CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE - November 6, 2010
00:10 to: Dan Meyer
Hi Virginia. Glad to have you here.

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00:29 to: LizDk
it is 1 am Sunday for me!
00:35 to: ahogeman
Hi Everyone!
00:39 to: josh g.
hi folks
00:42 to: Dan Meyer
LizDk is a hero.
00:44 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Hi all
00:46 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Hello from VT
00:56 to: Len H
Hi David
00:57 to: Helen Lazzaro
Hello from Chicago
00:59 to: Valaina
Hi from Northern Virginia
00:59 to: Sheryl
hi Jill..... from a fellow T3 Instructor..
01:06 to: Kim Caise
yea tammy!
01:10 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Hi from Vancouver, BC
01:20 to: John Golden
new to what?
01:20 to: josh g.
new to Classroom 2.0?
01:20 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Good morning everyone from New Orleans.
01:23 to: LizDk
I must admit I have been out on the town before this!
01:31 to: Jill Gough 2
01:48 to: Nick Hussain
Hello from Athens, GA
01:59 to: Kim Caise
welcome everyone!
02:08 to: loonyhiker
hi from greenville, sc :)
02:08 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Kim.
02:17 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Lorna.
02:18 to: Len H
Hi Paula
02:24 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Len.
02:27 to: LizDk
Hi from Kobe, Japan
02:31 to: Mark Liddell
Hi from Sydney
03:00 to: ellwe
Hi from sweden
03:12 to: josh g.
Hi from BC, Canada
03:16 to: Damian
Hi from Nothern Ireland
03:25 to: LizDk
What time is it in Sydney right now?
03:28 to: josh g.
man you guys are in all the places I want to visit someday
03:29 to: mseedii
hi from detroit, mi,usa
03:29 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Hi from Santa Cruz, California :-)
03:45 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Joan.
03:51 to: thehomeworkdog 1
Hi Joan
03:52 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
HI Paula!
04:00 to: Dan Meyer
@flourishingkids I lived in Santa Cruz up until this summer!
04:00 to: Jan Wells @janwells
Good Morning Paula!
04:01 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
where was that pointer Lorna was talking about?
04:06 to: Valaina
love the archives
04:09 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Yes, I know..darn now you're not!
04:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Jan.
04:14 to: Dan Meyer
@flourishingkids MISS Santa Cruz.
04:15 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi David.
04:20 to: Kim Caise
thank you Valaina!
04:26 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
okay got it
04:27 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
You are where now Dan?
04:27 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
04:59 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Oops I fell into the ocean
05:03 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
05:03 to: Dan Meyer
What's South America's problem?
05:03 to: josh g.
hee hee
05:05 to: co
05:14 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
05:14 to: Dan Meyer
@flourishingkids Located in Mountain View now.
05:17 to: Kim Caise
must be out for a morning swim
05:32 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Oh ok..still nearby Dan great! I work in Menlo Park so pass by every day
05:34 to: Mark Liddell
Hey from Sydney, Australia
06:01 to: Mark Liddell
Currently teaching Math at the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning
06:05 to: Dan Meyer
Math wins!
06:12 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Yes!! Math rocks :-)
06:17 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yeah for Math!
06:23 to: Dan Meyer
(We love everybody though.)
06:27 to: Kim Caise
06:50 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Sounds like a great idea!
06:56 to: Amy Ackerman
Order of Operations Treasure hunt for my advanced students.
07:04 to: ihor
Why pick on scavenger hunt?
07:04 to: Kim Caise
loved the TED Talk Dan
07:17 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
He was great.
07:19 to: loonyhiker
its on my list of things to listen to
07:26 to: Valaina
I didn't know he did a TED talk.
07:42 to: Kim Caise
yes, he did an amazing TED Talk
07:46 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
those of you who haven't seen Dan's TED talk have some homework :)
07:51 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
woohooo for the bay area!!
07:58 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Google search "Dan Meyer Math class needs a makeover"
07:58 to: alicebarr
SAw it LIVE! :)
08:10 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
David that will be a great homework assignment.
08:11 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
@alicebarr nice
08:30 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Clap, clap for Dan.
08:33 to: Kim Caise
Dan's TED Talk and other resources he wanted to share with you is in our link
08:38 to: alicebarr
It was great!
08:47 to: Kim Caise
at UofA?
08:56 to: Len H
09:43 to: Kim Caise
the price of parking
09:44 to: GJ104
09:45 to: mseedii
cost, time
09:45 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
need to know how much each parking option costs
09:47 to: thescamdog
Costs of shuttle, parking,
09:47 to: Len H
cost of driving the car
09:47 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Cost of shuttle
09:47 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
09:48 to: Joe Joyner
distances, gas mileage, charges
09:48 to: Alexander Eckert
cost of overnight parking
09:48 to: mgalston
traffic congestion
09:48 to: Durginal
09:49 to: Pete W
Cost of parking one vs. other
09:49 to: ahogeman
how much does the shuttle cost?
09:50 to: alicebarr
Cost of parkng
09:50 to: Alexander Eckert
09:51 to: Nick Hussain
shuttle price, parking garage price
09:51 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
shuttle cost
09:51 to: Amy Ackerman
Gas price, price of shuttle
09:53 to: Pete W
cost of shuttle
09:53 to: ahogeman
how much is your time worth?
09:54 to: nathanchow
parking costs
09:54 to: alicebarr
09:56 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
gas price yes
09:57 to: Jake Mitchell
We're optimizing for financial cost or time?
09:57 to: Nick Hussain
fuel mileage of car
09:59 to: Alexander Eckert
cost of shuttle
10:04 to: Theresa
10:07 to: Pete W
time to wait for shuttle at airport on the way home
10:08 to: Durginal
I'll be right back
10:12 to: Damian
Where is the final destination?
10:12 to: Sheryl
What time of the day??
10:13 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
true..time is key
10:20 to: Sheryl
Are there any other ways to go?
10:21 to: Theresa
time sometimes trumps all
10:47 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Time is money..hardship of sitting on a shuttle vs. do you quantify that cost
10:49 to: Erick
how long a drive your dad can do in his condition...
11:01 to: Jill Gough 2
age of parents; comfort with driving; can drive at night?
11:11 to: LizDk
Good point, Erick
11:59 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
whoah..very interesting
12:08 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Perhaps the math is the ability to generate the system to be solved?
12:10 to: Kim Caise
agreed, very interesting
12:12 to: Lisa Mellen
12:26 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
I love this real example
12:26 to: Alexander Eckert
side note, did you say your dad was sick? hope he's ok!
12:31 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
You need to understand how to set up the problem
12:45 to: LizDk
Definitely finding out the system is the skill here
12:53 to: Jake Mitchell
So true!
12:54 to: loonyhiker
u have to know what you are looking for in order to work on how to get there
13:02 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
great quote
13:35 to: carol carruthers
How to get students to take the time to formulate, seem to just want to memorize a solution.
13:40 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Can find the answer easily with things like Wolfram Alpha, but is it the answer to the right question.
13:47 to: loonyhiker
i think that is why so many of my sped kids have trouble with word problems
13:54 to: Kim Caise
good point paula
14:16 to: josh g.
ah, the dog bandana
14:18 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
14:18 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
YES! we need more space and focus on formulation
14:24 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
yeah this is an awful question
14:27 to: Kim Caise
14:28 to: Nick Hussain
I saw a dog with a bandana last week and thought about this
14:29 to: Dan Meyer
14:41 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
By the way, thanks Dan, now my students are telling me when the problems we go through are pseudocontext
14:41 to: ihor
My favorite example!
14:50 to: josh g.
that's awesome David
14:52 to: Nick Hussain
my wife thought I was slightly crazy
15:00 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
"Oh we shouldn't bother doing that question, that's pseudocontext"
15:09 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Just happened yesterday
15:21 to: John Golden
Shared this example w/ ms teachers - and they loved it!
16:53 to: josh g.
ha ha
16:57 to: Maureen@bcdtech
As a mathphobe, I always did cookbook math- got good at it.... never understood concepts or how to figure out what info I needed to solve real problems
16:58 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
funny question: What would a textbook do?
17:01 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
17:04 to: josh g.
clip art ... or stock photography?
17:06 to: ihor
See sean Sweeney's blog entry re how pseudocontext is spreading...
17:35 to: ihor
I'm mean that in a positive way. :-0
17:39 to: nate
textbook formulates problems like this, so do basic skills test...
17:50 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
But...are we so good at knowing what information to ask for because we did so many of these textbook problems?
18:08 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
printing on paper requires publishers to do things to trade off learning for convenience/cost
18:51 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Unfortunately it seems that the earliest electronic textbooks are replicating the experience of the paper textbook
19:05 to: Nick Hussain
@Kevin - I think we understand because we understand the math involved in the question
19:05 to: mgalston
That sort of "word problem" is absolutely exhausting for students to wrap their heads around.
19:09 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
ugh..David...thats;s sad
19:24 to: carole seubert
the other factor here, of course, is assessment....most specifically, non-authentic or high-stakes paper/pencil testing.
20:01 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Seems like if kids could ask the problem a question to get the information they need it would be fun for them
20:02 to: daveinstpaul
so could an interactive electronic textbook allow students to ask questions using natural language? (e.g. how much does it cost to park in SF?)
20:05 to: John Golden
it's way more convenient, though
20:16 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
yes, carole, the textbook companies are driven by standardized testing
20:40 to: carol carruthers
Love that - "less cognitively demanding' - similar to comparing Wii to exercise :o)
21:27 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
hehe, love the picture of your head with the "thought" question inside it, funny graphic
21:48 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
how tall is that tree?
21:48 to: Kelvin Jones
how tall is the tree
21:52 to: matt montagne
C is the hhokl
21:53 to: John Golden
how can we find the height of things too tall to measure?
21:56 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
how tall is the tree?
21:58 to: Amy Ackerman
how tall is the tree
21:59 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
especially given we can't measure the height directly
22:20 to: nathanchow
will the ball clear the net
22:20 to: mgalston
Is the "suppose you work on a tree farm" s'posed to capture attention?
22:26 to: mgalston
will it clear the net?
22:27 to: Nick Hussain
will the ball get over the net?
22:28 to: dbrudzinski
height of ball
22:28 to: Pete W
will it clear the net?
22:28 to: nate
where does the ball land
22:28 to: thescamdog
Will it clear the net>
22:28 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Will it clear the net?
22:29 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Will the ball clear the net
22:29 to: Damian
will it clear the net
22:29 to: Kelvin Jones
will it get over the net
22:30 to: Emily 2
Will it clear the net
22:30 to: Alissa
Will it clear the net?
22:31 to: Nikki
"Will it clear the net"
22:31 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
yeah will it get over?
22:31 to: Eddie
will it clear the net?
22:33 to: Becky Berg
will it clear the net
22:34 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
clear the net?
22:35 to: ogranat
will the ball clear the net?
22:46 to: thescamdog
How long is the skit mark?
22:47 to: matt montagne
length of skid
22:47 to: mgalston
how long is the skid mark?
22:47 to: Alissa
How long is the skid mark?
22:47 to: Emily 2
How long is the skid mark?
22:48 to: Alexander Eckert
skid length
22:48 to: carol carruthers
How long is skid mark
22:49 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
How long is the skid mark?
22:50 to: Amy Ackerman
how long is the skid mark
22:51 to: Damian
When did he put on the breaks
22:52 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
How long i sthe skid mark?
22:52 to: Becky Berg
How long is the skid mark
22:57 to: Pete W
how fast is the car going to leave a skid mark that long? is a more interesting problem
23:02 to: Sheryl
how fast was he driving.
23:07 to: Kelvin Jones
skid mark length vs speed
23:13 to: matt montagne
interesting that the hook comes last
23:14 to: nathanchow
was anybody hurt
23:18 to: Eddie
23:24 to: John Golden
why do we even have to ask the hook? Why not have students ask?
23:27 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Does he get a ticket?
23:50 to: carol carruthers
Image is distracting
23:53 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
they lose focus along the way getting there to the hook..
23:59 to: John Golden
Meta-hook: what do you want to know?
23:59 to: josh g.
the skid mark
24:00 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
@john golden: need to reformulate how we present the problem
24:00 to: carole seubert
Imagine how this poses problems for ESL students who must listen to these questions and have to find the hooks using auditory cues.
24:01 to: Joe Joyner
skid mark
24:02 to: carol carruthers
24:02 to: thescamdog
The skid mark
24:03 to: Eddie
skid marks!
24:03 to: Nick Hussain
a picture of skid marks
24:04 to: Len H
Huge skid mark
24:04 to: Kelvin Jones
video of skid
24:05 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
a picture of the skid mark
24:20 to: ihor
creating an engaging problem or how to turn a lemon into lemonade
24:22 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
the picture is misleading
24:28 to: mseedii
connection dropped lost 2 minutes
24:31 to: loonyhiker
this pix is more of a result of the the skid going more than it should
24:33 to: Sheryl
hi kelvin, did you go to Athens State?
24:35 to: Maureen@bcdtech
So, is the problem simply the textbook or that there is a textbook?
24:44 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
@mseedii This is being recorded.
24:53 to: nathanchow
how many tickets are there?
24:55 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
how many tickets?
24:57 to: carol carruthers
How many tickets on the roll
25:01 to: carole seubert
how many tickets are in the roll
25:01 to: Len H
How much does the roll make me?
25:02 to: Eddie
how many tickets are in the roll
25:02 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
How many tickets are on the roll?
25:02 to: matt montagne
how many ticks on roll
25:02 to: ahogeman
how many tickets does a roll have?
25:03 to: Helen Lazzaro
# of tickets on the rool
25:04 to: nate
how many tickets
25:05 to: Damian
how many tickets
25:06 to: Dana
how long
25:07 to: Bill Harrison
how many tickets?
25:08 to: Kelvin Jones
how much money to buy all tickers
25:09 to: matt montagne
total cost of tickets
25:10 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
how much money will be made wtih the tickets?
25:10 to: Nikki
how many tickets
25:13 to: josh g.
25:14 to: carole seubert
25:15 to: matt montagne
25:15 to: Joe Joyner
25:15 to: Kelvin Jones
25:15 to: thescamdog
25:16 to: Damian
25:17 to: Helen Lazzaro
25:17 to: carol carruthers
25:17 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
25:17 to: Nikki
25:17 to: Pete W
25:17 to: Len H
25:18 to: Chris from PTC
How much money could be made by selling tickets for drinks?
25:18 to: mseedii
how much money is it worth
25:18 to: blairteach 1
25:18 to: Alexander Eckert
25:19 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
25:20 to: nate
25:20 to: Dana
25:20 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
25:20 to: loonyhiker
25:20 to: Becky Berg
25:21 to: Amy Ackerman
25:21 to: ahogeman
25:21 to: mabc
25:23 to: Bill Harrison
25:23 to: nathanchow
25:24 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
25:27 to: Julizza Holub
i would want to know how much money the roll is worth
25:33 to: Alexander Eckert
25:34 to: Damian
1000, 10000
25:36 to: Alexander Eckert
25:36 to: Len H
100 10000
25:36 to: daveinstpaul
1, 10^100
25:36 to: josh g.
100, 50000
25:37 to: Theresa
1 1 bill
25:37 to: mseedii
1, 100000
25:38 to: Amy Ackerman
5, 4,000,000
25:39 to: carole seubert
1 to 1,000,000
25:39 to: Joe Joyner
100, 5,000
25:39 to: thescamdog
100 to 500 000
25:39 to: Dana
1000 and 1000000
25:39 to: loonyhiker
25:39 to: carol carruthers
0 and 1000000000
25:40 to: Alissa
100 1,000,000
25:40 to: Nikki
1000 too low 5000 too high
25:40 to: mgalston
too low: 500
25:41 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Too low: 200 Too High 10000
25:41 to: Helen Lazzaro
100 , 1 mil
25:41 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
too low: 10 too high: 1500
25:41 to: ahogeman
50 too low, 10,000 too high
25:42 to: ogranat
1, 100,000
25:42 to: Bill Harrison
200 - 1000
25:43 to: matt montagne
100 too low 2K
25:43 to: Nick Hussain
low: 250 high 10,000
25:43 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
200_ 10,000
25:43 to: Sheona 2
200 25000
25:44 to: nate
500 low. 10,0000 high
25:44 to: Pete W
25:44 to: Becky
25:44 to: blairteach 1
1, 15000
25:45 to: Kelvin Jones
100 / 10,000
25:46 to: Erick
200 and 10000
25:47 to: Lisa Mellen
100, 1500
25:51 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
20 too low 8,000 too high.
25:52 to: Eddie
too low - 300 too high 2000
25:52 to: Sue
100 to 1,000,000
25:56 to: nate
dimesnion of a ticket
25:56 to: thescamdog
Dimensions of one ticket
25:57 to: nathanchow
radius of roll
25:57 to: mabc
200, 10,000
25:58 to: GJ104
25:59 to: Pete W
thickness of paper
26:00 to: Chris from PTC
the length of the ticket
26:01 to: matt montagne
thickness of tick
26:01 to: Alissa
are there 2 tickets per number
26:01 to: thescamdog
radius roll
26:02 to: Alexander Eckert
thickness of ticket, length of ticket
26:02 to: Damian
radius, ticket size
26:03 to: GJ104
26:03 to: Dana
how long is one ticket
26:03 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Thickness of one ticket
26:03 to: Len H
how long is the ticket roll
26:03 to: Maureen@bcdtech
what is the quarter there for?
26:03 to: John Golden
thickness of a ticket
26:04 to: Bill Harrison
thickness of paper
26:08 to: Nick Hussain
mass of a ticket
26:09 to: Joe Joyner
value of roll in tickets sold
26:09 to: daveinstpaul
inner and outer radius
26:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Circumfrence of the roll.
26:11 to: Damian
thickness of ticket
26:13 to: Nikki
thickness of ticket in relation to coin
26:13 to: nathanchow
26:13 to: Julizza Holub
the radius changes
26:14 to: GJ104
both r
26:15 to: Pete W
length of ticket
26:17 to: nathanchow
yes, inner and outer
26:17 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Radisu of inner
26:17 to: John Golden
width of annulus
26:19 to: nate
number of layers in role
26:20 to: blairteach 1
Dimension across the roll.
26:21 to: Kelvin Jones
inner and outer circle
26:21 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
how many tickets are in the outer layer loop?
26:23 to: Amy Ackerman
diamater of the roll, diameter of inner roll
26:28 to: Kelvin Jones
length of ticket
26:38 to: carol carruthers
The spiral ratio
26:39 to: Theresa
why a quarter?
26:46 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I still don't know why the quarter is there
26:49 to: Dana
i like that
26:52 to: Jake Mitchell
the quarter gives scale
26:55 to: Alexander Eckert
quarter: scale
26:55 to: Kelvin Jones
No, Simon Fraser
26:56 to: GJ104
drinks are a quarter?
26:59 to: Dana
so true
27:02 to: josh g.
the quarter means that you could answer all those length questions yourself
27:07 to: ahogeman
27:07 to: Maureen@bcdtech
tickets cost a quartere
27:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Ticket costs a quarter.
27:13 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
I think the quarter relates to the question which might be asking how much money you will make after all tickeets are sold
27:13 to: John Golden
w/ kids you'll get that question, tho
27:14 to: josh g.
with a photo to measure w/ a ruler
27:14 to: mabc
quarter is a real life visual to link size
27:22 to: josh g.
if you wanted
27:24 to: matt montagne
I like how you build on the background knowledge o fthe honor what they bring to the table, and EVERYONE brings SOMETHNING to the table
27:33 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
yes.. I agree Matt! wonderful
27:44 to: Kim Caise
great point matt!
28:00 to: nathanchow
great differeinitation
28:02 to: carole seubert
Leading learning through cognitively challenging approaches means a re-structuring of our traditional school days.
28:04 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Very true @Matt.
28:12 to: Alexander Eckert
second most demanding
28:15 to: Alexander Eckert
first busy work
28:16 to: josh g.
I likes the first one best
28:18 to: Nick Hussain
#3 = busy work
28:19 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
I think the first one is best
28:21 to: Erick
the second
28:22 to: nate
1 is best
28:22 to: Joe Joyner
28:26 to: thescamdog
28:27 to: John Golden
depends on how you solved the Q
28:27 to: nathanchow
last one is busy work
28:29 to: Kelvin Jones
last one .. busy work
28:29 to: Nikki
econd most challenging
28:29 to: matt montagne
I would say 1
28:30 to: Julizza Holub
i think the second
28:30 to: daveinstpaul
the first requires solving a quadratic, and it is the most interesting one to me
28:32 to: Len H
the middle question is best
28:32 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Sorry, but why do I care about the roll of tickets?
28:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
#1 is best.
28:34 to: Damian
28:34 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
second is challenging
28:37 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
The first is more "authentic"
28:41 to: Erick
last is busy work
28:46 to: Amy Ackerman
how big would the roll have to be to hold 1,000,000 is the most demanding
28:51 to: nathanchow
yes, exactly
28:55 to: nathanchow
that's what i felt
29:08 to: nate
and why would you actually change those diameter?
29:11 to: josh g.
the last question is PS-ish too, since who is going to have different inner rolls on hand (vs just rolling more tickets on)
29:18 to: josh g.
but maybe only slightly
29:24 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
The first question is one that kids would want to know.
29:29 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Dan, why do kids have to do this kind of problem at all? Why do they care? why is it relevant?
29:32 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
makes sense...
29:39 to: dbrudzinski
the word "big" is ambiguous which adds to cognitive demand
29:55 to: josh g.
also w/ the first question, you get to say "one MEEEEEEEELLION tickets"
30:13 to: matt montagne
30:16 to: Eddie
30:20 to: nate
i like the team work aspect
30:29 to: mgalston
whoo tickets!
30:33 to: Len H
Does the math solution work out to 2000?
30:37 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
culture of curiosity= great
30:39 to: matt montagne
math through images...nice
31:25 to: Nick Hussain
thanks Dan!
31:28 to: Lorna Costantini
31:32 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
am downloading it right now!
31:32 to: matt montagne
I wish sharing was more fascinating to the people I worked with
31:43 to: Kim Caise
i agree matt
31:56 to: Chris from PTC
Dan's always fascinating -- read my blog
32:00 to: matt montagne
32:01 to: Joe Joyner
32:03 to: Alexander Eckert
give us a voice
32:03 to: Kelvin Jones
engage brain
32:03 to: carole seubert
risk taking
32:04 to: Bill Harrison
problem solve
32:05 to: mwmathews
buy in
32:06 to: matt montagne
32:06 to: loonyhiker
32:07 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Do you have kids come up with problems about their life? How can they use math in day to day interactions?
32:07 to: Nick Hussain
invest ourselves in the answer
32:07 to: nathanchow
we buy into wasnting to know the answer
32:08 to: Len H
involves student with the hook
32:08 to: nate
ownership of the problem
32:10 to: John Golden
starts solving process in low-risk way
32:11 to: jeffmason
buy in
32:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
To see our background.
32:12 to: ogranat
becoming part of the team
32:12 to: dbrudzinski
peek curiosity
32:18 to: Amy Ackerman
get us thinking about a logical range for the answer
32:19 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
guess the answer to see who is in the ballpark? buy in? see where they are coming from?
32:20 to: Julizza Holub
32:21 to: LizDk
making sure answers make sense in the long run
32:39 to: matt montagne
32:39 to: nathanchow
checking results
32:40 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
32:44 to: Alexander Eckert
math engagement
32:44 to: Pete W
32:44 to: Nick Hussain
error bounds
32:45 to: Julizza Holub
to let go of the need to be right
32:45 to: Damian
to get you to buy in
32:47 to: ogranat
not so risky
32:48 to: carol carruthers
32:49 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
To get us too think.
32:50 to: Kristen B
eliminate the need to be exactly right
32:51 to: thescamdog
makes it safe
32:52 to: Kim Caise
setting parameters?
32:53 to: Amy Ackerman
32:53 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
yeah it allows us to check our work
32:55 to: matt montagne
its inclusive
32:58 to: Joe Joyner
focus thinking to ask reasonableness of answer
32:59 to: John Golden
gives a personal stake
33:01 to: ihor
What if the student doesnt have any idea?
33:03 to: Damian
To get you to buy into the problem
33:05 to: jeffmason
formative assessment?
33:07 to: nate
futher buy in
33:07 to: John Golden
was I right or wrong?
33:08 to: Len H
to monitor student understanding
33:08 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
to see how much they are thinking vs..completely guessing
33:08 to: Eddie
students have to start thinking, warming up
33:09 to: Kelvin Jones
show them they understand more than they think
33:09 to: Pete W
connect to the real word
33:11 to: Erick
to have an idea of if your answer is correct when you're done
33:21 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
33:23 to: Pete W
what makes sense?
33:28 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
I mean, if we got an answer which makes no sense, we'd know
33:37 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Is it reasonable?
33:37 to: Eddie
great point
33:47 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
It's interesting to see what kids do with reasonable.. and see the wheels turning
33:50 to: Julizza Holub
good pedagogy!
33:51 to: Becky
Love that!
34:02 to: loonyhiker
what if there error bounds are incorrect?
34:03 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
at the beginning they are less stuck on the "answer"
34:06 to: carole seubert
this really surfaces thinking about thinking
34:21 to: Dan Meyer
34:47 to: carol carruthers
Waiting for download
34:57 to: ihor
its running
35:03 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
its a great scene
35:06 to: thescamdog
it's all good
35:06 to: Alexander Eckert
i had it too
35:09 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
working for me
35:09 to: matt montagne
it was running
35:10 to: nathanchow
35:11 to: Schwartz
i'm good
35:15 to: Alexander Eckert
did you stop it?
35:19 to: Alexander Eckert
don't have it now
35:19 to: ihor
35:20 to: carole seubert
35:20 to: Bob
it's workingh
35:20 to: Kim Caise
35:25 to: Sheona 2
running for me
35:28 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Mine works
35:33 to: Kim Caise
you can pause it for now
35:37 to: nate
what color is the paint?
35:39 to: nate
35:42 to: Kim Caise
36:29 to: Maureen@bcdtech
How many square feet do they paint/hour?
36:37 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
yeah this is exactly what I see my students do as well
36:37 to: carole seubert
my kids do this all the time
36:38 to: Kim Caise
really reinforces that there is more than one way to solve a word problem
36:40 to: ihor
I watched it; its similar to abbott and costello doing 13x7=28:-)
37:02 to: loonyhiker
i love that one Kim!
37:15 to: Michael Paul Goldenberg
HOw about if person A takes 3 hours and person B takes 5 hours, then 2A would take 3/2 hours and 2B would take 5/2, so the answer has to be between 3/2 and 5/2
37:16 to: Dan Meyer
37:30 to: Amy Ackerman
We need to have students start learning at a higher level.
38:25 to: matt montagne
38:29 to: daveinstpaul
38:31 to: Nick Hussain
Love the video
38:32 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
38:34 to: Kim Caise
38:36 to: Julizza Holub
38:41 to: loonyhiker
looks like it was fun to make too
38:49 to: josh g.
ha ha ha
38:54 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
38:56 to: Alexander Eckert
38:57 to: carole seubert
39:00 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Did you chose a right handed/left handed person on purpose
39:01 to: loonyhiker
but i would be giggling the whole time :)
39:03 to: daveinstpaul
but we can't solve the problem unless we know what music you were listening to
39:11 to: Chris from PTC
Sounds more fun than boring math problems
39:12 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
39:31 to: ihor
Nice idea.
39:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I would have been cracking up the whole time.
39:35 to: carole seubert
there was sound?
39:39 to: blairteach 1
Multitasking and basically just listening. Better than missing it entirely.
39:40 to: Kim Caise
39:42 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
I know to
40:48 to: ihor
You should make a silk purse out of a sow's ear - its still a stupid problem.
40:52 to: daveinstpaul
students don't always understand the concept of upper and lower bounds, but it's very important.
41:22 to: Chris from PTC
Students would love the commitment shown in making this problem.
41:29 to: ihor
If you have to do these silly contrived problems.
42:03 to: carole seubert
really valuable...yes!
42:11 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
@ihor Yeah, you'd have to motivate this problem a bit to make it work
42:23 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
great to use real life perplexing math to hook kids
42:38 to: josh g.
man, I *lived* that graph
42:43 to: Chris from PTC
@David Wees -- less motivation necessary if students are used to the videos
42:43 to: thescamdog
Nice shout out to Edmonton!
42:58 to: Dan Anderson
boo canada.
42:58 to: carol carruthers
Canadian students loved it!!
43:06 to: josh g.
boo to booing canada
43:08 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
43:10 to: josh g.
43:22 to: Dan Anderson
I'm still bitter.
43:26 to: josh g.
43:32 to: josh g.
((we apologize a lot))
43:38 to: ihor
Thats the problem - David - standing on your head to motivate such a contrived problem. Even Dan's brilliant solution to it doesn't make the problem an interesting one. Pick better problems to start w
43:38 to: ihor
43:45 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
oh I need to connect my reader to Delicious
43:46 to: carole seubert
how confirming!
43:47 to: Michael Paul Goldenberg
Any excuse to use the word "micturating," eh, Dan?
44:10 to: josh g.
ihor, I agree this problem still seems a bit inherently pseudocontext, even after the video ... but only because no one really has a job counting beans
44:15 to: Kim Caise
i use evernote for those things
44:21 to: josh g.
I could totally see it being relevant in, say, a tree-planting context
44:23 to: carole seubert
LOVE evernote
44:27 to: josh g.
but that would be tough to video
44:35 to: loonyhiker
i use evernote
44:41 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
love evernote as well Carole..
44:44 to: Julizza Holub
missed the jott number
44:46 to: LizDk
yes I say evernote does better
44:54 to: Dan Anderson
pharmacists count "beans" every day!
45:10 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Best price?
45:13 to: nate
which is cheaper?
45:13 to: Damian
which do we buy
45:13 to: Michael Paul Goldenberg
Which is a better buy?
45:13 to: matt montagne
what is the better value
45:13 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
price per price?
45:14 to: josh g.
which is the better deal
45:14 to: Nick Hussain
which is cheaper ber ounce?
45:15 to: carol carruthers
which is cheaper?
45:15 to: Kelvin Jones
which is the better deal
45:15 to: Shane
price per ounce
45:16 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
@ihor There are more motivating rate problems. Start students painting a room? Add a student? Ask them when they finish? I don't know
45:17 to: Julizza Holub
which is cheaper
45:17 to: LizDk
which is cheaper?
45:18 to: Theresa
45:19 to: Alexander Eckert
my wife does the shopping :)
45:20 to: Schwartz
bang for your buck!
45:21 to: Nikki
can you get more for less?
45:21 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
best value
45:21 to: ahogeman
price per ounce?
45:21 to: Julizza Holub
per ounce
45:23 to: Sheryl
Which one it cheaper
45:32 to: Bob
how much should I buy?
45:33 to: Amy Ackerman
which is the better deal
45:46 to: nate
math and real world dialouge together
46:01 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
46:06 to: Maureen@bcdtech
But why do they need to solve that, since it is on the shelf pricing tag at the store?
46:13 to: @ralstonsmith
i remember this video :)
46:14 to: ihor
Davi: It depends on the kids and what would get them interested. But some problems are not worth the time.
46:15 to: jeffmason
one click
46:26 to: Kim Caise
46:30 to: josh g.
Youtube Comment Snob is the best firefox plugin ever
46:31 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I use keepvid
46:36 to: josh g.
next to adblock
46:36 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
@ihor We agree that math curriculum itself needs to change a lot to be useful.
46:37 to: ihor
Love Zamzar
46:37 to: nathanchow
46:46 to: Michael Paul Goldenberg
I often find that the price per unit isn't shown.
46:52 to: Maureen@bcdtech
quiettube works well for no comments
46:52 to: Nick Hussain
@ihor - I agree
46:56 to: Kim Caise
real player allows you to download any video too
47:04 to: thescamdog
I also like
47:11 to: Kim Caise
yes, quiettube is awesome
47:17 to: carole seubert
Holes is a great math literature connect
47:26 to: ihor
@David - YES! There have been many attempts at it but they never make the mainstream - The key is story telling.....
47:26 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, Kim I use Real Player for downloadig.
48:01 to: jeffmason
how many holes in blackburn, lancashire?
48:04 to: carole seubert
yes! handbrake is awesome
48:19 to: ihor
Make textbooks more like real books where the author tries to engage you.
48:29 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
See for my opinion of how I think math curriculum needs to change
48:40 to: carole seubert
I like that students can use these tools quite readily to create their own problems and problem solving materials
48:45 to: carol carruthers
Dan - where is your tablet pc?
48:49 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
hover cam is an incredibly cheap documet cam
49:00 to: ihor
Eventually the online world will allow for this and we will have real Math 2.0 curriculums
49:28 to: Chris from PTC
Used document cams in a whole school once -- brilliant results
49:34 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
love that: celebrating error and non standard solutions
49:41 to: nathanchow
what a brilliant solution
49:53 to: @ralstonsmith
is the document cam different than his cell phone cam?
50:16 to: Damian
tried handbrake for DVD clips is there any other packages to use?
50:27 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
The doc. cam allows a teacher to immediately display student work on a projector
50:34 to: matt montagne
50:34 to: Maureen@bcdtech
50:34 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
a spacebar?
50:36 to: Nick Hussain
50:36 to: Kelvin Jones
space bar
50:39 to: Nick Hussain
and comma
50:43 to: josh g.
50:52 to: josh g.
a paragraph break or two
50:58 to: Amy Ackerman
spaces and punctuation
51:00 to: josh g.
ha ha
51:03 to: ahogeman
51:07 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
great example
51:07 to: GJ104
51:07 to: carole seubert
51:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Too funny.
51:25 to: Len H
would love to have this site
51:30 to: carole seubert
still concerned about translation to assessment
51:31 to: Theresa
how do you answer math teachers who say they have no time to do this?
51:34 to: ihor
In Shallows Nicholas Carr writes about a time when there was no need to put spaces between words.
51:35 to: josh g.
"In his speech he thanked his parents, Ayn Rand and God."
51:44 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Loved Eats, Shoots, Leaves.... similar punctuation
52:07 to: matt montagne
dan, what are your thoughts on the development of open source texts??
52:08 to: Lorna Costantini
@Maureen me 2
52:29 to: matt montagne
could we have teachers/curric designers building better texts in an open source market??
53:09 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
need to turn off mic Dan when the other moderator is speaking, getting an echo
53:13 to: dbrudzinski
What if the hook does not hook? And how do you build a culture where students care about solving problems?
53:28 to: ahogeman
53:30 to: GJ104
ticket problem: I used a similar problem to find the time required to view a film (while in college in an ED class).
53:47 to: Jake Mitchell
What are your homework assignments and exams like?
53:54 to: LizDk
at what point do you ask these questions? As a summative assessment at the end or right at the start as an opener?
53:55 to: Patti R
like Barbara Bray said, we need to put fun and joy back in learning, turn it into a game, a challenge
53:56 to: ihor
As long as their world context includes rolls of tickets which isnt always the case.
53:58 to: Damian
Have you any pictures / ideas for simple adding subtracting fractions?
54:05 to: @ralstonsmith
i applaud what you're doing in helping people w/ their critical thinking
54:21 to: ihor
Picking contexts that resonate is crucial.
54:28 to: mseedii
how does this relate to test taking, ACT, SAT and new national standards
54:33 to: John Golden
how do you dialogue with teachers that are skill-focused?
54:37 to: Jon 2
I am a 5th grade teacher, our district has been using the the program Investigation...have you heard of it, if so what do you think of it?
54:54 to: loonyhiker
i think the results will show this is a much better process
54:54 to: nate
yes how does this relate to standardized tests?
55:17 to: Theresa
so they have to trust that the time is more valuable
55:27 to: Kjellstrom
to what extent should problems and problem solving contain a single solution that is "right?"
55:31 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Jake Great question re math homework... hope Kim asks that one
55:38 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
If you teach kids how to "think", they will do better on standardized tests as long as they have experienced the skills on those tests.
55:49 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Students won't be taking standardized tests in the real world, they will be solving real problems.
55:56 to: Becky
Do you have some of these problem solving questions available somewhere for teachers to access?
55:59 to: Kristen B
I think it is important that you are teaching this way because the students are learning to think rather than follow a rule and that will transfer to their test taking for any standardized test!
56:07 to: Jake Mitchell
Thanks, @Maureen. I hope so too.
56:08 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
we need to open our minds...and let go of our obsession with standardized tests
56:13 to: Lisa Mellen
@Paula, amen!
56:21 to: GJ104
Thanks for the presentation... gotta run. I'll rewatch the rest later.
56:25 to: carol carruthers
Not sure if we should teach students how to 'think' but CHALLENGE students to think - like Dan's models do.
56:44 to: carole seubert
not mutually exclusive are they>
56:46 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Paula- but will they get a job in the "real world" if they can't pass the silly tests?
57:06 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Our fear of these tests limits still need skills but Dan is saying..use those skills in a higher way to encourage problem solving and real critical thinking
57:39 to: loonyhiker
this seems to help kids generalize the process for a variety of problems which would help them be more successful on standardized thest
57:50 to: ihor
We're still working on improving 20th century standards. Its a shame we cant move past that.
58:02 to: John Golden
"dead tree format"?!
58:07 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Maureen, I think being able to show an ePortfolio with this type of problem solving would show an employer more about your capability than a test score could ever do.
58:25 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
@plnaugle good point Paula
58:26 to: ihor
another example: Geogebra vs. Sketchpad
58:32 to: John Golden
is this possible as a subtle shift?
58:33 to: carol carruthers
Texts only matter if teachers teach to the text - we need to inspire and challenge, not follow some documented collection of paper.
58:40 to: josh g.
I've had a number of people (who I trust) teach me recently about how students who are struggling, LD, etc benefit greatly from having problems "scaffolded" in the sense of cueing them for what steps
58:40 to: josh g.
to do next ... but that seems exactly like what we're loathing here when we see it in the textbooks. What's your take on this? and/or How have your LD or simply struggling students done with this kind
58:40 to: josh g.
of open-ended problem solving?
58:41 to: John Golden
teachers seem so overwhelmed already?
58:41 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
One advantage of open source is the ability to edit the book and change it to meet your needs
59:00 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@Paula I agree, but think that it's hard to convince math teachers esp, that content and the scope and sequence that they are used to following is not the be all end all.
59:17 to: josh g.
(re: my question, the focus of what I'm being told is mostly the meta-cognitive stuff ... helping organize their thinking)
59:26 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
We need to be change agents. Stop letting the "test" drive what we know good teaching should be.
59:49 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
that's a huge cultural issue! Often, kids don't think they need to learn at times.. we can only do our best to hook and as Dan says...move on to the problem and reflect on a different way for next t
59:49 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
1:00:00 to: carol carruthers
@davidwees - totally agree - and students pick the level they want to learn at!
1:00:01 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Man document cameras are so expensive! Seeing them being sold for between $500 and $600.
1:00:14 to: Kim Caise
look at the hovercams
1:00:20 to: Kim Caise
very inexpensive solution
1:00:25 to: Helen Lazzaro
ipevo is a documeent camera for $69 and works great
1:00:27 to: matt montagne
what are your thoughts on effective parent engagement and support for this type of math instruction? How do you get parents on your side, and then when they are on your side, how do you get them to he
1:00:27 to: matt montagne
lp you extend the conversation and work into the home?
1:00:52 to: Maureen@bcdtech
@paula we dont have to do the state tests, but do the erbs in some grades, which feeds into the johns hopkin invites, etc... Math in particular seems to be stuck on skills and their sequence.
1:01:07 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
@davidwees - second the hovercams...I have's great!
1:01:33 to: Ev
hovercam $199
1:02:03 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I know @maureen that we feel frustrated by what is expected, but we know what should be happening in the classroom.
1:02:04 to: Julizza Holub
great points
1:02:15 to: carol carruthers
Forget the doc camera and use a tablet pc...
1:02:21 to: Lorna Costantini for the chat log and recordings
1:02:40 to: Lorna Costantini links for today's show
1:02:44 to: Jon 2
Pearson Investigation
1:02:47 to: ihor
TERC investigations
1:02:49 to: loonyhiker
this was a great show! thank you!
1:03:13 to: LizDk
Thank you Dan and moderators! That was great! 2
1:03:14 to: Len H
Thank you, Dan
1:03:15 to: Helen Lazzaro $69 USB
1:03:16 to: ihor
1:03:18 to: Lisa Mellen
Thank you Dan!
1:03:20 to: Pete W
great show - thank you Dan!
1:03:21 to: loonyhiker
thank you dan!
1:03:23 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you everyone for another great session. Dan you inspire me.
1:03:29 to: Dave 3
Thank you Dan!
1:03:37 to: Theresa
good luck with your dad!
1:03:41 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Thank you Dan
1:03:41 to: ahogeman
1:03:45 to: josh g.
Thanks Dan, liked the new material
1:03:46 to: ihor
Great job, Dan. Always a pleasure to watch you work.
1:03:50 to: Ms.Fernandez
Thank you Dan!
1:04:01 to: matt montagne
I felt as though I was in a really good college methods class today...nice job, Dan!
1:04:06 to: Alexander Eckert
thanks as always Dan, much appreciated.
1:04:06 to: blairteach 1
Fantastic inspiration and information.Thanks.
1:04:10 to: ogranat
Thank you.
1:04:13 to: @ralstonsmith
for the you have a twitter account so we can keep up w/ future classes/info?
1:04:14 to: nate
Thank you Dan.
1:04:15 to: Hasan Z Rahim
Lots of wonderful insights! Thanks.
1:04:19 to: Lorna Costantini
Thanks so much everyone for joining us today
1:04:24 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
Thank you so much Dan! Enjoyed your presentation very much and hope to catch up with you someday at a live presentation!
1:04:32 to: mseedii
thanks dan
1:04:32 to: Nick Hussain
Thank you Dan - have a great weekend
1:04:33 to: carol carruthers
Wonderful to hear you in person Dan - brilliant!
1:04:37 to: Lorna Costantini
Thank you Dan for an excellent presentaion
1:04:55 to: Mark Liddell
That was worth a 3am wake up. Thanks Dan
1:05:02 to: LauraCR
Thank Dan! Good to hear you online.
1:05:06 to: Helen Lazzaro
Thanks Dan. Awesome ideas to engage students in problem solving
1:05:21 to: tj007 1
Thank you Dan - found your responses to the questions at the end very useful.
1:05:24 to: Lorna Costantini
1:05:31 to: Bill Harrison
QUESTION: have you developed key questions to ask yourself when contemplating a new problem for a class?
1:05:34 to: Julizza Holub
Thanks, Dan! much appreciated (@mathartist). Hopefully i can share back with you soon!
1:05:34 to: Sharon
please repeat itunesu address
1:05:48 to: @flourishingkids/ Joan Young
wonderful ..have a great day!
1:05:52 to: mseedii
where's the survey?
1:05:56 to: thehomeworkdog 1
Thanks Dan :)
1:05:57 to: Kim Caise
1:06:01 to: mseedii
1:06:03 to: Joe Joyner
Great session, Dan!
1:06:07 to: Lorna Costantini
Have a great saturday everyone
1:06:16 to: carole seubert
i exited but no survey
1:06:18 to: Jon 2
1:06:19 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks Lorna. You too.
1:06:39 to: Kim Caise
it should automatically open in your web browser
1:06:59 to: nathanchow
dan, do you assess in the same way? i.e are your students given open problems like this on tests?
1:07:24 to: Helen Lazzaro
You can also use an old DV video camera on a small tripod as a document camera. Cheap and easy.
1:08:11 to: Damian
thanks a brilliant session!
1:08:14 to: Terrence
What grade does everyone teach?
1:08:17 to: Kim Caise
laurie king in Arizona has a video on using an old Sony Mavica digital cam as a document camera
1:08:26 to: Ms.Fernandez
6th grade math
1:08:38 to: Terrence
I teach 7th grade math.
1:08:52 to: Kim Caise
K12 terrence for the most part
1:08:55 to: Terrence
I'm fortunate to have a document camera and a Smartboard.
1:09:07 to: carol carruthers
I teach foundational math for college students.
1:09:19 to: virginia alberti
I have Smartboard with math tools
1:09:20 to: matt montagne
what are some more effective ways to end a semester or year in math beyond the traditional, paper/pencil, cumulative examination?? ie, what are some powerful projects that we could engage students in
1:09:20 to: matt montagne
where they are required to use the skills they've been building all sem/year??
1:09:22 to: Terrence
I was hoping to come to this session to get get ideas on how to utilize this equipment better with my students.
1:09:29 to: mseedii
technology co-ordinator, in the process of being certified for k-12
1:09:45 to: Ms.Fernandez
I don't have a document camera nor an overhead projector.
1:10:23 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
just to jump into this conversation about homework:
1:10:50 to: Jon 2
I have to log out but, than you for a greaqt topic and an awesome presentor!
1:11:08 to: Kim Caise
thanks Jon!
1:11:24 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
Please look at your homework policies! Not much research that shows that homework is useful. See for some myths about homework. Need to be really c
1:11:24 to: David Wees (@davidwees)
areful about what you send home...
1:11:54 to: Julizza Holub
thanks david...just had that battle with an alg2 team..
1:12:04 to: @ralstonsmith
i know your concentration is in math, do you know about other resources that help w/ teaching critical thinking in general?
1:12:26 to: John Golden
how do you want teachers to start making this shift? All in, using other people's found problems, repurposing their textbook problems...?
1:12:34 to: Kathleen Cushman
I collect such resources on
1:12:36 to: Dan Meyer
Feltron Project:
1:13:11 to: Kim Caise
yes, Kathleen's book is a great resource on student motivation and engagement
1:13:31 to: Len H
please spell that term? an.....?
1:13:32 to: mseedii
i find merging the news and math and social studies starts great conversations and learning
1:13:36 to: Kathleen Cushman
@davidwees I will check that out and hope you join the conversation about homework from kids' perspectives on
1:14:40 to: Julizza Holub
is your bank on your blog. more notes on the hook? i need practice.. :)
1:15:13 to: Len H
What is that geometry term? Anu...?
1:15:17 to: Dan Meyer
1:15:18 to: Dan Meyer
Problem bank.
1:15:20 to: daveinstpaul
1:15:22 to: Ms.Fernandez
1:15:29 to: Julizza Holub
1:15:32 to: Len H
thank you davieinstpaul
1:16:15 to: daveinstpaul
from the same latin root as "anus"
1:16:28 to: daveinstpaul
but maybe you don't tell students this
1:16:34 to: Len H
1:17:03 to: Terrence
lol I would tell them. They would remember it.
1:17:17 to: Len H
Ah, Latin for ring.
1:18:01 to: Julizza Holub
do you have to photoshop some pics?
1:18:22 to: matt montagne
props to CR20 moderating team for another great session!!!!
1:18:26 to: Bill Harrison
have you developed questions to ask yourself when developing a problem?
1:18:30 to: Kim Caise
thanks matt!
1:18:32 to: Julizza Holub
1:18:40 to: John Golden
what's your larger goal at grad school? Why not just write curriculum?
1:18:40 to: matt montagne
GIMP is free and does everything that photoshop does
1:18:45 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
I want to finish a unit on quadratics by setting up a marble track that will launch a marble in the air and having the students analyze the flight of the marble.
Choice One: Ask them to find a functi
1:18:45 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
on that will give the height of the marbe as a function of horizontal distance.
Choice Two: Ask them to “o something with this situation (that is relevant to mathematics at the algebra two level)
1:18:45 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
t do you think Dan?
1:18:56 to: Julizza Holub
ps, aftereffects and missed the other..
1:19:24 to: daveinstpaul
We should ask students to bring in interesting problems. They have cell phone cameras too.
1:19:37 to: Len H
Exactly, Dave
1:19:42 to: nate
do you use a WCYDWT type problem during every class? what does a typical class period look like?
1:20:03 to: Kim Caise
excellent point Dave
1:21:28 to: Julizza Holub
still not sure why we factor polynomials. (real world) the graphing calculator provides a way to get the same information..
1:21:42 to: Kathleen Cushman
As a writing teacher I can't help thinking how much WCYDWT resembles best practice in reading/writing etc
1:22:14 to: daveinstpaul
graphing calculators only factor univariate polynomials
1:22:35 to: daveinstpaul
and they don't find complex zeros
1:22:40 to: John Golden
@KCushman I love those connections. Mosaic of Thought is best math teaching book I own
1:22:56 to: Bill Harrison
Q: do you always have some kind of summary talk at the end. what does this look like.
1:23:01 to: Nick Hussain
Dan, did you have problems with students not doing your openers?
1:23:39 to: Kathleen Cushman
@John Golden I agree
1:23:56 to: Eileen K
Ticket out the door works well at the end of a lesson.
1:24:00 to: John Golden
Is the main argument against skills focus that skills are obsolete as well as disengaging.
1:24:13 to: Julizza Holub
great point!
1:25:00 to: Nick Hussain
no thoughts about lattes - thanks Dan
1:25:01 to: daveinstpaul
This is a great session. Can I subscribe to get email notifications of future sessions?
1:25:13 to: Julizza Holub
skills are needed
1:25:22 to: Len H
Yes Dave
1:25:24 to: Kim Caise
you can through the blog post on our website as well as the itunes u channel
1:25:27 to: Kevin Feal-Staub
Thanks Dan, and everyone. Bye
1:25:37 to: Julizza Holub
however, they are not the focus
1:25:41 to: Kim Caise on our archives and rescordingspage
1:25:46 to: Len H
you can subscribe for future sessions at Classroom20
1:26:22 to: carol carruthers
Any thoughts for students that have been unsuccessful at math for 12 years and now realize they need it?
1:26:57 to: virginia alberti
Thanks very much Dan! great presentation!!!
1:26:58 to: virginia alberti
1:27:13 to: Bill Harrison
I was thinking of having students build problems together over a period of time and doing this using postings on a class blog. Any thoughts on making this work and be engaging?
1:27:23 to: Kathleen Cushman
What do you think of Khan Academy approach?
1:27:26 to: Terrence
I like the ticket out the door thing. I am using it all the time this year. I get instant feedback. Even though we use personal whiteboard in class that students do work on, it doesn't give as accurat
1:27:26 to: Terrence
e a response as students individually working on paper.
1:27:49 to: Martin InfoMester
Thanks for the info. I'll go to the "videotape" to relay the session.
1:28:07 to: matt montagne
@Kathleen, the Khan work seems to support and develop algorythmic thinking...
1:28:11 to: Kathleen Cushman
I agree equity huge issue with kids and tech in general
1:28:18 to: Dan Meyer
Darren Kuropatwa:
1:28:58 to: matt montagne
Dan's work seems to support non-algorythmic strategies...
1:28:58 to: Kathleen Cushman
@matt montagne ANy downside to it?
1:29:09 to: Martin InfoMester
I actually createrd a cloud-based ticket - for green and "permanent" records. Also it is individually accessible anywhere.
1:29:21 to: Martin InfoMester
Exit slips
1:29:22 to: matt montagne
that said, I think the Khan vids are better than some of the instruction that our kids are getting...
1:29:28 to: Nick Hussain
Have a good day everyone!
1:30:07 to: Kathleen Cushman
@matt montagne I see math teachers who are not at the level to be able to do what Dan is doing
1:30:21 to: virginia alberti
thanks! again!
1:30:28 to: Dan Meyer
1:31:03 to: Kathleen Cushman
That's my experience too, Dan
1:31:42 to: mseedii
good training teachers to use the resouces is missing
1:31:51 to: carol carruthers
Trying to move away from passive math.
1:31:52 to: matt montagne
@Kathleen - I think in those cases the Khan Academy vids would be OK...I see them as being helpful for students who are "just trying to get through" a math class
1:31:54 to: Kim Caise
1:32:07 to: Bill Harrison
Any suggestions on having students build their own questions?
1:32:24 to: matt montagne
Mathtrain.TV videos are GREAT...
1:32:25 to: John Golden
Thanks for your time everyone.
1:32:30 to: daveinstpaul
If students were asked to view Khan Academy lectures at home then you could spend more time in class with non-lecture activities.
1:32:46 to: Katy
thanks... some good ideas..
1:33:05 to: michele
will all these questions be in the archive part of this web session, or just the 1 hr part.
1:33:08 to: Bill Harrison
Your answers have been great. I'm a huge fan of your blog. It reinviogrates me each week.
1:33:12 to: matt montagne
Eric Marcos is giving kids the chance to make their own math videos: I'm a fan of this puts kids in the role of the teacher. We learn best when we teach.
1:33:18 to: Martin InfoMester
has anyone abused the privlidges?
1:33:37 to: John Golden
scaffolding better as a think aloud sharing your process
1:33:39 to: carol carruthers
Use students questions for math quizes and tests is a win win situtation.
1:33:52 to: John Golden
Demonstrate instead of tell what to do. When needed!
1:34:07 to: Kathleen Cushman
Hear hear, Dan
1:34:25 to: John Golden
Then ask students what they noticed in your demonstration. Then they're still active.
1:34:30 to: Len H
bye all
1:34:38 to: Len H
Thanks Dan & Kim
1:34:40 to: Kim Caise
1:35:09 to: Kathleen Cushman
Thanks so much for another GREAT session!
1:35:11 to: Martin InfoMester
has anyone abused the privlidges?
1:35:37 to: Martin InfoMester
1:35:41 to: matt montagne
bye, y'all
1:35:43 to: matt montagne
great session
1:36:03 to: dbrudzinski
Thanx so much.
1:36:03 to: Martin InfoMester
1:36:08 to: Martin InfoMester
1:36:31 to: Sue
it's always great to talk with people who are excited about math and education! Thanks (<:
1:36:53 to: Martin InfoMester
1:37:05 to: mseedii
yes it is!!
1:37:20 to: Bill Harrison
Do you know what you'll do at Asilomar
1:37:37 to: Bill Harrison
Thanks Dan !
1:37:38 to: nikki
At some point, pls. acknowledge the fantastic closed-captioning that Tammy Moore did for this session! It is not easy to do...
1:37:43 to: Dan Meyer
Fairly similar talk, Bill.
1:38:28 to: virginia alberti
thanks Dan e thanks KIM!