Jun 16, 2012 Symbaloo - Pam Cranford - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:03 - Peggy George
no it wasn't started

00:08 - Peggy George
so glad you caught it :-)

00:22 - Peggy George
our brains are on vacation :-)

00:25 - Pam Cranford
will you still have those poll results

00:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I miissed Kristen Beck's session last week because I was traveling home from Texas last Saturday.

00:38 - Peggy George

00:46 - Lorie Moffat
they clear out, Pam, probably not

00:52 - Pam Cranford
let's talk symbaloo enough about me

00:54 - Kim Caise
you can download the slides and they should show up at the end of the session

01:02 - Kim Caise

01:10 - Peggy George
that's an incredible number of Moodle courses!!!! wow!

01:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Peggy.

01:19 - Kim Caise
Pam is amazing!

01:26 - ninapeery
Her moodle lessons are incredible in themselves!

01:27 - Kim Caise
welcome back paula

02:03 - Peggy George
the link to access her Moodle sites is in the Livebinder :-)

02:11 - Kim Caise
welcome Pam!

02:16 - Peggy George
welcome Pam!!! so excited to have you with us today!

02:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
The White Oak School District is comprised of oodles of tech savvy educators. What a great bunch of people.

02:19 - Glenn Hervieux
Only2Clicks and Livebinders

02:41 - Peggy George
that is such a great question!!!

02:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Kim. Can't wait to see you all at ISTE.

02:49 - Kim Caise
me too!! :)

02:54 - TAMUC-SharonG
Livebinders and Diigo

02:55 - Peggy George

03:05 - Peggy George

03:09 - ninapeery
She is not kidding!

03:11 - Peggy George
wow! 3 TB??? :-)

03:16 - Jes
3 tB WOW!!

03:21 - Peggy George

03:29 - Peggy George

03:33 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, McTeach. See you next week. :)

03:40 - Peggy George

03:53 - Glenn Hervieux
I can't even think 3TB without a huge collection of video...LOL

04:09 - Peggy George
I always tag my bookmarks on Diigo and crosspost them to Delicious automatically

04:19 - Peggy George
I did the same thing Pam!!!!

04:23 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning, Paula!

04:32 - Peggy George
Intervention required :-)

04:35 - Peggy George

04:43 - Peggy George

04:45 - rox3515
Support Group required

04:48 - Peggy George
Pinterest is awesome!!!!

04:51 - Kim Caise

04:52 - McTeach (Karen)
Yes, ma'am!

05:05 - Peggy George
love that image!!!!!

05:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Learned how to use the site ifttt.com to send out a tweet everytime I add a bookmark to my Diigo account. Love it.

05:30 - ninapeery
Love that idea, Paula!

05:43 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I will join Pam's support group.

05:45 - Peggy George
Hi cybraryman!!! So great to see you! Really looking forward to connecting with you in person at ISTE 2012!

05:47 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
My Pinterest page: http://cybraryman.com/pinterest.html

05:49 - TAMU-Nicole Geiler
mmm pinterest, addicted!<3

05:59 - Peggy George

06:07 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Jerry. The ISTE Newbie is in the house. :)

06:20 - Peggy George
hip hip hooray for the ISTE Newbie!!!

06:30 - Susie @shighley
Can't wait to meet cybraryman. Can't wait for ISTE!

06:30 - Peggy George

06:32 - TAMU-Nicole Geiler
whoa overwhelming!

06:32 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
My Symbaloo page: http://cybraryman.com/symbaloo.html Will have to add this session to my page

06:45 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I use Symbaloo as my start page too, Pam.

06:48 - A Harrison
my chat is not scrolling on its own. Is there a setting I can adjust?

06:50 - Kim Caise
it may look overwhelming but it really simplifies things

07:07 - Peggy George
I'll add any of the links you share in the chat to the Livebinder after the show

07:13 - Dan Hickson
wow this looks great I was using something called Protopage I think this might be better

07:16 - Peggy George
seeing your screen fine

07:19 - rox3515
Does using this as your start page slow your computer down?

07:25 - Kim Caise
not at all rox

07:31 - Maestra Sofia
my symbaloo looks different

07:31 - Kim Caise
it is browser based

07:34 - Peggy George
it doesn't seem to slow my browser down

07:37 - ninapeery
I can see it.

07:39 - TAMUC-Erin

07:41 - TAMUCYvonneC

07:42 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Yes, we can see the screen

07:45 - Sylvia Buller (@sabuller )
Some symbaloo examples I use in the classroom-http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/buller/symbaloo.cfm

07:45 - Patti R
if you pay for a branded solution you get your own url, I believe it is only $35, I did that, so worth it

07:50 - TAMU-Nicole Geiler

08:02 - Peggy George
didn't know that Patti. Thanks!

08:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Sharing some Symbaloo ♥ Everything Edmodo Webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/everythingedmodo - one of my webmixes.

08:25 - shukufa
is it with payment?

08:37 - Kim Caise
symbaloo is free

09:01 - ninapeery
Thanks, Paula. Saving that to explore later.

09:12 - Peggy George

09:20 - Mark
how do the people that you share it with add tiles?

09:27 - shukufa
i opened but will have a look after the session

09:32 - Mark
the peopel that I have shared it with can't add tiles

09:40 - Patti R
only the owner adds tiles but you can add one of their webmixes to yours

09:45 - Susie @shighley
Will things change now that symbaloo and glogster are owned by the same group?

10:00 - Peggy George
great idea to add webmixes from others to your own site :-)

10:04 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
60in 60 from ISTE11 http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/60in60fromiste11

10:12 - Jodi
Thanks Paula!

10:14 - Kim Caise
hopefully they wont change

10:36 - ninapeery
Symbaloo and Glogster owned by same group? I say, oh, no!

11:06 - Peggy George
EduTecher (Adam Bellow) has created a Symbaloo too :-) http://edutecher.symbaloo.com/

11:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
A Common Core webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/commoncore.

11:25 - Patti R
glogster needs to update from flash based to work on iPad i think, doesnt display correctly from what i have seen

11:27 - Peggy George
Mrs. Peery’ Technology Blog http://keystrokes.wonecks.net/

11:30 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Thanks Paula added your Everything Edmodo - Symbaloo to My Edmodo page: http://cybraryman.com/edmodo.html

12:05 - Peggy George
if you add someone's webmix to your own site will it continue to update?

12:12 - A Harrison
Is there a symbaloo mobile app?

12:14 - Patti R
@peggy yes

12:23 - Peggy George
yes symbaloo mobile app!

12:24 - ninapeery
Pam is all about making it creative. Her moodle lessons are full of engaging graphics!

12:26 - Jes
mobiile app doesn't look as friendly

12:37 - Peggy George

12:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Peggy if they turned on the updating feature it will continue to update.

12:43 - stidmama 4
can you move tiles from one tab to another to organize them by groups?

12:48 - Peggy George
thanks Paula

13:05 - Patti R
yes you can move or copy tiles from one tab to another

13:11 - Kim Caise
you can link a tile to a tile in different webmixes

13:11 - Jes
jumping ahead, but can symbaloo save docs, videos etc (kind of like a livebinder)

13:14 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
So you can also take a screenshot of her picture too

13:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, you can move the tiles to another place on the webmix.

13:29 - Kim Caise
you can link a tile to anything online

13:36 - Peggy George
I love that we can add our own image--the visual makes it reallly easy to find quickly

13:50 - Patti R
I post my assignments in google docs and make a tile for each assignment, so easy for kids to access, and a tile for direct access to each student's blog page http://cougartech.symbaloo.com

13:53 - stidmama 4
I like being able to make my own tile images

14:09 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Yes, great for young children who cannot read yet

14:12 - Peggy George
if you're using the regular Symbaloo site and not EDU can you still access the EDU webmixes?

14:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Lots of the most popular sites have premade tiles in the Symbaloo gallery. You with have the design your own for lesser know sites.

14:22 - Y Peterson
making own tiles, great thanks

14:28 - Glenn Hervieux
Here is my mix for a CTAP Web 2.0 Bootcamp: http://goo.gl/ksazs

14:34 - Kim Caise
i believe you interchange the two peggy

15:24 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Peopls like to color-code tiles according to what the site is - favorite sites, your school related sites, search engines, etc.

15:28 - Peggy George
that makes it so easy to copy! :-)

16:00 - Peggy George
really helpful tips!!!

16:06 - Mark
so how did you all add tiles with different users?

16:18 - stidmama 4
such a great resource! I like how easy it is to navigate.

16:49 - Peggy George
fabulous resources!!! wow!

17:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Mark you add the person pic to the tile. You need to have the pic somewhere where you can upload it when you are creating a tile.

17:18 - Peggy George

17:41 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)
It took me 20 mins to log in!

17:51 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
No sense reinventing the wheel all the time.

17:51 - Patti R
if you have students set your webmix as their browser home page, everything is at their fingertips with one click

18:00 - Kim T AZ
I was planning on knitting and watching a movie tonight...not! Willl be spending time organizing my life in Symbaloo!

18:09 - clinds
No ads if you go to symbaloo EDU?

18:13 - Jes
It looks addicting!

18:22 - Peggy George
hahahaha Kim!!!

18:23 - A Harrison
is this plug-in available for chrome too?

18:40 - TAMUC-CharlotteG 2
which browsers support that in toolbar?

18:43 - Jodi
I am already on symbaloo. How do I move over to symbalooedu?

18:55 - JackieL
It adds it to whatever webmix you had opened last.

18:56 - Kim T AZ
I just signed in to the edu site.

19:07 - Peggy George
can you reorganize the tabs at the top?

19:08 - Kim T AZ
Used my regular login

19:25 - Patti R
i have found there is a slight delay sometimes in adding a tile before it appears, so if you are doing one for a class, try to do it a little ahead of time, you also may need to delete cookies or browsing history to get the updated version, depending on your browser

19:41 - Patti R
you can slide tabs into any order you want

19:42 - Kim Caise
i believe you copy your web mixes over to your main page of your symbaloo edu

19:44 - Peggy George
thanks for all of your tips Patti! Really helpful!

19:53 - Kim Caise
good though jodi

20:02 - Kim Caise
i will add that to the list

20:03 - Jodi
Thanks Kim - I will give it a shot.

20:18 - Peggy George
can you post a site in more than one group?

20:55 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
K-5 Math Webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/lower-school-math-links

21:01 - Patti R
@ peggy I have duplicated a tile on different tabs if that is what you mean, our blog and school website for example, you can copy a tile or you can move it

21:34 - Peggy George
yes-that's what I mean :-) just copy it and it stays in the original location and also appears in the new webmix?

21:34 - @shamblesguru
On Shambles I have Symbaloo in my section "Web 2.0 Start Pages" http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/infolit/startpage/ ... am wondering if it should be in the Social Bookmarking area or even the RSS Reader area ... mybe all three :-)

21:36 - Rhonda

21:36 - ninapeery
A Harrison, yes, it is available for Chrome too

22:10 - Peggy George
good question Shamblesguru! that's always a problem I have when I create folders. Probably put them in all 3 :-)

22:38 - @LucianeCurator
Yes A Harrison here is chrome extension

22:48 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Follow Pam on Twitter @PamCranford

22:59 - Jes
does it notify you when new rss comes in?

23:08 - Rhonda

23:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have not set up a webmix for RSS feeds.

23:13 - A Harrison
Wow!!! Well there goes my summer!!!;)

23:15 - Peggy George
new chaos :-) love it!

23:25 - Rhonda
Lol, A Harrison

23:28 - rox3515
Mine too!

23:34 - Rhonda

23:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, Peggy, that is a great way to describe my summer learning - new chaos.

23:58 - Peggy George
I am definitely going to create one for RSS--didn't realize it could include so much!!

24:06 - ninapeery
Pam is great at thinkng outside the box!

24:15 - @LucianeCurator
Here is my 1st webmix http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/web-2-0-with-lucian . SymbalooEdu is one of the first curation tools used by me

24:16 - JackieL
used this with my 1st graders and have a parent webmix I share with parents. Love Symbaloo.

24:23 - Rhonda

24:26 - rox3515

24:29 - Peggy George
wow! music idea is great!

24:36 - Rhonda

24:39 - annhgarland
I am excited for you

24:44 - Jes
can you block others from seeing your personal webmixes?

24:49 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Pam is fantastic.

24:49 - ninapeery
Lost the audio.

24:54 - Jes
same here

24:57 - Maestra Sofia
If I find a web site , do I leave symbaloo in the background?

24:57 - rox3515
Classical music during test

24:58 - roxanne clement

24:58 - TAMUC-Erin
no audio here either

24:58 - TAMUCYvonneC
me too

24:58 - Y Peterson
same here

24:58 - Madiha
where is the sound

25:01 - Peggy George
oh oh--bandwidth problem for Pam

25:02 - rox3515
no audio

25:03 - Loertscher
can a group of kids create a webmix together?

25:04 - Rhonda
Looks great LCurator

25:05 - annhgarland
i lost the sound as well

25:05 - Maestra Sofia
It just froze

25:06 - Peggy George
hope we don't lose her

25:19 - roxanne clement
remember where she left off

25:23 - Peggy George
lost her

25:25 - annhgarland

25:29 - JackieL
you share the webmixes you want, either public or private by email.

25:32 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
My Audio page: http://cybraryman.com/audio.html

25:33 - Rhonda
Hold on! Pull her back

25:36 - Peggy George
she'll be back-could be bandwidth caused by app sharing

25:38 - ninapeery
She has too much going on...LOL

25:47 - Susie @shighley
Jerry truly does have something for everything

25:51 - roxanne clement

25:53 - annhgarland
too much high energy

25:57 - Rhonda
Bandwith Webmix needed

26:02 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Nice to have you back

26:05 - ninapeery
You are back!

26:06 - Rhonda

26:06 - Dan Hickson
aww I think I like symbaloo I have to switch over

26:07 - @LucianeCurator
Yes Jes if you have a Business account , or if you are a SymbalooEDU certificated

26:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

26:09 - Peggy George
that is so true Susie! and so does Shamblesguru!! Something for everything!!!

26:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

26:17 - Maestra Sofia

26:23 - @shamblesguru
Pandora not available outside USA [unless you know how to set up VPN] ... hush ....

26:28 - A Harrison
I'm changing districts. The paperwork will be completed in the next month. I won't have my new email until that happens. If I start on my edu account on my old email, can i transfer it to my new edu account later?

26:53 - Peggy George
hahaha! how could you only choose 4 of your 13 grandkids???? :-)

27:00 - Kim Caise

27:07 - Peggy George
so many creative uses for Symbaloo!

27:09 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Good idea only to share privately.

27:19 - Rhonda
the ones that smile in photos :)

27:22 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@A.Harrison You cna contact Symbaloo and they will help you will that.

27:23 - annhgarland

27:23 - Peggy George

27:26 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)

27:37 - JackieL
love the e portfolio idea!

27:39 - TAMUC-CharlotteG 2
wow is right!

27:45 - stidmama 4
this is really nice

29:08 - Peggy George
Classroom Blog: http://coconnections.wonecks.net

29:17 - Peggy George
Primary Staff Blogs: http://woelem.wonecks.net/about/

29:25 - Peggy George
Intermediate Staff Blogs: http://woelem.wonecks.net/find-any-intermediate-staffs-blog/

29:36 - Kim Caise

29:40 - Peggy George
www.tinyurl.com/cranfordp (Intermediate Campus website)

29:56 - Peggy George
www.tinyurl.com/pcranford (White Oaks Elementary website)

30:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, Kim you can link to Glogsters.

30:18 - Kim Caise

30:19 - Peggy George
www.outbox.wonecks.net (Blogging Outside the Box Challenges)

30:20 - Patti R
symbaloo edu has a tutorial page, there is even a video that shows how to put a photo across several tiles

30:23 - Patti R

30:30 - Peggy George
http://www.symbalooEDU.com (Symbaloo home page)

30:32 - McTeach (Karen)
How do you break up a photo (or words) over all those tiles?

30:41 - Lorna Costantini
WOW and more WO

30:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Their app was released earlier this month.

30:46 - Jes
chat wont advance

30:52 - Rhonda

31:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
How many of you would love to be in Pam's classroom?

31:22 - Rhonda

31:27 - annhgarland

31:30 - Mark
this looks great fro elementary but what about middle school

31:31 - Kim Caise

31:35 - Kim Caise
i would paula!

31:45 - tom burr
what about HS?

31:49 - Lorna Costantini
@Jes use the scroll bar - some times that happens

31:55 - Angie Kelley

32:00 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
@Paula even better, now we can bring a little of Pan's classroom to our students!

32:12 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)

32:16 - Peggy George
I have the same question McTeach :-)

32:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Differentiation is available by customizing a webmix for each student in you class.

32:19 - Jes

32:19 - Rhonda
yes, please

32:26 - Loertscher
Can Kyle change his onw page?

32:31 - A Harrison
Love the e protfolio idea. Seems like the pasting the links creates a teacher-based bottle neck. Could middle school students handle the linking part on their own?

32:43 - Peggy George
Pam makes this look so easy!! I hope it is when I start doing it :-)

33:01 - Kim Caise
yes, it could easily be used as a portfolio by secondary students

33:20 - Peggy George
am I understanding that multiple people can't create a single Symbaloo mix?

33:41 - Maestra Sofia

33:49 - Maestra Sofia
Please share

33:51 - Mark
too many students to do a ll this linking

34:24 - Peggy George
is there a tutorial for this on the symbaloo site?

34:32 - Peggy George
the text box

34:55 - ninapeery
I am betting these are Pam's original creative ideas. She is the master of thinking outside the box!

35:01 - @shamblesguru
There will be a tutorial once the recording of this webinar is posted :-)

35:02 - Kim Caise
i think this is something that pam came up with

35:09 - Peggy George

35:10 - Patti R
video tutorials are on the site and also on youtube

35:24 - Patti R
including how to span several tiles with an image

35:38 - Peggy George
Jing Screenshots http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

35:40 - Patti R
here is an example of a webmix for HS English

35:41 - Patti R

36:03 - Peggy George
are the stars favorites???

36:33 - Jes
side thought - does jing capture audio too?

36:38 - @shamblesguru
I bet a few eyes are glazing over ... remember you can watch this again tomorrow or next year :-)

36:46 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Symbaloo how-to videos webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/symbaloo-how-to-videos

36:47 - Peggy George
yes Jing can capture audio

36:54 - Lorie Moffat
yes, Jing can record adio

36:57 - Rhonda

37:11 - Kim Caise
jing can capture audio and video as well as screenshots

37:14 - Peggy George

37:15 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, you can make a 5 minute or less video with Jing.

37:17 - stidmama 4
love the simplicity of the layout and the way you have set it up so students can navigte it easily

37:35 - Lorna Costantini
Reflection is a gr8 tools for screencasting ipad apps

37:38 - Patti R
speaking of grandkids, must leave to catch my granddaughter's dance recital, will catch the rest on the recording

37:39 - Peggy George
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/symbaloo-bookmark-share-your/id521081559?mt=8 (Symbaloo App for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch)

37:42 - kg
what app is she using to mirror?

37:43 - Maestra Sofia

37:44 - ninapeery

37:44 - Lorna Costantini

37:46 - @LucianeCurator
Happy to be the first round of Symbalooer's certified and GlogsterEdu Ambassador http://dumacornellucian.edu.glogster.com/ because they organize #iste12 party and many other free trainings for teachers http://bit.ly/prgessentials

37:48 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

37:49 - kg
thanks tons

38:00 - Peggy George

38:11 - @shamblesguru
ReflectionApp ... now also works on Windows

38:14 - Peggy George
love seeing this demo from the ipad

38:14 - clinds
We're trying decide between Apple TVs and Reflection for projecting iPads. Does anyone have an opinion about which is better. Reflection is cheaper!

39:02 - Rhonda

39:21 - Peggy George
I was in a meeting yesterday where the presenter just connected her ipad to the projector and it projected everything from her ipad without using reflectionapp. I was amazed!

39:22 - kg
great way to add functionality to ipad organization!!

39:23 - Rhonda

39:23 - stidmama 4
I really like our apple tv at home

39:25 - @shamblesguru
Reflection isn't cheaper as you need a laptop

39:36 - stidmama 4
it automatically finds what I am doing on the ipad, too

39:37 - Maestra Sofia

39:51 - clinds
@shamblesguru - Right but teachers all have MacBook Airs...

39:54 - A Harrison
does reflection work with iphone too or just ipad and computer?

40:17 - Jes
Pam, would you say that symbaloo app is better then trying to do Moodle?

40:19 - JackieL
I have that webmix too!

40:20 - Kim Caise
appletv is a device to project to a computer or projector

40:22 - Kim Caise
or tv

40:31 - JackieL
great for daily 5

40:31 - Kim Caise

40:35 - Dan Hickson
I believe it works with the iphone also

40:36 - @shamblesguru
Some School networks block ReflectionApp as they have "multicasting" blocked ... warning!!!!

40:37 - Peggy George
yes works with iphone too-4S

40:37 - JackieL
listen to

40:50 - Peggy George
can't hear the music from app sharing :-(

40:54 - A Harrison
just 4S?

40:59 - Peggy George
yes just 4S

40:59 - A Harrison
how bout 4

41:10 - Peggy George

41:12 - annhgarland

41:13 - JackieL
it works on my 2nd gen ipod

41:14 - Susie @shighley
shambles, are you going to ISTE?

41:16 - Lorna Costantini
just 4s

41:38 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)
i had trouble logging in so I MUST get the archive to watch again!

41:55 - Rhonda
I do to

42:04 - Peggy George
"AirPlay mirror your iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or the new iPad to any Mac or PC, wirelessly. " From their website

42:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Surprisingly Educational Apps webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/surprisinglyeduapps

42:16 - Peggy George
we can't hear that throughh app sharing

42:28 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I heard it a little bit.

42:44 - Peggy George
keep sharing your symbaloo links and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show today

42:47 - stidmama 4
yes, I am going to go watch the archive as soon as it is posted. This is brilliant. -- the latest JAVA update messed up my MAC so I couldn't log in. Had to default to the desktop Windows computer today.

43:24 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
OK I want a private tutorial with Pam. She has so much to share. Definitley a tech guru.

43:50 - ninapeery
That is an excellent idea to split up the unit and collaborate on it

43:52 - Peggy George
I am definitely going to be re-watching and pausing this many times :-)

43:58 - Kim Caise
same here peggy!

44:03 - Rhonda
me too

44:05 - Y Peterson
here's mine: http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/links4learning

44:09 - @shamblesguru
Question: I cannot see how to put html into a tile ... am I just missing it or do possible?

44:10 - Mark
how do others add tiles to my webmix? Pam says taht her and four other teachers worked on one webmix. How???

44:18 - Peggy George
these tips are sooooo helpful!!!

44:36 - @LucianeCurator
I curate Ipad and Iphone apps and startups in my #mlearning topic http://www.scoop.it/t/mlearningusingiphone-ipad-ipod-web20education/

45:11 - Shelley
I embedded my student symbaloo page into a google site and made that the homepage on my classroom computers

45:13 - ninapeery
We, Pam's other collaborators, created our own webmixes that she added from the Gallery to her Symbaloo.

45:20 - JackieL
also have a sub webmix to get them to the things they need for the day they are subbing.

45:22 - Peggy George
don't stop Pam!!! this is so valuable!!!!

45:43 - Rhonda
Love that

45:43 - Peggy George
student ownership of own learning! wow!

45:48 - TAMUC-SharonG
Symbaloo is brilliant for librarians who create subject-based Pathfinders who otherwise would use traditional tools such as Word

45:51 - ninapeery
Love the Sub Mix idea.

45:55 - Doug Henry 1
The Symbaloo page has similarities to Windows 8 layout...

46:13 - Peggy George
but multiple people can't curate a single webmix, right?

46:15 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
This video is how I learned about Symbaloo. After I watched this 7th grader's video I set up my Symbaloo acct.

46:26 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Very important that they apply what they learn.

46:33 - Lorna Costantini
audio not availalbe in app sharing

46:44 - Susie @shighley
and kids take more pride and care when the things they create will be shared

46:45 - Lorna Costantini
so watch the video later

47:02 - Susie @shighley
... same for adults!

47:38 - Kim Caise
i was so excited about my practice time with pam this week peggy and lorna!

47:39 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Just Matt Gomez picture

47:43 - stidmama 4
I just loaded symbaloo to my ipad...

48:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
The #kinderchat group on Twitter is making great Symbaloo webmixes.

48:10 - JackieL
My 11 & 12 year old also have their own symbaloo accounts. I can send them webmixes. They use them to organize info, websites, photos, etc.. for their school work.

48:54 - Peggy George
do you get a unique URL for the symbaloo you want to share with someone?

49:06 - Kim Caise
that is exactly what i was wondering peggy

49:18 - A Harrison
Best 2.0 webinar I've been part of! Nice Job!!!!

49:21 - @shamblesguru
Question : can a customise Google Search Box be used to replace the default one

49:39 - Kim T AZ
Completely agree A Harrison!

49:46 - A Harrison
Need the google docs / symbaloo how-to pdf.

49:48 - Maestra Sofia

50:06 - Peggy George
we should have a sharing session some week on Classroom 2.0 LIVE after everyone has a chance to create some new Symbaloos :-)

50:06 - Kim Caise
i will sofia

50:22 - Kim Caise
definitely peggy!

50:25 - TAMU-Nicole Geiler
how sute and special

50:33 - TAMU-Nicole Geiler

50:34 - Peggy George

50:38 - stidmama 4
like that idea, peggy!

50:48 - A Harrison

50:52 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)
I wonder if Jerry Cybraryman1 will convert his tens of thousands of web links into symbaloo webmixes? What do you think Jerry? ha ha ha

50:54 - Peggy George
I'll bet there were tears!!!

50:59 - Kim Caise
right before school too

51:22 - Peggy George
love this checklist!

51:36 - Kim Caise
check, check, check, check, check

51:45 - stidmama 4
the idea from earlier that symbaloo can work on parents' mobile devices reminded me of Joe Mazza's presentation a little while ago -- adapting our communications to the families' needs. I really like that flexibility.

51:46 - Rhonda

52:01 - Angie Kelley

52:16 - Peggy George
great connection @stidmama re Joe Mazza!

52:36 - Kim T AZ
Getting the urge to yell out....AMEN!

52:42 - Peggy George
can you save things stored in your dropbox in Symbaloo?

52:42 - Mark
how do others add tiles to my webmix? Pam says taht her and four other teachers worked on one webmix. How???

52:45 - symbaloo
Can't wait to start organizing...the best educational App so far!

52:46 - @shamblesguru
Always love to listen to an enthusiast educator ....

52:48 - stidmama 4
pam, this was WONDERFUL. thank you so much

52:49 - Maestra Sofia
CAN WE make are symballos and share?

52:49 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
Thanks Pam

52:50 - JackieL

52:55 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)
you are a TOp performer, PAM, thank you!!!

52:57 - annhgarland
that was so much fun!!

52:58 - Y Peterson
Thanks great info

53:01 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual Applause for Pam.

53:02 - Rhonda
;) I can see what makes it exciting Pam. Great Job!

53:02 - Cindy
Great presentation!

53:05 - Jes

53:08 - Angie Kelley
This was great! Thank you Pam for sharing!!

53:10 - Peggy George
incredible presentation!!! I'm so jazzed to try the ideas!

53:20 - roxanne clement
My head's exploding...in a good way!

53:20 - TAMUCYvonneC
Great information! Can't wait to use

53:21 - TAMUC-CharlotteG 2
Thanks so much!

53:23 - russel@melbourne 1
many thanks

53:27 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Algebra Symbaloo webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/algebra

53:48 - Mark
pams email again please

53:54 - Maestra Sofia

53:55 - Peggy George
you'll find the recording and links for today's show here later today http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

53:58 - ninapeery

53:59 - Pam Cranford

54:06 - Margarita Kalyuzhna
thank you

54:14 - @LucianeCurator
I considered symbaloo edu in the top 10 curation tools who change research http://bit.ly/credproject

54:14 - Pam Cranford
How many of you already went in and created your symbaloo account???

54:26 - Glenn Hervieux

54:32 - stidmama 4
I did, @Pam -- on the ipad. Now itching to try it on my laptop!

54:34 - Susie @shighley
I had an acct. but hadn't done much with it. Learned about it at ISTE last year

54:34 - Peggy George
there will be lots of things streamed from ISTE Unplugged during ISTE

54:43 - Peggy George

54:50 - stidmama 4
have to head out -- thanks again!

54:59 - Peggy George
all free :-) Paula is presenting there! Anyone else?

55:11 - JackieL
I already have one. Presented on this at UCET but still got some new ideas. Thanks!

55:21 - Maestra Sofia
I will ASAP

55:24 - JackieL
loved the checkl list!

55:29 - Pam Cranford
I'm glad

55:39 - Peggy George
Full URL for Featured Teacher Nomination Form:
TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/CR20LIVEFeaturedTeacherNominat

55:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, I'm presenting at ISTE an dfor ISTE Unplugged.

56:05 - Kim T AZ
Thanks for a wonderful learning experience!

56:08 - Peggy George
fantastic Paula! Can't wait to see you!

56:09 - Mark
where is the live binder?

56:12 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten
My ISTE12 page: http://cybraryman.com/iste.html

56:12 - Peggy George

56:22 - Peggy George

56:32 - Pam Cranford
I will fill in that Classroom 2.0 Live Webmix and share the link

56:48 - Peggy George
you can even watch recordings on your ipad/iphone from itunesu and submit a request for a certificate :-)

56:56 - staffdevjnkie (Sue Levine)
Yes, I did not know the extent either!

56:59 - Peggy George

57:02 - ninapeery
Nina Peery peeryn@woisd.net for certificate. Thank you!

57:13 - TAMUC-CharlotteG 2
Will there be a show June 30?

57:14 - TAMUC-SharonG
Any hint about what will be on Classroom 2.0 on June 30?

57:15 - Dan Hickson
Daniel Hickson (Dan.Hickson@stockton.edu)

57:18 - Peggy George
I'll get your email addresses from the survey :-)

57:31 - Peggy George

57:33 - @LucianeCurator
My iste topic http://www.scoop.it/t/iste-iste11-useful-links-for-teachers/

57:43 - Peggy George
you can subscribe to video or audio or both :-)

58:00 - Peggy George
cute arrow :-)

58:04 - Pam Cranford
very retro

58:43 - Peggy George
http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html You can subscribe to the RSS feed for all of our shows here.

59:05 - Rhonda
clapping, for all the effort. Led by great moderators! Shared with excellent teachers :)

59:38 - ninapeery

59:44 - Peggy George
is there a dropdown arrow if all of your tabs don't show up across the top?

59:49 - kg
SUPER job...great info...thanks for the great suggestions for use, across the grade range, for differentiation, and more!!

1:00:05 - Peggy George
thank you all so much for coming! we'll keep the recording going if you need to leave :-)

1:00:22 - Mark
how do others add tiles to my webmix? Pam says taht her and four other teachers worked on one webmix. How???

1:00:22 - Peggy George
good to know about the unique URL

1:00:32 - Peggy George
my question too Mark :-)

1:01:33 - Peggy George
the url changes whenever you change your webmix from private to public

1:01:41 - Peggy George
show us now :-)

1:01:49 - Peggy George

1:02:01 - ninapeery
Still here.

1:02:27 - Peggy George
nina you can take the mic anytime!!!!

1:02:33 - Peggy George
just raise your hand :-)

1:03:29 - Peggy George
that's a great idea about the task list!

1:03:41 - Angie Kelley
Love the task list!

1:03:55 - Peggy George
far better than a planner that gets buried in a backpack or left at school!

1:04:09 - Maestra Sofia
can they use symbaloo on IPODS?

1:04:10 - Rhonda
so true peggy

1:04:12 - Lorna Costantini
exactly Peggy

1:04:32 - Peggy George
reminders for significant others??? :-) take out the trash :-)

1:04:47 - Lorna Costantini
SO many parents are going to benefit with that kind of communication

1:04:47 - JackieL

1:04:58 - Rhonda
exactly Lorna

1:05:03 - Rhonda
those willing of course

1:05:23 - Rhonda
making it easier I would think helps

1:06:29 - Peggy George
can you add a Livebinder to the webmix? I think you can and then you can embed something in the Livebinder to share that way

1:06:41 - Rhonda
good idea

1:07:16 - Rhonda

1:07:30 - @LucianeCurator
I must go . Keep in touch social media addicted teachers https://twitter.com/#!/LucianeCurator

1:07:41 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Peggy you can link to a Livebinder.

1:07:42 - ninapeery
Pam, didn't we just create our own webmix and you added it to yours from the Gallery using our pic to link.

1:07:53 - Peggy George
are there multiple pages in a webmix?

1:07:56 - roxanne clement
are you moderating the students's symbaloos?

1:08:14 - Rhonda

1:08:20 - Maestra Sofia
how do I get the class 2.0 webmix?

1:08:47 - ninapeery
That would be a great way to have students site their sources for a project.

1:08:53 - Peggy George

1:09:01 - Peggy George
that's the one she is creating for us :-)

1:09:01 - ninapeery
We did not create tiles on your webmix.

1:09:23 - Peggy George

1:10:08 - Peggy George
so you really can't collaborate on a single webmix?

1:10:20 - @shamblesguru
Symbaloo - How to Share your Symbaloo Webmixes http://youtu.be/9AHLnrwf7dw

1:10:40 - Rhonda
Yes, just need to start on a unique one then copy and move to a general one, correct?

1:11:08 - Rhonda
Link to

1:11:16 - Peggy George
if you wanted to present Symbaloo in a conference and wanted participants to each add a site what's the best way to do that?

1:11:34 - Mark
so this page that she is showing now, Pam and others collaborated on it, how?

1:12:11 - ninapeery
Mark, we did not create that page together. We presented from that page.

1:12:18 - Rhonda
Mark, as I understand they created their own Webmix and then one person copied and moved their Webmix's to a central location

1:12:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Check out the Symbaloo blog for more great ideas on how to use webmixes http://www.symbalooedu.com/blog-3/page/2/

1:12:34 - JackieL
probably have them email you the link ank then create the one symbaloo page and share it.

1:13:02 - Peggy George
how do you give credit to someone if you are using their webmix on your own site?

1:13:55 - @shamblesguru
So real collaboration is no possibe ... right?

1:14:05 - Peggy George
yes-would you create a google doc?

1:14:06 - Peggy George

1:14:10 - Rhonda
good question Peggy, their individual pictures I think is Great, but some may appreciate more

1:14:18 - Peggy George
you need a way to get their links to add to the symbaloo

1:14:38 - Rhonda

1:14:42 - @shamblesguru
ANSWER: pass a wireless keyboard and mouse around the room connected to the projecting laptop :-)

1:14:46 - Peggy George
great! that would be easy and fast!

1:15:18 - Peggy George
that would work too Shamblesguru! because everyone would be adding to the one site that is logged in

1:15:30 - Rhonda
simultaneous isn't but linking works, for now. I'm sure it will grow

1:15:51 - JackieL
you can log in multiple student computers using symbaloo as your homepage

1:15:56 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Collaborate by creating a Symbaloo acct and give particiapants the password and then create together.

1:16:05 - Peggy George
how many symbaloo accounts can you have?

1:16:14 - JackieL
computer lab with each grade having a webmix

1:16:32 - JackieL
peggy I think 1 per email

1:16:33 - Peggy George
could you create one separate account for the class that everyone would have the login for?

1:16:33 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I like that I can embed a Symbaloo webmix to my Google sites or wikis.

1:16:51 - Peggy George

1:17:07 - @shamblesguru
Backchannel tools for that sort of real time collaboration http://www.shambles.net/pages/staff/BCtools/ ... maybe

1:17:45 - Peggy George
can you limit your search just to symbalooEDU if you have a regular symbaloo account and log into both with the same login?

1:18:00 - Peggy George
Nina do you want to take the mic to share anything? :-)

1:18:21 - Peggy George
love the use of the pictures!

1:18:30 - Rhonda

1:18:55 - Rhonda
True teaching, creates learners who can't stop :)

1:19:06 - Peggy George
excellent point Rhonda!!!

1:19:30 - @shamblesguru
I wonder if Google crawls Symbaloos ... so they come up in searches .... but maybe not as they are not public ... I don't remember seeing Symbaloo webmixes coming up in a search

1:19:32 - Rhonda
so motivating

1:19:44 - JackieL
excellent for early elem kids, ELL, and Sped kids.

1:19:56 - Susie @shighley
and you can work on your mixes this summer as you come across good ideas

1:20:09 - Maestra Sofia
how do I search for them

1:20:17 - Rhonda
I would think really helpful for Sped kids. Their parents typically like more communication

1:20:33 - JackieL
on Symbaloo Edu you get other stuff on Symbaloo

1:20:57 - JackieL
webmix gallery at top right

1:21:06 - Rhonda
I love an adhd mind. So many creative ideas :)

1:21:06 - Maestra Sofia
where do I search i donot see a search icon

1:21:23 - ninapeery
It is on the left on the row with the tabs.

1:21:24 - JackieL
search box is on the right

1:21:32 - ninapeery
I'm sorry, it is on the right.

1:21:44 - Maestra Sofia
sorry yup I see it know

1:22:06 - Rhonda
real time support works so well :)

1:22:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Food recipes webmixes http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/5402-foodrecipes

1:22:13 - Maestra Sofia

1:22:14 - ninapeery
What a great way to document authentic assessment!

1:22:29 - Lili
I see a braziliam flag in it . Greaat

1:22:30 - JackieL
also next to the green plus sign for add a webmix there is a gallery link

1:22:36 - Rhonda
Uh-oh Food recipes, this is never ending

1:22:36 - Maestra Sofia

1:22:43 - Rhonda

1:22:57 - Peggy George
such a great point!! with this as your home page you have access to everything!

1:22:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Travel webmix http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/5392-travel

1:23:19 - JackieL
between symbaloo and pinterest my husband say I am also on the computer.

1:23:20 - Rhonda
The important thing is helping them stay simple

1:23:22 - Rhonda
I agree Pam

1:23:24 - Peggy George
will facebook pages show up in a webmix? requires a login

1:23:26 - Maestra Sofia
can I put voicethreeads on symbaloo

1:23:32 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I absolutely love having Symbaloo as my start page.

1:23:37 - Lili
so cute !

1:23:51 - Rhonda
keeping this in their hands that keep them on track

1:23:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Kimmie from Symbaloo runs #symchat on Wednesdays on Twitter,

1:24:12 - Rhonda
Great! Thank You Paula

1:24:13 - ninapeery
Thanks Paula. I will check on Kimmie.

1:24:22 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
$PDT I think

1:24:28 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

1:24:30 - Peggy George
that is such a great point! differentiation for each kids' home page

1:24:45 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

1:25:11 - Rhonda
Helps Peggy, I think when they are unique and its personal so they can be proud to show it off

1:25:25 - JackieL
great way to monitor where your students go on the internet.

1:25:45 - Peggy George
can you post facebook pages on Symbaloo?

1:26:03 - Maestra Sofia
voicethread, I know voki works

1:26:05 - Susie @shighley
symbaloo training posted in this weeks #symchat http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/dpisdsymbalootraining

1:26:19 - Peggy George
do you upload documents or do you have to provide a url for them?

1:26:27 - Sylvia Buller (@sabuller )
christmas webmix link http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/christmasfun

1:26:34 - Glenn Hervieux
Another cool thing is that the videos will play right in Symbaloo!

1:26:40 - Peggy George
thanks Susie! I'll add that link to the Livebinder today

1:27:06 - Rhonda
I agree Glenn, that is a easy

1:27:16 - @shamblesguru
Screenshot on iPad ... then email that

1:27:23 - Loertscher
could each studnet create their own symbaloo and have one of their pages shared with you and then you can control everything as you do now?

1:28:32 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Pam have you been Symbaloo certified?

1:28:46 - @shamblesguru
Fits in nicely with the era of App-based user interfaces

1:29:05 - @shamblesguru
post here now please

1:29:05 - Peggy George
I found the url :-)

1:29:15 - Peggy George

1:29:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Pam, it is easy to do and you would zoom through the certification process.

1:29:21 - Pam Cranford

1:29:36 - Peggy George
fabulous resource! I'll add it to our Livebinder today

1:29:44 - @shamblesguru
Pandora USA only

1:29:53 - JackieL
who is logged on as loertscher? This is Jackie Loertscher

1:29:59 - Peggy George
how do you give credit to someone when you borrow their entire symbaloo?

1:30:16 - JackieL
love the task list

1:30:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Idea - create a webmix that takes early finishers to great kid-frienly websites.

1:30:38 - Rhonda
Good question Peggy, still waiting for that answer, would that be up to the teacher or original creator?

1:30:46 - @shamblesguru
If you create a webmix ... and share it ... do you know how many others have taken it?

1:31:26 - Loertscher
couldn't the student share one page of the symbaloo with you and thenb you would have control?

1:31:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, Shambles in your preferences you can see how many times your webmix has been taken by others.

1:31:42 - Peggy George
we need to wrap up for now or the recording will be toooooo long :-)

1:31:54 - Rhonda

1:32:15 - Peggy George
we'll have Pam and Nina come back for another followup show in a few months :-)

1:32:34 - Peggy George
and we'll have a sharing session with all of you taking the mic who have symbaloos to share :-)

1:33:16 - Peggy George
thank you so much Pam!!! This has been fantastic!

1:33:22 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual appluase again for Pam. She ROCKS!

1:33:24 - Shelley
Wonderful session!

1:33:35 - Peggy George
stay tuned for round 2!!!!!!

1:33:39 - McTeach (Karen)
Already working on my own that I'll use for my homepage!!

1:33:44 - Maestra Sofia
folooowup Mine will be Bilingual

1:33:45 - JackieL
Great session!

1:33:59 - Peggy George
I'll post the recording link as soon as everyone logs out of the room :-)

1:34:02 - McTeach (Karen)
There's more??? Wow!

1:34:08 - Tammy Moore
Thanks for the session. I might not have discovered this tool otherwise. :)

1:34:09 - Lili
thanks for sharing ! I loved it . these webinars are fantastic .

1:34:13 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Karen we can help each other make webmixes when at ISTE hacienda.

1:34:13 - Peggy George

1:34:19 - TAMUC-SharonG
Fantastic session. I know what I'll be doing this afternoon!!!:)

1:34:20 - Rhonda
PLN's abundant connects = abundant learning

1:34:32 - Maestra Sofia
me too

1:34:35 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!! have a fantastic weekend!