Nov 19, 2011 – Featured Teacher – Beth Still - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:29 - Peggy George
we're going to start the recording at the beginning of the topic each week so the intro about Blackboard Collaborate won't be in it.

00:53 - jonjwilliams #3
hello from the UK

01:00 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone! We're so glad to have you here for Beth's presentation! She has some fantastic things to share with us.

01:30 - Peggy George
All of Beth's links and any links you may share during this session will be in the Livebinder

01:31 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
@plnaugle good morning Paula!!

01:34 - @Len_Horn
We are glad you are here jonjwilliams! ;)

01:39 - roxanne clement
Your Live Binders each week are such great resources ti support our sessions!

01:41 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My LiveBinder page: Great place to store sites

01:47 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Livebinders is awesome!

01:48 - Peggy George
click on any of the tabs to see additional resources :-)

01:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Maureen.

01:58 - Kim Caise

02:05 - Peggy George
I love Livebinders too! One of my favorite tools!

02:24 - Peggy George
Hi Len! It's always great to have you with us!!!

02:38 - Peggy George
Greetings from Phoenix AZ :-)

02:42 - SteveHayes_RB60
Roanoke, IL!

02:48 - sarahjane @soltauheller

03:00 - sarahjane @soltauheller
sunny and cold.....

03:03 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Beautiful sunny day in Florida

03:04 - Beth Still some snow here today in Nebraska.

03:04 - Doug Henry
San Leandro, CA - clear, cool

03:06 - Sal

03:09 - Peggy George
It is beautiful here in Phoenix today Probalby about 75 degrees :-)

03:09 - reba @jghfoundation08
san diego, ca overcast, but sun coming in

03:14 - Lisa D
Chilly morning in So Cal!

03:16 - lois valli
I can't get it to work, I am in cambridge ontario

03:18 - Kim Caise
shambles is here

03:18 - KMT
Berlin, Wisconsin - cloudy and cool

03:18 - Peggy George
yes Shambles is with us!!!

03:18 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Roseville California

03:20 - roxanne clement
Morning. sunny and cold for the bay ares...alameda 46

03:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Beautiful cool and sunny day in New Orelans, LA today. Hi everyone.

03:27 - Jane Z
Erie Pa -sunny and 52 degrees

03:29 - sarahjane @soltauheller

03:33 - Carolyn Stanley
West Haven, CT - cool but a beautiful sunny day - hard to believe we were so devestated by a nor'easter just a few weeks ago.

03:37 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My school is the Twitterverse

03:37 - Peggy George
double click on the starburst icon to make it appear and then click on the map to place it

03:38 - sarahjane @soltauheller
what is learning management?

03:46 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Good Morning McTeach!!

03:47 - sarahjane @soltauheller

03:54 - sarahjane @soltauheller
never heard this term?

03:56 - Lisa D
Not in the classroom, so doesnt apply.

03:58 - Peggy George
if you aren't in a school it's hard to answer that question :-)

03:59 - Maureen@bcdtech #2
Hi Paula- Will be leaving again- for the last several weeks I cannot hear speaker- no matter what browser, uninstalled and reinstalled java. Blackboard works for some of my other work- had online meeting last night- but since this show came back on- hasn't worked once. Really annoying

03:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi McTeach.

04:03 - McTeach (Karen)
Sorry I'm late! Definitely didn't want to miss Beth's session!!!

04:11 - Beth Still
Hi Karen!

04:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My LMS is Edmodo.

04:15 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning Kristen and Paula!

04:23 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Beth!!!!!

04:23 - Carolyn Stanley
We use Moodle, and several of our teachers use Schoology instead.

04:32 - Peggy George
@Maureen I'm so sorry!! Let's do a practice session together to see if we can figure it out. Email me:

04:38 - clinds
Use Moodle with middle school students and Edmodo with elementary.

04:49 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Moodle is great!

04:49 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Moodle page:

05:08 - reba @jghfoundation08
block in our school district

05:08 - Peggy George
Hooray for Google apps!!! Can't live without them!

05:12 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
just started

05:20 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Google Apps page:

05:21 - Peggy George
Thanks for sharing your links @cybraryman!!!

05:23 - Kim Caise

05:25 - Carolyn Stanley
We piloted Google Apps at the middle schools and it was so successful, we have gone district wide.

05:28 - @Len_Horn
and Google+ as well!

05:31 - @lindayollis 1
Hey Paula! Thanks for the link! :-)

05:33 - McTeach (Karen)
Same here, Peggy! Just did a session at our Tech Faire yesterday about Google Apps.

05:35 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Beth, I have been following you on twitter for a while, so excited to learn from you in virtual person!!

05:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Oh I'm sorry to hear that Maureen. Frustrating for sure.

05:41 - Peggy George
@Carolyn--that is such a success story!!!!

05:47 - Maureen@bcdtech #2
Thanks Peggy- It works for the awl meetings - but not classroom 2.0 I don't get it.

05:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Beth, shy???

05:55 - reba @jghfoundation08
Beth is awesome!!!

06:01 - Beth Still
Who knew!!!

06:01 - Peggy George
@McTeach--is your session online anywhere? would love to see it!

06:03 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Beth is fantastic!!!

06:08 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I'll introduce Beth.

06:09 - McTeach (Karen)
Beth totally rocks!!

06:23 - @Len_Horn
Hi Karen! :)

06:24 - Peggy George
I love that picture of Beth!!! Really captures her personality and enthusiasm for everything she does!!!

06:27 - Carolyn Stanley
Look at that smile! Ear to ear! Her passion shines through.

06:38 - Kim Caise
beth has so much experience to share!

06:41 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Please join the #sschat on Twitter on Mondays at 7pm EST

06:53 - Carolyn Stanley
Hey, Peggy - great minds think in the same channels.

06:56 - clinds
Is Google+ for 18 and over? I'm hoping they'll change that and make it part of Google Apps for Ed!

06:58 - McTeach (Karen), sorry

07:02 - Kim Caise
welcome beth!

07:03 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Beth!!!

07:04 - Peggy George
Welcome Beth!!!!

07:14 - Peggy George
Very funny Beth!!

07:17 - Kim Caise
not at all beth - right on cue!

07:26 - KMT
A favorite person on Twitter!

07:40 - Peggy George
acronyms get us all the time!!! so funny!!

07:55 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Thanks for clarifying New Brunswick. Knew Beth was in Nebraska

08:01 - McTeach (Karen)
Listening to Beth AND watching the Nebraska (not New Brunswick) football game!

08:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Howie, is a great presnter too.

08:38 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Beth is Miss Twitter.

08:43 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Web2.0 page:

08:49 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, I took a workshop with Howie at NECC in 2007. He was a great influence on me, too.

09:16 - Lorna Costantini
stumpling is permitted

09:19 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We all are here to support you, Beth.

09:19 - Lorna Costantini

10:17 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
does your school have to use moodle or can individual teachers use it??

11:15 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Linda Yollis. Glad you got into the room.

11:22 - Lisa D
How fantastic!!

11:35 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
My district has Moodle, but unfortunately it's a "best kept secret" among most teachers. I've been trying to get the word out.

12:04 - @lindayollis 1
My district has moodle...I need to learn more and tap into it! Glad to be here!

12:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
The collaboration of Moodle users is fantastic to see and watch develop.

12:31 - Carolyn Stanley
If I find out today how to connect to Google Apps through Moodle, I will be estatic!

12:41 - @Len_Horn
The Moodle Mayhem user group is very devoted and helpful to Moodle Users.

12:56 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I learned about Moodle for the first time at NECC in New Orleans in 2004.

13:10 - clinds
Use Moodle for online discussions, journals and to share resources with students but would love to see other activities.

13:16 - sarahjane @soltauheller
anyone using google apps with kids less than 13yrs?

13:29 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
I love Edmodo.

13:31 - Kim Caise
absolutely Len and we have done several shows a bit more in depth on moodle. we may not get as in depth on moodle usage today

13:38 - sarahjane @soltauheller
thank you for explanation!

13:49 - Kim Caise
not sure that you can legally sarah jane

13:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Edmodo is great for younger students (under 13) who do not have email addresses.

13:56 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Hi all. Haven't been around for some time. Eager to get back into these wonderful Sat. classes.

14:02 - Peggy George
@Cybraryman I included your fantastic Livebinder page on my Livebinder Love all of the examples and sites you have included!

14:09 - SteveHayes_RB60
Q. What would be the difference between CMS and a class website?

14:12 - @shamblesguru
Moodle for k-12 area on Shambles

14:12 - @Len_Horn
Moodle Mayhem

14:16 - Carolyn Stanley
@sarahjane - we use it with our 7th graders -most are 12 and turn 13 before the year is out. We inform parents about the program.

14:16 - @lindayollis 1
I hear you, Beth!

14:36 - clinds
@sarahjane - Yes, using google Apps with students under 13 but definitely need to set up as Google Apps for Ed so you can turn off features (like email) that school might not want them to have at that age.

14:46 - Peggy George
Moodle Mayhem is such a friendly group of people who are always willing to answer questions and share resources!

14:55 - McTeach (Karen)
Wow! That's awesome!!

15:02 - @Len_Horn
And such fast answers!

15:12 - Peggy George
This differentiation is so essential to keep ALL students engaged and feeling valued!

15:27 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
A course management system allows my students to have access to all of my materials and to their assignments 24/7.

15:44 - Carolyn Stanley
One of our 7th grade science teachers has absolutely everything on Moodle; says he'll never go back to his traditional way of teaching - of course, still does labs hands on.

16:10 - Peggy George
I love to be able to participate in online Moodle PD courses because I can choose which parts I want to do and do them at my own pace when I have time!

16:18 - sarahjane @soltauheller
does your district have to sign up for google apps for ed?

16:28 - Carolyn Stanley
Moodle works extremly well with Google Apps, but we still have to have the kids log into each domain.

16:42 - Peggy George
That's awesome Paula!! Is there a public or guest link to your 7th gr science teacher's Moodle? Would love to see it!

16:43 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
My district purchased a Google domain

16:57 - Doug Henry
Is there any way to emulate Google Docs capabilities in Moodle (e.g. Wikis vs collaborative docs, presentations, etc)

16:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My 4th grade students love the social aspect of Edmodo too. We call it our learning, social platform.

16:58 - Kim Caise
i believe they do sarah jane

17:16 - Carolyn Stanley
Moodle is more teacher directed where Google Apps allows students to direct their own learning through collaboration. They work extremely well together.

17:20 - Peggy George
@Carolyn-you have to install a plugin for the Google Apps on your Moodle site.

17:58 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
You can create small groups within Edmodo. Lots of teachers are creating literature circles.

18:13 - Doug Henry
@Peggy - thanks for the apps plugin mention!

18:14 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - We'll talk later, I hope. I don't manage Moodle, and I need to get the directions to the person at the high school who does manage it.

18:19 - Peggy George
routines are really important :-)

18:20 - McTeach (Karen)
Bellringer or journal entry

18:22 - @lindayollis 1
Daily language/math

18:24 - sarahjane @soltauheller
morning message in K/1

18:34 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My students log in to Edmdo everyday to get their bell ringer.

18:44 - Peggy George
Daily Oral Language/Math is often used as starters for classes

18:48 - @lindayollis 1
Paula, everyone has a computer?

19:00 - sarahjane @soltauheller
do you have a class set of computers?

19:36 - Peggy George
@Carolyn--start with this link for learning about integrating Google apps with Moodle (gives you a link to download the "Google Integration" plugin.

19:37 - jonjwilliams #3
can we see you moodle's how do they compare?

19:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We have a 2:1 ratio in my classroom, so they are partnered on the netbooks.

19:53 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)

19:54 - @lindayollis 1

19:56 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@lindayollis 1

19:56 - Peggy George
you're doing great Beth!!!

20:04 - Peggy George
Seeing the application sharing now :-)

20:11 - reba @jghfoundation08
That what I'm looking for. Moodle courses I saw in our district looked boring.

20:29 - Peggy George
be sure to click on "scale to fit" so you can see her whole screen without scrolling back and forth

20:53 - Peggy George
little box at the top of the window that says "scale to fit" right near the top.

21:07 - Carolyn Stanley
Back when we had the flu pandemic scare, the superintendent insisted every teacher in district have a moodle account-even if they only included a link to an already established site. Enforcing every teacher to have a Moodle site really pushed technology integration.

21:09 - Peggy George
the calendar is a fabulous way to stay organized!!

21:21 - Peggy George
you can also add assignments to the calendar if you want

21:21 - jonjwilliams #3
i like this is it easy to embed?

21:33 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Great that everyone has access to it.

21:36 - Peggy George
very easy to embed! just need an administrator to install it

21:48 - jonjwilliams #3
is it a block?

22:16 - Peggy George
admin needs to install the Google app plugin but teachers can easily embed the calendar using the embed code--just copy and paste in html mode

22:26 - sarahjane @soltauheller
so do disticts purchase moodle? If you have subscription can anyone in district use it?

22:35 - jonjwilliams #3

22:35 - Peggy George
Moodle is free

22:46 - Kim Caise
moodle is free

22:47 - roxanne clement
so great when kids can count on where to get their stuff, their content, and where they can create! Collaborative tools support this!

22:55 - Peggy George
the only thing that costs for Moodle is server space

22:58 - Sal
lost sound

23:05 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy -it's free, but I understand we have to pay someone to host it.

23:09 - Kim Caise
someone has to administer and install the plugins

23:27 - Peggy George
That's such a great tip about the master copy!! Makes it so easy to modify for another class/year

23:40 - Peggy George
that's correct @Carolyn!

23:44 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Some people are using Symbaloo as a way to organize all of their bookmarks on classroom computers for younger students to easily access.

23:52 - Carolyn Stanley
I definitely like the modules over the specific dates organization.

24:03 - Peggy George
This course is so exciting to me!

24:11 - Kim Caise
great way to control the quality of the course setups

24:13 - Peggy George
the examples are really helpful!

24:17 - sarahjane @soltauheller
I like sqworl more than symbaloo for younger students

24:21 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Symbaloo page:

24:33 - Kim Caise
my setup is boring right now

25:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@sarahjane My students love the visual aspect of Symbaloo. I use Symbaloo as my start page on my personal laptop.

25:15 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Single sign on is very useful

25:27 - @Len_Horn
email is the stubmling block for our district atm.

25:40 - Carolyn Stanley
I just took a screenshot of this page to send to our Moodle Admin - We must make this happen for next year!

25:53 - Doug Henry
Is this the moodle-google plugin - ?

25:54 - Kim Caise
single sign on is so helpful

25:56 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Wish I could have a single login for my 4th graders. They have so many to remember.

25:58 - McTeach (Karen)
Students forgetting log-ins? Why, no...that NEVER happens!!

26:14 - Peggy George
anyone can download Moodle on their own computers--you just need a server space to install it on. I have my own personal Moodle site that I can add new Moodle courses to that have been created by teachers. I think my server space costs about $10./month but I can host my own blog, photo galleries, PD courses. I love it to have complete control over it!!

26:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I bet Karen. :)

26:40 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
I thought I was the only one who is told daily, I don't remember my login or password!!??

26:40 - Peggy George
these tips are really helpful!!! I'll be watching this recording again!!

26:51 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - me, too!

26:52 - clinds
@Peggy George - Is this hard to set up? I use Moodlerooms to host because I was worried it would be hard to figure out how to host myself.

26:58 - sarahjane @soltauheller
@plnaugle sqworl is almost exactly the same - just way less distraction on the page - for my k/1's it shows a copy of the site so they recognize what they want

27:01 - @lindayollis 1
That's a nice touch, Beth.

27:17 - Peggy George
@clinds it's not hard at all (if I can do it, anyone can!!) :-)

27:33 - Kim Caise
when you start adding students in different courses it can get complicated

27:47 - Peggy George
There are tons of online resources to help you when you have questions and you can also ask on Moodle Mayhem :-) or you can always ask me!!!

27:49 - Lisa D
Wow Beth! I'd love you to do a CR2.0 in the future on the details of how to teach on-line ;)

27:56 - Carolyn Stanley
Wow - that is small, and I though we were small at 400 students.

27:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@sarahjane I'll have to see which one my students would prefer Sqworl or Symbaloo.

28:17 - @lindayollis 1

28:20 - Peggy George
this list of missing assignments is great!! might even motivate them to get it done so their name isn't on the list :-)

28:24 - Kim Caise
there is a sandbox area at i believe so you can try things out

28:31 - Carolyn Stanley
This is a Google doc in Moodle - so cool.

28:55 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Diigo rocks.

28:57 - Peggy George
Yeah Diigo!!!!! Use it every day!!!!!

29:00 - McTeach (Karen)
I created a Homework Dropbox for kids to turn in assignments. Works great!

29:02 - @lindayollis 1
Love diigo!

29:09 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Diigo page:

29:12 - McTeach (Karen)
Love diigo! Just started using it with the kids.

29:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Set up a Diigo educator account.

29:17 - Carolyn Stanley
I really need to learn Diigo -been on the back burner - will be happy to learn about it.

29:18 - Peggy George
thanks Cybraryman!

29:21 - SteveHayes_RB60
I agree Diigo rocks

29:22 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
I actually use Delicious, but have heard of diigo.

29:42 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
ooh! I have been trying to find a good way for students to turn in work... I'll try dropbox, thanks Karen1

29:54 - Doug Henry
Good diigo ed links:

30:07 - Carolyn Stanley
annotations, done well, are so helpful

30:13 - Peggy George
@Cybraryman I want MY name on your list for public sites :-) Such a great way to share and collaborate!

30:16 - Kim Caise
the teacher console area is so helpful

30:17 - Lisa D
Diigo made Google Chrome crash for me. Had to remove the extension :(

30:22 - clinds
Yes! In educators group on Diigo and love getting email of link recommendations.

30:33 - McTeach (Karen)'s not the site Dropbox, it's actually a google form. I'll get a link to the template for you...

30:37 - SteveHayes_RB60
turning work via dropbox?? try using dropittome

31:02 - Peggy George
I don't like to use Chrome for Diigo--I really LOVE having the ability to keep my Diigo library showing all the time to the left of my browser and you can do that with Firefox.

31:13 - Peggy George
following you great Beth

31:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
If you have iPads in your classroom you might want to join the Diigo group

31:22 - @Len_Horn
Yes, Beth, it's looking great.

31:31 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Tip: Download Box app which has more storage than Dropbox

31:34 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Okay, I've been using google forms also, I really like that!!

31:38 - Lisa D
@Peggy...yes, But I LOVE Chrome :)

31:39 - McTeach (Karen)
Here's my Homework Dropbox template:

31:54 - Kim Caise
box gives 50gb

32:01 - @Len_Horn
Thanks Karen!

32:02 -
Hi everybody

32:04 - Peggy George
if you want to find a site quickly when someone asks for help, with the Diigo sidebar you just type in the tag and all of the sites you have bookmarked will instantly come up!!

32:06 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)

32:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes I am using

32:12 - @lindayollis 1
I blog w/ my third graders.

32:15 - reba @jghfoundation08

32:21 - McTeach (Karen)
No problem, Len!

32:27 - Peggy George
Oops! Forgot to teach Beth how to turn off the dings in Blackboard Collaborate! :-(

32:30 - sarahjane @soltauheller
love kidblog - wayyy better than taking home journals to mark!

32:32 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, reba

32:32 - roxanne clement
I was blogging with KidBlog with over 300 students last year

32:55 - clinds
Love Kidblog too - so nice having all their blogs in one spot.

33:08 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your homework dropbox template @McTeach! that is such a huge help!

33:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Wow Roxanne and I thought my 100 4th graders were a lot.

33:22 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
We finally have our math blogs up and running as of this week!! I need other student responders... Anyone want to comment with each other!!

33:37 - Peggy George
Doesn't Moodle simplify so many things for teachers???? Wow!

33:38 - McTeach (Karen)
My pleasure, Peggy! It works great!

33:45 - sarahjane @soltauheller
like the idea of math blog too!

33:53 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Video introduction to forms:

34:11 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, Kristen. My 4th graders use their blog as reflective math journals.

34:12 - Peggy George
I'll add the links you are sharing today into the Livebinder after the show so we can all find them again :-)

34:13 - clinds
@teachtecKBck - What grade for your math blogs?

34:47 - Kim Caise
paula teaches 4th grade

34:54 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
middle school, 7th and 8th pre-algebra and algebra 1

34:54 - sarahjane @soltauheller
@macteach does that google form attach itself to the assignment?

35:35 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@clinds What grade do you teach? I have 4th graders for math and social studies.

35:47 - Peggy George
this link provides step by step instructions for adding Google Apps to Moodle with the necessary link for downloading the plugin.

35:52 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Google Docs page:

35:56 - McTeach (Karen)
@sarahjane The kids include a link to the assignment and when I open the spreadsheet that goes with the form, I have a direct link to the assignment.

36:00 - Peggy George
I love!!!

36:02 - roxanne clement
love wallwisher

36:12 - Peggy George
Wallwisher started bogging down for us when we used it

36:23 - Peggy George

36:26 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2

36:31 - Carolyn Stanley
We had a terrible experience with wall wisher - no one could access it

36:33 - sarahjane @soltauheller
@karen that is great! what grade?

36:41 - Kim Caise

36:45 - roxanne clement
true about Wallwisher, especially last year...seems a little better right now

36:53 - Peggy George
that happened to us too @Carolyn. That's why we switched to linoit

36:58 - sarahjane @soltauheller
we use it in k/1 for brainstorming

37:02 - Peggy George
they are both great sites though

37:13 - McTeach (Karen)
@sarahjane I teach seventh grade

37:21 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
VERY familiar

37:34 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Wikis page:

37:38 - Lisa D

37:39 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
I use it for webquests

37:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I use a wiki to gather my math resources for my students.

37:50 - Peggy George
I use wikis for everything! I'm not in a classroom but do tons of PD and even a neighborhood newsletter on a wiki

37:50 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
My classroom website is a google site wiki

37:54 - Doug Henry
Tips/tricks URL's

37:55 - Lisa D

37:56 - Sam Stichter (Las Cruces, NM)
Organization of videos, web 2.0 tools

38:05 - McTeach (Karen)
I use a Google Site for providing info/links to students. I also have Sites that I create for student projects

38:06 - Carolyn Stanley
This chat is going so fast, I can't keep up. I will have to save it.

38:09 -

38:10 - sarahjane @soltauheller
sharing with staff as resources and with students as blog and an link to internet sites for my little folks

38:16 - @Len_Horn
Our computer teachers use a wiki to collaborate.

38:25 - jonjwilliams #3
was the lino embed or just a screenshot? within the moodle

38:30 - sarahjane @soltauheller
have used as collaboration with other classes too - progressive story idea

38:35 - @lindayollis 1
Educational Blogging Wiki (for teachers)

38:36 - Carolyn Stanley
Google sites is Google's answer to wikis, and now that you can change permissions on pages, it's great.

38:43 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Science and Math teacher wikis at my school.

38:52 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Kristen B. I love Google sites (wiki). I think I have about 25 of them as of now. I use for presentations all the time.

39:05 - Kim Caise

39:08 - Peggy George
We organize all of the links for our monthly Mini-geekfest shows on a wikispace and it's a great way to add information about each site in addition to the Livebinder we create. We love it!

39:11 - Kim Caise
is another wallwisher type

39:18 - sarahjane @soltauheller
@Carolyn do you have good tutorial for googlesites? I found it tricky to use

39:20 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
@Paula me too, I am a google junkie...

39:24 - Peggy George
thanks everyone for sharing your examples!!! this is awesome!

39:26 - roxanne clement
I use my-eCoach to develop collaborative projects with my kids....

39:29 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Wallwisher page has link to Linoit on top and Primary Wall which is great:

40:22 - McTeach (Karen)
Woo-hoo!! Love Acadia!!!!

40:30 - Carolyn Stanley
@sarajane - I do have a tutorial I made up, but it's a bit outdated - get in touch with me on twitter at @cstanley

40:32 - sarahjane @soltauheller
so are these students physically in class for some of the sessions or are they online students?

40:46 - sarahjane @soltauheller
@carolyn thanks!

40:49 - Marcia O
What grade level is this park assignment for?

41:12 - Carolyn Stanley
I LOVE Arcadia National Park-been there many times.

41:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@sarahjane Check out this Google site tutorial

41:20 - Peggy George
@Sarajane if you do a google search for google sites video tutorials you'll find lots of videos to help you

41:34 - Carolyn Stanley
@Beth - will we have access to those wikis in the Livebinder?

41:39 - Kim Caise
i am compiling questions

41:40 - Peggy George
some of her students are f2f and some online

42:03 - Peggy George
yes anything that is public from Beth's class is available in the Livebinder

42:11 - sarahjane @soltauheller
thanks everyone for ideas - I did try some tutorials.. but nice to have reccomended ones

42:24 - Peggy George our Livebinder for today

42:31 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh -my 8th grade social studies teacher will be in this unit soon-hope we'll have access to these.

43:07 - @Len_Horn

43:41 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Notetaking page: Has Easy Note

43:46 - @lindayollis 1
Wow, what a resource...especially if kids are absent from school. I'm amazed!

43:47 - Carolyn Stanley
We have a subscription to Discovery ED - I assume you can embed those into Moodle, as well, as long as it's private

44:24 - Peggy George
that's true @Carolyn!!! as long as they have the login password they can view it

44:41 - Peggy George
I love that you can use the Discovery Ed videos embedded on Google Earth too!

44:45 - @lindayollis 1
Love that your principal is connected and contributing!

45:05 - Kim Caise
that's why she is using app sharing because of the login issues and copyright/privacy issues

45:23 - Peggy George
these examples are fantastic!!

45:29 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I meet Beth on Twitter first back in 2009 then face to face at ISTE in Washington. We presented together at ISTE last year in Philly. Hoping to do so again this year is San Diego for ISTE.

45:45 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
My Widgets page:

45:51 - Peggy George

46:01 - Peggy George

46:09 - Peggy George
Everything Moodle

46:27 - Peggy George of a class with students- Renaissance Class)

46:34 - Peggy George
click on the slides :-)

46:57 - @Len_Horn
(y) for Moodle Mayhem!

47:27 - @Len_Horn
How did you do that, Beth?

47:40 - Carolyn Stanley
Gold and Black - That is our Amity color scheme

47:52 - @Len_Horn
Custom theme.....must learn how

47:56 - Peggy George
labels are a great way to embed videos with some text beside it

48:13 - Carolyn Stanley
That is one of biggest complaints of teachers using Schoology instead of Moodle- think Schoology is "prettier"

48:31 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Can you add sites like collaborize in the login like you do for google?

48:34 - Peggy George
Maybe Tammy Moore will be able to take the mic and share some of her experiences with Moodle courses after she finishes the CC today.

48:43 - Rawia Alhumaidan
finally, I am able to join :)

48:58 -
Please repply here!/web20education/status/137587366012534784 and add your favorite tools to build a pln

49:02 - Peggy George
Welcome Rawia!!! so sorry you had problems joining

49:11 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Thank you, Beth

49:14 - Kim Caise

49:18 - Peggy George
The entire session is being recorded so you can view it later

49:28 - Lisa D
Well done,Beth! So great to be able to join your session!

49:31 - @Len_Horn
Beth, where can we go to develop custom themes?

49:39 - Peggy George
there are lots of places you can find the link for the google app plugin

49:52 - Peggy George
it has also been updated for Moodle 2.0

49:57 - Rawia Alhumaidan
How can see tha whole session, i missed it cuase of some technical prob.

50:14 - Carolyn Stanley
Would your tech guys be willing to do a tutorial for others>

50:26 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Beth.

50:27 - @Len_Horn
not entirely

50:32 - Peggy George
there are some great Moodle tutorial videos on Moodle Mayhem

50:49 - clinds
@peggy - Where do you host your Moodle site?

50:54 - @Len_Horn
Beth, I'll Twitter with you to get some more info

51:04 - Peggy George
I host my Moodle site on DreamHost

51:17 - Carolyn Stanley
It would be great, so we don't have to go through all the difficulties they had -

51:22 - clinds
@peggy - Thanks! I'll check that out!

51:26 - Marcia O
Thank you for showing LiveBinders, Moodle, EasyNoteCards, and DRIGO.

51:29 - cfehlich
peggy what does it cost to host there?

51:36 - Peggy George
you can get a free 2 week trial on Dreamhost

52:00 - Peggy George
it costs about 9:00 a month I think-I pay for 2 years at a time for about $200.

52:20 - jonjwilliams #3
Beth and everyone Thanks for this it has been very informative!

52:20 - @Len_Horn
Yes, they are changing and charging

52:22 - Peggy George
there are lots of places you can find Moodle servers and the fees very

52:25 - Peggy George

52:29 - Kim Caise

52:33 - KMT
Great job, Beth!

52:35 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Marcia It is Diigo

52:52 - Peggy George
that would be very frustrating to have to remove all of your content when there are server changes!

53:23 - clinds
I'd love to try something like Dramhost and host ourselves. The Moodle providers like Moodlerooms, which we use now, are just getting so expensive.

53:30 - @cybraryman1 Jerry Blumengarten #2
Beth fantastic job. I learned so much.

54:40 - Carolyn Stanley
I am just now learning to have two browsers open at the same time so I can be logged into my personal Google as well as my school's Google domain.

54:45 - Peggy George
Dreamhost was very helpful when I first started using them and gave me step by step instructions for everything. All of the Moodle updates are installed with one click for me :-)

55:00 - reba @jghfoundation08
if you are a non-school org working w/students like our foundation - Is Moodle still free?

55:06 - SteveHayes_RB60
Beth - Thank You!

55:10 - Rawia Alhumaidan
Peggy, do colaborators need to download the trial BB version?

55:34 - @Len_Horn
IT departments want to be able to keep everything stable for all of their users.

55:39 - Beth Still
Thanks for coming. I hope I provided everyone with at least one thing to take away today!

55:45 - @lindayollis 1

55:55 - Peggy George
not sure what you mean Rawia. Anyone can download the trial version but if you're in a school they may limit what you can download

56:08 - Carolyn Stanley
@Beth - multiple take aways -this was fantastic!

56:21 - Beth Still
Hugs to you Paula!!!

56:22 - Rawia Alhumaidan
I mean to join a session like this one

56:23 -
I must go, but I invite you all to join free #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project here

56:27 - @lindayollis 1
Thank you so much, Beth! I learned a lot!

56:28 - cfehlich
thanks beth this was great my first time!

56:35 - Marcia O
Thank you very much. This has been very helpful

56:42 - reba @jghfoundation08
Is dreamhost a part of Moodle?

56:48 - Peggy George
This is my Moodle site which is basically a playground for me since I'm not teaching now. But you're welcome to take a look. I don't update it regularly--just when I want to add a new course. :-)

56:52 - clinds
You know it's a great session when you can't keep up with the chat :)

56:53 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Can't wait to see you in San Diego. Beth.

56:59 - McTeach (Karen)
Awesome job today, Beth!! You rock!!!

57:08 - reba @jghfoundation08
Great webinar!

57:10 - @Len_Horn
I think I'm going to build my own server....I have old spare computers just sitting around doing nothing. Might as well put one together and connect it to my network.

57:14 - Beth Still
Thanks Karen!

57:16 - sarahjane @soltauheller
do you have a link for conference?

57:26 - Peggy George
that's a great idea @Len!!!

57:39 - Beth Still
@sarahjane to the ISTE conference?

57:44 - sarahjane @soltauheller
Zoe is awsome!!

57:49 - Peggy George

58:06 - sarahjane @soltauheller

58:18 - Beth Still
Canadians rock! :)

58:18 - Peggy George
You can access all of the recordings from the Global Education Conference here--it was fantastic!

58:24 - sarahjane @soltauheller
thansk peggy!

58:28 - reba @jghfoundation08
@Beth someone chatted that you are coming to San Diego to speak? where will that be?

58:34 - SteveHayes_RB60
Thank you Peggy

58:58 - Peggy George
I agree @Beth!!! We've had some awesome Canadian presenters in our webinars and there are quite a few presenting at the K12 Online conference!

59:08 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Bye everyone. Have to go work on my K12 Online Conference presentation. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. See you all next time.

59:21 - reba @jghfoundation08
bye paula

59:31 - Peggy George
The great thing about the K12 Online Conference is the presentations are all recordings so as soon as they are uploaded each day you can view them any time, any place :-)

59:34 - @Len_Horn
Bye Paula

59:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Bye, Reba.

59:43 - @lindayollis 1
Thanks, everyone! This was terrific! Have a great weekend! Thanks, Beth!

59:47 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Thanks again, Beth.

59:48 - Peggy George
I'm so excited about the K12 Online Conference!!

59:53 - Beth Still
@reba I will be there for ISTE at the end of June. Hope to be presenting. I will find out in December. Either way I will be running the iste Newbie Lounge!

1:00:04 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks to ALL of you! What a wonderful family we all are.

1:00:10 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Thanks Beth I enjoyed learning from you!! Have a great weekend friends.

1:00:10 - Rawia Alhumaidan
Thank you all, I am trying to join and learn more about it, its a little challenging doing this from Kuait

1:00:17 - reba @jghfoundation08
ok cool.

1:00:19 - Peggy George
Beth, this has been an incredible presentation!!! Can't wait to watch the recording to try out some of your tips!

1:00:38 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen B)
Beth, can a single teacher use moodle?

1:01:12 - Beth Still
Yes, definitely. One teaher can use Moodle.

1:01:19 - Peggy George
@Beth-Youre ISTE Newbie projects have been so wonderful over the past few years and I'm so glad you're facilitating the Newbies Lounge at ISTE!

1:01:21 - sarahjane @soltauheller
do you have recording of a session for moderating in elluminate?

1:01:27 - reba @jghfoundation08
Is Dreamhost a part of Moodle, not understanding why you are recommending that instead of moodle?

1:01:44 - Peggy George
no Dreamhost is a server where you can install Moodle

1:01:50 - Lorna Costantini
DH is a hosting company

1:01:53 - sarahjane @soltauheller

1:01:54 - reba @jghfoundation08
@peggy, thanks

1:01:55 - Peggy George
you have to have a server to install and use Moodle

1:02:10 - Lorna Costantini

1:02:48 - Rawia Alhumaidan
Thank you all

1:02:55 - Carolyn Stanley
There is not enough time in the day - I have to remember - balance, balance, balance.

1:03:03 - nikki
Is Moodle ADA compliant for screen readers in all areas?

1:03:04 - Peggy George
we have a lot of tutorials about using and moderating on our website. Click on the link for FAQ.

1:03:16 - Tammy Moore
Besides Dreamhost to host an individual teacher Moodle, you could use GoDaddy.

1:03:16 - reba @jghfoundation08
Great resources Beth- THANKS!!!

1:03:18 - Peggy George
I can't wait to explore your student projects Beth!!

1:03:27 - Tammy Moore
THey had a one button Moodle install. I bet they still have it

1:03:28 - Rawia Alhumaidan
I would love to learn about moderting

1:03:36 - Lorna Costantini
wonderful presentation Beth

1:03:47 - Peggy George
Tammy would you like to take the mic to share some of your Moodle experiences with your students?

1:03:51 - Tammy Moore
Our project's Moodle is at ...

1:03:57 - Jane Z
Thanks so much! Great session!

1:04:00 - clinds
Has anyone else had problem with IT wanting you to use the school website instead of Moodle? I try to explain that they are totally different - one-way communication vs. two-way...

1:04:21 - Peggy George
I have learned so much from Tammy's Moodle courses for teachers!!

1:04:43 - Carolyn Stanley
@ Beth - true - I was actually referencing watching all those webinars and presentations I've missed - and those I want to review - your session will be a priority for me!

1:05:03 - Tammy Moore

1:05:04 - Peggy George
You can still access her Moodle 4 Teachers course on her site. I love how she uses Voicethread for her tutorials!

1:05:31 - Carolyn Stanley
I've never heard of Collaborate 11

1:05:32 - Beth Still
@clinds... No, actually I have the opposite issue so it's a good think I LOVE Moodle!

1:05:44 - Tammy Moore
You are in Collaborate 11 right now

1:05:44 - Peggy George
can you see Tammy's site in webtour now?

1:05:48 - Doug Henry
see it

1:05:50 - Tammy Moore
It is what used to be Elluminate

1:06:01 - @Len_Horn
I see it Tammy

1:06:06 - Peggy George
I am seeing it Tammy

1:06:10 - Lorie Moffat #2
I see it, too

1:06:13 - Peggy George
is anyone else seeing it?

1:06:21 - Peggy George
tell us what to click on

1:06:23 - Tammy Moore

1:07:02 - @Len_Horn
Training/Course Development - Courses below this point are not available to students

1:07:21 - Peggy George
login as guest in the teacher's course

1:07:35 - @Len_Horn
This is GREAT, Tammy!

1:07:36 - Kim Caise
rawia, do you have a mic?

1:07:55 - Rawia Alhumaidan

1:08:05 - Peggy George
those short segments are just perfect for learning about Moodle step by step!

1:08:21 - Lorie Moffat #2
or Collaborate tools

1:08:59 - Carolyn Stanley
Teachers are so wonderful - all the bashers should tune into Classroom 2.0, and reconsider their opinion

1:09:02 - clinds
Thank you so much for sharing these resources - definitely know I'm not using Moodle to its full potential!

1:09:10 - reba @jghfoundation08
@Tammy - what hosting site is your group using to host your Moodle site?

1:09:12 - Peggy George
thanks a lot Tammy!!!

1:09:20 - Lorie Moffat #2

1:09:32 - @Len_Horn
Thank you, Tammy. :)

1:10:04 - reba @jghfoundation08
@Tammy Thanks

1:10:07 - Peggy George
Tammy is using labels to display all of her voicethread tutorisl with an image and text. Really helpful!

1:10:40 - Peggy George
hearing you now Rawia!!! Great!

1:10:53 - maestra sofia
Great question

1:11:05 - Tammy Moore
Moodle is used a lot in other countries since it is open source software (free for the software)

1:11:42 - Peggy George
you may have to write those tutorials @Rawia and share them on the site :-)

1:11:43 - Tammy Moore has tutorials as well

1:12:12 - nikki
Is Moodle ADA compliant?

1:12:25 - Rawia Alhumaidan
Thank you All

1:12:35 - nikki
how to check?

1:12:35 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks for a great session - Let us all go out and get some exercise now - good for the brain.

1:12:39 - Peggy George
ask the question on Moodle Mayhem and someone may know where to find the answer about tutorials in different languages!

1:12:39 - maestra sofia
I am overwhelmed edmodo, moodle, wikis, livebinders, which is the best?

1:12:48 - Tammy Moore

1:13:11 - Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us today!! Beth is such an inspiring teacher and I'm so proud to have been able to feature her as our Featured Teacher. :-)

1:13:14 - dluisa
i agree

1:13:45 - McTeach (Karen)
Yup, it's not about the tool. It's about the learning!

1:13:57 - Rawia Alhumaidan
Plz RT any future sessions, i really appreciate it

1:14:01 - maestra sofia

1:14:03 - Peggy George
there are so many things you can do just with google apps without a learning management system like Moodle

1:14:30 - maestra sofia
Moodle and evernote compatible?

1:14:36 - Peggy George
you can try out a lot of custom themes, look at it and see if you like it--tons are free

1:15:01 - reba @jghfoundation08
@maestra sofa - good question about EVERNOTE & Moodle

1:15:27 - Peggy George
don't think Evernote is working on Moodle yet but they're trying :-)

1:16:03 - Tammy Moore
THe theme at is a customization of the free Aquarium theme for Moodle 1.9

1:16:05 - reba @jghfoundation08
@Peggy ok

1:16:16 - Peggy George
that was great advice about the themes, Beth!

1:16:24 - roxanne clement #2
thanks for another great Saturday!

1:16:26 - Beth Still
Thanks again!!!! This was FUN!

1:16:30 - Doug Henry
Awesome session! Thanks!

1:16:31 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks for the awesome session, Beth!!!

1:16:34 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Beth!!!!

1:16:35 - Carolyn Stanley
By everyone -Happy Thanksgiving!

1:16:41 - reba @jghfoundation08
@Kim Thank you and ALL of you have a GREAT Thanksgiving too!!

1:16:43 - maestra sofia
Merci, Gracias, THANKS

1:16:46 - @Len_Horn
Awesome session!

1:16:49 - Tammy Moore
Fantastic Session, Beth. I love it when we get to talk about Moodle :)

1:16:56 - Rawia Alhumaidan
Happy Thanks Giving to you all

1:16:57 - Peggy George
Julie is an incredible 5th grade teacher and her book is terrific!!

1:16:57 - Beth Still
Thanks Tammy!

1:17:01 - reba @jghfoundation08
bye Beth

1:17:04 - Carolyn Stanley
Classroom 2.0 just keeps getting better.

1:17:06 - Peggy George
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!!!!

1:17:08 - nikki
Thank your turkeys!