May 7, 2011 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE – Mobile Learning – Shelly Terrell
00:05 - @shamblesguru
;-) ... had a brilliant time in Australia
00:16 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!! here we go!!!
00:32 - Rich@rcantrell
A beautiful morning in San Antonio TX
00:33 - @shamblesguru
Is this session going to be in German?
00:34 - Peggy George
Hi Val! Great to see you!!
00:56 - Peggy George
Hi Paula!! Love it when you're in the room!!!!
01:05 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good day everyone. It is a beautiful day here in New Orleans.
01:06 - Bernadette
sorry for being the newbie!
01:11 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Peggy.
01:13 - Armando
Hi Sebastian
01:14 - Len Horn
@shamblesguru lol
01:15 - Peggy George
we LOVE newbies!!!
01:27 - Dotty
Great weather her in Sn Jose Ca
01:30 - Len Horn
Good morning Paula :)
01:31 - CristinaLemos
Hi everyone
01:32 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Len.
01:42 - mapowell 1
Good morning from Iowa
01:47 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
hi everyone!
01:50 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Thank you for coming
01:52 - Grace
Hi, everyone. It is a sunny day here in Lima, Peru
02:12 - Peggy George
Welcome! Shelly has some exciting things to share with us today all the way from Germany!!!
02:14 - cstanley
set up my laptop in the kichen - will have to mainly listen since I'm going to try to multitask and make muffins during webinar.
02:15 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Shelly. Excited to learn from you today.
03:29 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Hi Shelly! Hi everyone :-)
03:43 - Peggy George
Hi cstanley!! Multitasking is a wonderful thing!! So glad you're here!
03:49 - Carol Rainbow
Hi Sue, Hi everyone
03:58 - paige.brethet
looking forward to motivating my students
04:01 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Hi Carol :-)
04:14 - cstanley
Our school just got most of the teachers iPads, and we're investigating allowing kids to bring their own technology, so I really am interested in what Shelly has to say. Hi, at you Peggy, too.
04:20 - Peggy George
love seeing all of these red dots!!!! what a wonderful PLN for all of us!!
04:21 - Ian Nairn - UK
hi from Bradford on Avon, UK
04:24 - Steve Hayes
Roanoke, IL!
04:29 - Carol Rainbow
threr is no map for me :-(
04:30 - Cintia Stella
Yes, Peru! :)
04:37 - Peggy George
this gives me goosebumps!!!
04:52 - Len Horn
Very nice international flavor this morning! :)
04:52 - Peggy George
thanks to all of you for joining us today/tonight (for some of you)
04:52 - cstanley
West Haven, CT - finally spring
04:55 - @shamblesguru
Wow ... isn't it 2:00am in Australia?
04:56 - Scott Newcomb
Hello Shelly!
04:58 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Shambles in Thailand.
05:03 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Hi from Liverpool, UK
05:07 - @shamblesguru
hiya @Paula
05:08 - Peggy George
Hi Scott!!! So glad to see you!!!
05:09 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Scott Newcomb.
05:16 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
Hi from the Philippines!
05:35 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
Am I late already?
05:35 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
05:39 - Peggy George
my classroom is an online "classroom" :-) but definitely use mobile devices
05:47 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
Does Rosco use a mobile device?
05:48 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Yes have great info for getting those half to
05:50 - Len Horn
Hi Noel :)
05:57 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Yes he does Jerry
05:59 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
06:06 - cstanley
I use my mobile device, but kids are still supposed to have phones and such put away.
06:12 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
It would necessitate having wi-fi at our school which we don't have.
06:16 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi erry.
06:16 - Peggy George
can't mark if we're not in a school
06:16 - jcurtis4082
Timing is good.
06:17 - paige.brethet
I think my board is working on this policy.
06:23 - Sue Lyon-Jones
teach adults, so it doesn't really apply to me
06:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Jerry.
06:32 - aunttammie
I say yes, I think it is officially NO, but I get an exception...private school, so a little easier to arrange.
06:35 - Scott Newcomb
Hello Peggy!
06:38 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Kristen you don't have to have wifi but its great if you do
06:44 - Peggy George
if we're not in a school we don't have an AUP :-)
06:49 - cstanley
or it's not written into the policy at all
06:56 - Jill B from VA 1
We seem to be behind - eReaders are showing up in elementary schools!
07:06 - Kim Caise
use the LARGE A
07:09 - Kim Caise
to type
07:30 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Great Shelly, I can't wait to hear about it today!!!
07:35 - McTeach (Karen)
This is kind of a sore subject with me right now, unfortunately.
07:35 - Peggy George
can fit more on the board if you use the BIG A and not the A with the lines by it
07:49 - Lynne
Hello. This is Lynne Lehmer
07:53 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Jerry here's Rosco on the iPhone checking his Facebook page!/photo.php?fbid=196464730397669&set=a.137598476284295.22560.137339006310242&type=1&theater
07:54 - Peggy George
keep going!! all are preserved on the whiteboard :-)
07:58 - Kim Caise
call tech support :)
08:00 - Peggy George
love that!!!
08:17 - Len Horn
Great to see you here Karen @McTeach :)
08:24 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
On Wednesday my students used iPads to live tweet about reenactments going on at Destrehan Plantation's Heritage Day. They loved it.
08:32 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
wow Paula
08:37 - CristinaLemos
mobile phones are not allowed in classrooms. I would have to ask for permission
08:42 - Peggy George
wonderful!!! super job on posting your ideas on the whiteboard!!
08:46 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Len! Good to be here!
08:49 - faisal shamali
08:52 - Peggy George
Hi McTeach!!!
09:10 - Peggy George
Closed captioning is such a great thing in Elluminate!!
09:14 - CristinaLemos
But mobile computers are allowed...
09:22 - McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Peggy!
09:29 - Lynne
Should I be able to hear. I hear nothing.
09:30 - Peggy George
CC will also be available in the recording if you want to view it when you watch the recording!
09:35 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hooray for Tammy Moore's CC work.
09:40 - Kim Caise
if your AUP does not allow mobile devices, perhaps shelly's presentation will guide them into changing that
09:52 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Yes! Thanks Kim!
09:54 - Peggy George
Welcome Shelly!!! So excited to have you with us!
09:58 - Kim Caise
10:00 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi McTeach. Good to "see" you this morning.
10:02 - Peggy George
10:19 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Stuttgart, Germany
10:22 - Peggy George Shelly's blog
10:23 - Lynne
10:29 - McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Paula!
10:43 - Scott Newcomb
Hello Jerry!
10:48 - Peggy George
there are sooooo many ways we can follow Shelly!!!! :-)
11:03 - Lynne
I teach people and sometimes and use mobile devices to do it. I am Motorized naturalist. I teach about nature.
11:04 - Peggy George Shelly's wiki
11:13 - faisal shamali
i am always like to listen to her
11:16 - bethstill
Good morning everyone! So excited to hear Shelly talk this morning.
11:23 - Kim Caise
hi beth!
11:33 - Lynne
Well, I sure wish I could hear this.
11:33 - Peggy George Parantella
11:35 - bethstill
Hi Kim!
11:41 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Shelly is the Greman version of Peggy Geroge. She is everywhere and doesn't seem to sleep. :)
11:46 - Len Horn
She also kept the Virtual Confernce last fall such a fabulous success! :)
11:56 - McTeach (Karen)
I'm thinking it will be fantastic because it's Shelly!!
12:01 - Peggy George
that's really funny Paula and terrific praise!! :-)
12:08 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning, @bethstill.
12:17 - Peggy George
her first life :-)
12:32 - bethstill
Hi Paula. How are you doing?
12:47 - McTeach (Karen)
Beth!!!!!! Good morning!!!
13:03 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
Here in the Philippines, as we are SMS capital of the world - SMS is not leveraged enough in the classroom setting
13:10 - Peggy George
mobile devices have changed our lives both personally and professionally
13:18 - bethstill
Karen!!! So glad to see you today!
13:18 - Peggy George
good point Noel!!
13:38 - Peggy George
there are so many possibilities with mobile devices that schools aren't beginning to tap
13:38 - Kim Caise
cell phones
13:39 - McTeach (Karen)
Beth! Right back at ya, sister!!
13:39 - Peggy George
13:41 - CristinaLemos
13:42 - Ian Nairn - UK
android tablets
13:43 - Sonya
Droid Smartphone
13:43 - Kim Caise
13:43 - Theresa
we have Palm
13:44 - Cintia Stella
13:45 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
my android smart phone
13:46 - Lorie Moffat
13:46 - Scott Newcomb
smart phones
13:47 - Sonya
iPod Touch
13:48 - jcurtis4082
cell phones, ipad
13:48 - @shamblesguru
iPad and small iFridge
13:49 - Nalani 1
iPods & iPads
13:51 - Grace
We use flipcams
13:53 - Peggy George
13:54 - Carol Rainbow
ipod, ipad, iphone, netbook, flip cam
13:55 - Steve Hayes
android phone, ipad, digital camera
13:57 - Camille Dempsey
iPad, iPhone, iPod,
13:57 - paige.brethet
A very old cell phone
13:58 - Dotty
clickers, ipod touch
14:00 - Leanne
smart phone, kindle, flip cam, and ipad1
14:00 - Bernadette
cell phone, digital camera
14:01 - McTeach (Karen)
14:03 - Jill B from VA 1
ipad, ipad, nook, cell,
14:06 - Armando
Nokia mobile phone with web access
14:08 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
@peggy : there's no significant research about SMS + learning yet (in the Phils)
14:09 - bibiana
media player + mobile phone+ handheld computer
14:15 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
14:16 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
digital camera, flip cameras, digimemo digital note taker
14:18 - Camille Dempsey
Vado, flips
14:20 - Sue Lyon-Jones
netbooks as well, I'd say
14:24 - Lynne
Well, I am so extremely happy all of you can hear, but the sound is not working with me. It sounds like a good class, thougth. It is very frustrating for me as I can not hear anything.
14:28 - Camille Dempsey
Zoom Q3
14:28 - Peggy George
I have my iphone out and ready to download new apps today. Shelly has a bunch to share with us!
14:32 - Dotty
livescribe pen
14:41 - Peggy George
good idea Dotty!!!
14:48 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Lol! Want one!
14:59 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
And ;the devices are getting better and better.
15:01 - Peggy George
amazing how easy it is to podcast from a smartphone!
15:16 - Len Horn
15:20 - aunttammie
never thought of a portable game device in class...but they do connect to internet, don't they?
15:21 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
not just podcast - live stream!
15:35 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hoping to get 6 iPads for my 4th graders next year. Just sumbitted my grant to my district.
15:36 - kg
already in kids' hands
15:36 - @shamblesguru
Peggy .... whick Podcasting Apps rather than Audioboo?
15:40 - bethstill
A school down the road for me just banned cell phones and eReaders because they can "play music." Teachers have been ordered to confiscate them if they see them. SO SAD this is still happening. I will find a way to forward this session to the admin there. :)
15:41 - Peggy George
can take it with you anywhere
15:56 - kg
less costly than IWBs
15:56 - Peggy George
I like iPadio but Audioboo is great!
15:59 - Carol Rainbow
outside, away from schhool, at home - always. anywhere
16:11 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
mobile devices are banned in the thesis area of our libraries in our country
16:13 - paige.brethet
16:16 - Camille Dempsey
Yes Beth. The arts are learning too!
16:23 - Len Horn
The students really want to use them.
16:31 - Scott Newcomb
MLDs motivate the unmotivated!
16:44 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
would you allow students to have mobile phones when navigating research papers?
16:52 - Peggy George
every housekeeping corner has a fake phone and it's always in use!!
16:58 - TerriReh
Shelly, I did just that. I think we still have the Playskool phone.
17:00 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Asked about our BYOD (bring your own device) policy on Wed. Got a shrug of the shoulders and was told not yet.
17:20 - McTeach (Karen)
Beth...we don't allow cellphones in middle school, and there's talk about banning ereaders.
17:25 - Peggy George
keep asking Paula :-)
17:31 - Sonya
What do you use to podcast on your Smartphone that's so easy?
17:42 - Peggy George
many schools ban cell phones for teachers too!!
17:51 - Peggy George
AUPS need to change!!
17:58 - Camille Dempsey
and lots of research showing the value of music (through tech. devices) in and out of the classroom
18:08 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
cell phones are banned at my middle school, but my principal let's me use them.
18:21 - McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...I'm sure that will be next for us.
18:22 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
sadly, my iPhone doesnt work with the Internet connection in our university
18:24 - Dotty
i think if our teachers could have better classroom management mobile devices will come naturally.
18:29 - Camille Dempsey
Are You Ready for Mobile Learning?
18:33 - Carol Rainbow
I havea feeling that Healthy is ht eone thing that we are still not really sure of
18:34 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
@Dotty agree
18:37 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
During our reading time, I let my students listen to their ipods even though I am not supposed to.
18:40 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Peggy, I will. And I'm going to submit a proposal to the Board to show a unit I want to teach next year where my students can use their own devices. We'll see what happens.
18:57 - Peggy George
when you can start sharing things like Shelly is sharing with us today with your admins and IT folks they will begin to understand the value of mobile devices to extend learning for kids
19:04 - Kim Caise
19:06 - aunttammie
Sometimes we just have to rebel against ignorance
19:18 - Camille Dempsey
Another interesting link on bringing devices to schools:
19:26 - Peggy George
it's so important to keep advocating for this!
19:37 - Len Horn
@Paula Can you share that proposal, or do you want some help composing it?
19:51 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
I am here to gain information to share with my admin and IT so that we can move towards integrating instead of running with fear!!
19:52 - Dotty
I have 1 ipod touch, but students have them. I will use and point out the educational benefits to my studnets.
19:57 - Peggy George
19:59 - TerriReh
That is the way to go Paula. Show a clearly defined unit.
20:01 - paige.brethet
I agree. they want us to learn all this techy stuff, but they don't allow it?
20:04 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks, Len Yes I could use some help.
20:19 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Terri.
20:21 - @shamblesguru
Mobile + QR Codes = wonder
20:24 - Peggy George
20:25 - aunttammie
I had a long talk with my freshmen about their responsibility to use devices responsibly, to not use them illegally or surruptiously in other classrooms, or we will continue to get pushback from teachers who don't use them as part of class as we do.
20:37 - Bernadette
yes, and tech support (ongoing) is crucial!
20:41 - Scott Newcomb
We learn inside and outside with our MLDs!
21:06 - Peggy George
we have added Shelly's Livebinder for today to our Livebinder for today so you'll have access to all of these links in one place! :-)
21:06 - jcurtis4082
You have to push paige
21:14 - Leanne
When do you think e-textooks will be availalbe en mass for middle and high schools?
21:15 - McTeach (Karen)
Our local high school will be starting to have textbooks available for ipads next year!
21:22 - SandyC
So how do you monitor where they are going on the web, or perhaps who they are talking to while using the device in the class
21:28 - Peggy George
that's so exciting McTeach!!!
21:43 - aunttammie
When other teachers resent the kids misbehaving with them, you get the bans
21:53 - Peggy George
kids know how to use cell phones but not necessarily how to use them for learning :-)
21:54 - McTeach (Karen)
It is, Peggy! It's just unfortunately that I'm not being allowed to prepare my students for that!
21:57 - TerriReh
We are in the fortunate position of having a local tech company funding tech in classroom and trying to decide what device to purchase.
22:11 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
22:15 - Carol Rainbow
22:19 - Steve Hayes
Our district has formed a 1:1 PLC to put iPads in each students hands - grades 6-12
22:39 - Peggy George
we're believers Shelly!! Now we have to find ways to make it happen in our schools/classrooms!
22:45 - Patti R
I must choose new laptops for our mobile carts but also going to an iPad workshop next week; tough decision
22:54 - Bernadette
Our sixth graders have their own laptops thanks to a grant (TALENT 21) we are in our first year.
23:06 - Jill B from VA 1
VA DOE had publishers (40) meet last year to discuss digital content.
23:16 - Peggy George Lisa Nielsen's blog post
23:25 - Scott Newcomb
Teacher and Parent buy in is a must!
23:36 - Lorna Costantini 1
What a fantastic idea Shelly. Win the parents and the rest follows
23:44 - paige.brethet
Accessiblity is an imporatnt factor for digital literacy
24:28 - paige.brethet
A great pre-assessment of what the students really know about technology
24:31 - jcurtis4082
building community...
24:32 - Peggy George
they don't all need a cell phone to do some of these things--many ways to collaborate and share in the classroom or wherever
24:43 - Patti R
what about kids who don't have their own phones(althought that number is decreasing) but what if the parents don't want to pay for a data plan?
25:05 - Kim Caise
they can share or use your phone
25:10 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
access is always a factor in mobile learning
25:19 - Carol Rainbow
School can often provide some access - so if there are families that really do not have school can support them
25:24 - Len Horn
Study Island on the iPad......I want it!
25:28 - Bernadette
25:32 - Carol Rainbow
most of hte kids alreadyhave it
25:43 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
I had a 3rd grader figure out how to post to his blog from hid DS at home. :)
25:54 - Scott Newcomb
You can differentiate instruction with Mobile Learning Devices!
26:01 - TerriReh
HWDLisa, that is funny!
26:07 - Peggy George
so many teachers have to provide the tools for their classrooms but cell phones are often available from the kids :-)
26:27 - Peggy George
awesome @TheHomeworkDog Lisa!!! Kids are amazing!
26:49 - Carol Rainbow
also it is easy to do paired and group exercises during the class time
27:39 - Peggy George
click on play
27:41 - Peggy George
27:50 - tim garrison
our school has about 80 ipod touch's that are available for sign out too. A great alternative for students who dont have their own phones
27:52 - Peggy George
just the first minute but the full video is in the livebinder
28:02 - Peggy George
28:05 - Kim Caise
i am not seeing a video
28:15 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
this was to motivate them to speak english
28:21 - Jill B from VA 1
It ia not streaming here.
28:21 - Peggy George
I'm seeing the video in web tour
28:31 - bibiana
each one has to press play
28:36 - Peggy George
if you aren't seeing it just click on the link in the chat and view in your browser
28:36 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
My Mobile Learning page (has Shell Terrell links):
28:38 - aunttammie
each person has to press play
28:38 - paige.brethet
We have 2 ipods and they were bought last year for Grade 3 testing but they haven't been used
28:54 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
thanks for sharing Jerry
28:54 - Peggy George
thanks Jerry!! we'll add that to our Livebinder for today.
28:54 - Bernadette
Yes, Tim. Many teachers use them, eh?
29:11 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
29:20 - Peggy George
they are so excited to be talking and recording their voices on the phone!!
29:40 - Lorna Costantini 1
The link for the video is in the livebinder
29:45 - Peggy George
I loved when he said you have to tell me in English :-) what motivation!!
29:57 - Peggy George
30:04 - Peggy George
that's the link for the full video
31:13 - Peggy George
Voice Memos is a fantastic recording tool and it's built in on the iphone. I have used it to record live concerts and it's incredible what it picks up!
31:28 - bibiana
record small videos/ role-play and having them watch it after it
31:45 - Peggy George
great suggestion bibiana!
31:54 - @shamblesguru
Mindmapping ... favurite App for this for me is iThoughtsHD for iPad
31:58 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
mobile microblogging :)
32:10 - tim garrison
new iphone's even have video editting now
32:14 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Use recorder on moible device to practice interviewing skills and presenting skills.
32:16 - Steve Hayes
I post to my class website and the school's website thru my droid phone
32:20 - paige.brethet
Visualization is so important especially for the younger grades
32:26 - Peggy George
you can add these recordings to PPTs or Animotos or other things they may create after an experience like a field trip
32:43 - Peggy George
these apps are all part of our Livebinder
32:45 - Len Horn
Great idea @plnaugle :)
32:58 - Peggy George
33:03 - Jill B from VA 1
My find yesterday for iPad - Survey Notes. Still new at this -
33:17 - Jill B from VA 1
oops Sundry notes
33:19 - bibiana
audioboo + animoto are also web based I think
33:30 - Peggy George
animoto is also on iphone
33:36 - Peggy George
so is audioboo
33:38 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Peggy That's what I'm doing right now. Creating a movie of our field trip. I want students to record their voices for the audio portion of the movie.
33:44 - tim garrison
i use teacherpal to record data (attendace, grades, beh) on the go.
33:47 - Kim Caise
my little niece loves talking tom. she loves 'tickling' his tummy
33:50 - Peggy George
34:14 - Peggy George
great idea Paula!!!
34:27 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
Just statred using VR+ Lite to recored and email file.
34:43 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
oops record
34:53 - Peggy George
34:59 - Carol Rainbow
thre are loads of hte talking animal series - my grandson loves them too :-) They record voice - so can be used in different languages
35:25 - Len Horn
Link them into their ePortfolio
35:25 - Peggy George
35:51 - Jill B from VA 1
Have started a wiki of iPad/iPod apps - please add your finds by google form:
35:51 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
36:11 - Peggy George
I love these suggestions for things the kids can create on their mobile devices--they aren't just passively consuming content and playing games!
36:27 - Peggy George
that is wonderful!!
36:41 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
is this only applicable for kids? :D
37:10 - Peggy George
this one starts automatically
37:29 - @shamblesguru
bibiana was mentioned earlier is that the right spelling
37:45 - Peggy George
youtube videos start automatically but the tubechopped video required us to click on play
37:57 - Peggy George
love this example!!
38:20 - TerriReh
Save Youtube videos as quicktime (Thanks AzTEA)
38:29 - Peggy George
you can definitely capture their growth over time!!
38:36 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
We all need to take the recording of this CR 2.0 Live session to our IT dept. and school board to actively campaign for changing our AUP.
38:38 - paige.brethet
What a great idea for the beggining of the year activity. Lots of inferring here.
39:06 - Kim Caise
she is definitely passionate about her storykit project!
39:11 - Peggy George
39:19 - Ian Nairn - UK
does anyone use mobile devices / tablets with early years students aged 3 to 5?
39:26 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Yes Paula!!! I am planning on doing that and using this for a parent workshop at the beginning of the year!!
39:27 - Scott Newcomb
Mobile Learning Resources:
40:11 - Peggy George
I've seen many online examples for very young kids using mobile devices even under 1 year of age!
40:23 - Peggy George
the lego one?
40:27 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Kristen B They need to see examples of what is possible when we teach children how to do projects like this with their mobile devices.
40:43 - paige.brethet
I agree!
40:48 - Jill B from VA 1
One of my 2-year olds first words was "loading ... loading..."
40:59 - rkilkenny
my university students have used many of the tools that I have learned about from K-12 colleagues
41:04 - Peggy George
can't find the link
41:09 - Peggy George
just a sec-keep talking
41:18 - aunttammie
not seeing it here...just the still picture
41:26 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
@Paula Naugle I am also planning on using your skype preso, since I have been asking for access to it and keep getting turned down.
41:59 - Peggy George
42:06 - Peggy George
Felipe's Legos
42:08 - Peggy George
42:56 - Jill B from VA 1
I'm interested in presenting to parents of young children. Anyone have a preso to share?
43:16 - Peggy George
43:48 - Peggy George
43:53 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
43:54 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
@Paula I am also a bit scared to share, our board is VERY conservative and I fear that if I share all of this they will know what I am doing and shut me down. Right now I am flying under the radar with my principal's support. Do you worry about that??
44:19 - Peggy George
we can't see your pointer Shelly
44:36 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Kriten B Thank you, Kristen, that is great. If you need anything more from me to present to them, please let me know.
44:50 - Peggy George
you can change the red dot to a hand too Shelly
45:02 - Kim Caise
that is really cool!
45:03 - @shamblesguru
Not compatible with non-GPS iPad ;-(
45:12 - Peggy George
45:40 - @shamblesguru
45:54 - Peggy George
nice tool for directions :-)
45:58 - Sue L.
this has been very helpful - great information...thanks! I'm sorry I must leave early...ugh.
46:10 - Peggy George Livebinder links for today
46:13 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
iphone shows 1.99 now too
46:27 - TerriReh this
46:29 - Peggy George
46:36 - @shamblesguru
46:41 - Peggy George
There are a lot of QR code readers
47:13 - aunttammie
so explain why QR codes are better than just plain old links
47:13 - Peggy George
I've really like i-nigma
47:14 - TerriReh
3rd graders don't have smartphones. Wish there was a way to use the QR code with them.
47:31 - Peggy George
QR codes are everywhere. You don't have to create them all
47:34 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
My QR Code page:
47:51 - Steve Hayes
TerriReh - student can use iPod touches to read qr codes
47:56 - Peggy George
that's a fantastic resource Jerry!
48:00 - @shamblesguru
Not many in Australia yet
48:01 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
TerriReh you can place the qr code under your document camera.
48:08 - cstanley
I just put the bran muffins in the oven. I've learned a lot just by listening - including allyaing my fears of downloading QR codes - always afraid they'd contain a virus
48:11 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Jerry has a page for that! Love it. Thanks, Jerry. :0
48:13 - Kim Caise
only the new iTouches. the older ones do not have a camera
48:31 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
I am wearing one of my QR Code tee shirts. Great uses for QR Codes in the classroom.
48:41 - Peggy George
at the Mobile Learning Conference last month they did a virtual scavenger hunt to learn about a haunted house and it was an incredible experiene with QR codes
48:44 - @shamblesguru
Link between real world and online world
48:49 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
Love it Jerry!
48:52 - TerriReh
Thanks Steve, want the mobility.
49:14 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
49:21 - Peggy George
geolocation is so amazing!!
49:22 - Steve Hayes
I understand TerriReh
49:26 - Peggy George
Woices :-)
49:33 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
TerriReh How about pic with netbook?
49:42 - Peggy George
49:48 - cstanley
Amazing - this is all new to me.
49:53 - Peggy George
woices=world voices
49:56 - @shamblesguru
Woices ,, free App for iPhone/iPad
50:06 - TerriReh
@TheHomeworkDog Lisa I really want to do the QR scavenger hunts.
50:30 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
I get it....I have the same issue as you. :)
50:31 - Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
Geocaching or Letterboxing/Orienteering is another use for mobile devices. My Geocaching page:
50:34 - Peggy George
51:33 - TerriReh
@cybraryman1 you have a geocaching page? Holy cow.
51:45 - Peggy George
you can browse through all of the blog posts from the Mobile Learning conference and read all about the scavenger hunts (and much more!!)
51:49 - cstanley
We still have a lot of parents in our community who are afraid of kids talking with strangers.
51:58 - Peggy George
52:02 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
where'd you get that image? :P
52:06 - Peggy George
that is hilarious!!
52:12 - Sue Lyon-Jones
very cool app!
52:29 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
just downloaded woices to my android. I am out of town so I am going to create a woice for my middle school students to watch on Monday with the sub... COOL!!
52:29 - Peggy George
love that app! had never heard of it but can't wait to show my grandkids!
52:38 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
Just downloaded it! Love it!
52:54 - Peggy George
wow!!!! incredible resources!!
53:00 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
Thanks Shelly!!!!!
53:03 - McTeach (Karen)
Wow!! Awesome stuff!!!
53:03 - Sebastian Panakal India
WOW, Terry, Wonderful
53:09 - @lemoinemb (Mary Beth Lemoine)
Excellent. Thanks Shelley!
53:10 - Peggy George
thank you so much Shelly!!!!
53:12 - paige.brethet
Thanks for all the great ideas!
53:13 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual appluase for Shelly.
53:17 - Scott Newcomb
Great job Shelly!
53:17 - Jill B from VA 1
Amazing ideas! Thanks!
53:18 - cstanley
This was so instructional -thanks@
53:20 - Carol Rainbow
Great Shelly thanks :-)
53:21 - Sonya
Awesome, learned a lot! I don't know what questions I have YET!
53:26 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Thank you, Shelly!!! great ideas! :-)
53:31 - tim garrison
excellent resources! cant wait to share these!
53:32 - Peggy George
you can find all of the links in the Livebinder!
53:36 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Thank you som much everyone!
53:40 - psimpkins
Thank you, Shelly! Great ideas.
53:46 - Peggy George
we'll add any links that were shared in the chat to the binder after the show
53:46 - SandyC
As usual my mind is spinning:)
53:48 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
Question: can we get a copy of your slides? :D
53:58 - cstanley
Question? So I don't really have to be afraid to download these? viruses, etc.
53:59 - Ian Nairn - UK
great session and so much information to think about
54:04 - Kristen B (teachteKBeck)
Thanks Shelly!!!
54:07 - Peggy George
Can't wait to have Cheryl Oakes on our show!! She's an incredible HS teacher in Maine!!
54:07 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Noel, yes!
54:09 - Rich@rcantrell
Thank you Shelly
54:09 - Randall F
Have you used mobile devices as clickers?
54:11 - Bernadette
thank you you are so enthusiastic-inspires confiedence!
54:14 - @shamblesguru
Everything mobile on Shambles is in one place
54:20 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Thank you too, Kim, Peggy and Lorna :-)
54:22 - Steve Hayes
Thank you Shelly
54:23 - Peggy George
be sure to come to the panel discussion on PASSION!!
54:24 - aunttammie
what was her twitter handle again?
54:24 - cstanley
Cheryl Oakes from Maine - can't wait- only know her virtually, but she's amazing.
54:28 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Hi Randall, not yet
54:30 - Cintia Stella
Thank you Shelly! You are wonderful
54:37 - McTeach (Karen)
Yay Angela!!!
54:49 - Peggy George
Lisa Nielsen, Angela Maiers, George Couros, Amy Sandvold in the panel
54:55 - @shamblesguru
@Shelly ... ty
54:56 - Grace
Really interesting, thanks.
54:57 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Wow! What a panel
55:08 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Thank you for attending!
55:11 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Love that there is a follow up to the Paasion Driven session from AzTEA Virtual Conference.
55:12 - Peggy George Survey link
55:22 - Jan Howe
Thank you, so much. Great session.
55:22 - Peggy George
55:35 - Patti R
fantastic resources, thanks Shelly
55:36 - Peggy George
the link is also available in the Livebinder for the survey
55:39 - TerriReh
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) where is the follow up?
55:41 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
Kim, Lorna, & Peggy thanks so much! Y'all do amazing things! (originally I'm a Texas gal)
56:10 - Peggy George Shelly's blog
56:11 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
They just showed that Steve H. will be doing it on May 10.
56:26 - TerriReh
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) Thanks.
56:40 - TerriReh
Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) I am trying to grade at the same time :)
56:43 - Peggy George
57:10 - Peggy George
I love being able to watch the recordings on my iphone and ipod :-)
57:29 - @shamblesguru
Waiting for the Elluminate iPad App :-)
57:39 - Lorna Costantini 1
Thanks everyone for joining us today
57:41 - aunttammie
anyone know shelley's twitter?
57:42 - Peggy George
This has been fabulous Shelly!!! You are so motivating and had so many great tips for us!
57:47 - Ian Nairn - UK
thanks again
57:48 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
57:51 - TerriReh
@shamblesguru ha, agreed!
57:54 - aunttammie
57:54 - Peggy George Shelly’ twitter ID
58:24 - Peggy George
won't happen Len--flash is needed for iPad to have Elluminate on it :-)
58:35 - cstanley
@Peggy - thanks for all you do. I wish I could share those bran muffins with you.:)
58:39 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
thought elluminate requires java?
58:47 - Len Horn
I can dream. :)
58:58 - Peggy George
Join Shelly's #edchat conversation
59:05 - Lorna Costantini 1
Shelly thanks for sharing - what a wonderful collection of apps
59:07 - cstanley
I have not downloaded any QR codes at all. Where should I start?
59:08 - Peggy George
yes elluminate requires java
59:14 - jcurtis4082
anyone using Splashtop?
59:26 - aunttammie
there's an app to run flash...can't remember the name
59:31 - roxanne clement
59:31 - Peggy George
Buffy Hamilton has tons of QR codes on her website
59:33 - paige.brethet
If you had some money to buy one piece of moblile device for your classroom what would it be, iphone/ipod?
59:35 - TerriReh
Because wouldn't the soccer parents enjoy listening to our Elluminate Sessions.
59:39 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
there's an app to run flash on ipad?
59:43 - Len Horn
I want to try some of the droid tablets to see if they work.
59:44 - @TheHomeworkDog Lisa
There are some great Livebinders for QR codes.
59:46 - @shamblesguru
Splashtop ... yes .... iPad controlling my laptop connected to a projector
59:50 - aunttammie
yes...let me look
1:00:03 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
@coolcatteacher just wrote a great article
1:00:09 - cstanley
Will they work on iPad as well as iPhone
1:00:10 - McTeach (Karen)
Hoping to learn more about QR codes at ISTE!
1:00:17 - Peggy George
there are some incredible blog posts from the Mobile Learning conference. I'll add that link in the Livebinder
1:00:29 - jcurtis4082
and it works well shambles?
1:00:32 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
where's the livebinder again?
1:00:36 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
1:00:38 - aunttammie
1:00:40 - Kim Caise
1:00:41 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Sorry, Scott.
1:00:56 - Randall F
@cstanley - u need a camera, so only iPad2
1:01:13 - @shamblesguru
yep ... splashtop ... but laptop and iPad need to be on the same wifi network
1:01:16 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
do we get to have a copy of the slides Shelly? :D
1:01:17 - Peggy George
Educational uses of QR codes:
1:01:25 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Me too, McTeach. I've been collecting QR code articles and ideas how to use them in the classrooms.
1:01:32 - aunttammie
just downloaded iswifter yesterday, so haven't tried it much, but supposed to run flash sites
1:01:33 - jcurtis4082
yes, understood. (;
1:01:37 - Len Horn
Thanks for that link, Peggy.
1:01:37 - cstanley
@Randall - that's what I have - looks as though I have an exciting day ahead - so glad I can access my wifi in my backyard
1:01:38 - jcurtis4082
1:01:57 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!! now it's play time to explore all of the things Shelly shared with us!!
1:01:59 - vicky
1:02:01 - Randall F
Thank you Shelly!
1:02:05 - Lorna Costantini 1
Thanks everyone for being with us!!
1:02:12 - McTeach (Karen)
Yup! Already downloaded several apps! Thanks Shelly!!!
1:02:13 - Lorna Costantini 1
See you all next week
1:02:15 - Sue Lyon-Jones
Thanks again, ShellY!
1:02:16 - fairtradeeducation
1:02:17 - Peggy George
Recordings and links will be posted soon!
1:02:17 - CristinaLemos
1:02:20 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
1:02:27 - Noel Feria (@npf007)
will the slides be uploaded online as well?
1:02:27 - Peggy George
Thank you Shelly!!!!!!
1:02:30 - Len Horn
@shamblesguru have you tried to use Elluminate on a Droid tablet?
1:02:34 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My Google site about QR codes
1:02:40 - Nalani 1
1:02:41 - Ian Hall
I have put them on my itunes Thanks
1:02:42 - Peggy George
Hope to see you next week
1:02:46 - @shamblesguru
Last week meet a teacher in Australia who shared story of an App written by one of her students ... the school was using it for student timetables
1:02:54 - vicky
geia sas
1:03:00 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you, Shelly. Lots of resources ot check out later today.
1:03:02 - aunttammie
I'll try it on iswifter next week
1:03:03 - Sue Lyon-Jones
bye, folks!
1:03:08 - Peggy George
certain webinars are on mobile devices but not a lot yet
1:03:10 - Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell)
i added your resource Paula
1:03:12 - Lorna Costantini 1
Hppay Mother's day
1:03:16 - Len Horn
1:03:16 - Lorna Costantini 1
1:03:22 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you to the gals of CR 2.0 Live. Another great session.
1:03:25 - Peggy George
bye everyone! have a great weekend! Happy Mother's Day
1:03:31 - cstanley
Bye, eveyone - you too! Happy Mother's Day.
1:03:37 - McTeach (Karen)
Yes, Happy Mother's Day!!!!
1:03:45 - Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms grandmothers.