00:12 - esailers
Yes, it is a good size. I want to welcome my wife, ksailers, to her first webinar.

00:13 - Peggy George
Hi Paula!!! Great to see you!!

00:26 - ksailers
Thank you, honey!

00:35 - esailers

00:38 - Kim Caise
:) tammy!

00:41 - Peggy George
Welcome @ksailers!!! Great to have you with us!! Hope you have a good "first webinar" experience

00:55 - Peggy George
Huge kudos to Tammy for doing our closed captioning!

01:00 - Justin Stallings
Good morning, all!

01:44 - @Len_Horn
Hi Paula

01:47 - Peggy George
the recording and links will all be posted in our archives after the show

02:04 - abrooks

02:08 - roxanne clement
Morning from Alameda California!

02:08 - Peggy George
Peggy's in Phoenix AZ and Kim is in San Antonio TX :-)

02:09 - shukufa #2

02:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Len . :)

02:13 - Tracene Nechamkin
Wylie, TX

02:16 - aunttammie
I'm 0 for 20 with the starburst, but I'm still in Houston!

02:17 - Jon Bergmann 1
I'm actually in the burbs of Chicago

02:23 - Peggy George
love seeing all of those starbursts and smiley faces on the map!

02:24 - Adam Pizzi
Garwood, NJ

02:30 - Kim Caise

02:32 - ksailers
Good morning from San Diego, CA!

02:35 - Peggy George

02:38 - Lori Rusch
Its a beautiful morning in South Pasadena Ca!

02:46 - anachorete

02:46 - Peggy George
be sure to click on the top tab for the Flipped Classroom

02:47 - shukufa #2
good evening from Azerbaijan

02:53 - Troy Cockrum
Good afternoon from Indianapolis, Ind!

02:57 - Peggy George
Hi anachorete! Great to have you back with us!

03:03 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Hi Everyone from Ronaoke, IL

03:11 - shukufa #2

03:15 - TAMUC-SuchenL

03:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, attended one from Discovery with Lodge.

03:19 - Marian

03:23 - Kim Caise
you vote just below your name

03:23 - TAMUC-SuchenL

03:26 -
Hi everyoane

03:30 - John Garrett

03:32 - @SteveHayes_RB60
yikes - Roanoke - not Ronaoke! lol

03:49 - Peggy George
I've seen quite a few webinars on flipped classroom and love that many of them are recorded!

03:54 - John Garrett

04:05 - Peggy George
if you've created one for yourself you can say yes too :-)

04:06 - TAMUC-SuchenL

04:25 - Peggy George
wow!! lots of you have created screencasts!! woo hoo!!!

04:47 - TAMUC-SuchenL

04:49 - aunttammie
need a "sometimes" button!

04:50 - shukufa #2
it is new for me

04:54 - Oronoque
I stand on my head at times, but not flipped.

04:55 - roxanne clement
want to starting next fall!

05:17 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Learning all I can so that I can get started next year.

05:21 - Nancy Scofield
I would like to see how others have used it with literature and composition.

05:22 - Karima Mann
@roxane: me too!:)

05:24 - Peggy George
perfect audience today!!! Jon and Aaron are the gurus of the flipped classroom and have tons of great things to share with us today!

05:50 - Peggy George (Jon Bergmann’ blog) (Aaron Sam’ blog)

06:06 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class Network-a social network dedicated to educators interested in the flip.)

06:16 - Kim Caise
i am a NBCT too!

06:26 - shukufa #2
will have a look after webinar

06:35 - Jon Bergmann 1
great job Kim. NBCT is a great deal

06:38 - CR20 LIVE Weekly Show-Flipped Classrooms-Aaron Sams and Jon Berg
Shannon..teacher from Leander TX

06:39 - Peggy George
that's funny @oronoque!!!

06:54 - recon77
i am interested in flip research for my phd work

07:08 - recon77
mainly in higher ed

07:11 - Jon Bergmann 1
at our NING you will find research. also on my blog

07:14 - Peggy George
I know a teacher who calls it somersaulting in the classroom--if you're not ready to do a full flip you can start with a somersault :-)

07:16 - recon77
if any are in higher ed out there and flipping

07:33 -
Unfortunatelly I can't join last week the session #liveclass20 because I was at Innovation Forum in Education organized by Microsoft

07:34 - Troy Cockrum
@recon77 Look up Ramsey Mussallam for research

07:40 - Peggy George
there are some higher ed examples that will be shared today

07:47 - recon77
i have mussallam's paper

07:48 - recon77

07:54 - Carlos Raul
An inverted, academically speaking, classroom?

08:01 - recon77
is any one out there flipping in higher ed

08:05 - recon77
and interested in research

08:05 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class Network-a social network dedicated to educators interested in the flip.) Join this network to share and learn from others

08:20 - Robert
Where will the recording be saved?

08:34 - Troy Cockrum
@recon77 his website is

08:35 - Peggy George
all of this information will be shared with you in our blog post along with the recording today

08:38 - Kim Caise

08:46 - Peggy George

08:49 - Kim Caise
on th archives and recordings pages and in itunesu

09:14 - recon77
right on synonyms

09:24 - recon77
inverted instuction

09:27 - recon77
inverted classrooms

09:47 - timdadams
Will be piloting 1:1 in my building next fall -- AP English.

09:56 -
My eSafety4eTwinners project was selected in the exhibition and here is my glog after this big event

09:59 - shukufa #2
i use videos at class too

10:15 - Nancy Scofield
We've been 1:1 for 4 years -- love it! New equipment next year.

10:17 - recon77

10:25 - Peggy George
such an important point!!!

10:26 - clinds
Anyone know why my chat isn't automatically scrolling as new comments are added?

10:41 - Nancy Scofield
Is there any audio?

10:49 - joelshimoji
Poor teaching with technology = expensive poor teaching.

11:05 - Peggy George
sorry @clinds! that happens sometimes and not sure why-just keep scrolling down manually so you don't miss anything

11:18 - Kim Caise
nancy, try using the audio setup wizard the red starburst thing

11:23 - clinds
Thanks Peggy - it's scrolling now :)

11:24 - Peggy George
yes @Nancy there is audio

12:15 - Peggy George
that's a great tip!! if you find yourself repeating things over and over, create a video or screencast for it

12:18 - franke
there is another voice

12:34 - Peggy George
if you're hearing two voices you may have two windows open

12:45 - McTeach (Karen)
That's what I want to start doing...videos of grammar lessons so kids can re-watch them if needed.

12:45 - Peggy George
this is a fantastic list!

12:52 - Troy Cockrum
@alice good to see you!

12:57 - Kim Caise
or a delay in the audio and it will catch up

12:57 - franke
got it thanks :)

13:12 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class: What it is and What it is not Part 1 of 3)

13:24 - Peggy George (Are You Ready to Flip? Part 2 of 3 of "The Flipped Class")

14:09 - Peggy George
Hi Lynn-so glad you could join us!

14:38 - Peggy George
sometimes we don't think what we are doing is lecturing but it's a lot of "telling"

14:45 - Lynn Castiglione
Hi Peggy! :)

14:58 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Good Bye Factory-style teaching! :)

15:05 - McTeach (Karen)
Yay! Ramsey rocks!!!

15:11 - Jon Bergmann 1
it is linked on my page

15:12 - Kareen K
Where is the live binder?

15:12 - Troy Cockrum Ramsey's site

15:23 - Jon Bergmann 1
good catch troy

15:28 - Oronoque
If "sage on the stage" doesn't work during class hours, how does it work when the kids are at home?

15:29 - shukufa #2
during lecturing students feel tired and don't understand anything

15:49 - clinds
@Kareen - If you scroll up in the chat window you'll see link to livebinder.

15:55 - Peggy George
I think we all tend to glaze over during long lectures :-)

16:05 - Jon Bergmann 1
for those who are really interested, we have a summer conference in Chicago. info at

16:05 - Kareen K

16:10 - Peggy George

16:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I know I hate being in lectures.

16:39 - shukufa #2
discussion is interesting

16:40 - aunttammie
The question I never hear answered is what to do when half or three-quarters of the kids show up without having watched the video.

16:51 - Eileen K 1
So their homework is actually to view your presentations before class?

16:52 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I need to interact and backchannel while learning and trying to understand new things.

16:53 - Justin Stallings

17:01 - Peggy George
they'll be talking about that @aunttammie

17:07 - Jon Bergmann 1
@ellen: yes that is coorect

17:18 - Peggy George

17:20 - Alana
Will we be able to access an archive version of this presentation?

17:28 - Peggy George
ues Alana

17:30 - Peggy George

17:33 - Jon Bergmann 1
but some tchrs who are flipping are not using the videos for HW. all work is done in class

17:45 - clinds
@aunttamammie - Great question about students not watching the video. I think that's why teachers at my school are so hesitant.

17:47 - Robert
Not seeing or hearing anything

17:57 - Lorna Costantini

18:00 - Jon Bergmann 1
I have seen teachers who flip who are working in alternative high schools and they use this method as well. So it isn't dependent on HW

18:37 - John Garrett
I use this in my middle school class and give my students the option of listening to the video in class or at home.

18:56 - Peggy George
this approach makes so much sense! really allows teachers to help students learn!

18:57 - Jon Bergmann 1
for those who don't do hw, we did good teacher stuff. we took points off and then they had to do video in class (we had 2 computers in the back of the room). then they are still responsible for the content. don't rescue kids by re lecturing.

19:13 - Troy Cockrum
For students that don't watch videos, I do the same thing I would do if they didn't do their HW. I hold them accountable for knowing the content.

19:13 - Oronoque
I am missing something...if you are saying that the lecture is boring during the day, how does that lecture become successful at home?

19:18 - aunttammie
@John so half your kids are at computers and half listening to you repeat what's on video?

19:18 - Larry A
does this not lengthen your day - class time, multi-media time?

19:25 - kdhoward
@aunttammie My students have figured out that they create more work for themsleves when they don't watch the vids. And they miss out on participating in the class application and the social aspect of the activity.

19:26 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I use BrainPOP videos and Discovery videos to teach some content in class. Kids love watching the videos. Put in our Edmodo group where they can watch again later.

19:30 - Peggy George
that is such a great overview video!

19:42 - Peggy George (Aaron's Video introducing the Flipped Classroom)

20:04 - Crystal Kirch
I have found that most students are realizing it's better to watch the video at home; but, if they have to watch it in class, they just come in, get to watching, and then join the class later

20:08 - Peggy George (Chemistry Video Sampler)

20:09 - John Garrett
@Auntmarie no most of my class is working on programming, writing, building, testing programs etc and some are listening to my lecture

20:11 - Kim Caise
no the day is not lengthened

20:13 - shukufa #2
thanks a lot for video Aaron

20:13 - Justin Stallings
thanks for the link there, peggy!

20:20 - CR20 LIVE Weekly Show-Flipped Classrooms-Aaron Sams and Jon Berg
I just recently started flipping my classrrom and am very excited about using this in math @ high school level

20:22 - Marian
How do you handle students that don't have technology at home?

20:24 - @Len_Horn
So, in your classrooms, the "Sage on the Stage" is dead.

20:27 - kyteacher (Angela)
Hoping to dip my toes into the water next year, but trying to find a model that works for me and my students. Love the flexibility.

20:30 - Jon Bergmann 1
the lecture can be boring if you make a poor video. don't make a boring video. Hopefully you will see that ours are pretty OK.

20:36 - Aaron Sams
Re no tech at home...burn vids to a DVD

20:37 - Peggy George
this is a video I'd have to listen to many times to understand the chemistry :-)

20:37 - Kim Caise
absolutely len

20:38 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Some teachers talk too much. Show your video in class and then let the students start doing what you would normally assign for HW.

20:44 - Flipped Classrooms 1
I teach Spanish, and there's so much out there that I don't personally do the videos; students who utilize the online resources do well, and we have great opportunities to practice/apply in class, but if they don't do the prep work at home, it's REALLY frustrating, not only for me, but for the kids who have prepared.

20:44 - Lorna Costantini

20:48 - roxanne clement
these strategies encourage kids to take charge and be responsible for their own learning!

20:50 - Jon Bergmann 1
note the zoom in the vid

20:56 - Jon Bergmann 1
this is done after the fact.

21:06 - Flipped Classrooms 1
(Sorry; I didn't log in right; I don't know how I missed that....)

21:08 - Jon Bergmann 1
also their is background noise, it is not perfect

21:12 - Telannia
How do you handle a class that does not have access to technology at home to watch the videos? I work in a high poverty inner city.

21:15 - Peggy George
love that! potato chip bag is growing!!

21:19 - Aaron Sams
we take our video cameras everywhere we go and shoot video

21:36 - recon77
they do not have to have videos to flip T

21:41 - John Garrett
I encourage them to listen during lunch, before school, etc.

21:46 - Peggy George
important point @Jon!! your videos and screencasts don't have to be perfect

21:57 - Justin Stallings
what software do yall use to do the videos?

22:04 - John Garrett
I just started this this year so I am still perfecting my style

22:12 - Telannia
@recon77 Please expound.

22:16 - Troy Cockrum
@justin they use Camtasia Studio

22:16 - Peggy George
keep them short!!

22:25 - Justin Stallings
@troy thanks!

22:25 - recon77
yes minilectures better

22:31 - Larry A
The teacher becomes a tutor!

22:33 - Eileen K 1
I'm impressed, riding up a mountain and teaching at the same time :)

22:34 - kdhoward
No access - I put a unit at a time on DVD or Flash Drive. Or students come in during tutorials or lunch to watch on PCs in my class or library

22:42 - recon77
more project oriented or specific topic minilectures

22:44 - Peggy George (Flipped Math Classroom-Stillwater Flipped Classroom pilot project. Between
September, 2011, and January, 2012, a group of 5th grade math teachers
will conduct a pilot project called “lipped Math Classroom”)

22:44 - John Garrett
Screencoder 5.0 or screenviruoso for screen casting

23:00 - Larry A
Teachers become project managers and coaches

23:02 - Sue Ann Miller
What do you do when the student does not watch the video before class

23:07 - Eileen K 1
Is Screencoder free?

23:13 - John Garrett

23:18 - Lisa
I need a way to convert .wmv to .mp4 videos. Any ideas?

23:25 - tconner
What hardware is used to produce the writing seen in the video i.e. the mole calculations?

23:31 - TAMUC-LynnB
I provide flash drives with the Podcasts on to students who don't have Internet Aceess but have a computer at home or they can use the library. I have them sign out the Flash Drives.

23:35 - Jon Bergmann 1
@lisa: we use camtasia studio and it produces it as an mp4

23:42 - @Len_Horn
Does anyone use Corel's VideoStudio Pro?

23:43 - Peggy George
this is a great converter

23:47 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Lisa I use Zamzar to convert files. It is free.

23:50 - clinds
Where do you post the videos that you create using Camtasia?

23:55 - John Kain
Lisa, download Format Factory. It's free. It's a very useful file converter.

24:06 - Angie.Kelley
Lisa-I used iskysoft video converter. It's great!

24:15 - Jon Bergmann 1
students who didnt watch had to watch in class while other students got help

24:18 - recon77
zamzar site url?

24:25 - Katie N
We use old iPhones which parents give us

24:34 - shukufa #2
yes you are right larry i make such kinds videos during online projects and you can see them on youtube

24:34 - BrianH
Big question with fellow teachers is students do not want to do homework period. Does the video format help with motivation?

24:38 - Jon Bergmann 1
katie: i like...

24:39 - @Len_Horn
flashdrive + computer = connectivity

24:42 - Peggy George
what a fun idea to think about!!

25:17 - Peggy George
Format Factory

25:18 - Lynn Castiglione
I am using a Glencoe series for 6th & 7th grade math - each lesson has recorded white board lessons- they helped me to flip things since last year!

25:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

25:23 - John Garrett
I am facing the not doing homework. What I am thinking is that I will hold them accountable with an entry task

25:26 - abrooks is also a good converter

25:53 - Troy Cockrum
@clinds I cross post my videos on Google Apps Video and YouTube. There are a lot of free and paid posting sites. Just need to find one that works for you.

26:02 - bmontana
@Peggy Another great conversion service is

26:16 - Katie N
Some of our teachers use brainpop - helps them get the idea before they make their own videos

26:24 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I believe many textbook companies will be adding videos that teachers and students will be able to use for this model.

26:26 - Peggy George
Take a look at this later ( created and curated by Peggy George: Screencasting for Online Learning-resources for both screencasting and flipped classroom)

26:34 - Lisa Reas
Aaron and Jon, how do you prep your classroom with supplies for students at all different levels or places in the curriculum?

26:39 - Peggy George
there are many conversion tools that are free :-)

26:52 - Aaron Sams
stations. think centers in an elementary classroom

26:56 - Kenneth Jones
BrainPop for Overview?

27:00 - Lisa Reas

27:13 - @Len_Horn
My districts problem is over 50% students don't have a computer at home.

27:21 - kdhoward
I want to move to mastery model, but I'm stumped on the grading aspect

27:21 - Peggy George (Flipped Mastery Classroom Video)

27:41 - aunttammie
I assume the scrambled test bit is in the book?

27:42 - franke
:( cannot watch it in Germany

27:43 - Peggy George
a very busy classroom!! totally engaged!

27:43 - Troy Cockrum
@len_horn do they have DVD players?

27:49 - Katie N
Overview - yes - or a very narrow topic

27:51 - Jon Bergmann 1
grading in mastery was our biggest struggle. we can share how we did it if youwant

27:56 - Peggy George
click on the link to view it in your browser

28:06 - Peggy George
note that they are also using books :-)

28:06 - Jon Bergmann 1
chime in here what you see

28:07 - @Len_Horn
most do have DVD

28:08 - kdhoward
@Jon that would be awesome.

28:12 - franke
nope it is because of the sound in the video

28:20 - franke
German law

28:23 - Peggy George
taking notes, solving problems on paper--it's not all about technology!

28:25 - Jon Bergmann 1
yes books are still import

28:26 - roxanne clement
providing 1:1 attention and support

28:26 - Katie N
We are lucky all but one of our elementaary students have internet - Loudoun County, VA

28:28 - Lisa Reas
a teacher that is NOT just sitting at their desk watching.

28:34 - recon77
dizzying vid

28:36 - Kenneth Jones
It's a Workshop Model!

28:38 - Telannia

28:39 - Peggy George
so sorry @franke

28:40 - aunttammie
small class size is nice for this, too

28:41 - Justin Stallings
class was engaged

28:41 - TAMUC-TinaB
It was hard to watch

28:42 - Troy Cockrum
@len_horn it takes a little longer, but you can burn all videos to DVD. Or create a DVD loan out system

28:42 - K DeLander
Independent work

28:42 - recon77
i'm seasick

28:43 - Denise
Engaged kids

28:43 - John Garrett
Teacher monitoring and assesing learning

28:43 - Garrison 1

28:44 - TAMUC-SusanB
all students!!

28:45 - Venerika C
differentiated instruction

28:46 - Sally
students engaged!!

28:48 - Kareen K
All students working

28:49 - Larry A
Students doing things - teacher attending to students as needed

28:49 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Engaged students

28:49 - rikneill
Everyone on a different stage or activity

28:50 - NRatner 1
no one at a board in the front of the room

28:52 - TAMUC-LynnB
The workers are the learners. The students are working

28:53 - Ian Nairn - UK
students doing work - no teacher led work

28:53 - Peggy George
many student choices

28:55 - Laurie Conzemius
kids on task

28:57 - Eileen K 1
Students engaged in various kinds of learning activities.

29:02 - Peggy George
helping each other learn

29:02 - Laurie Conzemius
no behavior issues

29:03 - Kim Caise
off task behavior by students

29:04 - TAMUC-TinaB
A lot of activities

29:05 - JamesNeal
Students listening to music but working

29:21 - shukufa #2
students centered class

29:22 - kathleen
lots of action, no lecture, worklsop model, no goofing off,engaged students, dkfferent activities

29:23 - Telannia
Can you use Khan academy as videos?

29:30 - Peggy George
how do you know the students are listening to music and not working?

29:34 - Jon Bergmann 1
yes: you can use khan

29:44 - TAMUC-LynnB
Khan is GREAT!!!

29:44 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@JamesNeal I think she was listening to the recorded lesson as she was working.

29:45 - rikneill
Will all of these videos and stuff you are showing be in the arhives for us to review?

29:55 - timdadams #2
Listening to music? Or listenign to a podcast of a lecture to review?

30:03 - Kareen K

30:04 - Kenneth Jones
Students don't have access to YouTube in my district

30:05 - Jon Bergmann 1
we believe that teachers should, if possible, make their own videos with suplements.

30:10 - Peggy George
Jackie Gerstein has some great resources for flipped classroom (The Flipped Classroom Model-A Full Picture by Jackie Gerstein)

30:13 - Kim Caise
yes they will in the livebinder after the show nds

30:13 - kg
Do you have students make videos to add to your learning content (e.g.,screencasts)?

30:14 - Jon Bergmann 1
you can post them to many sites besides youtuve

30:17 - Crystal Kirch
yes i agree! teachers need to make their own videos! - it takes time, but it's worth it!

30:23 - Telannia
Great point. They know us not a stranger

30:23 - kdhoward
My kids tell me that they prefer to watch me. There's a trust level with watching their own teacher

30:23 - joelshimoji
There is some blowback when you use other people's videos. Parents feel like you're 'off the hook.'

30:29 - TAMUC-LynnB
Use what is out there as templates and recreate it for your needs

30:30 - roxanne clement
The flip is also transferring responsibility of learning to the students

30:36 - Maribeth
Are there teachers using this model in government and history classes?

30:38 - aunttammie
I like to use my Livescribe pen for grammar videos...but it can't be too long, cause that CAN get boring after awhile

30:39 - Jon Bergmann 1
pay attentin to crystal K as well. she is a big time flipper

30:40 - Crystal Kirch
@roxanne- yes! my favorite part :)

30:43 - Larry A
Could you not use a quality video and then have a teacher make a video commenting on what was presented

30:48 - kdhoward
A lot of work up front, but the next year, the vids are already made, and may just need to tweak some of them

30:48 - clinds
Recently participated in another Flipped Classroom webinar and the teacher said the same thing - students really want to see/hear their own teacher.

30:48 - Crystal Kirch
@jon - thanks :)

30:51 - Laurie Conzemius
And isn't there a stronger connection between assessment and instruction when the teacher creates their own vids?

30:53 - Lorna Costantini

30:55 - Katie N
YES - it's a way to get teachers started with the model

31:03 - Kareen K
Every class is different as each student is different

31:03 - Peggy George
mix it up! don't always use Khan videos or commercial videos--mix them with your own or even better with those that students create

31:04 - Venerika C
Is the video really an integral part? What if the video is replaced with other web content?

31:04 - TAMUC-SusanB
using the videos that already exist takes away the confusion/pressure of getting started...then build up to doing own

31:05 - Jon Bergmann 1
yes: govt and history is being flipped. go to to join the discussion.

31:10 - Crystal Kirch
I'm keeping an updated list of resources and articles I've found here, as well as my blog about my experiences

31:14 - aunttammie
You could do a screencast of someone else's video, with you in a box commenting

31:28 - Katie N
good idea aunttie

31:44 - Jon Bergmann 1
yes peggy: mix them up.

31:47 - kg
@autammie: nice idea

32:04 - Lisa Reas
For project based classrooms, having a library of mini lessons for students to access at they continue through a project is an idea

32:14 - Jon Bergmann 1
i have put in bill nye video clips into my videos.

32:14 - Crystal Kirch
I think that every year you can continue to build your video library. Right now it's just me, but I want to have students start making videos soon, and then whenever I find something online that is REALLY good, I'll add it to my playlist as well

32:17 - Peggy George
thanks for that link @crystal!

32:28 - Maria Chesley Fisk @ThinkParenting
love the flipped-inquiry idea!

32:31 - Crystal Kirch
@Peggy - you're welcome :)

32:36 - Jon Bergmann 1
I encourage you to think of flipping one unit or even one lesson as a good starting place.

33:06 - shukufa #2
yes bloom taxonomy is great i train the teachers about that

33:10 - Justin Stallings
like that

33:21 - Peggy George
I just scooped your blog yesterday in my :-)

33:46 - kdhoward
Good way to link flipclass to bloom's!

33:50 - Larry A
It's great for each teacher to have their own video library - but not all teachers will become proficient in making presentations on video - they may do great in making comments on a prerecorded presentation with their own video and in the class - using others' videos gives them many ways to present ideas

33:54 - Eileen K 1
Since my students will be involved in state testing for the next two weeks, I would rather assign an online project in math as homework.

33:58 - Telannia
I find it easier to start at create and go down

34:14 - Peggy George

34:16 - clinds
Are teachers ever nervous that parents will watch their videos and critique their content? We have some very involved parents :)

34:24 - Dawn Land #3
Peggy, I keep losing my connection. Could you please tell me again where I can watch the recording?

34:28 - Jon Bergmann 1
also: find a partner to make the video with.

34:30 - John Garrett
I would love feedback from parents

34:45 - Lorna Costantini
gret thing about parents watching they can understand the goals and objectives

34:46 -
For everyoane I made 1st monthly Curation Newsletter and everyoane can subscribe and I think you should make a newsletter for #liveclass20

34:50 - John Garrett
Or even to help my parents understand what I am teaching

34:55 - Peggy George
the recording and all of the links will be posted here after the show

34:56 - Larry A
Text - audio - video - whatever works for them to learn, use it

35:00 - Jon Bergmann 1
amazing thng is that parents WILL watch your vids.

35:01 - kdhoward
@clinds My parents love monitering that student is watching vid as opposed to trying to relearn math to help their kid

35:03 - Lorna Costantini
no more frustratio with helping with math

35:21 - Jon Bergmann 1
this could put the math tutors out of busniess.

35:24 - Peggy George
students learn so much by creating their own screencasts and videos!

35:32 - Laurie Conzemius
Wish my kids had a flipped classroom: then perhaps I ould learn chemistry!

35:33 - Crystal Kirch
My parents love being able to see that their students are actually "doing" hw because they see the video on the screen.

35:36 - kathleen
How do you answer teachers who panic over state tests?

35:45 - Kareen K
Great that parents can learn along with students

35:50 - shukufa #2
i also work with my students dealing with projects

35:54 - Katie N
I love the hammock!

35:56 - Larry A
The goal is for students to learn the ideas, information, skills and demonstrate that they know it at certain levels -

35:57 - Crystal Kirch
Parents who need to monitor hw completion more can sit down and actually watch the vid with the students and not feel so inadequate b/c they don't remember the content (math)

36:12 - McTeach (Karen)
I need to figure out the best way to do this for grammar and/or writing.

36:13 - TAMUC-LynnB
Students want you to tutor them one on one. Some kids will get it and some need extra help. You have more time to take with the students that need the help.

36:24 - Crystal Kirch
1 on 1 time every day - so agree! it's been so much better than in the past!

36:32 - Peggy George This is the Livebinder for today and I'll be adding the links you are sharing in the chat to it after the show. Please keep sharing them!!

36:39 - Justin Stallings

36:43 - John Garrett
Yes you can't sit on your laurels you need to be up and out monitoring learning

36:44 - Katie N
We called them strip films!

36:48 - aunttammie
So part of the "kid who doesn't watch the video" solution is that the fully flipped classroom is the individualized design?

37:03 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class: What it is and What it is not Part 1 of 3)

37:07 - aunttammie
it's not that all are doing the same thing each day

37:09 - shukufa #2
we need to make students to be a good investigator

37:11 - Peggy George (Are You Ready to Flip? Part 2 of 3 of "The Flipped Class")

37:20 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class: What Does a Good One Look Like? Part 3 of 3)

37:34 - Kenneth Jones
What conference?

37:35 - Larry A
I took a human sexuality class in college by watching videos for most of the class with little lecture - just an intro and wrap up - was not a great experience - I did learn something but felt cheated

37:42 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class: Show Me the Data)

38:04 - Troy Cockrum
@Kenneth Jones the Flipped Classroom Conference in Chicago in June

38:05 - Peggy George
love those tips! start small!

38:08 - Justin Stallings

38:12 - Crystal Kirch
I'm going all in and to be honest, it's crazy. Make sure you plan for lots of time spent the first year - it's a little overwhelming...

38:24 - kdhoward
It helps when you have a partner teacher to flip with!

38:24 - Crystal Kirch
(but it will be worth it!)

38:36 - Venerika C
What are the dates of the conference?

38:38 - Crystal Kirch
@kdhoward -I agree!

38:39 - Peggy George

38:42 - Tracene Nechamkin

38:43 - Kim Caise

38:43 - roxanne clement
will you be providing virtual participation at the conference?

38:49 - TAMUC-TinaB
I didn't get everything for ways to get started?

38:51 - Troy Cockrum
Conference is June 18-20

38:52 - Aaron Sams
June 18-20 conference

38:53 - Tracene Nechamkin
Thank you

38:55 - Oronoque
How do you avoid (assuming you want to) being responsible for providing twice as many hours of learning? Are you not making yourself more responsible for what goes on at home, since you now have to produce the learning materials for home use?

38:59 - Peggy George (20 to Watch and ISTE Presenters: Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams)

38:59 - TAMUC-LynnB
I use Podcasts for different lessons, not all the lessons. I use Webquests and interactive websites too that they can do on their own to help learn and explore the content.

39:04 - joelshimoji
I concur; it's important to start with baby steps.

39:04 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Aaron & Jon - Is your school 1:1? BYOT/BYOD?

39:05 - Crystal Kirch
will the conference be archived? I won't be able to attend b/c our school gets out so late

39:14 - Aaron Sams
our school is not 1:1

39:24 - Peggy George
the chat is flying by so fast!!! thank you all!! so glad we can watch this again!!!

39:29 - Tracene Nechamkin
Any other tools being used besides videos on youtube?

39:29 - Tamu-Ragsdale
How do you handle students without computers? I know you talked about it but cannot findin the archive

39:34 - joelshimoji
We're operating in a 1:1 BYOD school.

39:47 - Peggy George
Check this out: (Flipped Classroom Manifest)

39:59 - TAMUC-TinaB
what about new teachers? What is the best way to go about it?

40:05 - Peggy George (The best way to reach each student? Private school Math teacher flips learning-Stacey Roshan)

40:08 - Aaron Sams
students with no tech: flash drives, burn to DVDs, give them an iPod, use their cell phone

40:10 - Troy Cockrum
Flipped Class Conference link:

40:14 - Katie N
DVDs probably the first way. Most folks have TVs and DVD players,

40:17 - Peggy George (Stacey Roshan’ videos for AP Calculus)

40:21 - kdhoward
How do you handle grading with the mastery flip? Still working with district grading policies & testing windows?

40:21 - aunttammie
I'm an English High School teacher, and I do grammar this way...haven't figured out a way to do literature so much

40:23 - TAMUC-LynnB
I created a lesson of nine short podcasts that shows the students how to animate a moving banner for a website.

40:28 - Ian Nairn - UK
do teachers need support and encouragement from Headteachers

40:28 - @Len_Horn
Be Dangerous!

40:29 - Eileen K 1
Do you have a suggested length of time for the first video?

40:32 - BrianH
Motivation to do homework is a big problem for us especially low level classes. Do videos help?

40:38 - kg
Administrative reaction/support?

40:40 - Robert
We use the recording feature embedded with SMART Boards

40:41 - Nancy Scofield
Same question with high school literature.

40:43 - Katie N
What's the learning curve on Camtasia Studio?

40:45 - Kim Caise
archives will be posted here

40:47 - Peggy George (The Flipped Class: Shedding light on the confusion, critique, and hype)

40:48 - Kareen K
I can see this being used as a mini-lesson in the class, perhaps at a station

40:53 - John Garrett
ideas or suggustions for bringing this down to middle school where they might not be ready for a total flip?

40:58 - joelshimoji
Camtasia is very easy to use.

41:08 - tconner
What hardware do you use to create the writing in your videos?

41:10 - Peggy George (Warning: Flipping Your Classroom may Lead to Increased Student Understanding)

41:20 - TAMUC-LynnB
Jing is good!!

41:21 - Nancy Scofield
Will the conference sessions be available online?

41:23 - Sue Ann Miller
Our new Elmo document cameras record video?

41:24 - Daryl Bambic
Are there some subjects that are less flip friendly?

41:28 - Troy Cockrum
@aunttammie we should talk. I've flipped all my writing instruction and am now working on a literature flip

41:30 - kg
Isn't Jing and Screencast totally changing their "payscale"? Suggestions?

41:31 - aunttammie

41:35 - kathleen
You can use teachertube, or edublogs, or edmodo

41:37 - Peggy George
great questions Ken!

41:38 - Jon Bergmann 1
my website has LOTS of links to blogs, etc

41:48 - Connie
If no one has questions could you go back over the slides strategies 4 - 7 that you skipped?

41:53 - Peggy George (Jon Bergmann’ blog) (Aaron Sam’ blog)

41:55 - Tracene Nechamkin
I have used clipnabber classic to download the youtube then send a link

41:56 - clinds
What about just using a Flip camera and posting the video to Vimeo or another video hosting site?

42:03 - kg
Screencastomatic is nice, too...web-based.

42:04 - Peggy George
snagit is taking over for JingPro

42:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Jing is still free. They have dropped their Jing Pro version.

42:07 - Maria Chesley Fisk @ThinkParenting
lots of families have DVD players if you can put them on DVDs.

42:08 - Tracene Nechamkin
Screenchomp on iPad

42:10 - Jon Bergmann 1
yes: you can make video with a vid camera

42:11 - Connie
screenr is good

42:11 - Patti R
jingpro is going away, i use it constantly

42:16 - kathleen
i use Movie Maker and the integrated webcam from a laptop.

42:17 - kdhoward
I've been recording with whiteboards and my iPhone, then editing with iMovie.

42:18 - abrooks
yes we use document cameras, webcams, our interactive whiteboard can record lessons as well

42:20 - Crystal Kirch
I just use my document camera and load on Youtube and schooltube. I post all the links on Edmodo for students to find easily.

42:22 - Linda Jones
You can record movies if you have a smartboard as well.

42:24 - Peggy George
I love using SnapzPro on my Mac but it's not free

42:26 - Lisa
i gave all my students a free google account and I post the videos in Google documents

42:28 - shukufa #2
i use moviemaker

42:30 - @Len_Horn

42:34 - Lorna Costantini
screenflow is paid but my favourite

42:38 - Jon Bergmann 1
another place would be the flipped channel

42:44 - kathleen

42:48 - Peggy George
Screenr is an awesome, easy free tool

42:48 - Troy Cockrum
If your school has Google Apps for Education, you can set up Google Video on your domain

42:49 - aarceneaux
What about teachertube?

42:55 - Samantha @sammorra
ScreenChop on the iPad is amazing. Makes it so easy.

42:56 - Venerika C
what about using voicethread?

43:00 - aunttammie
@Lorna, yes I love screenflow, found it worth the price

43:04 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I use vimeo to host videos.

43:13 - shukufa #2
aarceneaux what is it?

43:13 - aunttammie
that would be great!

43:14 - clinds
@Troy - Any problem with running out of space when uploading videos to Google Apps for Ed?

43:15 - Connie
what do you use for adaptive needs, script and text?

43:21 - @Len_Horn

43:21 - Peggy George
EduVision!! Aaron and Jon are going to be doing a webinar with them on March 21 :-)

43:22 - Samantha @sammorra
We use Vimeo

43:25 - recon77
yes voicethread

43:32 - recon77
at least for some pbl

43:35 - Tracene Nechamkin
Has anyone used Adobe Captivate?

43:41 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Get a channel for your school on SchoolTube.

43:45 - kg
Are your videos close-captioned? That is an advantage of using YouTube, with their easy merging of script with video

43:48 - Troy Cockrum
@clinds depends on how many people you allow access to upload. I have over 100 videos on it and am nowhere near out limit

43:49 - Jon Bergmann 1
captivate will also do this i havent used it though

43:52 - @Len_Horn
I have used Captivate

44:01 - Tracene Nechamkin
Easy to use?

44:08 - Peggy George
it should work in any subject!

44:51 - TAMUC-LynnB
Best use of classtime. Create a Podcast to learn the procedures of using the software so I can explore the content of the lesson more thoroughly in class.

44:54 - @lemoinemb Mary Beth
So can you elaborate on what "homework" you do during class?

44:58 - clinds
If you use a Flip videocamera you don't need to know how to use software and can use your normal whiteboard for your lesson...

45:14 - Roger C
How do you introduce the students to the new way of learning?

45:14 - joelshimoji
LOVE the PE applications.

45:19 - Peggy George
another great on flipped classroom

45:27 - Crystal Kirch
If you are flipping or thinking about it, fill out my questionnaire - I am trying to collect info on teachers in all subject areas who are flipping so you can connect with others. I'll be posting the results sometime soon.

45:29 - @Len_Horn
Tracene, Captivate is not too difficult to learn.

45:49 - Tracene Nechamkin
Len, are you using the basci captivate or the suite?

46:03 - clinds
Great idea to model watching the videos!

46:04 - Nancy Scofield
Do you ever have work for them to do while watching the video?

46:08 - Jon Bergmann 1
i wrote a blog post about pe flippers. at

46:11 - @Len_Horn
The suite, I believe.

46:14 - Peggy George
check out the scoop.its and Livebinders because there are tons of resources compiled there for everything related to screencasting and flipped classroom

46:25 - Crystal Kirch
My students have guided notes to take while watching; they have key questions to answer at the end that start the in class discussion

46:27 - Flipped Classrooms 1
I substituted once in a classroom with an exchange student from Europe--the Czech Republic? (can't remember--somewhere east)--and she said that in her high schools, students were expected to learn material at home and come to school with questions/ready to discuss, etc. And this was back in the mid-90's, LONG before anyone ever heard the term "flipped classroom." She said U.S. students were spoonfed and not as responsible as learners in her country. (Of course, she was a top student...)

46:32 - Tracene Nechamkin
Thanks, Len. Going to try the suite trial over spring break!

46:33 - Peggy George
Live webinar with Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams: (March 21, 2012 10:00 am PDT)
EduVision Flipped Classroom Webinar (Free but registration required) Wednesday,
Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, Presenters

46:40 - shukufa #2
in my mind the exact link will be given to students

46:44 - @Len_Horn

47:21 - recon77
on the flip classed network please join my group Flip Research on Higher Education if you are interested in researching flip in higher ed or flip higher ed

47:33 - Maria Chesley Fisk @ThinkParenting
what a wonderful way to connect families and schools!

47:42 - Peggy George Same place as

47:43 - Kim Caise

47:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Hey -sorry I'm late - got so involved in getting ready to work on my taxes, I forgot.

47:53 - Peggy George
Hi Carolyn!

48:05 - @Len_Horn
How does your admin evaluate, if they are required to use a rubric designed for the old presentation model?

48:06 - Peggy George
The recording will help all of us capture this fantastic information!

48:10 - TAMUC-TinaB
what is the livebinder site for this webinar?

48:28 - Peggy George

48:32 - timdadams #2
Question for current flippers: if student discussion is a part of your routine, how much of this is face-to-face, how much is virtual (such as forums)?

48:55 - Jon Bergmann 1
in my class, discussion was face to face, but others are using forums, etc

48:55 - @SteveHayes_RB60
I've heard of students watching flipped videos on the way to after school sports practice or on the way to music lessons

48:59 - Troy Cockrum
@len_horn my principal made me teach a traditional lesson in order to evaluate. The kids were so confused :) and a lot of the lesson focused on previous videos.

49:09 - Tracene Nechamkin
When the students don't watch the video at home, how do you handle that next day? We have wifi so I have been letting them watch during class. Any thoughts?

49:13 - Jon Bergmann 1
steve: yes, you bet. efficent use of class time

49:24 - @Len_Horn
dog and pony for that eval :(

49:33 - Jon Bergmann 1
terrace: yes exactyl what we do

49:39 - Carolyn Stanley
I have been creating tutorials for Photoshop assignments using the Smart Recorder that comes with SmartNotebook10 Software, and the kids much prefer the tutorials to direct instruction where they have to wait whle those in the class that have questions or missed something hold up everyone else.

49:44 - Crystal Kirch
Most of my discussion is face to face, but I really want to find ways to make it more virtual on the night they watch the videos. Still contemplating ideas/best way to introduce this

49:57 - Jon Bergmann 1
eval: My princiapal came in, saw the engagement and said he "got" it. then left

50:21 - joelshimoji
Research shows that there is no correlation between an increased amount of homework and better grades.

50:32 - Garrison 1
The evaluator can watch the video, then.!

50:33 - Peggy George
great point @joel! I agree

50:38 - Tracene Nechamkin
eval: my principal came the first day of our flipped class. I explained what was happening. He sent out a copy of my blog to the entire staff. He was happy with the results.

50:42 - Kenneth Jones
That is easy! If the kids are engaged, the eval wqill be good!

50:42 - @SteveHayes_RB60
agree Joe!

50:51 - John Garrett
Key is to be incharge of classroom and out and about. Don't sit behind your desk and do your work

50:51 - timdadams #2
Crystal K: so your next goal is that students have virtual conversations after school?

50:56 - Crystal Kirch
@Tracene - what is your blog link? I'd love to follow

51:03 - Peggy George
if your admins don't "get it" you may need to educate them

51:05 - TAMUC-LynnB
My evaluations are always Excellent. The principal loves it that the kids are working together and able to show what they are doing and how they are doing it.

51:08 - Tracene Nechamkin

51:13 - TAMUC-SusanB
our admin is pushing for student-driven instruction...ths covers that

51:22 - Crystal Kirch
@tim - I'd love to see my students having conversations (that everyone could participate in) before/after school whenever they are watching videos or working through content

51:23 - Carolyn Stanley
I recently showed my principal the sniping tool in Windows 7, and he loves it and had me make a tutorial to share with the rest of the staff.

51:26 - Peggy George
I love the name "flipper" :-)

51:34 - joelshimoji
As we shift away from the factory model of education, it's going to create discomfort amongst others.

51:39 - @Len_Horn
Yes, difficult, isn't it.

51:39 - John Garrett
I think admins get it as long as students are showing engaged active learning

51:44 - Venerika C
@Carolyn..sniping tool?

51:55 - Crystal Kirch
@tracene - how fun - I've already been following you :)

52:02 - Peggy George
there is no reason that flipping doesn't support standardized test results!

52:09 - Carolyn Stanley
I think we can have a blend of direct teaching and flipped classroom.

52:10 - Sue Ann Miller
A tool in WIndows 7 operating system - Snipping tool

52:13 - Tracene Nechamkin
Yes, data has definitely shown others how it is working.

52:19 - Peggy George
it can greatly enhance their understanding and learning and should improve their test scores!

52:27 - Peggy George
love the stories!

52:29 - John Garrett
I find in middle school I need to do both DI and flipped

52:32 - Carolyn Stanley

52:33 - Tracene Nechamkin
Thanks, Crystal!

52:33 - Crystal Kirch
My data from this semester is showing improvement from last year (non-flipped)

52:36 - @Len_Horn
That shows growth on his part.

52:53 - @Len_Horn
Chunk it.

53:01 -
Because Curation is NEXT BIG THING and Social Media King I describe top 10 Curation tools here

53:01 - Crystal Kirch
I agree with ONE TOPIC per video

53:02 - Jon Bergmann 1
great crystal

53:20 - Daryl Bambic
Do Sams and Bergman think that the flip is best for math and sciences?

53:23 - clinds
@Crystal - We just started piloting somthing called Edu2.0 for online discussions. Had been using Moodle but found the look not engaging for students and not that user-friendly for teachers.

53:24 - Carolyn Stanley
@Venirika - it's a tool native to Windows 7 that allows you to clip part of what's on the screen and either copy and paste it or save the clip and can edit it, too.

53:26 - Daryl Bambic
More than the other subjects?

53:29 - Eileen K 1
Good advice

53:39 - Tracene Nechamkin
Would love to follow others on Twitter - @nechamkin. Anyone else?

53:47 - Crystal Kirch
@clinds - I will look into Edu2.0. Is that the website?

53:47 - Venerika C
Thanks...where would i find it in Windows 7?

53:50 - @Len_Horn
What about those questions?

53:53 - Crystal Kirch
@crystalkirch is my twitter name

53:55 - April Burton
What is "robust" assessment?

54:01 - abrooks

54:05 - TAMUC-LynnB
Deliver it in small chuncks but label the videos and podcasts so they can find and go to the video easily

54:10 - timdadams #2
For those who record their lectures, do you script or just outline?

54:15 - Carolyn Stanley
There is a lot of power in having students make videos, as well.

54:24 - Kareen K
Super for students to record their questions while they watch, then use the ask 2 then me approach

54:24 - Crystal Kirch
search for #flipclass on twitter and that's how you can find more flipping teachers to follow.

54:28 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

54:33 - Kim Caise
snipping tool is under all programs and accessories

54:39 - TAMUC-LynnB
I use a script and I actually record several times before I get it right.

54:41 - Aaron Sams
"robust" = assessment with integrity, based on learning objectives, truly evaluates student understanding

54:42 - clinds
@Crystal - The link is and you can sign up for free.

54:45 - Venerika C
Thanks 2Kim

55:01 - Aaron Sams
I'm happy to stay and answer questions

55:01 - Jon Bergmann 1
good catch about the twitter feed: follow the hashtag #flipclass on twitter

55:02 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kim - thanks -I'll get the tutorial to Peggy, and she can put it in the livebinder.

55:06 - Peggy George
you have done an incredible job of sharing in the chat!!! thank you all!!

55:08 - ksailers
Thank you for all of the great info! I'm inspired!

55:09 - Eileen K 1
Thanks so much for a amazing presentation :0

55:11 - Ian Nairn - UK
thanks for a great session - bye for now

55:12 - TAMU - CharityH
Thank you!

55:16 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Thank Aaron and Jon!

55:17 - John Garrett
Suggestions for middle school?

55:17 - TAMUC-LynnB
Thanks Kim, Jon and Aaron...Great Webinar

55:21 - kathleen
is there a way to get a cerfiticate of participation?

55:25 - Nancy Scofield
GREAT stuff! Thank you!!!

55:28 - Jon Bergmann 1
@steve: I work in a middle school now.

55:34 - Jon Bergmann 1
i will too.

55:34 - Crystal Kirch
Thanks for the session! :)

55:42 - joelshimoji
Thanks all.

55:44 - Linda Jones
Excellent session

55:48 - Robert
Thanks so much.

55:48 - Tamu-Ragsdale
Thank you

55:53 - Peggy George
thank you so much Jon and Aaron!!! fantastic information!

55:56 - kathleen
This was excellent! Thanks so much.

55:56 - Suzanne Sallee
Thank you. Lots of great information!

55:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Jon and Aaron.

56:05 - Peggy George

56:05 -
Very interesting and useful webinar again on #liveclasss20 . See you online!/LucianeCurator

56:08 - Tracene Nechamkin
following now @crystalkirch

56:12 - franke
thank you for all the information and the links collection!

56:13 - recon77
will these next 30 mins be on it too

56:18 - Samantha @sammorra
Thanks :)

56:19 - Jon Bergmann 1
my twitter handle is @jonbergmann

56:20 - Peggy George Recordings will be here

56:23 - recon77
what is the itunes channel?

56:27 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks for the LiveBinder, such a great resource.

56:28 - Aaron Sams
twitter @chemicalsams

56:30 - Peggy George
yes we'll keep the recording going to the end if you have to leave

56:32 - TAMUC-TinaB
I really enjoyed this webinar.

56:48 - Dave S.
Still trying to figure out how to use flipped techniques in HS Music Appreciation/General Music setting. Anyone with any experience in that area?

56:49 - shukufa #2
thanks a lot for this interesting information

56:57 - Larry A
This is part of the direction education is going - teacher as tutor, coach, resource

57:01 - Garrison 1
@tracene - your blog looks fabulous.

57:02 - timdadams #2
Excited about the prospect for next year, but boy, my mind is swimming!

57:03 - Peggy George
Instructions for subscribing to itunesu are on our home page

57:07 - SusanSi
Thanks! Great ideas

57:08 - Aaron Sams
music: listen at home, discuss in class

57:26 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yeah, Shambles and Linda Yollis will be great sessions.

57:26 - madchelle55
I enjoyed this session. It is my first time and will listen again!

57:43 - Peggy George
the screencasting webinar will be a huge support to follow up on this webinar--Shamblesguru has some awesome things to share!

57:44 - Peggy George
This MoodleMeet is free and open to all-registration required. Join Lorna Costantini and Peggy George for great resources and conversations about screencasting and the flipped classroom-March 16-21, 2012.

57:45 - Lorna Costantini to register

58:03 - McTeach (Karen)
You got it right!

58:07 - Jon Bergmann 1
sorry; back now. I had to step away for a brief moment

58:10 - McTeach (Karen)
Yay!! Linda rocks!!

58:14 - Peggy George
fantastic guest presenters coming up!!! :-)

58:20 - Venerika C
when is the conference in Chicago?

58:26 - Aaron Sams

58:28 - Peggy George
love having the featured teachers!!

58:32 - Venerika C

58:33 - Angie.Kelley
Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful! I can't wait to share wtih others at my school! :)

58:36 - McTeach (Karen)
Peggy, me too!!

58:37 - tconner
I teach physics and chemistry and would like to know what you use to enter the text in your videos. My airliner is just not neat or very readable when I use it for screencast writing.

58:37 - TAMUC-CarolineW
So next week do we not show up here?

58:37 - Aaron Sams

58:37 - Jon Bergmann 1
chicago is June 18-20

58:50 - Kenny L.
is there a certificate of completion for this webinar?

58:53 - Venerika C
I guess I meant the location in Chicago

58:54 - Peggy George
please think about nominating a potential featured teacher!!

58:59 - Jon Bergmann 1
we use a bamboo tablet with powerpoint.

59:00 - Venerika C
Is registration required?

59:03 - Aaron Sams
conference info

59:04 - recon77
in the fall we have a professor of turf pathology that will flip his history of turf pathology course

59:07 - Venerika C

59:08 - recon77
at least part time

59:08 - Peggy George

59:10 - John Garrett
will your book be available as an ebook?

59:20 - Jon Bergmann 1
location is Tribeca (sp) Flashpoint accademy in downtown CHI

59:22 - Aaron Sams
ebook will follow print release

59:31 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - wow - you had 126 participants when I logged in.

59:33 - Peggy George
you can always find our survey and links for the certificate in the Livebinder under the classroom 2.0 LIVE tab

59:41 - Jon Bergmann 1
@John: yes it will sell on kindle, nook, etc

59:48 - Peggy George

59:52 - John Garrett

59:58 - Peggy George

1:00:00 - Tracene Nechamkin
THanks @Garrison

1:00:03 - Kenny L.
thanks for the link

1:00:12 - Peggy George
Direct link for iTunesU:

1:00:24 - SusanSi
I will buy your book!

1:00:27 - Peggy George

1:00:38 - timdadams #2
Is it important, when recording, that you use the same platform or mix it up (podcast one time, powerpoint/sliderocket with audio another, etc.)?

1:00:43 - Kim Caise

1:00:45 - Peggy George
Pre-order their new book-available July 2012
Flip Your Classroom: Talk to Every Student in Every Class Every Day

1:01:05 - Robert
Our biggest issue is to have videos compatible with Macs...

1:01:10 - Kim Caise

1:01:13 - Peggy George
March Livebinder:

1:01:15 - Carolyn Stanley
I want to subscribe, but I don't want automatic download. Can you set it so you are subscribed, but the selections don't download unless you choose?

1:01:23 - Peggy George
yes Carolyn

1:01:35 - Carolyn Stanley

1:01:41 - Peggy George
you have a choice-just subscribe and choose how you want it

1:01:42 - Jon Bergmann 1
don't forget to go to and sign up for the network. It is all free

1:02:01 - TAMUC-SusanB
Thank you!! Cannot wait to go try flipping in my middle school classroom!

1:02:02 - Jon Bergmann 1
hi len

1:02:32 - Peggy George (Flipped Mastery Classroom Video)

1:02:44 - McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...when will Linda be on? Want to make sure I'm here!

1:03:10 - Kim Caise
linda is march 24

1:03:19 - McTeach (Karen)
Oh rats! Ok, need to try and move some things around!!

1:03:25 - Crystal Kirch
I make my students ask a question as well. Sometimes they struggle with it (they say it's hard to come up with a question when they understand it), but it's good for them :)

1:03:29 - Peggy George

1:03:38 - Peggy George
you have to be here Karen!!! :-)

1:03:41 - Kareen K
Such excellent teaching!

1:04:01 - Peggy George
those questions are so important to their learning and understanding!

1:04:04 - TAMUC-SharonG
How does the screencasting session and the moodle meet work? Simultaneously?

1:04:21 - Peggy George
google forms are a great idea for ensuring students are using the videos!

1:04:26 - Carolyn Stanley
I would think you could use Posterous for the same thing.

1:04:38 - Carolyn Stanley
kids could email their questions to the blog post.

1:04:39 - Tracene Nechamkin
I love using Videos, notes, classwork, discussion, polls, etc. all on edmodo. Students can use edmodo to ask afterhours questions.

1:04:54 - Peggy George
great suggestion @Tracene!! Edmodo is perfect for all of this!

1:04:57 - Lorna Costantini
screencasting session is a webinar in the middle of the moodle meet

1:05:03 - McTeach (Karen)
I used a google form to have kids take a "quiz" after they watched the video at home. That way I knew they'd done the work and could see WHEN they did it.

1:05:05 - kdhoward
We format video guided cornell notes & check notes at the beginning of class. I would like to move towards embedded google docs form.

1:05:06 - Kim Caise
paula what is the code for cr20live's edmodo?

1:05:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Tracene I agree. Edmodo is great LMS for my 4th graders.

1:05:19 - Tammy Moore
In Arkansas, teachers can make video lessons, but there are restrictions on video reuse. I am assuming that the idea is that the teacher doesn't get lazy and just use the videos during the class and spend the time Facebooking. It will be important in states like this to show how the teacher's goal is to engage the student more, not less. I bet the rule could be eased or reversed.

1:05:21 - joelshimoji
Class visits are worth their weight in gold. The screencasts are the head fake. It's what happens in the class that vital.

1:05:32 - Peggy George
just search for classroom 2.0 LIVE in Edmodo groups

1:05:35 - @Len_Horn

1:05:43 - Kenneth Jones
I use Classroom Collaborize - offers more questions/Response options than Edmodo...

1:05:51 - Alana
How would I find out who near me has a flipped classroom?

1:06:02 - Crystal Kirch
I like the google form idea, but I struggle with the fact that students won't have that physically with them in class if they just submit it online. I like having it written so they can bring it with them... but I like submitting it immediately after they watched it (via google form/edmodo/etc). Thoughts?

1:06:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
The code to join the Classroom 2.0 Friends group is jp8hww.

1:06:20 - Peggy George
both would work @Crystal :-)

1:06:32 - Peggy George
nothing wrong with paper notes for monitoring

1:07:15 - Crystal Kirch
I'll keep experimenting :)

1:07:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I also started an Edmodo group classed Flipped Class. The code for that group is t728f5.

1:08:01 - Kim Caise
join the flipped network alana and make connections to see who might be doing that

1:08:08 - Carolyn Stanley
I like that - I used to say if it's not 100%, it's not finished.

1:08:10 - Aaron Sams
Video of Jon asking questions to individual and small groups of students.

1:08:18 - Crystal Kirch
There are two other Edmodo groups- Flip Share and Flipping your Class - don't know the group codes off the bat

1:09:02 - Peggy George
remember you can find all of their resources using the links on the slide or in the Livebinder today

1:09:16 - Peggy George
thanks Aaron! I'll add those links to the Livebinder

1:09:34 - Kenneth Jones
Gotta Run! FABULOUS presentation....Thank YOU!

1:09:46 - Peggy George
the Somersaulting in the Classroom group is also on Edmodo :-)

1:09:46 - Venerika C
I'm doing something like this in a graduate level reading methods course...FUN!

1:09:52 - Carolyn Stanley
I really like that -don't allow failure - mastery is so much more important than the grade

1:09:53 - April Burton
What about kids who are ok with a 65% and don't want to re-learn and re-take the test?

1:10:21 - Carolyn Stanley
@April - that can't be an option

1:10:31 - Crystal Kirch
flip share group on edmodo (400 teachers) 0ywjwj

1:10:46 - Venerika C
But, not using videos per se. Started by using various websites and now the "lecture" takes place on vociethread

1:10:52 - @Len_Horn
Thanks Paula, joined t728f5

1:11:00 - Flipped Classrooms 1
50% objectives and 50% ....?

1:11:11 - Peggy George
this is their youtube video collection

1:11:21 - Sally
what if there are objectives in ch.5 that the students HAVE to know??

1:12:23 - Venerika C
So, I guess my question is...the way that I am doing this, would it still be considered as slipping

1:12:35 - Venerika C

1:12:37 - Peggy George
so glad you're being brave and taking the mic! really helps to hear your questions and suggestions!

1:12:42 - @Len_Horn
Flip PD, awesome!

1:12:49 - Flipped Classrooms 1
What was the other 50% (other than objectives)?

1:12:55 - @Len_Horn
I'm on that boat!

1:12:58 - Aaron Sams
other 50% = exams

1:13:02 - Flipped Classrooms 1

1:13:23 - Crystal Kirch
brett is at or something like that

1:13:43 - Aaron Sams
we flip out PD when working with schools. They view vids before we get there and we work with them one on one after that

1:13:57 - Daryl Bambic
Can Jon share those videos with us?

1:14:06 - Peggy George Brett Clark's website

1:14:07 - Kenny L.
with khan academy, teachers can track students who watch the videos

1:14:11 - Carolyn Stanley
Our principal has incorporated some technology smack-downs into his faculty meeting each month, and it's great!

1:14:20 - joelshimoji
We want to create a camtasia created PD site for our district.

1:14:30 - Peggy George
which videos do you want @Daryl?

1:14:58 - Peggy George
This is their video channel on youtube

1:15:00 - Daryl Bambic
the site where he houses these videos. I would love to take a peek.

1:15:01 - Jon Bergmann 1
i like the smack downs

1:15:22 - Peggy George
I do too @Jon!! They go by fast but so much information to check out later :-)

1:15:25 - Sally
what if there are objectives in ch.5 that the students HAVE to know??

1:15:25 - kg
Student production of videos?

1:15:28 - Nancy Scofield
Will the conference sessions be available online?

1:15:34 - Sue Ann Miller
Awesome session

1:15:39 - Kim Caise

1:15:41 - John Garrett
Not sure if this has been asked but do you ever use entry tasks as a way to see if students have watched the videos?

1:15:48 - @Len_Horn
Thanks guys, SO MUCH! Great session.

1:15:54 - Dewey
Will this presentation be archived somewhere?

1:15:54 - Peggy George
student videos and screencasts are so important! Shamblesguru will be talking about that in his session next week

1:15:56 - Laurie Conzemius
Thank you! This has been an excellent and informative webinar!

1:16:00 - Venerika C
technology smackdowns? Love that term. LOL

1:16:01 - TAMUC-SharonG
Talk abut Moodlemeet and screencasting works

1:16:05 - Larry A
Do you ever use other videos or multi-media and then make a video that comments on the concepts?

1:16:16 - Crystal Kirch
just going to start having students make their own videos in a few weeks - any tips?

1:16:16 - Jon Bergmann 1

1:16:21 - Peggy George Recording and links will be posted here later today

1:16:27 - Lorna Costantini
Moodle meet - free register here

1:16:27 - kdhoward is awesome!

1:16:36 - Peggy George
yes is a great app for iphone/ipad

1:16:37 - Lorna Costantini
participate as time permits

1:16:42 - Carolyn Stanley
Our students are one of our greatest resources and not tapped often enough!

1:16:47 - kg
thanks tons...yes, building content this way is great.

1:16:53 - Kim Caise

1:16:56 - Patricia Lacina
Math Train also lets people who register post videos on their site.

1:17:09 - Flipped Classrooms 1
Thanks for this session--I will be spending weeks (months?) reviewing all the links.

1:17:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks everyone for another great session. Have a great weekend.

1:17:21 - Nancy Scofield
Will conference sessions be available online?

1:17:23 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks for a great session - back to my tax return.

1:17:26 - Venerika C
love to ask a question...but have no mic

1:17:27 - McTeach (Karen)
Awesome session! I'm off to go create...

1:17:30 - kdhoward
I think that in my mastery flip that videos and 2-3 projects will be options for my students who move thru the content really quickly!

1:17:30 - Peggy George
now we just need time to explore all of their resources!!

1:17:35 - McTeach (Karen)
Have a great weekend!

1:17:36 - Nancy Scofield

1:17:40 - Dawn Land #3
Jon, I noticed you are doing a workshop with Adams county in June. Is that only open to Adams county district or can anyone come?

1:17:46 - John Garrett
Do you use entrytasks as a way to start class for seeing if students watch and as way to start discussion?

1:17:46 - Sally
What happens if the students MUST know the info from the "nice to know" chapter?

1:17:48 - @Len_Horn
Kim, how do we save chat again?

1:17:52 - kg
Thanks....super time flipping :)

1:17:53 - Lorna Costantini
speechless about all the sharing today thanks everyone

1:18:00 - Peggy George

1:18:06 - Aaron Sams
we don't put any need to know in the nice to know units

1:18:10 - Crystal Kirch
yay! so glad the conference will be available online :)

1:18:13 - Peggy George

1:18:17 - @Len_Horn

1:18:25 - CR20 LIVE Weekly Show-Flipped Classrooms-Aaron Sams and Jon Berg
KennyL..I like the idea of teachers tracking students who view the Khan Academy video

1:18:31 - aunttammie
remember that many of us are poor old maids....keep the price low if possible! :)

1:18:49 - nikki
the Chat is saved as .txt

1:18:50 - Jon Bergmann 1
dawn: only for adams county folks

1:18:54 - Peggy George
the forum on the Ning is really helpful for asking questions and getting ideas from others

1:19:55 - John Garrett
ok thanks

1:20:11 - Peggy George Their upcoming webinar with Simple K12

1:20:40 - Peggy George
Join Brian Bennett in a 30 minute webinar on how the flipped classroom and working with IEP and 504 plans. Also, learn how the flipped classroom is personalizing education for every student, not just documented accommodations. (the Simple K23 webinar)

1:21:13 - Peggy George Look for details on the conference here

1:21:37 - Sally
What happens if the students MUST know the info from the "nice to know" chapter?

1:21:38 - kdhoward
I've made mistakes in my vids & students love catching the mistakes! I give rewards for it!

1:21:38 - Tracene Nechamkin
Thank you - I always want it perfect but I know it won't be!

1:21:50 - Crystal Kirch
@peggy - where will Brian's webinar be archived at?

1:21:51 - Peggy George
This MoodleMeet is free and open to all-registration required. Join Lorna Costantini and Peggy George for great resources and conversations about screencasting and the flipped classroom-March 16-21, 2012.

1:21:53 - Jon Bergmann 1
i like that: rewards for our mistakes

1:22:05 - Peggy George
Our kickoff webinar is March 14 at 5:00pm PDT

1:22:05 - Crystal Kirch
@kdhoward - me too :)

1:22:18 - Aaron Sams
Brian is awesome and will be Keynoting at our conference. You should join his webinar next week.

1:22:23 - Peggy George
Remember the time changes on March 11 to daylight savings time

1:22:24 - @Len_Horn
I'm looking forward to that, Chris. :)

1:22:25 - Lorna Costantini

1:22:42 - kdhoward
I love that their not just accepting what's given to them, but actually thinking about the info provided.

1:22:54 - Peggy George Here's the promo video for our MoodleMeet :-)

1:23:08 - @shamblesguru #2
Next week will compliment this nicely

1:23:09 - Sally
What happens if the students MUST know the info from the "nice to know" chapter?

1:23:18 - Peggy George
I agree @Shamblesguru!!!

1:23:28 - Daryl Bambic
Thanks so much guys! You were fabulous.

1:23:34 - Peggy George
come back next week for @Shamblesguru on screencasting!!

1:23:45 - Nancy Scofield

1:24:03 - Dawn Land #3
I see Jon is working with Adams county in June. Is that restricted to only Adams county teachers or can other teachers participate?

1:24:10 - kdhoward
Thanks so much for a great webinar!

1:24:13 - Eureka
thank you!

1:24:16 - Crystal Kirch
thank you!!!

1:24:19 - aclemos

1:24:20 - Nathan Yon
Thank you! :)

1:24:22 - Karima Mann
Thanks Aaron and Jon for a great session!

1:24:22 - CR20 LIVE Weekly Show-Flipped Classrooms-Aaron Sams and Jon Berg
Thanks so much for this information!!:)

1:24:26 - K DeLander
Thank you!

1:24:27 - Peggy George
huge thanks to Jon and Aaron!! Fantastic session!

1:24:27 - Aaron Sams
I think the Adams county group is only for Adams teachers

1:24:29 - Patricia Lacina
Thank you!

1:24:36 - Lynn Castiglione
Thanks, great session! :)

1:24:37 - Aaron Sams
Thank you all for having us!

1:24:39 - Dawn Land #3
Thanks Aaron.

1:24:42 - Jon Bergmann 1
have a great day all

1:24:44 - bmontana
Thank you!

1:24:48 - roxanne clement
My favorite start to a Saturday! great session. Have a list of stuff to start flipping!

1:24:51 - Kareen K
Thank you!

1:25:10 - Peggy George
you have all done an awesome job of sharing in the chat!! can't wait to go back and read it again!!! thank you :-)

1:25:14 - Lorna Costantini
thanks everyone for joining us

1:25:28 - Oronoque