CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE - June 5, 2010

00:10 to: Deb White (Minnesota)
Thanks - Glad to be here!

00:15 to: Peggy George
here we go!!! :-)

00:17 to: Kim Caise
hi jackie

00:28 to: Peggy George
Hi Jackie!! Keeping cool??? :-)

00:38 to: jackiegerstein
Hi everyone. Excited about this topic!

00:43 to: Peggy George
and Lorna even practiced saying Kyle's name :-)

00:43 to: David Read
hi Ian, I'm coming from a bit further north in Sheffield!

00:47 to: jackiegerstein

01:11 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Jackie.

01:12 to: Peggy George
I'm in Pittsboro North Carolina today :-) hot and steamy here

01:15 to: jackiegerstein
Hi Paula

01:35 to: Peggy George
you are going to be so inspired by their ideas for mobile devices and smartphones!!!

01:58 to: Kim Caise
yea tammy!

02:02 to: Peggy George
You are ALL awesome for joining us on a Saturday!!

02:16 to: jackiegerstein
I am interested in learning how mobile devices can be used in developing countries - Africa and Haiti so this should be good!

02:49 to: Peggy George
this will be amazing today!! we have people from around the world!!!

02:53 to: Peggy George
woo hoo!!!!

02:54 to: Rob Galloway
Waterloo, Iowa

03:03 to: anachorete
luxembourg (europe)

03:07 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Shambles.

03:10 to: Kyle Menchhofer
St. Marys, Ohio

03:11 to: Peggy George
how exciting!

03:16 to: Kim Caise
my geography is poor, i need a labeled world map

03:26 to: Peggy George
me too Kim!!

03:26 to: julio
julio from Mexicali, Mexico

03:34 to: Sylvie
me three

03:34 to: Peggy George
We should start using our "new" map :-)

03:45 to: Paula Naugle
I agree a labeled map would be great.

04:01 to: jackiegerstein
Social media has increased my world geography knowledge dramatically!

04:04 to: Dwight Farris
Kim T; where in AZ?

04:17 to: jackiegerstein
Sort of ;)

04:17 to: Peggy George
I found a great one online that I purchased so we'll start using it :-)

04:37 to: Peggy George
what a prime audience--you're going to get some awesome ideas today!

04:41 to: ddeloff
which tool do we use to click?

04:44 to: Paula Naugle
Good morning, Sheri.

05:00 to: Kim Caise
you click on the green check or red x next to the blue door below the participant window ddeloff

05:06 to: Sheri Edwards
Hi Paula! happy day!

05:12 to: Peggy George
wireless is the key word there :-)

05:25 to: Adelina (Portugal)
Hello, I'm adelina From Portugal

05:32 to: McTeach
Made it just in time to vote!

05:35 to: Peggy George
I'm really impressed that so many of you have wireless access!

05:52 to: Paula Naugle
Hi McTeach.

05:55 to: Kim Caise
hi and welcome adelina

06:00 to: Sylvie
When it works

06:02 to: McTeach
Good morning, Paula!

06:04 to: jackiegerstein
I am advocating for a wireless world!

06:22 to: Peggy George
I'm with you Jackie!! Where do we sign the petition??

06:38 to: Peggy George
wow!!! what a lot of power in those results!!

06:47 to: David Read
where do people teach? Higher ed? High school? Private schools?

06:48 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Wireless with high speed connections!

06:48 to: Peggy George
D is winning

06:51 to: Paula Naugle
Jackie is it a human right?

06:51 to: jackiegerstein
No students - interesting

06:52 to: Rob Galloway
That's D, not C

07:07 to: jackiegerstein
I believe so Paula

07:13 to: Peggy George
many students have mobile phones!! :-)

07:21 to: Rob Galloway
Higher education here

07:24 to: Adelina (Portugal)
all my students have mobile

07:39 to: Sheri Edwards
middle school 5-8

07:48 to: Paula Naugle
I was surprised when I polled my 4th graders that over 75% of them had a cellphone.

07:56 to: Sylvie
Research shows that this is a bigger negative impact on the environment when we go wireless.

07:59 to: Peggy George
that information is validated in the SpeakUp surveys too!! lots of students have access to mobile phones!

08:04 to: ddeloff
Is everyone a teacher here?

08:05 to: David Read
what kinds of mobile phones do they have? Smartphones? Basic feature phones? About 50/50 in my class.

08:07 to: julio
Julio: Public school, 15-17 years old students

08:11 to: jackiegerstein

08:19 to: julio
I´m teaching math

08:20 to: Kyle Menchhofer
XV 6800 smart phones from Verizon

08:26 to: clinds
I just listened to that EdTechTalk podcast - it was great!

08:26 to: Peggy George
I'm a retired elementary principal and university pre-service instructor

08:33 to: Paula Naugle
Many of mine have smartphones.

08:46 to: julio
Nice too meet you peggy

08:46 to: Peggy George
on their slide

09:05 to: clinds
Was definitely surprised that this pilot was being done with students as young as 4th grade - great to see!

09:07 to: David Read
what phone does everyone have here? I've got a HTC Desire

09:07 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Scott.

09:18 to: David Read
hi Scott

09:22 to: Peggy George
I heard Scott on the EdTechTalk show and knew we had to have him come and share with all of you!

09:23 to: jackiegerstein
Q for moderaters - can we get elluminate on moblle devices?

09:28 to: Paula Naugle
I have an iPhone.

09:29 to: anachorete

09:30 to: Peggy George
MLD--new term for me

09:33 to: clinds

09:34 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We are using smart phones in grades 3-6

09:51 to: Ian Nairn
Nokia N900 & iphone

09:55 to: Kim Caise
interesting paradigm shift

09:56 to: Peggy George
really good idea to think about them as small computers and not just phones

10:00 to: Paula Naugle
A mobile device that can also be used to make calls.

10:01 to: stidmama
G1 for me. But my own children have the simplest trackphone (no computer apps)

10:15 to: Peggy George
love that you're using them with elementary students!

10:34 to: jackiegerstein
believe that MLDs are the only way to get universal 1;1 computing

10:50 to: Sylvie
same problem in community college

10:52 to: stidmama
where we live (rural) coverage is so sporadic -- smartphones didn't make sense for the kids.

10:54 to: David Read
Ian, had a n900, great phone but got frustrated by the lack of development, lack of apps

10:55 to: Peggy George
labs have a place but they have so many limitations

11:14 to: Peggy George
@stidmama--they'll be talking about their rural area

12:18 to: Paula Naugle

12:19 to: Peggy George
that's a great idea for getting started--bet they hated giving them up when their turn was over

12:21 to: Deb White (Minnesota)

12:25 to: Peggy George
I knew it!!

12:29 to: clinds
What type of PDAs were you using?

12:31 to: Sylvie
Did the teachers change their teaching styles to accommodate the technology?

12:34 to: Adelina (Portugal)

12:55 to: Rob Galloway
How were teachers prepared for these PDAs being deployed? Were they?

13:00 to: Kim Caise
when i was teaching 6th grade math i was asked to be the transition teacher using pda's in math. i became a tech specialist before implementing the project but i was excited about that opportunity bac

13:00 to: Kim Caise
k then

13:05 to: Peggy George
we have lots of their links in our links today:

13:08 to: Deb White (Minnesota)
Nice that they could get what they asked for.

13:24 to: Peggy George (St. Marys Mobile Learning Documentary with Verizon Wireless)

13:42 to: stidmama
kids are quick with tech

13:47 to: Peggy George (Kyle Menchhofer's website)

13:53 to: David Read
i760 - similar in look to Blackberries, yes?

13:56 to: Scott Newcomb
Unmotivated students are now motivated by using mobile learning devices in the classroom.

14:02 to: Peggy George (Scott's website: St. Marys City Schools Mobile Learning Technology-"My Way On the 21st Century Highway")

14:32 to: Kim Caise
did the kids take the phones home?

14:42 to: Sylvie
Are you tracking their learning?

14:42 to: Peggy George
kids almost don't need to be taught to use the technology-they just intuitively get it. BUT they need to be taught how to use them for learning :-)

14:46 to: Scott Newcomb
Lot of links and resources on the site!

14:49 to: Lorna Costantini
Exciting to see the support from the parents!!

14:51 to: Paula Naugle
Maybe Apple could give old iPhones to schools.

15:03 to: Scott Newcomb
Yes! The students are able to take them home.

15:05 to: Peggy George
all of that "buy in" was so important!

15:33 to: David Read
can they use them as phones as well? Some kind of contract?

15:34 to: Ian Nairn
how much money do you now budget each year to support the programme?

15:45 to: Peggy George
that is so exciting that this provided them with internet access at home!!

15:45 to: Kyle Menchhofer
No contract

15:54 to: Kyle Menchhofer
The cost is $25/month/device

16:09 to: Cristna
is the cost built in to the tuition or mandatory fees?

16:16 to: Peggy George (GoKnow Inc.-applications used at Scott's school))

16:19 to: Kyle Menchhofer
It qualifies for E-rate funding

16:27 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We are a public school not private

16:30 to: Sylvie
Could you track which websites they used?

16:32 to: Kyle Menchhofer
There is no tuition

16:40 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Verzion provides the content filter

16:44 to: Cristna

16:48 to: Kyle Menchhofer
It is very a very tight filter

16:48 to: Sylvie

16:53 to: Peggy George (GoKnow Learning released scientifically-based research (SBR) that demonstrates handheld computer use in K-12 classrooms leads to student achiev

16:53 to: Peggy George
ement gains.)

17:10 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We saw an 11 point average gain on our state testing

17:16 to: Kyle Menchhofer
in Math

17:19 to: stidmama
that is a BIG gain.

17:20 to: Peggy George
great way to capture audio!!

17:30 to: Peggy George
very impressive Kyle!!

17:30 to: Ian Nairn
is it good for language learning?

17:31 to: Kyle Menchhofer

17:41 to: Peggy George
it would be great for language learning!!

17:42 to: Sylvie
How is liability?

17:44 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Sky is the limit in terms of how you can use them

17:59 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Phones cost $0 through government pricing

18:09 to: Kyle Menchhofer
However you use pencil paper, you can use the devices

18:17 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Paperless grading

18:18 to: Cristna
Kyle, what state is this again?

18:23 to: Kyle Menchhofer

18:38 to: David Read
I'm an esl teacher and I can tell you, mobile phones are amazing for language teaching, mobiles are probably easier to apply to language learning than any other subject

18:48 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Kyle, do the devices work over WiFi as well, or just Verizon's network?

18:49 to: Shamblesguru

18:50 to: julio
I use cell phones to record a message about mexicali and send to other students located in taos New Mexico, via mail in the epals comunity, few mounths ago

19:01 to: Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru

19:13 to: Shamblesguru

19:16 to: Peggy George
what a great idea julio!!

19:57 to: julio
Was a great expirience for all my students, that never go out of mexicali

20:03 to: Peggy George
that's a great backup plan!! virtually no down time!

20:03 to: Sylvie
Great publicity for Verizon!

20:24 to: julio
they are low economic people

20:24 to: Paula Naugle
I'm still waiting on a laptop that was taken to be fixed in Jan.

20:46 to: Peggy George
that certainly solves the problem of all of the variation on personal cell phones!

20:51 to: Sylvie
Is Verizon an American company?

20:59 to: Peggy George
yes Sylvie

21:13 to: David Read
why Windows mobile?

21:13 to: Sylvie
Are the phones made in the US?

21:21 to: Rob Galloway
For GoKnow, I presume

21:28 to: Belinda
Paula - I would suggest that your latop is the land of 'never, never to be returned.'

21:37 to: Peggy George
Kim is saving your questions to ask at the end of the presentation

22:07 to: Paula Naugle
@Belida, I agree. Don't know that i'll ever see it again.

22:19 to: Peggy George
love it!! students and parents put the pressure on the teachers who were reluctant!! great model!

22:21 to: Rob Galloway
Did the teachers use these devices before students got them?

22:24 to: Sheri Edwards
GoKnow only works on windows palm devices

22:30 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Yes, Windows Mobile is officially dead, Microsoft is yet to catch up on the next gen mobile OS wave. Why Windows Mobile?

22:49 to: Sylvie
Are you tracking the learning?

22:51 to: jackiegerstein
I might have missed this - How did they get the initial funds for iniitiative?

23:00 to: Shamblesguru

23:12 to: Peggy George
be sure to explore the goknow site!

23:20 to: Kim Caise
school district purchased the PDAs and then e rate

23:41 to: Ian Nairn
why did you start with 3rd grade??? and not older students??

23:47 to: Peggy George
this is an ideal way to differentiate instruction!!

23:55 to: jackiegerstein
So the school put them into their budget?

23:55 to: Sylvie
It sounds too good to be true

24:06 to: jackiegerstein
eLearning is the ultimate in DI, Peggy

24:11 to: anachorete
;-) @sylvie

24:34 to: Peggy George
it really is Jackie!

24:44 to: Ian Nairn
Do you also have access to interactive whiteboards in each of the classrooms and if so do you use the smartphones as student response devices???

24:44 to: Adelina (Portugal)
I use students moble phone in the classroom

25:05 to: Paula Naugle
What kind of training was given to your teachers?

25:10 to: Rob Galloway
When did the teachers get their devices? How were they prepared?

25:17 to: David Read
poll anywhere is excellent

25:22 to: Peggy George
at the end of their presentation during Q/A it would be great if some of you would take the mic and share how you are using mobile devices in your classrooms :-)

25:29 to: Sylvie
Call it what it is

25:45 to: Peggy George

26:08 to: Peggy George
why is the solution always to ban things???!!!

26:19 to: Kyle Menchhofer
we as adults think of all bad things

26:20 to: Sylvie

26:24 to: jackiegerstein
and control

26:25 to: Rob Galloway
Yep, fear

26:41 to: judyb64
what is the web site he was talking about?

26:41 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We are trying to get our administration to change policy

26:42 to: Peggy George
my grandson's school just banned those bandz bracelets because kids can use them to shoot spitwads! :-(

26:58 to: clinds
I would love to see a mobile learning device that can be plugged into a keyboard and monitor when students are at school and home so they can have a bigger screen but still be able to carry the device

26:58 to: clinds
with them.

26:59 to: jackiegerstein
like banning tag - yikes!

27:05 to: Sylvie
creaitve kids

27:10 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We need to teach proper cell phone etiquette

27:11 to: Rob Galloway
@Peggy are they going to ban fingers too?

27:20 to: David Read
yes, fear. But students respond well when you discuss what you can and can't use them for in class. It's when they are made illicit that students want to use them for illicit things in class

27:21 to: Sylvie
vhop them off

27:21 to: Peggy George
probably that's next!!

27:24 to: Kyle Menchhofer
not bury our hands in the sand and think cell phones are going away

27:31 to: Deb White (Minnesota)
@clinds - great idea!

27:39 to: Sylvie
hands on the desk

27:59 to: Kyle Menchhofer
If students chat during work, they will get fired

28:00 to: Peggy George
@judyb64-which web site were you asking about? the polling site?

28:15 to: clinds
I started an iTouch pilot with 2nd graders. I love them but still feel like there are things you can't do well on these small devices.

28:25 to: Peggy George
it's amazing they can do this things on their devices

28:25 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Parents know that cell phones are illegal in school and they still text their child.

28:32 to: Rob Galloway
I'm wondering why you chose phones over netbooks with a broadband plan

28:42 to: Sylvie
how much time do you spend on this kinds of lessons?

28:47 to: jackiegerstein
I am going to teach technology at a charter school next year - in the interview, the principal and staff didn't know about all of the great resources "out there" and want to open up the internet next

28:47 to: jackiegerstein
year. Made me hopeful that education can help open up the walled gardens

28:48 to: ddeloff
We have that problem also, Kyle

28:48 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Netbooks break down you are in same boat as laptops

29:03 to: Sylvie
Often times, kids worry more about the pictures than the content

29:05 to: Kyle Menchhofer
You have to buy netbooks plus broadband

29:20 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Expense can add up with both

29:36 to: Peggy George
that is really exciting Jackie!! I want to hear more about that

29:39 to: Shamblesguru
Battery Life

29:44 to: stidmama
I love seeing the student work, thanks for including it (I am a student teacher, so good to know what kids may be able to do!)

29:45 to: Kyle Menchhofer
2-3 days

29:47 to: Rob Galloway

29:49 to: Kyle Menchhofer

29:52 to: Kyle Menchhofer

29:58 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Charges quicker than laptops

30:08 to: jackiegerstein
:) Peggy - my first initiatve with them

30:13 to: Peggy George
incredible example!! who would have thought you could do that on a mobile device??!!

30:31 to: Peggy George
thanks for link Jackie

30:36 to: jackiegerstein
Can they take photos and video with their mobile devices?

30:40 to: Kyle Menchhofer

30:52 to: Kyle Menchhofer
students did science fair projects and used pictures and videos

30:56 to: Kyle Menchhofer

31:09 to: Ian Nairn
is it possible for people such as those here at Class 2.0 to access these learning resources as part of a demo lesson so we can show other members of staff???

31:20 to: Peggy George
that short video they include on the Verizon link shows kids telling why they prefer to learn this way!

31:22 to: clinds
Do teachers have time to share new apps/uses of the mobile devices with their colleagues?

31:25 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Students were able to show video on device on what their science project was about

31:28 to: Kyle Menchhofer

31:33 to: Kim Caise
Ian we post the video and chat log on our website

31:33 to: judyb64
I thought he said he had these projects on a web site. Did I misunderstand?

31:36 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Teachers can beam their lessons to each other

31:38 to: Peggy George (St. Marys Mobile Learning Documentary with Verizon Wireless)

31:44 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Share lessons is valuable time saver

31:54 to: Sheri Edwards
Key to learning "Making it memorable to them"

31:54 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Why recreate the wheel if a lesson works

32:15 to: Ian Nairn

32:23 to: Shamblesguru ... lots of great info

32:25 to: Kyle Menchhofer

32:27 to: Peggy George

32:32 to: Ian Nairn

32:32 to: Rob Galloway
Teacher preparation?

32:41 to: Rob Galloway
When did teachers get their devices? Before students?

32:56 to: julio
Great job Kyle, congratulations!!

32:59 to: Sylvie

33:02 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Yes, PD takes place in the summer

33:12 to: Shamblesguru

33:17 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Extra cost

33:22 to: Kyle Menchhofer
but cheap

33:23 to: Peggy George
all of today's links are here:

33:30 to: Ian Nairn
what percentage of time is used in a typical lesson using the MLD as opposed to other forms of teaching & learning activities?

33:43 to: Kyle Menchhofer
50% but increasing

33:45 to: jackiegerstein
Great resources - thanks Peggy

34:02 to: Peggy George
great question Ian!

34:17 to: ddeloff
Anyone here use smartboards in the classroom?

34:26 to: clinds
If there wasn't a funding issue, would you rather have laptops/netbooks or do you think mobile learning devices are the best tool for students right now?

34:27 to: Sylvie
How do you differentiate instruction?

34:31 to: Peggy George
I love it when people take the mic to share :-) Thanks Rob!

34:38 to: Ian Nairn
do you have a small core team that helps teachers create MLD resources in the early days while they build up their own skills and confidence?

34:42 to: David Read
can students use the phones to contact each other/the teacher when outside the classroom? Any limitations on this? Say they are doing homework together.

34:50 to: jackiegerstein
I had an 8th grader tell me this week that they know appropriate websites and should be trusted.

34:50 to: Peggy George
anyone else willing to share how you are using mobile devices in your classrooms?

34:56 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Did you see any measure improvements in student achievement as a consequence of this program?

35:24 to: Rob Galloway
Thanks for taking my question!

35:28 to: Peggy George
there is some research on the goknow site about student achievement

35:36 to: Sylvie
Don't the teachers need to change their teaching styles?

35:40 to: Scott Newcomb
Yes! We have observed improvement in Math and Writing!

36:07 to: Suren Ramasubbu
@Scott, that is great!

36:25 to: David Read
I teach ESL students at university of sheffield in England. One major use for us is to create mobile dictionaries using (note-taking app like Evernote)

36:25 to: David Read

36:26 to: Peggy George
they have built-in mentors right there in their building :-)

36:27 to: Rob Galloway
that's for sure

36:32 to: Ian Nairn
do all the teachers use the MLDs or do some still not get involved?

36:48 to: Paula Naugle
Maybe a Moodle course should be created where training sessions could be posted for everyone to use at their own pace to learn how to use MLDs.

36:53 to: Peggy George
the UK has done some awesome things with mobile technology!! we've included some links from there today

37:05 to: ddeloff
that's a good idea, paula!

37:05 to: Scott Newcomb
All teachers use the MLDs.

37:08 to: Sylvie
all kids are gifted:-)

37:14 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Does $25 / month capture the TCO? Are there other costs, like for GoKnow or for PD that we are ignoring?

37:14 to: Peggy George
thanks for that link David!

37:30 to: David Read
pleasure Peggy

37:37 to: Belinda
For Kyle - Dean Cristol is on with me as well

37:41 to: Peggy George
I'll add it to the links and archive after the show!

37:56 to: Peggy George
yeah Belinda!

38:00 to: Rob Galloway
How are you (or can you) use these devices to incorporate social networking, internet safety and cyber-citizenry?

38:01 to: Scott Newcomb

38:11 to: Peggy George
want to tell us about your grant Belinda?

38:22 to: Sheri Edwards
Yes, how much for goknow apps?

38:23 to: Belinda

38:47 to: Sylvie
How much group work is done with the devices?

39:01 to: Peggy George
you are asking some great questions!!!

39:41 to: Paula Naugle
Can they move back ad forth between MD and computer to complete their work?

39:47 to: Scott Newcomb
I use the devices everyday.

39:50 to: Rob Galloway
Great stuff--definitely going to share with my colleagues in teacher preparation (and my students)

40:03 to: clinds
I'm so impressed by this district. I taught in a public school district for four years and there were a number of teachers that would never agree to mobile learning devices in their room.

40:09 to: Peggy George
be sure to check out the survey results from the SpeakUp surveys this year--lots of powerful "ammunition" to justify the use of mobile devices :-)

40:09 to: Ian Nairn
have you found that certain subjects work better in terms of teaching & learning with MLDs??

40:20 to: Sheri Edwards
Paula, I think the work syncs to the computer, but the work must be done on the device

40:25 to: jackiegerstein
yes please

40:35 to: Peggy George
can hear you Belinda

40:38 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Great for Math

40:44 to: jackiegerstein
Planning on writing a grant proposal for mobile devices this summer

40:47 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Social Studies

41:00 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Very good for writing

41:03 to: Peggy George
the team approach with universities is a great plan

41:04 to: Paula Naugle
Thanks @Sheri.

41:13 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Our students write more now than prior

41:18 to: Peggy George
sure hope you get funded Belinda!

41:28 to: Ian Nairn
does anyone use mobiles to support students where english is not their first language???

41:33 to: Peggy George
Did you Teach for mLearning

41:56 to: Cristna
NPR recently did an interview with Nicholas Carr who wrote Is Google Making us stupid. He implied that the use of internet is making us shorten our ability to focus or concentrate. Will MLD inflluen

41:56 to: Cristna
ce younger generation to have poor concentration?

41:59 to: Sylvie
What is the name again?

42:11 to: Kyle Menchhofer

42:11 to: jackiegerstein
Just googled digiteach for mlearning - couldn't find anything - any links for this project?

42:20 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Make learning 24/7

42:20 to: Adelina (Portugal)
I use mlearnig in my French classes second language

42:20 to: Suren Ramasubbu
@Ian Nairn, I know Comal ISD in Texas has a mobile learning program for English Language Learner students

42:36 to: Scott Newcomb
Everyone needs to see the video.

42:43 to: David Read
I teach ESL to purely non-English speakers Ian, but are you talking about when there is a mix of native and non-native speakers in the classroom?

42:43 to: jackiegerstein
what video?

42:57 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Verizon Wirless video

43:06 to: Peggy George
video is on the Verizon link

43:08 to: roxanne
isw there a link to see your grant?

43:08 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Verizon did a video documentary on our district

43:10 to: Adelina (Portugal)
I send each day to students a new word by SMS

43:21 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Does $25 / month capture the TCO? Are there other costs, like for GoKnow or for PD that we are ignoring?

43:38 to: David Read
adelina, I do a similar thing, normally by SMS and a private Twitter group my class has

43:39 to: Cristna
Maybe monitoring the students ability to concentrate should be taken into account as well with this project

43:44 to: Kyle Menchhofer
$30 for GoKnow license

43:51 to: Ian Nairn
in the uk there are situations where the % of non english first language is high but I am also involved with english language projects for Indian Schools

43:53 to: roxanne
yes please

43:55 to: Kyle Menchhofer
PD is $1800/day

44:00 to: Peggy George (St. Marys Mobile Learning Documentary with Verizon Wireless)

44:25 to: Peggy George
thanks a lot for sharing that Belinda!

44:30 to: Belinda

44:32 to: jackiegerstein
I have a desire to have students develop apps - has anyone here done that?

44:34 to: David Read
Ian, what projects are those?

44:53 to: Adelina (Portugal)
my student created their own dictionnary in their mobile phones

45:00 to: Peggy George
follow them on Twitter too!

45:11 to: Peggy George
their Twitter names are in the links today

45:15 to: Paula Naugle
@Jackie You need to contact Scott Meech.

45:19 to: Adelina (Portugal)
now they have more than 3 hundrand new words stored

45:21 to: Peggy George

45:34 to: clinds
I'm hoping to start an iPad 1:1 pilot at my school in the near future. Love that there are already apps that turn the iPad into a tablet if you buy a stylus.

45:43 to: Sylvie
How will they cope with colleges who do not use these devices?

45:58 to: anachorete
@jackiegerstein do you know doodle kids? iphoneapp by a 9 year old girl

45:59 to: stidmama
I like the idea of using tech to create portable dictionaries tailored to the language/words students need to know

46:13 to: Peggy George
@clinds-did you see that blog post from someone who was using an ipad in a restaurant to order their food :-) amazing!

46:43 to: jackiegerstein
Am following the progress on OLPC partners with Marvell to base XO-3 on Moby tablet =

46:46 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Android is the device you need.

46:48 to: clinds
@peggy - I haven't seen that post - I'll have to look for that.

47:10 to: Adelina (Portugal)
my students created microstories too

47:14 to: Sylvie
They can sell the parts

47:25 to: clinds
@jackie - That moby tablet looks amazing - $99, right?

47:32 to: Peggy George

47:42 to: Peggy George
link for restaurant post re ipad :-)

47:44 to: Suren Ramasubbu
@Kyle, @Scott, can you answer my TCO question?

47:44 to: jackiegerstein
yes - fingers crossed that it will work @clinds

48:06 to: David Read
What about the Dell Streak? Bigger screen but smaller than the netbook and added phone capability

48:16 to: Rob Galloway
sure sounds like Verizon has a monopoly on this at the moment!

48:26 to: Sylvie

48:28 to: Peggy George
$255 for broadband service plus $30 for goknow service

48:37 to: Peggy George
very reasonable prices

48:55 to: Suren Ramasubbu
$102 / device / year is just awesome!

48:56 to: Peggy George
with erate goes down--is that right?

49:02 to: Peggy George

49:04 to: Sylvie

49:33 to: Rob Galloway
granted batteries, durability, etc. are issues, but aren't wireless companies giving netbooks for free with a 2-year contract? Could they easily do this for schools?

49:35 to: Peggy George
students pay $100 for a single textbook sometimes (university students)

50:08 to: Rob Galloway
Sometimes much more @Peggy

50:20 to: Paula Naugle
@Kyle You need to create training videos and post them somewhere like Moodle so that others can have access on their own time.

50:33 to: Peggy George
so glad to hear him explain about the hidden costs

50:40 to: Peggy George
I agree Paula!!

51:04 to: Peggy George
this recording will be available for us to share with colleagues :-)

51:16 to: David Read
this is great stuff, this kind of informed negotiating with network carriers is something we need to learn!

51:40 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Schools are in the drivers seat

51:41 to: Ian Nairn
david read - I am in Sheffield on the 14th / 15th June - I could visit you to explain more if you want??

52:24 to: David Read
sounds good Ian, would be interested to hear about it. Will be around on those days.

52:42 to: Ian Nairn
adelina - what types of mobile phones do your students use??

52:53 to: Paula Naugle
Did your school invest any money into Iteractive whiteboards?

52:57 to: Adelina (Portugal)
their own devices

52:59 to: Kyle Menchhofer
In 2-3 years, all students will have smart phones which will potentiall alleviate broad band charges from district. Parents will pay for the cost cause the price of broadband are coming down.

53:03 to: Paula Naugle

53:26 to: Rob Galloway
How are you (or can you) use these devices to incorporate social networking, internet safety and cyber-citizenry?

53:34 to: Suren Ramasubbu
@Kyle, @ Scott, This is a great project! Thanks for sharing.

53:50 to: jackiegerstein
I have a hunch that computers will not look like they do in a decade or two from now - especially with the advent of touch screens

53:54 to: Peggy George
we had a great show with Carly Shuler a few months ago where she talked about her research related to mobile learning-well worth watching if you missed it!

54:05 to: Ian Nairn
David Read - could you contact me - email is

54:28 to: Paula Naugle
Yeah for 4th grade.

54:30 to: Shamblesguru
Do you use the mobile devices to create, subscribe, listen to Podcasts?

54:43 to: Scott Newcomb
4th grade is great!

54:55 to: ddeloff
I think that's a great strategy for implementation

54:56 to: Rob Galloway
That's why I'm particularly interested in cyber-citizenry, etc.

55:05 to: David Read
Ian Nairn, will do

55:15 to: Peggy George
Carly Shuler wrote a great publication called Pockets of Potential with research re mobile learning.

55:31 to: Paula Naugle

55:38 to: Peggy George
that rationale about starting with younger kids makes a lot of sense to me!

55:40 to: jackiegerstein
If you design assessments as project based and authentic, then cheating cannot occur - it becomes too individual to do so

56:01 to: Paula Naugle
That is a great point, Jackie.

56:02 to: roxanne
It's essential that our students become responsible for their learning

56:05 to: jackiegerstein

56:10 to: Peggy George
that's the key jackie!

56:41 to: Ian Nairn
great session - guys - really appreciated the way in which you have explained all of the issues

56:43 to: Peggy George
I saw Kevin Honeycutt demonstrate how his Kindergartener's carried their iPads--so cute and so careful with them!!

56:56 to: Peggy George
anyone else want to take the mic to share?

57:26 to: Paula Naugle
I had students make Glogsters on famous Louisianians. They worked in pairs but each made their own. I don't thiink of cheating, I think of collaboration.

57:43 to: Peggy George

58:15 to: Rob Galloway
My question is more about how to help students learn thru social networking, etc.

58:20 to: Rob Galloway
Not prohibiiting things.

58:21 to: Peggy George
we'll post the full elluminate recording and followup links right after the show--iTunesU recordings posted in a day or so

58:37 to: Rob Galloway

58:52 to: Ian Nairn
do you have any views about trying to deliver mobile learning using non mobile windows MLDs??

59:00 to: Shamblesguru
use non-google safe search engines

59:19 to: Kyle Menchhofer
I am looking at Moodle

59:36 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Moodle is key especially for HS and JH

59:46 to: Peggy George
would love to hear more about your Moodle plan Kyle!

1:00:15 to: Paula Naugle
@Kyle Tammy Moore the CC person here at CR 2.0 live would be a great resource for you. She is a Moodle guru.

1:00:37 to: Scott Newcomb
Mobile Moodle?

1:00:42 to: Peggy George
yes Paula!! and Tammy is exploring Mahara with Moodle now too :-)

1:00:45 to: Brett McLean
there is a mobile moodle application

1:00:53 to: clinds
I've used Moodle with students as young as 3rd grade and they pick it up immediately.

1:00:55 to: Peggy George
yes mobile moodle! I have it on my iphone

1:01:11 to: Sheri Edwards

1:01:20 to: Peggy George
thanks for the link Sheri!!

1:01:28 to: julio
Great session, friends, was a pleasure to hear you Peggy, Kyle and Scott... Gracias Amigos

1:01:34 to: Sheri Edwards

1:01:41 to: Shamblesguru

1:01:42 to: Scott Newcomb

1:02:12 to: Peggy George
I think it may be time for another Moodle show!! Lots of interest :-)

1:02:38 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Tammy want to talk to you about Moodle administration and Moodle in general

1:03:07 to: julio
How many teachers of latin america participed in this webinars??

1:03:16 to: Ian Nairn
great session again - well done to everyone involved!!!

1:03:23 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks all

1:03:36 to: jackiegerstein
Very good information!

1:03:39 to: Peggy George
fantastic session Kyle and Scott!!! so informative!

1:03:43 to: Paula Naugle
Another great session. Thank you everyone.

1:03:48 to: Adelina (Portugal)
great session

1:03:48 to: Scott Newcomb
Thank you!

1:03:49 to: McTeach
Thanks everyone! Back to report cards for me!! Three more days!

1:04:01 to: Deb White (Minnesota)
Thanks you so much! Very exciting.

1:04:01 to: Belinda
Way to Go Presenting Team!

1:04:02 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Please feel free to contact us. We love to talk about Mobile LEarning

1:04:04 to: Lorna Costantini
Aviva is very creative using twitter to connect with her parents!!

1:04:08 to: Paula Naugle
@McTeach see you at ISTE.

1:04:08 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Thanks Belinda

1:04:10 to: Scott Newcomb
Let us know if you have questions.

1:04:12 to: Peggy George
@julio--not positive about latin american teacher numbers but a few

1:04:15 to: stidmama
Gotta go, this was WONDERFUL. Thank you so much!

1:04:16 to: jackiegerstein
and then edubloggercon - June 26!

1:04:19 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Great work team! Thanks for sharing...

1:04:20 to: McTeach
Looking forward to it, Paula!!!

1:04:31 to: clinds
Thanks so much! This has given me a lot of think about :)

1:04:34 to: Paula Naugle
@Jackie I'll be at EDC.

1:04:34 to: Peggy George
Aviva is an incredible first grade teacher--you won't believe all of the tools she is using with her students!!

1:04:42 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Reminder, we are presenting at ISTE on Tuesday at 3:30

1:04:54 to: julio
Thanks Peggy

1:05:08 to: jackiegerstein
It will be so much fun meeting more of my PLN F2F at EDC (loved using all the abbrev)

1:05:11 to: Peggy George
I love being able to view our shows on my ipod :-)

1:05:12 to: Paula Naugle
@Kyle I'll look you up at ISTE.

1:05:37 to: jackiegerstein
Great Kyle - my goal at ISTE is mobile learning learning

1:05:39 to: Kyle Menchhofer
I am co presenting with District Administration as well at 2:00 on Tuesday as well

1:05:43 to: Suren Ramasubbu
@Kyle @Scott, look fwd to meeting you at ISTE

1:05:56 to: Scott Newcomb
Sounds Good!

1:06:05 to: Peggy George
We'll be having a LIVE Classroom 2.0 show from ISTE too! Hope lots of you will be able to join us in person and come on the camera :-) Wed. 1:30-2:30pm MST

1:06:10 to: jackiegerstein
I put all the mobile learning sessions on my ISTE conference planner!

1:06:13 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Likewise to all who can come to ISTE. We would love to start a Mobile Learning Network.

1:06:15 to: Brett McLean
could you post the tinyurl link again?

1:06:30 to: Kim Caise
for iTunesU?

1:06:37 to: Brett McLean
yes please

1:06:45 to: jackiegerstein
There is a mobile learning SIG - are you connected with them?

1:06:54 to: Kathy
there is a mobile learning conference nbeing planned in Phoenix April 2010

1:06:55 to: Peggy George
you can find the link on our home page too:

1:06:55 to: Kim Caise

1:07:12 to: jackiegerstein

1:07:13 to: Brett McLean

1:07:15 to: clinds
This is just the best PD around - thank you so much for organizing this every week :)

1:07:15 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We have a video that we produced on the SIGML site. Please vote for us!

1:07:26 to: Peggy George
where do we vote Kyle?

1:07:31 to: jackiegerstein
OK - will go view it Kyle

1:08:44 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Peggy, I don't know the URL off-hand

1:09:09 to: Peggy George
looking for it--may be on their wiki

1:09:17 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Here is the SIGML video contest URL -

1:09:17 to: Paula Naugle
Computing devices will not replace teachers, but teachers who are willing to use them will.

1:09:24 to: Peggy George

1:09:49 to: Peggy George
Voting for our first video contest is now open and if you are an ISTE member you can cast your vote!! Please access the voting ballot at Voting closes on June 11

1:09:49 to: Peggy George
, 2010, and each ISTE member can only vote once.

1:10:11 to: Peggy George
that's a powerful motivator!! students don't want to lose their device!!

1:10:19 to: Peggy George
that's so funny!!

1:10:29 to: jackiegerstein

1:10:29 to: Peggy George
needed the internet to check the weather for recess :-)

1:10:54 to: Paula Naugle
Goodbye everyone. See you next time.

1:11:00 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Who provided the PD training?

1:11:00 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Bye Paula

1:11:06 to: Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!! have a great weekend!!

1:11:08 to: Scott Newcomb

1:12:15 to: jackiegerstein
yep - On the job training - best kind

1:12:48 to: Peggy George
@Kyle and Scott-I'll post the recording link ASAP on our web site so you will be able to add it to your websites--incredible show!!

1:13:14 to: Peggy George

1:13:29 to: Suren Ramasubbu
You'll have much better access to cool apps on Android, among other benefits. When do you think you'll move to Droid MLDs?

1:13:47 to: Kyle Menchhofer
We are a year away

1:13:49 to: jackiegerstein
I agree - especially blogging

1:14:01 to: Peggy George
just in time learning for PD--what a great model!

1:14:38 to: Peggy George
I'll bet Moodle will work great for you!

1:15:31 to: Scott Newcomb
I am very interested in finding out more about moodle.

1:15:39 to: Suren Ramasubbu
You are absolutely right. This ecosystem is going to see some dynamic changes in the next year

1:15:53 to: Peggy George
be sure to check out the Moodle/Mahara combination-Mahoodle:

1:16:25 to: jackiegerstein
great moderation Kim

1:16:32 to: jackiegerstein

1:16:41 to: Peggy George
the Moodleman-Julian Ridden is helping to moderate/host the Mahoodle forum-great resources there

1:16:52 to: jackiegerstein
off to watch the SIGML contest videos - thanks for a great session!

1:17:06 to: Peggy George
you'll find many Moodle resources on our site

1:17:14 to: Kyle Menchhofer

1:17:15 to: Peggy George
and several shows on mobile learning devices

1:17:29 to: Scott Newcomb

1:17:34 to: Lorna Costantini
Thank you so much Kyle and Scott for joining us today

1:17:41 to: Kyle Menchhofer
Thanks Lorna

1:17:49 to: Suren Ramasubbu
This is the kind of grassroot effort that ends up creating a paradigm shift. This is going to look obvious in hindsight, but you folks are definitely pioneers!

1:17:49 to: Kyle Menchhofer
I had a blast!

1:17:51 to: Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us today!! This has been an incredible learning experience!!

1:17:58 to: Peggy George
Thank you Scott and Kyle!!!!

1:18:00 to: Scott Newcomb
Thanks everyone!

1:18:15 to: roxanne
great show every week. gotta go but thanks for my weekly get up and go session!

1:18:35 to: Peggy George
:-) you're wonderful roxanne!

1:18:37 to: Suren Ramasubbu
Thanks to the presenters and moderators!