Mar 2, 2013 - STRETCh and Scratch - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:02 - Peggy George
she turned her mic off-she'll be right back

01:08 - Peggy George
we are so happy to have Tammy with us doing closed captioning!! and Lorie to help with gathering all of your questions! fantastic co-moderators

01:11 - Peggy George

01:32 - Peggy George
all of the great examples of Scratch projects Heidi will share today are in the Livebinder

01:43 - Kim Caise
nope, didnt hear it

01:47 - Peggy George
not hearing your phone

01:58 - Peggy George

02:00 - Gupteswar Rao
Hi Peggy, this is Gupteswar Rao from India...

02:13 - Peggy George
Hi Gupteswar! So glad to see you!

02:27 - Gupteswar Rao
Am not getting the audio...

02:41 - Peggy George
run audio setup wizard if you're not hearing the audio

02:59 - Peggy George
click on the red starburst in the upper left corner of the window

03:13 - STRETCh Instructor
Rao - go to tools - audio setup wizard

03:15 - Lorie Moffat
central PA

03:15 - STRETCh and SCRATCH 2
LOL I didn't know you wanted MY name

03:23 - ninapeery
White Oak, Texas

03:23 - Peggy George
if your star doesn't go where you want it you can click and drag it

03:30 - Peggy George

03:34 - Louise Morgan
Fort Worth , Texas

03:41 - Rhonda
cold and windy in FL

03:43 - Peggy George
we are so happy to have all of you with us!!!

03:45 - technoclown

03:45 - Aunttammie
Houston,TX. Pointer doesn't work on iPad

03:51 - @SteveHayes_RB60
hello from central Illinois

03:55 - M Hurtubise
New Liskeard Ontario

04:17 - STRETCh Instructor
Actually - I have STRETCh trademarked :-)

04:17 - Peggy George
right Aunttammie! one of the ipad limitations for Collaborate :-(

04:27 - Denise
I just discovered Scratch last week!

04:42 - Peggy George
love the name STRETCh (lower case h is not a typo) :-)

04:50 - Kim Caise
@gupteswar click on the red starburst at the top and run the audio setup wizard

05:03 - Peggy George
Phoenix AZ :-)

05:19 - Rhonda

05:27 - Gupteswar Rao
yes.. got it...

05:35 - Aytakin 1
at last

05:53 - Peggy George
both equally is C :-) we want it all!

05:59 - STRETCh and SCRATCH 2

06:08 - Peggy George
whew @Gupteswar!! :-)

06:13 - @viralber

06:26 - shukufa
welcome Aytakin

06:26 - Carolyn Stanley
cool acronym

06:43 - Peggy George
we are thrilled to have Heidi here to share her incredible experience with STRETCh and SCRATCH!!!!!

06:58 - Peggy George
every child IS talented!!!! :-)

07:23 - Peggy George
incredible learning in all subject areas can happen with Scratch!

07:32 - Becki Tharp
On Wisconsin!!!

07:33 - Peggy George
Welcome Heidi!!!!

07:54 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Welcome Heidi.

07:56 - shukufa
welcome Heidi

08:55 - Oronoque
yes, my grandson explained scratching to me :)

08:57 - Peggy George
you can follow along in the Livebinder or just participate here and explore the Livebinder later :-) all of her links are in it!

09:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi @Louise Morgan. How are you doing?

09:15 - Peggy George
she'll be showing us lots of examples today

09:20 - Oronoque
my grandson now "scratches" on an iPad

09:37 - Peggy George
we also have a link in the Livebinder about how to download and install Scratch

09:40 - Carolyn Stanley
The kids picked it up a lot faster than I did.

09:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi @Peggy George. I was late due to updating Java. Thought I did that last week. Was forced to to so this time. :)

10:02 - Peggy George
have you heard the term computational thinking before?

10:06 - Peggy George
yes hearing fine

10:06 - Kim Caise

10:09 - Louise Morgan

10:10 - Lara
we can now...

10:11 - technoclown

10:11 - Tami

10:11 - Lorraine Leo

10:12 - Denise

10:12 - Oronoque
yes, I can hear

10:34 - Peggy George (Stretch Instructor website)

10:35 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I had to learn Scratch for my Master's in Ed Tech Leadership.

10:47 - Carolyn Stanley
I introduced SCRATCH to some of the students in my computer club - didn't really teach - just introduced, and before I knew it, they were tutoring me.

10:55 - Peggy George (Computational thinking resources on StretchInstructor site)

11:24 - Peggy George
suchh a great point @Carolyn!! just provide the opportunity and the kids take off!

11:50 - Peggy George (Characteristics and behaviors of the gifted)

13:12 - Carolyn Stanley
Many discussions popular now talking about whole theory of I.Q and importance put on it is bogus.

13:14 - Becki Tharp
I introduced it to the students in my special education class and it makes programming possible for them too! They are loving it!

13:20 - Peggy George
you can ask questions here in the chat as we go along and we'll ask Heidi at the end of her presentation

13:39 - Peggy George
what does it mean--the cat goes left???? :-)

13:42 - Louise Morgan
left brained!

13:49 - Carolyn Stanley
If....then - logic

14:01 - Peggy George (Computational thinking resources on StretchInstructor site)

14:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
How do I make the cat go right?

14:26 - Aunttammie
That cat picture rings a bell....I think I did see scratch before, but it was too hard for me. LOL

14:41 - Peggy George

15:07 - Peggy George

15:07 - Aunttammie
I think it has something to do with robotics

15:33 - Peggy George
love how it integrates ALL fluency areas!! not just math!

16:09 - Peggy George
playing now :-)

16:15 - Julie 1
Not seeing clip on the iPad

16:19 - Peggy George (Ma and Pa Kettle-Alternate Math Proofs video)

16:27 - Kim Caise
the web tour doesn't work on the ipad

16:29 - Peggy George
web tour doesn't work on the ipad

16:29 - Aunttammie
S we iPad users can IMAGIne the clip!

16:45 - Peggy George
it's hilarious! you can watch it later. it's also in the Livebinder

17:01 - Aunttammie
Love a and pa kettle!

17:26 - Louise Morgan
ha! love the logic

17:28 - Peggy George
you can prove anything with math :-) hahahaha

17:41 - Aunttammie
Strange that you tubes within this app don't work...

17:53 - Doug Henry
Modern Math!

18:09 - Peggy George
you tubes work on the ipad but not in the Collaborate app :-(

18:15 - Aunttammie
Wow, long clip

18:19 - Louise Morgan

18:28 - Peggy George
clip was 2:15 mins

18:31 - technoclown
lost audio

18:32 - Lara
Just lost audio...

18:35 - Lorraine Leo
I lost audio

18:47 - Lorie Moffat
Lost Heidi

18:53 - Peggy George
oh no-lost Heidi! she'll be back!

19:00 - Oronoque
one person's truth is another person's creativity

19:04 - Peggy George (Ma and Pa Kettle-Alternate Math Proofs video)

19:08 - Denise
great video!

19:21 - Peggy George
I think the web tour is causing problems today.

19:34 - Peggy George
welcome back!!!!

19:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Makes perfect sense to me!

19:49 - Peggy George
technology is so fabulous (when it works)!! :-)

20:14 - Peggy George (Characteristics and behaviors of the gifted)

20:26 - Kim Caise

20:31 - Peggy George
There is no Scratch app for the iPad :-(

20:49 - Peggy George

20:53 - Julie 1

21:02 - Peggy George
Language Arts Game-Struggling

21:39 - shukufa

21:57 - Peggy George (Why no Scratch iPad app?)

22:15 - Peggy George (Dynamic Art Lite-free version of graphical programming for kids-iPad app programming method similar to Scratch)

22:22 - Aunttammie
Peggy, is it flash based?

22:34 - Peggy George
no Apple didn't approve the app

22:54 - Peggy George
that article explains...

23:00 - Aunttammie

23:52 - Peggy George (Scratch home page)

23:57 - Aron
I think that ipad app only played scratch projects. No editing or creating.

24:06 - Peggy George (Get Started-video tutorial for installing Scratch)

24:22 - Peggy George (ScratchEd website)

24:38 - Peggy George
everyone loves mazes!! what power to be able to create them

24:45 - Peggy George
I'll be adding the project links

24:59 - technoclown
lost audio

25:18 - Peggy George
oops! lost Heidi again

25:25 - Peggy George

25:34 - Peggy George
next project link :-)

25:43 - Becki Tharp
I love the template idea.

25:44 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
This is so awesome, I am excited to use with my middle schoolers!!

25:52 - Peggy George

26:29 - Peggy George
what a great idea! interactive!!

26:50 - Aunttammie
The math is too much for me, but I would guess that my students could figure it out!

27:05 - Karen @klirenman
I've never seen scratch, although I've heard about it, butI think it's over the head of my kidlets. :-)

27:08 - Lorraine Leo
The project examples are created by students in what grade level?

27:09 - Peggy George
I remember the turtle logo :-) my first experience on a computer!

27:22 - Peggy George
these examples are many different grade levels

27:32 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
I took a logo geometry class for my master's!! It was FUN! Math Geek Here ;)

27:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Karen I bet some of your kiddos could use it.

27:44 - Aunttammie
Too bad we can't see the project working...

27:54 - Peggy George

27:57 - Christine (@jhox1)
I've done guided projects with 1st-2nd graders and then let them experiement.

28:02 - Peggy George
she will do a demo later

28:10 - Karen @klirenman
BUt Paula, how much grey hair wouldi get in the process? I'm still here in the room listening, and learning.

28:11 - @shamblesguru [macbook]
There is a new beta version of scratch that works in a browser

28:32 - Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru! I'll add that to the Livebinder :-)

29:00 - Louise Morgan
glad there will be a demo. I am a little overwhelmed.

29:10 - Doug Henry
Caroline is ready to take over Meg Whitman's job!

29:17 - Peggy George
Social Studies project:

29:25 - Peggy George
3rd grader!!!

29:38 - John Langley
just downloaded Dynamic Art Lite and took a quick look - it's similar enough to Scratch that students could start on Dynamic Art Lite (looks lower level) and move to Scratch

29:46 - Peggy George
what a creative way to do a presentation!

29:57 - Parvana from Azerbaijan
Yesterday I took part in Jeff's presentation about his creation ANVILL at Oregon University

30:15 - Peggy George
love that parent participation!!! :-)

30:25 - Parvana from Azerbaijan
I had wonderful time during webinar

30:41 - Peggy George
7th gr. social studies project:

31:02 - Aunttammie
I did try this! It was way too hard for me to figure out all those puzzle pieces and how they fit together...embarrassing how little kids CAN droit, apparently!

31:05 - Doug Henry
ALICE is a similar graphic programming system for older studentsALICE is a similar graphic programming system for older students

31:36 - Peggy George
this becomes easier after you start playing with it and understand the principles of creating the movements

32:00 - Glenn Loayza
I've come in late. Was there a link or tutorial for basic programming that I missed?

32:20 - Peggy George
there are lots of tutorials to help you get started and learn step by step in Heidi's resources

32:40 - Aunttammie
Isn't this high school geometry...coordinates ,etc?

32:40 - Peggy George (Stretch Instructor website)

32:41 - Kim Caise
we are focusing more on ways to use Scratch rather than how to use Scratch

32:45 - Christine (@jhox1)
This book helped me get started.

32:45 - Kim Caise

33:02 - Karen @klirenman
THis is quite interesting.

33:05 - Peggy George
8th gr. science project--Sound Book:

33:05 - Doug Henry
Another Good book:Super Scratch Programming Adventure - 2010 - Programming & games in comic book format

33:21 - Christine (@jhox1)
Also, the Scratch cards on the MIT Scratach site were helpful with my kids.

33:38 - Peggy George
the animation is what the kids love!!!

33:45 - Karen @klirenman
Wondering if we could try this with our Big Buddies. Hmm...

34:16 - Peggy George (ScratchEd curriculum guide)

34:18 - Aunttammie
What does "costume" mean in scratch?

34:27 - Peggy George (ScratchEd website)

34:29 - Randall F
@Doug - do you think this is a good progression for students: Scratch -> Alice -> Unity 3D?

35:12 - Peggy George

35:19 - Peggy George
ipad and 18 month old baby

35:32 - clinds
@Karen - What grade do you teach?

35:45 - Peggy George

35:49 - Karen @klirenman
Grade One. Little people.

35:50 - Carolyn Stanley
I've watched that video. Very instructive.

35:51 - Peggy George
3 cups of tea

35:58 - Doug Henry
@Randall: Makes sense to me - my 3rd-5ths are more into Minecraft now!

36:13 - Karen @klirenman
But I'm curious about scratch.

36:13 - Peggy George
that was such a big disappointment to learn that it wasn't true!!

36:20 - Glenn Loayza
Outstanding sources. Thank you

36:37 - Peggy George
3 cups of teach quiz game:

37:14 - Peggy George
Reading in content area--CCSS (Common Core State Standards)

37:23 - clinds
@Karen - Your more advanced students could definitely use Scratch - I sat with a group of strong kinder boys and with some help they could figure out the program and loved it.

37:45 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, my - I hadn't heard of the scandal. How sad! There was so much hype about that book. I remember the scandal around that male author who Oprah Winfrey had promoted - a recovered drug addict - and it was a sham, too.

37:52 - Peggy George
Foreign Language ideas:

38:05 - Peggy George
I love this Banana project!!! :-)

38:18 - Peggy George

38:22 - Peggy George
Go Bananas!

38:34 - Karen @klirenman
@clinds yes a I have a couple of students in my mind that would like this, yet another choice to add to our mix. No iPad app doesn't help me though.

38:41 - Peggy George (Go Bananas Project Resources)

39:32 - Peggy George
there is also a Go Bananas lesson plan in the Livebinder

40:44 - Peggy George
what would you like to see Heidi demonstrate in app sharing? would you like her to create something?

41:28 - JP
Late arrival; please repeat livebinder link

41:34 - Kim Caise

41:35 - Peggy George
Engagement video with Bailey:

41:44 - Carolyn Stanley
This is amazing! I really need to "start from scratch" - pun intended. I did a couple of projects a couple of years ago, but I've forgotten so much of what I learned.

42:09 - Aunttammie
Is there a webinar or tutorial on how to use scratch? I can't figure it out, but would like to point my kids somewhere.

42:13 - Peggy George
you'll be hooked as soon as you start playing with it! and it's all FREE!

42:51 - Peggy George
is the video playing for you?

42:55 - Kim Caise

42:58 - Aunttammie

43:00 - Karen @klirenman

43:11 - Aunttammie
Forgot... I'm onipad

43:22 - Peggy George

43:28 - Lorraine Leo
@Auntammie ScratchEd has many helpful resources

43:51 - Kim Caise

43:53 - Aunttammie
That's in the live binder?

44:00 - Peggy George (ScratchEd website)

44:02 - Peggy George

44:10 - Kim Caise

44:18 - Louise Morgan
holy cow!

44:30 - Peggy George
love seeing her demonstrate this

44:34 - Peggy George
9 years old!

45:10 - Peggy George
this video is in the Livwebinder and you can watch it again later to see how she did these things :-)

45:10 - Carolyn Stanley
The greatest thing is that all SCRATCH projects are downloadable so kids can play with the variables and learn by modifying an established project.

45:22 - Peggy George
great point @Carolyn!!!

45:33 - Aunttammie
But again, isn't the math...graphing calculations...way above the elementary level? That's what I don't understand.

45:46 - STRETCh Instructor
She will be presenting this project at ISTE 2013 as well as a global M&M project she is creating for next school year. She wants to create a Kickstarter project to raise funds to send the supplies to schools for free!

45:50 - Peggy George
no you don't have to do the calculations

45:57 - Kim Caise
students can make the projects as complex as they wish

46:09 - Peggy George
you can just use trial and error to move the objects

46:29 - Doug Henry
This is a thesis project!

46:30 - Kim Caise
for younger students you can explore already created projects and then create new ones

46:38 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Thank you Heidi for your awesome presentation and thanks Peggy and Kim because you organize weekly #liveclass20 . Keep in touch

46:39 - Louise Morgan
She's quite a character :D

46:41 - Peggy George
opposites attract :-)

46:54 - clinds
@Aunttamammie - You can use x/y coordinates that even younger students can pick up pretty quickly but you can also just move the sprites (characters) a certain number of units, which younger students usually use.

46:56 - Peggy George
she's adorable!!! and she's listening to her teacher :-)

46:59 - Carolyn Stanley
She has to think of everything.

47:02 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
The students are so used to trying something and revising based on the outcome. They will see learning how to use this as a challenge!

47:08 - Kim Caise
good point about including the use of capital letters

47:24 - Peggy George
great idea for peer feedback!

47:35 - Christine (@jhox1)
@Auntiammie Check out the Scratch for Teens book. It is a very easy "Tutorial" type book. Don't let the title "for Teens" scare you or your kids off.

47:43 - Louise Morgan

47:43 - Peggy George
test scores :-) kids really did well!

48:01 - Kim Caise
what an awesome video!

48:18 - Carolyn Stanley
I am blown away -so much to learn from our students.

48:28 - Aunttammie
Christine, I teach 9th grade, so that wouldn't scare them, thanks

48:39 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We need to allow our students the freedom to create things like Bailey did.

48:39 - Louise Morgan
is there a tutorial for the kids to watch?

48:44 - Peggy George
if you have questions for Heidi type them here or take the mic

48:45 - Aunttammie
Didn't know they had books about it

48:53 - Kim Caise
there are lots of resources featured in the livebinder

49:01 - Peggy George
tons of tutorials on Heidi's site and on ScratchEd

49:19 - Kim Caise

49:28 - Peggy George
K-8 Programming Playground:

49:30 - Louise Morgan
great idea!

49:38 - Peggy George
Intervention Corner:

49:51 - Peggy George

49:56 - clinds
I've found this is definitely a program that teachers don't need to become experts with before using with students. A few students will immediately get it and then help the students who are not picking it up as quickly. Great way to let the students take the lead!

50:01 - Peggy George
Teachers Pay Teachers:

50:09 - Kim Caise
the links on the slide are in the livebindr and on Heidi's website/resources

50:13 - Peggy George
those are Heidi's resources on Teachers Pay Teachers

50:21 - Louise Morgan
can the games be embedded once they have been created?

50:29 - Peggy George
Family Feud game on Teachers Pay Teachers :-)

50:41 - Peggy George
cheat sheets! brilliant idea!

50:56 - Kim Caise
how cool!

51:02 - Peggy George

51:11 - Louise Morgan
I will need a LOT of cheat sheets.:o

51:20 - Kim Caise

51:23 - Kim Caise
same here @louise

51:32 - Peggy George
K-8 Programming Playground:

51:37 - Aunttammie
Is scratch a downloaded program or web based?

51:42 - Peggy George

51:49 - Kim Caise
programming always seemed/seems daunting to me

52:16 - Doug Henry
Are you looking forward to Scratch-2?

52:17 - Peggy George
the link with instructions for downloading Scratch is in the Livebinder

52:24 - clinds
Isn't the new version that just came out web-based?

52:30 - Aunttammie
S you can't embed a game into a blog?

53:07 - Peggy George
Kim will ask your questions on the mic

53:09 - Marjorie
How do I get the Livebinder?

53:16 - Jason
How could I fit this into my high school Functions course? I see a lot of K-8 reference. Should I be aiming at a program that is more difficult?

53:29 - Peggy George
Livebinder is here:

53:52 - Aunttammie
And the person playing it on the blog doesn't have to have scratch installed?

53:52 - Karen @klirenman
Yeah! Re Scratch junior!

54:04 - Peggy George
love it!!!

54:05 - Louise Morgan
I need Scratch Jr!

54:12 - Carolyn Stanley
I think that that k-2 level would be good for me :)

54:22 - Aunttammie
Me too

54:31 - Annette Whitby
Me three

54:50 - Peggy George
oh yes!!

55:12 - Doug Henry
There is also something called Picoboard, a USB sensor card Scratch can use

55:25 - Peggy George
do you have a link for that Doug?

55:56 - Doug Henry
@Peggy: Mentioned in Super Scratch Programming Adventure - 2010 - Programming & games in comic book format

56:18 - Peggy George
is a blinking tshirt a costume in Scratch?

56:25 - clinds
I just heard about a program called Enchanting and I think it lets you use Scratch to program LEGO Mindstorms.

56:27 - Aron
I have wedo. how would you rate pico compared to wedo.

56:55 - Louise Morgan
MIT students are so cool.

57:06 - Peggy George (Exploring Computational Thinking education resources on Google)

57:31 - Peggy George (Computational thinking video from ISTE)

57:44 - Randall F
Has anyone used any of the Kinect interfaces to Scratch?

58:01 - Carolyn Stanley
This is amazing. I have never heard of pico boards.

58:10 - chris dillon

58:13 - Glen Calvin

58:20 - Lara
oh no - audio gone again?

58:22 - Peggy George (Building Math Games using MIT’ Scratch)

58:38 - Peggy George
audio is fine--you may have a bandwidth lag and it will come back

59:04 - Peggy George (Geometry lesson-ties directly to CMP unit)

59:12 - shukufa
thank you Heidi for such kind interesting session

59:15 - Peggy George (Math Explorations Guides: More Geometry Explorations)

59:23 - John Langley
Thank you, Heidi - great information :)

59:25 - Rhonda
Thank You Heidi, Great Job wonderful information, excited for kids given the opportunity. Have a great day

59:28 - Peggy George
Steve always has really interesting interviews!!

59:34 - STRETCh Instructor
Your welcome everyone!

59:35 - Karen @klirenman
Thank you Heidi. Brain hurts a bit right now. I need to play.

59:41 - Becki Tharp
Thank you Heidi!

59:57 - technoclown
Thank you!

1:00:02 - Lorraine Leo
Thank you Heidi!

1:00:07 - Lara
Thanks, Heidi - interesting examples

1:00:10 - ninapeery
Thanks so much! Will have to try this out with my students.

1:00:10 - Jason
Heidi. What was your email address again?

1:00:12 - Peggy George
I'm so excited we have some special subject content areas coming up with art and music!!

1:00:14 - Denise
is there a way to get a certificate for attendance...PD credit?

1:00:20 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Thank you Heidi!!

1:00:26 - STRETCh Instructor

1:00:30 - @viralber 1
Thanks very much

1:00:31 - Peggy George

1:00:33 - Carolyn Stanley
Lots of new learning today. Thanks so much.

1:00:35 - Glenn Loayza
This was amazing. Fantastic work you are doing. Bailey was precious.

1:00:37 - Louise Morgan
Amazing tool! Thanks for the info Heidi!

1:00:43 - Peggy George

1:00:48 - Tom Krawczewicz
Thanks! Going to show my 7th grade son, who needs to create a PP presentation this week, the Scratch version one to try!

1:00:53 - Jason
Thanks for everything! Lots of good info.

1:01:01 - Denise
thank you!

1:01:04 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks Heidi. Need to introduce my fourth graders to Scratch.

1:01:05 - Peggy George
the survey link will open when you log out

1:01:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Have a great weekend everyone. :)

1:01:21 - Peggy George
or you can find the link in the Livebinder under the Classroom 2.0 LIVE tab

1:01:26 - STRETCh Instructor
Tom - download the Sir Lanka project so he can see how it was programmed!

1:01:33 - Peggy George

1:01:43 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:01:51 - CristinaLemos

1:01:58 - Tom Krawczewicz
@STRETCh Instructor Thanks!

1:02:02 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)

1:02:05 - Leonard P. Miller
Thank you! Excellent presentation

1:02:07 - Doug Henry
Thanks, Heidi, Kim, Lorna, Peggy, and all - this was one of the best CR20's ever!

1:02:07 - Peggy George
we'll post the link to the recording and Livebinder in the archives later today Archives for all recordings:

1:02:13 - @debvane
Thank you!

1:02:30 - Peggy George
Lorie do you have any questions you captured?

1:02:42 - Lorie Moffat
I'll look

1:02:54 - Denise
I am so excited to use SCRATCH!

1:02:55 - Kim Caise

1:03:05 - Peggy George
would you like Heidi to demonstrate something in app sharing?

1:03:39 - @debvane
Peggy - yes!

1:03:49 - Peggy George
can you start a project with nothing on it?? and show first steps?

1:04:07 - Peggy George
my question was for Heidi :-)

1:04:12 - Peggy George
yes Heidi

1:04:26 - Peggy George
we practice that :-) this will be great to see

1:04:50 - Peggy George
seeing it great :-)

1:05:17 - Peggy George
sprite! new vocabulary word!!

1:05:53 - Aunttammie
So costume is movement?

1:06:08 - Kim Caise
i thought a sprite was just a soda!

1:06:12 - Glenn Loayza
some one mentioned first steps in programming

1:06:13 - Peggy George

1:06:26 - Aunttammie
I think, then, costume is position

1:06:52 - Kim Caise
or maybe a movement

1:06:55 - Sofia Segurola
the mayan ballgame can i find this in teachers pay teachers?

1:07:17 - Sofia Segurola
projects you have already made?

1:07:26 - Peggy George
oh this is a bonus!! create your Scratch login so you can share it with all your kids uploading projects in same place :-)

1:07:36 - Peggy George
kids can comment on each others projects that way :-)

1:07:38 - Doug Henry
I see some Scratch projects tagged Minecraft 2D - I think these - simple as they may be - would be a useful bridge between the two games...

1:08:13 - Peggy George
the Mayan ball game is in the Livebinder

1:08:21 - Aron
of course they appear to be commenting on themselves if they use the same log in.

1:08:26 - Peggy George
excellent point @Doug Henry!

1:08:33 - Becki Tharp
Did he upload the power point into scratch?

1:08:41 - Sofia Segurola

1:08:52 - Peggy George
fantastic!!! we love FREE!

1:09:05 - Sofia Segurola

1:09:17 - clinds
Costumes are used to make your sprite look different. It could be different clothes or a different position so looks like they're walking.

1:09:23 - Peggy George
you can start with a project already created and let your students modify it

1:10:17 - Doug Henry
Could load PowerPoint slides in as backgrounds, and add Scratch animation and sound to them

1:10:31 - Aunttammie

1:10:48 - Peggy George
only reason to download Scratch is to create games--can play them without downloading the app

1:10:59 - Aron
can you post a link to the pendulum example

1:10:59 - Peggy George
got it Heidi :-)

1:11:40 - Kim Caise

1:11:40 - Peggy George (Swingable, Throwable Pendulum Scratch project)

1:11:41 - Becki Tharp
There are some tutorials on youtube too.

1:12:27 - clinds
I used a student-created tutorial from YouTube to introduce Scratch to students and worked really well.

1:12:28 - Peggy George (Scratch courses with Heidi Williams)

1:13:03 - Sofia Segurola
My students are using prezi can they create within prezi?

1:13:07 - Peggy George
that's so cool! create your presentation right in Scratch!

1:13:09 - Aron
Thanks. Its amazing what kids can do with Scratch.

1:13:25 - Becki Tharp
Thank you Heidi, you use the powerpooint image as the stage - now I get it.:)

1:13:35 - Kim Caise

1:13:43 - Peggy George What Schools Don't Teach

1:14:16 - Peggy George
do any of you have project examples you can share done by your students in Scratch?

1:14:54 - Peggy George

1:14:59 - Peggy George
Nebo Music on Scratch

1:15:23 - Lorie Moffat
I jsut started using it myself yesterday. I do have a youtube link:

1:15:42 - Kim Caise

1:15:44 - Peggy George
I love this Project Reservoir project:

1:15:48 - Lorraine Leo

1:16:06 - Peggy George
thanks for your link Lorie!!! can't wait to see your video!

1:16:12 - Sofia Segurola
Are you familiar with Prezi?

1:16:15 - Lorraine Leo
Here is a collaborative project that beginners or advanced students can join.

1:16:19 - Lorie Moffat
little 20 sec long animation

1:16:21 - Peggy George
anyone want to take the mic?

1:16:29 - Sofia Segurola

1:16:36 - Sofia Segurola

1:17:03 - Sofia Segurola

1:17:08 - Peggy George
good point about Prezi embed code! someone try it and see if it works :-)

1:17:20 - Peggy George
@Sofia--let us know if you try it :-)

1:17:37 - Doug Henry
We do Gr 3/4 spelling tests based on one of the posted alien invader game - every week we add a new twist to the game:

1:17:37 - Sofia Segurola
I will promise

1:17:44 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks again.

1:17:48 - Peggy George
these are all ways to contact Heidi

1:17:57 - Kim Caise

1:18:03 - Peggy George
they are ALL her resources

1:18:03 - Sofia Segurola
i can not find the maya ball game

1:18:08 - Kim Caise

1:18:22 - Aunttammie
Thank you!

1:18:33 - @debvane
Great session!

1:18:38 - Peggy George
as soon as everyone logs out the recording will process and we'll post the recording link in our archives

1:18:48 - Denise
This was great! Thank you!

1:18:50 - Doug Henry
Best session ever!

1:18:55 - Lara
Thanks, again!

1:19:02 - Louise Morgan
Thanks Heidi - a little overwhelmed - need to check it out!

1:19:13 - Peggy George
I"ll add the links you shared in the chat to the Livebinder

1:19:19 - @debvane
Heidi is a great resource for teachers!

1:19:20 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Thank you very much.

1:19:26 - Sofia Segurola

1:19:37 - Diana Samson