00:42 to: MB
Wow...wonderful, Peggy - GO STEVE!

00:45 to: Paula Naugle
Good morning everyone from a sunny New Orleans.

00:51 to: achappel
sound it on. thanx

00:53 to: MB
Hey there good friend.

00:56 to: blairteach
Hello from Atlanta.

01:04 to: Sally Boone
Hi from West Virginia!

01:16 to: Bruce Neal
Hi from West Virginia

01:23 to: Bob F
Hello from Mason City - north central Iowa!

01:26 to: McTeach
Good morning from Northern California!!

01:31 to: Calvamom
Hi from Detroit! Sunny and above freezing finally! YAY!

01:38 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
Hello From Mount Hope, West Virginia

01:40 to: Kim Caise
yeah tammy!

01:40 to: Sally Boone
Sun is shining in WV! YEH!!!

01:41 to: ghostlibrarian
Hi from Minnesota

01:49 to: Esther
Hello from Storm Lake, northwestern Iowa

01:51 to: MB
We love Tammy's work - thanks.

01:55 to: Paula Naugle
Go, Tammy, go.

02:23 to: Bob F
Ether: I have been an adjuct for BV at the Mason City Center.

02:39 to: Paula Naugle
Hello McTeach. Glad to see you here.

03:09 to: McTeach
Thanks, Paula! Right back at ya!!! :)

03:35 to: achappel
traverse city, mi

03:41 to: cclong
Hello from Lumberton, Texas

03:45 to: reanea

03:46 to: Esther
Hi Bob. I teach at the Public High School. Hapy to meet you.

03:46 to: Donna
Forest, Virginia

03:53 to: sandy jenkins
I am in WArrensburg Missouri

03:56 to: Hellen
Sarasota fl

04:00 to: Kim Caise
thank you everyone for joining us!

04:03 to: joel
Hi from Marquette MI

04:06 to: Jane Reavis
Conway SC

04:08 to: Sal
hi from nj

04:10 to: debschi
@Virginia where in Italia?

04:18 to: debschi
Ho Sal NJ also!

04:45 to: debschi
That was Hi! oh my!

04:50 to: Kim Caise
looks like this will be great information to everyone!

04:55 to: ghostlibrarian
That's why I was interested in this session

05:16 to: Sally Boone
Exciting to nlearn new things!

05:18 to: cclong
never heard of it

05:32 to: debschi
Receive daily happenings in history by email

05:39 to: Paula Naugle
Looking forward to learning more about this.

05:39 to: ghostlibrarian
I do too

05:41 to: Kim Caise
i am confident that after today's session you will find the offerings so valuable

05:49 to: jan Wells
Hi Paula

05:55 to: Esther
to Bob: What is TL?

06:00 to: ghostlibrarian
Research strategies are a life skill

06:09 to: debschi
@Esther teacher-librarian

06:25 to: Paula Naugle
Hi Jan. Did everything go okay with your presentation. My kids loved be part of it.

06:40 to: Kim Caise
yeah mark!

07:14 to: Esther
Thanks Bob

07:18 to: MB
Hello Mark. Thanks for coming

07:31 to: jan Wells
Thanks for yesterday :) It was a huge success! The participants equally liked the interaction. My 4th graders got to connect with us too.

07:38 to: Sam
Hi Mark

07:44 to: carolteach4
Good, morning, Mark. Thanks for introducting us to this new resource.

07:57 to: cgrossrhode
Is there anything on the whiteboard? I don't see anything

08:11 to: Lorna Costantini
just a slide with the newbie ??

08:18 to: jan Wells
yes newbe questioin

08:18 to: Paula Naugle
@Jan, I so glad everything worked out.

08:26 to: cgrossrhode
Now I see something.

08:29 to: mjgormans
Hi Carol, thanks for the kind words about the seedlings talk

08:30 to: MB
@cgrossrhode - it may be behind something

08:59 to: ghostlibrarian
That's for sure

09:19 to: carolteach4
I am not sure if it's "cannot" - more like "do not"

09:26 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
I did not know about sweet search until I looked at this upcoming event last Saturday. Played with the site all week and shared it with other teachers at my school.

09:28 to: debschi
So glas I'm here! Need to give lesson on Mon @ searching!

10:13 to: carolteach4
Is this a subscription service with a fee?

10:15 to: Paula Naugle
@debschi The this is a timely session for you.

10:23 to: Paula Naugle
Then not the.

10:43 to: carolteach4

10:53 to: Kim Caise
all sites in the search results are reviewed and approved by educators and content experts

11:13 to: debschi
So is Sweet Search realy a data base?

11:46 to: kyteacher (Angela)

11:56 to: debschi
Love this!

12:00 to: Kim Caise
mark mentioned the search engine itself is not working today. it is powered by Google and has been unable to contact Google on the weekend

12:09 to: MB
Is it like a HUGE pathfinder?

12:18 to: Kim Caise
i love the term 'librarian of the internet'

12:40 to: carolteach4
@ moderator - you did pronounce it correctly - the first time -

12:59 to: debschi
@MB Like that!

13:08 to: carolteach4
That's the pronunciation I though it would be -from the character in Don Quxiote

13:09 to: Sheri Edwards
I see it

13:11 to: Sheri Edwards

13:12 to: ghostlibrarian
That's better

13:21 to: MB
Are there ads?

13:33 to: wwatson
hi I was able to see last guide and I can't see this one

13:40 to: Sally Boone
Nothing here!

13:41 to: ghostlibrarian
Some here

13:45 to: ghostlibrarian

13:46 to: Paula Naugle
Same here.

13:53 to: Sheri Edwards
i see it

13:54 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
seeing titiel and the intertnal server error

13:54 to: debschi
@MB Looks like it. Whats the tool for removing ads?

13:55 to: Lawrence Armstrong
fine for me, saw both

13:55 to: Esther
As soon the lady asked for another visual, I got a blank page

13:55 to: MB
All white

13:57 to: wwatson
can't see

13:57 to: Jane Reavis
wwatson me too can't see this one

14:03 to: achappel
can't see the sight

14:07 to: carolteach4
WoW! Just at face value, this looks like a great resource - not just for kids but also for teachers. I can see it fine!

14:11 to: achappel
I mean site!

14:15 to: Sam
I can see it

14:16 to: jan Wells
can see

14:21 to: Patti R
i am seeing Finding Dulcinea

14:23 to: Sam
you now have chemistry

14:27 to: Jane Reavis
got it now

14:35 to: ghostlibrarian
I don't see anything yet

14:36 to: Paula Naugle
I am seeing just the whiteboard.

14:36 to: blairteach
Doesn't he have to click on the box that makes us follow his clicks?

14:37 to: Lawrence Armstrong
now I cannot see it . . . . . . . . . .

14:38 to: Sheri Edwards
Now I don't see it.

14:41 to: achappel
lost the site again

14:46 to: Brenda
i don't see it

14:46 to: jan Wells
i could, but now see white

14:52 to: debschi
Too funny-I was fine now I can't see!!!

14:53 to: Sally Boone
Just a white screen

14:56 to: Janine
see white screen only

15:01 to: McTeach
I'm seeing it just fine

15:01 to: debschi
Me too!

15:14 to: jimw
see white screen

15:14 to: McTeach
This is odd that some can see it some can

15:18 to: Sayyid

15:19 to: Sheri Edwards
Can you put the link in here?

15:21 to: Kim Caise

15:21 to: mjgormans
same here - now just white screen

15:23 to: McTeach
oops...some can't

15:26 to: Sheri Edwards

15:34 to: jan Wells
now i can see

15:34 to: mjgormans
back now

15:34 to: Paula Naugle
Now I see it.

15:35 to: Jane Reavis
looks like half of us can but the other half can't

15:37 to: debschi
Now I see it too!

15:39 to: Kim Caise

15:39 to: ghostlibrarian

15:39 to: aunttammie
i see it

15:43 to: blairteach
Got it now

15:44 to: Sam
I can it no problem

16:03 to: Bruce Neal
Do you have gl.am link?

16:30 to: Kim Caise

16:38 to: Bruce Neal
Thanks Kim!

16:49 to: Kim Caise
you are welcome!

16:50 to: Jane Reavis
did anybody's elses just drop??

16:50 to: MB
It is SO much better to toggle to another browser. You can see the whole page. Use Alt-Tab.

16:59 to: Dianne Aldridge 1
Yes, just dropped.

17:06 to: Kim Caise
all of the links that mentioned are in the gl.am link

17:13 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis

17:24 to: Paula Naugle
What age group is this for?

17:25 to: Sheri Edwards
Use command-tab on mac

17:29 to: Kim Caise
audio is fine and the webtour is working

17:35 to: debschi
@Pauls Good question

17:41 to: Kim Caise
there are scroll bars on the bottom and right side of the web tour

17:48 to: Kim Caise
or you can resize the window

18:28 to: debschi
I'm confused-what's relationship between sweet search and Finding Dulcinea?

19:06 to: Sheri Edwards
I place my chat window over the participant window and then enlarge the web tour window.

19:06 to: debschi
OK thanks

19:07 to: MB
Yes, but it won't work right now...I just tried....so maybe later when Google comes back up.

19:08 to: Esther
What the window shows is that the server encoutered and internal error. What is wrong? Is anybody else having the same problem?

19:09 to: ghostlibrarian
Is there a link from FindingDulcinea to Sweet Search?

19:45 to: Jane Reavis
up and down

19:57 to: debschi
AGGHH! White screen!

19:58 to: Kim Caise
on the sweet search page is the link to findingdulcinea and the resources at findingdulcinea searches use the sweet search engine

20:02 to: Sheri Edwards
What is the link now?

20:06 to: Sam
I just lost the picture

20:12 to: Esther
I just saw that there is the same site in Spanish.Great

20:14 to: Kim Caise

20:27 to: Sam
picture just got back

20:29 to: Kim Caise

20:31 to: debschi
@Kim Tks!

20:32 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks Kim

21:32 to: debschi
Can you find Primary Resources?

21:40 to: Bruce Neal
Love the sources in the story~

22:45 to: Vicki IL
This is awesome!

22:47 to: Calvamom
Yes sources are easy to poitn out to students.

22:56 to: Paula Naugle
Who is writing the articles?

23:08 to: carolteach4
It occurs to me that these would be good models for students to create their own original stories - oh, that's what he just said.

23:15 to: Paula Naugle
Thank you, Mark.

23:17 to: debschi
Almost seems like an evaluated Wikipedia -of course not on the variety of topics

23:33 to: jimw
resource plot

23:49 to: Kim Caise
definitely a great way to model how to summarize or extract information from an internet resource

23:51 to: Paula Naugle
I agree. Gives kids a way to see how to use resources to rewrite info.

24:15 to: Shamblesguru 2
sweetsearch.com home page is coming up for me in Thailand ... then when I do a search it comes up with an Apache server error .... and just now the server error is relaced with "Our search engine seem

24:15 to: Shamblesguru 2
s to be encountering an error - please click here to report the problem to us."

24:16 to: davesapp
these resources sound great--I have been working w/3rd & 4th grades on research. Tough going with them.

24:26 to: Jane Reavis
oops gone again

24:38 to: ghostlibrarian
Ilike the diversity

24:40 to: McTeach
@shambles...I get the same result here in the U.S.

24:41 to: Donna
Too bad SweetSearch isn't working. Wonder how often this happens?

24:42 to: davesapp
I just got a bunch of code

24:49 to: MB
Hey there Shamblesguru - yes....Mark says that it is donw. Sorry. We need to wait a bit.

24:49 to: carolteach4
just a devil's advocate question - if this is a free resource, and we so appreciate that, who compensates you for all o f your work? -Oh, just lost my whiteboard -first time it happened to me this ses

24:49 to: carolteach4

24:53 to: debschi
Can we feed birthdays to appear on library website?

24:55 to: Kim Caise

24:56 to: Sam
when you pick topics are you aware of other countries perspective and or multi-cultural aspects. in order words could students around the world use your materials without getting an "Americanized" vie

24:56 to: Sam
w only

24:57 to: Lawrence Armstrong
I think we all did . . .

25:15 to: Paula Naugle
@davesapp I am struggling with my 4th graders and trying to get them to take notes and rewrite.

25:18 to: ghostlibrarian
@Sam good question

25:33 to: debschi
@Carol Looks like there are ads

25:34 to: davesapp
I was having that problem--tried chrome firefox IE

25:44 to: davesapp
non worked

25:51 to: MB

26:18 to: Vicki IL

26:19 to: Sam

26:20 to: ghostlibrarian

26:21 to: Jane Reavis

26:22 to: Sally Boone

26:23 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis

26:24 to: carolteach4
just a white screen with error message

26:30 to: Penny Pearson (CA)
no still on "happy birthday" page.

26:37 to: Lawrence Armstrong
Yes, came back on

26:37 to: blairteach
Still on birthdays at Finding Dulcinea.

26:44 to: Jane Reavis
it's back

26:44 to: blairteach
Now on biographies

26:44 to: Kim Caise

26:46 to: ghostlibrarian
There it is

26:48 to: Kim Caise

26:49 to: dotty
greetings from San Jose California

26:49 to: carolteach4
ok - fixed

26:50 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
got it

26:50 to: davesapp
it is back

26:53 to: Paula Naugle
Yeah, just changed to Bio.

26:53 to: Sally Boone
YES!! I see it!

26:56 to: ghostlibrarian
Oh yay

26:56 to: Vicki IL
Will love the jr version too

26:56 to: jimw
got it

26:56 to: Bruce Neal

26:57 to: Kim Caise

27:00 to: ghostlibrarian
I need K-5

27:11 to: mjgormans
just saw it, then went to white screen

27:11 to: Paula Naugle
That is great because my 4th graders need lots of help.

27:14 to: Bruce Neal

27:15 to: carolteach4

27:15 to: ghostlibrarian

27:20 to: Sam

27:27 to: Jane Reavis
oops gone again

27:40 to: Jane Reavis
I love technology!!!

27:53 to: Jane Reavis
Back up

27:54 to: ghostlibrarian
There it is

27:55 to: jan Wells
@pnaugle ditto

27:57 to: Sally Boone
Back on

27:59 to: alia
who doesn't

28:06 to: wwatson
I don't

28:09 to: Jane Reavis
gone again

28:09 to: carolteach4
problems again - long string of script

28:10 to: Sheri Edwards
This is wonderful.

28:42 to: ghostlibrarian

28:42 to: Jane Reavis

28:42 to: wwatson

28:43 to: debschi
@Jane I agree! Our students have so many tools. We just have to teach them how to chose the one that fits their needs best.

28:45 to: jimw

28:46 to: Sayyid
yes can't dicipher that !

28:47 to: Donna

28:48 to: Sally Boone

28:50 to: Sal

28:52 to: MB
Apache error

28:52 to: blairteach
No. Have HTTP Status 500

28:56 to: Sheri Edwards
I can teach so many things from research to summarizing to note-taking-to writing traits WOW

28:58 to: Calvamom
no error message instead

28:59 to: Esther
No. just the page with error

29:03 to: Jane Reavis
only erroe code

29:04 to: aunttammie
status 500 here

29:06 to: Sal

29:07 to: Jane Reavis

29:09 to: Sam

29:09 to: ghostlibrarian

29:09 to: aunttammie
there it is

29:09 to: Esther
it is back

29:10 to: Jane Reavis

29:10 to: alia

29:10 to: Calvamom

29:10 to: Kim Caise

29:10 to: Bruce Neal

29:11 to: Lawrence Armstrong

29:11 to: McTeach

29:12 to: blairteach

29:12 to: Donna

29:14 to: jimw

29:14 to: Sally Boone

29:19 to: Grace

29:23 to: Sayyid

29:28 to: Kim Caise

29:53 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
Good idea

30:02 to: Kim Caise
what a great idea!

30:17 to: McTeach
This is so awesome!!! Can't wait to share it with students on Monday!!!

30:25 to: carolteach4
@Sheri - I agree - a wonderful resource - and free! I wonder if we can help by clicking on Amazon from this page when we want to buy something - instead of going to Amazon directly.

30:31 to: Vicki IL
Did Joyce Valenza help with this?

30:45 to: debschi
So agree Mark. Always try to encourage kids to find people they never even heard of.

30:46 to: Kim Caise

31:01 to: MB
She writes a wonderful review...just read it...but there are many others.

31:10 to: Kim Caise
great way to model copyright and citing sources in research

31:34 to: Calvamom
different subject matter than the English home page I see.

31:36 to: McTeach
Will definitely share this with our Spanish teacher!!

31:38 to: carolteach4
Awesome! I'll definitely share with my Spanish teachers.

31:44 to: Esther
Mark, encontrando Dulcinea is awsome. I teach Spanish speaking students Academic Spanish Language.

32:01 to: Kim Caise
and you can rely on the correct translation of the content

32:06 to: MB

32:23 to: Esther
encontrando Dulcinea- the translation is done by a person or by an electronic translator?

32:33 to: Calvamom
yes, the translations are actually accurate, a rare thing in translated web pages.

32:34 to: Shamblesguru 2
This page seems to answer the question .. what is different between Sweet Search and findingDulcinea http://www.sweetsearch.com/info/about

32:35 to: Kim Caise
even the drop down menus are in Spanish!

33:01 to: mjgormans
Is it correct, then that you find content for Finding Dulcinea, and then those resources are searchable through Sweet Search?

33:16 to: Calvamom
word for word like Googletranslation is never accurate.

33:24 to: Calvamom
this is real translation.

33:35 to: Calvamom
idea for idea.

33:39 to: davesapp
gotta run-on the way to Detroit--can't wait see the rest tonight! This is really interesting

33:54 to: Kim Caise
thanks davesapp

34:00 to: Paula Naugle
Bye @davesapp

34:44 to: debschi
? Do any of the references come fom global resources, such as another country's view @ a historical event?

34:51 to: mjgormans

35:02 to: Hellen
Would be helpful if this had a "cite this" button like wikipedia.

35:04 to: debschi

35:29 to: McTeach

35:35 to: Kim Caise
how fantastic! can't wait to see the cite this button

35:45 to: carolteach4
I just noticed the logo with Don Quixote and his sidekick in lowere right corner of page - sweet!

36:01 to: debschi
Like too that much of the content starts with current news event

36:09 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
iused it all week-worked great

36:11 to: McTeach
Wait...I have a personal life???

36:12 to: Vicki IL
So excited to share this with my district. Thank you for creating this.

36:13 to: Kim Caise
for those who love widgets you can embed the widget on a wiki or webpage

36:20 to: ghostlibrarian

36:20 to: blairteach

36:21 to: Patti R

36:22 to: debschi

36:22 to: Kim Caise

36:22 to: stidmama

36:23 to: Sal

36:23 to: Calvamom

36:23 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis

36:24 to: Sally Boone

36:24 to: Sam

36:24 to: Lawrence Armstrong

36:26 to: Esther

36:26 to: cclong

36:26 to: mjgormans

36:27 to: alia

36:30 to: paula clough 1

36:34 to: Jane Reavis

36:44 to: Kim Caise
so that students use safe search gines and safe, relevant results

36:47 to: blairteach
Are links to the blog posts Mark has mentioned also on the gl.am links?

36:54 to: Kim Caise

37:41 to: Lorna Costantini

37:53 to: MB
Here we come, Paula...

37:58 to: Paula Naugle
Yes, everyone should come to New Orleans.

38:12 to: Bruce Neal
Would love too!

38:19 to: Jane Reavis
went before Katrina and loved it

38:29 to: Kim Caise
it is now @blairteach. refresh the gl.am link if you have it open

38:32 to: Paula Naugle
Should I get my guest room ready?

38:35 to: carolteach4
You know -site authors have to be more diligent in making the information about authors more transparent - especially educators who want kids to use their sites.

38:37 to: Bruce Neal

38:44 to: MB
Your guest dorm!!!

38:46 to: jan Wells
@pnaugle yes

38:57 to: Paula Naugle
Let's plan it.

39:09 to: Kim Caise
awesome primary documents are difficult to find

40:25 to: carolteach4
4th page of Google - what's that (I'm being facietious (sp?))

40:34 to: debschi
Does Finding Dulcnea lik to primary docs. My district would rather promote data base

40:50 to: MB
Is Finding Education part of the same company?

40:52 to: paula clough 1
haven't been to NO in 20 years.. have to see about going for that

41:10 to: Sally Boone
I like this!

41:18 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
It looks like a custom search type of thing with your assignment as a blog post

41:21 to: alia
Great resource

41:46 to: MB
Any trouble with school systems blocking it?

41:47 to: carolteach4
can someone drop in the correct link to finding education, please?

41:56 to: Kim Caise

41:59 to: JeffreyThomas
These resources are unbelievable --literally. How sustainable is the business model that drives such a marvelous set of sites?

42:00 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis

42:15 to: Kim Caise

42:23 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
great group activity

42:28 to: debschi
So Finding Education good for lesson plan ideas?

42:35 to: McTeach
Love this idea!!

42:35 to: jan Wells
I like this!!!

42:41 to: carolteach4
@kim - thanks

42:43 to: MB
web 3.0, no?

42:53 to: carolteach4
lost the white board again

43:04 to: carolteach4
server error

43:09 to: carolteach4

43:09 to: ghostlibrarian
server error

43:10 to: stidmama

43:10 to: Bob F
I can

43:10 to: Bruce Neal
I can

43:10 to: Jane Reavis
I'm ok

43:11 to: blairteach

43:11 to: paula clough 1

43:11 to: jan Wells

43:12 to: Vicki IL

43:12 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
i see it

43:12 to: alia

43:13 to: Patti R

43:13 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis

43:14 to: Janine

43:14 to: Sal

43:15 to: Esther

43:15 to: Kim Caise

43:15 to: ghostlibrarian

43:20 to: Penny Pearson (CA)
yes with Dred Scott

43:20 to: Sally Boone
Dred Scott...

43:25 to: MartySP

43:31 to: debschi
Would love to feed this to my library homepage, w/widget?

43:32 to: Kim Caise
i am seeing it, may take a bit to laod

43:46 to: Kim Caise
yes, you can create a widget of the search engine

43:55 to: MB
There is a widget feed at the bottom of the page.

44:07 to: Kim Caise
and there is a sweet saerch engine browswer add on

44:09 to: MartySP

44:10 to: Sheri Edwards

44:11 to: debschi
Will it go directly to on this day pafe?

44:16 to: debschi

44:21 to: Kim Caise

44:59 to: ghostlibrarian

45:00 to: Bruce Neal

45:00 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

45:00 to: Patti R

45:01 to: Penny Pearson (CA)

45:01 to: debschi

45:01 to: reanea

45:02 to: Esther

45:02 to: Sal

45:02 to: alia

45:02 to: jan Wells

45:03 to: Sally Boone

45:03 to: Jane Reavis

45:04 to: MartySP

45:34 to: Kim Caise

45:46 to: McTeach

45:48 to: MB
It IS a huge pathfinder - Yea!!!

45:51 to: Shamblesguru 2
Is the site being monitised by advertising .. or is it being funded from elsewhere .... I really ask in order to determine the sustainability of Sweet Search .... will it stil be arund in 5 years?

46:36 to: carolteach4
I aksed earlier - will it help if we click on the Amazon link on your page if we want to buy from them

46:44 to: Kim Caise
they are constantly expanding the site's offering and content information

47:21 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
i will have to have our tech person to put this on our school site

47:22 to: MB
LOVE the special needs at the bottom.

47:26 to: carolteach4
I actually have an order in my shopping cart now and will go through your site - will do- just heard your answer.

47:38 to: debschi
Not such a bad advertisement to show up on student's page

47:46 to: Kim Caise
thanks for pointing that out @MB! those are fantastic additional resources

47:54 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis

47:58 to: Kim Caise
very true @debshi

48:01 to: Janine
very nice

48:07 to: Vicki IL
That is so important, no inappropriate advertising

48:15 to: Kim Caise
absolutley vicki

48:23 to: debschi
Can't wait to play!

48:26 to: carolteach4
Thanks- Advertisers need to keep propriety in mind when advertising on sites that students see.

48:35 to: Kim Caise

48:36 to: Lorna Costantini
that is exciting news to incudes parents

48:55 to: Vicki IL
I am so thankful for your work on this and sharing it with us today. It is much appreciated!

49:01 to: stidmama
this is such a fantastic resource, thank you.

49:03 to: carolteach4
This looks to be a really wonderful resource. Thanks for all of your hard work.

49:11 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
Thank you for your presentation

49:16 to: Bob F
This is all superlicious! Thanks!

49:18 to: joel
Great source, thanks

49:28 to: ghostlibrarian
Thank you can't wait to use sweet search

49:30 to: Sally Boone
This does look great! Can't wait to try sweet search.

49:37 to: kyteacher (Angela)
Looks like an incredible resource. Thank you for all of the work that went into creating it.

49:54 to: paula clough 1
Thank you for your hard work and being so careful of the advertisers you are using!!!

49:54 to: Paula Naugle
Hope I never have to see another Get Rid of Belly Fat ad.

50:01 to: Bruce Neal
Love this keep up the good work and looking forward to the sweetsearch elementary addition

50:08 to: Helene
Thank you from Cannuck Helene from Ottawa Canada. Wish we had something like this in Canada. This is tremendous information.

50:12 to: Vicki IL
Hope to show this archived webinar with my Sangamon Menard School Libarians group this Thursday.

50:12 to: carolteach4
Yes - I agree about the ads! Our science teacher like to use weather.com, but some of the ads really turn him off.

50:14 to: ghostlibrarian
I hate those belly fat ads

50:27 to: Jane Reavis
So glad you are focusing on current events in combination with historical events

50:30 to: alia
The session was great, very excited to show it to my teachers tomorrow.

50:48 to: stidmama
I am in a Master's program to become a teacher, and can hardly wait to share with my classmates and mentor teachers.

51:03 to: markmoran

51:13 to: markmoran

51:20 to: Grace
This is a wonderful site that you have created for children. Thank you.

51:22 to: Paula Naugle
Thank you, Mark. This has been a very informative session.

51:27 to: ghostlibrarian
I get the newsletter

51:32 to: debschi
Me to!

51:38 to: carolteach4
I just got a message from my virus protector that a worm was trying to infect my computer - I hope it's not coming from this site.

51:42 to: jan Wells
THANK you so much. Great work!

51:45 to: Calvamom
the newsletter is great!

51:46 to: debschi
too! I'm typocentric!

51:47 to: Sally Boone
Saw the RSS on the blog also.

51:50 to: Shamblesguru 2
Are the site images creative commons ... can teachers/students download them?

51:53 to: Jane Reavis
Also glad you have included high school as well as elementary school resources

51:54 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
i will sign up for the newsletter. thank you so much

52:08 to: debschi
@Shambles good Q

52:09 to: JeffreyThomas
I have signed up, and think this is wonderful work, but... who pays your salary? who pays for the editors? (how do you monetize the site?)

52:24 to: alia
Thank you, from Amman Jordan

52:31 to: Paula Naugle
Just recently learned about Finding Dulcinea from Joyce Valenza, but learned so much more today.

52:49 to: Donna
This is GREAT! Thanks.

52:56 to: debschi

53:01 to: Brenda
Can "on this day" be embedded into a school website?

53:10 to: Sal
will you be adding an image site

53:10 to: carolteach4
Still - fair use may work

53:23 to: debschi
@Brenda Same Q!

53:35 to: lisettecasey
Great session - thanks.

53:38 to: ghostlibrarian
Oh I'd love to embed that

53:47 to: carolteach4
If the students use the images in a work that adds value and is transformative -according to Renee Hobbs - it's o.k.

53:55 to: debschi

54:33 to: wwatson

54:34 to: Brenda
thank you

54:38 to: Bruce Neal

54:42 to: debschi
Cool-'cause I might not remember where to find!

54:48 to: Shamblesguru 2
Is an iPhone App available

54:53 to: Esther
Geat job!

54:59 to: Lawrence Armstrong
I will look at this Sweet Search on Monday and have teachers evaluate it, if they agree we will put these on our school(s) Web sites.

55:03 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks carolteach4 for the info !

55:03 to: Sam
thanks you very much I am really impressed and will add to my school website on Monday

55:15 to: carolteach4
an iPhone app - is that possible?

55:28 to: wwatson
Yes! like the blog widget idea

55:35 to: alia
Does this library include any video clips?

55:58 to: carolteach4
I am anxious to read and understand that post - so helpful

56:20 to: debschi
Love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

56:32 to: markmoran
please share with all your colleagues as well

56:38 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
i will

56:44 to: Sheri Edwards
Even more information for teaching and learning! Wowser!

56:50 to: debschi
Blog links from?

57:06 to: Paula Naugle
Definitely will do, Mark.

57:13 to: Lorna Costantini

57:27 to: debschi
@Lorna tks!

57:52 to: Paula Naugle
O Twitter?

57:58 to: Paula Naugle
On Twitter?

58:12 to: carolteach4
Make sure the folks at the Department of Education know about your reasourse. I was at Celebration of Teaching and Learning in NYC yesterday, and Arne Duncan spoke - committed to education and technol

58:12 to: carolteach4

58:13 to: MB
Yes, Mark, follow you on Twitter?

58:14 to: Sheri Edwards
Thank you so much, Mark -- this is so valuable

58:22 to: debschi
Thin I may create a whole lesson on this site!

58:31 to: Bruce Neal

58:36 to: stidmama
this was a wonderful gift, thank you for this opportunity.

58:37 to: Sally Boone
Thank you so much. Great session!

58:38 to: carolteach4
Many lessons can be created from this site!

58:49 to: Paula Naugle
@debschi Please share when you do.

58:54 to: Shamblesguru 2
Many thanks

58:55 to: Calvamom
thank you!

58:55 to: blairteach
Thank you for this fantastic resource.

58:59 to: Paula Naugle
Adora is adorable.

59:01 to: mjgormans
great resources. Thanks!

59:02 to: carolteach4
I was in a webinar with Adora last fall. She was terrific.

59:03 to: MB
Not sure you want to stay that long, Mark, as we have quite a garrulous group here.

59:10 to: markmoran
twitter @findingdulcinea

59:12 to: wwatson
What's her name again?

59:15 to: debschi
Twitter @debschi

59:16 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
I will catch her session

59:24 to: joel
thank you your time and resources

59:30 to: Paula Naugle
Twitter @plnaugle.

59:31 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
I need this

59:42 to: debschi
Wow can't even get invite to attend TED and 12 yr old is presenting!

1:00:13 to: debschi
Love these webinars!

1:00:14 to: carolteach4
Isn't is wonderful, however, that TED is free for all to view.

1:00:19 to: jan Wells
twitter @janwells

1:00:26 to: debschi
Yes I love TED

1:00:39 to: Sheri Edwards
Is there a calendar link for all of these?

1:00:39 to: Esther
what does TED stand for?

1:00:50 to: ghostlibrarian
@ghostlibrarian on twitter

1:00:59 to: blairteach
Technology, Education, and Design

1:01:00 to: carolteach4
Classroom 2.0 - Can't thank you enough for all these wonderful professional development resources. I am learning so much.

1:01:04 to: debschi
Good Q, must be on site not name I know

1:01:04 to: Paula Naugle
http://tedxnyed.com/ is on now.

1:01:25 to: Lorna Costantini

1:01:36 to: Kim Caise

1:01:42 to: Lorna Costantini
the recordings and archives

1:01:48 to: blairteach
http://www.ted.com/ for incredible archive of fantastic presentations

1:01:50 to: MB
Yes, I think some of our regulars are there...I am following their tweets.

1:01:54 to: Luiz Marcelo
Thank you very much indeed

1:02:04 to: Sal
I keep on saying I would like a certificate but never get one

1:02:04 to: carolteach4
Where is Peggy?

1:02:08 to: debschi
So wish I could be there!

1:02:09 to: MB
You can watch TED live on livestream.

1:02:12 to: blairteach
Peggy is at CUE

1:02:19 to: Sheri Edwards
Technology Entertainment Design http://www.ted.com/

1:02:20 to: carolteach4
I've always gotten my certificates.

1:02:35 to: debschi
@Sheri tks!

1:02:55 to: Hellen
where was the Onthid day research assignment for students to participate in?

1:02:59 to: blairteach
And I know the E is for Entertainment; just got stuck with all this education talk. Ooops.

1:03:00 to: Lorna Costantini
@sal drop you email address here

1:03:01 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
my second session. Hope to catch many more. Such usefull resources.

1:03:04 to: debschi
Haven't gotten cert's and need to keep track of what I've attended!

1:03:28 to: carolteach4
@Mark - What is your motivation for providing such great resources for FREE?

1:03:49 to: Vicki IL
Looking forward to the jr version as well.

1:04:14 to: Kim Caise
please put your name and email address on the survey that opens up when you exit the session

1:04:30 to: Hellen
Sorry - where is the "On This Day" assignmnet for students?

1:04:30 to: Lawrence Armstrong
Good Web sites, look forward to sharing with librarians in our district, which they will share with others,

1:04:47 to: carolteach4
That is just a wonderful reason. You are a true teacher whol love to share and expect no further compensation than that of helping others.

1:04:53 to: Lorna Costantini

1:04:55 to: Kim Caise

1:05:09 to: Paula Naugle
Thank you to Mark and the moderators. Going to go work on my homework. See you next week.

1:05:15 to: Kim Caise

1:05:18 to: carolteach4
loves to share and expects - sorry typing too quickly

1:05:19 to: MB
Bye Paula...

1:05:25 to: ghostlibrarian
Bye Paula

1:05:35 to: ghostlibrarian
Even adults have trouble searching on the web

1:05:38 to: Sheri Edwards
Bye Paula

1:06:03 to: jan Wells
Bye Paula

1:06:32 to: debschi
I like the war of 1812 example because it's not in your face like the MLK example for web eval

1:07:27 to: ghostlibrarian
I made a custom search but I think I'd rather use sweet search

1:07:39 to: debschi
Do I livestrean TEd now. Agh have so much to do!

1:07:43 to: carolteach4
I was at a panel discussion yesterday on Tech Requirenments for 2012 - I will definitely share your resource with a panel member I spoke with -Lucy Gray - from University of Chicage - Center for Eleme

1:07:43 to: carolteach4
ntary Mathematics and Science Educaton

1:07:53 to: Sheri Edwards
I'm in the middle of research project, and even though we learned website evaluation, the kids want to believe the sites that are totally unbelievable!

1:07:59 to: MB
Yes, you do, debschi - ;-)

1:08:32 to: ghostlibrarian
@debschi I was going to update my website but now I would rather watch Ted

1:08:36 to: Tammy Moore
An image search tool would be nice in the vein of what you are doing so that it would be easy to get relavant images that the student can use in their reports (public domain or creative commons) :)

1:08:39 to: debschi
and free!

1:08:49 to: Sheri Edwards
"want to believe" rather than analyze the validity

1:09:13 to: ghostlibrarian
I would also love an image search like that

1:09:29 to: MartySP
I am so glad that I "stumbled" upon this Dulcinea site. I look forward to reviewing the archives of webinars. Thank you for your good heart--truly the heart of a teacher!

1:09:38 to: MB
Exactly...kids think adults are sometimes a bit stupid...especially when they "look" like kiddy stuff.

1:09:43 to: carolteach4
@Tammy - that image search tool would be very helpful

1:10:00 to: ghostlibrarian
I found out about FindingDulcinea when they featured my blog

1:10:08 to: ghostlibrarian
Can't do without it now

1:10:36 to: carolteach4
@Marty - just what I said early in the chat - true sharing and collaboration

1:11:00 to: debschi
It would be great if CC image searces could be linked right from query

1:11:20 to: carolteach4
I was shocked to find that college students believed the California Octopus site.

1:11:25 to: ghostlibrarian
Teaching website evaluation is one of the hardest thing I do

1:11:46 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
especially with elementary students

1:11:52 to: ghostlibrarian
carolteach4 that's just sad

1:12:15 to: carolteach4
Our social studies teachers do a great job of teaching site evaluation; they even created their own bogus sites to show the students how they could be fooled.

1:12:25 to: Tammy Moore
We have several parents that will not let their children use Wikipedia

1:12:28 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
good idea

1:12:34 to: Tammy Moore
THis will be useful to them

1:13:29 to: carolteach4
I need to learn more about Google's "advanced search"

1:13:32 to: Belinda "Susie" Davis
I have to go

1:13:45 to: ghostlibrarian

1:13:45 to: jan Wells
Bye all - Thanks Mark

1:13:57 to: Sheri Edwards
This is the best I've seen.

1:14:07 to: debschi
A google wonder wheel type search would be great too!

1:14:20 to: carolteach4
That's why teachers are so important -requiring student to take that third step of evaluation - until it become second nature to them

1:14:25 to: Lorna Costantini
What a wonderful resource for all classrooms!! Thanks Mark for your presentation today

1:14:32 to: MartySP
Gotta go! Thanks! See you for future weinars.

1:14:37 to: debschi
Bye all!

1:14:39 to: Tammy Moore
Sometime we have a blast with the sites with poor information because the kids can laygh at the inaccuracies that they spot, but you have to get them to the good sites before they can get to that poin

1:14:39 to: Tammy Moore

1:14:46 to: wwatson
Hi please paste the sweet search social studies links

1:15:01 to: carolteach4
Is your contact info readily available on the site?

1:15:03 to: mjgormans
exactly,carolteach4. teachers must REQUIRE that students ude credible resources.

1:15:43 to: carolteach4
What is that explorer's website?????

1:15:55 to: Sheri Edwards

1:15:58 to: Kim Caise

1:16:02 to: carolteach4
I absolute love the Google Gulp site.

1:16:03 to: Calvamom
Yes one of the explorers was born in the 1950s and my students believed it.

1:16:17 to: markmoran
me on twitter @findingdulcinea

1:16:38 to: Hellen
I can't fine the "ON This Day" project that was described.

1:16:49 to: Kim Caise

1:16:57 to: Hellen
Thank you!

1:17:01 to: Kim Caise

1:17:02 to: markmoran
We do love New Orleans

1:17:04 to: carolteach4
Thanks Kim

1:17:13 to: MB
Yep....just started following you!!!

1:17:14 to: markmoran

1:17:32 to: MB
Our regular, Paula, is from New Orleans.

1:17:50 to: ghostlibrarian
I gotta go. Thanks for a good session.

1:18:17 to: MB
THanks Mark.

1:18:21 to: paula clough 1
thank you

1:18:22 to: markmoran
contact me an time

1:18:25 to: Calvamom
thank you.

1:18:28 to: markmoran

1:18:28 to: Sheri Edwards
Thank you so very much...

1:18:52 to: MB
Great question!

1:18:55 to: carolteach4
This was a fabulous webinar - so glad I decided to send my husband to the mall on his own and stayed home to participate in this.

1:19:13 to: MB

1:19:14 to: Kim Caise
so glad you could join us @carolteach4

1:19:21 to: Tammy Moore
When a gal passes on the mall, you know they are serious about the topic. hehe

1:20:09 to: carolteach4
This is so much better than wandering around the mall spending money on things I didn't need until I saw them.

1:20:16 to: Tammy Moore

1:20:22 to: carolteach4
This is a much better value.

1:20:30 to: carolteach4
He's at Sears.

1:20:35 to: MB
with golf clubs!

1:20:43 to: carolteach4
He'll hand me the slips!

1:20:59 to: MB
I think it is the day before, no? June 26???

1:21:13 to: carolteach4
By for now; this was great fun!

1:21:18 to: Tammy Moore

1:21:27 to: MB
Yes, that is right.

1:21:37 to: LarryAnderson
Yea, EduBloggerCon! Can't wait!!

1:21:55 to: MB
You could do a webinar from ALA.

1:22:46 to: MB
BYE! And thanks.

1:22:49 to: markmoran

1:22:51 to: Sheri Edwards
Great idea MB -- a webinar from ALA to ISTE !

1:23:02 to: markmoran
@findingdulcinea on twitter

1:23:32 to: Helene
Bye and many thanks! Helene from Ottawa Canada

1:23:38 to: markmoran
Thank you!

1:23:45 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks again. will design PD for my staff on this.

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1:23:56 to: Kim Caise
the recording link will be published shortly at our site http://live.classroom20.com

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1:24:06 to: Kim Caise

1:24:11 to: Kim Caise