May 14, 2011 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE – Featured Teacher - Cheryl Oakes
29:06 - Peggy George
It's a beautiful day in Phoenix AZ--should be below 100 degrees today :-)
29:13 - Alice Barr
HI Peggy Lorna nd Kim!
29:18 - bobsprankle
29:29 - Kim Keith
very cold on Cape Cod
29:30 - cheryloakes 1
Glad to be here!
29:44 - cheryloakes 1
Hello all, good day.
29:52 - Peggy George
We are thrilled to be featuring Cheryl Oakes today!!! She's so much more than a high school teacher!!!
29:52 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
Hi everyoane
30:10 - Len H
Welcome Jackie
30:10 - Peggy George
Welcome Paula!
30:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Peggy.
30:31 - Peggy George
Hi Dumacornellucian! So glad you're here!
30:32 - cheryloakes 1
Hi Paula
30:34 - Jackie
Hi everyone!
30:35 - Len H
Hi Paula! :)
30:40 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, Len :)
31:18 - Peggy George
We'll just follow Cheryl's lead as we go along
31:28 - CristinaLemos
Hi everyone!
31:45 - Peggy George
All of her links are in our Livebinder for today.
32:13 - Alice Barr
Wow Cheryl Amazing links!
32:15 - Peggy George
Scale to fit allows you to see the whole screen without scrolling
32:24 - cheryloakes 1
thanks alice
32:26 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Cheryl. Looking forward to your presentation. :)
32:56 - Alice Barr
Everyone should share this, Cheryl has amazing tips and resources. :)
32:58 - cheryloakes 1
thanks, looking forward to this as well
33:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning to Ian.
33:27 - carolynstanley
Hi, Cheryl, Alice, and Bob -so excited to have you in Classroom 2.0
33:30 - Peggy George
if the red dot doesn't go where you want it you can click and drag it around
33:37 - cheryloakes 1
Hi Carolyn!
33:39 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!!! love those red dots!
33:40 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
I moved from Georgia to Connecticut
33:52 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Have been coming for nearly two years.
33:55 - Peggy George
Hi carolynstanley!! Always love having you join us!
33:58 - carolynstanley
West Haven, CT
34:03 - nita
I am from Edison NJ
34:06 - Alice Barr
Hi carolyn, Nice to see you here.
34:11 - carolynstanley
Hi, Peggy - so excited about this one!
34:15 - Peggy George
34:17 - bobsprankle
hi carolyn
34:18 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi @carolynstanley.
34:24 - Kim Keith
see it
34:25 - Kim Caise
no it is showing
34:27 - cheryloakes 1
just coming up
34:29 - bobsprankle
see it now
34:36 - Kim Caise
it just laoded
34:40 - nita
Yes have created blog
34:53 - Peggy George
I added a bunch of links "all about Cheryl" at the beginning of the binder :-)
34:55 - carolynstanley
I checked the livebinders on my iPad. However, I couldn't scroll down in the window on it. Am I doing something wrong?
35:04 - cheryloakes 1
Oh my, this makes me tired looking at all that.
35:17 - Alice Barr
Live Binder is my homework for the week!
35:42 - Peggy George
you are going to LOVE Livebinders Alice!
35:59 - cheryloakes 1
Great going, this group likes blogs!
36:03 - nita
36:04 - Alice Barr
@Peggy, Looks amazing!
36:07 - Sheila_A
Hi Everyone! Finally making a Saturday show live!
36:10 - carolynstanley
I started a livebinder - but haven't really had time to do it justice.
36:21 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks for the feedback
36:22 - Peggy George
blogs are such amazing tools for teachers as well as students!
36:44 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Here is the link to my 4th graders blogs
36:44 - carolynstanley
I've done both.
36:45 - nita
36:53 - Peggy George
one of my first podcasts ever was EdTechTalk and Seedlings!! Fabulous webcast!
36:56 - cheryloakes 1
Great job!
37:00 - bobsprankle
that's awesome
37:14 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your links in the chat! We'll add them to the Livebinder after the show
37:29 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
Yeah!! I really want to start podcasting!!
37:32 - carolynstanley
Seedlings and Bob Sprankle got me involved in this wonder PLN
37:32 - Peggy George
no classroom but if I had one I would definitely use Google Apps!!!
37:43 - nita
That helps in learning foreign language
37:45 - Peggy George
wonderful group!!!
37:47 - cheryloakes 1
Great! You will like this presentation.
37:56 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
I am doing a take off of Bill Ferriter's group wiki project right now and it is AWESOME!!!
38:05 - cheryloakes 1
Looking for all of you to share!
38:18 - kg
so super that we are talking udl here today
38:20 - carolynstanley
I got it started in my middle school - then our sister middle school, and soon our regional high school will have a domain.
38:23 - Sheri Edwards
This is going to be a great presentation ...
38:26 - Peggy George
Bill Ferriter is fantastic!! He did a show for us awhile back that is in the archives.
38:31 - nita
Can you define Google apps please
38:37 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Sheri Edwards.
38:41 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks, this will be a good fit for Web 2.0 and UDL
38:44 - Peggy George
38:53 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@Peggy, that is where I got all the information on his project!!
38:53 - Peggy George
Huge shoutout to Tammy Moore!!!
38:59 - Sheri Edwards
Hello Paula! Do your students want comments on their blogs?
39:01 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
WooHoo for Tammy Moore, the queen of CC.
39:03 - Peggy George
that's great Kristen B!!!
39:10 - carolynstanley
@Kristen - I can't believe what wonderful resources that Bill Ferriter has provided for all of us.
39:11 - cheryloakes 1
google apps are the tools from google , gmail, google calendar, google docs, google sites and more
39:16 - Peggy George
we are so appreciative to have closed captioning for our shows!!!
39:16 - Sheri Edwards
Silly question, but my students want to comment
39:22 - Alice Barr
Google Apps is a suite of tools built for collaboration
39:24 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Sheri Edwards, yes they love comments.
39:25 - nita
I use it a lot
39:44 - Kim Keith
beautiful place
39:48 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@Peggy: it is amazing watching the kids collaborate together on Google Docs and collaboratively write an essay!!
40:15 - Peggy George
Cheryl is such a fabulous model for all things web 2.0!!!!
40:33 - carolynstanley
I haven't had much time to visit Women of the Web -
40:41 - Peggy George
Seedlins shows are in our Livebinder too! Be sure to check them out!
40:45 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Alice, Bob and Cheryl - what a team! :)
40:59 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@carolynstanley: I know he is amazing and all of the resources he shared with us are incredible!! My class has also funded 2 Kiva projects!!
41:00 - Peggy George
Women of Web is on leave for now with Sharon Peters in Mozambique
41:04 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Welcome Cheryl.
41:27 - nita
Welcome Cheryl
41:49 - Peggy George
what a great combination -- web 2.0 and UDL!!
41:57 - Peggy George
both are for ALL learners!
42:33 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
That seems like such a long time ago.
42:44 - Sheri Edwards
Our finance officer doesn't want us to do Kiva projects...
42:51 - Peggy George
I remember how thrilled I was to learn I could access so many things for free on the internet! Never even thought I could contribute to it. So glad we're in web 2.0 now!!
42:52 - Alice Barr
Ancient History :)
42:54 - durff
So what is Web 3.0 ?
43:08 - Peggy George
that's sad Sheri!! Kiva projects are so great!
43:32 - carolynstanley
I can still remember in the late 80's how our media specialist was so excited about "mosaic" - how far we've come.
43:36 - @shamblesguru 1
web 3.0
43:42 - kg
Using Amazon is a great example of 1.0 v. 2.0; and isn't it also helping evolve into 3.0...
44:04 - durff
in your own words shambles
44:07 - Peggy George (The Cheryl Oakes Daily)
44:12 - carolynstanley
But - Amazon becomes web2.0 with all the reviews from readers.
44:14 - Peggy George
Welcome Durff!
44:15 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@Sheri, I didn't ask about Kiva, I just did it. I am all about asking for forgiveness right now so that I am flying under the radar with a lot of the things I am doing. My principal knows but IT does not...
44:26 - durff
hey peggy
44:34 - Peggy George
I love "on demand"
45:00 - Kim Keith
Can't live without on demand and dvr
45:05 - carolynstanley
I just learned about QR codes after Classroom 2.0 last week - downloaded SCAN for my iPod - amazing.
45:13 - Peggy George
I remember a motto for a webcast that was "PD on Demand-Teachers in Command"
45:31 - Sheila_A
Just getting into QR codes in class now. Corrected homework that way.
45:49 - cscott
wow. that's great!
45:49 - Peggy George
Hi Sheila! Great to have you joiniing us today!
46:04 - Peggy George (The Cheryl Oakes Daily)
46:12 - Sheila_A
So glad I could make it.
46:12 - Peggy George
46:16 - carolynstanley
@Sheila - have no idea how to do that - just got as far as scanning a few from a magazine and having it take me to web content.
46:20 - Kim Caise i just made this one
46:26 - Kim Caise
for our archives and resources page
46:29 - Peggy George
QR codes are amazing! I'm just beginning to try them!
46:44 - Kim Keith
Don't understand them yet
46:49 - durff
Peggy that sounds like the title of your next ISTE presentation
46:53 - Lorna Costantini 1
46:55 - durff
46:55 - Len H
I installed a QR code reader for my PC so I could scan them with the computer.
46:58 - Kim Keith
47:00 - carolynstanley
47:09 - Sheila_A
@carolyn - Created answer sheet with a QR generator.
47:29 - Peggy George (Cheryl Oakes blog)
47:46 - carolynstanley
I saw stands with QR codes at the movies last evening when we went to see Thor. Didn't have time to scan them.
47:50 - Peggy George
what a great idea Sheila!!
48:06 - Peggy George
love Animoto and even use it on my iphone :-)
48:16 - durff
use it!
48:21 - Peggy George (ReadTheWords)
48:36 - Peggy George (Animoto)
48:41 - durff
it is great for those long passages I have to read for my degree
48:41 - @shamblesguru 1
Animoto ,,, teachers can get free 6 month premium usage of animoto ....
48:56 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I've started collecting QR code info in this Google site
48:57 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
You can make a qr code for your blog
48:57 - Peggy George (Animoto)
49:10 - Peggy George
49:17 - Kim Keith
love the calendar
49:36 - Peggy George
there are some great Livebinders on QR codes! examples and tutorials
49:44 - durff
and the calendar texts me when I need to be somewhere - like here right now
49:45 - Sheri Edwards
@plnaugle Thanks Paula !
49:51 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
We have a great big google classroom calendar that is color coded by students and I and we all know what is going on!!
50:53 - cscott
I love that google docs cuts down on paper!
51:03 - LisaCinVA
Kathy Schrock did a fantastic Google chart of google apps as applied to Bloom's taxonomy -
51:10 - Peggy George
absolutely cscott! and all of the time lost looking for papers :-)
51:20 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
A student tried to tell a colleague of mine that his google docs did not save??? She knew he was not telling her the truth because google always saves and you can see all of the revisions!!
51:23 - durff
I use the Reader to grade my students' work
51:27 - Peggy George
wasn't that a fantastic compilation @LisaCinVA!!!
51:55 - LisaCinVA
I found so many new ideas to use the tools
52:17 - cscott
@druff. what's the Reader?
52:22 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@druff: great idea, I did not even think of that!! I use google forms and have the students submit the link to their blog so I have it in a spreadsheet!
52:40 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
I curate the google tools and apps here
52:43 - durff
just subscribe to them
52:59 - Peggy George
that's such a great way to manage student assignments @Durff!
53:01 - durff
then make a folder for each class in your Reader
53:08 - Alice Barr
@KristenB iGoogle works really well for reading student blogs as well. I have one teacher who has a tab for each class. Let's her know when students have updated.
53:26 - Sheila_A
@durff - Great idea! I find the management an issue.
53:29 - durff
5th graders love making podcasts
53:38 - durff
3rd grade love Voki
53:44 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@Alice Barr: another great idea!! Thanks!
53:54 - Peggy George
We'll play the youtube video in web tour
54:02 - Alice Barr
Cherri ROCKS such a cool project!
54:21 - durff
our 1st graders love Skype
54:31 - Kim Caise
what is cherri's last name?
54:40 - Alice Barr
54:44 - durff
54:45 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
I think curation tools are part of the next web , semantic web and I will post many curation tools and apps in #edtech20 curation and semantic project next weeks
54:46 - Peggy George
54:47 - Alice Barr
54:52 - Kim Caise
ok ty
54:54 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
Skype is still blocked, it has been three months since the Skype presentation and Ihave been fighting for it ever since... Not giving up!!
55:07 - Peggy George
keep fighting Kristen!!! :-)
55:07 - nita
My students got experience of Diwali celebration in India on Skype
55:12 - Kristina
Wow I wish I was able to let ever student have a laptop!
55:18 - jeniferchism
I would enjoy Skyping with another class. I teach first grade in Eugene Oregon
55:24 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
Mirosoft buy Skype
55:27 - durff
Can you put it on your cell and use it?
55:27 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My 4th graders had a great time teaching other classes around the country about Mardi Gras this year using Skype.
55:37 - Sheri Edwards
Skype was just bought by Microsoft, I believe; That could change things.
55:41 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
What will happen now that MS has bought Skype?
55:42 - nita
55:43 - durff
then use a document reader to enlarge?
55:54 - Kim Caise
it will start automatically
55:55 - Peggy George
it starts playing automatically
56:00 - Peggy George
wait to talk Cheryl
56:17 - Alice Barr
@Jenifer YOu should check out Cherri and her class. Theya re looking for other classes to share with
56:19 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks Peggy, that was easy
56:22 - Peggy George
this is so creative!
56:27 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, Sheri Microsoft bought Skype. Don't think we'll see too many changes for a while.
56:30 - @shamblesguru 1
Microsoft = .net + Skype = Skynet ... it is terminator the beginning
56:39 - cheryloakes 1
What a great way for one teacher, one tool and one world connection!
56:45 - Peggy George
how could you say no to a request like this??? :-)
56:46 - durff
hear typing Cheryl
56:49 - Alice Barr
Cool thing is that Cherri has been able to actually visit some of these other classrooms
56:50 - Kim Caise
hope we dont see changes
56:56 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks Durff
57:11 - jeniferchism
I will check with Cherri. Thank you
57:14 - Peggy George
love it!!
57:17 - Peggy George
57:25 - cheryloakes 1
Yes, Cherrie has visited 3 other teachers during her spring break.
57:30 - silvana Italy
no audio..
57:43 - durff
so cute!
57:46 - @shamblesguru 1
Always brillint to be reminded why we do what we do
57:49 - Kim Caise
silvana, there is a volume button in the web tour
57:53 - Peggy George
you can also watch it in your browser
57:54 - Sheila_A
All the Maine shirts! ;)
58:05 - Peggy George
look at all of those laptops!!
58:10 - Kim Caise
if you can't hear the presenters then you can go up to tools, audio and select audio setup wizard
58:26 - Kim Caise
how clever is that!
58:28 - @shamblesguru 1
58:29 - Peggy George
that song always brings tears to my eyes!! love it!!
58:35 - Kim Caise
me too
58:41 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual applause. Great video.
58:42 - Kim Caise
like kevin honeycutt
58:50 - Peggy George
58:52 - Kim Caise
kevin honeycutt's video
58:56 - durff
59:22 - Kim Caise
please keep us posted!
59:29 - durff
oh we want to hear!
59:29 - Sheila_A
Should stream it!
59:36 - durff
1:00:24 - Kim Caise
cheryl, let her know if she wants to use ELluminate in addition to or instead of Skype i will be happy to help her coordinate it if she gets a positive response
1:00:26 - carolynstanley
have Kevin Honeycutt's video embedded on my blog at - will have to do a post with this one - amazing
1:00:55 - durff
which year?
1:01:26 - Sheri Edwards
@shamblesguru I know... so how about Google video chat?
1:01:43 - Peggy George
I loved the webinar that Karen Janowski did for us on UDL--important to remember that UDL is for reaching ALL learners!!
1:01:57 - Peggy George
she is my hero too!!
1:02:20 - Peggy George
the UDL Toolkit is in our Livebinder today
1:02:33 - carolynstanley
I was made aware of that on the Classroom 2.0 show on UDL -yes, Karen Janowski - couldn't remember her name -really gave me a good understanding of UDL
1:02:41 - durff
ah 1990 - thanks - putting on my timeline for my assignment!
1:02:44 - Peggy George
1:03:02 - @shamblesguru 1
Google Video Chat ... I'm enjoying playing with iPad2 App for this called Vtok
1:03:50 - Peggy George
1:04:34 - Peggy George
1:04:59 - Peggy George
Lisa Parisi has done some fantastic things with her students! Tons of Project Based Learning
1:05:31 - Peggy George
Cheryl's links are all in the Livebinder:
1:05:35 - Kim Keith
1:05:36 - Kim Caise
1:05:42 - Peggy George
seeing it fine
1:06:03 - Sheri Edwards
1:06:16 - Peggy George;jsessionid=7862CE39BBB524393752FC36B21A80DC
1:06:17 - Kim Caise
the text to speech reader is so easy for students to use
1:06:26 - Len H
1:06:31 - Peggy George
what a tremendous tool for students
1:06:38 - Peggy George
you need to log in
1:07:33 - Kim Caise
this is geared to middle/high school students
1:07:36 - Larry A
It seems that the new learning paradigm is - student search and research of school subject ideas - project learning facilitated by a teacher/coach/facilitator - de-emphasize teaching
1:07:43 - Kim Caise
could easily use with 5graders as well
1:07:59 - Peggy George
this demo is wonderful!!
1:08:53 - Peggy George
these characters inspire students of all ages!! :-)
1:09:00 - Kim Caise
this is great for whole class demonstrations/discussions if students do not have direct access to a computer
1:09:08 - Peggy George
good point Kim!
1:09:11 - Kim Caise
not as effective but doable
1:09:28 - carolynstanley
What an amazing tool these webinars are! I would never have found these resources on my own. I only wish more teachers would get involved in this type of PD.
1:09:32 - Kim Caise
1:09:47 - Peggy George
not seeing it yet-is it in web tour?
1:09:54 - cheryloakes 1
no tour now
1:09:54 - Sheri Edwards
1:10:37 - Peggy George Skills Cafe
1:10:52 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I agree Carolyn. I'ver been attending these sessions for two years. Can't get any other teacher in my building interested.
1:11:10 - Peggy George
amazing project!
1:11:11 - Sheri Edwards
1:11:11 - nita
Peggy ,Is there a recording of "Google Treks" work shop by Dr. Alice?
1:11:42 - Peggy George
yes there is a recording of GoogleTreks. Just have to log into the Moodle site (or register) for free access.
1:11:50 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
Paula and Carolyn: what is it with our teachers?? Mine will not attend either. I have only been attending since October, but... They sure are missing out!!
1:12:17 - nita
Thank you very much.
1:12:43 - Peggy George
sometimes you need to bring a few teachers together and show them a recording, pausing as you go to talk about what is being shared in the webinar. Bring them in slowly. :-)
1:12:55 - Alice Barr
This is fantastic! Creating your own toolkit!
1:13:00 - durff
my time here (my break from work) is about over - loved seeing you all as always. Back to the grind....
1:13:07 - Peggy George
Morgan's example is private so we can't share it
1:13:08 - cheryloakes 1
Any questions?
1:13:08 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Kristen B. They say they don't have time to do this. My answer to that is I make time because I need to learn.
1:13:11 - nita
It is great way of learning.
1:13:12 - carolynstanley
@Paula and Kristen - I actually have gotten 3 other teachers in our district to try out webinars - not to the extent that I use them, but it's a start.
1:13:29 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Would you be able to share your Moodle resources?
1:13:35 - Janice
Thanks for sharing this Cheryl! New learning for me.
1:13:44 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@Peggy, great idea!! I agree Paula, if they knew how valuable, they would make time like we do!!
1:13:49 - kg
How do you "monitor"/help students' use of their custom toolkits, after that first 11 weeks?
1:14:03 - @shamblesguru 1
Why do you say Facebook rather than a wider :Social Networks"
1:14:05 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you, Cheryl.
1:14:09 - Peggy George (Learning Cafe-Door2Future on Facebook)
1:14:22 - Peggy George (Learning Cafe-Door2Future blog)
1:14:47 - Janice
A great way to connect to the community!
1:14:53 - Sheri Edwards
Is your moodle site Creative Commons for others to place and adapt on their moodles?
1:14:53 - Peggy George (WOSCD Skills Cafe-This toolkit puts the learner in charge to adopt the Web 2.0 tools which benefit them the most).
1:14:58 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Kristen B I want to say to them, every teacher should be doing online PD at least once a week to get and stay current.
1:15:11 - carolynstanley
I have been resistant to facebook - can hardly keep up with twitter and all the webinars.
1:15:17 - Peggy George
absolutely!! go to where your people are whether students or parents
1:15:19 - Sheri Edwards
Could also do this with Google Sites?
1:15:26 - Peggy George
yes Sheri!
1:15:36 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Vocaroo is great.
1:15:38 - Janice
But many parents are comfortable with Facebook.
1:15:48 - Peggy George (Vocaroo)
1:16:05 - Kim Keith
One of our K teachers set up a Facebook page for parents and they love it
1:16:26 - Peggy George
these tools are in the Livebinder too :-)
1:16:32 - Janice
I love that you can listen and get feedback.
1:16:48 - Peggy George (ReadTheWords)
1:16:48 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@Paula I agree, I know that they think I am strange because I do this every Sat. and I spend so much time on twitter following you and the many other incredible teachers. They ask me where I get all of the cool stuff and when I tell them my Sat. class and twitter I get a contorted look from them :)
1:16:53 - kg
Have you used CAST UDL BookBuilder at all? It is one of my favs at CAST, not just for digital storytelling, but also for building other UDL-smart learning objects.
1:16:56 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic feedback tool. Use it as a tool for online brainstorming or embed it on your website or blog as a poll or guestbook.
1:17:02 - Peggy George
this tool is fantastic!! great for all levels!!
1:17:35 - Kim Keith
Any way to find all these great educators on twitter?
1:17:37 - nita
Will they pronounce Hindi words correctly?
1:17:39 - Peggy George
great tool for second language learners!
1:17:46 - Peggy George
probably not nita!! :-)
1:18:03 - Peggy George
probably don't even pronounce all English words correctly :-)
1:18:11 - nita
1:18:13 - Peggy George (Screenr)
1:18:23 - Kim Keith
The only one I am currently following on twitter is Kim Caise
1:18:33 - Kim Caise
1:18:34 - Peggy George
time to expan your PLN Kim Keith :-)
1:18:41 - Kim Keith
I know
1:18:42 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Kristen, I know what you mean about the strange looks. I have a need to learn - here on Saturdays and whenever I can with my PLN on Twitter.
1:18:50 - nita
But I can record with my voice and send it through vocaroo
1:18:58 - Kim Keith
Any tips Peggy
1:19:07 - Sheri Edwards
same here @Paula Naugle
1:19:08 - Peggy George
what are your favorite screencast tools?? free of course
1:19:13 - Janice
A way for students to become teachers also.
1:19:13 - Kim Caise
lorna did a great session on screencasting for us awhile back
1:19:31 - carolynstanley
My husband is very patient; he always wants to get our on errands early, but he knows how important these Classroom 2.0 webinars are to me.
1:19:35 - Peggy George
yes Kim-start following the people who are following Kim Caise :-)
1:19:42 - Kim Keith
great idea
1:19:50 - Alice Barr
Google Apps is really changing the way we work in schools in a great way. So cool!
1:20:00 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Nita Vocaroo allows you to make a audio recording. Then you get get link to email or embed code of your recording to share with others.
1:20:05 - Kim Keith
Thanks Cheryl
1:20:08 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
@ Paula: that is why our PLN on twitter and the people here are so crucial to our growth as educators. If we only had the folks in our building... UGH!!
1:20:09 - Peggy George
what's your screencast list Shamblesguru?
1:20:11 - carolynstanley
When my ss teacher was doing a unit on Explorers we used
1:20:26 - Sheri Edwards
Love Google Apps !
1:20:30 - @shamblesguru 1
Google promise full offline use of Docs this summer ... so still usable if not connected
1:20:38 - Peggy George
how much of this could you do without a 1:1 laptop program Cheryl?
1:20:44 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks for your sharing.
1:20:56 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual applause for Cheryl. Thank you, for sharing.
1:20:59 - Kim Caise
1:21:10 - carolynstanley
Many our our teachers are giving the kids the option to use goanimate with their students.
1:21:11 - Kim Caise
session presented by lorna
1:21:19 - kg
Are teachers (not consultant teachers) using some of the same tools that you are? If so, how did you get them hooked?
1:21:22 - @shamblesguru 1
One teacher to one student ... ummmm
1:21:42 - Peggy George
so many of them have cell phones or mobile devices they can use for texting
1:22:01 - Peggy George
how do your students use Twitter?
1:22:21 - kg
Are any students using cell fons, etc.?
1:22:22 - Sheila_A
Have you used edmodo?
1:22:24 - carolynstanley
They just changed official board policy at my school to let students use cell phones and ipods in class with teacher approval.
1:22:33 - Sal
I love quizlet
1:22:36 - Peggy George
Quizlet is a wonderful study tool for students!
1:22:37 - Kim Keith
what grade carolyn
1:22:41 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
What is your school's stand on students bringing their own devices?
1:22:44 - Peggy George
Quizlet is available on iphone/ipad too
1:22:55 - carolynstanley
7 and 8th grade
1:22:58 - Peggy George
kids can create their own Quizlets
1:22:59 - Kim Keith
1:23:08 - Sal
great study tool too
1:23:16 - cscott
sure is!
1:23:20 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I love using Edmodo with my students.
1:23:34 - nita
How far these tools are compatible to foreign languages?
1:23:37 - Peggy George
Quizlets are also great flash cards for primary students learning to read
1:23:37 - Len H
1:23:41 - Janice
I love iPadio for phone blogging!
1:23:48 - @shamblesguru 1
In the latest Shambles newsletter I've mentioned an Australian School where a student has written a timetable App foriPhone iPad that the school is using for real
1:23:54 - Peggy George
would work great for foreign languages @nita
1:24:11 - nita
1:24:15 - carolynstanley
Our 9th grade English teachers for the summer reading assignment for incoming students are going to use 2.0 tools - prezi, Glogster, or blogging in Collaborize Classroom
1:24:36 - Kim Keith
Where do you teach Carolyn?
1:24:39 - carolynstanley
It's a big experiment, and I hope it will work well.
1:24:42 - Len H
1:24:42 - Alice Barr
@carolyn That's great!
1:24:44 - carolynstanley
I teach in CT.
1:24:46 - @shamblesguru 1
"Every phone switched off is a learning opportunity missed" Heppell
1:24:50 - Sheila_A
Any issues for parents? with their work out on the web? Do you use names?
1:25:00 - Kim Keith
Sounds more progressive than Cape Cod
1:25:01 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Great quote, Shambles.
1:25:12 - Peggy George
great screencasting resource compilation by Shambles:
1:26:05 - Sheri Edwards
Parents want their kids to have their phones.
1:26:06 - Evi Frank
this link above is great - thank you :)
1:26:24 - carolynstanley
As I said, our board of education just reversed the no cellphone policy - a big step forward. We just have to hope our students will practice good digital citizenship.
1:26:29 - Peggy George
I included a link in the Livebinder to a fantastic free online course that Cheryl helped to facilitate: images4education. Be sure to check it out! Tons of creative ways to use Flickr/images in classroom
1:26:29 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks for all your sharing @shamblesguru
1:26:52 - @shamblesguru 1
I don't find the anti iDevice switched off strange ... it is just evolution ... just a matter of time. The decision / policy makers will come around eventually
1:27:05 - Peggy George
Some schools are starting to revise and create new acceptable use policies that incorporate mobile device/cell phone usage by both students and teachers :-)
1:27:10 - kg
do you use CAST UDL Bookbuilder at all? i love it for multiple purposes.
1:27:29 - Alice Barr
WE sure are relooking at out AUP.
1:27:32 - Peggy George
great tip kg!! Want to take the mic and tell about it?
1:27:58 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks for your great audience participation!!!
1:27:59 - Peggy George
this hour just flew by!!!
1:28:01 - carolynstanley
@Alice - remember that student Literary issue I sent to you? Is there anything like that being done in maine now?
1:28:20 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Love Jen's projects.
1:28:22 - Peggy George
Jennifer Wagner was one of the original Women of Web webcasters with Cheryl!
1:28:22 - carolynstanley
@Alice - how cool it would be to do one electronically.
1:28:23 - @shamblesguru 1
AUP for tablets and
1:28:26 - Alice Barr
No there isn't that I know if
1:28:58 - @shamblesguru 1
Enjoyed the presentation ... many thanks .... I missed your Twitter handle
1:29:05 - Peggy George
1:29:12 - Sheri Edwards
Is your moodle creative commons and able to be downloaded and adapted?
1:29:12 - carolynstanley
@Alice - I'm so glad I found that and got it to you. I'd had it squirreled away for years.
1:29:15 - nita
Wonderful session!
1:29:23 - cheryloakes 1
Jen has great projects that is for sure! and great visions!!! She got us started on WOW 2.0
1:29:32 - Nancy Porter
Thank you so much! Great session!
1:29:34 - carolynstanley
This was a great session, as usual.
1:29:47 - Peggy George
1:29:49 - Peggy George
1:29:49 - Alice Barr
@carolyn Yes it was fun to look at Thanks!
1:29:54 - silvana Italy
1:29:58 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Yes, I love these Saturday sessions.
1:30:01 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
So informative.
1:30:03 - jeniferchism
Thanks so much. These webinars are loaded with fabulous resources.
1:30:04 - silvana Italy
1:30:07 - Alice Barr
Thank you so much!
1:30:10 - cheryloakes 1
yes to the moodle question you may use anything
1:30:10 - carolynstanley
@Alice and Cheryl - I hope to get to meet you guys in person when we come up to Maine this summer.
1:30:24 - @shamblesguru 1
It's just turned into a Sunday session :)
1:30:25 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Cheryl...
1:30:28 - cheryloakes 1
that would be fun carolyn!
1:30:43 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
Keep in touch #liveclass20!/web20education
1:30:46 - Peggy George
we're so sad our iTunesU channel isn't working right now! They have to transfer all of our content to the new format
1:30:46 - carolynstanley
@Bob - you have no idea the influence you've had on me - ever since you so graciously met with me in Wells some years ago.
1:31:00 - Kim Caise
1:31:47 - Peggy George
I always try to add related links to the links shared by our presenters to give you additional resources on the topic
1:31:52 - carolynstanley
@Peggy - oh, my. I didn't know your ITunesU channel wasn't working - when will it be available?
1:32:06 - Peggy George
I'll add your links shared in the chat today after the show
1:32:19 - carolynstanley
Thanks - it's such a great resource.
1:32:28 - Peggy George
we have to wait on iTunesU--you'll notice that many of the channels on iTunesU aren't available right now
1:32:48 - Peggy George
it's a major conversion for them--no more tabs
1:33:38 - Sheila_A
Thanks all! Great ideas as usual! Much appreciated. Need to head out!
1:33:40 - carolynstanley
I love the fact that I can watch the Classroom 2.0 presentations on my iPad - whereas, I can't access the elluminate application on it.
Hi, because thecompatibility of different devices, you can't install it directly, what you need is a iPad Manager which provides the best solution for you to manage your iPad songs, videos, photos, books easily and effectively.

1:33:53 - cheryloakes 1
bye shelia
1:33:55 - Peggy George
the blog post will be up as soon as the recording link is available after the show
1:34:01 - Sheri Edwards
Oh my, I missed Shelly while volunteering at our "Over The Dam" run... across Grand Coulee Dam...
1:34:03 - Peggy George
thank you all so much for joining us today!!!
1:34:14 - bobsprankle
thank you!
1:34:20 - bobsprankle
yeah cheryl!!
1:34:25 - cheryloakes 1
thanks to you!!!
1:34:28 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Cheryl for sharing her valuable teaching ideas and tools!!!
1:34:35 - Sheri Edwards
I've learned so much from Alice, Cheryl, and Bob -- Thank you !
1:34:41 - carolynstanley
Thanks to everyone - especially Cheryl - for another exciting learning experience - energizing - keeps me going.
1:35:04 - Peggy George (Follow Seedlings on Facebook)
1:35:22 - Peggy George (Seedlings weekly webcast on EdTechTalk)
1:35:35 - Peggy George
so glad to have you take the mic kg!!
1:35:39 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Need to get chores done. Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend.
1:35:48 - Peggy George
would anyone else like to take the mic to share?
1:35:55 - Peggy George
bye Paula-have a great weekend
1:36:19 - Peggy George
do you have a link you could share as an example kg??
1:36:30 - Sheri Edwards
Bob, you're the one who got me started with web 2.0 many years ago with your student podcasts... thanks
1:36:34 - Peggy George
we all love bells and whistles :-)
1:36:37 - carolynstanley
I really like the ease of the recorder in Smart Notebook10 software for creating video tutorials, step-by-step.
1:36:47 - bobsprankle
thanks, sheri :)
1:36:57 - kg
will do
1:37:06 - Peggy George
take the mic and tell us about that carolynstanley
1:37:12 - carolynstanley
@Sheri - we have Bob in common as our inspiration, I guess.
1:37:33 - Sheri Edwards
Yes, carolstanely :)
1:37:38 - Peggy George
being shy @carolynstanley :-)
1:37:48 - Peggy George
1:37:55 - Peggy George
she's a pro on the mic!
1:38:00 - carolynstanley
I got lost --not hooked up - just a minute
1:38:10 - DUMACORNELLUCIAN @web20education
Gr8 session #liveclass20 as allways
1:38:30 - cheryloakes 1
This is such a great way to continue learning with a very responsive group!
1:38:31 - Peggy George
Cheryl have you tried webcasting with your students?
1:38:41 - Peggy George
yeah Carolyn!!
1:38:46 - Peggy George
no I just called on you
1:38:51 - cscott
how often do you use podcasts in the classsroom?
1:38:52 - cheryloakes 1
I have not webcasted with students, yet.
1:39:14 - Peggy George
I asked Carolyn to take the mic to tells us about recording in Smart Notebook
1:39:38 - cheryloakes 1
I am using short flip videos with students on specific tools and assignments. Nothing in a weekly or monthly format yet.
1:39:47 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks Carolyn, you are a great inspiration too!
1:39:58 - Peggy George
EdTechTalk offers some fantastic resources for learning with other educators :-) They fill my ipod!!
1:39:59 - bobsprankle
thank you, carolyn! right back at you!
1:40:07 - Alice Barr
Thanks Carolyn! Learned so much from you too!
1:40:14 - Sheri Edwards
What is Smart Notebook?
1:40:14 - cheryloakes 1
@cscott I would like to have a monthly podcast with students
1:40:20 - Peggy George
yes!!! flip cameras!!
1:40:31 - kg
This is one story by one of last semester's students...
1:40:45 - Peggy George
thank you kg!! can I add that to our Livebinder?
1:40:55 - kg
are there mobile apps that you love and use?
1:40:59 - Alice Barr
I hope someone will pick up flip video. we did a big project yesterday with kids and it was so EASY to have them use flips
1:41:11 - Kim Caise
kg's examples
1:41:23 - Larry A
They can use their cell phones to make videos
1:41:29 - Peggy George
me too Alice!! we can still use the cameras but just can't share them on their online site
1:41:42 - cscott
1:41:43 - kg
Peggy, sure...the author would be thrilled. I have others from this term, that have other cool things going on. we write them for local teachers to use.
1:41:56 - Peggy George
you can upload flip videos to youtube though to get an embed code (or TeacherTube)
1:42:02 - Peggy George
1:42:24 - Peggy George
you can embed flip videos on Voicethread too :-)
1:42:34 - cheryloakes 1
yes in the flip software the link auto uploads to your pre-set youtube account, so simple.
1:42:42 - Peggy George
1:42:52 - cheryloakes 1
carolyn, that smart software is excellent.
1:43:08 - Peggy George
thanks a lot Carolyn!
1:43:10 - kg
C: How did you monitor students' use of their custom toolkits after the first 11 weeks of teaching them the tools and getting them to build their own?
1:43:11 - cheryloakes 1
@carolyn, great description about ipad!
1:43:17 - Peggy George
dream on Kim!
1:43:22 - Larry A
Just sell the old IPad
1:43:37 - Peggy George
I'm waiting for iPad3 :-)
1:44:23 - carolynstanley
@Peggy - I have been uploading some to my YouTube channel as carolteach4 - I also started a school channel, but that is unlisted.
1:44:46 - Peggy George
great Carolyn! I'll go exploring
1:45:18 - kg
I am LOL...I do the same checkin on docs with *college* students. Don't you wish that Docs still had readability available?
1:45:45 - Peggy George
article re iPad3 (possibly coming in the fall)
1:46:10 - carolynstanley
@Peggy - look for the one Dr. D does laproscopic surgery - just one of the videos I shot during a great project done by our teched teacher.
1:46:22 - Peggy George
will do! thanks
1:46:23 - carolynstanley
Dr. D is our principal.
1:46:39 - kg
Thanks tons for the suggestions on mobile apps...yes, the on demand need for the tool makes a difference!
1:47:00 - Kim Caise
1:47:17 - carolynstanley
I find Dragon Dictation a really great app for iPhone and iPad.
1:47:33 - Peggy George
there were tons of great apps and teaching ideas for mobile devices in the recent Mobile Learning Conference--you can read all about them in their blog on Posterous
1:47:47 - carolynstanley
I have to learn more about dropbox.
1:47:58 - Peggy George
1:48:10 - Len H
Love DropBox for sharing files with my team at school.
1:48:13 - Peggy George
I love Dragon Dictation app on my iphone--very good!!
1:48:41 - Larry A
If students work in groups of 4, one can teach the others of how to use tools
1:48:44 - @shamblesguru 1
'nite ,, boys & girls
1:48:45 - kg
thanks for the extra time!!!
1:48:45 - Peggy George
great tip Cheryl!! teach it before they need to use it and are under a "deadline" :-)
1:48:48 - Sheri Edwards
Just Thanks !
1:48:54 - Lorna Costantini 1
great show Cheryl - as always
1:48:55 - Len H
Thanks for a great show Cheryl :)
1:48:58 - cscott
thanks !
1:49:00 - cheryloakes 1
cheryloakes50 = twitter
1:49:04 - cheryloakes 1
facebook, cheryl oakes
1:49:11 - Peggy George
her twitter and FB links are in the binder
1:49:17 - cheryloakes 1
great audience!!
1:49:27 - carolynstanley
@Peggy - yes - you just might want to get Megan Wilson - iPodisibilities on you show. She'd love it!
1:49:32 - Peggy George
thank you all so much for joining us today!!
1:49:48 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Yes, I am very grateful for all you do.
1:49:54 - Peggy George
That's a wonderful suggestion Carolyn!! She was one of my favorite presenters at the Mobile conference
1:50:02 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks for the LiveBinder!!!
1:50:21 - Silvana
Thanks for the useful information
1:50:23 - Kim Caise
1:50:25 - carolynstanley
@Peggy - I'll be waiting to hear!!!!!! How cool that would be.
1:50:34 - Peggy George
I love seeing what Cheryl is exploring on her!!
1:50:49 - CristinaLemos
1:50:50 - cheryloakes 1
Thanks!! Have a great weekend!
1:50:59 - Peggy George
thanks Cheryl!! So inspirational AND practical!! You're the best!
1:51:01 - Sheri Edwards
Yes, thank you all for your Love of learning...
1:51:13 - carolynstanley
Thanks so much - exhilerating (sp?)
1:51:14 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)