Apr 16, 2011 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE – MISSION US
00:13 - Buchmelter
good morning/afternoon!!
00:13 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
Good morning everyone!
00:28 - Peggy George
00:34 - Peggy George
hi reba!
01:08 - Peggy George
This is such an awesome resource for our students! It's designed for gr. 5-8 but could easily be adapted for other grades
01:25 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone! Thanks for spending some of your Saturday with us!
01:57 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck) 3
This is the highlight of my weekend!! Thanks for doing this every week!!
02:06 - Peggy George
Hi Susie Highley! So glad to have you joining us!!
02:40 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning!
03:00 - Peggy George
Hi there McTeach! You're going to love hearing about Mission US! Perfect for your kids!
03:15 - Peggy George
I like to call that the magic wand :-)
03:18 - Susie Highley
Sorry I'm late. I was tweeting about this!
03:31 - Peggy George
that's a perfect reason to be late Susie! Thank you so much!
03:42 - Len H
Good morning, Karen! :)
03:43 - Kim Flack
great!! :) I posted to Facebook last night - but didn't get a chance to post a reminder -- thank you!
03:47 - McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Peggy! I've explored Mission US...looking forward to learn more about it!
04:10 - Peggy George
terrific McTeach! Feel free to add anything you like about Mission US in the chat :-)
04:15 - McTeach (Karen)
Hey there, Len!
04:31 - Peggy George
wide layout is my preference!! too hard to read the chat in the little window with the default layout
04:34 - Kim Flack
Hi Mary Pratto! :)
04:46 - Peggy George
Welcome Mary Pratto!!
04:46 - MPratto
Well, Kim Flack, Nice to see you
04:52 - kimtaz
McTeach - we are using your Classroom Live show as PD in the Madison School District in AZ. :)
04:52 - MPratto
Hi Peggy
04:56 - Peggy George
we probably will just use web tour today
05:20 - Peggy George
05:32 - Peggy George
recordings and links will be posted after the show in our archives
05:44 - Peggy George
now for the fun!!
06:02 - Peggy George
if the dot doesn't go where you want it you can click and drag it
06:27 - Peggy George
Australian participants are my heros because of the hour!! Thanks so much for being here!
06:40 - Kim Flack
what time is it there?
06:48 - Peggy George
Hi Scott Shelhart! Thrilled to have you joining us today!
06:55 - kimtaz
some of us aren't in classrooms
07:02 - Peggy George
perfect audience for this!
07:05 - Scott Shelhart
Hi Peggy
07:13 - Susie Highley
But I have lots of teachers I want to share this with!
07:14 - Peggy George
it's hard to answer if you don't have a classroom :-)
07:30 - Peggy George
exactly Susie!! I love sharing these great resources with other teachers!
07:56 - Kim Flack
I'm so glad to see so many are not yet familiar!
07:58 - Peggy George
hooray!!! so glad to be able to share this with you today!!
07:59 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Found out about it 5 minutes ago when I checked what the session was about!
08:35 - Peggy George
your classroom might be workshops for teachers :-)
08:37 - AndreaHildreth
to Peggy - you always make me smile
08:53 - Peggy George
I love that smiley icon!!!
09:03 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck) 3
I teach math and science but also have a bunch of teachers to share this with!
09:15 - John Hibbs
grrr, dummy me, could not get the poll feature to work -- someone may help later...dummy me.
09:17 - Peggy George
it works for many subject areas!!
09:26 - Peggy George
get ready to type on the whiteboard
09:43 - Kim Flack
we wanted you to have a chance to play with a new tool ;)
10:11 - Peggy George
make a wild guess!
10:16 - Susie Highley
Haven't played this lately, but it's a great election game http://broadband.ciconline.org/elections/
10:21 - Ian Hall
There is no A
10:22 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
i agree not sure either
10:22 - rae dewberry
Can't get it to work. I can't think of any except Mission US
10:32 - AndreaHildreth
River City
10:36 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
we don't see the tools
10:42 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
I am keeping my hand way down and trying not to make eye contact so you don't call on me. :)
10:47 - Peggy George
can't type without the tools!!
10:49 - roxanne clement
Discovery Education interactive atlas
10:51 - Ian Hall
10:53 - kimtaz
Too late Tom!
11:00 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
uh oh
11:29 - Susie Highley
THanks for taking one for us, Tom
11:38 - Peggy George
oh yes! Google Lit Trips :-)
11:42 - rae dewberry
What's Google Lit Trips?
11:47 - kimtaz
Oh my, must go and explore!!
11:52 - John Hibbs
12:11 - kimtaz
Wahoo AZ!!!
12:20 - MPratto
Wooohooo Kim
12:34 - kimtaz
I am a Kim Flack groupie! Just finished listening to the archived version of the show she did on Digital Nation.
12:42 - Susie Highley
but we can't do googlelit trips because we can't have google earth
12:56 - kimtaz
Kim has long arms. :)
13:12 - kimtaz
Go Pinkie!
13:22 - kimtaz
Is a nut case and I love her!
13:32 - Kim Flack
I'm so proud of Jo!!
14:02 - kimtaz
Me too! And the same is true for my dear friend Rae E. !
14:18 - Jo AZ
I'm blushing!!
14:30 - kimtaz
No she isn't!
14:34 - rae dewberry
You mean me? AWW
14:40 - kimtaz
You betcha!
15:33 - kimtaz
Too true!
15:55 - Peggy George
It is such a privilege to have Jo sharing her experience with Mission US today!! She is even using it with 4th graders :-)
16:29 - Peggy George
PBS provides so many fantastic resources for teachers and classrooms!
16:45 - kimtaz
Amen about PBS, so many incredible resources.
16:54 - kimtaz
Definitely underused
17:06 - Peggy George
17:16 - John Hibbs
And some in Congress want to unfund PBS. Fight back!
17:38 - Peggy George
you'll find all of our Mission US links in our livebinder today http://livebinders.com/edit?id=84484
17:39 - kimtaz
Rah, rah, cheer,cheer for PBS!!!!
17:47 - AndreaHildreth
17:55 - rae dewberry
17:59 - Jo AZ
can't live without Sesame Street!
18:10 - Peggy George
Kim and Jo did this presentation on Second Life awhile ago and when I saw it I knew we had to have them come and share it with all of you!
18:21 - kimtaz
I am a proud PBS teacher....$60 a year and a bargain for all you get back!
18:31 - Peggy George
me too kimtaz!
19:06 - Peggy George
I have it downloaded on my desktop so I can play whenever I want
19:23 - Peggy George
19:27 - kimtaz
warning to ipad users, this takes flash
19:39 - Lorie Moffat @ldmoffat
Me, too, Peggy.
19:47 - Peggy George
this promo really makes you want to get started
20:14 - Kim Caise
amazing! students will love this activity!
20:53 - kimtaz
multitasking is completely overrated!
20:54 - Kim Caise
20:55 - Kim Flack
20:57 - Jo AZ
welcome to my world...not a good multitasker
21:03 - Peggy George
this is the home page for Mission US
21:06 - Scott Shelhart
its a different-ability
21:11 - Kristen B (@teachteKBeck) 3
I tell my students all the time that I cannot talk and write or type at the same time!!
21:21 - kimtaz
Free....love it!
21:27 - Peggy George
21:30 - Jo AZ
my favorite word
21:35 - clifmims
Good morning. Sorry I'm late. :)
21:37 - Peggy George
free!!! hooray!!!
21:45 - Buchmelter
WHEN will the Civil War mission be released??!!??
21:46 - Peggy George
Hi clifmims! So glad you could join us!
21:54 - Scott Shelhart
Hi Cliff
21:56 - Peggy George
Mission 2 is coming out any day now!
22:08 - Buchmelter
YAYYY!! Thanks Peggy!!
22:15 - Peggy George
when you register you can save your game and pick up where you left off
22:19 - rae dewberry
Is Mission 2 the Civil War? YEAH
22:26 - Kim Caise
do students need email addresses?
22:46 - Jo AZ
I thought the second one was about a runaway slave
23:08 - Kim Flack
23:12 - Peggy George
should we go to the slides?
23:14 - Kim Caise
24:05 - Peggy George
the web tour was blocking the slides
24:15 - Kim Flack
24:16 - Kim Caise
we were seeing it
24:31 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
we can see the web tour we just can see when you click on the different links on the website
24:34 - Kim Caise
24:52 - Peggy George
you may need to view that PDF in your browser
24:54 - Kim Caise
some great comments
25:02 - Peggy George
sometimes it doesn't load in the web tour
25:13 - rae dewberry
I used this the 3 days before Xmas break - overcrowded, hormone-driven,bored 8th graders. They actually stayed engaged !!!AND had fun. Several kept up the game at home!
25:18 - kimtaz
Rae - this is how you used it, right?
25:50 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
great comprehensive summary- great for administration when they ask why using this game. Thanks
26:16 - kimtaz
that is aweseome
26:17 - Peggy George
26:31 - kimtaz
rae and jo....what are your thoughts on the teacher guide?
26:32 - Peggy George
26:42 - rae dewberry
Very easy to use - I teach language arts and concentrated on primary sources, point of view...wonderful conversations came from this
27:07 - Peggy George
good point rae! you can really use this in many different subject areas!
27:16 - rae dewberry
Teacher guide was Very Easy to use with a wealth of ideas on how to use - no matter what you teach
27:16 - Peggy George
27:49 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
great -standards too!
28:01 - Peggy George
love your comment rae about your engaged 8th graders :-) wonderful testimonial!!!
28:04 - John Hibbs
Does Classroom20 have a SIG for games such as this?
28:15 - Peggy George
28:33 - kimtaz
peggy gets those links in at lightening speed!
28:34 - Wendy T.
Can I add this link to my website?
28:35 - rae dewberry
I had several students make some poor choices in the game and actually had to BRAINSTORM their way out of a mess! So...critical thinking is also used.
28:37 - Peggy George
not sure John? you'll have to check and let us know
28:44 - Jo AZ
all you have to do is 'plug in' your standards!
28:53 - Jo AZ
instant lesson plan
28:57 - Dan Boyle
great potential layered curriculum activity
29:06 - Peggy George
http://www.mission-us.org/pages/primary-sources (downloadable primary sources)
29:18 - Dan Boyle
especially where you don't need internet because it can be downloaded
29:21 - John Hibbs
Seems to me there are enough people in this room to have a "games" Special Interest Group. No?
29:44 - Peggy George
29:51 - AndreaHildreth
Yah for games
30:00 - Kim Flack
30:08 - Peggy George
look at this amazing list of downloadable primary sources!!!
30:11 - kimtaz
30:17 - kimtaz
pretty remarkable
30:17 - Susie Highley
30:22 - Peggy George
everyone of them invites discussion!!
30:24 - Buchmelter
30:28 - kimtaz
awesome, amazing, outstanding....
30:29 - Jo AZ
love the primary sources...always a tough concept to teach
30:32 - MPratto
Wow, Nice
30:45 - Kim Caise
definitely brings history to life
30:46 - Peggy George
there are so many ways to use these resources even if you don't use the game!
31:00 - rae dewberry
this was hugh and great for discussion
31:08 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
31:18 - rae dewberry
I have a student reading Common Sense right now!
31:24 - Len H
Wish I had had that a couple of weeks ago.
31:37 - Peggy George
you can follow MissionUS on Facebook and you'll know when the 2nd mission is released :-) http://www.facebook.com/MissionUS
31:39 - John Hibbs
rae --how old is the Common Sense reader/student?
31:47 - Kim Caise
how cool!
32:03 - Peggy George
great background information Kim! Thanks!
32:11 - rae dewberry
8th grade - he is a social studies "nut", however.
32:13 - Kim Flack
Solo!! :)
32:17 - Kim Caise
32:22 - Peggy George
Welcome Jo!!! :-)
32:27 - Wendy T.
What's included in the 2nd mission?
32:40 - Peggy George
33:17 - John Hibbs
how many 8th graders read anything? Percentage? just your guess?
33:19 - rae dewberry
Yeah! The binder is amazing!
33:20 - Peggy George
it was really fun getting to play with the module at that workshop!
33:46 - Kim Flack
we printed the full teacher guide from the web page and put it into binders for our professional development workshop --- the teachers loved it!
33:56 - Peggy George
good idea Kim!
34:03 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Would you say that is the best way to present to teachers - put all the resources together in a binder and give them an overview?
34:05 - rae dewberry
I have a lot of readers and insist they read classics.
34:06 - Peggy George
students love being the "teachers" :-)
34:22 - Peggy George
love it!! kids dressing up to really get into the action!
34:40 - Peggy George
where did you find the costumes?
34:47 - cstanley
I really like her idea for her tech club. I'd love to know more about how she advertised it and got kids interested.
34:51 - Peggy George
34:53 - John Hibbs
I'd like to see peer reviewed research to support or dunk the correlation between games such as this and literacy gain/loss. Out there?
35:12 - Peggy George
http://www.adventureclassicgaming.com/index.php/site/features/588/ (Adventures in Games Research)
35:13 - John Hibbs
whoops, debunk
35:28 - kimtaz
Costumes were borrowed from friends and parents
35:37 - Kim Flack
I think the student leaders make a huge difference
35:42 - Peggy George
also some great research and support in Karl Kapp's book: http://www.amazon.com/Gadgets-Games-Gizmos-Learning-Professionals/dp/0787986542/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1302708503&sr=8-2 (Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning by Karl M. Kapp)
35:58 - Len H
How many altogether again?
36:03 - kimtaz
cstanley - you can reach jo at jhenning@gesd4.org
36:11 - Peggy George
adventure games are a bit different from sims games
36:14 - kimtaz
36:49 - Peggy George
Kim F-maybe you can talk about the differences with interactive games?
36:53 - cstanley
@kimtaz - thanks - copied it into my Google doc
37:04 - Peggy George
developing student leaders!!
37:06 - John Hibbs
thanks Peggy. very helpful to review such writings.
37:09 - kimtaz
i handle her (jo) publicity...:)
37:15 - Peggy George
Hi cstanley :-)
37:36 - clifmims
I like the idea of engaging all the students...giving each a voice.
37:37 - John Hibbs
maybe you can summarize, somewhere findings re correlation between games and reading?
37:47 - kimtaz
students teaching students...what a novel approach!
37:49 - Peggy George
be sure to watch her voicethread later-link is in the Livebinder too
37:54 - cstanley
It's amazing what great teachers kids can be when we feel confident enough to turn over some of the planning and production to them.
37:56 - Peggy George
fantastic Jo!
38:04 - Kim Caise
38:15 - cstanley
Hi, Peggy:)
38:15 - Peggy George
yes play the voicethread
38:55 - cstanley
Does anyone know if the game will play on an iPad?
38:57 - Peggy George
think its up now and should start playing automatically
39:09 - MPratto
Jo, How did you have to tweak the curriculum to make it work with 4th and 5th grade?
39:39 - AndreaHildreth
two audio at once
39:50 - Kim Caise
not yet @cstanley since it uses flash
39:59 - Peggy George
you can pause the audio on the voicethread while Kim is talking
40:30 - Kim Flack
ok we will be quiet now and let you play it
40:32 - cstanley
@Kim - I am sure that will change with all the iPad being sold to individuals and to schools.
40:36 - Peggy George
should we keep watching the voicethread :-)
40:45 - Peggy George
ok-clicking on play now
40:53 - SOFIA
i can not see the voicethread
41:04 - cstanley
Voice Thread is such a powerful program.
41:05 - Peggy George
voicethread may be blocked for you Sofia??
41:05 - Kim Caise
adobe just announced that they are adding flash to their streaming videos so maybe flash will be on the ipad soon
41:12 - SOFIA
slide 37
41:19 - kimtaz
digital storytelling in Voicethread...great stuff
41:25 - Peggy George
the web tour is on top of the slides (or should be)
41:33 - cstanley
@Kim - that woud be a real turn around.
41:34 - Peggy George
this is a great use of voicethread!
41:35 - Kim Flack
just starting now
41:52 - roxanne clement
Kim...finally...i love my ipad but not accessing flash is so disappointing
41:55 - SOFIA
stuck on slide 37
42:08 - kimtaz
roxanne - i understand...i am looking at the xoom
42:28 - Peggy George
I'm sure that will be changing in the future roxanne! The iPad is still really new!
42:47 - roxanne clement
yes but I want it now:)
43:31 - cstanley
@Peggy, Kim, and roxanne - just got an iPad2 from my school -I am so blown away by all it does; the flash part is diasppointing, but there is so much else! Just downloaded a couple of Classroom2.0 archive shows, and they translate well.
43:55 - cstanley
Hopefully, someday, we'll be able to access the webinar live and participate on the chat on it.
44:16 - Peggy George
love hearing the kids tell about their experiences!
44:30 - Peggy George
this is something they will remember long after they play the game
44:49 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
I love this use of Voicethread - slide show with voiceover is so key.
44:51 - kimtaz
remember and share with others...such pressure for their teachers next year
44:52 - Jo AZ
The voicethread is louder I promise
44:57 - roxanne clement
mcgraw hill has free math games available thru today for ipad. here's the link http://www.tuaw.com/2011/04/15/select-mcgraw-hill-educational-apps-for-iphone-and-ipad-free-unt/
44:59 - Peggy George
for sure Tom!!
45:06 - MPratto
How many days were you in the Mission?
45:09 - cstanley
I am hoping we'll use Mission Success during our massive 8th grade unit at the end of our school year.
45:22 - Peggy George
that would be perfect cstanley!!
45:24 - kimtaz
Classroom Live 2.0 just did a show with the people from Voicethread sharing all the new stuff, check the archives
45:25 - cstanley
Mission US, I mean
45:41 - Peggy George
can you give us a smiley face when you're finished viewing the Voicethread?
45:51 - Susie Highley
Thanks so much! Off to a wedding: didn't think I could ask bride to delay coming down aisle while I finish webinar. I'll watch the archived version!
46:00 - Peggy George
so true Susie!
46:04 - cstanley
@kimtaz - I downloaded that to the iPad from iTunes University
46:06 - Peggy George
Thanks for squeezing us in!
46:11 - Jo AZ
we 'played' about 5 weeks for about 40 minutes a day including assignments
46:46 - Peggy George
it helps so much when other teachers can watch your students using a resource like this!
47:03 - cstanley
Maybe when these kids get to higher grades where they revisit the American Revolution, they will actually remember something they learned.
47:13 - Peggy George
are you finished viewing the VT yet? give a smiley face when you are
47:24 - John Hibbs
yes first time Ihave seen voice thread. slick as owl poop.:)
47:35 - Peggy George
thanks!!! think we're almost ready to move on
47:44 - Kim Flack
lol John
47:49 - Peggy George
if you're not finished watching it you can watch it in your browser after the show :-)
47:53 - cstanley
@John?????? never heard that one before.
48:12 - Peggy George
fantastic Voicethread!!!!
48:45 - Peggy George
can't wait for Mission 2!!!
48:48 - Jo AZ
48:58 - Peggy George
follow them on Facebook and you'll know when it launches http://www.facebook.com/MissionUS
48:58 - cstanley
Oh, my gosh - can't believer it's almost 1:00 pm EST.
49:01 - kimtaz
patience grasshopper
49:06 - John Hibbs
what cstaney? owl poop? or voice thread?
49:07 - Len H
49:23 - Peggy George
I thought it was coming out in April...
49:27 - Kim Flack
49:27 - Kim Caise
49:33 - cstanley
@John - the first - ditto to what the speaker just said.
49:57 - Peggy George
49:59 - rae dewberry
More, please, on more of these!
50:00 - MPratto
Meets many standards
50:26 - Peggy George
the chart is really helpful!
50:57 - Kim Flack
50:57 - John Hibbs
still, this geezer worries that these tools hurt literacy. Help wanted to reverse this ingrained worry.
51:03 - cstanley
With all these resources available, there is no excuse for not having kids engaged in their own learning.
51:08 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Is there ONE link to a pdf for the entire classroom guide to give to teachers or is it in several pdfs?
51:11 - Peggy George
that is so true cstanley!
51:22 - Peggy George
yes Tom
52:06 - roxanne clement
the resources are amazing!
52:17 - Peggy George
I take that back Tom! I think you have to download each document separately.
52:34 - Peggy George
52:42 - John Hibbs
I thnk you should turn off the web tour
52:47 - Peggy George
all of these separate pages are featured in the Livebinder
52:51 - John Hibbs
I only get a blank
52:51 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
@Peggy Oh well. It would be nice to have one easy download to share.
52:53 - John Hibbs
52:57 - Peggy George
I agree Tom
53:09 - Peggy George
PDFs don't always load well in web tour.
53:28 - Kim Flack
53:35 - John Hibbs
peggy george -- your personal url?
53:54 - Jo AZ
so exciting!1
54:02 - John Hibbs
Kim Flack your personal url?
54:05 - cstanley
@John - you have to look at literacy in a much broader sense than just reading and comprehending print on a page. I must admit that "deep, thoughtful, reading" is perhaps threatened with all the distractions to link to related materials.
54:12 - Peggy George
not sure what you mean by personal URL?
54:26 - Peggy George
thank you so much Kim F and Jo!!! Fantastic presentation and resources!
54:27 - kimtaz
thanks to Kim and Jo for sharing this great information.
54:28 - John Hibbs
mostly bio stuff
54:31 - Kim Flack
54:34 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
It would be great if one day kids get as excited about each new Mission US as they do about Call of Duty!
54:43 - cstanley
Can someone explain a "throw-away" address?
54:48 - Peggy George
54:56 - Peggy George
good question cstanley!
54:56 - John Hibbs
what got you into this, why? personal success stories, etc.
55:08 - kimtaz
didn't know that, thanks Kim C
55:16 - cstanley
Will those throw away addresses work with this game?
55:36 - Peggy George
and you can create gmail addresses using your teacher address
55:38 - kimtaz
did you want me to play the penny flute as our exit musich?
55:51 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
Kim what are those students email example.com address again
55:54 - Peggy George
yes kimtaz!!!! play the penny flute when we close out :-)
56:05 - Buchmelter
QUES: What are the plans for content for Mission 3 and Mission 4?
56:14 - kimtaz
56:15 - Peggy George
56:32 - Kim Caise
56:40 - Peggy George
it takes a long time to develop them but always gives us something to look forward to!
56:50 - cstanley
I brought my son (now 28) a penny whistle from Mystic Seaport. Little did I know how he'd love it-owns about 10 different types now.
57:11 - Kim Flack
kmbflack on twitter and kimmer jameson on Second Life
57:16 - Jo AZ
57:16 - John Hibbs
Adrian Hoad is a great games source. Permit
57:18 - kimtaz
this type of activity brings the learning alive for students
57:19 - John Hibbs
This is the seventh lesson plan in the Stamp on History unit. Students will explore the contributions that Ben Franklin made to our country's history. They will create a kite timeline of events and add his stamp to their booklets.
57:26 - John Hibbs
permit the long post
57:27 - Peggy George
we can come back to more questions after we officially close the session
57:28 - reba @jghfoundation08 1
@Kim thanks for email address
57:37 - Peggy George
great resource John!!
57:39 - cstanley
The think I like about Voice Thread is the multiple opportunities to record prior to saving the comment.
57:42 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing it
57:46 - cstanley
58:01 - Peggy George
Please come to the AZ virtual conference!!! It's going to be fantastic!
58:06 - Kim Flack
wonderful upcoming conference!! :)
58:13 - John Hibbs
I would love to hear from all of you
58:14 - Peggy George
http://www.aztea.org/moodle all free and all day long!
58:17 - kimtaz
Peggy is the guru behind WOW, the brain!
58:20 - John Hibbs
58:25 - Peggy George
our keynote speakers are Angela Maiers and Steve Farber
58:28 - Len H
Can't wait for WoW!!!!!
58:29 - John Hibbs
58:31 - kimtaz
Please join us, lot's of great learning!
58:33 - cstanley
Don't forget - I think Discovery Education has a huge all-day conference on April 30. Do you know, Peggy?
58:37 - MPratto
Wonderful Peggy, Thanks
58:51 - cstanley
Yes - that's what I meant.
58:56 - Peggy George
at the end of the day Steve Hargadon will be facilitating a panel discussion on Passion Driven Leadership and Learning
59:01 - McTeach (Karen)
Love that Angela Maiers!!! So much energy in one little body!!
59:09 - roxanne clement
I'm hosting the DE Virtual Conference at my school s a face to face with Virtual
59:10 - kimtaz
You are so right, Karen.
59:38 - Kim Flack
clone ourselves and be at both!! :)
59:41 - Peggy George
in the panel will be Angela Maiers, George Couros, Lisa Nielsen and Amy Sandvold
59:54 - roxanne clement
Peggy are you streaming at all?
59:58 - Peggy George
I wish the DEN Spring virtual conference wasn't the same time as AzTEA
59:58 - cstanley
Did you see Steve's request for commendations? I think it's time to send out that Voice Thread again and see if you can get more folks to add commentary.
1:00:16 - Peggy George
The AzTEA conference is entirely in Elluminate and all of the sessions will be streamed and recorded
1:00:37 - Peggy George
just go to the link and register so you can access all of the resources and recordings: http://www.aztea.org/moodle
1:00:55 - Peggy George
I saw that cstanley! :-)
1:01:03 - Kim Flack
Is DEN in Elluminate also?
1:01:06 - cstanley
@Peggy - so glad you got to see Amity's own Meghan in person. I don't think I'd have my iPad if it were not for her hard work promoting them.
1:01:33 - Peggy George
if you don't receive your certificate by Monday be sure to let me know. (usually come out on Sat afternoon now with our Google form)
1:01:34 - cstanley
Please drop that into the chat.
1:01:42 - Kim Caise
1:01:48 - rae dewberry
I'm on brain overload - leaving now...
1:02:05 - Kim Caise
1:02:10 - Peggy George
bye rae! thanks so much for joining us!
1:02:18 - nikki
We did not have closed-captioning this session?
1:02:21 - Peggy George
the recording will be posted right after the show
1:02:30 - Peggy George
no nikki--sorry!
1:02:36 - Buchmelter
Kim, et al, will you be answering questions afterward?
1:02:53 - Peggy George
remember we have a 2 week break while other things are taking place :-)
1:03:00 - Len H
Thanks for all the info Kim Flack! :)
1:03:03 - Peggy George
yes we'll do more questions right after this!
1:03:08 - cstanley
Thanks to all of you for such wonderful PD - and keeping our enthusiasm high!
1:03:23 - Peggy George
love having you take the mic to ask questions :-)
1:03:36 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Perfect thing to do on a rainy Saturday here in Maryland. Thanks so much!
1:03:47 - Buchmelter
What will the subjects be for the 3rd and 4th Missions??? Hopefully not so much war based...
1:03:49 - Peggy George
that is perfect Wendy!! hearing you great!
1:04:19 - cstanley
@Peggy - I'm on vacation this week. I'm downloading a bunch of the archived webinars to my iPad, and I'll watch them while my husband chauffers me around.
1:04:50 - Buchmelter
QUES: Subject of 3rd and 4th Missions??
1:04:57 - Buchmelter
1:04:58 - cstanley
Are we going to hear the pennywhistle again?
1:04:59 - Peggy George
Mission US is all about the Revolutionary War so I'm sure all missions will relate to that
1:05:36 - MPratto
Thanks all, See you in the AZTEA Virtual Conference
1:05:39 - Kim Flack
1:05:52 - Peggy George
bye MPratto-so glad you could join us
1:05:58 - Jo AZ
Totally lost connectivety
1:05:58 - John Hibbs
The country - the world - needs to clone you guys in the zillions. Nice work! skipper@bfranklin.edu
1:06:09 - Peggy George
welcome back Jo AZ :-)
1:06:20 - cstanley
Our kids do a whole scenario about the underground railroad when they go to Nature's Classroom - what a great thing that will be to add to the real-life adventure.
1:06:20 - Len H
Glad you are back, Jo
1:06:29 - roxanne clement
Kim F. I think this link should take you to register for the webinar April 30 with Discovery https://discoveryedevents.webex.com/ec0605lc/eventcenter/enroll/join.do?siteurl=discoveryedevents&confId=279446643
1:06:32 - cstanley
Scholastic has so many wonderful resources.
1:06:44 - John Hibbs
Don't ever forget -- you are preaching to the choir here...how do you convince the herd?
1:06:50 - Jo AZ
will there be more training on mission 2?
1:07:19 - Len H
that would be fantastic!
1:07:21 - Peggy George
Kim-what is different about adventure games?
1:07:26 - Kim Caise
1:07:32 - Peggy George
different than simulations
1:07:48 - cstanley
@John - maybe with more teachers becoming familiar with multi-media learning via tools like the iPad and iPod, they'll see the light and how valuable it is for students.
1:07:50 - John Hibbs
Are you sure that funding should be spent for more new games or to advance the word so more use of what is now in hand?
1:08:03 - Jo AZ
bummer :(
1:08:04 - Len H
1:08:26 - Peggy George
1:08:45 - Len H
Yes, it does
1:08:49 - Peggy George
there is different research about adventure games than other types :-)
1:08:51 - John Hibbs
Have you thought of an ordinary radio script for broadcast by community radio stations? there are thousands of them
1:09:22 - John Hibbs
How has PBS responded to airing these kinds of activities on a reasonably regular basis?
1:09:29 - roxanne clement
I love that the games are coming out in stages to build excitement and enthusaism to continue
1:09:33 - Peggy George
the research link I included in the Livebinder does a great job of explaining the research about adventure games :-)
1:10:00 - roxanne clement
Kids love Choose your own adventure, so you go back again and again!
1:10:03 - cstanley
I downloaded the PBS app for the iPad - so many wonderful videos and clips available for viewing on demand.
1:10:05 - Peggy George
it's definitely learning by doing and the choices are real! no one right answer
1:10:11 - John Hibbs
with all the new collaborative tools, seems like these would lend themselve to "app" creators?
1:10:22 - Peggy George
thanks! that was a great explanation!
1:10:34 - Peggy George
I think this is much more engaging than webquests :-)
1:10:44 - Jo AZ
more interactive
1:10:49 - Peggy George
1:10:54 - cstanley
@Peggy - absolutely
1:11:01 - roxanne clement
webquest often so text heavy
1:11:21 - Peggy George
I agree roxanne and seems so teacher directed--like assignments and tasks
1:11:21 - John Hibbs
Again, all these games and all this glitz, coupled with smart phones makes us Geezers worry kids will not learn the joy reading an ordinary book
1:11:49 - roxanne clement
no worries about reading...in my libraries it boosts checkouts
1:12:12 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today! We'll see you again on May 7
1:12:14 - John Hibbs
aha moment -@ roxanne!!! That comment should be widely, widely shared!!!
1:12:18 - cstanley
@John - I'm not tooo worried - our schoo of 400 7th and 8th graders just answered a challenge to read 1,000 books in a month, and they met it and then some - got to see the principal kiss a pig
1:12:33 - Peggy George
would love to have you join us for the AzTEA virtual conference on Sat. April 30!
1:12:34 - Jo AZ
use it now at the end of the year to keep them engaged
1:12:38 - Jo AZ
mic is gone
1:12:39 - John Hibbs
LOL @cstanley
1:12:58 - Kim Flack
thank you all!! :)
1:13:05 - roxanne clement
thanks so much, my favorite part of the weekend alwyas!
1:13:09 - John Hibbs
Thank YOU!
1:13:10 - Peggy George
even if you can't participate live on April 30 you just need to register on the Moodle site to access all of the recordings and resources after the conference. Sign up now http://www.aztea.org/moodle
1:13:16 - Len H
Bye bye, evryone!
1:13:20 - Peggy George
bye everyone! Have a great weekend!
1:13:24 - Jo AZ