and the 2.0 Live show team. :0)

1:11:48 - Lorna Costantini
Have a gr8 day

1:11:51 - Pam Cranford

1:12:03 - Carolyn Stanley
Same ot all of you!