Mar 19, 2011 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:04 - Sheri Edwards
Happy Birthday Paula -- your day is coming soon :)

00:07 - Judy
Baltimore, MD

00:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you, Sheri.

00:44 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yeah for Tammy Moore.

01:00 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck) 2
Happy upcoming birthday SKYPE queen Paula!

01:02 - Peggy George
Hooray for Tammy!!

01:11 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, @McTeach.

01:14 - silvana
Great, Lorna.

01:17 - Jason LaValle
Penguins of madagascar on the tube, on my couch learning voice thread, tech is awesome

01:23 - matt montagne
Hi everyone

01:25 - blairteach
Hello from Atlanta!

01:26 - Peggy George
wonderful!!! always love having new folks!

01:29 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Matt.

01:37 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning Paula!

01:42 - Eva DeCresie
Good afternoon from Holiday, FL

01:43 - McTeach (Karen)
Hey Matt!

01:56 - Peggy George
Hi Paula and McTeach and Matt!

02:07 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Peggy.

02:13 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning Peggy!!!

02:14 - Peggy George
Welcome Len H!

02:18 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks @Kristen B.

02:19 - matt montagne
Hey Karen, Paula, et al!

02:27 - McTeach (Karen)
Mind your manners, Big Sister is watching!

02:27 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Len.

02:35 - Peggy George
It's so great to see so many of you come back every Saturday!!! Thank you!

02:43 - Judy
First time...a I supposed to be hearing something now?

02:45 - Kim T AZ
Must be time for a cup of coffee and getting together with fellow fans of Classroom 2.0!

02:47 - Jason LaValle
My first saturday

02:51 - lisamellen
Love to spend my Sat here!

02:53 - Len H
Hi Peggy, Paula, Lorna, and welcome Steve.

02:54 - Peggy George
yes you should be hearing Lorna right now

03:03 - Len H
Hey Kim T

03:09 - Kim T AZ
Hey Len :)

03:16 - Peggy George
if you have a problem hearing please run audio setup wizard Tools>Audio>Audio setup wizard

03:34 - Peggy George
yes app sharing today

03:38 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Kim T AZ I have my coffe and love seeing my friends here each Saturday.

03:51 - Peggy George
don't worry about keeping up with the chat!

04:29 - Kim T AZ
@paula - can you spare a cup? mine is still brewing

04:35 - Peggy George
Livebinder for March (click on first tab for Voicethread)

04:42 - Dan Boyle
Hello from north shore of Boston

04:48 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
It's a beautiful day in New Orleans, LA.

04:48 - Laurie
Hello from Iowa

04:56 - may
from Beijing

04:56 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!!!! love these sparking red dots!!!

04:57 - matt montagne
oops, meant SF Bay Area

04:58 - Jill
Hello from TN.

04:59 - nancyvonw
Hello from Prague, Czech Republic

05:01 - Kim Z
Hi From Chicago!

05:02 - Kim T AZ
love the global aspect of this show!

05:08 - miguela

05:14 - brdemmin
Hello from Penn Yan

05:17 - Len H
Paula, I need to brew a pot!

05:18 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Beautiful morning in Minnesota!

05:30 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Kim T AZ Sorry, no I just finsihed my pot of coffee with this cup.

05:32 - Kim T AZ
Poll guess would be many of us are no longer in the classroom

05:43 - Dan Boyle
Love it!! Use it as often as possible

05:44 - Kim T AZ

05:49 - lisamellen
Want to!

05:53 - Cindy
currently working on our very first one!

05:54 - Peggy George
if not in your classroom say yes if you're using it anywhere

06:01 - may
no, have not, just try a time

06:06 - matt montagne
we have it connected to our moodle, which is really nice. Kids sign into moodle and have one click access to Voicethread authoring without the need to sign in again

06:13 - Kim T AZ
not project in our district

06:20 - Kim Z
Hey Matt!

06:24 - may
not yet

06:28 - Kim T AZ
brining teachers across the district together

06:30 - Steve H
Planning on doing a book report project with VT

06:31 - debschi
With collaborative storytelling project

06:34 - Peggy George
you are going to love all of the great ways you can collaborate with other classrooms today!

06:34 - matt montagne
this is where we fall down...we tend to do alot of individual projects with VT

06:36 - aunttammie 2
matt, I would love to hear how to do that!

06:37 - matt montagne
Hi Kim Z!

06:40 - Kim Z

06:44 - Sal 1
Not currently using it

06:49 - Sal 1
But did in the past

07:05 - Sal 1
connected with a school in France

07:08 - matt montagne

07:09 - roxanne clement
i embed them on our library website

07:12 - Peggy George
this is fantastic feedback! Thanks everyone

07:23 - debschi
by exported do you mean embeding in website?

07:30 - Lisa Lehmberg
I embed them in wikis

07:45 - Eva DeCresie
It might be very "beginner" from me, but I do not even know what voicethread is. I am here to find out what it is and learn more about it. I am a soon to be teacher, still a student.

07:57 - Kim T AZ
loving the livebinder

08:13 - debschi
Great Eva!!

08:16 - Peggy George
Please feel free to share any Voicethreads or links in the chat today! We'd love to add them to our Livebinder after the show

08:26 - kg
I have exported to stand-alone, but often have trouble with the sound working from that product.

08:28 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Steve and Ben. I meet you F2F last year at ISTE.

08:29 - Peggy George
Thanks Kim T! I love the Livebinders too

08:33 - Dan Boyle
@Eva good luck. VT is a great tool to have.

08:37 - silvana
me, too

08:48 - Eva DeCresie

08:57 - Peggy George
So excited to have the Voicethread creators/developers with us today!

09:01 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Welcome Katie.

09:01 - Grace
I´ love to use it and share it with the other teachers but haven´ had the time to fool around with it yet

09:33 - Peggy George
This is such a fun story from Katie and gives us all hope about finding the perfect job!

09:51 - Peggy George
Welcome Ben!!

09:54 - debschi

09:54 - Peggy George
Hearing you great

09:54 - Kim T AZ

09:56 - Judy

09:56 - matt montagne
audio really good ben!

09:57 - lisamellen

09:57 - Eva DeCresie
Hi Ben

09:59 - Milena

10:00 - jmd9158
I learned about it in my class at Georgia Southern

10:01 - Steve H

10:01 - miguela

10:11 - Delbusch
hear you fine

10:11 - Ian Nairn - UK
sorry for my late arrival...

10:19 - lauren
just learned about it during teacher inservice last friday

10:22 - Linda Dougherty
Have used it with a poetry project for Englishh III students.

10:24 - Lorna Costantini 1
wow what a history

10:38 - Lisa Lehmberg
I learned about it during PBworks summer camp. :-)

11:01 - Kim T AZ
And look how the world has benefited thanks to this friendship!

11:30 - Steve H

11:30 - matt montagne
audio great steve

11:30 - lisamellen

11:31 - Judy

11:31 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck) 2
sound good!

11:33 - Grace

11:35 - Delbusch

11:36 - jmd9158
yes we can

11:45 - Peggy George
Steve and Ben are always so open to hear from educators about dreams and wishes for VT and soooo responsive!!

11:48 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My VoiceThread on My Important Poems

11:55 - Peggy George
Thanks a lot Paula!!!

12:06 - Jason LaValle
how do I turn off notifications of who joins the group?

12:49 - roxanne clement
Dr. Seuss Day voicethread...

12:54 - Milena
lost audio

12:55 - Rich@rcantrell
breaking up

12:58 - Steve H
voice coming in and out

13:05 - Milena
his cutting out

13:08 - Peggy George
on a Mac you go to preferences and turn off visual notifications

13:09 - Delbusch
cutting out

13:17 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My collaborative VT with my Skype buddy Jan Wells which grew out of one of our Skype calls

13:21 - Milena
can he type it too?

13:38 - Peggy George
if audio seems to cut out it may be bandwidth lag and it will come back with a chipmunk voice

13:46 - Peggy George
keep going

13:50 - Peggy George
you're fine

14:06 - Jason LaValle

14:22 - Peggy George

14:30 - roxanne clement
My pengujins project

14:33 - Peggy George

15:13 - Lorie Moffat
My authentic environmental science research project:

15:14 - Peggy George (25 interesting Ways to Use VoiceThread in the Classroom)

15:25 - Terri Reh
@Roxane did you make the penguin collage or did you find the picture?

15:40 - roxanne clement
And here's a heroes's project

16:02 - Peggy George
it's such a wonderful tool for asynchronous communication! really solves the problems of time zones!

16:13 - Peggy George
thank you all for sharing your links!

16:34 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
A thank you my school put together for our superintendent after a 2 day tech inservice she coordinated for our district

17:07 - Peggy George
look at all of those amazing resources just by browsing Voicethread!

17:20 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning , Terri.

17:22 - Sal 1
I love free tools

17:26 - Sal 1
use them all the time

17:40 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Sal 1 Me too.

17:43 - Peggy George
yes they will all be added to the Livebinder if they're not already there :-)

17:45 - Michael Fort
I am the VoiceThread manager for Baltimore County Public Schools in Baltimore Maryland. We have 167 schools and over 100,000 students. I'm looking for VoiceThread connections worldwide. Please contact me at if you are interested. Thank you!

17:50 - Lorna Costantini 1
All the links will be in the livebinder

18:20 - Sal 1
paying has kept me from using it

18:22 - jackiegerstein
Heard Twitter personal at Digital Media Conference a bit ago - said they had a philosophy of content agnoticism - meaning they won't judge the content of folks tweets (given they are within the law)

18:26 - matt montagne
I'd love to see ed.Voicethread ingegrated into Google Apps for Education...imagine one click access to communities that use Google Apps

18:27 - Susie
and it's still blocked in my district

18:40 - Sal 1
I used it a few years ago with a free account

18:41 - Sal 1
no more

18:46 - Kim Z
YES @ Matt Montagne!

18:48 - jackiegerstein
This means that public tools allow for free speech - so good idea to separate Voicethread for public and school uses

18:56 - matt montagne
for Ben: Do you ever see a Voicethread port for iOS??

18:56 - Peggy George
you can embed voicethreads in so many places!

18:57 - roxanne clement
Here's a project from my masters class on mystery books to recommend

19:01 - Terri Reh
Morning Paula.

19:17 - debschi
Love this analogy!!

19:27 - Ben
ios app is in the works!

19:36 - Peggy George
"remarkably successfu"!!! :-)

19:45 - matt montagne
nice, Ben...

19:49 - Terri Reh
Nice Roxanne

19:53 - Kim Z
iPad OS or iPhone? both??!!!

19:54 - Peggy George
what an incredible record!

19:54 - roxanne clement
Love Voicethread, and the kids really love having a voice!

20:00 - Ben

20:04 - Kim Z

20:09 - Katie

20:17 - Steve Hayes
ipad - yes!

20:18 - matt montagne
For Ben: Waht about Google Apps for Education edition integration (kinda like your moodle plugin, but it would live in the Google Apps marketplace)

20:25 - debschi

20:39 - Milena
how do you sign up for voice thread?

20:55 - Lorna Costantini 1

20:55 - matt montagne
Nice, Steve

20:58 - Kim Caise

21:02 - Peggy George
I knew we would have some awesome input in the chat today! Thanks for sharing your ideas and links!!!

21:05 - Oona Miller
Thanks, Steve!

21:09 - Peggy George
go ahead

21:10 - matt montagne
Steve, Google Apps integration??

21:15 - SOFIA
difference ed.voicethread and regular

21:16 - Ben
we've looked at the Google market place and it is on the dev time line but more 6 - 12 months down the road

21:18 - Peggy George
we'll ask questions at the end

21:20 - lisamellen
Do students need an e-mail?

21:23 - brdemmin
Great tool for language learners. I use it in my Spanish classes all the time.

21:25 - Steve Muth
coming Matt:)

21:26 - matt montagne
nice, ben...txs

21:27 - nikki
What is the cost breakdown for Pro accounts?

21:30 - Sheri Edwards
I second Matt's suggestion about Google Apps :)

21:51 - Dan Boyle
I have my students embed them in their blogs

21:59 - Peggy George
she's getting the tricky one out of the way first--app sharing

22:04 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My students are under my account.

22:05 - Dotty
anyone using voicethread with special ed students?

22:10 - Peggy George
loading now--may be a bit slow foryou

22:17 - matt montagne
Steve, Ben...that is going to make accessing VT really nice for schools who use Google Apps. I'm excited about that.

22:21 - debschi
My school is going w/Microsoft's version of Google Apps. A bit bummed!

22:39 - lisamellen
@debschi we are too

22:43 - Kim Caise
i closed the web tour

22:45 - Peggy George
app sharing disappeared

22:48 - TSS
I teach students with special needs

22:55 - Lisa Lehmberg
Can't see the visual.

23:06 - debschi
@lisamellon-glad to know I'm not alone!!

23:08 - Steve Muth
Great article on use with students with cogitive and behavioral disabilities,

23:16 - matt montagne
@debschi...don't be too least you're using the cloud, which encoruages and amplifies collaboration moreso than the traditional client app model

23:17 - TSS

23:23 - Sheri Edwards
ios app -- oh boy! Thank you !

23:25 - Kim Caise
try reloading app sharing again

23:32 - Peggy George
the Flickr info is something behind a login that she will be showing us

23:35 - debschi
Yes Thanks @Matt!

23:38 - Kim Z
I'm too am excited for the potential the Google Apps integration!! As long as it's in the works, that works for me.

23:55 - Peggy George
it just keeps disappearing

24:01 - brdemmin
Has anyone been successful embedding VT in Edublogs?

24:01 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Appears, then disappears

24:10 - Peggy George
seeing it now

24:12 - Lorna Costantini 1

24:14 - lisamellen

24:14 - stidmama

24:15 - Len H

24:17 - Delbusch

24:18 - Steve H

24:21 - Eva DeCresie

24:39 - jackiegerstein
Looks like a good article Steve

24:40 - Sheri Edwards
Steve/Ben: Any idea how soon for iPad?

24:53 - aunttammie 2
me, too...I just finished a Google academy and hope to use it more next year. Biggest problem with all my tools is that freshmen lose passwords. Be nice to have only one!

24:54 - Ben
by ISTE!

24:55 - blairteach
Excellent question, Sheri.

25:07 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Nancy.

25:11 - Peggy George
love that it connects directly to Flickr!!

25:13 - Sheri Edwards
Wowser -- that flickr integration is wonderful!

25:20 - Kim Caise
how awesome!

25:24 - Susie
of course, flickr is blocked at our school, too

25:33 - Peggy George
tremendous options for images with no worries about copyright :-)

25:40 - Steve H
Are the Flickr images safe for elementary?

25:41 - Steve Muth
when importing from flickr the attribution link is automatically added to each image:)

25:47 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Flickr + VT = Great presentations.

25:49 - Rae Ann 1
are the flickr images are copyright free?

25:56 - SOFIA
she went to voicethread not ed.voicethread

25:58 - Dan Boyle
That is a nice touch on the attribution

25:58 - BrendaDAnderson
Does it search all FLickr images or just with Creative Commons attribution?

25:59 - lisamellen
flickr blocked at my school too

26:00 - matt montagne
@aunttammie...that is the cool thing about the google apps marketplace and integration with 3rd party services...

26:11 - Steve Muth
yes, all those images are Creative Commons

26:13 - Peggy George
what a valuable addition with Flickr attribution!

26:13 - Terri Reh
So is same feature in ed.voicethread?

26:13 - stidmama
very very cool.

26:13 - Steve H
lost voice and images

26:23 - debschi
Love this flckr tool right within VT. Same here Susie, but maye this will help to encourage it's use. Google Images is horrendous even with safest search and who knows where they come from!

26:24 - Steve Muth
yes, in ed too

26:24 - Kim T AZ
sorry if you covered there a concern with pics in flkr

26:26 - Peggy George
now the rest will be easy Katie! web tour :-)

26:31 - Ben
u can access the media sources from either Ed.VT or the main site

26:42 - Peggy George

26:53 - Peggy George
we are hearing this FIRST!!!!

27:05 - Susie
I've just sent request to unblock ed.voicethread to our tech dept

27:14 - Peggy George
good for you Susie!

27:23 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
That's what I love about CR 2.0, Peggy. You'll keep us on the cutting edge.

27:30 - BrendaDAnderson
This is so exciting.

27:35 - Susie
and I included many links from this presentation as examples

27:52 - kg
Expanding access is so exciting...this has been a major critique.

27:53 - Peggy George
they have worked so hard to keep things simple for the users!

28:12 - debschi
Another point for unblocking Flickr is the the Lib of Congress' and Smithsonian's archives!

28:18 - Peggy George
we have several links in our Livebinder that are compilations of MANY voicethread examples :-)

28:32 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Would love to see VoiceThread and Edmodo link up.

28:59 - Kim Caise
that would be awesome @paula

29:05 - blairteach
Another great idea, Paula.

29:18 - Oona Miller
One of the best things about Voicethread is how simple it is to use and this is just amother example!

29:20 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@Paula N - Would like that.

29:21 - Peggy George
that's the key!!! USABLE!! :-) what a great service!

29:29 - matt montagne
very nice that you are taking accessibility seriously

29:30 - stidmama
thank you for making VT more useful to people who use screen readers

29:35 - jackiegerstein
It is announced live now ;) Lov it

29:50 - Peggy George
thanks Jackie!

29:59 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Jackie. Great to see you here today.

30:09 - Peggy George
I get goosebumps just thinking about that!

30:11 - Kim T AZ
Thanks so much! Excited about sharing with our special needs team!

30:22 - jackiegerstein
Hiya Paula - usually have Zumba on Sat mornings - cancelled ; )

30:27 - Linda Dougherty
Can't wait to share this with our special needs teachers.

30:33 - debschi
LOL Jackie!

30:40 - jackiegerstein

30:55 - Judy
new...what is a livebinder?

31:04 - roxanne clement
Our 6th graders used a voicethread to take a stand when 6th grade was going to be dropped. They sent it to the school board.

31:24 - Dotty
Looks like I will be the lone ranger using this at my school site. Teach at technology magnet, but teachers are not tech saavy

31:26 - Peggy George
these hidden features aren't really hidden--you just need to know they exist

31:33 - Peggy George

31:47 - jackiegerstein - Livebinders way to organized websites/resources

32:14 - debschi
@ Jackie OT How old are your students working n Africa wiki project?

32:29 - jackiegerstein
Junior High

32:38 - Kim Caise
livebinders is a way to compile and share web links and PDFs

32:39 - debschi
@Jackie tks!

32:49 - Linda Dougherty
My communication arts teachers - English teachers - have just been shown Voice Thread. Freshmen English teacher is requiring a VoiceThread book review in April.

32:53 - Steve H
not seeing this ...

32:59 - Peggy George
Co-editing VoiceThreads:

33:02 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
seeing Flickr

33:07 - Peggy George
Comment reordering:

33:14 - Steve H
Might be helpful to see one created THEN tell us the extra features

33:23 - Peggy George
I love that we can now reorder comments!

33:25 - jackiegerstein
that's cool - didn't know about co-editors

33:31 - Lawrence 1
where is the visual demo as you are talking?

33:39 - Delbusch
I am loving my live binder and the live cams for my students. The whole school comes to visit us to see the live cams

33:40 - Peggy George
the voicethread tutorials in the binder are great

33:43 - roxanne clement
You can moderate voicethread comments too!

34:05 - Peggy George
we can see everything in app sharing but just won't hear the audio

34:13 - debschi
@Delbusch live cams?

34:14 - matt montagne
Question: Is it possible to allow anyone with a VT account, including non-ed.Voicethread accounts, to easily comment on a student's VT created in ed.VT??

34:20 - Kim Caise

34:21 - matt montagne
looks good

34:22 - Peggy George

34:24 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Can see and hear

34:26 - miguela

34:35 - aunttammie 2
what is live cams, delbusch?

35:04 - Peggy George
Comment reordering:

35:05 - Sadie 1
@matt The teacher has to explicitly invite any non-Ed.VT member to comment on a student VoiceThread

35:13 - Terri Reh
I am hearing two voices

35:18 - roxanne clement
Matt anyone can comment if it is set to receive comments and you can then moderate them before they are publicly seen

35:25 - Kim Caise
that is the audio catching up terri

35:33 - Kim Caise
it will resolve itself shortly

35:33 - matt montagne
ahh, Sadie...

35:44 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
Pros/Cons of Ed.VT vs VT?

35:47 - Ben
our comment moderation is a bit unique

35:51 - beth
How are teachers paying for this? grants? personally? Can districts buy license to voicethread?

35:52 - Peggy George
their video tutorial shows exactly how to do this

36:01 - Terri Reh
It is Steve and the tutorial guide voice

36:11 - nikki
What is the cost breakdown for Pro accounts?

36:17 - Peggy George (Commenting Tips for VoiceThread)

36:30 - Terri Reh
How do I stop the VT tutorial VT voice talking over Steve?

36:34 - Kim T AZ
I purchased one to use with teachers to be able to show them the functions available..used personal funds..teachers then go to PTO, etc. for funding

36:36 - Ben
the person that makes the comment will see and hear their comment instantly - so will the creator of the Thread but no one else can until the creator 'shows' it

36:45 - Sadie 1
@Terri Click the pause button at the bottom of the VoiceThread

36:50 - Peggy George
this is a fantastic resource for seeing VTs created by others (VoiceThread for Education Wiki)

36:53 - Kim Caise
you might have opened it in your browser

37:08 - Peggy George
the voicethread isn't playing in Elluminate so you may have one playing in your browser

37:17 - Terri Reh
Aah thanks Kim

37:25 - debschi
Why Pro acct?

37:34 - Peggy George
that is such an important point! make sure the first few responses are great examples!

37:45 - kg
I have used sequential slides with different conversation points on a topic, to encourage multi-faceted contributions.

37:47 - roxanne clement
so how do we organize responses?

37:48 - Linda Dougherty
Great idea to start with video or audio comments.

37:54 - debschi
Same for blog commenting, needs expectations

37:57 - jackiegerstein
Sounds like the point I try to make in the online course discussion boards

38:06 - stidmama
can't hear the sound?

38:07 - Kim Caise
below the play button you drag the little dot to reorder comments on the timeline

38:08 - Rae Ann 1
cant hear

38:11 - Steve H
voice is now muffled

38:13 - McTeach (Karen)
We spend a lot of time in 7th grade working on quality comments!

38:14 - Len H
Is Ben using a USB headset?

38:17 - miguela
I can hear too

38:19 - Kim Caise
the sound is really muffled

38:22 - SOFIA
can not hear

38:25 - jackiegerstein
very muffled - slider all the way up

38:32 - Terri Reh
Can't hear...

38:33 - Delbusch
yes we need more sound

38:34 - kg
What is that reference on asynchronous communication?

38:34 - Steve Muth

38:35 - Lisa Lehmberg
Same here!

38:40 - Terri Reh
Muffled sound

38:43 - roxanne clement
Is this the tutorial to organize responses? is there a link? missed it

38:52 - Kim Caise

38:53 - Len H

38:55 - miguela

38:55 - Linda Dougherty

38:56 - Terri Reh

38:57 - Delbusch
much better

38:59 - Steve H

39:00 - jackiegerstein
like night and day ;)

39:04 - Peggy George
we were hearing you through Steve's mic :-)

39:10 - beth
Your first 3 VT are free, but people can get into your account at the end when posted, right? Anyone else have this problem?

39:20 - Peggy George
Bill Ferriter did an awesome show for us!!

39:25 - Jason LaValle
the tempered radical?

39:31 - Kim Caise
what do you mean get into your account beth?

39:43 - blairteach
Bill does great things with Voicethread and is an incredible teacher.

39:50 - Peggy George
Recording for Bill Ferriter is here:

39:53 - jackiegerstein
Kim- do you have the links to how Eracism used VT?

40:03 - Sheri Edwards

40:05 - beth
At the end of my VT it shows my account link and students could get into my other VT

40:10 - Kim Caise
yes let me look it up

40:14 - jackiegerstein

40:43 - Jason LaValle

40:47 - Peggy George
it's so important to think about voicethreads as conversations

40:54 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Here is a link to a VT I made last year about the BP oil spill when we were in an Alan November cohort meeting. I never shared the link with anyone so there are no comments. Please feel free to use it and add comments

41:07 - blairteach
I was lucky enough to be observing Bill's class one day while he had students evaluating what makes a quality comment. Excellent.

41:09 - roxanne clement
such important 21st century skills!

41:13 - Kim C
Is any of this free?

41:14 - Peggy George
co-editing is a feature I haven't used but am so impressed with!

41:24 - matt montagne
thanks for sharing Bill's work...getting students to comment on each other's work is an area of growth for us

41:47 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Nancy, I'd love to be able to observe Bill.

42:02 - Kim T AZ it!

42:09 - Peggy George
Co-editing VoiceThreads:

42:12 - SOFIA
how do you put them on the left

42:16 - debschi
Coediting also great for me being teacher librarian working w/ Classroom teacher.

42:26 - SOFIA
how add ben for awexample

42:45 - Peggy George
those names come from your own contacts

42:46 - Jason LaValle
is there a clearinghouse of particiapting VT classrooms scholls?

42:51 - Kim T AZ
anyone having students do book reviews, to share with other students? want to start this for student, by students

42:57 - roxanne clement
We need to teach those skills and have our students responsible

43:04 - debschi
me too @ Kim!

43:24 - Peggy George (25 interesting Ways to Use VoiceThread in the Classroom)

43:35 - Linda Dougherty
Collaborating with a teacher this spring for 9th graders doing book reviews.

43:37 - Peggy George (VoiceThread for Education Wiki)

43:49 - Sheri Edwards

43:49 - Peggy George
many ways to connect with other educators on that wiki

43:52 - Kim Caise
there used to be a voicethread ning

43:58 - Kim Caise
before ning started charging

43:59 - Linda Dougherty
Thank you Peggy

44:00 - Jason LaValle
good point, would love to find sister classrooms for my teachers. especially global. Thanks.

44:02 - debschi
@Kim: Destiny? Maybe link to voicethread through digital Media option.

44:03 - Peggy George (Group Creation Guide)

44:20 - Peggy George

44:37 - Peggy George (Voicethread Support Manuals)

44:49 - Peggy George ( Voicethread Resources)

45:01 - Peggy George
Group sharing drag-n-drop (organize your VoiceThreads):

45:16 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Parents love getting VT emailed to them.

45:18 - Len H
Put it in Public Folder in DropBox

45:39 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Len H That is a great idea.

45:46 - Kim Caise
middle school debates for eracism project - discussing do differences make us stronger

45:47 - Peggy George
that is sooo easy!

45:56 - jackiegerstein
yeah Kim

45:56 - Katie
The Groups feature is only available to non-Free accounts. :-)

45:56 - Sheri Edwards
The links I've been entering are for Bill F's info

46:05 - Kim Caise
wow, that is so much easier!

46:08 - Katie
Free accounts CAN share with Contacts.

46:29 - Kim Caise
go for it

46:30 - Len H

46:32 - Peggy George
m/5 :-) latest and greatest!!!!

46:35 - Peggy George

46:39 - jmd9158

46:40 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
How many VT's can I create with free educator account?

46:48 - Peggy George
Screencast showcasing M/5 Commenting:

46:58 - Peggy George
you can watch this video later :-)

47:01 - Katie
@Paula - 3 VoiceThreads at a time

47:05 - jackiegerstein
that is cool

47:06 - blairteach
For some reason, I can't bookmark some of the examples shared in the chat. Using diigo. Any ideas about why this is happening?

47:12 - Katie
@Paula delete one to create another

47:34 - Peggy George
Diigo has a problem bookmarking Voicethread URLs :-(

47:46 - jackiegerstein
how fun

47:51 - Peggy George
you'll just have to share the livebinder link I guess :-)

47:55 - BrendaDAnderson
so cool!

47:55 - Len H
Very cool!

47:55 - Kim Caise
probably has to do with the privacy features

48:10 - Katie
It changes pages MUCH faster just within VoiceThread (not Elluminate.)

48:11 - Sheri Edwards

48:13 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you, Katie. It might be time to go Pro.

48:16 - Peggy George
look how smoothly this moves from video to audio to PDF!!! with flowing comments

48:17 - jackiegerstein
Good point Kim - wonder if public VT can be bookmarked?

48:24 - Jason LaValle

48:31 - Peggy George
no VT can be bookmarked in Diigo :-(

48:32 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I would hate to delete any VT's.

48:34 - Jason LaValle
good for training my teachers

48:47 - aunttammie 2
Not sure how he was switching between slides

48:47 - Peggy George
that is such an awesome feature!!!!!!

48:51 - jackiegerstein
How does m/5 comments look in playback

48:53 - Katie
@Paula - you can also Export as a video file.

48:54 - Michael Fort

49:15 - Peggy George
m/5 comments just look like a flowing video with commentary

49:15 - kg

49:29 - roxanne clement
yes please

49:30 - blairteach
I'm able to bookmark some VT, so I'm thinking they must be public ones.

49:43 - aunttammie 2
what is M5

49:57 - Oona Miller
I had noticed the image of a slide b/f and after the current slide, but didn't know what it meant! SO COOL!

50:02 - Steve Muth

50:03 - Michael Fort
What does M% stand for?

50:04 - BrendaDAnderson
It's fast

50:07 - Peggy George
you can watch this video with this link: Screencast showcasing M/5 Commenting:

50:11 - Michael Fort
M5 im sorry

50:24 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
So if I do that the VT would be available as it was at the time I exported it to a video file? Then I could delete but still have a copy of the work?

50:42 - Steve Muth
Multi-modal / Multi Channel / Multi Media Commenting :)

50:46 - Peggy George
you can follow Voicethread on Twitter to get all of the latest updates @voicethread

50:55 - Terri Reh
I am realtively new to VT what is M5? Not understanding

50:59 - aunttammie 2

51:06 - jackiegerstein
I would caution students not to record all of their browsing in m/5

51:07 - Katie
M/5 is a description of the entire commenting experience in VoiceThread.

51:19 - roxanne clement
does it live on the first slide you talk about?

51:30 - Michael Fort
When do you guys at VT sleep?

51:42 - kg
This so enhances the idea of FLAT screencasting, while tagging in multiple collaborators. Wooohooo.

51:45 - Kim Caise
m/5 allows you to record one comment but have it post across several slides

51:55 - Ben

51:57 - debschi
@Michael Feel like ther could be a VT documentary in the works

52:14 - aunttammie 2
too late :)

52:19 - Rae Ann 1
No, sorry.

52:27 - matt montagne
totally agree...the new mac skype UI is chaotic

52:32 - Peggy George
mac yeah!!!! Skype 5.0 :-( very disruptive for a bit

53:04 - Peggy George
everything is so transparent on VT that you sometimes don't realize you have features you're not using

53:09 - Terri Reh
@Kim Caise so speakers talk through several slides?

53:17 - Kim Caise
yes, now you can

53:28 - Peggy George
yes-voice goes through several slides

53:30 - Kim T AZ
going to have to practice this one...or, get a Kindergartener to show me!

53:47 - nikki
How many times can you edit a thread in a free account versus a Pro account?

53:50 - Peggy George
how about doodling and video doodling?

53:51 - Linda Dougherty
So could use for recording workshop presentations summaries for review later.

53:56 - Colleen
Thank goodness I teach now they can show me.

53:58 - Grace
Is there a time limit on how long you can talk?

54:05 - aunttammie 2
I think it is just like a screencast?

54:05 - jmd9158
I was just thinking I will teach my first grader to use this!

54:10 - Peggy George
this is so cool!!

54:16 - Jason LaValle
Could i search for possible sister classrooms in the forum?

54:18 - Katie
One comment can now be up to 1 hour now.

54:30 - Peggy George
remind us how we keep our doodles from disappearing or fading away

54:33 - Kim Caise
much like a slideshow with narration @aunttammie

54:38 - Sadie 1
@nikki - no limit on now often or how many times you can edit a VoiceThread

54:38 - debschi
Does anyone have students write scripts b4 commenting. Seems like it discounts though the power of voice.

54:38 - brdemmin
so to clarify, if a listener wants to comment on one of the images during the m5, they just click record and comment at that point and it is posted in sequence?

54:52 - Peggy George

55:16 - nikki
thanks @Sadie 1

55:21 - Kim T AZ
love it!

55:22 - Peggy George
that is amazing the tool can do that!

55:31 - SOFIA
how do I input a video

55:35 - Michael Fort
Clicking the center of the color wheel freezes the doodles so they will not disappear.

55:35 - Ian Hall

55:40 - Peggy George
Video doodling:

55:41 - Oona Miller
I had no idea that was possible! I love it!!

55:43 - Michael Fort
always a big question in my district

55:43 - debschi
Videos need to be copyright friendly, correct?

55:49 - Peggy George
Freeze your doodles (second slide):

55:54 - Laurie
@Jason what age do you teach?

56:02 - Milena
How is this safe for children if everyone can view edit and up load images.

56:04 - Peggy George
Conversations around documents:

56:19 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck) 2
I have to comment on a video of me teaching and submit it to a class, Voice thead will be perfect!!

56:22 - Jason LaValle
@laurie, I am tech facilitator for k-6 school in cincinnati

56:35 - Peggy George
that is such a brilliant concept--let users discover the features based on their needs

56:49 - Milena
I just signed up for it just now.

56:56 - Michael Fort
Can you discuss the upload comment type? Need ideas for the use of that one.

56:56 - Laurie
@Jason I teach first grade and may have some classes in our K-6 building interested in sistering!

56:57 - matt montagne
Ben and Steve: is anyone using the voicethread LAN cache appliance

57:05 - debschi
@Peggy Last shared link Spanish I think

57:06 - jmd9158
What web 2.0 tool can I use to introduce Voice Thread to my students. Jing?

57:09 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@milena It is safe because the teacher can moderate.

57:10 - Deb White in MN (@dwhiteoak)
@Kristen B - Good idea for self-evaluation - submit to admins for my portfolio!

57:12 - Oona Miller

57:14 - Milena
Does anyone have example of using it in class.

57:19 - Steve Muth
Yes, the state of PA is using one on their network

57:21 - Peggy George
jing would work great to prepare a screencast

57:23 - Milena
Yah I was in Portugal

57:30 - Jason LaValle

57:37 - Jason LaValle

57:44 - Peggy George
you can also use the screencasts they have provided right in VT to share with people--they are short and to the point

57:50 - Katie
There is a document in LiveBinders that has a lot of examples from all grade levels

58:04 - Katie
and you can also check out

58:10 - Jason LaValle
would rather do this than skype sister classrooms

58:10 - Milena
Thank you!

58:10 - stidmama
this is a very exciting and very cool tool! can't wait to try it out. student teaching starting Monday in a 5th grade class.

58:17 - matt montagne
Here is an example from a project our students in 8th grade (age 13-14) did this past fall:

58:18 - debschi
@jmd9158 Yes do you need another screencasting tool to embed screencast?

58:23 - Peggy George

58:23 - Jason LaValle
thank you so much

58:51 - Peggy George
Katie’ compilation of Voicethread examples:

58:52 - jackiegerstein
great tool - you guys are very sensitive to educators' needs -thanks

58:57 - Jason LaValle
@laurie, what area are you in?

59:03 - Katie
Thanks, Peggy!

59:26 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Jason LaValle I enjoy doig both, Skype and then build a VT together.

59:37 - matt montagne
at our site we want ed.VT to be as unrestrictive as possible...

59:51 - matt montagne
one of the reasons why Edmodo doesn't catch on at my site is that it is so restrictive

59:57 - Peggy George
wow did this time fly by fast! we have to wrap up but after official closing we can continue with questions for Ben, Steve and Katie

1:00:05 - Jason LaValle
@laurie, we are very urban so very good diversity

1:00:16 - roxanne clement
Is this within edVoicethread too?

1:00:22 - debschi
@Matt interesting about Edmodo. Was looking to push in our district

1:00:22 - jmd9158
I embed my videos in pbworks. It is free too!

1:00:28 - Peggy George
these kinds of controls will help a lot to get VT unblocked in your schools!

1:00:54 - Milena
Thank you for all for the exapmles

1:00:57 - SOFIA
you need to add the students each or they sign in

1:00:58 - Eva DeCresie
I am planning to teach ESOL students. It is great for ESOL students to connect others all around the world.

1:00:59 - Milena
I like that setting!

1:01:05 - miguela
Thanks a lot

1:01:11 - debschi
Again are these options only in pro versions?

1:01:11 - aunttammie 2
What do you mean by prevent from publishing?

1:01:13 - jackiegerstein
thanks - good info.

1:01:16 - matt montagne
@desschi...I find it to be very, very restrictive. This might be necessary for some schools/districts, but it doesn't work for us. Students can't even message one another privately in Edmodo

1:01:18 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@matt montagne I love using Edmodo.

1:01:20 - Kim T AZ
What an great show! Thanks so much!!!

1:01:26 - lauren
thank you

1:01:29 - Peggy George
You can create a Livebinder with all of your favorite, public voicethreads and share that with your teachers. They will show up AND play right in Livebinder :-)

1:01:29 - Ben
Thanks everyone!

1:01:29 - stidmama
thanks again, this has been very interesting!

1:01:36 - blairteach
Thank you very much!

1:01:37 - McTeach (Karen)
Rats! I'll be at ASCD next weekend!

1:01:37 - Jason LaValle
@laurie, I intro my staff to VT next week!

1:01:37 - Steve Muth
'publishing' means making one of their VoiceThread visible to the whole world

1:01:39 - Peggy George
March 24th

1:01:41 - TSS
Thanks a lot!

1:01:42 - Dotty
this is an incentive to use my voicethread account.

1:01:43 - Steve Hayes
Thank you!

1:01:47 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck) 2
Yeah!!! 3/26, I have been following George on Twitter... can't wait!!

1:01:49 - matt montagne
@paula...I think its great for some schools, but I find it to be very, very restrictive.

1:01:58 - Lisa Lehmberg
Thank you :-)

1:01:59 - aunttammie 2
but their group can see it, right?

1:02:01 - Peggy George
that will be a great Livebinder tutorial session if you haven't used it before--they will show you how to create them

1:02:03 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you Steve, Ben, and Katie. I loved learning aobut the new updates to Vt.

1:02:03 - Rae Ann 1
Is there a different price if you purchase an administrative account for a district rather than for each teacher?

1:02:17 - nikki
What is the cost breakdown for Pro accounts?

1:02:18 - Susie
an hour won't be long enough for the program on the 21st

1:02:31 - debschi
Agh chat too fast!!

1:02:39 - Jason LaValle
@laurie, they will be :-)

1:02:44 - debschi
That's a good thing though!

1:02:45 - Peggy George

1:02:45 - Terri Reh
Thanks all, off to soccer game.

1:02:48 - matt montagne
nice job Ben, Katie and Steve...and thanks to the CR20 team for another greeat webcast!

1:02:51 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck) 2
Thank you Steve, Ben and Katie!!! Soooooo useful and I can't wait to start using Voicethread!!

1:03:06 - Sheri Edwards
Do commenters need to create a voicethread account to comment?

1:03:09 - Rae Ann 1
can we get the chat log?

1:03:09 - aunttammie 2
I thought that in the edu account, that the VT were only available to the group

1:03:19 - stidmama
chat log at the archive

1:03:23 - Katie
Follow us for updates, as well! @voicethread

1:03:28 - Steve Muth
Yes Sheri, need some kind of account to comment

1:03:30 - Oona Miller
Thanks Ben, Steve and Katie. You do awesome work! Thanks : )

1:03:31 - Steve Muth
not too view

1:03:36 - Peggy George
all of the Classroom 2.0 Links are on our Livebinder--click on that tab and the survey link is the first one

1:03:41 - Jill
Thanks for a very interesting session today everyone. I learned a lot!

1:03:49 - Peggy George

1:04:00 - Peggy George

1:04:00 - stidmama
Yay Peggy! thanks for the itunes!

1:04:01 - Kim T AZ
special shout out to Kim, Lorna and Peggy for doing this wonderful show!!! Love Classroom 2.0 Live

1:04:03 - virginia alberti
hi Peggy

1:04:12 - Peggy George
I love watching the shows on iTunesU :-)

1:04:29 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@matt montagne It is easy to create and join groups on Edmodo. Can open up a group as much as you want or keep it very limited which I do with my fourth graders. They are now joining collaborative groups that I have set up on Edmodo.

1:04:31 - Susie
I've started planning my Saturdays around this when possible

1:04:40 - Linda Dougherty
Great to know - will share with my pln.

1:04:48 - Peggy George
I'll be adding the links you have shared in the chat to the Livebinder for today!! Thank you ALL for sharing!

1:04:53 - Kim T AZ
Thanks to everyone who shared today...

1:04:56 - BrendaDAnderson
This has been very useful.

1:05:00 - Jason LaValle
@laurie, great thanks and will email you to get this started. Thanks again.

1:05:06 - matt montagne
@paula...can kids send each other messages in edmodo?

1:05:07 - Sheri Edwards
This has been a treat -- thank you voicethread!

1:05:11 - Len H
Classroom 2.0 Live ROCKS! I always praise it to my PLN and peers.

1:05:14 - Katie
What is Ed.VoiceThread:

1:05:14 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I need my CR 2.0 fix every Saturday.

1:05:19 - roxanne clement
Love my Saturdays with Classoom 20 Live

1:05:23 - kg
I have had trouble with sound working from archived VTs. Any hints?

1:05:34 - debschi
Thanks all!!! Classroom 2.o is Awesome!!!!

1:05:36 - Kim T AZ
hate missing the live the conversations

1:05:41 - stidmama
Nice to sit with a cup of tea and learn something fun for me... as well as my students.

1:05:43 - roxanne clement

1:05:43 - JaneWilde

1:05:46 - JaneWilde

1:05:52 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck) 2
CR 2.0 Live is one of the highlights of my weekend!!

1:05:59 - Lisa Lehmberg
Is there capability for embedding YouTube or TeacherTube videos within VoiceThread?

1:06:07 - Peggy George
I sure wish there was a way for voicethreads to be bookmarked on Diigo! I've asked many times but there is something about the URL that doesn't work with Diigo--always takes you to the home page rather than the VT

1:06:07 - Lorna Costantini 1 link to the recordings

1:06:16 - Lorna Costantini 1
including the chat

1:06:20 - roxanne clement
can't wait!!!!!

1:06:21 - matt montagne
you're right, Steve. iPad/iOS isn't a great collaboration platform

1:06:31 - Peggy George
awesome!!! :-)

1:06:39 - debschi
Weird about the diigo prob

1:06:53 - Katie
@kg - it's almost always a Network setting

1:07:00 - Katie
I'll get our requirements link

1:07:02 - matt montagne

1:07:18 - Peggy George
I feel so privileged to be hearing these responses directly from the developers!! :-)

1:07:41 - Katie

1:07:41 - roxanne clement
love edvoicethread!

1:07:50 - JaneWilde
I may have missed this, but is it true that there is integration between VT and Moodle

1:07:52 - aunttammie 2
yes, peggy. Thank you so much for the work with Classroom 2.0 live!

1:07:55 - Katie
scroll down to the "network requirements" section

1:07:57 - Kim T AZ
This speaks to their dedication to educators

1:08:26 - debschi
Yes still would like to know diff between free and pro acct

1:08:31 - Peggy George
this chat log will be posted on our archives later today along with the recording so you can go back and track links you may have missed

1:08:40 - roxanne clement
Where do we go to get the directions on re-organizing comments?

1:08:47 - JaneWilde
excellent thanks.

1:08:47 - SOFIA
can I download my voicethread on my desktop?

1:08:47 - Peggy George
Tammy has tons of voicethreads on her Moodle courses

1:09:03 - Peggy George
Comment reordering:

1:09:23 - Katie
@ debschi

1:09:30 - debschi
Thanks Katie

1:09:42 - Katie
but for educators wanting upgraded accounts for students

1:09:57 - Katie

1:10:36 - Peggy George

1:10:50 - Katie
you can also apply for the VT (free) Educator account on that last link I shared.

1:11:04 - Kim T AZ
how long does it take to find out if you are accepted as a VT educator?

1:11:10 - Katie
@Kim You should receive an email within a few minutes.

1:11:15 - Peggy George

1:11:19 - kg
can VTs be made public even if thery are built in ed.voicthread?

1:11:21 - Peggy George
this chart is on that linke

1:11:24 - Peggy George

1:11:35 - Sheri Edwards
A class account is different than pro ed account?

1:11:46 - SOFIA
with a pro account can I download my voicethread?

1:11:58 - SOFIA
out of the internet

1:11:58 - Peggy George

1:12:35 - Sadie 1
@SOFIA - anyone can export a VoiceThread for offlnie use

1:12:41 - Peggy George (Commenting Tips for VoiceThread)

1:12:47 - Steve Muth

1:13:26 - Peggy George
those PDF docs are so helpful!!

1:13:40 - roxanne clement
so cool

1:13:53 - debschi
I'm wondering if the comments surrounding a video posted to a VT that's not Public domain makes it formative?

1:14:02 - stidmama
gotta head out. thanks again.

1:14:20 - Peggy George
want to take the mic debshi and ask that?

1:14:30 - debschi
That's the video noy being public domain

1:14:43 - brdemmin
How can I embed VT into Edublogs

1:15:08 - roxanne clement

1:15:41 - Peggy George

1:15:45 - debschi
@Peggy click on mic?

1:15:56 - Peggy George
yes I'll give you the mic :-)

1:16:02 - Katie
If I remember correctly, there's an HTML tab for an EduBlog post - that's where the code would go.

1:16:32 - Michael Fort
Gotta run, Steve, Ben, Katie thanks so much! Talk to you soon!

1:16:43 - Steve Muth
Thanks MIke!

1:16:50 - Rae Ann 1
Thanks for another great webinar!

1:16:57 - miguela
I´e to go, thanks for all

1:17:01 - Peggy George
hearing you great

1:17:17 - Ben
take care Mike!

1:17:36 - Peggy George
Tammy is there anything you would like to share about your 500 voicethreads :-) or using VT on Moodle?

1:17:49 - McTeach (Karen)
I have to run. Thanks everyone!! Lots of ideas rolling through my brain!

1:17:52 - Tammy Moore

1:18:01 - Len H
Bye Karen

1:18:18 - Peggy George
love that! if you asked a lawyer that question.... lots of ambiguity about fair use!

1:18:36 - matt montagne
for those of us who use the moodle integration, how can we make it easier for users to respond to a Voicethread that is embedded on a school webpage or teacher site? They always need to authenticate via moodle, which makes commenting on an embedded moodle kinda tricky

1:18:46 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Lawyers are famous for talking and never answering the question directly. LOL

1:18:49 - roxanne clement
and cite it!

1:18:49 - Peggy George
no guarantees but often we have much more available than we think we do!!! we limit ourselves with copyright "rules"

1:19:01 - debschi
Thank you big time!

1:19:01 - matt montagne
I now claim fair use on most things...

1:19:13 - matt montagne
I can grab the mic and clarify that question

1:19:18 - Peggy George
as long as it's transformative use it will be fine!!!

1:19:18 - debschi
Yes Roxanne!

1:19:47 - matt montagne
I can take mic Kim

1:19:47 - kg
is there a limit that we would hit if we used a VT synchronously? Say with all members of a class posting around the same time?

1:19:55 - BrendaDAnderson
Check out this wiki for copyright

1:20:00 - debschi
Goodbye all. Out to the yard for major clean up! Thanks big time!

1:20:16 - roxanne clement
debschi, Joyce Valenza has great comments about fair use on her blog never ending search!

1:20:16 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Brenda!! that's a fantastic site for clarifying fair use!

1:20:53 - Hellen
I have pro account - am I able to add student accounts?

1:20:57 - Peggy George
thanks Matt

1:21:22 - Hellen
I have a pro account - am I able to add student accounts?

1:21:44 - Katie
@Hellen: You actually need a Classroom Subscription - page shown in the web tour.

1:21:49 - Katie

1:21:49 - Peggy George
great question Hellen

1:21:53 - Ben
Pro or classroom?

1:21:59 - Hellen
Sorry didn'y mean to send again - I just can't see how to add students.

1:22:19 - Peggy George
educator subscription rather than pro?

1:22:30 - Peggy George
for creating student accounts

1:22:37 - Hellen
No I have Pro.

1:23:26 - Katie
Hellen you do need a Classroom account, but if you recently purchased that Pro account we can switch you over to a Classroom subscription. Same price, same features, plus the Student-account credits.

1:23:32 - JaneWilde
So re this question will the commentor be sent to VT or just can't comment?

1:23:49 - Peggy George
Class Manager Guide:

1:23:59 - Katie
Just send us a message:

1:24:07 - Peggy George
thanks Katie! very helpful!

1:24:17 - matt montagne
thanks Steve

1:24:35 - SOFIA
Exporting costs right?

1:24:54 - Peggy George
so glad you asked that SOFIA!

1:25:06 - aunttammie 2
Is there info on how to switch from paying per month to per year?

1:25:21 - Lorna Costantini 1
Thanks Ben Matt and Katie for a gr8 show

1:25:29 - lisamellen
Kids await, got to go. Thanks Ben, Steve & Katie! This was great!

1:25:36 - Katie
Exports come with Pro accounts (or Classroom & School subs,) or they're $2.99ea.

1:25:38 - Peggy George
that's an important point! great for archiving but no longer interactive

1:25:56 - Peggy George
oh a teaser! nice tweaks for educators coming up in the next couple of months!

1:26:04 - aunttammie 2

1:26:05 - Katie
@aunttammie: Right now we have to do that for you, so send us a message:

1:26:13 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good bye everyone. Thank you for the great session. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

1:26:15 - aunttammie 2

1:26:26 - roxanne clement
link for the voicethread blog?

1:26:30 - Peggy George
so glad to hear from you Tammy!!!

1:26:31 - Len H
Bye Paulla

1:26:34 - Steve Muth
np Matt, we also have a great Moodle engineer who would love to hear about any usability issues with the Moodle plugins

1:26:45 - Kim Caise
tammy is an extensive voicethread user with students

1:26:47 - Peggy George
hard to participate when you're typing the closed captioning but you have so much to share!

1:27:17 - Peggy George
these are really great student tips!

1:27:42 - Katie
WOW - do you have a link, Tammy? :-)

1:27:44 - Peggy George
wow! entire play of Shakespeare!!

1:28:01 - JaneWilde
Thanks everyone. Bye. Great session.

1:28:01 - roxanne clement
really empowers students

1:29:11 - Peggy George
Tammy has some public resources on her site--that's where I learned all about using Moodle in her Voicethreads!

1:29:32 - Peggy George
yes Tammy!

1:29:52 - Lorie Moffat
The student used family pictures for characters and then added the voices

1:29:56 - Tammy Moore
THe students are also working on collaborative plays

1:30:04 - roxanne clement
can she come share with us on a Saturday?

1:30:11 - Peggy George
we need to have you do a whole followup session Tammy!

1:30:15 - Tammy Moore
We are collecting their audio recording and then will assemble them into the VT

1:30:39 - Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us today! We need to let our guests go to enjoy the rest of their day :-)

1:30:45 - Sheri Edwards
Tammy has helped so many of us.. thanks

1:30:47 - BrendaDAnderson
THanks so much

1:30:52 - Katie
Thanks everyone!

1:31:10 - Susie
thanks so much. I wish more of the teachers in my district would experience things like this

1:31:16 - Steve Muth
Thanks to everyone, it was a pleasure!

1:31:21 - Peggy George
I'll get the recording link posted ASAP after the room is empty :-)

1:31:33 - roxanne clement
oops was here all the time, not away, loved it

1:31:39 - Peggy George
Thank you STEVE, BEN, KATIE!!!!!

1:31:44 - SOFIA

1:31:53 - roxanne clement
Another great session!

1:31:58 - Peggy George

1:32:13 - Kim Caise

1:32:15 - Tammy Moore
It has been a fantastic session! THanks to the moderators and to the team from VoiceThread. :)

1:32:33 - Ben
thanks everyone!

1:32:37 - Len H
Thank you for a great show. :) Bye everyone.

1:32:37 - Peggy George
you can search by topic of presenter name

1:32:48 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks again...

1:32:56 - Peggy George
you can also use our yolink enhanced search and find any show that includes that term (like voicethread)

1:33:12 - Peggy George
Bye everyone! Thanks a lot for joining us!

1:33:33 - Tammy Moore
Bye all