00:00 - Peggy George
everyone has spring break at a different time :-)

00:13 - Aunttammie
Just finishing mine

00:37 - Peggy George
they call it spring here in AZ but it feels like summer--90 + degrees all week!

00:44 - Peggy George

00:58 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Peggy - just made 70 in Mt. Shasta

01:06 - Peggy George
if you share any links during the session here in the chat I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show

01:16 - Peggy George
that sounds beautiful @Glenn!

01:27 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

01:41 - Lorie Moffat
central PA

01:48 - anachorete
cologne (germany)

01:53 - Aunttammie

01:58 - @blairteach
Hello from Atlanta on a gorgeous, spring day.

02:01 - Rhonda 3
Orlando, FL

02:02 - Peggy George
so exciting to see people from around the world and US and Canada!

02:06 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ

02:12 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Mt. Shasta, CA

02:13 - Lorna's ipad
St. Catharines Ontario

02:15 - Peggy George
welcome @clinds!

02:16 - Xenia Shih
Palo Alto, CA

02:28 - drowen
Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

02:37 - Peggy George
@Shamblesguru I added a couple of your links in the Livebinder today :-)

02:38 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Peggy. Sorry was checking out some links. No, I'm not in Simple k12 but will check it out. :)

02:46 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Just hear about it yesterday

02:55 - Peggy George
fantastic! lots of people new to Gooru!

02:56 - Rhonda 3
Hi Peggy, tech difficult today

03:08 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Greetings from New Orleans.

03:09 - clinds
Heard about it on Teachers Teaching Teachers podcast I think

03:15 - Peggy George
I've just started using Gooru over the past few weeks

03:48 - Peggy George
there have been so many java updates recently!!!

04:00 - Irina Volynets
Greetings from Belarus

04:06 - Peggy George
choose A B or C

04:22 - drowen

04:25 - Peggy George
teacher always want it ALL :-)

04:41 - Peggy George
I knew it!!!! lots of Cs!

04:43 - Lorna's ipad

04:45 - Irina Volynets

04:50 - anachorete
;-)) #all

04:53 - Xenia Shih
I'm glad! Because I will be covering both today :)

05:08 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Peggy - yeah, educators are a greedy bunch with tech resrouces...LOL

05:11 - Peggy George
@Aunttammie looks like you can vote on the iPad :-) great to know

05:34 - drowen

05:38 - Peggy George
the fabulous thing is that the Gooru account is FREE!!!

05:52 - Irina Volynets

05:58 - Peggy George
we're so excited to have Xenia and Hannah here to share Gooru with all of us!

05:59 - Aunttammie
I think I of those apps I download then never

06:10 - Hannah
Not only are they free, but they don't try to fleece you with any "freemium" nonsense.

06:19 - Peggy George
good point Hannah!

06:27 - Xenia Shih
Yes, Gooru is free of cost and ads!

06:37 - Peggy George
@Aunttammie you're going to want to start using it after today :-)

06:42 - Lorna's ipad
Love that ter freemium

06:46 - Lorna's ipad

07:06 - Peggy George (Gooru Website)

07:15 - Peggy George
Welcome Lorraine and Sharee

07:24 - Peggy George
Hi Patti R and cb :-)

07:27 - Lorraine Leo
Hi Peggy

07:59 - Patti R
Hi Peggy, Hi everyone

08:08 - Peggy George
I'll repost the Livebinder link a few times as we go along.

08:09 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Good afternoon.

08:11 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Just completed my Gooru registration. :).

08:29 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Just registered - took about 90 seconds

08:29 - Peggy George
I like the concept of "search engine for learning" :-)

08:38 - Peggy George
thanks for the feedback Glenn!

08:44 - Peggy George
Hi Joe-Welcome!

09:04 - sarah @soltauheller
whos standards did you use?

09:05 - Joe Dlouhy
Ottawa, canada

09:14 - Peggy George
we all know that feeling trying to find quality resources for kids with millions of hits in Google!

09:52 - Peggy George (Gooru Fact Sheet)

10:12 - Peggy George

10:23 - Peggy George
all of these links are in the Livebinder too :-)

10:40 - Peggy George
Gooru is shorter :-) easier to tweet about

10:53 - Peggy George (Gooru Features)

11:25 - Peggy George
they have fantastic videos on their site!

11:39 - Peggy George (Gooru Mission)

11:50 - Aunttammie
Oh, yeah, that's why I haven't used it. I teach English.

12:26 - Peggy George
but you need lots of content to teach English :-)

12:44 - Peggy George
there are even quizzes on Gooru to go along with the content

12:46 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Love giving teachers simple ways to create and share collections.

12:52 - Peggy George

13:07 - sarah @soltauheller
are there primary level examples?

13:16 - Peggy George
they are all levels

13:17 - Aunttammie
Wonder when they willhaveELA resources

13:38 - Peggy George
watch for ways you could use this in ELA as she goes along

13:55 - Kim Caise
students struggle picking relevant sites for their searches

14:00 - Aunttammie
Also wondering if you can add your own content, or are you limited to what they have?

14:11 - Peggy George!/collection/wind/search wind search link

14:19 - Annette Whitby
Good question Aunttammie

14:24 - Hannah
You can add your own using a browser extension.

14:26 - Peggy George
you can also just type wind in the search box if you're on the site

14:35 - Hannah
Or directly when building a collection.

14:42 - Peggy George
Lorie and Kim will save your questions to ask later

15:06 - Kim Caise
that's great you can customize things

15:18 - Tim
Will Gooru eventually assign standards to CCSS?

15:38 - Peggy George
videos don't play well in app sharing but these dynamic pages are outstanding!

15:46 - Kim Caise
align to the standards Tim?

16:05 - Rhonda 3
Agreed Peggy, good visuals

16:09 - Peggy George
it's great that you can create your own collections/playlists from the resources

16:10 - sarah @soltauheller
what standard kim?

16:15 - Tim
Meaning that she was showing that resource and it was a citation to california standards

16:25 - Rhonda 3
Teacher created content?

16:38 - Kim Caise
ok, thanks for clarifying tim

16:54 - Peggy George
I took the first wind quiz last night and did pretty well for not having reviewed the content first. It was fun!

17:36 - sarah @soltauheller
does each child need an account? or can you have a class account?

17:57 - Peggy George
when the kids log into the site can they view the teacher's collection?

18:01 - Hannah
You could add teacher created resources if you have them online; it would be easy to add a document to a google drive account which gives you a link to share it.

18:26 - Peggy George
woo hoo!! you can copy someone else's collection! what a huge time saver!

18:41 - Rhonda 3
Agreed Peggy

18:42 - Peggy George
thanks Hannah! very helpful to know!

18:48 - Kim Caise
that is awesome you can add google drive docs

19:15 - Aunttammie
I'm thinking you could add a collection or an item to edcanvas, so that you can add your own instructions and content...good for a flipped classroom.

19:20 - Rhonda 3
Good question Kim

19:24 - Hannah
You can add just about anything that you have a link to.

19:25 - Peggy George
maybe you could create a collection for Writing Prompts or Story Starters and select great resources for that??

19:33 - Doug Henry
Would keywords go into "Vocabulary"?

19:38 - Peggy George
Hi Jan! So glad you could join us!

19:49 - Teaching with Gooru #2
Is this intended for Students to create collections, or is it more a teacher tool to find resources to provide to students?

19:53 - Jan Wells @janwells
Hi Peggy and Everyone

19:55 - Rhonda 3
I like the drag and drop

20:00 - Peggy George
I'm so impressed with how easy it is to navigate and use!

20:18 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Curation made easy

20:19 - Peggy George
there's the answer Hannah mentioned--you can add your own content :-)

20:29 - Rhonda 3
Hmm, wondering about LMS integration

20:34 - Aunttammie
There we go, could add your own video

20:39 - Peggy George
this is a fabulous feature for flipped classroom!

20:52 - Rhonda 3

20:57 - Doug Henry
I wonder if there is an API for LMS integration?

21:07 - Peggy George
love that you can add narration to a resource! Wow!

21:26 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
I'm outside the USA ... when I go to I jusr get a blank page ... nothing loads ... using Google Chrome browser (on Mac and Window7) .... could others let me know if you are having a similar problem ... or is it just local to me? ... thanks

21:35 - Kim Caise
wonder if there is a widget or way to embed the collection

21:36 - Rhonda 3
Was that with Voice Peggy?

21:42 - Kim Caise
will that answered that question!

21:42 - Peggy George
very reassuring to know that all of the resources are vetted :-)

22:02 - Peggy George (Gooru Features)

22:09 - Hannah
Oooo...that's a great question Kim. I want to be able to do THAT!

22:15 - Rhonda 3
shambles I was able to open in this week in MAC

22:19 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@shamblesguru - didn't work for me until I registered...not sure why

22:28 - Jan Wells @janwells
I got it open on Mac with Safari

22:28 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
in Chrome

22:37 - Rhonda 3
although today I am directed to E browser

22:57 - Peggy George
they even have a Parents Guide for Gooru--great for home schooling :-) (Parents Guide to Gooru)

22:58 - Jan Wells @janwells
@plnaugle Hello my LA friend.

23:00 - nikki
Is gooru available in a variety of languages? Which ones? Is there a gooru translator? Also, how does gooru compare to google regarding accessibility? thanks in advance :-)

23:14 - Peggy George
Jason Project has fantastic resources!

23:20 - Rhonda 3
learning to code is getting easier and these techniques become helpful

23:46 - Peggy George (Teacher’ Guide to Gooru)

24:04 - Rhonda 3
Good start

24:19 - Doug Henry
So Gooru has a lot of LMS features in it...

24:24 - Peggy George
example of annotations shared by Paul Allison:!/collection/d7926ffb-d6a2-4b2a-9192-6b09f040ebe1/play/09bc9b4d-80cb-40d4-abc7-8f19cb29f03e

24:25 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
iPad App working fine for me

24:38 - Rhonda 3
is it a form of seperate LMS?

24:58 - Peggy George (Gooru Collections iPad App)

25:01 - Patti R
do students have to have a log in to view a teacher's collection if it has not been published publicly, or did she say that and i missed it

25:27 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Would be fun to see students be able to curate using this tool

25:28 - Peggy George (Gooru Classbooks App)

25:30 - Rhonda 3
A lot of great potential

25:32 - Hannah
No, you can share it just with a link

25:43 - Hannah
So a student wouldn't need an account to study.

25:51 - Peggy George
Yeah! Hannah!

25:54 - Rhonda 3
Young start activities would be really helped

26:24 - Peggy George
having vetted resources in the search engine is such a huge help for teachers!

26:38 - sarah @soltauheller
I would be very interested in seeing how my Gr2 students could use this

26:51 - Peggy George (Gooru Collections iPad App video)

26:54 - Rhonda 3
I would too Sarah

27:02 - Kim Caise
something like the wind collection would be great for students in grade 2

27:21 - Peggy George
I'll bet they could @Sarah--even if just viewing pre-selected videos in a collection :-)

27:54 - Peggy George
love that students can build their own collections to share!

28:07 - Rhonda 3
Gr6, I like that process even for lower grades

28:08 - Kim Caise
it was always frustrating trying to get the younger ones to type in a simple URL correctly

28:10 - sarah @soltauheller
I am still confused if students need accounts or not?

28:18 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Having students build collections would reach CC standards

28:20 - Peggy George (How Teachers are using Gooru)

28:26 - Kim Caise
no, students do not need accounts

28:35 - Peggy George
excellent point @Glenn!!

28:38 - Kim Caise
you just share the URL to a collection for students to access the resources

28:39 - Rhonda 3
Agreed Kim, younger touch sensory much better

28:47 - Aunttammie
Kim, have you tried tinyurl?

29:02 - Peggy George
this would be so helpful to substitute teachers!

29:03 - sarah @soltauheller
but for students to build a collection they have to log in right?

29:03 - Rhonda 3
thought that Glen, thank you for saying it

29:08 - Kim Caise
the school i used to teach at had so many things blocked

29:15 - Rhonda 3
very helpful for subs

29:17 - Peggy George
it also provides great information for parents to help their kids at home :-)

29:18 - Kim Caise
no blogs, no wikis, etc

29:25 - Peggy George
talk about assessment :-)

29:33 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
With digital literacy, I'm working with a few teachers to build pathways to diff. literacies. This would be great for some of the ones we're identifying

29:37 - Peggy George (How Teachers are using Gooru)

30:20 - Peggy George
perfect idea @Glenn!! Common Core Standards definitely support and encourage that kind of integration!

30:25 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Love the examples for teaching - so visual!

30:25 - Rhonda 3
Agreed Glenn, great head start

30:28 - Doug Henry
Do students need to register, or just the teacher?

30:45 - Kim Caise
students do not need accounts

30:47 - Hannah
Students don't need to register to study, they do need to register to build

30:51 - Peggy George
Paul's collection: (Gooru Collections compiled for YouthVoices missions)

31:14 - Patti R
I just registered and it asked if I was a student or teacher, and I had to use date of birth, so do students who make an account need to be thirteen?

31:14 - Peggy George!/library/tilesView/20001/20003/20004 (Gooru Science Library)

31:15 - sarah @soltauheller
are there primary teachers on there?

31:26 - Peggy George!/library/tilesView/20002/20072/20073 (Gooru Math Library)

31:37 - Peggy George!/library/tilesView/25681/25682/25683 (Gooru Social Sciences Library)

31:38 - Hannah
But if your school uses google apps, you can use single-sign in to let them register through their gmail account.

31:47 - Peggy George
lots of great questions coming in!!! :-)

31:50 - Kim Caise
can you show you add a resource to a collection?

31:53 - Doug Henry
For students, will the Gmail "+" convention work (<teacher email>+<student ID>

32:06 - Peggy George (Gooru LinkedIn Teacher Community)

32:11 - Rhonda 3
great ? Doug

32:35 - Patti R
@Hannah ..but in terms of service does it say a specific age

32:37 - Peggy George (Sign up for the Gooru Pilot Program)

32:50 - Rhonda 3
four week course, certificate ?

32:57 - Peggy George
the pilot program sounds like an excellent opportunity

33:09 - Hannah
I did the gooru pilot program, and it was really fantastic. They sent people to our school every week to work with us, teach us how to use it, and help us come up with ideas in the classroom.

33:22 - Peggy George
thanks Hannah!!! great feedback!

33:23 - clinds
Can someone put the pd pilot link in the chat please?

33:30 - Rhonda 3
Great information Hannah & Xenia

33:53 - Peggy George
Math is aligned to Common Core! Hooray!

34:00 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Is there a preferred browser ... am having problems connecting with Google Chrome... thx

34:01 - Tim

34:13 - Peggy George
I'm using Firefox with no problems Chris

34:19 - Hannah
I usually use chrome, but it works great in firefox & safari as well.

34:24 - Hannah
Haven't tried it in IE.

34:36 - @shamblesguru [thailand]

34:37 - Patti R
I just registered and viewed everything just fine in Chrome

34:39 - Peggy George
it may work better when you don't have Collaborate open. REquires bandwidth

35:17 - Peggy George
Lorie has saved a bunch of your questions too and we'll try to get to all of them :-)

35:58 - Hannah
Re: vocab; one of the great things about Gooru is it lets you integrate with other online resources. You could embed something like a quizlet vocab set into a gooru collection along with texts that used those words, a quiz, etc.

36:04 - Lorie Moffat
I'm checking off questions as Kim asks them.

36:20 - Peggy George (Suggestions for using Gooru)

37:07 - Hannah
So if you're someone who uses a lot of online resources, you can use Gooru to bring them together into one place.

37:21 - Peggy George (Gooru Search Widget)

38:10 - Peggy George
@Hannah have you tried that using Symbaloo as the place to bring Gooru collections together? Is it redundant?

38:29 - Peggy George
that link is for the search widget

38:32 - Peggy George (Gooru Search Widget)

39:09 - Hannah
Peggy, I've never used Symbaloo before. Typically when I want to share a gooru collection I'll either post the link to my class website or I'll convert it into a shortened URL and share that.

39:15 - Peggy George
once you start using Gooru be sure to share your feedback and wish lists with the team :-)

39:19 - Patti R
maybe something similar to shelfari, where an individual collection can be embedded

39:35 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Peggy - Great idea to place collections in Symbaloo or perhaps Edcanvas or Livebinder

39:57 - Peggy George
thanks Hannah. I suppose Symbaloo could be helpful if you wanted to share multiple collections on one page--like many student created collections on the same topic

40:04 - Patti R
symbaloo would be perfect with a tile for each collection

40:17 - Peggy George
I think Livebinders would be a great place to compile multiple Gooru collections too :-)

40:31 - Peggy George
I agree Patti R!!

41:06 - Peggy George
there are fantastic math videos (created by students for students) on

41:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Will Gooru be adding 4th grade content any time soon?

41:22 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
WIth filtering issues, I would have your IT's whitelist Guru and anything embedded there

41:29 - Peggy George (Formative Assessment and The Cloud video-TeacherSquare on AIR with education technology expert, Jack West, and the teams at MasteryConnect and Gooru).

41:30 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)

41:38 - Peggy George
that's a great video when you get a chance to view it

41:45 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
What do you have planned for the future development of Gooru?

42:00 - sarah @soltauheller
Thanks for that link peggy!

42:27 - Peggy George
students can understand and listen to content that they can't yet read :-) stretch them!!!

42:30 - sarah @soltauheller
what is Teacher Square on Air?

42:45 - Rhonda 3
Exactly peggy

42:45 - Peggy George
TeacherSquare is a regular webcast

42:47 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Someone mentioned Google Apps authentication?

42:58 - Patti R
age limit in terms of service?

43:23 - Rhonda 3
Patti, for individual accounts although teachers can share, correct?

43:25 - Hannah
My school is planning on doing google apps authentication.

43:47 - clinds
I missed the link for professional development offering. Did anyone catch it?

43:48 - @techcoachbcsd
What if a student has a Google Apps account through the district, can under 13 students register?

44:10 - Patti R
even though we have google apps I am cautious sending them to outside accounts if they are under the age limit in the TOS

44:15 - Kim Caise

44:24 - Peggy George
TeacherSquare has a Google + page

44:29 - Sofia Segurola
is it plus or +

44:39 - clinds

44:50 - Peggy George (Sign up for the Gooru Pilot Program)

45:12 - clinds
Thanks Peggy!

45:16 - Peggy George
Lorie do you have questions that Kim hasn't covered yet?

45:33 - Peggy George
that's a video recording (Teacher Square)

45:34 - sarah @soltauheller
that was peggy who shared

45:54 - Lorie Moffat
only 2

45:54 - Peggy George
features Gooru and MasteryConnect

45:56 - Lorie Moffat

46:07 - Peggy George
that was the webinar with Jack West

46:35 - Aunttammie
Peggy, what is teacher square?

46:42 - Peggy George (Shamblesguru: Search Engines/Strategies including Gooru)

46:44 - sarah @soltauheller
are you taking Canadian teachers in your pilot?

46:51 - Kim Caise
it was a video created by Jack West @sarah

46:53 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
I would love to do a hands on PD for teachers in our county with Gooru & some other curation tools.

47:00 - sarah @soltauheller

47:07 - Peggy George (MentorMob: Learning Smarter and Faster with Gooru)

47:16 - Rhonda 3
:) Glen

47:44 - Peggy George
This was another great webcast about Gooru that you can view later: (Gooru webcast conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers with Gooru Team “ooru for Learning with Xenia Shih, Timothy Burke and Jody Donovan”

47:48 - sarah @soltauheller
will it always remain free?

47:56 - Peggy George (Gooru Communities for Educators, Students, Organizations)

48:02 - Peggy George
@Sarah :-)

48:04 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
For me, the thing that makes this tool attractive is the simplicity of use.

48:06 - Peggy George
our favorite question!!!

48:16 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Free is wonderful...:)

48:43 - nikki
"free" is definitely in my price range :-)

48:45 - Eileen K
Thank you so much!

48:46 - Peggy George
This is really helpful. (Teacher’ Guide to Gooru)

49:06 - Peggy George
Hannah is there anything else you'd like to add on the mic??? :-)

49:11 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Thank you for such a great resource!

49:50 - Peggy George
These resources really are fantastic. I think comparable to Discovery Ed Streaming resources and these are free.

49:56 - Aunttammie
@sarah, should I search for jack west in YouTube to find that video?

49:59 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
I'm thinking it would be great to have students learn this and share it with teachers and other students

49:59 - drowen
Thank you!

50:09 - Peggy George (Formative Assessment and The Cloud video-TeacherSquare on AIR with education technology expert, Jack West, and the teams at MasteryConnect and Gooru).

50:10 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Could I ask about your business model ... how do you make money so Gooru is around for a long time ... sustainability.

50:28 - Peggy George
great question @Shamblesguru!!

50:49 - Kim Caise
the link to the jack west video is also in the livebinder

50:58 - Kim Caise

50:58 - Doug Henry
Where should requests for new features be sent?

51:14 - Peggy George
I love that idea @Glenn! This would be a great thing for students to share with other teachers and students!!!

51:21 - Rhonda 3
Support for edu

51:28 - Hannah

51:56 - Peggy George
Recently I did a workshop with 5th graders about Livebinders and they have now done a teacher workshop in their school! It was so exciting to see them sharing how to create and use them!

52:15 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Is there any screening of video content or is the assumption that teachers/students will make wise choices?

52:30 - Jan Wells @janwells
@peggy LOVE it....

52:39 - Peggy George
this webcast recording is Paul's session--great ideas! (Gooru webcast conversation on Teachers Teaching Teachers with Gooru Team “ooru for Learning with Xenia Shih, Timothy Burke and Jody Donovan”

53:12 - Peggy George
everything is vetted but teachers still need to determine appropriate content for their age/grade level

53:39 - Peggy George
yes that is the session where I KNEW we had to have Gooru shared here on our show :-)

54:05 - Peggy George
all of these links are in the Livebinder :-)

54:14 - Hannah
I lovelovelove using Gooru for sub plans. It's really fantastic, and the narration feature lets you give instructions for what they're supposed to do in every resource.

54:15 - Peggy George

54:28 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Can I pilot this as a tech. coor. then share it out with others?

54:44 - Doug Henry
Can you add a links to a collection that are not in Gooru's search results?

54:59 - Hannah

55:00 - Peggy George
yes you can add URLs

55:06 - Rhonda 3
Very helpful, Thank You for sharing and collaborating for Edu. Hannah & Xenia appreciate your time.

55:07 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)

55:10 - Peggy George
very easy to personalize!

55:54 - Peggy George
I'm so excited to learn more about Gooru!!! Amazing resource for teachers, students and parents!!!

56:00 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Hmm...if I could upload video, then that would bypass issues with YouTube

56:03 - Sofia Segurola
content in other languages can I upload

56:10 - Peggy George (Parents Guide to Gooru)

56:13 - Hannah
One of my most effective lessons involved using Jing to create screencasts walking students through a technology lesson, and then I uploaded a bunch of instructional videos into a Gooru collection.

56:27 - Hannah
You can upload videos directly too.

56:29 - Patti R
great topic, thanks

56:34 - Peggy George

56:48 - Peggy George
they have some incredible keynote presenters scheduled for the conference!

57:02 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
@Hannah - good to know!

57:13 - Peggy George
everything will be recorded so you can view it later if you can't participate in the live sessions

57:51 - Jan Wells @janwells
Thank you for a great morning!

57:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
WooHoo for Valerie. She's a HS teacher in my district.

57:57 - Peggy George
Valerie Burton is fantastic and doing some amazing things with her HS English students with ePortfolios

58:03 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
So glad I came today...golden :)

58:13 - Xenia Shih
Thanks for coming, Glenn!

58:25 - Sharee Darcé
Can't wait for Tricia!

58:32 - Aunttammie
I just discovered weebly...planning to move from Wordpress next year...weebly SO much easier!

58:41 - Peggy George
I'm excited to be able to feature some of the special area subjects like art and music!!!

58:48 - drowen
Learned a ton today. Thanks!

58:50 - Peggy George
I agree @Aunttammie!!!

58:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend. Off to attend a crawfish cookoff.

58:50 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Thanks to the moderating team :)

58:57 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

59:07 - Peggy George

59:10 - Jan Wells @janwells
Weebly :)

59:12 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
crawfish cookoff - sounds yummy!

59:16 - Peggy George
use the survey to request a PD certificate

59:16 - Aunttammie
Thank you all...Again!

59:33 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Glenn It will be very yummy.

59:51 - Peggy George
Nominate yourself or a colleague to be a Featured Teacher for us!!!

1:00:01 - Peggy George

1:00:10 - Jan Wells @janwells
Never had crawfish....I need to visit you sometime.

1:00:17 - Peggy George
except don't use Google Reader :-( it's going away!!!!!

1:00:30 - sarah @soltauheller
thank you!! My wheels are turing

1:00:30 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
Bummer on Google Reader going away - darn it!

1:00:36 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:00:42 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
That & iGoogle :(

1:00:43 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes @Jan Wells, you will need to come visiti me in NOLA one of these days. :)

1:00:49 - Peggy George
today's recording and links will be in the archives later today

1:01:08 - Peggy George
huge thank you to Xenia and Hannah for sharing this amazing resource with us!!!

1:01:21 - Kim Caise

1:01:26 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Alternatives to Google Reader at

1:01:27 - Kim Caise

1:01:28 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
I think I"ll build a collection this weekend and share with some teachers & see what their reactions are

1:01:38 - Peggy George
thanks for that Shamblesguru!!

1:01:52 - Peggy George
we're all scrambling to find alternative RSS readers!

1:02:00 - Xenia Shih
Glenn, would love to see the collection when you're finished with it!

1:02:08 - Xenia Shih
Maybe you can be our next featured teacher :)

1:02:17 - Peggy George
@Glenn if you do that share your collection with me and I'll add it to the Livebinder :-)

1:02:28 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
I would be glad to share a collection

1:02:31 - Peggy George
you can definitely post it to our Diigo bookmarks too :-)

1:02:56 - Kim Caise

1:03:03 - Peggy George

1:03:06 - Tim
Great Presentation...Definitely has the wheels turning

1:03:19 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)
My mind is engaged - awesome!

1:03:19 - Peggy George
anytime you find great things on the internet share them with us in the Diigo group :-)

1:03:23 - Xenia Shih
Glad to hear it, Tim!

1:03:32 - Lorna's ipad

1:03:36 - Doug Henry
Super presentation on a great product - thanks!

1:03:37 - Peggy George
creating a collection is a great way to get started :-)

1:03:49 - Peggy George
thank you ALL for joining us today!!

1:03:49 - Xenia Shih
Thanks Doug, glad you could join!

1:03:55 - Lorna's ipad
Fantastic presentation Xenia and Hannah

1:03:59 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Thank you .Have a great weekend ,everybody.

1:04:01 - Peggy George
see you next week to learn about student eportfolios with Weebly :-)

1:04:03 - Sharee Darcé
Thanks everyone.

1:04:03 - fabriziobartoli
thanks good bye

1:04:09 - Glenn Hervieux (SISQITMAN)