01:00 to: John Peters
Hey there Everyone from Amarillo, TX

01:13 to: MB
Thanks Tammy!!!

01:17 to: McTeach
YAY Tammy!!

02:35 to: Sal
Hi from nj

02:40 to: Steve Hargadon
Peru, India, Thailand?

02:49 to: angelamaiers
and Iowa!!! :-))

02:50 to: rmcdonald17
hi from Snowy Manitoba

03:22 to: rmcdonald17
Woke up to snow..grrrrrr

03:35 to: McTeach
This will be my first ISTE!!

03:42 to: Rick Pass
Hello from Astoria Oregon

03:52 to: John Peters
I don't see anything happening when I hit the green check

03:54 to: Ryan O'Donnell
me as well, very excited

03:55 to: McTeach
Already am glad!!

03:58 to: MB
Mine too...I was SO jealous not to be at NECC last year.

04:22 to: John Peters
@MB Me too! I didn't go to DC last year either

04:23 to: MB
Virtually I think I have...

04:23 to: Steve Hargadon

04:27 to: jackiegerstein
I attended 1/2 a day - no check for that :)

04:31 to: roxanne clement
at CUE too

05:07 to: MB

05:07 to: angelamaiers
You are in for a treat! It is amazing!

05:13 to: roxanne clement
i wish

05:16 to: Lori Feldman
woo hoo!

05:17 to: rmcdonald17
wish i was!!!

05:21 to: MB
Cannot wait to meet everyone.

05:23 to: Susie K
Can't wait.

05:31 to: jackiegerstein
One of my favorite times of the year!

05:34 to: Mark Moran
very excited

05:41 to: tammie
KILLING ME TO SAY NO...too expensive, but can't wait till it comes back to Texas!

06:01 to: angelamaiers
It is surreal- seeing your PLN live and in person. I was literally speechless last year! A first for me!

06:02 to: Brandy
im with you tammie

06:11 to: John Peters
@tammie, you can drive up from Texas with us!

06:12 to: rmcdonald17
Thanks Steve

06:13 to: roxanne clement

06:17 to: tammie
I know, can't tell you how much I appreciate you guys!

06:24 to: Jeff Bezler
that's why i'm here, to hear about those things :-)

06:32 to: Purti Singh
Welcome Steve looking forward hearing from you

06:46 to: roxanne clement
virtual too i hope

06:47 to: jackiegerstein
Yes - Angela - last year was the first time I "had" a PLN - amazing meeting all my Twitter and Second Life Friedns in person. Made the world of difference

06:47 to: Shamblesguru
Air Ticket

06:54 to: Rick Pass
What is a ribbon?

06:58 to: Mark Moran
something that doesn't require you to stick a pin in your shirt

07:00 to: MB
Can we choose two?

07:07 to: Brandy

07:08 to: John Peters
Buttons are MUCH better

07:08 to: jackiegerstein
I want two too

07:09 to: angelamaiers
@jackie- can not wait to meet you :-))

07:16 to: rmcdonald17
t-shirts always rock

07:19 to: jackiegerstein
:) Angela - mee too!

07:30 to: John Peters

07:37 to: Karen
t-shirts are always a big hit

07:42 to: Steve Hargadon
t-shirt, hats, embroidered jackets...?

07:43 to: John Peters
I'dbe willing to pay for a Edubloggercon T-Shirt

07:45 to: Ryan O'Donnell

07:46 to: MB
and B, although I do understand the "pin in shirt" problem..the ribbons fall off

07:46 to: Steve Hargadon

07:48 to: Brandy
they are expensive

07:56 to: MB

07:58 to: angelamaiers
T-shirts!! I need to know the color so I can match shoes with the outfit...planning!

08:01 to: MB
YES, shirts.

08:13 to: rmcdonald17
ice scrapers for us in manitoba ! lol

08:18 to: jackiegerstein
LOL Angela

08:31 to: McTeach
Angela....LOL!! I still remember that picture of you and Beth, I think

08:45 to: MB
Yes, the ribbons fall off

08:52 to: angelamaiers
@McTeach- do you remember my shoes, too!

08:53 to: jackiegerstein
Peggy Sheehy created "radical" arm bands-scarves last year for us

09:02 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
Green means both

09:10 to: roxanne clement
a way for virtual participants can get them too

09:11 to: McTeach
Angela...yes! And I wasn't even there!! :)

09:15 to: Brandy
good promotion

09:15 to: angelamaiers
Both!!! Yes!

09:18 to: michael gorman
could put both on one

09:30 to: John Peters
Well, just charge for the buttons

09:31 to: Kim Caise 1
A edubloggercon

09:33 to: jackiegerstein
Don't want to make decisions on a Saturday morning

09:41 to: Kim Caise 1
b classroom 2.0 button

09:52 to: McTeach
Won't be able to go to edubloggercon...going to DEN event

10:01 to: MB
But I still would love one of each.

10:10 to: jackiegerstein
Is it the same day McTeach?

10:16 to: McTeach

10:17 to: angelamaiers
It's a "Ning" thing!

10:17 to: MB
Yes, DEN

10:20 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
How about EduBloggercon ribbon AND C20 button

10:22 to: John Peters
Edubloggercon is the Best Part of ITSE!

10:37 to: jackiegerstein
Lovin it - agree Bob

10:39 to: Brandy
they fall off

10:41 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
I'm sure the ribbons are cheaper

10:45 to: angelamaiers
@Johnpeters- I totally agree

10:58 to: John Peters
Hey there @angelamaiers

11:03 to: McTeach
Really wanted to go to EBC, but feel the need to go to DEN

11:23 to: Brandy
i cant go bc my graduate summer classes I wish I could

11:40 to: rmcdonald17
Gotta run, hope you get some pieces put into place today, looking forward to connecting online with some of the conference ! Have a great day everyone

11:48 to: michael gorman
EBC or DEN still deciding!

11:49 to: angelamaiers
Our Fearless Leader!

12:00 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
mcdonald - be sure to replay the recording for today's sesseion

12:03 to: McTeach
@rmcdonald...have a great day!

12:33 to: Rick Pass
Hope this is OK to say. I (superintendent of school) want to set this up in my school with a class of students in another place and have a conversation about daily school life (what school lunch look

12:33 to: Rick Pass
s like, weather, school size, other topics of interest to stduents)

12:44 to: rmcdonald17
Thanks , at least i dont have to shovel any snow drifts!

12:59 to: Kim Caise 1
that is fantastic @rick! very innovative!

13:17 to: jackiegerstein
I remember Steve's open source computer lab - a bit in the corner but I found it and loved hearing the young guys talk excitedly about it

13:18 to: John Peters
@Rick Pass, very cool idea

13:38 to: Rick Pass

13:40 to: Brandy
I have a dumb question...Should 2.0 be updated to 3.0 now that its 2010

13:42 to: angelamaiers
@Rick- that is a great idea!

13:49 to: Mark Moran
Many ways to do that. Skype may be adequate for your needs. Use ePals to find classrooms to chat with.

14:01 to: Brandy
i agree

14:05 to: Brandy
i just wondered

14:15 to: John Peters
If we start using iPads will we then start calling it 3.0?

14:24 to: Kim Caise 1
not a dumb question at all @brandy

14:24 to: Rick Pass
Thanks Mark. Have used iChat and Skype just not in school setting.

14:40 to: MB
How about Ipads rather than buttons and ribbons? ;-)

15:02 to: John Peters
@MB well i got my iPad yesterday so that wouldn't work!

15:03 to: Kim Caise 1
good luck with that idea @mb. that would be fantastic wouldn't it?

15:10 to: MB

15:52 to: jackiegerstein
My proposal got rejected this year - it is a bit painful

15:58 to: Brandy
I wish we could present as part of my masters program i would really like to present my research findings on second life in education

16:00 to: Kim Caise 1
i hear you @jackie

16:03 to: Sheri Edwards
Is anyone using iPad in the classroom with students?

16:08 to: angelamaiers
@Jackie- mine, too!

16:21 to: John Peters
I didn't even submit anyting to present, I just like to see what everyone else is presenting

16:26 to: jackiegerstein
You Angela - yikes - who is on these committees!?!

16:30 to: McTeach
Whoa! Jackie and Angela both got rejected??? That's just wrong!

16:39 to: Kim Caise 1
there were some AMAZING presentations for NECC Unplugged sessions

16:40 to: jackiegerstein
Thx McTeach

16:45 to: Brandy
thats awesome

16:48 to: John Peters
I might do something at the UnConference. Just need to select a topic

16:57 to: Shamblesguru
Will the Elluminate be recorded?

16:58 to: Brandy
im so glad that the distance option is available

17:08 to: Sheri Edwards
I agree McTeach -- Jackie and Angela have ideas others need to hear

17:12 to: michael gorman
was last year 30?

17:17 to: Sal
over 30 years

17:24 to: angelamaiers
@Kim- I totally agree! Only challenge is that unplugged was right next to BLogger Cafe and it was hard to hear presenters

17:32 to: roxanne clement
big problems with mic and sound last year

17:46 to: John Peters
The Blogger Cafe is a BLAST!

17:48 to: Brandy
is there a way to filter sound maybe...

17:53 to: McTeach
What exactly is Birds of a Feather?

18:00 to: MB
Yes, I LOVE live webcams

18:02 to: angelamaiers
Unplugged is a great way to get your feet wet and jump into the conversation- you really feel like you are among friends. Great space for first timers

18:06 to: John Peters
Excellent ideas about the live webcams

18:13 to: Lori Feldman
LOVE the idea of webcam!

18:26 to: roxanne clement
to mic the speaker rather than just in the room

18:32 to: Brandy
are the web cams streamed

18:41 to: Kim Caise 1

18:48 to: MB
Thanks, Kim

19:21 to: Kim Caise 1
Steve's speakers for Unplugged quit working just before Unplugged was getting ready to start

19:25 to: Purti Singh
where do we get this link

19:34 to: Brandy
great idea

19:40 to: jackiegerstein
thx Sheri

19:41 to: roxanne clement

19:53 to: angelamaiers
That would be amazing!

19:55 to: roxanne clement
so cool

20:04 to: John Peters
@Kim I just found you on Twitte3r

20:05 to: MB
Chat roulette? Is that what you said?

20:07 to: tammie

20:08 to: Kim Caise 1
i think Peggy was the brainchild for this idea

20:12 to: Brandy
maybe too many participants with fast scrollling chat

20:29 to: jackiegerstein
you mean fortunately :)

20:51 to: Mark Moran
I don't think Chatroulette allows controlled access ?

20:58 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
maybe a Blogger's Cafe Smackdown webcam

21:15 to: Brandy
i will have it on

21:20 to: jackiegerstein
Webcam would be a good tool for reflection of learning - folks at ISTE could share

21:21 to: tammie
no private parts displays, hopefully!

21:27 to: Kim Caise 1
so glad you did @john

21:30 to: Kim Caise 1
hopefully not!

21:31 to: Kim Caise 1

21:37 to: roxanne clement
If you advertised by rade levels...elementary, middle high for instance they could comment on the excitement of sessions they attended so far

21:41 to: jackiegerstein
can the Chat roulette reference then

21:42 to: roxanne clement

21:49 to: John Peters
We will have to meetup at ISTE, I'm looking forward to it!

21:50 to: Brandy
i wil share this info with all in my graduate program

21:55 to: Brandy
they wioll be very insterested

21:56 to: angelamaiers
Could also stream live across Twitter with Add the "live"component to the Twitter stream...

22:05 to: Mark Moran
a product like ooVoo would work for that

22:11 to: Kim Caise 1
great idea @angela!

22:35 to: John Peters

22:45 to: McTeach
How do you bring your own power?

22:45 to: John Peters
will we be able to plug stuff in?

22:50 to: Brandy
i guess not

22:53 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
Do they mean power strips or generators?

23:00 to: MB
Do we bring generators? ;-)

23:00 to: roxanne clement
will your cafe have power then

23:09 to: Brandy
lol generators

23:13 to: Mark Moran
They typically charge $20 per power strip

23:26 to: McTeach
I'm bringing an power strip with me!

23:29 to: angelamaiers
Does Edubloggercnn have a hashtag?

23:33 to: jackiegerstein

23:53 to: michael gorman
how about wireless electricity

23:58 to: Brandy

24:08 to: Brandy

24:13 to: jackiegerstein
like dehydrated water

24:16 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
#EduBloggerCon really chews up characters in twitter, though

24:17 to: Brandy
open source movement is growing

24:35 to: Brandy
especially courseware and open software

25:03 to: jackiegerstein
Steve - I am interested how you will be at all of them at the same time

25:26 to: roxanne clement
will that be online?

25:53 to: jackiegerstein
extremely stunning

25:58 to: angelamaiers
It sounds overwhelming, but it really all feels natural and like family. It really is extraordinary.

26:31 to: John Peters
I'm using #EBC10 for the hashtag

26:33 to: Brandy
it is awesome...I will encourage all of my classmates to participate online

26:34 to: angelamaiers
@jackie- his avatar will be his double!

26:42 to: jackiegerstein

26:52 to: roxanne clement
poster session

26:53 to: Rick Pass
hash tags

27:06 to: jackiegerstein

27:12 to: MB
Thanks Jackie.

27:22 to: jackiegerstein

27:23 to: John Peters
@Rick Pass Hastags are sort of links on Twitter you put the # infront of a group of letters

27:24 to: angelamaiers
@Rick- hash tags will help aggregate the content as it conveyed through twitter

27:38 to: Brandy
students 2.0? cool if students will use it this could be a great grassroots discussion venture

27:53 to: angelamaiers
@John @Rick- hashtags are very Web3.0

27:56 to: John Peters
We are bringing some students to ISTE

28:02 to: jackiegerstein
Not enough students at ISTE - their poster sessions are always amazing - would love to see them at Edubloggercon

28:21 to: angelamaiers
Steve- what can we do to help?

28:37 to: MB
Are the Denver Public Schools advertising at all?

28:56 to: MB
How about a logo contest?

29:04 to: Kim Caise 1
hopefully so @MB. we did when it was in San Antonio

29:10 to: jackiegerstein
thank might fit with not having a NING any longer - I say sarcastically

29:15 to: Kim Caise 1
we are definitely going to do that

29:34 to: Kim Caise 1
i am working on the buttons

29:37 to: Rick Pass
Students at ISTE! Gest idea! How can we get a few kids from all over the country to attend with a school employee. Edubloggers for kids. etc

29:39 to: jackiegerstein
Have some students design the logo

29:42 to: angelamaiers
Didn't Kevin Honeycutt do cool badges last year?

29:56 to: Kim Caise 1
steve and sue waters had some great ones

29:59 to: jackiegerstein
Rick - that would be so fun

30:09 to: John Peters
I'll help out some @Steve

30:13 to: angelamaiers
And tweet with the hashtag- it will help the information get passed more effectively

30:36 to: MB
I am a newbie, but would love to help. May need some ideas for someone who doesn't really know what to do....

30:45 to: John Peters
Well do we want to do what we did in San Antonio let them decide

30:50 to: John Peters
yeah I could

30:58 to: Mark Moran
There's so much I could discuss; would love feedback in advance on what might be interesting.

31:19 to: Kim Caise 1
awesome @john

31:54 to: Shamblesguru

31:56 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
The TCEA (TX) EduBloggerCon went really well

32:15 to: michael gorman
TCEA was done nicely

32:25 to: Kim Caise 1
yes it did bob! it was done well

32:25 to: MB
At AASL, they had a wiki with the Hardcopy - but there were conflicts...

32:31 to: Brandy
I wish I had gone to tcea this year...hopefully next year

32:36 to: angelamaiers
I will be there all week- will help with any part of the events

32:38 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
It was scheduled through a wiki

33:26 to: Rick Pass
Just a thought . . . how abuot an unconference for kids! or better yet how about an ISTE Conference just for students with student presenters. We would not even have teach the students because they

33:26 to: Rick Pass
are the digital natives. :)

33:36 to: Kim Caise 1
sessions were full, even towards the end of the day

33:46 to: Kim Caise 1
we even had to move to a larger room

33:57 to: Jeff Bezler
i think google wave will be huge - very cool

34:09 to: Shamblesguru
There is no audience, only participants.

34:17 to: Brandy
tweeting wiki address coulld hep

34:21 to: angelamaiers
Great point!

34:23 to: Brandy
help i mean

34:25 to: michael gorman
I think the paper ideas is good and functional

34:39 to: John Peters
I like the paper idea as well

34:43 to: Brandy
or do a poll

34:57 to: Brandy
i have

35:12 to: Brandy
hmm pbwiki maybe

35:22 to: John Peters
We could "back-up" stuff on the wiki so people not in attendance could maybe present virtually

35:49 to: jackiegerstein
Conversations and discourse

35:51 to: michael gorman
That is huge!

36:04 to: Shamblesguru Helping the world find the best input from an audience of any size.

36:31 to: Brandy
maybe add a link for comments to the poll

36:40 to: Jeff Bezler
doesn't google wave allow polls in a widget where you can edit the wave?

36:49 to: angelamaiers
How does the moderator work?

36:50 to: Jeff Bezler
just a membership problem then

36:54 to: McTeach
Will ning still be around by then?

37:04 to: angelamaiers
What do you think will be hot topics this year?

37:06 to: John Peters
Can't we use CoveritLive for comments

37:20 to: Brandy

37:25 to: jackiegerstein
@Angela - Ning is a hot topic :)

37:34 to: McTeach
Maybe we need to create something new for our purposes!

37:53 to: John Peters
Yeah Ning! it's definately a hot topic right now

37:54 to: McTeach
ActivExpressions with promethean would allow that

37:58 to: buffyjhamilton
You can do comments with Poll Everywhere, too.

38:03 to: michael gorman
Bring our own mouse and use mouse mischief

38:09 to: Brandy
poll everywhere thats what i was trying to remember

38:12 to: angelamaiers
Would something like Etherpad be too hard to follow?

38:17 to: jackiegerstein
I was wondering about that Buffy - poll everywhere

38:20 to: Brandy
it allows comments I used it for a project

38:27 to: angelamaiers
@Michael- too funny!

38:42 to: John Peters
Sorry, but I have to run. I'll watch the archived session later. Everyone have a great weekend!

38:48 to: Kim Caise 1
i think poll everywhere is limited to responses per poll, right buffy?

38:53 to: angelamaiers
See you soon John!

39:00 to: McTeach
What about a google form?

39:09 to: Brandy
ohh maybe kim I only had 22 people in my class

39:10 to: McTeach
So easy to use!

39:17 to: angelamaiers
Right- thinking more of archiving conversations and comments- not good for voting

39:20 to: buffyjhamilton
Hi Kim! You get 30 responses w/ a free poll, but you are right---you have to pay for more responses.

40:07 to: Bob Caro - SoTX

40:25 to: jackiegerstein
Love when participants generate the content

40:38 to: buffyjhamilton

40:39 to: angelamaiers
Nice! Will this be like the smackdown?

40:55 to: Kim Caise 1

41:06 to: Brandy
good idea esp for people to look back at later

41:46 to: Shamblesguru
I have an area of backchannel tools at

42:12 to: angelamaiers
Is there a Web Smackdown this year? If not- Bob's session idea is a must!

42:34 to: Shamblesguru
... and also backchannel tool tips ... at ...

43:05 to: McTeach
Is the smackdown the same day as EBC?

43:11 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks Shamblesguru

43:11 to: jackiegerstein
I think the best idea so far was a NING for Edubloggercon - can a voting widget be added?

43:17 to: roxanne clement
how can you mic the speakers at least?

43:31 to: jackiegerstein
Pecha Kucha

43:36 to: buffyjhamilton
Oooh, yes!

44:22 to: roxanne clement

44:29 to: michael gorman
is there an EBC at BLC this year?

44:43 to: angelamaiers
@Shamblesguru- awesome resources! Thanks!

45:07 to: Brandy
I would if I could go

46:12 to: tammie
I went to some presentations last year...enjoyed it

46:23 to: tammie

46:33 to: Brandy

46:35 to: angelamaiers
I would absolutely encourage ALL newbies to give it a try. It was my first time sharing with my "PLN"- I was terrified! And, I have not shut up since!

46:53 to: jackiegerstein

46:58 to: McTeach
Wouldn't know what to talk about

47:07 to: jackiegerstein
We like you not shutting up Angela

47:28 to: jackiegerstein
McTeach - talk about what you do in the classroom!

47:28 to: Delbusch
I am happy to listen Angela

47:30 to: tammie
I think it is what started me doing the weekly Classroom 2.0 sessions on Saturday mornings

47:33 to: angelamaiers
@McTeach- you absolutely have something to contribute- it is a great place to find your voice!

48:02 to: Kim Caise 1
so true@anglea

48:07 to: McTeach
Jackie...but do you think people really want to hear about me pulling my hair out while working with middle schoolers??? :)

48:12 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
"Devoted to Beginners" - a nice catch-phrase

48:12 to: jackiegerstein
These environments have the kindest-more helpful folks

48:16 to: McTeach
Thanks Angela! I can't wait!

48:16 to: jackiegerstein

48:17 to: angelamaiers
This leads in to plug for Seth's session with you next week- YOU ARE A GENIUS..the world, the edublog and otherwise needs your contribution

48:33 to: jackiegerstein
Yep McTeach!

48:42 to: McTeach
Seriously?! Wow!

49:06 to: jackiegerstein
Congrats Steve!!!

49:28 to: angelamaiers
Linchpin is the homework for EVERYONE- it is a genius book!

49:35 to: jackiegerstein
He is also not a twitterer ;)

49:35 to: buffyjhamilton
I just got my copy!

49:57 to: jackiegerstein
Center Stage

50:17 to: buffyjhamilton
I have a blog post about the session set to go on our Georgia Library Media Association on Monday (we are an ISTE affiliate)

50:19 to: Sheri Edwards
Yes, McTeach -- I pull my hair out too, and would love to hear your experiences to help me not get more grey hair too !

50:51 to: jackiegerstein
What time?

50:54 to: roxanne clement

50:57 to: jackiegerstein

50:58 to: McTeach
Sheri...I call it "Better Living Thru Chemistry"...just ask my hairdresser!

51:27 to: Sheri Edwards

51:40 to: Rick Pass
Please post the name of the book and author.

51:41 to: angelamaiers
@buffyhamilton- will look for that! Just did a session with 1st graders using his book yesterday! It was incredible conversation when I told them they were genius!

51:54 to: jackiegerstein

51:54 to: jackiegerstein

52:00 to: jackiegerstein
sorry - not a link

52:03 to: buffyjhamilton
Angela, that is so cool---will you be writing a post on your blog about it?

52:28 to: Kim Caise 1

52:49 to: jackiegerstein
Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age eBook

52:52 to: Kim Caise 1
thanks Jackie

53:03 to: Rick Pass
Angela: Would love to hear more on the 1st grade. Thanks for the link!

53:09 to: angelamaiers
I video'd the session! The student student written and oral responses are absolutely priceless- will post for sure!!

53:13 to: jackiegerstein
Very good book!

53:37 to: buffyjhamilton
ooooh, that looks fabulous!

53:38 to: michael gorman
Reminds me of New Games from the 70's

53:51 to: McTeach
That'll be me!

54:05 to: jackiegerstein
Yes - Michael - that is my background

54:12 to: Brandy
maybe a sign that says newbies dont be shy

54:20 to: McTeach
Sign wouldn't do it for me...I'm actually painfully shy

54:24 to: angelamaiers
What about shifts of "helpers" with cool T-shirts saying Welcome, ask me about...

54:27 to: jackiegerstein
Me too McTeach

54:32 to: michael gorman
Free software!

54:41 to: MB
Maybe little business cards passed out inviting people in...

54:53 to: McTeach
Arriving there with someone I know

54:56 to: jackiegerstein
The seasoned folks need to be the inviters

54:58 to: McTeach
So I don't feel alone

55:00 to: Brandy
maybe people think its invitation only

55:11 to: Brandy
or you are suppossed to be well estabished in the field

55:13 to: angelamaiers
Like a "Bloggers Cafe" host/hostess

55:22 to: jackiegerstein
Yes Angela

55:23 to: Brandy
i think it would be great and give them out at newbie sesssions

55:29 to: McTeach
I like that idea Angela

55:30 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
T-Shirt - "What's a question you want me to ask?"

55:36 to: MB
Invitation cards are a GREAT idea!

55:43 to: buffyjhamilton
Angela, I can't wait to see/hear about it!

55:44 to: MB
Add "Bring your friends"

55:52 to: angelamaiers
We would definitely need the cool T-shirts to make it work!

55:56 to: Brandy
open for everyone

56:01 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
Everybody wants to know - no one wants to ask

56:07 to: McTeach
I think Angela just wants a free t-shirt

56:11 to: Brendan Murphy
As a newbee the biggest fear I have is making a fool of myself, either by not knowing anyone or more often by not knowing the standard etiquite or just what to do

56:21 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
T-Shirt - "What's a question you want me to ask?"

56:26 to: buffyjhamilton
That is an excellent point

56:34 to: Sal
Have to go

56:36 to: Sal

56:38 to: Sal
thank you

56:40 to: jackiegerstein
bye Sal

56:43 to: michael gorman
It is also hard to walk in and no one talks to you

56:51 to: MB
I find that once I get in the cafe, everyone is very open to each is the "getting in" that is a bit difficult.

56:55 to: jackiegerstein
I agree Michael

57:03 to: angelamaiers
I was so "star struck" last year- having a welcoming voice would have been so helpful

57:04 to: Kim Caise 1
so true @mb

57:05 to: McTeach
I always hate to interrupt people who are talking

57:19 to: McTeach
Don't want to feel like a stalker

57:19 to: Delbusch
Thanks for the session. I love Sat. mornings.

57:33 to: jackiegerstein
Should be a student - who has a student with artistic talent?

58:13 to: Brandy
excellent Ill post it on my school listserve

58:15 to: jackiegerstein

58:21 to: MB
Yes, a contest!

58:24 to: michael gorman
Have peoplehere going to DEN hand out invited for cafe

58:45 to: jackiegerstein
That works for receptions

58:50 to: MB
Is there any way to attend both???

58:55 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
Have newbies write their questions on the back and turn them in

59:03 to: angelamaiers
Steve- will you be summarizing this conversation? We can tweet and blog this for any who were unable to attend!

59:08 to: Rick Pass
Printed invitation . . . How cool and old school. LOL

59:11 to: Brandy
target newbie sessions

59:13 to: michael gorman
Some of could blog about it and invite, lots of newbies read

59:15 to: Kim Caise 1

59:25 to: jackiegerstein
trade the invitation for the button :)

59:31 to: angelamaiers
Maybe do a tweetup for casual conversations before for those who get in early-

59:35 to: buffyjhamilton
Yeah, or some badge bling!

59:38 to: McTeach
How about having a special time in Bloggers Cafe for newbies?

59:54 to: buffyjhamilton
Great idea

59:55 to: michael gorman
tweet up is a great idea angela

59:57 to: jackiegerstein
Great idea McTeach

59:57 to: McTeach
"If you're a newbie, come by between 3:00 and 4:00"...

1:00:00 to: McTeach
something like that

1:00:07 to: Brandy
that would be good but they would like experience there as well

1:00:08 to: jackiegerstein

1:00:08 to: angelamaiers
@McTeach- that is genius! See the world absolutely needs your contribution!

1:00:14 to: jackiegerstein

1:00:14 to: MB
Newbie buttons???

1:00:18 to: McTeach
Thanks Angela! :)

1:00:20 to: Brandy
that would not be good

1:00:22 to: Brandy

1:00:22 to: angelamaiers
Great session all! Have a super day!

1:00:22 to: MB

1:00:24 to: jackiegerstein

1:00:37 to: Brandy
i wouldnt wear it

1:00:39 to: McTeach
Yes, last year, right?

1:00:48 to: Brendan Murphy
I wouldn't mind wearing a newbie button

1:01:01 to: McTeach
Maybe we should have our twitter names on buttons

1:01:07 to: Shamblesguru
This url not working for me ... is it working for anyone

1:01:11 to: Brendan Murphy

1:01:13 to: angelamaiers
Whatever I can do- let me know! :-)

1:01:33 to: jackiegerstein
a plug for John Gatto - very brilliant and radcial ed reformer

1:01:40 to: MB
THanks guys, this was fun.

1:01:49 to: Rick Pass
Thank you!

1:01:51 to: michael gorman
thanks for great info

1:01:53 to: jackiegerstein
Thanks - fun morning!

1:01:54 to: Brendan Murphy
thanks guys

1:02:02 to: McTeach
Thank you all!

1:02:04 to: jackiegerstein
Happy Chinco de Mayo - thanks all

1:02:05 to: buffyjhamilton
Great ideas and info all! Thank you so much for hosting this!

1:02:13 to: McTeach
Love Saturday mornings with Classroom 2.0!

1:02:31 to: Mark Moran
really looking forward to this

1:02:37 to: roxanne clement
I start my Saturdays with Classroom 2.0 :)

1:02:48 to: McTeach
Me too, Roxanne!

1:03:14 to: michael gorman
Jackie, now I have to try a new game this week.

1:03:30 to: Rick Pass
Thanks for listing the times by time zone. Missed a session yesterday because I was looking at eastern time not Pacific time zone.

1:03:46 to: buffyjhamilton
Always good to be here in this wonderful learning space

1:03:48 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
what was the itunes link again?

1:03:55 to: Sheri Edwards
thanks all :)

1:04:07 to: McTeach
Looking forward to that!

1:04:14 to: MB
Have a Happy May Day!

1:04:34 to: Steve Hargadon
Bye all!

1:04:39 to: buffyjhamilton
Bye all!

1:04:39 to: McTeach
Thanks STeve and Kim!

1:04:42 to: Brandy
see you guys

1:04:45 to: Bob Caro - SoTX
Great session - see everyone later!

1:04:46 to: michael gorman
Thanks Steve