Classroom 2.0 LIVE Webinar: Infusing Technology with Common Core

Special Guest Presenter: Letia Cooper @techwithtia

June 29, 2013

00:01 - Peggy George
here we go!!!

00:11 - clinds
Is ISTE going on right now or over?

00:22 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Good afternoon.

00:25 - Peggy George
ISTE is over now and it was fabulous!!

00:37 - Jill
Hello from Nashville, TN.

00:49 - Susie @shighley
We go back on July 25!

00:58 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
Maine here

00:59 - Peggy George
the ISTE videos are starting to appear now so you can see many of the presentations--

01:13 - Peggy George
that's our awesome team of moderators!!! :-)

01:21 - Peggy George
Welcome Katie and Todd

01:35 - Peggy George

01:45 - Peggy George
Hi Heidi!! So glad you could join us!!!

01:54 - Dotty #2
I will be in Vancouver BC next week attending a conference . Intl spec Ed conf.

02:02 - Heidi Befort
Thanks Peggy

02:07 - Peggy George
@Susie--July 25th is really early!!

02:19 - clinds
@Peggy - Thanks for the ISTE recordings. Wasn't able to go and it will be great to watch these!!

02:21 - Peggy George
Welcome MaryFran and Hanna! So great to have you joining us!

02:39 - Peggy George
be sure to watch the recording of Adam Bellow's closing keynote! It was incredible!

02:53 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

02:59 - Peggy George
thanks Lorna :-)

03:21 - @beckitharp
@Peggy, Thank you for the ISTE videos link. We were still working here in NY so we couldn't go.

03:23 - Peggy George
double click on your location to place the starburst

03:24 - Susie @shighley
And how hot is it in Phoenix today?

03:24 - Lorie Moffat
central PA

03:34 - Peggy George
if it doesn't go where you want it you can click and drag it

03:36 - Dotty #2
San Jose, Cal

03:39 - Cate Tolnai 1
Los Angeles

03:41 - SharonGullett
Sharon in Texas. On iPad no tools

03:43 - Cassie #2

03:43 - Lisa Mims 1
in Delaware

03:43 - Technoclown 1
Northern NJ

03:43 - Tracey Redfern #2

03:46 - Melissa Getz
Bay Area CA

03:46 - Peggy George
it's so awesome to have all of you joining us today!

03:49 - Letia Cooper @Tech With Tia
Beaufort, South Carolina

03:55 - Pamela
YErington, NV

03:57 - Clarissa
Biggs, CA

03:58 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ--going to be 119 degrees today!!!! very HOT!

04:11 - Heidi Befort

04:14 - Susie @shighley
We are going to chromebooks this august

04:18 - SharonGullett

04:22 - Peggy George
if no classroom you can say no :-) just for practice :-)

04:38 - Melissa Getz
If it is someone else's classroom where I hang out to tutor, does that count?

04:38 - Peggy George
lots of you have mobile devices in your classrooms--fantastic!

04:44 - Peggy George
absolutely :-)

04:52 - Dotty #2
Not in the classroom

05:05 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
I'm with Maine's laptop initiative MLTI

05:20 - Melissa Getz
I work for Edgenuity! I'd say that is an online learning environment :-)

05:23 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
I do PD for teachers around the state

05:25 - Dotty #2
I use Edmodo

05:27 - @andreablanco
BYOD initiative in our district

05:29 - Peggy George
all of our Livebinder resources for today are here:

05:31 - @andreablanco

05:39 - clinds
Use Edu 2.0 - not the most well-known but love it

05:46 - Heidi Befort

05:56 - Doug Henry

05:58 - Peggy George
we need to have a session on Schoology!

06:05 - Melissa Broome 1
it's Learning

06:10 - Melissa Getz
did Voicethread and Moodle when I was in the classroom

06:12 - @andreablanco
i would love to connect with other educators using schoology

06:43 - clinds
Would love a session on Schoology!

06:50 - Peggy George
@andreablanco I want to learn more about it because people love Schoology!

06:54 - Dotty #2
If I were in the classroom would feel confident

06:55 - Cate Tolnai 1
Collaborate Classroom is my favorite

07:07 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
and NGSS

07:23 - Corina
I teach in Texas, so we don't use the common core.

07:23 - Peggy George
many teachers say they haven't had any training for common core yet! today's session will give you a huge jumpstart!

07:38 - @andreablanco
@Peggy my teacher's love schoology

07:47 - @andreablanco

07:50 - Peggy George
tons of common core resources in the Livebinder today but all of the web tools and apps are useful whether you use common core or not!

08:04 - Dotty #2
Calif. just added money for schools to train and implement common core.

08:17 - Peggy George
she has resources for all grade levels and subjects with many Livebinders embedded in the Livebinder

08:36 - Peggy George
if you're not following her on Twitter, start now! @techwithtia

09:06 - Lisa Mims 1
just followed!

09:13 - Peggy George
we can all use the abbreviation of CCSS in the chat for common core--much shorter :-)

09:17 - Peggy George
awesome Lisa!

09:26 - Peggy George (Letia Cooper’ website)

10:08 - Peggy George
I'm hoping the CCSS will keep the focus on learning and teaching and not on computer for testing!!

10:34 - Peggy George
I love how so many subject areas are integrated through CCSS

11:03 - Peggy George
thanks Tia! you are the awesome one!!

11:23 - Peggy George
yes!!! we won one of the Top Ten Livebinders for our May 2013 Livebinder :-)

11:39 - Peggy George
and Tia is #! with her Livebinder for 100+ STEM resources!!!

11:51 - Peggy George (TechwithTia’ Public Livebinder Shelf)

11:57 - Peggy George
seeing it great here

12:05 - MaryFran
Thanks for the Livebinder. It looks fabulous.

12:35 - Peggy George
Join Tia on Edmodo! CODE: hxpy77

12:53 - Peggy George
there are lots of teacher groups on Edmodo where we can learn and share together

13:08 - Peggy George (Letia’ Common Core resources)

13:24 - Peggy George
even PE and Art and Music in the common core resources :-)

13:38 - Technoclown 1
What is her name in edmodo?

13:54 - Peggy George
Letia's full Livebinder is the first subtab in our Livebinder for today

14:20 - Peggy George (Livebinder for Letia’ presentation today)

14:36 - Peggy George
how exciting to have info for parents!

14:39 - MaryFran
edmodo might be down. Can't get the sign-in page

14:50 - Peggy George
techwithtia in Edmodo I think

14:50 - Tracey Redfern #2
is there a ccss for parents in espanol?

14:52 - Lisa Mims 1
I think Edmodo is down. I just tried it too.

15:24 - Peggy George
Edmodo seems to be under maintenance right now :-(

15:44 - Peggy George
great question Tracey! we'll ask Tia during Q/A

16:14 - Tracey Redfern #2

16:16 - Peggy George
technology really must be infused into the curriculum--not a separate area

16:18 - Susie @shighley
edmddo sent out a notice that they were doing system maintenance at noon EDT

17:05 - Lisa Mims 1
I agree Peggy! Tecnology is not a subject!

17:12 - Peggy George
these are incredible tabs!!! every item on the page is clickable in the Livebinder

17:25 - Cate Tolnai 1
I'm so excited for this resource! I know I will be using it all the time with my teachers in the fall!

17:27 - Jane Z
Yes, Peggy, that's what I keep preaching at our school - infuse technology!

17:29 - Lisa Mims 1
I will definitely share this with my colleagues!

17:41 - Peggy George
very helpful to have specific tools connected to the different subject areas! gives us a starting place

18:10 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
exemplars are important

18:22 - Peggy George
this is all in the Livebinder so you can scroll more slowly and read all of the content

18:27 - Susie @shighley
write source is a great source. there are schools that use their handbook as resoruce for students

18:37 - Peggy George
I agree philip!! exemplars are so helpful!!!

18:53 - Cate Tolnai 1
We used their textbook and grammer workbook at one of my old schools. I loved it!

19:01 - Peggy George

19:08 - Lisa Mims 1
how cool!

19:11 - dotty
Slides don't show up on IPAD

19:19 - Peggy George
super idea to create as a poster!!

19:35 - Lisa Mims 1
or put them on Google Drive, students can refer to it without printing it.

19:36 - Melissa Getz
I still worry about plagiarism. How do you provide such a huge resource of exemplars and not have them show up as your students' submissions?

19:36 - Peggy George
the slides should show up on iPad but right now she is using app sharing

19:46 - Serrilynn
what is a postermaker?

20:01 - Cate Tolnai 1
Love this too! Sometimes Ts need resources handed to them to inspire them to begin!

20:13 - Peggy George
a postermaker is a tool (online or software) used to create posters

20:24 - Peggy George
I love using BigHugeLags for creating posters :-)

20:42 - Serrilynn
How do you print them poster size?

20:53 - Cate Tolnai 1
"I don't believe in grade levels." I LOVE IT! So true. MAkes me think of the #gtchat yesterday!

20:53 - Susie @shighley
So glad to hear Tia say that== don't rely on grade levels

20:55 - dotty
Grade levels mainly for sicial reasons.

21:24 - Melissa Getz
Hey, I still want to get rid of percentage based grading. But that is a topic for another time...

21:33 - Peggy George
it's so great to know about sites that have resources curated by other teachers!!

21:34 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
think Mass Customized Learning re:Inevitable

21:40 - Peggy George
I agree @Melissa!!!!

21:59 - Fidelia Nimmons
Are these websites available free to only US schools?

22:07 - Lisa Mims 1
Just learned about GCF yesterday!!!!

22:19 - Peggy George
amazing tutorials on that site!!

22:25 - Peggy George

22:52 - Peggy George
you can do that on a Mac too--save as PDF when you click on print :-)

22:57 - Cate Tolnai 1
I'm obsessed with this site!!! Yay! And love that she saves it to her Drive.

23:00 - Lisa Mims 1
Yes, Google accounts are the best! Using Chromebooks with class!

23:01 - Hanna Coleman
This would be very helpful! We use Google drive extensively. Also printable makes it accessible to many.

23:12 - Peggy George
it gets rid of all of the ads and extra stuff on the page when you click on print

23:18 - TammyMassman #2
Did you mean BigHugeLabs?

23:47 - @andreablanco
Does Tia have a diigo account? I'd love to follow her

23:59 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
check out Readabilityto get webpages minus ads

24:04 - Peggy George
I love BigHugeLabs but the extra features are premium

24:17 - Peggy George (online poster maker free site)

24:27 - Peggy George
Tia always shares FREE resources!!!

25:01 - Peggy George
This is Tia's binder called "If It's Not FREE it's not for ME"

25:08 - Lisa Mims 1
saving all these links to evernote!

25:24 - Peggy George
can you believe all of these things are on that one site!!!!

25:39 - Jill
@ LIsa Mims 1--me, too!

25:40 - Cate Tolnai 1
already tweeted out the site!

25:58 - Peggy George
we have so many awesome things to explore over the next month when we aren't having our regular Saturday shows :-)

26:03 - Peggy George
awesome @Cate!!!

26:37 - Lisa Mims 1
The instructor yesterday got stuck on that page too! It's because it's amazing!:)

26:54 - Peggy George
every link she talks about is in the Livebinders for today!

27:06 - Peggy George
fun @Lisa!!!

27:17 - Cate Tolnai 1
How many people use livebinders? I've dragged my feet a bit on it, but seeing how Tia uses it I think I may want to design one.

27:23 - Peggy George
notice when you click on a tab in the Livebinder that the subtabs open up

27:31 - Lisa Mims 1
Love Livebinders!

27:42 - Peggy George
I couldn't live without Livebinders!!! Use them every day!

27:52 - Cate Tolnai 1
Wow! Ok. awesome. Done and done!

28:02 - Peggy George

28:21 - Peggy George
Livebinders are great ways to organize content and resources for student learning too!!

28:40 - Peggy George (Livebinder public shelves for Common Core)

28:44 - Lisa Mims 1
Pinterest is great! Put what you want in the search engine and voila!

28:53 - Susie @shighley
I'd like to ask Tia what she recommends to keep pinterest boards from being too big and unwieldy. I wish I could change the order of the pins.

29:18 - Peggy George
whenever I want to find great resources that have been selected and shared by teachers I always start with Livebinders! best search engine ever!

29:24 - Cate Tolnai 1
I just canceled my pinterest. It was personal. Maybe I will start up a professional one.

29:32 - Cate Tolnai 1
Like a personal accoutn

29:32 - Peggy George

29:33 - Hanna Coleman
I would be interested in learning about how to best search for educational resources on Pinterest. I am great with my own interests, but would like more focus.

29:33 - Lisa Mims 1
ReadWorks is excellent! Used it all year. Great for differentiating instruction.

30:05 - Peggy George
@Hanna that would be a great session for us to do in the fall! so many great resources on Pinterest but it's all in who you follow :-)

30:19 - Lisa Mims 1
@Cate There are so many teachers on Pinterest! I use it professionally as well.

30:36 - Peggy George
there are even principals and superintendents on Pinterest :-)

31:02 - Susie @shighley
I follow a lot of people on Pinterest, but never seem to have the time to check up on what they're doing!

31:03 - Peggy George
what an amazing resource for non-fiction passages!

31:32 - Peggy George
me too Susie but I get the notifications in my email when new things are uploaded on Pinterest by people I follow. I usually click on those :-)

31:35 - MaryFran
What a great idea!

31:40 - Lisa Mims 1
What a great idea! I will do that this year! I wasted too much paper!

31:41 - Tracey Redfern #2
Love pinterest. It's a great organizational tool as well

31:41 - Peggy George
no more worksheets!!! esheets!!!

32:13 - Lisa Mims 1
especially for kids who are absent

32:18 - Peggy George
I'll bet the parents love that!

32:39 - Peggy George
so true Lisa! really helps them to stay on top of things

32:46 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Here is an excellent link.

32:57 - Serrilynn
Let's not just substitute paper worksheets with electronic worksheets/ make sure the content and skills are more challenging/core aligned

33:04 - Lisa Mims 1
It gives Lexile as well

33:08 - Peggy George
LearnZillion is incredible!!! I went to a bunch of their webinars and the resources are excellent--all linked to common core standards!

33:10 - Cate Tolnai 1
@serrilynn Agreed!

33:24 - @andreablanco
Great point @Serrilynn. the esheets can be abused just like worksheets

33:40 - Peggy George
so MUCH better than just doing a google search!!!

33:40 - Jill
Very nice! I plan to make great use of this one.

33:53 - Peggy George (LearnZillion)

33:57 - Pamela
I agree, esheets need to be interactive, not just a "worksheet"

33:58 - Lisa Mims 1
Learnzillion is fantastic! Embedded the videos on Edmodo!

34:09 - Peggy George
I love, love, love everything Tia shares!!!

34:12 - Susie @shighley
Learn Zillion won some type of recognition at ISTE, didn't it? The pitchfest?

34:23 - Pamela
Tia is GREAT! What great resources

34:35 - Lisa Mims 1
I mostly used it for Math, need to check out ELA this year.

34:36 - Peggy George
LearnZillion is totally free and the videos are excellent!

34:44 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
And there are connected accounts ,too through gmail.

34:55 - Peggy George
great point @Stella!!!

35:07 - Lisa Mims 1
Teachers can apply every year to join their team of teachers who create these videos.

35:36 - Peggy George
they have an awesome team of teachers who create the content for LearnZillion! you could volunteer to be one of them :-)

36:16 - Cate Tolnai 1
Learn Zillion seems like a great place for Ts to start flipping 1

36:33 - Cate Tolnai 1
@Peggy Do you know how to get in wiht that group?

37:26 - Peggy George
Tia has all of these on her slides for today too and the link to the slides is in the Livebinder

38:00 - Peggy George
huge benefit for substitute teachers :-) and homebound instructors

38:33 - Peggy George
@Cate they send out invitations each time they are ready to select new teachers for the team to everyone who is subscribed to LearnZillion

38:55 - Cate Tolnai 1
What about Science and Social Studies?

39:24 - Peggy George
science & social studies aren't part of common core yet but it's important to use that content to align with CCSS

39:42 - Melissa Getz
science just came out, actually

40:12 - Melissa Getz
I imagine it will be a while before it gets as developed online like math and ELA are

40:14 - Peggy George
yes science is now available but most states haven't adopted them yet

40:14 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
The Next Gen Science Standards show alignments to ELA and Math CCSS

40:35 - Melissa Getz
@peggy- good point! thanks!

40:35 - dotty #3 Great free resources for teachers.

40:47 - Peggy George
absolutely @philip! do you have a link to the NextGen Science STandards? They don't call them Common Core

41:04 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
just google NGSS

41:09 - Hanna Coleman
Wow, excited to see the science and math tutorials in Brain Genie!

41:20 - Peggy George

41:41 - Peggy George
if any of you have resources to share please put them in the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show

41:55 - Peggy George
:-) love, love, love!!!

42:09 - Peggy George

42:11 - Peggy George

42:17 - Peggy George
own flipping book :-)

43:02 - Lisa Mims 1
signed up but never used it, guess I better get to it!

43:12 - Lisa Mims 1

43:35 - dotty #3
So much technology, gets overwhelming!

43:53 - Peggy George
just an FYI--Tia won't be talking about ALL of her resources in this session because an hour just isn't long enough!! But they are all there for you to explore and try out later in the Livebinder!

43:59 - @andreablanco
@dotty it can be. Baby steps :) Use one new tool a unit

43:59 - ERICA

44:00 - Cate Tolnai 1
Can you embed the flipsnack?

44:02 - Jill
Great idea to use for a newsletter!

44:04 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
3d flip book for powerpoint is great ,too.

44:13 - Melissa Getz
@dotty- agreed! Often wonder sho has the time to create all of this amazing stuff!

44:15 - Peggy George
yes Dotty! but having the choices is great and you don't have to use them all!

44:18 - lbott
Thanks for these great resources -- know what I'll be doing for the next couple of weeks!

44:33 - Lisa Mims 1
anyone use as a Math journal?

45:37 - Peggy George
done in a few seconds!! wow!

45:56 - @andreablanco
really loving the student guides

46:06 - Lisa Mims 1
LOVE it! repeating Cate's question, Can you embed it?

46:14 - Peggy George
publishing doesn't have to mean printing :-)

46:38 - Peggy George
Lorie is capturing your questions and will ask Tia soon. She can't follow the chat while she's using app sharing

46:39 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
perwriting is important

47:01 - Lisa Mims 1
Yes started using it this year!

47:05 - lbott
Use it all the time for math lessons-- excellent!

47:06 - Peggy George
screencast-o-matic is my favorite screencasting tool!! free and easy!

47:12 - @andreablanco
screecastomatic is so easy to use! Wonderful for flipping

47:26 - Lisa Mims 1
I paid for PRO, bit it is worth it, and very inexpensive

47:27 - Jill
It is super easy. Have used it to encourage teachers to try resources.

47:33 - kg 1
screencastomatic is my favorite tool for this...and you can upload to multiple publishing formats. even premium is cheap.

47:40 - Peggy George
me too Lisa!! inexpensive but so valuable

47:45 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
quicktime player does this too (for Macs)

47:59 - Peggy George

48:03 - @andreablanco
And don't forget the recorder in SMART Notebook

48:10 - Peggy George
that's new to me!!! ScreenLeap

48:19 - Lisa Mims 1
Love that I could upload the videos to our Youtube channel

48:20 - Peggy George

48:23 - Cate Tolnai 1
EEEEEEEK!!!! ScreenLeap!!!!

48:25 - Cate Tolnai 1

48:26 - ERICA

48:27 - Cate Tolnai 1

48:37 - Peggy George

48:56 - Lisa Mims 1
Started BYOD end of last year, but never heard of this. Thx so much!

49:09 - Peggy George
what a great way to help other teachers!!!

49:26 - Susie @shighley
Loved ISTE, but as far as learning about tools, this is better than any of the sessions I went to!

50:04 - Peggy George
that Pinterest tab is in Tia's Livebinder (first subtab)

50:26 - Peggy George
isn't she fabulous Susie??? it's so helpful to hear how these tools are used!!!

50:37 - ERICA
Wonderful resource!!!!

51:04 - Peggy George
I love how easy it is to present using a Livebinder. Everything is right there to click on!!!

51:11 - kg 1
I love the Teaching Channel...very helpful for professional development.

51:17 - Pamela
I agree!!

51:25 - Peggy George

51:38 - Peggy George

52:02 - kg 1
I have used alot of the segments with future teachers, for various purposes...

52:14 - @andreablanco
Thank you so much for hosting this session! #liveclass20

52:16 - Peggy George
Kick Me :-) or slap me upside the head!! :-) gets your attention!

52:37 - Peggy George
I knew this was the PERFECT session to take us into the summer!!!! :-)

52:41 - dotty #3
I love being retired because it gives me time to research, play with and share with my network if teachers.

52:49 - Lisa Mims 1
just started using Edcanvas last year great presentation tool and you can include quizzes

52:53 - Peggy George
me too dotty!!!!

53:06 - Cate Tolnai 1
I am beyond thrilled at the prospect of having access to Tia's livebinder. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

53:16 - Peggy George
all of those standards by grade level are really helpful

53:24 - Peggy George
hooray for the Arts binder!!!

53:27 - @beckitharp
@peggy you're right this is great!

53:38 - Alison Oswald-Keene
Love the ideas for Electives/Specials/Arts

53:42 - Peggy George
she even has links in that binder!

54:03 - Cate Tolnai 1
@Peggy! Yay! I just started my

54:09 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
Good to see TPACK referenced

54:14 - Peggy George
you can see why Tia's binder won in the Livebinder Top Ten for 2013~

54:20 - MaryFran
So much to explore. I am so excited to learn more about these tools and be ready to start the new year. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and resources, Tia.

54:24 - Susie @shighley
till we all tweet it out!

54:27 - Peggy George
hooray!!! the July calendar is ready! that is such a fantastic resource!

54:27 - Lisa Mims 1
Yes, I can. She is amazing!

54:41 - Peggy George
links for every day of the month!!!!

54:46 - dotty #3
I can share this next week with my poster presentation on technology at IASE.

54:53 - Peggy George
I get goosebumps just looking at those!!!

54:59 - Peggy George
absolutely @Dotty!

55:09 - lbott
Thanks for the calendar!

55:15 - Alison Oswald-Keene
Thanks so much, they look like lots to spend time going over...lots of fun

55:22 - Melissa Getz
Inspired just does not adequately capture what I am thinking.

55:24 - Peggy George
those calendars could be your entire year of PD!!!!

55:24 - Serrilynn

55:41 - Alison Oswald-Keene
@Peggy, so true

55:42 - Heidi Befort
Great session, thanks Tia! And everyone else!

55:44 - Pamela
Thank you Tia!

55:45 - Clarissa
This session has been so worthwhile! I loved the presentation, my brain is going crazy with excitement!

55:46 - Peggy George
time for Q/A :-)

55:53 - @andreablanco
Amazing. Thanks Tia!

55:53 - Hanna Coleman
Thank you!

55:57 - Lisa Mims 1
Thank you so much Tia!

56:02 - dotty #3
Will make sure I add classroom2.0 for the teachers coming from all over the world.

56:02 - Jill
Mindblowing! Thanks so much, Tia!

56:08 - Tracey Redfern #2
Thank you Tia!

56:12 - Jo Ann E 1
Excellent resources

56:17 - philip.brookhouse MLTI
thx, Tia

56:21 - dotty #3
Thank you!

56:23 - margaret kidhardt
This was a wonderful use of an hour. I will spend my days looking at everything this week.

56:25 - Pamela
will this webinar be available later on Classroom live?

56:29 - Melissa Getz
In awe of what you have accomplished, Tia. Thank you for taking time and brainpower to do this for the education community!

56:44 - Fidelia Nimmons
I am speechless, what great stuff to share. Thank you very much.

56:48 - Lisa Mims 1
Glad I made it to this one!

56:48 - kg 1
Tia, you have given us a summer full of rock.

56:48 - Peggy George
yes the recording, Livebinder, links will all be posted in our archives later today. Also will be posted on iTunesU!!

56:52 - ERICA
Boo Hoo...We will miss these webinars...

56:53 - Laviniea Stanusi
Thank you for a wonderful evening!

57:00 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

57:07 - Lisa Mims 1
Just uploaded ItunesU, will make use of it.

57:09 - Letia Cooper @Tech With Tia
Thanks Everyone! So glad you enjoyed it!

57:14 - Peggy George
Steve Hargadon has some excellent interviews coming up!!

57:18 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Heart of winter, right here.

57:24 - Peggy George

57:25 - Cate Tolnai 1
@Tia YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!

57:35 - Andrea Keller
will have to watch the recording.. sadness was realizing I read the time wrong

57:36 - Peggy George
please nominate yourself or a colleague! we love hearing from teachers!!

57:37 - @beckitharp
Thank you so much! Such a great session!!

57:39 - Alison Oswald-Keene
Thanks so much for school accepts it.

57:45 - Peggy George

57:49 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Dynamic and very illustrative presentation.

57:54 - Peggy George
the survey should pop up when you log out

58:03 - Peggy George
I'll email PD certificates later today

58:16 - Peggy George

58:20 - pegow
Thank you Tia! Wow! I have been texting friends telling them what they missed

58:46 - Peggy George
you can subscribe to video or audio in iTunesU and view them on your mobile device while you're exercising :-)

59:02 - Susie @shighley
And we can share the archive with teachers when it's ready to be viewed

59:04 - Peggy George
we definitely will want to tweet and retweet these awesome resources from TIA!!!

59:20 - Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going if you need to leave

59:24 - TammyMassman #2
Thank you Tia. These resources are fantastic!

59:39 - Peggy George
if you have questions now's the time to post them!!

1:00:11 - Peggy George
you can always do a google search for the text from their paper

1:00:20 - Peggy George
it will show up if it belongs to someone else

1:00:30 - Peggy George
just paste the text in the search bar on google

1:00:35 - Lisa Mims 1

1:00:35 - kg 1
There are several free plagiarism checkers and some good livebinders on these tools.

1:00:36 - Cate Tolnai 1
I would think if you are drafting with your Ss then you would know if it's their work

1:00:52 - Peggy George
most of the good ones cost money

1:01:00 - Peggy George
plagiarism checker...

1:01:17 - Melissa Getz
when you have 100+ kids, this can be very time consuming, just sayin'

1:01:30 - Peggy George (Technology Integration/Common Core-Livebinder created by Lauren Collen)

1:01:59 - Peggy George
I put a number of full Livebinders related to Common Core resources in our Livebinder for today (beyond those compiled by Tia)

1:02:16 - Peggy George
anything on the web should be free to all the same people

1:02:18 - Fidelia Nimmons
Good to know that, thank you.

1:02:27 - Peggy George
I love Diigo!!! my favorite social bookmarking tool!

1:02:58 - Peggy George
Diigo relies on tags and it works great for a quick search if you tag the sites you want to revisit or share

1:03:00 - Pamela
What were Pinterest bundles?

1:03:03 - Melissa Getz
still a Delicious fan, but I suppose it's gone now?

1:03:16 - Pamela
I used it all the time and have boards, but never heard of "bundles".

1:03:16 - Peggy George
Pinterest seemed to have a new layout this week

1:03:55 - Peggy George
delicious is still available but Diigo has so many more options

1:04:06 - Peggy George
I post to Diigo and cross-post to Delicious

1:04:17 - Cate Tolnai 1
Where do you get all these resources?

1:04:21 - Jane Z
Delicious is still around - I still use it.

1:04:33 - Cate Tolnai 1

1:04:34 - dotty #3
I met the founders of Pinterest. Presentation was geared toward businesses. I don't think they realize the educational uses.

1:04:37 - Peggy George
survey link in case it doesn't pop up when you log out:

1:04:48 - Peggy George
very interesting Dotty!!

1:04:53 - Peggy George
any other questions????

1:05:21 - Peggy George
that's my strategy too!!! search within Livebinders!!

1:05:27 - Peggy George
awesome search tool!!!

1:05:29 - Lisa Mims 1
Join Twitter!

1:05:32 - Peggy George
everything is vetted by teachers

1:05:35 - Cate Tolnai 1
I love it. Search within Live Binders. Done!

1:05:42 - Susie @shighley
it lets you search for things that other people have already curated

1:05:52 - Peggy George
Twitter is a fabulous tool for learning about resources if you follow good educators :-)

1:06:04 - dotty #3
I.e educational uses.

1:06:10 - Cate Tolnai 1
Twitter is great too. Would LiveBinder be a Professional Website option?

1:06:11 - Melissa Getz
BTW, you know livebinders has an iP@d app so you can have kids use it on their tablets

1:06:15 - Peggy George is another great place to search for resources but they are not all from educators

1:06:17 - Lisa Mims 1
That's how I find out about many resorces

1:06:21 - Lisa Mims 1

1:06:24 - Susie @shighley
I search in diigo too

1:06:34 - Peggy George
yes Livebinders has a great ipad app!!

1:06:50 - Lisa Mims 1
I created my own Scoopits, but I can only have 5 topics

1:06:55 - Lisa Mims 1

1:06:56 - Peggy George
oooohhhh bonus!!! July calendar has lots of great people to follow!

1:07:01 - Cate Tolnai 1
How much time each day do you devote to curating?

1:07:20 - ERICA
Thanks Letia!

1:07:42 - Alison Oswald-Keene
Very sorry to hear that.

1:07:45 - Lisa Mims 1
My prayers are with you and your parents

1:07:51 - Peggy George
Larry Ferlazzo is going to be one of the strand keynoters for the K12 Online Conference in October! all free! be sure to check it out! don't need to register and all recordings/presentation are posted online.

1:08:03 - Melissa Getz
Does anybody give you money to do this or are you just obsessed with being helpful?

1:08:09 - Cate Tolnai 1
hahahahah @Melissa

1:08:10 - Peggy George
any final questions?

1:08:12 - Peggy George

1:08:13 - MaryFran
Thank you, Tia.

1:08:14 - Peggy George

1:08:15 - margaret kidhardt
My colleague just sent me the learnzillion website and I joined right before the webinar. It looks like a very great website for differentiating.

1:08:19 - Peggy George
doesn't get paid!!!!

1:08:24 - ERICA
You deserve an OSCAR...Thanks Letia!

1:08:24 - Lisa Mims 1
our gratitude is your payment! LOL

1:08:25 - Jill
You should get paid!

1:08:33 - Cate Tolnai 1
Would you do webinars for districts?

1:08:37 - Peggy George
we are all eager volunteers who just want to share with each other!!!!

1:08:37 - Cate Tolnai 1
for pay?

1:08:38 - Technoclown 1
Wonderful! Thank you!

1:08:43 - ERICA
Write a book Letia!

1:09:06 - Peggy George
you can actually play the recording of these session for a small group of teachers at your school and then give them hands-on time! it's great PD!!

1:09:08 - Melissa Getz
Set up a Paypal donate button on your site if you can- you may be surprised how your tax returns change....

1:09:18 - Susie @shighley
Thanks! I can't wait to share this with teachers in my district.

1:09:20 - Peggy George
great suggestion @Melissa!!

1:09:26 - Cate Tolnai 1
Just curious.

1:09:30 - Susie @shighley
actually, share with others outside the district too!

1:09:37 - Peggy George
absolutely @Susie

1:09:42 - Letia Cooper @Tech With Tia

1:09:42 - Cate Tolnai 1
Thank you! I'll stop now. :)

1:09:45 - Jill
@ Peggy--I was thinking I would see if any teachers wanted to meet up next week and view the recording together.

1:09:54 - Jill
at my school

1:10:07 - Peggy George
if you ever participate in edcamp f2f sessions, you could easily share one of these recordings and the Livebinder and teachers would love it!

1:10:19 - Peggy George
That would be fantastic @Jill!!!!

1:10:56 - clinds
Thank you SO much!!

1:11:01 - Cate Tolnai 1
@Jill me too!

1:11:10 - Peggy George
HUGE KUDOS to Tia for a fabulous presentation!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

1:11:13 - Lisa Mims 1

1:11:13 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Thank you. And happy weekend.

1:11:16 - kg 1
many thanks!!

1:11:16 - margaret kidhardt

1:11:18 - Pamela

1:11:18 - Jane Z
Thank you! This was fantastic!

1:11:20 - Letia Cooper @Tech With Tia
Your Welcome!

1:11:20 - Cate Tolnai 1
Have a great summer!

1:11:21 - @beckitharp
Thank you Tia!

1:11:24 - Jill
Thanks so much for one of the best Live sessions ever!

1:11:25 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!! See you on Aug. 3 :-)