Jun 15, 2013 - Summer of Making and Connecting - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

Special Guests: Christina Cantrill, National Writing Project; Paul Oh, NWP; Paul Allison, NYC Writing Project; Karen Fasimpaur, P2PU

00:11 - Christina Cantrill
ISTE unplugged is great too -- have really enjoyed that in the past.

00:29 - Peggy George
all of the links for today's session are here in the Livebinder: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=894102

00:46 - Peggy George
if you have links to share in the chat I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show :-)

01:03 - Peggy George
Hi JoAnn and Stephanie and john z! Welcome!

01:18 - Peggy George
Hi kbeck! So glad you could join us!

01:25 - Peggy George

01:52 - Peggy George
I'll tell you more about the Livebinder Top 10 Contest at the end of the show. Fantastic way to learn about great Livebinders

02:23 - Dotty
San Jose Ca

02:31 - Peggy George
Hi Jackie and Shamblesguru!!!!

02:40 - Peggy George
get those stars on the map :-)

02:48 - @jackiegerstein
Hi Peggy - I get to see you in person in a week :)

02:49 - Rene #2
Duluth, Minnesota. I can't fin the laser Icon. Sorry.

02:54 - Elena
In texas here

02:58 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ where it's going to be about 109 degrees today

03:06 - Doug Henry
San Leandro, CA - mild, overcast

03:08 - Oronoque
hey, I see Alaska is in the house

03:12 - Annette Whitby
Have never been to ISTE. Sounds like a lot of fun.

03:18 - Peggy George
love having you type your location in the chat because the starburst can cover an entire state :-)

03:21 - Christina Cantrill
beautiful day here in philadelphia

03:31 - Lorie Moffat
central Pa

03:31 - Oronoque
I am in NYC

03:35 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Wish we had rain here in AZ!

03:35 - Peggy George
Hi Annette! ISTE is fabulous! Hope you can come some time

03:38 - JoAnn Clemens
More than enough rain in SD! Gullywashers here.

03:46 - Peggy George
thanks everyone!! great to have you all here with us!!!

03:58 - Oronoque
I am a MOOC lurker

04:06 - Rene #2
(Not yet, anyway! I am looking forward to it!)

04:13 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
MOOC lurking is great.

04:17 - Peggy George
don't click on the slide--click on the dropdown menu right below your name (4th icon to the right)

04:25 - Peggy George
the one with the check mark

04:55 - Oronoque
I think of MOOCs as PLNs for me

04:55 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Hey, Joe. Good to see you!

05:00 - Paul
Welcome Joe!

05:05 - Peggy George
this is awesome feedback! MOOCs are wonderful!!! You're going to love the Making Learning Connected MOOC :-)

05:07 - @jackiegerstein
What is a Mooc by Dave Corimer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW3gMGqcZQc

05:22 - Peggy George
I have decided I'm a MAKER!!! :-)

05:32 - Peggy George
chocolate chip cookies :-)

05:34 - Christina Cantrill

05:34 - Paul
Yes, indeed, you are, Peggy! :)

05:37 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Yay, Peggy. I think we're all makers.

05:44 - JoAnn Clemens
PD Videos

05:49 - tgilley #2
I am making iBooks and online courses this summer

05:50 - Elena
Math tutorial program

05:50 - Tammy Moore
Several courses using Captivate and Moodle. :)

05:52 - Joseph 1
digital exploration & horse activity

05:52 - Susie @shighley
an interface for our students when they get their 1:1 chromebooks

05:53 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I'm making a garden, some carptentry projects, and parts of #clmooc

05:55 - liveclass20
Making a TWIP for my tech class

05:58 - Peggy George
this team is the reason I figured out I am a Maker :-)

06:01 - Lorie Moffat
Captivate courses

06:04 - Christina Cantrill
compast bin ... if I can get it together :)

06:05 - Oronoque
I am teaching two new courses in 2013/14, fully online...so making instructional materials

06:05 - Paul Allison
I love using the summer to re-create my online curriculum.

06:07 - @jackiegerstein
Doing From Puppets to Robots workshop for Santa Fe Maker kids http://puppets2robots.wikispaces.com/home

06:09 - Doug Henry
summer computer camp - raspberry pi projects

06:10 - @beckitharp
Lots of tech projects and PD planning.

06:14 - Rene #2
I am a major maker--garden, quilt, knit projects, recipes, writing, curriculum!

06:15 - Annette Whitby
maker: experimenting with Photoshop and art

06:15 - Dotty
I am a maker. Not sure

06:17 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Lots of making going on!

06:17 - Sharon Howell
teacher workshops

06:17 - Alison 1
Yes, I will make tech lessons and common core lessons for my 2nd graders. I also plan to get back into knitting and make something in that way too.,

06:19 - SusanSi
math vocabulary using my livescribe pen

06:23 - Peggy George
love your ideas!!! I'm going to "borrow" some of them!

06:26 - Paul
a garden

06:48 - Peggy George
great SusanSi! I plan to use my Livescribe pen to start taking better advantage of it to make pencasts!

06:52 - Oronoque
Heard the term but don't know what it means

07:00 - Rene #2
Heard of it through NWP, but not sure I know much about it!

07:08 - Jeff Grinvalds

07:13 - Annette Whitby
exactly Peggy (re: Livescribe)

07:25 - Peggy George

07:36 - Jeff Grinvalds

07:36 - Peggy George
They'll be talking about that image today :-)

07:57 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
kickstarter is one example of crowdfunding

08:00 - Susie @shighley
but some of my friends have. Would Kiva be one of these?

08:05 - Peggy George
I have participated in the crowdfunding project for YouthVoices!!! You can too :-)

08:15 - Annette Whitby
@Susie I enjoy Kiva.

08:19 - Peggy George
Kiva isn't exactly the same

08:23 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I just kickstarted a movie about sustainable agriculture that got funded! Lots of fun

08:26 - Doug Henry
Kickstarter projects

08:27 - Joe Dillon #2
@karen Good morning.

08:33 - Peggy George
how exciting @Karen!!!

08:48 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
They're going to send me a dvd when it's done

08:59 - Paul Allison
Interesting to think what "participated in" means in crowdfunding.

09:04 - Peggy George
Kiva is an established program to donate funds to entreprenaurs in other countries--not a kickstart program

09:23 - Peggy George
@Paul Allison good point!! you always make us think!

09:31 - Paul
I think of Kiva as a microloan program.

09:32 - Susie @shighley
I see what you mean-- already established

09:52 - Peggy George
all of our links today are here in the Livebinder: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=894102

09:55 - Paul Allison

10:20 - Peggy George
that's the description I was trying to think of @Paul "microloan program"

10:27 - Christina Cantrill

10:38 - Kim Caise
the audio can sound chipmunky or like mickey mouse when there is a bandwidth delay. blackboard does that to catch up the audio

10:45 - Kim Caise

10:47 - Peggy George
chipmunky means the audio drops out and then speeds up to try to catch up when there is a bandwidth lag :-)

11:10 - Peggy George
http://youthvoices.net (Youth Voices website)

11:23 - Peggy George
I'm so excited to have these fabulous guests!!

11:30 - Peggy George
Thrilled to have you here with us!

12:11 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Blackboard does a great job of managing bandwidth issues...so far so good here :)

12:18 - Peggy George
http://connectedlearning.tv/infographic (Connected Learning Infographic)

12:23 - Kim Caise
all of the links are included in the month's livebinder http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=894102

12:31 - Peggy George
woo hoo @Karen!!

12:33 - Paul
Hey Chad. Good to see you here.

12:36 - Susie @shighley
Love this infographic

12:46 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
your prayers are being heard, peggy

12:50 - Peggy George
you can see the infographic bigger in your browser so you can really read the words :-)

12:53 - chadsansing
Hola, @Paul -

12:54 - Kim Caise

12:55 - tgilley #2

12:58 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

12:58 - Annette Whitby
classroom 2.0

12:58 - Elena

12:59 - Paul Allison

12:59 - Kim Caise

13:00 - Rene #2

13:03 - Alison 1

13:04 - Dotty
I touch

13:07 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Social learning in action through networks.

13:08 - @beckitharp

13:12 - Doug Henry

13:15 - JoAnn Clemens
learner focused

13:16 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

13:22 - Joseph 1

13:31 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I love that Joseph!

13:32 - Peggy George
learning together with others who share my passions

13:34 - Joe Dillon #2
interest-driven digital participation

13:43 - Eileen

13:47 - Paul Allison
passion with purpose

13:48 - Peggy George
passion-driven, learner-driven!

14:10 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
hi, chad

14:26 - chadsansing

14:27 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Feedback sustained learning.

14:32 - Christina Cantrill

14:34 - chadsansing
Hi, @Karen -

14:38 - Peggy George
those are excellent descriptors!!!

15:00 - Peggy George
I'll add that Vimeo to the Livebinder :-)

15:18 - Kim Caise
great graphic!

16:47 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Nice to have a research-based framework for some principles and practices that many of us have believed in for a long time.

17:01 - @jackiegerstein
Connected Learning: A New Research-Driven Initiative http://usergeneratededucation.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/connect-learning-a-new-research-driven-initiative/

17:18 - Paul
Agreed, Karen.

17:51 - Peggy George
thanks Jackie! I'll add that to the Livebinder :-)

18:07 - @jackiegerstein
thanks Peggy

18:33 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Love Peggy's livebinders!

19:06 - Peggy George
I love how they grow with the "crowdsourcing" i these live webinars :-)

19:22 - Paul Allison
It's wonderful to have this counter-narrative/theory to some of the other top-down/test-centered pressures we feel in schools now.

19:37 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
We'll be talking more about connected learning in #clmooc (We'll talk about that in a bit. :)

19:50 - Peggy George
who do you consider your peers?

19:51 - Paul
yes, great point, Karen

20:06 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

20:06 - Peggy George
I agree @Paul!!

20:10 - Jeff Grinvalds
how is what we're doing here connected to the connected learning MOOC I did last month?

20:31 - Peggy George
love that question @Jeff!

20:31 - @jackiegerstein
HOMAGO Essentials http://youmedia.org/node/120/research/homago-essentials

20:33 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Jeff, ws that #etmooc or something else?

20:49 - Paul
Hey Jeff - I think what you engaged in was a learning experience thatwasn't really a MOOC

20:59 - Paul
it was more of like an online seminar

21:18 - Jeff Grinvalds
Karen, great question... I just dabbled with some popcorn intros... but I didn't have time to get deeply involved...

21:18 - Paul
the MOOC is huge - we already have nearly 900 people subscribed

21:27 - Jeff Grinvalds

21:32 - Paul
and we're focusing on Making, Jeff

21:48 - Paul Allison
Understanding HOMAGO has helped me to really understand what students are often doing when they seem to be just watching videos on YouTube.

21:49 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
there are so many online learning experiences of so many kinds available now

21:56 - @jackiegerstein
(A Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration) http://blog.nwp.org/clmooc/

21:58 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
It's an amazing time to be a learner

22:22 - @jackiegerstein
Agree Karen - I say I love the 21st century, I just wish it started sooner

22:27 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

22:27 - Joe Dillon #2
@Paul you say huge, I say massive :)

22:32 - Paul
Haha - that's hilarious Jackie

22:33 - Peggy George
I love that MOOCs allow you to choose your own path for learning and how you will participate!!

22:35 - @jackiegerstein

22:51 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
exactly, Peggy...that's what it's all about

22:54 - Jeff Grinvalds

23:50 - Peggy George
somehow being a "maker" seems less intimidating than being a "creator". Wonder why? :-)

23:54 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
it's great to learn w/others w/shared purpose and common interests...so many possibilities online

23:54 - Jeff Grinvalds
I was involved in Mozilla Webmakers

24:06 - Paul

24:08 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
cool, Jeff

24:09 - Paul

24:11 - Joseph 1
I like the potential in "quantum" with respect for multiplicity suggested in term: "timespacematter/ing"

24:13 - Paul
yes, that was a MOOC

24:21 - Paul Allison
@kfasimpaur RE: amazing time to be a learner, YES! but so many of my colleagues also say what a terrible time it is to be a teacher -- given all of the mandates and measurements and squelching of individuality and teacher creativity.

24:44 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I agree that it is a very hard time to be a teacher

24:56 - Joe Dillon #2
I think the ethnographic roots of connected learning are important... reminds us to be kid watchers. A great time to be a kid watcher, I would add.

25:02 - Peggy George
great point Paul Allison!! we need more teachers and principals to believe they are the "lead learners" in their schools

25:03 - Paul
i do often think about what kind of watershed moment we're at, Karen

25:18 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Learning is ubiquitous and multi oriented and restructures itself every second all over the world.

25:24 - Paul
Good point, Joe.

25:37 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
As we talked about earlier, how we bridge the gap between school environments and the huge world of possibilities is the million $ question.

25:37 - @jackiegerstein
@Joe I agree - I think good teachers are ethnographers of their students

25:48 - Kim Caise
in the early 90's i went through the 3 week new jersey project writing institute with joyce and eddie carroll

25:54 - Charles R. Lund 1
MOOC is interesting and shows tremendous possibilities. But I feel like I'm sitting in the back of a lecture auditorium.

26:05 - Peggy George
kids are even doing connected learning when they play video games :-) making own choices and seeking answers to challenges as they need them

26:22 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Kim writing project is so, so awesome. I'm doing a summer institute in NM in two weeks. I can't wait!!!!!!!

26:37 - @jackiegerstein
I find that kids growing up with social networks are often better networkers than adults

26:48 - @jackiegerstein
Where Karen - I live in NM

26:50 - Kim Caise
joyce and eddie were fabulous and the training revolutionized my teaching

26:54 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Charles, true. "MOOCs" are so many different things.

26:55 - Carolyn Stanley
As a newly retired teacher, I depend on connected learning to keep me in the stream.

26:56 - Peggy George
the examples will help us see the "story" in connected learning and Summer of Making and Connecting :-)

26:58 - Kim Caise
and kept me in education

27:05 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Some are so impersonal, and others are much more connectivist.

27:23 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
We are thinking of #clmooc as more of a "collaboration" than a "course."

27:28 - Peggy George
thanks Paul for expressing these points so they will be in the recording! Thank you all for sharing in the chat!

27:34 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Striving for lots of grea t connections

28:05 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Jackie, I'm on the AZ/NM border. I'll be doing WP in Las Cruces at Borderlands WP.

28:26 - @jackiegerstein
Will be hot :)

28:37 - Susie @shighley
Great post from a friend of mine on "shared leadership" in schools

28:39 - Susie @shighley

28:42 - tgilley #2
I'd like to be apart of a WP. Can someone tell me more?

28:46 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
yep, it's been 110 here this week

28:58 - Joe Dillon #2
@paul Nice. School, as always, ought to be informed and reformed based on how kids learn in other space.

29:03 - Susie @shighley
Yes, I've tried to look up NWP and it's always been too late or too early

29:34 - Paul
@tgilley - you can find a NWP map of local sites at nwp.org

29:41 - Peggy George
we have some NWP links in the Livebinder today :-)

29:45 - tgilley #2

29:48 - Paul
and try to connect with your local site

30:07 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
If you go to NCTE, there are lots of writing project activities and folks there

30:07 - Jeff Grinvalds
what part of the world are you in?

30:11 - Peggy George

30:27 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Also, on twitter follow the hashtag #nwp and then you can start connecting w/some of these great folks

30:40 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Joining #clmooc is also a way to connect with NWP people

30:53 - Rene #2
I participated in the Lake Superior Writing project (1 week seminar in Duluth, MN,) and the Minnesota Writing Project (three + week seminar on the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Campus)

30:55 - Peggy George

30:57 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
And our #clmooc G+ community is at www.tinyurl.com/clmooc

30:58 - Paul
@Susie @tgilley You might also consider joining an NWP event, like our upcoming MOOC, which is open to all, to get a flavor

31:27 - Paul
the mooc called MakingLearning Connected is at: blog.nwp.org/clmooc

31:28 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
*and* NWP is not just for writing teachers...it's for everyone

31:32 - dotty

31:42 - Paul
+1 Karen

31:57 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Just like we're all makers, we're all writers

32:13 - tgilley #2
Good information about NWP. Thanks again

32:29 - Eileen
I read an amazing book by the Writing Project entitled - Because Writing Matters

32:34 - Joe Dillon #2
Some of the related work with ELLs from Cindy 0'Donnell Allen and CSUWP

32:36 - Joe Dillon #2

32:49 - Peggy George
@Paul Allison-I turned off your mic so you'll have to click on talk when you're ready to speak :-)

32:51 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
NWP also has an internet writing program

32:56 - Christina Cantrill
Because Digital Writing Matters: http://www.amazon.com/Because-Digital-Writing-Matters-Environments/dp/0470407727

33:02 - Paul Allison
Joining us on TTT http://edtechtalk.com/ttt on Wednesdays at 9PM ET/6PM PT is a good way to connect. We love when regular listeners find their local National Writing Project f2f sites.

33:11 - @jackiegerstein

33:22 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Once you connect with NWP, you'll start running into them (and seeking them out) everywhere :)

33:45 - Jeff Grinvalds
so this is all under the bigger umbrella... now it's making a bit more sense

33:46 - Peggy George
you can go back and watch recordings from Teachers Teaching Teachers on EdTechTalk to hear lots of great conversations about NWP and Youth Voices :-)

34:04 - Christina Cantrill
Happy to go back to some more re: Connected Learning examples ... and to how to connect with Writing Projects!

34:05 - @jackiegerstein

34:08 - Christina Cantrill
Or chat about it here too :)

34:08 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, Peggy!

34:55 - Eileen
I agree Karen! They continue to bring wonderful professional development to teachers throughout the year!

35:10 - Christina Cantrill
Hi Jeff ... maybe you have some inquiries to share about CL ... you've been thinking about this for awhile now.

35:12 - Christina Cantrill
You too, Joe!

35:31 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I feel enriched by my connections w/NWP...not somethign I'd say about most "PD"

35:46 - Peggy George
you'll probably never be able to keep up with all of the MOOCs but this MOOC directory will let you know what's out there. http://www.moocs.co/

35:53 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I love the idea of educator innovators

36:04 - Peggy George
Hi Carolyn! So glad you could join us!

36:04 - Christina Cantrill
also go to blog.nwp.org/educatorinnovator

36:12 - Paul Allison
Paul Oh's point about teachers being creative makers connects the concerns I have about these impulses being tapped down by closing schools, test culture, and pressure to follow the line.

36:16 - Peggy George
that link is in the LIvebinder today

36:39 - Joe Dillon #2
@Christina, I was excited this summer to hear from youth at DWP's writing camp about their experiences in openly-networked, interest-driven platforms. About writing and other interests.

36:57 - Jeff Grinvalds
I need a 3rd monitor to follow everything

36:58 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
But Paul a, you're certainly an example of how it can be done. Not easy though...for sure

37:10 - Peggy George
hahaha @Jeff! I know what you mean!

37:11 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Jeff :)

37:27 - Peggy George
this is being recorded so we can view again later and pause as we need to

38:24 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
There is a free iPad/iPhone App "Map of the Internet" which is visually very stunning …ttp://bit.ly/ZP3Z3d … could be considered a visual interactive metaphor for connected learning …loser study may even reveal a geographic correlation …here might connections be most dense …hich countries/continents

38:26 - Paul Allison
@kfasimpaur So yeah, I think encouraging a young teacher to connect with this maker/connected learning movement is a way to help him/her love the profession -- even now.

38:27 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
This hour always goes so fast!

38:56 - Christina Cantrill
discussion about "connected learning" at NWP Digital Is: http://digitalis.nwp.org/post/keyword/connected-learning

38:58 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Paul A, older teachers too :)

39:07 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

39:19 - Alison 1
I am teaching a remedial writing program for PK-3 grade students for 3 weeks in July. Is the National Writing Program something I could consider having my students be a part of?

39:22 - Kim Caise
that is so true @paul allison!

39:29 - Kim Caise
it definitely did for me

39:53 - monk51295
where's that?

39:57 - Peggy George
the maker concept is so important for teachers because they all lament the loss of the "old days" when they could allow kids time to create/explore without the pressures of testing! they will be re-energized as a maker!

40:02 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I think so @alison

40:05 - Paul Allison
@alison 1 "remedial" PK-3?

40:09 - Carolyn Stanley
I wonder how many millions of wonderful student writing pieces never saw the light of day - the teacher saw- may have appreciated but probably just handed back to student, and the story is lost.

40:09 - Joseph 1
Troy Hicks link (mentioned by Paul Oh): http://digitalwritingworkshop.wikispaces.com/2013+Summer+Book+Club

40:10 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Hi Monika!

40:20 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I think that's in Fort Collins

40:26 - Peggy George
Welcome Monika! Great to have you joining us!

40:27 - monk51295
hey - no the fictional city

40:42 - @jackiegerstein
As Peggy saw in my classroom, my elementary gifted kids love tech but chose the hands-on/physical making activities more than the tech

40:59 - Peggy George
http://blog.nwp.org/clmooc (Making Learning Connected MOOC-starts June 15-TODAY)

41:00 - Christina Cantrill
Here's an interesting article by Joe Dillon who is in the chat here: http://digitalis.nwp.org/site-blog/teacher-discoveries-and-connected-learni/4588

41:04 - monk51295
paul - that last place you talked about - where was that? blending fiction with history in the city

41:10 - Alison 1
It is for students who need extra help in writing. There are students in that age range.

41:19 - Peggy George
we'll ask the questions from the chat on the mic during Q/A

41:20 - Charles R. Lund 1
Is the maker movement founded in Montessori/Reggio models?

41:25 - Paul
it's called invisible city audio tours

41:36 - monk51295

41:48 - Christina Cantrill
This example I think is really important because it shows how connected learning can be something to that emerges and that you use to think about the work you are doing with learners and as a leaner

41:55 - monk51295

41:58 - Christina Cantrill
this one: http://digitalis.nwp.org/site-blog/teacher-discoveries-and-connected-learni/4588

42:02 - Peggy George
totally agree @Jackie! the blend of hands-on with technology and CHOICE made your classroom such an exciting place to learn!

42:06 - Paul
@monika invisiblecityaudiotours.org

42:09 - Kim Caise
some are so large that is impossible to connect with a large percentage of participants

42:29 - Peggy George
http://youtu.be/CgvUc3XAK5Q (Welcome to Making Learning Connected MOOC video)

42:39 - Peggy George
that's a great video intro to the MOOC

42:40 - Kim Caise

42:41 - @jackiegerstein
The Ultimate Student Guide to xMOOCs and cMOOCs


42:52 - Jeff Grinvalds
how do I find out if any local people are in this Mooc?

42:53 - Paul
#clmooc #ftw :)

43:05 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your links!!! I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show :-)

43:15 - Jeff Grinvalds
and/or how do I get our writing project participants to get involved? When is it too late?

43:18 - Joe Dillon #2
"make with me"

43:18 - Christina Cantrill
Hi Jeff ... I think that's a great question. Maybe start by tweeting out to #clmooc to see if anyone is in your area ...

43:20 - Paul
@jeff shoot me an email and we'll figure this out

43:23 - Peggy George
love that idea!!! Make Bank!!

43:31 - Christina Cantrill
And yes, Writing Projects are great place to gather folks Definitely not too late.

43:32 - @jackiegerstein
me too Peggy

43:45 - Paul
@jeff we have some info on who is participating from local sites

43:54 - Christina Cantrill
Anyway could convene a local group to do the MOOC with others face to face .. you can jump in at any point and go your own pace.

44:13 - Joe Dillon #2
@jeff I would also encourage you to tweet that question, also. It might encourage others near you to join.

44:21 - Christina Cantrill
Here is the community: https://plus.google.com/communities/111619469354411254407

44:33 - Paul
@karen has been amazing in her development of our MOOC webspace

44:44 - Paul
especially the Make Bank

44:47 - Peggy George
don't feel you have to connect with everyone in a MOOC! there can be hundreds to thousands of people. Just find people who share your questions/passions and start there.

45:07 - Paul
+1 Peggy

45:09 - Peggy George
So great to have this fantastic panel of people presenting for us today!

45:28 - Joe Dillon #2
@Peggy agreed! Connect with a few and participate in ways that work for you.

45:30 - Paul
it's such a thrill to be here, Peggy!

45:39 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
GREAT POINT - "things don't have to be perfect"

45:40 - Christina Cantrill
Find Youth Voices at youthvoices.net

45:42 - Peggy George
that is so helpful to realize things don't have to be "finished" or "perfect" before you share them!

46:02 - Christina Cantrill
@paulallison -- you got it!

46:04 - Paul
@Joe has been the CTO of providing support for someone new to MOOCs at CLMOOC

46:05 - Peggy George
http://connectedlearning.tv/infographic (Connected Learning Infographic)

46:38 - Peggy George
http://www.youthvoices.net/summer2013 (Youth Voices Summer Program Information)

46:39 - Christina Cantrill

46:46 - Christina Cantrill
Also follow @youthvoices

46:52 - Peggy George
http://youthvoices.net/about (About Youth Voices)

47:10 - chadsansing
#clmooc = cookie learning mooc;https://twitter.com/chadsansing/status/345912408637841408/photo/1.

47:13 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
One thing we're hoping in #clmooc is that people w/common interests like gardening or Minecraft or Youth Voices will form small groups and work together

47:18 - Peggy George
http://www.youthvoices.net/summer2013 (Youth Voices Summer Program Information)

47:41 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Hi Jose and Terry!

47:48 - Carolyn Stanley
I'm getting happier with Collaborate app on iPad.

47:50 - Terry Elliott 1
java probs

47:55 - Paul

47:56 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
(Terry is another #clmooc conspirator :)

48:03 - Jose Rodriguez
Hey Karen..

48:03 - Peggy George
I have been following Youth Voices for several years and it's fantastic to see the student communication and growth through blogging!

48:12 - Christina Cantrill
My ideas about openly network in analog spaces is influenced by work with spiralq.org here in philadelphia ... but it's emergent thinking just fyi :)

48:21 - Terry Elliott 1
A truly organic site

48:35 - Paul
@Peggy And we've now connected with Youth Voices in work we're doing here with HS students in Oakland as part of a Digital Civic Engagement effort

48:36 - Peggy George
Welcome to those of you just joining! Livebinder is here for resources for today: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=894102

48:39 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Youth Voices has participants worldwide

48:39 - Christina Cantrill
Youth Voices is a really important openly networked space and lots to learn about what the opportunities are of working in open space together that are networked

49:04 - Peggy George
@Paul I love the way different student groups are connecting on Youth Voices!

49:15 - Paul
@Peggy The Oakland youth have been so thrilled to be connected with others around the country

49:27 - Peggy George
Youth Voices Summer Program fundrasing campaign: http://incited.org/projects/youth-voices-summer-program-connected-learning-with-the-nyc-writing-project

49:40 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
can't hear it here :)

49:43 - Peggy George
http://dmlcompetition.net/project/youth-designed-open-badges-for-youth-voices (Youth Voices DML Badge Competition entry)

49:55 - Paul
@Peggy Plus, it's causing them to interrogate their online identities in ways that they don't necessarily do automatically in their informal interactions

50:10 - Peggy George
excellent point @Paul!

50:11 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I'm very excited to be going to see Paul and his students for a week during this (right after my WP summer institute....busy summer :)

50:26 - chadsansing
Must run :) #clmooc-on!

50:28 - Peggy George

50:32 - Terry Elliott 1
licky dawg, karen

50:32 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
teachers learning side-by-side w/students is a hallmark of WP and Youth Voices

50:40 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

50:41 - Terry Elliott 1
lucky dot,

50:41 - Paul
one of the founders of IncitED is a writing project person :)

50:49 - Terry Elliott 1

50:56 - Peggy George
crowdfunding is an amazing new opportunity!!!

50:59 - Christina Cantrill
I think there is a lot to learn about following passions ... our own as well as others!

51:22 - Christina Cantrill
I feel like a key part of a #clmooc is an opportunity for all of us as adult learners to see where our passions lead us!

51:25 - Terry Elliott 1
Need to build skill capital along with passion

51:32 - Peggy George
http://dmlcompetition.net/project/youth-designed-open-badges-for-youth-voices (Youth Voices DML Badge Competition entry)

51:39 - Jeff Grinvalds
I want to make badges... learn about badges... badges

51:45 - Peggy George
https://p2pu.org/en/groups/how-do-i-make-a-badge/ (P2PU Badge Maker)

51:53 - Christina Cantrill
Talk about how that plays into this summer's work @Terry

51:53 - Peggy George
start there @Jeff :-)

52:01 - Christina Cantrill
(if you would :))

52:05 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
You can support YV Summer at www.incited.org/projects/17

52:07 - Paul
i heard @Monika on Teachers Teaching Teachers raise a question about crowdsourcing education efforts - which is, shouldn't these be funded not through crowds but through typical funding channels?

52:09 - Jeff Grinvalds
what do they get for "credits" or are those graduation credits?

52:18 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
We only have 5 more days left! Even $5 would be very helpful.

52:25 - Annette Whitby
@Jeff Grinvalds I got started quickly with classbadges.com.

52:25 - Peggy George
https://p2pu.org/ (P2PU-Peer to Peer University: At P2PU, people work together to learn a particular topic by completing tasks, assessing individual and group work, and providing constructive feedback)

52:30 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Jeff, they're credits toward graducation

52:36 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
amazing, huh?

52:44 - Christina Cantrill
To find a writing project near you start at nwp.org

53:20 - Peggy George
I think we should explore ALL alternatives for funding support!

53:39 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

53:56 - Peggy George
you can support any of these projects on incited.org

54:15 - Peggy George
http://dmlcompetition.net/project/making-equity-a-day-long-pop-up-makerspace-for-elementary-youth-in-northern-colorado (Making Equity: A Day Long Pop-Up Makerspace for Elementary Youth in Northern Colorado-Planned and co-facilitated with a diverse group of fourth-graders and co-sponsored by the CSU Writing Project and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery)

54:17 - Christina Cantrill
These Project:Connect proposals are in a response stage and you can review and vote on a range of them: http://dmlcompetition.net/competition-category/summer-youth-programming

54:23 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
There are now some crowd funding websites just for education http://shambles.net/pages/staff/FundRaise/

54:25 - Peggy George
http://dmlcompetition.net/project/making-connections-community-resources-by-and-for-local-teens (Making Connections Community Resources By and For Local Teens)

54:46 - Paul
Awesome! $4,500!

54:57 - Kim Caise
i believe indiegogo helps with crowdfunding sourcing

55:04 - Peggy George
I think that's terrific! Proud to be a supporter!

55:05 - Carolyn Stanley
Just think - give up one Grande latte from Starbucks - give the $5.00 to the cause and save all those calories.

55:25 - Jeff Grinvalds
crowdfunding is very, very cool. It's a matter of getting people to see your site, right?

55:25 - Christina Cantrill
Yes, I think there are important implications beyond just the funding!

55:32 - Peggy George
Can you share some of the stories about what kids/teens do in these Summer programs?

55:57 - Jeff Grinvalds
I went to contribute, but I have to join to give?

56:21 - Peggy George
thanks @Shamblesguru! I knew you would have some curated resources for fundraising :-)

56:50 - Peggy George
love that point @Carolyn!!! great cause all around!

57:05 - Peggy George
great neighbors @Karen!!! :-)

57:10 - Carolyn Stanley
No PayPal. Is it really safe?

57:19 - Kim Caise
it absolutely is safe

57:40 - Jeff Grinvalds
I've been using paypal for ... 10 years or more... never ever had a problem.

58:08 - Kim Caise
they are great at resolving issues when something comes up that is questionable. fabulous to work with

58:14 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
I trust PayPal ...

58:33 - Carolyn Stanley
I got scam notices regarding Paypal so have to be careful, as with anything dealing with money on line.

58:56 - Peggy George
we'll do the official closing and then come back to Q/A

59:21 - Peggy George
if you need to leave we'll keep the recording going :-)

59:45 - Carolyn Stanley
@shamblesguru - I'll look into getting an account. I know my son uses it all the time.

59:54 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Most of the paypal scans aren't really from paypal (just like a lot of other scams)....it's tough to sort through all this

1:00:03 - Terry Elliott 1
william morris, ivan illich, john taylor gatto

1:00:25 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
@carolyn ... agree ... phishing emails are an ongoing threat from many sources ... the guidelines are to NEVER sign on to a website using the links in an email ...

1:00:27 - Peggy George
there are some great links in the Livebinder about getting started and using Crowdfunding!

1:00:27 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I couldn't live w/o paypal and other online pymt #ruralliving

1:00:53 - Kim Caise
same here @karen! use paypal weekly

1:01:03 - Carolyn Stanley
Our library in Westport, CT built a Maker Room right in the center of the library.

1:01:11 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Caroly love that!

1:01:14 - monk51295
dale talking on making.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v6h33hUP8Og

1:01:26 - Christina Cantrill
John Seely bBrown says that Dewey and Marie Montessori were right!

1:01:33 - Joseph 1
Good to hear fine NWP voices, eg Paul1 Paul2 Christine . . .

1:01:35 - Christina Cantrill
They just didn't have the same tools we have today.

1:01:38 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:01:49 - monk51295
love you guys.. huge bravo and hube grazie..

1:01:51 - monk51295

1:01:57 - monk51295
or hube

1:02:01 - Peggy George
thanks!!! :-)

1:02:01 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Thanks everyone! This was so much fun.

1:02:20 - Peggy George
Tia has incredible resources to share--web tools and apps for common core

1:02:27 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
This summer is going to fly by!

1:02:35 - Carolyn Stanley
How can a newly retired teacher contribute - a few hours per month, for instance?

1:02:38 - Christina Cantrill
We did a NWP Radio show on Thursday that has more examples from the classroom ...

1:02:46 - Peggy George
http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=896388 (Livebinder 2013 Top Ten Contest-Vote NOW through June 16th)

1:02:59 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I will definitely vote for Classrom Live!

1:03:11 - Christina Cantrill

1:03:27 - @beckitharp
Great session - I learned so much! Thank you! I will check out the MOOC - I always wanted to try one!:)

1:03:27 - Susie @shighley
I'm at school and have 32 computers here...

1:03:38 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Carolyn Contribute to?

1:03:45 - Kim Caise
i love to see the other livebinders in the top 10 contest!

1:03:48 - Carolyn Stanley
Classroom 2.0 Live has my vote.

1:03:49 - Christina Cantrill
Please do @beckitharp!

1:03:58 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Definitely join us in #clmooc!

1:04:18 - @beckitharp
I'm add it to my tweet deck!

1:04:19 - Carolyn Stanley
@Karen - the writing project

1:04:37 - Peggy George
Voting will end in the evening of June 16th.

Announcement of the winners will be on Wednesday June 19th during our webinar with Classroom 2.0 LIVE! 5PM Pacific Time, 7PM Central Time and 8PM Eastern Time
Link to webinar is here: http://tinyurl.com/KnowledgeSharingPlace

1:04:51 - Peggy George

1:04:56 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Carolyn, you could join us online on Wed. nights at Teachers Teaching Teachers. www.edtechtalk.com/ttt

1:05:05 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
or contribute to Digital Is

1:05:06 - Paul Allison
So many immediate live events - very exciting time.

1:05:09 - Peggy George
Steve's interviews are always thought-provoking and interactive!!!

1:05:16 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
or look up your local writing project site

1:05:21 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
or join us in #clmooc

1:05:23 - Christina Cantrill
I was thinking the same thing ... really interested in the Black Mountain SOLE

1:05:33 - Peggy George

1:05:57 - Peggy George
you can nominate someone else of nominate yourself!!! we all love to hear the amazing things you are doing with your students!

1:06:07 - Peggy George

1:06:25 - Christina Cantrill
So important we hear from teachers about their work!

1:06:29 - Carolyn Stanley
@Karen - used to be a regular but somehow got away from it. TTT and Seedlings got me started with online participation.

1:06:29 - Peggy George
make sure you don't have typos in your email address or you won't receive your PD certificate :-)

1:06:48 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Carolyn nice to hear. Do you know Digital Is?

1:06:51 - Peggy George
some districts block our emails (go figure) so if you don't get your certificate contact me!!!

1:06:56 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

1:07:12 - Peggy George

1:07:18 - Christina Cantrill
Yes, http://digitalis.nwp.org, is a place we also invite you to share your work ...

1:07:34 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
@Carolyn if you're on twitter, follow us there for lots more opportunities

1:07:35 - Peggy George
I love viewing these recordings on my ipad and iphone!!! you can subscribe to video, audio or both :-)

1:07:41 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I'm @kfasimpaur

1:07:43 - Christina Cantrill
... it's an open website. You can post blogs and comments when you join. If you'd like to share more you can become a resource creator too.

1:07:46 - Carolyn Stanley
@ Karen - no, what is it?

1:07:50 - Peggy George

1:08:03 - Eileen
Peggy - The survey doesn't show up now that I am using my iPad

1:08:10 - Jeff Grinvalds
feedly won't find http://digitalis.nwp.org/

1:08:18 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to our special guests today!!! So excited about all of the things you are doing!

1:08:19 - Christina Cantrill
http://digitalis.nwp.org is a place to explore digital literacy and connected learning together

1:08:22 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Twitter is....kind of a live stream of short comments. See www.twitter.com/writingproject

1:08:32 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
We'll be exploring Twitter in #clmooc

1:08:38 - Christina Cantrill
Thank you Peggy and Kim! This is really awesome the way you facilitate these conversations!

1:08:44 - Christina Cantrill
Thank you for the invitation and support.

1:08:48 - Peggy George
I'd love to hear more stories about what the kids/teens will be doing in their projects this summer :-)

1:08:48 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Should be a short guide to it on the #clmooc site

1:08:53 - Paul
Thanks to you, Peggy, and the rest of the Classroom 2.0 team!

1:08:58 - Susie @shighley
Thanks. How many will be at ISTE?

1:08:58 - Jad Salameh
Thank you for all your information.

1:09:05 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Thank you. Have a nice weekend,every one.

1:09:05 - Eileen
Wonderful show today!

1:09:05 - Terry Elliott 1
yes, great facilitation

1:09:18 - Carolyn Stanley
@ Karen - I'm on Twitter - you said Digital Is?

1:09:41 - Alison 1
Thanks. This was my first time using this site, and it was very good.

1:09:48 - Joe Dillon #2
Thanks everyone! Go #clmooc!

1:09:54 - Peggy George
the video on Paul Allison's site is great for hearing some of his students tell what they have done through Youth Voices

1:10:11 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Ah, Digital Is is an online space where WP folks and others post and share resources and conversations

1:10:12 - Christina Cantrill
10 self/10 world questions is a way that youth start on Youth Voices too.

1:10:17 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!! I'll add your links to our Livebinder after the show.

1:10:46 - Peggy George
the recordings should be posted later today in our blog along with the chat log and Livebinder links :-)

1:10:48 - Christina Cantrill
Mozilla Popcorn Maker for making and remixing media: https://popcorn.webmaker.org/

1:11:02 - Christina Cantrill
While they learn about the underlying work of how to create on the web.

1:11:05 - Peggy George
that's funny! breadcrumbs instead of badges! but the badges are so visual!!!

1:11:18 - Carolyn Stanley
@Karen - thanks - will have to Google it

1:11:25 - Peggy George
Thanks for the Popcorn Maker link Christina!!! awesome site!

1:11:27 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)

1:11:38 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
You can sign up and add posts yourself.

1:11:49 - Christina Cantrill
10 self/10 world Mission: http://www.youthvoices.net/questions

1:12:08 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
I liked doing that myself. Very revealing.

1:12:12 - Peggy George
any of you can join Youth Voices!

1:12:27 - Peggy George

1:12:29 - Christina Cantrill
Mozilla also has this tool called Thimble for learning about making webpages too: https://thimble.webmaker.org/en-US/

1:12:53 - Jeff Grinvalds
always ask why

1:13:08 - Kim Caise
passion driving learning

1:13:27 - Peggy George
many of the students on Youth Voices have shared stories and poems they have created and then respond to those shared by others

1:13:39 - Peggy George
I also love their photography projects :-)

1:13:48 - Carolyn Stanley
Loved the gardening project you did with the kids, Paul.

1:13:54 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing that story Paul!!!!

1:14:19 - Peggy George
I was really cute seeing the high schoolers excited about the birds!!! :-)

1:14:25 - Rene #2
How does one join the clmooc?

1:14:33 - Paul Allison

1:14:44 - Paul

1:14:48 - Peggy George

1:15:00 - Peggy George
you can join clmooc on Google + with that link

1:15:06 - Carolyn Stanley
Great show

1:15:18 - Peggy George
thanks everyone!!!

1:15:29 - Carolyn Stanley
Exciting opportunities!

1:15:52 - Oronoque
thank you to the panel of presenters and to us all

1:15:57 - Eileen
Thanks for the inspiration!

1:16:09 - Peggy George
many people click on the hand to clap!!!! no problem!!! and it got Terry to take the mic :-)

1:16:33 - @beckitharp
Great session. Thank you!

1:16:34 - Peggy George
if you want to clap, click on the smiley face dropdown and select applauding

1:16:35 - Christina Cantrill
Jeff ... do you want to share an example

1:16:42 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Thanks to everyone for coming today!

1:16:44 - Terry Elliott 1
youse guys rulez

1:16:47 - Jeff Grinvalds
no... hit the wrong button :)

1:16:48 - Carolyn Stanley
Nice to hear your voice, Terry!

1:16:54 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Hope to see you all more on #clmooc, twitter, etc. What a world!

1:16:59 - Rene #2
Thanks everyone, I look forward to connecting and making more with all of you!

1:17:03 - nikki
Thanks to the hosts for trusting us with the wbd privileges! Host team is SO well organized...and thanks to the presenters!

1:17:11 - Peggy George
hope to see all of you in the MOOC!!!

1:17:26 - Peggy George
as soon as everyone logs out of the room the recoring will process :-)

1:17:30 - Terry Elliott 1
you are a model for presenting thanks

1:17:36 - Paul Allison
Thanks all.

1:17:38 - Elena #2
On mobile no survey

1:17:40 - Jose Rodriguez

1:17:51 - Susie @shighley
Thanks so much!!

1:17:58 - Karen Fasimpaur (@kfasimpaur)
Thank you to our super fantastic facilitators and everyone at Classroom 2.0!