Nov 5, 2011 - EasyBib- CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:14 - Peggy George
Here we go!! Welcome to all of you!!
00:27 - Karen (aka McTeach)
So glad to be back here on a Saturday morning!!
00:46 - Peggy George
Lorna is talking really fast :-) Those are long names!!
00:51 - roxanne clement
Hey McTeach! yes a cool one today!
01:08 - Peggy George
Hi McTeach. Love it when you can join us!!!
01:23 - roxanne clement
So glad my Saturday morning startup is back!
01:26 - Karen (aka McTeach)
Hi Peggy, Kim, Lorna, and Tammy!! I've missed all of you!
01:39 - Karen (aka McTeach)
Hi Peggy! Didn't want to miss this one!
01:43 - Peggy George
You are such a faithful, enthusiastic supporter Roxanne!!
02:41 - Peggy George
Welcome Marureen and Doug! So glad you're here!
03:41 - Peggy George
It really helps me to move my chat panel to the right of the white board. Then I can make it much bigger (like the old wide layout)
04:38 - Peggy George
you have to check once in awhile to see if anyone's name is below your chat window. That means they want to chat privately with you.
05:09 - Peggy George
I love the new colorful starburst on the tools now. Makes the world map all sparkly :-)
05:39 - Peggy George
here we go! play time!
05:46 - Kadidia Doumbia
In Geogia (USA)
06:07 - EasyBib - Neal & Darshan
New York City!
06:07 - Peggy George
if your dot doesn't go right where you want it you can click and drag it
06:09 - Maureen@bcdtech 2
Glad to see you back Peggy et al. I have no sound, but will keep trying
06:13 - terrilynn.johnson.1
Milwaukee, WI
06:15 - NikkiDRobertson
I'm from GA too!
06:23 - Peggy George
they didn't have the tools...
06:29 - Govinda Panthy
Good evening and good morning to you all. Greetings from the SAV School, nepal.
06:49 - Peggy George
did you want to show the Livebinder?
06:49 - Paul Webster
Marsing, Idaho
06:51 - Govinda Panthy
Hi Kim, hello Peggy
06:54 - Kadidia Doumbia
07:16 - NikkiDRobertson
I love EasyBib! Share it with my students all the time!
07:19 - Kadidia Doumbia
I did vote
07:20 - Peggy George
can you find the check mark to use at the bottom of the participant list?
07:37 - Kadidia Doumbia
I found it
07:44 - Peggy George
it done-whoosh!
07:51 - Gayle Schmuhl
07:52 - terrilynn.johnson.1
son of citation
07:54 - Nicole Wilson
noodle tools
07:56 - roxanne clement
my-ecoach bib tools
07:57 - Cecilia
son of citation
07:57 - reynmat4
07:58 - Gayle Schmuhl
08:01 - Sara Claman
son of citation
08:01 - roxanne clement
08:02 - Peggy George
David Warlick's citation maker-son of citation :-)
08:05 - Paul Webster
Where do we click?
08:07 - NikkiDRobertson
I've used son of citation as well...then switched to EasyBib
08:10 - roxanne clement
son of citation builder
08:12 - Sharon Gullett
son of citation
08:18 - Janet
son of citation
08:30 - Gayle Schmuhl
08:32 - terrilynn.johnson.1
08:32 - @jackiegerstein
08:40 - Peggy George
you click on the check mark dropdown right below your name
09:33 - roxanne clement
love live binders
09:55 - Peggy George
I love Livebinders too!!! so easy to share websites and resources!!!
10:01 - Karen (aka McTeach)
Me too, Roxanne! Love the LiveBinders ladies too!!!
10:02 - roxanne clement
i don't see the link?
10:14 - Peggy George
10:24 - roxanne clement
thanks Peggy!
10:42 - Govinda Panthy
hey roxanne, are you the one from epals?
10:54 - Peggy George
This is such an amazing tool! and I love how it integrates with some other tools (they'll show us)
11:10 - Peggy George
Welcome Darshan and Neal!! We're so excited to have you here today!
11:36 - Peggy George
11:53 - roxanne clement
Govinda we met inside myeCoach awhile back
11:56 - Govinda Panthy
Darshan, sounds Indian name.
12:01 - Peggy George
Always love to hear the stories about how entreprenaurs get started!!
12:06 - john z
the problem for me is that by the time citation gudies are printed, they are obsolete
12:10 - roxanne clement
I have lots of activities and projects there
12:18 - Darshan
Govinda: Yup, we're both indian :)
12:34 - Peggy George
I love this image!!! :-) I've felt that way many times!
12:42 - @viralber
hi ! sorry but my connection is jumping today
12:55 - @viralber
weather is very bad today in Italy
13:13 - Peggy George
sorry viralber!! hope you can stay with us!
13:13 - Govinda Panthy
lovely, i'm glad. I'm from Nepal. A school teacher.
13:15 - Janet
where in Italy?
13:24 - NikkiDRobertson
Mhy mother was a HS English teacher & she slashed more on works cited pages than the research itself!
13:28 - roxanne clement
such a gret analogy!
13:46 - Peggy George
I agree Roxanne
14:03 - NikkiDRobertson
I love that you can send the citations straight to a google doc using EasyBib!
14:03 - Peggy George
I wish I had this service when I was writing my doctoral dissertation!!!
14:43 - @viralber
In Brescia near Milan but in Liguria in genova and 5 terre there are great problems
14:51 - aunttammie
the iphone app is magical!
15:03 - roxanne clement
They do APA for my Masters, and teacher librarian credential citations too Peggy!
15:21 - Peggy George
15:40 - Peggy George
this image really captures the power of EasyBib!
16:09 - Peggy George
now you get to see a real demo!
16:20 - Peggy George
it may take a minute to load for you
16:23 - roxanne clement
I'm downloading easybib for ipad right now
16:33 - Peggy George
can you all see this page now?
16:35 - Govinda Panthy
that's cool Neal. I'm trying to set up a school library at the SAV School for rural kids.
16:52 - aunttammie
17:03 - Peggy George
thanks @aunttammie!!
17:39 - Peggy George
how easy is that???? :-)
18:18 - Govinda Panthy
i think it's my connection problem, i miss some portion of the talk and the page opens so slow.
18:54 - Peggy George
I can see how easy it would be to use this to teach students the important aspects of a citation--step by step.
19:14 - Peggy George
is the annotation private or does it become part of the citation?
19:38 - Maureen@bcdtech 2 #2
Guess I'll have to catch this later on the recording, reinstalled java, but still getting an audio error message- cannot connect to speaker. No sound for me. Glad you're back!
19:44 - Peggy George
19:56 - Peggy George
so sorry Maureen!!!!
20:14 - @mbteach (Mary Beth) 1
People with Macs are having issues with Java :(
20:34 - Kim Caise
i have very limited experience troubleshooting macs
20:39 - Peggy George
I'm on a Mac but it's important to have the latest jama
20:47 - 3
How do you insert a book review annotation, APA?
21:04 - Peggy George
great question Margaret!
21:22 - Peggy George
please add questions here in the chat as we go along :-)
21:35 - Govinda Panthy
I'm using my Lenovo, it's working. I'm glad!!! this is my 3 time on live conf. I'm learning a lot.
21:43 - Peggy George
This guide is incredible--instant help for us!
22:10 - Peggy George
the guide could become an entire teaching unit for citing research!!
22:11 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I am late because I had all sorts of troouble getting in today.
22:25 - Peggy George
so sorry Paula but we're so glad to see you!
22:26 - Karen (aka McTeach)
Hey Paula!!
22:26 - @Len_Horn
Hi Paula
22:47 - Peggy George
still loading for me
22:53 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hi Peggy, Karen, and Len.
22:54 - Peggy George
maybe just slow
22:56 - roxanne clement
Peggy, exactly my thoughts
23:00 - terrilynn.johnson.1
share the file
23:42 - roxanne clement
ooooh.important little trick then for APA
23:43 - Peggy George
he'll be showing us how to save it as a google doc I think :-)
24:10 - roxanne clement
24:10 - Peggy George
ooohhhh--website credibility checker!!
24:28 - Karen (aka McTeach)
Peggy...yeah, that got my attention!!
24:33 - Peggy George
24:36 - roxanne clement
that unit on citations Peggy!!!!
24:43 - Kim Caise
credibility as in plagiarism?
24:57 - Peggy George
look at all of those red boxes!
25:01 - roxanne clement
accurate and reliable source
25:04 - Peggy George
25:09 - Peggy George
amazing too :-)
25:12 - Kim Caise
evaluating the website, i see
25:23 - @mbteach (Mary Beth) 1
This is awesome
25:23 - Govinda Panthy
amaging tool
25:31 - roxanne clement
I'm curious about what it looks like when student websites come up
25:33 - Peggy George
I love that you can see the criteria for that! great learning opportunity!
25:36 - terrilynn.johnson.1
25:47 - Hasten
love it!
26:00 - Karen (aka McTeach)
That's awesome!
26:03 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
LOVE the credibility checker!
26:05 - Peggy George
does a site need to be in your database for it to do that credibility checking?
26:07 - easybib
love the website credibility checker, is that free?
26:26 - roxanne clement
26:31 - @Len_Horn
Sweet, index cards online.
26:38 - Peggy George
all of these tools sure take the "pain" out of writing research papers!
26:40 - Eileen K
This is great!
26:46 - Peggy George
Hi Len!!!
26:56 - easybib
Looks like noodle tools
26:57 - @Len_Horn
Hi Peggy. :)
27:08 - roxanne clement
my third grade teachers will love this. They teach it with real cards right now. digitally is 21st century
27:10 - Peggy George
look at the color coding you can do!
27:27 - kg
Is there a trial period if you want to try the premium features for free? This could help "sell" folks and institutions?
27:32 - @Len_Horn
There are so many uses for online notecards!
27:35 - aunttammie
This is part of the paid service, right?
27:49 - Peggy George
we'll have them clarify that @aunttammie
27:52 - Darshan
auttammie: yes, this is part of the premium service
27:56 - roxanne clement
Good question, is notebook part of the free mla service?
27:58 - Peggy George
27:59 - Darshan
kg: yep, we have a free trial!
28:14 - kg
woohooo, i am on it:)
28:15 - Peggy George
28:19 - easybib
Free trial for notes? How about website cred checker?
28:36 - roxanne clement notebook part of premium then?
28:36 - kg
those features are part of the premium, i think.
28:42 - Darshan
free trial for notes, yep
28:42 - Peggy George
29:02 - Peggy George (Knowledge Base for EasyBib)
29:02 - Darshan
website credibility: part of that is free (our final evaluation); part of it is premium (our notes on the criteria)
29:16 - easybib
Great, helpful, thanks!
29:30 - Darshan
but again, regarding premium, we can set anyone up with a free trial so you can get a good idea of the service and if its a fit for you
29:36 - Peggy George
look at that!! drag notes to the outline!!
29:39 - aunttammie
Just looked at your website, seems very reasonably priced
30:01 - kg
automating the website cred is so perfect...i have been using a separate template that students use, to prove that they are using solid sites and have thought about all of those criteria in the automated service here
30:08 - Doug Henry
Could add a concept map feature...
30:19 - Peggy George
lots of resources on their Slideshare site (EasyBib Slideshare collection)
30:41 - Peggy George
31:01 - Peggy George
all of these links are in the Livebinder for today too.
31:08 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Love the idea of students helping other students.
31:32 - Peggy George
what a huge help for teachers!!
31:48 - Doug Henry
Could add similarity and clustering of refs (need to key certain features)...
32:15 - @Len_Horn
Have you thought of using this feature in conjunction with SweetSearch and YoLink?
32:34 - roxanne clement
so cool
32:51 - @plnaugle(Paula)
@Len I sent you an IM on Skype.
32:58 - aunttammie
Love the connection to Google DOCS
32:58 - Peggy George iPhone app for EasyBib!!
33:00 - @Len_Horn
33:18 - Peggy George iPad app for Easybib!
33:22 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Linking to Google Doc is a FANTASTIC feature!
33:30 - Peggy George
love that we can access these on mobile devices!
33:36 - kg
is the research app link to googleapps free for institutions?
33:36 - aunttammie
my kids were blown away when I demoed this
33:42 - roxanne clement
WOW that 's the scan feature then on the ipad app
33:48 - clinds
We added EasyBib to our Google Apps for Ed and there were ads. Is there a way to get rid of these if we upgrade the service?
34:08 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!!! we're breaking new ground!!!
34:38 - Peggy George
new section on best practices for writing papers and share lesson plan resources :-) They'd like our feedback.
35:23 - Peggy George
There is a free trial for the school edition if you'd like to check it out
35:33 - aunttammie
oooooohhhhhh...want it! Need a beta tester?
36:02 - Peggy George
Easybib and Google integration:
36:15 - Peggy George
this is so helpful!!!!
36:32 - Peggy George
will you show us how EasyBib integrates with SweetSearch and yolink????
36:42 - terrilynn.johnson.1
looks great, I will introduce to my online 6 - 12th grade students this week and my senior daughter! thanks
36:43 - roxanne clement
do you have tutorials to watch and learn?
36:46 - john z
this is better than those spiral handbooks
36:51 - Cecilia
Is there a special price for elementary schools? We only introduce this to our 4th & 5th grade students. 3rd grade gets a brief intro but doesn't get into the details
36:56 - Peggy George
It would really help to see a demo of yolink and SweetSearch with Easybib
36:58 - Kadidia Doumbia
You may want to integrate video lessons?
37:00 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hi @Sharon Elin, long time no see. How have you been?
37:26 - Peggy George
great suggestions Kadidia!
37:36 - Sharon Elin
Hey there, @plnaugle! I've been so so so busy that PLN has had to be on hold ~
37:43 - Paul Webster
I'm looking forward to using this this weekend with my own 5th grader. I'll post it on my school web tools.
37:48 - roxanne clement
yes is the pricing leveled for different levels of schools?
38:23 - Peggy George
good advice! we should still evaluate resources ourselves :-)
39:05 - roxanne clement
Notebook is within premium then?
39:28 - Cecilia
school version is ad free? your ad is funny, but not appropriate for my elementary students
39:33 - aunttammie
so are there some features that are available only to school editions, not to a paid individual subscription?
39:54 - roxanne clement
how about if only a portion of students do research
39:54 - Peggy George
that's a very reasonable price for an entire school!
40:11 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Agree that the price is reasonable.
40:18 - Govinda Panthy
Can students from other part than usa use this site? oh, I really can't afford it.
40:34 - Peggy George
I was wondering the same thing @aunttammie
40:36 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Love the integrations.
40:46 - Peggy George
Great question Govinda!!!
41:05 - Peggy George
I think you can because it's browser based -- if it's not blocked!
41:15 - @Len_Horn
what if a K-8 school of 1000 students will use only for 6th - 8th grades, approx 360 there a way to work that out?
41:26 - roxanne clement
41:32 - Kim Caise
yes govinda, parts of easybib are free
41:41 - @mbteach (Mary Beth) 1
Do you have to be logged into EasyBib for that share to work?
41:42 - Peggy George
this is so incredible to me the way it is integrated with so many tools--SweetSearch is a wonderful search tool!
42:02 - roxanne clement
Thanks Len that's me too an elementary where only 3-4-5 will use it around 300 kids
42:07 - Peggy George
we have a great webinar on SweetSearch with Mark Moran in our archives. If you don't know about it be sure to check it out!
42:10 - Govinda Panthy
thanks to Easybib team, i'll try soon.
42:35 - @mbteach (Mary Beth) 1
Thanks for asking the question!
43:13 - Peggy George
So to clarify--can Easybib be used outside of the United States??? Are the citations standard in all countries?
43:22 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Looking forward to the collaborative feature!
43:28 - Peggy George
can you show us a yolink example?
43:45 - Peggy George
me too Linda! the collaboration is so valuable and important
44:36 - Peggy George
I love that they have thought of so many things for us!!!
44:52 - roxanne clement
tutorials to watch and learn? like for the new ipad app?
45:26 - clinds
If you upgrade to paid version and have EasyBib turned on in Google Apps for Ed, will the ads disappear?
45:45 - Peggy George
oh ok, thanks!! we did have an earlier webinar on yolink so people can view that if they'd like to see a full demo. it is incredible the way it integrates with EasyBib, Google apps, etc.
45:48 - @Len_Horn
That is so awesome that EasyBib will work with SweetSearch & YoLInk!!! :)
46:12 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Hurray for the tutorials!
46:15 - Govinda Panthy
tutorials is very important for the teachere like me who wanna introduce and integrate technology in my classrooms
46:20 - @Len_Horn
I just downloaded the iPhone app.
46:21 - @mbteach (Mary Beth) 1
Any connection with Diigo?
46:21 - roxanne clement
thanks, that's great!
46:28 - EasyBib - Neal & Darshan
46:35 - Peggy George
we also have a yolink/Easybib video in Livebinders
46:50 - Peggy George
yolink is connected with Diigo I think
47:07 - roxanne clement
48:10 - Peggy George
On yolink you can share results via email or post them to a variety of popular blogs, research and social networking sites such as Facebook, Diigo, Twitter, Blogger and so on. You can also automatically create a citation from your yolink results by clicking on the EasyBib icon.
48:24 - nikki
How ADA compliant is EasyBib?
48:50 - aunttammie
are there features in the school edition that are not available in individual subscription?
48:52 - Cecilia
in the school version do students need to have an email to log in? elementary don't have email under age of 13
49:02 - Peggy George
is there a link on your site that compares the free/basic and premium services?
49:07 - reynmat4
how long does the trial version last?
49:24 - Peggy George
that chart is really helpful
50:52 - Peggy George
yes--schools needs to enforce those regulations about email and age requirements :-)
50:56 - EasyBib - Neal & Darshan
51:35 - Peggy George
say more about StudyBreak
51:36 - @Len_Horn
Doing great Kim. :)
51:47 - Karen (aka McTeach)
I've gotta much grading, so little time!!
51:55 - Karen (aka McTeach)
Thanks for the great info today!!
52:10 - @mbteach (Mary Beth) 1
Thanks guys! Great product!
52:15 - Eileen K
Wonderful resource. Thank you!
52:18 - Sharon Elin
Wonderful product and great presentation! I love easybib! thanks ~
52:31 - Peggy George
52:48 - @Len_Horn
Great information, guys!
52:48 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I'll have to catch this again when it is archived. See you all next time. Have a great weekend everyone.
52:57 - Cecilia
We have google apps for education that is integrated into our districts domain, can you do something similar so that our students under 13 can log in without a fake email. It is very important that we don't sneak our elementary students on sites.
53:06 - easybib
Very helpful, I'll try to get my school to get a trial during the next major research project!
53:10 - Peggy George
audio lag for a minute :-) sorry
53:31 - Linda Lindsay (@mauilibrarian2)
Thank you so much! We have a subscription and now I feel like I can spread the word confidently. Planning an in-service for history & English teachers followed by in-service for students. Your product hits the nail on the educational head on so many levels. Mahalo for your work!
54:05 - Peggy George
you can find the links in our Livebinder for today
54:22 - Peggy George
can't hear you Kim
54:31 - Peggy George
we are seeing the slides
54:35 - Kadidia Doumbia
Thank you.
54:58 - aunttammie
Thanks for another informative show
55:01 - Kadidia Doumbia
55:02 - Peggy George
I think Kim has a lag on her computer.
55:21 - Peggy George
Those are the upcoming conferences and interviews that Steve Hargadon is hosting.
55:38 - Peggy George
The Library 2.011 conference was fantastic and all of the recordings are now available
55:39 - roxanne clement
Thanks to Steve for the Library 2011 virtual conference. I presented on Thursday.
56:04 - Peggy George
I love the sessions I was able to attend!!
56:48 - roxanne clement
It was a great first time event, and should grow with each year!
56:59 - Peggy George
I advanced the slide Kim
57:11 - Govinda Panthy / I really enjoyed todays conf.
57:27 - Peggy George
thanks Lorna!!!
57:34 - Govinda Panthy
I'll try to come online if my internet connection works.
57:47 - Peggy George
We have some fantastic presenters in our future!! :-)
58:02 - Peggy George
Julie Ramsay is an incredible teacher and so exciting to listen to!
58:10 - Hasten
I enjoyed learing about Easybib, tks
58:27 - Peggy George
59:00 - Govinda Panthy
I'm learning integreting technology in a rural school in Nepal. if anyone interested plz. feel free to write me . thank you so much Neal and Darshan. You did well done.
59:01 - Peggy George
be sure to request your PD certificate by using the survey
59:23 - Peggy George
you can all subscribe to our shows and view them on your mobile device in iTunesU
59:25 - Govinda Panthy
how do i get the certificate?
59:32 - Peggy George
available as both video or audio collections
1:00:00 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Darchan and Neal for an outstanding presentation AND tool!!!
1:00:10 - Govinda Panthy
teach me how i claim for the certificate.
1:00:12 - roxanne clement
great Saturday start to my day!!!!
1:00:17 - Peggy George
Thank you so much for providing such a valuable tool for students and teachers!
1:00:27 - Darshan
Thank you so much everyone!
1:00:33 - Sharon Gullett
livebiners link please
1:00:50 - Peggy George
1:01:12 - Peggy George
if you have any links you'd like us to add to the Livebinder let us know
1:01:16 - Ian Nairn - UK
Sorry folks got the time wrong with the UK switching hours last weekend - guess I just missed the session
1:01:23 - Tammy Moore
@Govinda - you will see information for the certificate in the survey you will see when you exit the show.
1:01:40 - Peggy George
the recording will be posted very soon after the show in our archives
1:01:49 - Govinda Panthy
aha, thank you
1:01:51 - Ian Nairn - UK
ok thanks
1:02:05 - Peggy George
do you give free trials for premium for people who aren't in schools?
1:02:18 - Lynn Castiglione
thank you!
1:02:23 - Peggy George
1:02:33 - Peggy George
3-day free trial :-)
1:02:51 - Kadidia Doumbia
Thank you so much
1:02:57 - Peggy George
thanks to everyone for joining us today!!! Hope to see you next week!
1:03:02 - Peggy George
Have a wonderful weekend!
1:03:07 - @Len_Horn
Thanks Guys! Bye everyone.
1:03:08 - Tammy Moore
Thanks everyone :)
1:03:12 - roxanne clement
thanks ladies for keeping us all in the know! See you next Saturday
1:03:13 - Peggy George
Thank you Neal and Darshan!!!!