CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE - June 12, 2010

00:02 to: Peggy George
here we go!!! hooray!

00:02 to: Paula Naugle
@cpark If you ever visit, we'll need to meet up.

00:06 to: Kim T AZ
Good morning from wonderfully cool AZ, not even going to hit 100 today!

00:07 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Zoe!

00:21 to: McTeach
Good morning!

00:25 to: virginia alberti 1
hi Peggy!

00:31 to: McTeach
Yay Peggy!!

00:31 to: Peggy George
:-) I didn't want to miss this!!!

00:38 to: Kim T AZ
That is Peggy, always there for all her PLNs!

00:39 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Peggy!

00:44 to: Peggy George
thank you! blush!

01:19 to: George Couros
Have fun Aviva!

01:35 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks George! Glad you could come.

01:39 to: Peggy George
you are going to be so inspired by Aviva--especially when you hear how long she has been doing this!!

02:05 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Peggy!

02:06 to: kim Caise, backup computer
yeah Tammy!

02:06 to: Michelle Honeysett
Have already been inspired by you, Aviva! Look forward to hearing what you have to share today. :-) THANKS for this!

02:21 to: Paula Naugle
Aviva, I was checking out all of your stuff this morning. Awesome.

02:29 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Michelle! Inspired by all of you too.

02:35 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
hi Aviva Hi Zoe

02:38 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Paula! So inspired by you as well.

02:49 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Hi aforgrave! Thanks for coming!

02:51 to: zoe @zbpipe
Hello Andy!

02:53 to: sharon
aviva, this is so neat that so many people get to benefit from your experiences and learnings.

03:06 to: connect2jamie
Good morning everyone, from Houston, TX!

03:07 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Sharon! Still amazed by it all!

03:07 to: Paula Naugle
Love the new map!!!

03:13 to: Jill
Hello from Nashville, TN

03:22 to: Peggy George
I'm torn-don't know whether to put Phoenix Az where I live or Pittsboro NC where I'm on vacation :-)

03:30 to: Michelle Honeysett
I'm not really in the Pacific Ocean--bad aim! Vancouver Island!!

03:30 to: Kim 1
First time participating and think this is SOOO cool!

03:37 to: Peggy George
thanks Paula! I love that map too--will help me with my geography!!

03:39 to: kim Caise, backup computer
thanks Peggy for getting us a labeled map for the geography challenged

03:52 to: Paula Naugle
@Peggy I agree.

04:04 to: Kim T AZ
we have kim cubed this time :)

04:05 to: Peggy George
perfect! it's fine to try out the emoticons :-)

04:08 to: jackiegerstein
Happy Saturday everyone

04:11 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Yes, the labelled map helps a lot!

04:23 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Jackie.

04:26 to: jackiegerstein

04:30 to: McTeach
I might have missed it, but what do you consider primary?

04:31 to: Paula Naugle
Hi McTeach.

04:33 to: Peggy George
I have to say X since I don't teach primary grade students but I would if I did :-)

04:41 to: McTeach

04:45 to: jackiegerstein
You do indirectly Peggy

04:46 to: Katherine
planning on doing so this year so checking yes. hope that counts

04:53 to: Peggy George
that's true Jackie

05:01 to: Peggy George
good practice :-)

05:24 to: @rmcdonald17
Refresh the coffee Peggy !! lol

05:29 to: jackiegerstein
My goal is to get other elementary teachers using 2.0

05:34 to: McTeach
Wow, lots of familiar names in the room today! That's awesome!!

05:37 to: Aviva (@grade1)

05:38 to: Peggy George
excellent!! how exciting to see so many primary teachers using web 20!!

05:44 to: connect2jamie
@jackie mine too!

05:47 to: Aviva (@grade1)
I agree, Peggy!

05:54 to: Peggy George
funny @rmcdonald17!!

05:58 to: jackiegerstein
Wordle was a fav. of my elementary students

06:04 to: Katherine
no idea what wordle is...

06:07 to: Peggy George
Wordle is such a fun tool!!

06:15 to: cpark
I don't even know what Wordle is!

06:19 to: Michelle Honeysett
Katherine, look up :-) FUN!

06:19 to: jackiegerstein
We almost lost Wordle

06:23 to: @rmcdonald17
Students love it (Grade 2)

06:26 to: Paula Naugle
Have a color printer for next year. Students love color.

06:26 to: Aviva (@grade1)
I agree Peggy! I love Wordle. My students do too!

06:27 to: Peggy George
very true Jackie

06:35 to: McTeach
Michelle...isn't it

06:35 to: connect2jamie

06:38 to: roxanne

06:41 to: Michelle Honeysett
Oh yeah~ ;-)

06:43 to: Michelle Honeysett
he he he

06:50 to: Christina Young
Never heard of wallwisher

06:52 to: Michelle Honeysett
always google it actually! ;-)

06:53 to: Katherine
again, not heard of it. :)

06:53 to: McTeach
Great to see you here, Michelle!!!

06:56 to: Maria Knee
blocked at my school

07:01 to: Michelle Honeysett
Thanks, you too!

07:02 to: @rmcdonald17
Caffeine is flowing , jumping the gun, sorry Peggy..

07:02 to: sabasweb
its real good

07:04 to: jackiegerstein
Wordle resources -

07:08 to: Peggy George
wallwisher is great to use for faculty too :-)

07:09 to: connect2jamie
Wallwisher blocked in my world. :(

07:13 to: roxanne
wallwisher is awesome

07:21 to: jackiegerstein
Hi Aviva!

07:38 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Hi jackiegerstein!

07:38 to: Paula Naugle
Welcome Aviva.

07:44 to: Patti Harju
Hi Aviva!

07:45 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Paula!

07:47 to: sabasweb
heloo aviva :)

07:55 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Hello sabasweb!

08:01 to: connect2jamie
Hi Aviva! Excited to hear your preso today!

08:02 to: Patti Harju
Aviva inspired me to use with my 2nd grade. Love it

08:11 to: sabasweb
nice meeting some 1 going what i want

08:18 to: Peggy George
welcome Aviva!!!

08:20 to: Kim 1
Aviva inspired me to skype!! She's great!

08:20 to: sabasweb
web tools for primary

08:27 to: McTeach
Good morning, Aviva!!

08:29 to: roxanne
what's her blog address again?

08:31 to: @rmcdonald17
She is without a doubt Amazing!!!

08:41 to: Patti Harju
Hi Twitter pals....I am Scout7 on twitter

08:43 to: Peggy George
her blog is in our links today:

08:53 to: roxanne
thanks peggy

08:59 to: Paula Naugle
Love what she has her 1st graders doing.

09:02 to: Peggy George (Class Kidblog for Aviva Dunsiger)

09:04 to: zoe @zbpipe
Thanks Aviva!

09:12 to: Paula Naugle
Yeah Zoey.

09:16 to: Peggy George (Aviva's Professional Blog)

09:18 to: Kim 1
Agreed! Zoe is awesome!

09:27 to: Peggy George
fantastic Zoey!!

09:37 to: zoe @zbpipe
Here is my blog: - student blogs are attached

09:37 to: Paula Naugle
Sorry ZOe.

09:43 to: Maria Knee
Hope others will be inspired by your work, Aviva.

09:58 to: zoe @zbpipe
Aviva is leading edge teacher. High school teachers beware -

10:10 to: Jill
would love to have a laptop cart

10:18 to: McTeach
I'm one of the only teachers at our school who uses the laptop cart!!

10:19 to: Lorna Costantini
@zoe you are right so right!!

10:22 to: Peggy George
can you believe Aviva is already presenting to an international audience after 1 year of using web 20 tools!! Amazing what teachers can do if they are willing to take risks to benefit their students!!

10:38 to: sabasweb
:) true

10:51 to: sabasweb
i need more systems though in my class , we have just 1

10:54 to: Peggy George (Kidblog: Free site for designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with their own, unique blog without an email address)

10:56 to: @rmcdonald17
She is so helpful and makes the "Technology make sense!"

11:06 to: connect2jamie
very cute--you've inspired him!

11:12 to: Peggy George

11:19 to: Kim T AZ
does your admin support your adventures in learning?

11:22 to: Michelle Honeysett
Awwww! :-)

11:36 to: Lorna Costantini
I love teh engaging question at the end already learned to collaborate

11:40 to: connect2jamie
Listen to students. Yes!

11:47 to: @rmcdonald17
she is so about sound teaching and good Pedagody !!

11:47 to: George Couros
As an administrator, I want my teachers trying this more and more with students

12:00 to: zoe @zbpipe
Aviva started this one year ago which means that if anyone is willing to take a chance and risk and try anything we can all do it, regardless of age, grade, etc. I'd like to see some of the gr8's in o

12:00 to: zoe @zbpipe
ur school try some of these tools

12:05 to: jackiegerstein
Do we wait to have students use pencils?

12:07 to: Patti Harju
The younger students can do so much. No reason to wait!

12:11 to: Kim T AZ
George - we need to clone you!

12:16 to: McTeach
LOVE Google Docs!!! So do my kids!!

12:24 to: kim Caise, backup computer
good point @jackie

12:27 to: Paula Naugle
@George Couros You are inspiring to your staff and many others in your PLN.

12:35 to: jackiegerstein
thanks Kim on the backup computer

12:36 to: Maria Knee
Mine do too. So easy for them.

12:37 to: Michelle Honeysett
Google Docs is a nice first step, for sure! :-)

12:43 to: kim Caise, backup computer

12:46 to: Peggy George
I agree Kim T AZ!!! we need many more administrators like George!

12:55 to: zoe @zbpipe
Did you have one google doc account for your entire class?

13:00 to: Anatoliy
I use Gogle Docs (Power Point) too

13:03 to: @rmcdonald17
George Rocks!

13:13 to: zoe @zbpipe
Ok, answered my question

13:13 to: Michelle Honeysett
That's how I've done it, with one account.

13:23 to: Peggy George
that makes so much sense!

13:26 to: Maria Knee
I set up a class account, differnt from my account

13:26 to: zoe @zbpipe
PERFECT for Grade 1

13:32 to: Paula Naugle
I have used Google docs with my 4th graders.

13:33 to: @rmcdonald17
Ditto on the one account!

13:38 to: Marty Caise
This is a great option for a small age group

13:42 to: Patti Harju
I have used the Google Forms for some simple assessments and class surveys.

13:42 to: Kareen K
does googledocs have permissions, so that students docs are not available to the net?

13:59 to: Reba
How do you get around your district's secure server because Google uses "https"?

14:00 to: McTeach
We have Google Apps for Edu at our school, kids have accounts that I can access if I need to

14:00 to: Peggy George
google forms are powerful for those early graphing activities!

14:09 to: Michelle Honeysett
Yes, google docs needs invitations to view.

14:20 to: Paula Naugle
@Karen K Can make a GoogleDoc private or shared.

14:22 to: rdhout
Those 'age 13' issues can be avoided if you use Google Apps for EDU in your own organization. Your org then is responsible for content and COPPA 'restrictions'

14:30 to: Patti Harju
I want to get my STAFF to set up Google Doc accounts.

14:31 to: @rmcdonald17
Set up for classroom collaboration

14:33 to: connect2jamie
Google Apps for Ed makes so muc!

14:40 to: Kareen K
thank you

14:51 to: Peggy George
I love that they have used Twitter!!!

14:57 to: connect2jamie
Oops! Try again: Google Apps for Ed makes so much sense! Wish my dist would go that way

14:59 to: Paula Naugle
That is awesome.

15:02 to: April Brown
How long does it take them to do a daily tweet?

15:06 to: Peggy George
incredible collaboration!!

15:10 to: Folkmew
What is the audience for their tweets?

15:10 to: Patti Harju
I have tweeted with a separate account for the class. There are other classes you can tweet with.

15:14 to: McTeach
That's awesome!!

15:15 to: Kim T AZ
this would make most teachers nervous - twitter? Go Aviva!

15:21 to: cpark
I don't understand how you can tweet to an interactive white board.

15:23 to: Marty Caise
Is the Twitter Account a single account for the class?

15:40 to: Lorna Costantini
Parents also have access to the tweets

15:45 to: April Brown
Thank you

15:46 to: Marty Caise
ok thanks

15:46 to: Peggy George
you're tweeting from the computer and it's projected on the smartboard

15:47 to: Patti Harju
We tweeted with a protected account with only other classes. It does take the kids a while to decide on their sentence.

15:52 to: Maria Knee
We have our own twitter account. Don't want to mix their tweets with mine and don't want them to have the same followers and friends

16:04 to: Michelle Honeysett
That's a good idea, Maria...

16:05 to: connect2jamie
very good way to manage it! :)

16:09 to: Michelle Honeysett
A class account...

16:10 to: clinds
Has anyone tried so you can have a twitter network within your classroom?

16:12 to: Kim T AZ
students in twitter - love it!

16:21 to: Peggy George
she's going to talk about twiducate :-)

16:22 to: @rmcdonald17
Good idea Maria

16:42 to: April Brown
I've got a school twitter account but haven't used it a whole bunch in the last little while.

16:47 to: zoe @zbpipe
And sharing it, gives them an authentic purpose, platform for writing.

16:49 to: @rmcdonald17
thanks to Aviva, we are using twiducate in our classroom

16:58 to: jackiegerstein
Blog - Google Docs Does Not Violate CIPA (or COPPA*) -

17:02 to: Peggy George
We have included a bunch of other primary teacher class blogs in our links today and you'll see these tools used there too :-) Kathy Cassidy uses many of these tools.

17:10 to: zoe @zbpipe
Will the Grade Two teacher next year use some of these tools?

17:11 to: Michelle Honeysett
Such an important reason for starting young--the opportunity to instill the safety ideas...

17:27 to: connect2jamie
authentic digital citizenship learning!

18:00 to: Kim T AZ Great article

18:11 to: Folkmew
and jing makes it easy to save a wordle in a way you can easily put it into another document. :-) (or at least it seemed easier to me than trying to get around java to actually print screen)

18:13 to: Peggy George

18:37 to: Michelle Honeysett
Haven't used jing?

18:37 to: Paula Naugle
Love Skype.

18:48 to: Peggy George

18:50 to: Folkmew
I love the idea of using skype! Haven't had a chance to do it yet with a class but hope to.

18:50 to: Michelle Honeysett
Yes, fantastic tool!

18:53 to: cpark
If I click on thel inks that are being sent to the chat won't knock me out of this room, will it?

18:54 to: @rmcdonald17
Skype is fantastic!

18:57 to: Janisia Bennett
Do you think these using these tools has helped your students develope higher order thinking like problemsolving

19:10 to: Soingirl
one of my favourites

19:12 to: rdhout - is probably one of the most powerful tools you can add to your teacher toolbox.

19:21 to: langwitches
Let me make a plug in for the skype project

19:25 to: Katherine
i am a web admin as well, skype embeds itself into my html code... =(

19:28 to: Peggy George
Silvia Tolisano's Skype project for classrooms around the world is incredible!

19:35 to: Paula Naugle
Tested out Skype 5.0 version Thursday. Can do a video confernce with up to 5 people. Work great.

19:37 to: kim Caise, backup computer
no cpark. it will open a window outside of elluminate but you will stay in the room here

19:46 to: Isabel
my class used Skype with another where we presented projects to each other

19:51 to: langwitches
Over 100 educators from around the world ready to make contact with your class via skype

20:00 to: Patti Harju
Skype is great. Would love to Skype INternationally this year.

20:06 to: Michelle Honeysett
Having an authentic audience is powerful!

20:17 to: clinds
On a mac you can use command+shift+4 to get a picture file of your wordle that you can add to a blog or print. Makes it really easy to keep these wordles!

20:20 to: @rmcdonald17
Great idea for Halloween 2.0 !!! love it

20:22 to: Patti Harju
Did have a student give me bunny ears during a Skype call this year.

20:23 to: langwitches

20:32 to: zoe @zbpipe
Travel world in day blog:

20:34 to: Robin Fairfield
Can someone post how to Skype internationally?

20:38 to: Patti Harju
Love the small group Skype call idea...

20:39 to: Bridget
I would like to implement Skype.

20:46 to: kim Caise, backup computer
langwitches does fantastic work with students using web 2.0 to connect globally

20:55 to: sharon
Our classes enjoyed the Hallowe'en activities and it was a great way to involve all of the grade ones.

20:57 to: Soingirl
doing a Canadain/Australian Skype with our blogging buddies this week

21:06 to: Peggy George
Silvia T has a great blog post about all of the academic standards being used when you skype :-)

21:27 to: Paula Naugle
I ad 5th graders in Montana doing flashcards with my fourth graders in New Orleans via Skype.

21:29 to: Robin Fairfield
I am going to be teaching 1st. again want to be able Skype for Social Studies

21:32 to: langwitches
@Robin sign up for an account at There are many international educators ready to make contact with you

21:37 to: Patti Harju
I have learned so much from my twitter PLN

21:39 to: kim Caise, backup computer
Robin, there are several resources where you can connect to classrooms around the world

21:43 to: Soingirl
is it possible to get a link to that blog post

21:44 to: @rmcdonald17
Great follow up to skype call, so true

21:46 to: roxanne
I use it all the time with my students K-5

22:13 to: @rmcdonald17
Great reflections

22:13 to: langwitches
I have connected my students with classes from over 25 countries in the past 2 years

22:14 to: Laurie
I love Wallwisher!

22:16 to: Robin Fairfield

22:17 to: Michelle Honeysett
Is it like a collaborative brainstorm??

22:22 to: Bridget
Is SMART Board similiar to the Promethean Board?

22:27 to: Laurie
I use wallwisher for my Question of the Week

22:35 to: Michelle Honeysett
Yes, Bridget, both interactive whiteboards. :-)

22:36 to: Peggy George
yes Smart board is very similar to Promethean board

22:40 to: zoe @zbpipe
We are closing the year the same way, add your name and time to this doc if interested (Aviva part of this project)

22:47 to: @rmcdonald17
Great idea Laurie

22:47 to: Paula Naugle
@Bridget yes it is another IWB interactive whiteboard

22:48 to: McTeach
Laurie - what do you do for Question of the Week?

22:49 to: kim Caise, backup computer
yes, very similar Bridget

23:07 to: Marian Multimedia Class 1
Students sitting in my multimedia class are watching/listening live...we all say hi

23:10 to: Peggy George (Crocodoc)

23:13 to: Laurie
Various things...sometimes we graph the answers. Such as: "What is your favorite color?"

23:21 to: langwitches
Have used wallwhisher collaboratively between seond and first graders from Canada/USA to learn about Olympics

23:34 to: Lorna Costantini
It is terrific that Aviva is engaging her parents in their child's learning

23:35 to: Patti Harju
Crocodoc is new to me

23:36 to: zoe @zbpipe
Incredible use of wallwisher -

23:43 to: McTeach
Laurie-what grade do you teach?

23:51 to: Laurie

23:53 to: Laurie

23:54 to: Folkmew
ie: aieeeeeee!! Firefox. :-)

24:09 to: kim Caise, backup computer

24:09 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
IE is not 2.o friendly

24:10 to: Bridget
Thank you, Michelle.

24:17 to: Peggy George
what a great idea!!

24:18 to: Michelle Honeysett
Fun idea! @soultaheller? :-)

24:33 to: @rmcdonald17
Fantastic use of crocodoc

24:36 to: Peggy George
that is so engaging!!

24:36 to: Folkmew
cool! I'll have to check out crocodoc!

24:37 to: McTeach
I teach 7th and 8th

24:39 to: Patti Harju
Not a IE class knows I am a Firefox - safari person

24:46 to: mrsdurff
why is crocodoc better or worse than google docs or etherpad?

24:47 to: zoe @zbpipe
Go Aviva!

24:50 to: Doug Henry
Be neat to combine crocodoc with wordle

24:51 to: Jill
love evernote!

24:54 to: Peggy George (Evernote)

25:05 to: Patti Harju
Have note used it with students...

25:07 to: Bridget
This is amazing to see first graders being able to do this.

25:10 to: McTeach
Would never have thought of using evernote with students

25:23 to: kim Caise, backup computer

25:25 to: Paula Naugle
I use Evernote personally. Never thought about using it with my students.

25:29 to: Michelle Honeysett
Cool! Haven't seen this before...

25:46 to: Peggy George
there are so many things she is using that I would never have thought first graders could use! I am blown away and so excited to share this!!

25:57 to: @rmcdonald17
easy to embed on ??

26:07 to: kim Caise, backup computer
livebinders is a great way to organize resources online

26:23 to: McTeach
I really need to learn how to use evernote this summer!!!

26:34 to: Monique Girard
I am amazed a the technology that these grade ones are using!

26:46 to: April Brown
HI monique

26:49 to: anachorete
@mcteach learning evernote is a 10 min task ;-)

26:50 to: Peggy George
I love evernote and use it all the time during workshops and virtual conferences to take notes

26:52 to: Monique Girard
Hi April!

26:53 to: @rmcdonald17
McTeach me too!

26:54 to: Janisia Bennett
@Monique, yeah this is amazing

26:57 to: zoe @zbpipe
Moderators, sorry about that didn't mean to text last comment to just you

26:58 to: mrsdurff
@McTeach investigate the FireFox plug ins

27:00 to: Paula Naugle
What happens when they go to 2nd grade?

27:01 to: Peggy George
evernote will sync with iphone too :-)

27:17 to: mrsdurff
I have a free phone

27:31 to: Peggy George
these are such excellent suggestions for getting parents involved in their child's learning!!

27:32 to: Paula Naugle
Will they have a teacher who is willing to cotinue this great teaching resources?

27:35 to: Michelle Honeysett
How has support from your administration assisted you in your technological pursuits?

27:39 to: April Brown
that's great to know Peggy

27:51 to: zoe @zbpipe
Leadership is important to advance teachers

28:00 to: McTeach's just a matter of finding the 10 minutes. :)

28:05 to: zoe @zbpipe
Our district just heard and spoke about ISTE just this year.

28:09 to: Monique Girard
@zoe-I agree!

28:09 to: Paula Naugle
@Aviva, that is great. I worry about my students for the next year. Teachers aren't on board yet.

28:15 to: McTeach
@rmcdonald...perhaps we can help each other!

28:29 to: zoe @zbpipe
Aviva is being very nice - still, she is very leading edge in our district.

28:35 to: McTeach
mrsdurff....Thanks!! I will...I'm writing myself a note right now!!

28:37 to: jackiegerstein
I am finding it takes one teacher at a time to get passionate about it.

28:39 to: Isabel
our district does have a long way to go as far as technology

28:40 to: Peggy George
@mrsdurff crocodoc is easier to use with young kids

28:42 to: connect2jamie
Learning *infused* with technology: Aviva really does show us best practice! Amazing! Lucky kids!

28:44 to: Angie.wohlfarth
you said 3 out of 4 of the grade 2 have smart boards--what does the 4th teacher do with technology? Are their students who resist using these tools?

28:46 to: Catherine
How can I find other classrooms to connect with?

28:55 to: mrsdurff
ty peggy

28:55 to: cpark
When they go to second grade...they can help their teacher get on board.

29:04 to: anachorete
@aviva do you know (i think you & your students will love

29:06 to: @rmcdonald17
McTeach would like that , sounding board and walk through , always nice to have

29:06 to: jackiegerstein
For what, Catherine?

29:16 to: Patti Harju
Catherine - I have found many classes to connect with using Twitter

29:16 to: Jill
just learned about today's meet this year

29:17 to: Paula Naugle
@cpark That would be great.

29:21 to: Isabel
Zoe and I work at a school with a principal who is forward thinking in regards to technology

29:27 to: mrsdurff
ok, peggy, url?

29:28 to: Catherine
skype, blogs twitter....

29:32 to: Peggy George
@Doug Henry-you can search anywhere on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE website for terms to find the tools (google customized search engine)

29:35 to: April Brown
what is backchannel

29:48 to: Peggy George (Crocodoc)

29:51 to: mrsdurff

30:02 to: Kim 1
well, it's like passing notes! but allowed!

30:05 to: Christina Young
My use of web 2.0 tools isn't a problem with my principal. My problem is with the district's technology director. Very difficult.

30:06 to: mrsdurff
no, today's meet

30:07 to: jackiegerstein
Backchannel defined -

30:12 to: langwitches
@April A backchannel is a channel of conversation going on in addition to a conversation in the foreground

30:15 to: kim Caise, backup computer
backchannel is chatting in the background while a presentation, lecture is happening

30:24 to: McTeach
@rmcdonald...I totally agree with you!! Let's do it!

30:29 to: mrsdurff
I don't even try anymore when Peggy and Kim are around

30:39 to: April Brown
thank yu

30:41 to: Isabel
really that happening then

30:43 to: langwitches
In a way our chatroom here is the backchannel to Aviva's presentation

31:04 to: @rmcdonald17
Primary pad is another option

31:12 to: McTeach
We'll be using Google wave in the fall! It's been added to Google Apps for Edu!!

31:14 to: mrsdurff

31:16 to: Peggy George
I can't even imagine them using google wave!! I'm still trying to figure it out :-)

31:25 to: Michelle Honeysett
Thanks for all these great resource suggestions!

31:33 to: Peggy George (Today's Meet)

31:38 to: anachorete
is primarypad an etherpad site?

31:38 to: @rmcdonald17
just took it off, darn

31:42 to: Paula Naugle
@April Brown Backchanneling is what we are doing by putting comments in the chat while Aviva is presenting.

31:42 to: sabasweb
Heloo purti , u r from choitram indore if i am rite?

31:45 to: Doug Henry
If they start using Wave in grade 1, they'll be disappointed when they get to middle school and have to practice typing...!

31:46 to: @rmcdonald17

31:48 to: mrsdurff
Aren't there security concerns with the Wave?

31:58 to: Purti Singh

32:02 to: Peggy George
Aviva does such an incredible job of modeling these tools so teachers can see the value! :-)

32:05 to: Folkmew
"Google wave?" (not familiar with)

32:08 to: kim Caise, backup computer
yes @anachorette. piratepad and are also etherpad derivatives

32:09 to: sabasweb
am saba from bhopal EPS

32:11 to: amiezaawal
hi everyone, am from malaysia ..still new in this

32:14 to: @rmcdonald17
thats why i took it off??? wonder

32:19 to: Michelle Honeysett
Aviva... will you post a list of all these tools on your blog after this session? :-) Sure I'm missing some. :-)

32:28 to: kim Caise, backup computer
Google wave is like a group chat online

32:29 to: Purti Singh
Ofcourse i remeber good to see you here

32:29 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Doug Henry - you mean practice Hand Writing? Lol

32:32 to: Peggy George
She's even using Posterous!! (Grade 1 Posterous Blog -- See student work)

32:42 to: jackiegerstein
Resources for a lot of these tools can be found here -

32:57 to: mrsdurff
First graders posting by phone?

32:58 to: sabasweb
@ purti, actually i didnt visit ur school so u dont know me

32:59 to: Michelle Honeysett
Thanks Jackie! ;-)

33:00 to: @rmcdonald17
Aviva is a fast talker, gotta be on our toes!! lol

33:02 to: Lorna Costantini
More teachers will embrace these tools with support from parents and Aviva's parents get it!!

33:03 to: vcpsmel
Will we be able to watch this again later.....want to watch again. Missed first part.

33:04 to: mrsdurff
to posterous

33:07 to: jackiegerstein
Sure Michelle

33:09 to: Michelle Honeysett
Love it!!! :-)

33:13 to: Kim T AZ
wahoo voicethread!

33:14 to: Peggy George (VoiceThread for K-12 educators)

33:14 to: zoe @zbpipe
Would be interesting to watch these students over the years. These are the true digital natives. Not just born at home with the tech, but at school too.

33:15 to: kim Caise, backup computer
yes vcpsmel

33:19 to: McTeach
@rmcdonald...was thinking the same thing!!! She's amazing!

33:22 to: mrsdurff

33:22 to: Shamblesguru
List of backchannel tools on Shambles at

33:29 to: kim Caise, backup computer
the recording will be posted on our website at

33:30 to: mrsdurff
hi Shambles

33:32 to: jackiegerstein

33:33 to: April Brown
Like voice thread a lot

33:35 to: jane Z
Love voicethread!

33:43 to: Doug Henry
I would love to be a software salesman to Aviva...!

33:46 to: @rmcdonald17
Love the video aspect and @mcarls is an expert too!

33:46 to: McTeach
Jackie's website is amazing!!!!

33:50 to: jackiegerstein

33:54 to: Paula Naugle
@Zoe Yes, someone should follow them for research proposes.

33:59 to: Shamblesguru
Tips and hints about using backchannel tools at

34:01 to: sabasweb
i used voice thread a bit

34:08 to: Peggy George
all of those options are so fantastic!!!

34:14 to: Jill
need to get microphones on student computers--then I'll really go to town on voicethread

34:14 to: @rmcdonald17
mcTeach missed the link do you have it

34:14 to: Michelle Honeysett
@kditzler has a great Progressive Story project.

34:15 to: zoe @zbpipe
In grade six, the students make the voicethread questions after reading a story, read the story to another class and then the students moderate the answers.

34:25 to: Peggy George
thanks for that link Michelle!

34:32 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Paula Naugle - I call it. :)

34:33 to: mrsdurff
for whatever one wants to accomplish, there is a tool

34:38 to: Soingirl
love that idea zoe

34:41 to: Paula Naugle
Make sure to sign up for educators account on VoiceThread. There is a free one for educators.

34:42 to: sabasweb
very good for developing linguistic skills besides other skills

34:52 to: McTeach
@rmcdonald - for which? Jackie's?

34:53 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Paula Naugle typing to fast and making errors. oops

34:58 to: @rmcdonald17
wish i could key faster!!!

35:04 to: sabasweb

35:04 to: Catherine
Still wondering, how do I find other school to connect wiht about waht we're learning- say-community stduies and stuff.

35:06 to: April Brown
I've had them read a story they've written to show their parents

35:10 to: mrsdurff
I find desktop mics work better with primary's - you too?

35:19 to: Michelle Honeysett
I think you are right, Jill--external mics are way better. My internal laptop mic hasn't been great.

35:20 to: vcpsmel
What should a permission form look like before getting students involved in all of these wonderful tools? Our board is against blogs, etc.

35:22 to: cpark
Catherine...I wonder the same thing.

35:23 to: Kim T AZ
consider joining Plurk to meet others with the same interest

35:24 to: kim Caise, backup computer
the skype an author network has schools to connect using skype

35:26 to: sabasweb
@ catherine lets try, i teach grade 3 india

35:31 to: Peggy George
when you go to some of the blogs in the links today you'll find lots of classroom blogs of teachers you can connect with

35:34 to: Jill
I look at the first attempts as simply playtime to get used to the environment

35:34 to: Folkmew
Life is full of mistakes - we call them learning opportunities. :-D

35:37 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Catherine - Twitter is how I first found like educators willing to collaborate

35:41 to: mrsdurff
Connections --> ePals

35:47 to: Patti Harju
Catherine - Join Twitter - YOu will be amazed how many educators you will conect with. Start by following Aviva and who she follows.

35:47 to: kim Caise, backup computer

35:50 to: Soingirl
We have connected with other schools through our class blog

35:54 to: Folkmew
aww! :)

35:56 to: Paula Naugle
@zoe Our PLN should collaborate on a research project like that. Find a class and follow them through our PLN.

35:57 to: sabasweb
@zoe what r u known as in teitter?

35:58 to: jackiegerstein
Catherine - join Classroom 2.0 -

35:58 to: Bridget
I wondered about getting connected to other schools for Skype.

35:59 to: Peggy George

36:03 to: Patti Harju
Diigo or Delicious?

36:08 to: mrsdurff

36:09 to: kim Caise, backup computer

36:13 to: Patti Harju
HAve not used with the kids - just personally

36:13 to: @rmcdonald17
@joevans is a great expert also on Diigo

36:17 to: sabasweb
i too want to connect with schools globally

36:17 to: Catherine
yes, sabasweb-how do I contact you?

36:20 to: Paula Naugle
Set up my first class Diigo account this year.

36:23 to: McTeach
Patti...I use Diigo with my students! Love it!!

36:24 to: Peggy George
can you imagine what these students will be doing with research in HS by starting with Diigo in grade one?? Wow!

36:33 to: zoe @zbpipe
Like Diigo - but over the year, found that when students logged on, even when making Diigo groups, they could see some not so appropriate diigo stickies.

36:35 to: @rmcdonald17

36:38 to: Isabel
@sabasweb I teach grade 3 in Canada...would ove to try also

36:52 to: Folkmew
Wow! I'm amazed, this is by far the most useful webinar I've attended yet. And it isn't even over!! Keep em coming! You are amazing!! :-)

36:57 to: zoe @zbpipe
Can embed diigo groups in blog

37:05 to: sabasweb
@ isabel , i am sabasweb on twitter , gmail yahoo and all

37:08 to: Lyn Krenz
I teach first grade in Pennsylvania and would love to collaborate with others.

37:11 to: sabasweb
get in touch through gmails

37:11 to: jackiegerstein
Skype in Schools

37:12 to: Bridget
Isabel, I teach 3rd grade in Florida.

37:14 to: Marty Caise
Some Technology Directors are apprehensive about this because of the risk of the network but also because of the safety concerns. How are the students and parents educated on the concerns of what is

37:14 to: Marty Caise
found online such as online predators and cyber bullying

37:20 to: Peggy George
this is a recording you'll want to list to more than once to get all of the great suggestions!!

37:21 to: cpark
I would like to collaborate with other teachers also

37:31 to: Peggy George (Storybird)

37:37 to: zoe @zbpipe
Isabrel and Bridget: looks like you just found a great connection for september school start up....

37:44 to: sabasweb
Griget , isabel i am i too teach grade 3in india

37:45 to: Teresa Nickell
My kids love storybird!!!!!

37:46 to: @rmcdonald17
Love storybird in grade2

37:47 to: Catherine 1st and 2nd grade. we blog. anybody who wants to work together. come on!

37:52 to: vcpsmel
My students love storybird!

38:00 to: zoe @zbpipe
My ESL students and LD students also love storybird

38:04 to: sabasweb
i havent tried story bird

38:14 to: Paula Naugle
Trying to figure out if I can use Storybird with my math classes.

38:14 to: @rmcdonald17
good advice!!!

38:22 to: zoe @zbpipe
Found out that storybird may be willing to add option of adding own pictures

38:32 to: Janisia Bennett
Hi Jami!

38:39 to: Peggy George
when we post the recording we also post the chat log so you can get the links shared during the session

38:45 to: jackiegerstein
Modern Foreign Language Storybirds
for Teachers and Learners

38:46 to: Laurie
I use

38:53 to: Michelle Honeysett
Excellent! Thanks, Peggy!

38:55 to: Paula Naugle
@zoe That would be great if we could add own images to Storybird.

38:56 to: Catherine
cpark-email me!

38:56 to: @rmcdonald17
laurie we do too

38:58 to: Teresa Nickell
The only problem with using one accts is that they can not share a story with another classmate.

39:02 to: McTeach
They're supposed to add Blogger to Google Apps this fall!! Can't wait!!

39:04 to: Soingirl
We do a class blog and individuals on kidblog

39:08 to: Michelle Honeysett
This is where I've run into issues with Admin... :-(

39:11 to: Maria Knee
A few of my K's have been writing math problems with StoryBird. They modelled what they saw on Kathy's blog

39:11 to: Patti Harju
My 2nd graders figured out very quickly.

39:18 to: Peggy George
Kathy Cassidy has inspired to many teachers to use technology with young students!! Check out her K12 online conference presentations!

39:23 to: @rmcdonald17
Laurie can i get your link to your website?

39:26 to: Laurie
@Soingirl: we do too

39:27 to: Patti Harju
They love the commnets on kidblog

39:28 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Pauola, that is my students biggest complaint. But the preset pics very good for accomodating students

39:35 to: McTeach
Michelle...what's the admin's concern?

39:36 to: Michelle Honeysett
I've used the Classroom 21 closed blog last year... but my admin isn't supportive of an open blog!

39:39 to: Paula Naugle
@Maria Knee I'll check out Kathy's blog.

39:40 to: Catherine
blogging made my writers go crazy!

39:43 to: Soingirl
yes they love commenting

39:45 to: sabasweb
admin does create problems but , i donno how to convince

39:49 to: Bridget
Zoe and Isabel, my emil is

39:55 to: Michelle Honeysett
Pictures of kids, etc.

39:58 to: clinds
Any chance we can set up a google doc or something else for this group so we can sign up if we want to collaborate via Skype or another tool that we've heard about today?

39:58 to: Laurie and

39:59 to: Peggy George
I think first graders could use PicLits too for using images to write poetry :-)

40:06 to: Peggy George

40:11 to: Michelle Honeysett
But, we do have new admin coming in next year... so I've already bent her ear...

40:24 to: Catherine
kidblog w/ teacher admin.

40:27 to: kim Caise, backup computer
@clinds, you can start a group on learncentral

40:29 to: Paula Naugle
@Peggy, I agree kids love Piclits.

40:29 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Peggy George, yes, piclits is amazing, my students love it.

40:33 to: mrsdurff

40:34 to: Michelle Honeysett
We have others in the district blogging and I'm planning a littel presentation of other gr. 1/2 blogs to show what can be done...

40:43 to: Michelle Honeysett
Hope to convince new admin...

40:48 to: Laurie

40:56 to: sabasweb
we in india do need a lot of collaboration to happen

41:01 to: zoe @zbpipe
@Isabel - I've used piclits with your gr3 class) for poetry, writing, grammar and word choice activities

41:05 to: sabasweb
from other school communities

41:09 to: April Brown
I use edublog but it times them out after a while if they are not quick. I like the idea of using googledocs

41:14 to: Michelle Honeysett
Just lack of understanding of how the use of alias, safe picture-taking, and careful exclusion of identifying info... :-)

41:17 to: McTeach
Hope you can convince them, Michelle! If anyone can it'd be you...or your hubby!!

41:17 to: Katherine
How much of your classroom per day do you spend on these activities??

41:22 to: Soingirl
we started kidblog only open to our class to read and comment

41:22 to: Patti Harju
I have class blog and then we use kidblog for individual blogs

41:25 to: Michelle Honeysett
Thanks! :-)

41:30 to: @rmcdonald17
Kids love Kidblog

41:36 to: Paula Naugle
I'll definitely being using next year.

41:40 to: Peggy George

41:43 to: zoe @zbpipe
Love that you can moderate. What will you do with these blogs once the year is over?

41:46 to: sabasweb
yes lets goo

41:58 to: sabasweb

42:02 to: Isabel
I didn't realize that Zoe, I will have to have a look at it

42:08 to: amiezaawal

42:13 to: Peggy George

42:13 to: Soingirl
the kids love that they can embed photos and video on their kidblogs

42:17 to: mrsdurff
Will she show us an example?

42:24 to: Catherine
sabasweb-what do you teach?

42:34 to: sabasweb
grade 3 , all subjects :)

42:35 to: kim Caise, backup computer

42:38 to: Peggy George
that is Kim that is faster than me!!

42:38 to: jackiegerstein
Some of my elementary students used PicLits for this project

42:40 to: mrsdurff

42:44 to: kim Caise, backup computer

43:01 to: zoe @zbpipe
@jackiegerstein Love it Jackie!

43:14 to: @rmcdonald17
Do your Grade 2's have it set up ?

43:15 to: Purti Singh
saba did you attend any workshop

43:16 to: Catherine
do you edit the spelling?

43:18 to: Peggy George
If you want to find classes to connect with on Skype this is a fantastic resource:

43:37 to: kim Caise, backup computer
thank you peggy, that is the wiki i was thinking of.

43:38 to: jackiegerstein
:) Zone

43:42 to: jackiegerstein

43:50 to: sabasweb
thanks KIM

43:54 to: Soingirl
I have a few "super blogers" too lol

44:41 to: Peggy George (Links to educational bloggers including classroom and teacher professional blogs)

44:44 to: zoe @zbpipe
It is unfortunate that this style, form of writing is not addressed in any form of standardized test. Just sayin.

44:59 to: Peggy George
love this as example of retelling :-)

45:01 to: Paula Naugle
Wow look at her writing. Awesome.

45:08 to: zoe @zbpipe
Thanks Peggy! Excellent resource

45:17 to: jackiegerstein
Not much of any substance is addressed in standardized tests @zoe

45:23 to: sabasweb
@KIM can i have the transcript? later+ the slides?

45:30 to: Peggy George
lots of ways to retell and it's all good practice for what is tested :-)

45:55 to: kim Caise, backup computer
you can save both at the end of the session and we also post the chat log and recordings on our website at

46:02 to: Peggy George
the chat log will be posted along with the recording but it is not a "transcript" of the presentation

46:10 to: April Brown
How do they get access to their pictures?

46:12 to: mrsdurff
Do you find using technology to augment classroom work increases achievement?

46:13 to: Paula Naugle
They are very successful.

46:24 to: zoe @zbpipe
Thank you aviva.

46:35 to: Folkmew
Wow I bet your students are very invested in their learning Aviva!!

46:40 to: Patti Harju
Aviva -your are doing some amazing things!

46:50 to: sabasweb
I agree :)

47:06 to: Peggy George
be sure to check out the primary teacher blogs in our links today! some outstanding examples :-)

47:13 to: sabasweb
the need for a system per child is hugee here

47:21 to: @rmcdonald17
Great learning experience on responsibility!

47:41 to: Peggy George (Grade 1 Posterous Blog -- See student work)

47:47 to: Isabel
I sometimes wonder about how I will do some of the things Zoe does with her 6s, with my 3s and then I see you do them with's amazing!

47:47 to: Michelle Honeysett
Yes, it is truly amazing all of the tools you are using with your kids to engage them in writing and reading! Many opportunities for self-assessment and authentic audience! :-) YAY!

48:00 to: @rmcdonald17
My students love commenting on Aviva's students posts.

48:03 to: jackiegerstein
I am teaching K-8 technology next year - I am going to begin the school year by having each grade develop (age-appropriate) presentations about online responsibilities and good/safe practices.

48:05 to: Soingirl
very inspiring

48:44 to: Angie.wohlfarth
You are giving out so much information. I don't have a smartboard but we have individual tablets. Where would you suggest I start?

48:46 to: jackiegerstein
LOVE all the tells you are using - you are setting such amazing foundations for these students

48:50 to: jackiegerstein

48:51 to: zoe @zbpipe
Isabel: I agree, seeing it done with gr.1's makes us realize how amazing the potential is - how we educators need to start early.

48:51 to: Peggy George
I am so inspired by Aviva!! I'm ready to stop people on the street to tell them about the incredible things you can do with young kids and technology--no more excuses!!!! :-)

49:04 to: sabasweb
@ JAKIE thats so grt u can help us all :)

49:11 to: jackiegerstein

49:24 to: Lorna Costantini
@Peggy I agree

49:25 to: @rmcdonald17
How Inspiring is this Guys??????

49:27 to: Patti Harju
Love Wikispaces

49:31 to: Folkmew
@Peggy - I'll be on the streets stopping people with you! :-D

49:34 to: sabasweb
@ jackie u be in my PLN?

49:36 to: connect2jamie
Amazingly good!

49:37 to: mrsdurff
I wonder how sharing online effects achievement and if this is a "selling" point to admins, parents, school-boards, fellow teachers ?

49:45 to: connect2jamie
Twitter rocks!

49:47 to: Soingirl
YAY TWitter!

49:58 to: Soingirl
24/7 Pro-D

50:00 to: @rmcdonald17
Ya, Ya Twitter!!!

50:01 to: Michelle Honeysett
I think so, mrsdurff!! :-)

50:04 to: Jill
I've learned a lot from following others on Twitter. Wonderful resource.

50:04 to: Folkmew
I use twitter but not very well yet - what's the best way to find some of those amazing people to follow?

50:06 to: sabasweb
lets we all leave our twitter IDs behind

50:09 to: Peggy George
the power of PLN!!! :-)

50:12 to: zoe @zbpipe
Where it all began...:)

50:14 to: sabasweb

50:14 to: amiezaawal
what is PLN?

50:20 to: April Brown
Love Twitter

50:20 to: Peggy George
personal learning network

50:21 to: sabasweb
personal learning network

50:22 to: jackiegerstein
@sabasweb: what is your twitter name?

50:22 to: connect2jamie
Follow the people in this chatroom!

50:26 to: Patti Harju
Professional Learning Network

50:28 to: amiezaawal
thanks peggy

50:29 to: sabasweb

50:31 to: Peggy George
you are all a part of our PLN :-)

50:32 to: @rmcdonald17
Zoe Rocks!!

50:38 to: Folkmew
I'm folkmew gmail, twitter and other places

50:46 to: Soingirl
Follow Aviva and look at who she follows, then follow them

50:46 to: sabasweb

50:48 to: sabasweb
add me

50:50 to: Peggy George (100th Day Animoto video showing students using a variety of technology and even tweeting on the SMART Board)

50:50 to: zoe @zbpipe
I am blushing Aviva. You Rock!

50:55 to: Folkmew
Songgirl - duh! Thanks!!!

50:57 to: Peggy George
you have to watch the Animoto later!!!

51:02 to: Shamblesguru
for PLN explanation see

51:04 to: Lorna Costantini
Aviva - talk about twittering iwth the parents

51:04 to: zoe @zbpipe
@rmcdonald17 Thank you.

51:05 to: cpark
I still do not understand how you can Twitter to a Promethean or Smart board

51:07 to: Paula Naugle
Love that idea for 100 day.

51:11 to: Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru!!

51:11 to: jackiegerstein
All these vitual connections - via Twitter, these Elluminate are magical. I express gratitude for them every day

51:22 to: sabasweb

51:31 to: @rmcdonald17
Breathe Aviva, Breathe !!! lol

51:38 to: Robin Fairfield
How do you get your administration to okay Twitter at school.

51:38 to: Patti Harju
You don't twitter to the Smartboard/Promethean. you just Twitter fomr it using the keyboard

51:39 to: tammyb
Please show the animoto!

51:43 to: Peggy George
@cpark-the tweeting is done on the computer and is projected on the screen

51:44 to: connect2jamie
@cpark She was loggin into twitter on the computer, and it was projected onto the board. The kids used the on-screen keyboard to tweet

52:11 to: Peggy George (100th Day Animoto video)

52:11 to: tammyb
are most of these tools free of charge?

52:12 to: cpark
Thank you!

52:14 to: zoe @zbpipe
With all of this you see Aviva doing with her own class, she diligently answers my student blogs every week as well as my own son's blog. My students know her by name. Always willing to collaborate an

52:14 to: zoe @zbpipe
d help others.

52:20 to: Peggy George
all of these tools are free

52:20 to: Patti Harju
Yes -most web tools are free!

52:21 to: kim Caise, backup computer
yes most are free

52:21 to: Michelle Honeysett
A step at a time... :-)

52:26 to: Christina Young
This has been an awesome sessions :)

52:29 to: connect2jamie
all are free

52:30 to: tammyb
great thanks so much

52:39 to: Peggy George
sometimes you can pay for premium services like Animoto

52:40 to: sabasweb

52:40 to: connect2jamie
This was a GREAT session!

52:44 to: McTeach
Twitter is invaluable!!!

52:45 to: April Brown
I agree. Love all the tweets that people post

52:46 to: Lorna Costantini
everyone share their twitter id here

52:48 to: Soingirl
I haven't had a lot of sleep this year...keep wanting to learn more lol

52:49 to: sabasweb
animoto is grt!!!!

52:49 to: Patti Harju
Love the canadian Accent - Aboot!

52:50 to: Marty Caise
there are a great deal of tools out there - I agree START SLOW and include your technology support group so they can make sure the web 2.0 experiences are successful

52:50 to: amiezaawal
anyone can assist me using those mentioned?

52:53 to: Lorna Costantini

52:54 to: Michelle Honeysett

52:57 to: @rmcdonald17
simply one of the best!!!!

52:58 to: sabasweb
but 30 sec only for feree version

52:59 to: connect2jamie
Learn with your students: great advice!

53:01 to: Paula Naugle
Twitter is the best tool for teacher's to use for they own PD 24/7.

53:03 to: Kathy Washington

53:03 to: Folkmew

53:05 to: langwitches
Thank you!

53:05 to: beccaboo
Learned a lot makes learning fun for teachers and students

53:07 to: Doug Henry
Great session - I'll have to play it back at 1/2 speed!

53:07 to: Liz
great idea and great job aviva

53:09 to: amiezaawal
thanks aviva

53:10 to: jackiegerstein
@Amie - pick a few to learn at a time

53:10 to: cpark
My head is spinning!

53:10 to: Christina Young
Thank you Aviva

53:12 to: Rita
Thank you!

53:12 to: Patti Harju
Wonderful. I have learned so much.

53:15 to: Peggy George
all of her links are here:

53:15 to: Jill
Thanks so much Aviva. Loved the session today!

53:16 to: Liz
best webinar yet

53:16 to: April Brown
Thank you so much Aviva. That was fabulous.

53:19 to: amiezaawal
okie jackie thanks

53:21 to: McTeach
This was amazingly inspiring!!

53:25 to: Anatoliy
Thank you Aviva

53:26 to: Rawya
thank you so much :)

53:28 to: zoe @zbpipe
Great, Incredible, Awesome, Well Done Aviva!

53:29 to: Peggy George
incredible presentation!!! wow!!!!

53:32 to: roxanne
WOW...and did she take a breath???? Great presentation

53:33 to: Paula Naugle

53:36 to: sabasweb

53:37 to: connect2jamie
inspiring! Wow!

53:39 to: Katherine
How much time per day do you spend in your classroom on these activities?

53:48 to: @rmcdonald17
Nailed it!!! well done my friend!!!

53:50 to: Michelle Honeysett
Wonderful presentation! Thanks so much, Aviva!!

53:50 to: Paula Naugle
Etherpad is no more. Sad.

53:52 to: clinds
Do you ever have parents/other teachers say that students this young shouldn't be using so much technology? I was really surprised when I showed Rachel Boyd's K12 Online presentation (which I thought

53:52 to: clinds
was amazing) to younger teachers at my school and their immediate reaction was that kindergarteners shouldn't be using computers this much at school.

53:53 to: roxanne
So many great and practical ways with little ones

53:55 to: McTeach
Miss Paula...I think I already follow you. :)

53:57 to: jackiegerstein
that makes sense - they need their own "spot"

53:57 to: connect2jamie
I don't think she stops very often period! :)

53:58 to: Kim 1
Absolutely awesome! Great presentation...valuable tools with meaningful connections

54:14 to: Paula Naugle
@McTeach and I follow you.

54:14 to: Reba
Wow thanks. We have a problem with getting into Google Docs due to district's network security. Google uses "https" How do you use it?

54:20 to: sabasweb
thanks guyss, i have to try storybird now!!!!!

54:21 to: Mary Strother
are you presenting at ISTE

54:28 to: sabasweb
always something new to try

54:37 to: Patti Harju
It is fun to explore all the web tools and then you will find the ones that fit you and your students the best

54:45 to: connect2jamie
@Kim yes--Meaningful connections. This preso is truly about the learning, not about the tools.

54:46 to: Maria Knee
I think we should have a Primary Teacher/Classroom Meet-Up at ISTE 2010. Would be fun to meet f2f. Kathy C, Amanda Marrinan and I will be there. Anyone else ? Tweet me at mariak.

54:48 to: Kareen K
It is so wonderful of you to share your program, modeling helps all of us.

54:53 to: Soingirl
This is why I love teaching!

55:01 to: jackiegerstein
What collaborative tool can allow the younger ones to insert symbols and images as well as words - to creat stories together?

55:07 to: Mary Strother
Is she presenting at ISTE

55:11 to: Patti Harju
The students never the teachers who resist

55:15 to: Peggy George
Hi Maria--I just saw your name!! so glad you're here!! We shared your class blog in our links today

55:19 to: mrsdurff
@MariaKnee you could take cabs and sit on the floor

55:33 to: zoe @zbpipe
Glad this Elluminate is recorded. I am going to suggest my principal show it to our grade one teachers as a PD.

55:34 to: Peggy George
@Patti!! you are soooo right!!

55:42 to: McTeach
Maria...would you include anyone in K-8??? Even we strange middle school teachers??? :)

55:49 to: zoe @zbpipe
Moderators: will we have access to the recording?

55:53 to: connect2jamie
I wish my gr 1 tchrs could be here. I'll try to get them to access the Archive of this preso. Very valuable info!

56:00 to: Teresa
I only have 2 computers in my classroom. No others available to me. I do have a Mimio. Any suggestions for how to manage 24 students on 2 computers?

56:01 to: Peggy George
yes the recording will be available after the show

56:23 to: Peggy George
we'll post the full recording here:

56:24 to: connect2jamie
Any pushback from admin or parents?

56:48 to: Patti Harju
Students are smrter online than their parents - I am amazed at what parents put on Facebook!

56:49 to: zoe @zbpipe
Sharing computers from class to class is important as well - three of us trade our computers which gives us 8, instead of 2 during language arts classes. Beg, borrow and steal ;)

56:49 to: cpark
Teresa..>I only have 3 computers for 25 students. You can start with centers.

56:55 to: Paula Naugle
@Tereas What grade do you teach?

56:57 to: Peggy George
you can also access our recordings and chat logs on iTunesU so you can listen to them on ipods/iphones

57:01 to: Teresa

57:07 to: McTeach
Oh Edmodo!

57:08 to: Lorna Costantini
Aviva has parents using thir Twitter account to connect their children's learning at home

57:15 to: clinds
Did you talk about twiteducate? I'm curious how it's being used.

57:16 to: Isabel I use parts of this website to teach students about teh web and safety

57:16 to: Michelle Honeysett

57:20 to: jackiegerstein
Cells phones, Teresa?? :)

57:37 to: Patti Harju
We get in the lab whenever we can. We hae split lunches - so I take it over everyday when half the school is at lunch.

57:44 to: @rmcdonald17
Thanks Aviva, will tweet you from the course this pm. Awesome and Inspiring!!!

57:45 to: Paula Naugle
Set up computer center for three. Use a timer and rotate them through the two computers.

57:48 to: Kim T AZ
Thanks for much for such an incredibly informative show!!!

57:58 to: Michelle Honeysett
How lucky those kids are! :-)

58:03 to: sabasweb

58:09 to: sabasweb
an the teacher too

58:11 to: mrsdurff
posterous --> use cellphones to post blog posts

58:15 to: cpark
I might have to re-watch this presentation a dozen times

58:22 to: Liz

58:23 to: Soingirl
me too cpark

58:26 to: sabasweb
yess too informative

58:28 to: mrsdurff
cell phones are much cheaper than laptops

58:33 to: Peggy George
I mentioned Piclits

58:35 to: jackiegerstein
Yes - for those who do not have writing skills yet?

58:38 to: roxanne
If we teach self responsibility and cyber safety and bullying this young, then we can avoid some of what we see online where students haven't grown up with these tools

58:40 to: Peggy George
for combining images with words

58:40 to: Paula Naugle
It is so great to see a teacher walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Way to go, Aviva.

58:42 to: amiezaawal
i am going to implement this with my class ..i am so excited

58:50 to: Patti Harju
You can use Photostory 3 with your oen pics

58:57 to: connect2jamie
Excellent discussion and presentation today. Thanks so much!

58:58 to: zoe @zbpipe
I have two children here pulling me away. Great Job today. I look forward to continued collaboration with many of you, including at ISTE2010 this year!

58:59 to: cpark
Is there a way to contact the members of this chat room after it's over...

59:01 to: Patti Harju
Even Windows movie maker is easy

59:04 to: mrsdurff
@jackie and for those labelled with challenges

59:07 to: Lyn Krenz
Excellent info. Thanks for all the great ideas.

59:08 to: cpark
to find "blog" pals and things like that?

59:09 to: sabasweb
any 1 for colaboration on projects plz contact me at

59:09 to: Patti Harju
I love iMovie on a mac

59:11 to: mrsdurff
like me

59:12 to: jackiegerstein
yes Durff!

59:19 to: Patti Harju
Voicethread is a great tool for that

59:23 to: Peggy George
piclits can also be embedded on wikis and blogs :-)

59:24 to: Jill
the whole ilife suite is so easy to use

59:26 to: mrsdurff

59:30 to: Lyn Krenz
When I begin on Twitter, how do I find fellow educators to communicate with?

59:31 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico)
over the mounths, the cost of cell will be more than a price a new mini-laptop

59:32 to: Soingirl
gr 1/2/3 Canada interested in colab too @soingirl

59:35 to: Isabel
I would be willing to collaborate as well

59:35 to: connect2jamie
@cpark Twitter is a great way to connect wi the people in this room. I'm connect2jamie on twitter.

59:36 to: Paula Naugle
Smilebox and Stupeflix are good tools for making digital stories.

59:38 to: Laurie
@cpark: what do you teach?

59:38 to: Doug Henry
Fluxtime is a simple cartooning tool

59:46 to: jackiegerstein
they are here ;)

59:47 to: Patti Harju
Search for Aviva and follow who she follows....

59:48 to: cpark
I teach first grade

59:54 to: Laurie
Me too. Where?

59:56 to: McTeach
Lyn...there's a wiki for that! Hang on...

59:57 to: cpark

1:00:00 to: Peggy George
first graders can use piclits if they can write any words at all--Aviva's kids could definitely use it!

1:00:07 to: Laurie
I'm in Iowa. We could be webpals

1:00:09 to: Maria Knee
@McTeach - Of course - all are welcome. It is always fun to get together and learn together!!

1:00:13 to: Michelle Honeysett
I lurked for a while... then started to follow people on other peoples lists. Just recently started actually tweeting myself! ;-)

1:00:13 to: Jill
when I read a great blog, I also follow them on twitter

1:00:26 to: connect2jamie
You really only need to start with a few great people (like Aviva) and they'll lead you to sooo many other great people to connect with!

1:00:44 to: Peggy George
lurking is a great way to start!! :-)

1:00:46 to: Maria Knee
@mrsdurff I plan to take that cab and of course, sitting on the floor is best for me - but not in the cab!

1:00:51 to: McTeach you go:

1:00:52 to: April Brown
I follow a lot of people who Aviva follows

1:00:53 to: Isabel
Great job Aviva! Thank you!

1:00:56 to: Laurie

1:00:57 to: Folkmew
Fabulous!! Thank you so much.

1:01:05 to: Patti Harju
Thank you! Amazing Information.!

1:01:06 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks everyone!

1:01:07 to: April Brown
Thank you so much. It was amazing.

1:01:07 to: McTeach
There's also a mentor page where you can find someone who will help you on twitter.

1:01:08 to: Lyn Krenz

1:01:15 to: connect2jamie
connect2jamie at gmail dot com

1:01:16 to: Kareen K
Thank you so much for these presentations!

1:01:16 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Glad you liked that!

1:01:18 to: Reba

1:01:18 to: Shamblesguru
For some lists of education twitters see

1:01:21 to: Robin Fairfield
thank you Aviva

1:01:27 to: Lorna Costantini
Another great canadian school board :)

1:01:28 to: Maria Knee
Thanks so much - great presso and lots of inspiration here. Hope to see some of you at ISTE 2010

1:01:29 to: McTeach
Lyn...let me know if I can help. I'm @McTeach

1:01:29 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thank you all for coming!

1:01:30 to: Peggy George
we are going to see/hear some fantastic examples about communicating with parents in the next show

1:01:37 to: Purti Singh
Thanks Kim , it was a wonderful session and aviva was brilliant. see you Thanks

1:01:37 to: April Brown
I would like to collaborate as well. @maxxakahotdog on twitter

1:01:39 to: connect2jamie
Aviva rocks!

1:01:40 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico)
Thanks Aviva.... great webinar.... thanks a lot

1:01:43 to: sabasweb
thats to all the bunch of moderators

1:01:47 to: sabasweb
well managed session

1:01:48 to: McTeach
This was awesome! Great way to kick off my summer!! Thanks Aviva!

1:01:51 to: mrsdurff
see the topic for next week - I'm just trying to get faculty to turn their computers on!

1:01:55 to: amiezaawal
thank you avivaaa..luv the session

1:01:55 to: Peggy George
@Maria Knee--I'll definitely see you at ISTE 2010. Are you going to the TweetUp?

1:01:55 to: jackiegerstein
lol sabasweb

1:01:58 to: sabasweb
have to learn alot from you all

1:02:05 to: roxanne
terrific presentation Aviva!

1:02:08 to: Teresa Nickell
This was amazing! Thank you!

1:02:13 to: Laurie
Nice job! :)

1:02:14 to: Sheila T
I came late but I'm so glad I logged in. This session was great and I will watch the beginning from archieve.

1:02:15 to: McTeach
Yay Peggy!

1:02:16 to: Shamblesguru
@shamblesguru now following @Grade1

1:02:21 to: Michelle Honeysett
Thanks to the moderators (Kim, Lorna, and Peggy) for setting up this Classroom 2.0 show and thanks to Aviva for such an informative and inspiring session!

1:02:26 to: mrsdurff
hi saba - we are a hoot

1:02:26 to: Peggy George
I usually get the certificates out by Mon or Tues if I get the survey results :-)

1:02:42 to: jackiegerstein
This is always so much fun - so informative

1:02:48 to: McTeach
I'm guessing there won't be a session two weeks from today... :)

1:02:52 to: Kareen K
Enjoy your vacation Peggy, I know you will get it to us.

1:02:56 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico)
do you send me your personal mail, Miss Aviva

1:02:59 to: Jill
Thanks everyone for sooo many great ideas.

1:03:04 to: aforgrave (Andrew)
Thanks so much, Aviva! This has been great!

1:03:07 to: Paula Naugle
Thank you to Aviva and the gals at CR2.0 Live. Another inspiring session.

1:03:11 to: Peggy George
the full recording will be available within a half hour after the show but the mp4 version, mp3 and chat log take longer

1:03:23 to: Peggy George
fantastic presentation Aviva!! thank you so much!

1:03:31 to: Purti Singh
Thanks peggy. Bye

1:03:43 to: anachorete
i'll have this session on my iphone and i'll show it arround everywhere #justgreat

1:03:45 to: mrsdurff
ok, break over - bye all!

1:03:54 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thank you Peggy! Glad you could come!

1:03:58 to: McTeach
Bye mrsdurff!

1:04:06 to: Reba
How do you get around the Goodgle Doc "https" security with the district

1:04:06 to: Peggy George
@anachorete you are so great about re-tweeting and sharing our shows!! thank you!!

1:04:11 to: Barbara Robeson
Thank you for the great presentation!

1:04:12 to: McTeach
Will Aviva be at ISTE?

1:04:12 to: amiezaawal
how do you manage the class? can they behave while you are doing the activites with them??

1:04:17 to: Patrice Heinrichs
Thank you, great presentation.

1:04:19 to: sabasweb
lets add each other on twitterss

1:04:20 to: Michelle Honeysett
Bye to all... thanks so much! :-)

1:04:25 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Twitter Name -- @grade1

1:04:29 to: McTeach
Bye Michelle!

1:04:33 to: sabasweb
@sabasweb@ , @ sabasweb on twitter

1:04:36 to: Kareen K
Enjoy your day or evening everyone, bye for now.

1:04:39 to: Camille (@iBike78)
Thank you for the presentation! @iBike78

1:04:41 to: Paula Naugle

1:04:42 to: Michelle Honeysett
Bye! :-) Great to see you here!

1:04:45 to: Mary Strother
Is she presenting at ISTE

1:04:49 to: McTeach
You too!!

1:05:03 to: Folkmew
My email is folkmew @ gmail, twitter @folkmew - I'd love to know more about how you collaborate with other staff at your school? I'd love to see our art and music specialists use technology for examp

1:05:03 to: Folkmew

1:05:25 to: Paula Naugle
How do you feel about startingover with next year's students?

1:05:28 to: Reba
Our district blocks "Google Docs" due to their "https" server. How do you get around it?

1:05:51 to: amiezaawal
ic..thanks aviva ..

1:05:53 to: clinds
Do you ever have parents/administrators/other teachers who think you shouldn't be using so much technology with students who are so young and, if so, how do you handle that?

1:06:01 to: Aviva (@grade1)
E-mail --

1:06:25 to: Peggy George
If you're worried about standards and testing and need to explain the value of web 20 to administrators be sure to check out this blog post by Langwitches:

1:06:25 to: Peggy George

1:06:29 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico), i´m interested in collaborate with others to learn childs in farms in the mexicali valley

1:06:55 to: Shamblesguru
Hope the next teacher that your students move to is prepared ... is the school addressing this transition?

1:07:10 to: Paula Naugle
I read that she doesn't sleep much. LOL

1:07:17 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico)
childs whit very low economic founds

1:07:19 to: sabasweb

1:07:22 to: amiezaawal
can i have your email aviva?

1:07:26 to: Folkmew

1:07:43 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Sure ... it's

1:08:05 to: amiezaawal

1:08:11 to: Reba
Aviva what is you remail and tweeter address?

1:08:17 to: jackiegerstein
Aviva is definitely a good first grade teacher as she is rockin the multitasking today

1:08:39 to: roxanne
This would be a great reason to loop

1:08:45 to: Marty Caise
Thanks Aviva and The rest of the CR20 Gang GREAT SHOW

1:08:46 to: Peggy George (Grade 1 Twitter Account)

1:09:06 to: Reba
thanks peggy

1:09:09 to: Paula Naugle
I am sad when my students move on because I wish I could just start where we left off with tech instead of teaching it all over again.

1:09:09 to: Peggy George (Grade 1 Blog -- See student work)

1:09:22 to: Aviva (@grade1)
E-mail --

1:09:27 to: Paula Naugle
Thanks, Aviva.

1:09:31 to: Lorna Costantini
Great Show Aviva

1:09:34 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Paula!

1:09:45 to: Reba
thanks avivia

1:09:45 to: Peggy George
this a

1:09:46 to: cpark
Did I hear you say that we could get documentation that we attended this session for our PD?

1:09:50 to: sabasweb

1:09:53 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Lorna! Glad you liked it!

1:09:54 to: sabasweb
i love animotto

1:09:58 to: Peggy George
This Animoto is fantastic! Click on play

1:10:04 to: Peggy George

1:10:11 to: Lorna Costantini
Have to leave you all until next week Thanks everyone for joining us today

1:10:16 to: sabasweb

1:10:18 to: Peggy George
if it doesn't play in the webtour you can play it in your browser

1:10:22 to: Paula Naugle
It would be nice if your students from this year could come back from time to time as "experts" for your new students.

1:10:36 to: McTeach
Gotta run! Thanks everyone!!

1:10:41 to: April Brown
Would you recommend Animoto for a collection of their work of the year.

1:10:44 to: Aviva (@grade1)
I agree! I'm hoping that some of them can, Paula.

1:10:49 to: Paula Naugle
Bye @McTeach.

1:10:53 to: Peggy George
wouldn't it be fun to do a show with Aviva, her students and her parents, AND her principal :-)

1:10:58 to: McTeach
Bye Paula...see you in two weeks!!

1:10:59 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Yes April. That could definitely work.

1:11:02 to: Folkmew
oops - how did I do that? I apparently clicked other than play and it dissapeared! :-/ (scratches head)

1:11:09 to: Paula Naugle
@McTeach Can't wait.

1:11:27 to: Peggy George
I had to click a couple of times before it started playing--think it was still loading

1:11:31 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Yes, that would be fun! Tried to get some parents and students to come today, but they had soccer practice.

1:11:31 to: April Brown
Can you incorporate video into it? Could it also be burned to a DVD?

1:11:36 to: Peggy George

1:11:44 to: Kathy Washington
I see two twitter handles for aviva (adunsiger and grade1) which is right?

1:11:49 to: amiezaawal
what is animoto?

1:11:54 to: Aviva (@grade1)
It can be downloaded, April. So I bet you could burn it.

1:11:59 to: Paula Naugle
Yes, you can now put video clips in animoto.

1:12:13 to: Aviva (@grade1)
@grade 1 is the right one, Kathy. Tried using both, but really just stick with @grade1.

1:12:13 to: Peggy George
Animotos is an online tool where you can add photos, video, music, text to create short videos

1:12:15 to: clinds
I might have missed this but did parents sign permission slips at beginning of year so you can have pictures online?

1:12:21 to: Isabel
I know I use grade1 to follow aviva

1:12:26 to: April Brown
Great! I've got some work cut out for me. :-)

1:12:31 to: sabasweb
@aviva i cant find u on twitter

1:12:41 to: Isabel

1:12:41 to: sabasweb
u r grade1??

1:12:46 to: Peggy George
you can create 30 sec videos on Animoto for free. If you pay for premium you can create unlimited videos of unlimited duration

1:12:47 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Yes they did. All of our parents do.

1:12:48 to: sabasweb
dosent work

1:12:49 to: amiezaawal
oh lol ..ok thanks peggy

1:13:01 to: Shamblesguru
Educators can get a free upgrade on Animoto ... you just need to ask ... link at

1:13:01 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Yes, I'm @grade1, not @aviva. Hope this helps!

1:13:05 to: April Brown
clinds, I have my parents sign permission slips.

1:13:12 to: Isabel
@Grade1 to follow Aviva on Twitter

1:13:18 to: sabasweb
isabel what abt ur ID?

1:13:25 to: Peggy George
I use Animoto to create personalized cards for people like Mother's Day cards, Father's Day, etc. They love them!

1:13:26 to: jackiegerstein
Schools can also sign up for Animoto for Education for longer vids

1:13:27 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico)
great presentation Aviva..... best redgards...

1:13:35 to: Isabel

1:13:41 to: Aviva (@grade1)

1:13:43 to: cpark
Can we get documentation of attendance?

1:13:44 to: Peggy George
great tip Shamblesguru!! I forgot about that!

1:13:45 to: Folkmew
Thanks so much. Really terriific!

1:13:49 to: Liz
great job!!!

1:13:55 to: jackiegerstein
Speaker and Moderators rocked this!

1:13:56 to: Mary Strother
great way to spend a Sat

1:13:59 to: April Brown
A thousand but I email or twitter her them. It was great. I'm inspired again.

1:13:59 to: Doug Henry
These students aren't just engaged - they are married to Web 2.0!

1:14:06 to: Kathy Washington
Thanks! This was wonderful.

1:14:09 to: Soingirl
I like that Doug

1:14:10 to: Reba
Our district blocks Google Docs how do you get around it

1:14:10 to: beccaboo
my email

1:14:11 to: jane Z
This was fantastic - can't wait to share it with some of our primary teachers!

1:14:11 to: julio (Mexicali,Mexico)
Congratulations Peggy...

1:14:15 to: clinds
I'm running a pd session for elementary teachers on Thursday and this has been so helpful. THANKS!

1:14:15 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Sure ... it's

1:14:19 to: Paula Naugle
@Doug Henry Love that.

1:14:20 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thank you!

1:14:29 to: Janisia Bennett
Do you feel using Technology has helped improve students higher order thinking skills like problemsolving

1:14:32 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks clinds!

1:14:34 to: Catherine
is the chat saved?

1:14:37 to: Paula Naugle
Thank you. See you next time.

1:14:39 to: Peggy George
See you next week :-)

1:14:39 to: Aviva (@grade1)
I do Janissa!

1:14:48 to: Peggy George
thank you so much Aviva!!

1:14:56 to: amiezaawal
see you all ..thanks for the opportunity

1:15:06 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thank you! I had a great time!

1:15:15 to: kim Caise, backup computer

1:15:16 to: Paula Naugle
Aviva needs to clone herself.

1:15:17 to: amiezaawal

1:15:21 to: Isabel
Thanks again Aviva!

1:15:24 to: sabasweb
byee all :)

1:15:27 to: Aviva (@grade1)
You're so nice Paula! Thank you!

1:15:29 to: Jill
bye thanks again

1:15:30 to: Peggy George
bye everyone-have a great weekend!

1:15:30 to: connect2jamie
Thanks Aviva! Great pres!

1:15:30 to: Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Isabel!

1:15:32 to: amiezaawal

1:15:32 to: April Brown

1:15:33 to: Aviva (@grade1)

1:15:34 to: sabasweb
c ya soon add me too @sabasweb

1:15:39 to: Reba

1:15:40 to: Camille (@iBike78)
Thank you Aviva! @iBike78