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00:05 - Peggy George
how exciting PennyB!!!

00:27 - Tammie
The music is so loud I can't hear the speaker

00:43 - leonards 1
sound not good with me too

00:50 - Heather
I hear nothing

00:51 - PennyB
what music? I don't hear music

00:52 - Peggy George
the music should be gone-close your webtour if you're still seeing it

01:08 - Tammie
how do you close webtour

01:14 - Peggy George
you should only be seeing the slides now

01:32 - Peggy George
click on the red dot if you still see the web tour--it's gone for me

02:07 - Tammie
don't see a red dot...still hearing loud music...will leave room and re-enter, maybe that will help

02:10 - Peggy George
we have some great followup resource links for you today in our gl.am links--check them out later :-) http://gl.am/ERkBz

02:25 - Peggy George
@Tammie-maybe you should log in again

03:04 - Peggy George
so glad you can be with us today Jackie Gerstein! be sure to share your experience with Weebly as we go along

03:57 - Paula Naugle
Hello everyone. The temp in New Orleans is better today. Humidity is down to a comfortable 65% and high temp will be in low 8o's instead of 90's today.

04:08 - leonards 1
mine's ok now. i can hear it clearly now

04:21 - Peggy George
I love the wide layout if there is a lot of chat so it's easier to follow. When we're viewing slides and web pages with lots of content the default layout works best

04:32 - Peggy George
Sounds beautiful Paula!!

04:35 - Kim Flack
hi Peggy :)

04:49 - Barbara O
Beautiful sunny day on the Outer Banks of NC!

04:52 - Peggy George
Hi Kim Flack!!! So fantastic you could join us! This is exciting stuff!!

05:07 - Paula Naugle
This week was so hot and muggy it was hard to believe it is October.

05:15 - jimw
cooler 21C Anhui,china

05:45 - Peggy George
yeah!! China, UK, Thailand and lots of places in the US! :-)

06:09 - Paula Naugle
I love to see the map each week.

06:10 - Deb from MN
Dusting of snow in Minnesota

06:12 - Peggy George
the great news about Weebly as you will learn is that it is available in any country where you have internet :-)

06:22 - Peggy George
oh no!! SNOW!!!??

06:24 - rafael
Costa Rica, central america

06:24 - Connie Otero
Connie in Maine, partly cloudy.

06:27 - Paula Naugle
Snow! Unbelievable.

06:42 - Deb from MN
Believe it!

06:46 - kathy shields
great, it's nice to be able to view or listen at a more convinient time

07:06 - jojacobo
cloudy in nj

07:06 - kathy shields
I will be able to carry it around on my itouch :)

07:17 - Peggy George
we're hoping to very soon have our recordings on iTunesU so you can subscribe to them there. Stay tuned :-)

07:52 - kim
Hi other Kim

08:06 - Peggy George
remember when you vote to click on the check/red x right below the participant list--not on the slide

08:08 - Jacqui Pritchard
I don't think my response registered...does Elluminate work well in Google Chrome?

08:32 - mrsdurff
@kathy some of us impoverished souls cannot afford iAnythings

08:38 - Peggy George
it should Jacqui

08:46 - Paula Naugle
Hi @McTeach.

08:47 - Ben Daley
jacqui i was having trouble

08:51 - Jacqui Pritchard
Okay...having trouble, but that's okay

09:00 - Peggy George
I don't have a classroom but I have a Weebly website :-) Love it!

09:01 - mrsdurff
using Chrome jacqui

09:14 - kathy shields
@durff hi there

09:20 - PennyB
Just started a Moodle, but not active

09:21 - mrsdurff

09:24 - Jacqui Pritchard
I do use Weebly actively with our teachers. There are some wondreful applicatons happening at our school.

09:29 - Peggy George
woot!!!!! Steve is in the room!!!!

09:33 - Paula Naugle
@durff How's your coffee today?

09:38 - mrsdurff

09:48 - Jacqui Pritchard
Hi, Steve. So glad you're here today.

09:53 - Kim Flack

09:55 - Paula Naugle
Hi Steve.

09:57 - Sue A. Rea
can't see weebly URL on

09:59 - virginia alberti

10:00 - PennyB
In your CAR? wow!

10:07 - Jacqui Pritchard

10:11 - kathy shields

10:11 - PennyB

10:12 - Peggy George
Weebly has been around for almost 4 years :-) and now we have an educator version!!!

10:13 - Sarah

10:18 - leonards 1

10:20 - Peggy George
yes Dan

10:20 - jojacobo

10:20 - Sue A. Rea

10:23 - mrsdurff
all about pushing the boundaries peggy

10:25 - Paula Naugle
Steve is such a "techie".

10:27 - kathy shields
Are you in a car too Dan?lol

10:33 - Jacqui Pritchard
Peggy, do you have a site license...or planning on doing so?

10:47 - Paula Naugle
Hey PA. I went to HS and college in York, PA.

10:50 - Rob G.
We use Google Sites with our preservice teachers. Curious about Weebly as a possible alternative.

10:51 - Sue A. Rea
Lower Gwenth , PA is that what he said ?

10:58 - Peggy George
Hi Kathy! I'm so excited you are here with us!! We are highlighting your Weebly class site today and it's in our gl.am links. :-) http://gl.am/ERkBz

11:02 - kathy shields
I have lots of questions for Dan about the new features

11:08 - mrsdurff
@Sue i think so

11:21 - kathy shields
@Peggy, THANKS!

11:23 - Sue A. Rea
thanks :)

11:32 - Peggy George
this is the perfect time to ask your questions after Dan goes through a brief demo of the site

11:39 - kathy shields
I love everything about it and have taught many cowrokers

11:49 - kathy shields

12:04 - kathy shields
someone has to teach me to type,

12:12 - Peggy George
yes!!! co-workers :-)

12:14 - kathy shields
I mean coworkers

12:20 - kathy shields

12:22 - kathy shields

13:16 - mrsdurff
hi alan

13:34 - kathy shields
Teachers love it because they can have site up and running in about 10 minutes.

13:38 - Kim Caise
kathy shields' website is featured in our gl.am links: http://gl.am/ERkBz

13:46 - Jacqui Pritchard
What I find unique about Weebly compared to other Web 2.0 tools is that students can go into the advanced settings and adjust HTML code. They love having that control!

13:57 - Paula Naugle
Can my 4th graders have a site through Weebly without email addresses?

13:59 - candice moss
Yes I have taught over ten instructors at the college level who have created class sites using weebly!

14:15 - mrsdurff
@alan it was fun joining

14:39 - Peggy George
Dan is such an awesome guest!! He even came online last night with us to practice using the application sharing just to make this a great experience for you!!! :-)

14:46 - PennyB
can see it

14:49 - Kim Caise
you can resize the window or use the sliders

14:51 - Peggy George
if you don't see the full screen you may need to scroll down

14:56 - kim
if we sign up at the weebly.com site do we need to switch?

15:10 - jackiegerstein
Both my graduate and undergraduate students are using Weebly for thei own websites - they really like it. One of them is actually having her own students using weebly to create websites about the human body

15:25 - Peggy George
actually don't scroll--Dan will control the screen. Try the default layout so you get a larger screen view of Weebly

15:28 - Kim Caise
need to switch from what @kim?

15:38 - Sue A. Rea
do students need email address?

15:46 - Peggy George
@Jackie-do you have any public links of your weebly sites that you can share?

15:49 - Kim Caise
no they do not @sue

15:52 - kim
signed up at weebly.com

15:53 - Sheri Edwards
For newbies, I move my chat window over the participant window and enlarge the shared window.

16:09 - Peggy George
you can create a site in less than 5 minutes!!! totally awesome!

16:17 - jackiegerstein
They are all public - I will go find a few

16:23 - kathy shields
i need to know more about teacher controls over the student sites

16:30 - Kim Caise
and the templates are very professional looking

16:33 - jackiegerstein
Here is one I use as a reference for my Classroom Tech course -

16:34 - jackiegerstein

16:38 - Peggy George
Dan will be talking about teacher controls today

16:42 - Steve Hargadon
I love being able to associate a site with a domain while still free.

16:44 - Deb from MN
I see Dan is using weebly pro - is that different from what I would get it I signed up?

16:46 - kim
never mind...signed in on education.weebly.com and it is converting

17:01 - sayyid
These templates are for every one no copy right etc

17:04 - Kim Caise
he is using the free version

17:07 - kathy shields
@kim, yes just go to education.weebly.com and log in as usual, you will be promtped to switch

17:13 - Peggy George
no this is what you will see without PRO

17:24 - Peggy George
that's just his login

17:25 - Jacqui Pritchard
Will APTURE work with Weebly?

17:33 - Kim Caise
thank you @kathy for answering that question

17:36 - Peggy George
great question for Dan Jacqui

17:51 - Kim Caise
you can add custom html boxes

17:58 - Peggy George
that is so easy to add multiple pictures!! :-)

18:11 - mrsdurff
so where did he find that photo? priceless!

18:52 - Kim Caise
yes @kim, you can polls

18:59 - PennyB
a gogle doc? can embed that?

19:07 - Paula Naugle
I love that feature.

19:09 - Peggy George
thanks for you link Jackie!! can we add it to our gl.am links after the show?

19:10 - PennyB

19:19 - jackiegerstein
Here is site by one of my pre-service teachers - http://educ321mpettus.weebly.com/index.html - they will be adding pages through the rest of the semester.

19:24 - jackiegerstein
Cool Peggy

19:25 - Peggy George
yes you can embed all kinds of things!! you'll see more examples today :-)

19:31 - Kim Flack
will the upload feature - for pics and videos - all things to be rated by viewers?

19:41 - Maureen(bcdtech)
cool that looks kind of moodlish- getting assignments

19:49 - sayyid
Are these web site at the weebly portal

20:02 - Kim Caise
yes @sayyid

20:18 - Peggy George
the blog is built right in and it's so easy to set up and for students to use

20:20 - PennyB
can you have more than one blog page?

20:29 - Kim Caise
not sure @kim flack but will add your question to the list to ask Dan

20:35 - Kim Caise
yes you can penny

20:39 - PennyB

20:51 - Alan Lutz
sure makes it looks easy when you know your way around the site.

20:58 - PennyB
but can you use youtube or schooltube?

21:04 - kathy shields

21:07 - PennyB

21:11 - jackiegerstein
You can embed Youtubes

21:12 - Rob G.
Can you create and share your own templates?

21:14 - virginia alberti

21:23 - kathy shields
modify the banner yes

21:23 - Maureen(bcdtech)
is there a storage limit?

21:24 - kim
size limits for uploads?

21:25 - sayyid
are these web site open to every one or can we riestrict them to certain users

21:26 - Paula Naugle
How much storage space is there?

21:39 - kathy shields
small vid files

21:51 - PennyB
can you embed things like animoto, voice thread and glogster?

22:01 - Liz Gallo
slowww downnn!!!

22:03 - kathy shields
all embeds seem to work for me

22:09 - PennyB

22:12 - Peggy George
if you know html you can modify the website in lots of ways--but the great thing is that you don't need to know html to use it. You just click and it works!! Lots of nice choices for templates.

22:15 - kathy shields
just use the html element

22:20 - Kim Caise
if there is an embed code you add a custom html box

22:25 - Deb from MN
Yes, slow down, please.

22:27 - PennyB

22:40 - kathy shields
html if a free, not a pro element

22:56 - jamie
one page privacy is fantastic!!

22:56 - Peggy George
thank you so much for answering questions as we go Kathy!! Really helpful!

22:59 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Answered my question re privacy before I even asked

23:14 - Sarah
@jackiegerstein did you create the classroom-tec site?

23:18 - Peggy George
@Maureen-he knew that would be one of our first questions :-)

23:25 - jackiegerstein
I did Sarah ; )

23:41 - Peggy George
Kathy is IN THE ROOM!!

23:41 - kathy shields

23:44 - Sarah
Very nice looking site Jackie - just wasn't sure.

23:48 - Kim Flack
fantastic site!!

23:48 - kathy shields
I do go a little overboard

23:50 - Kim Caise
and kathy shilds is with us today

23:51 - mrsdurff
never heard of her

23:52 - Meredith Johnson
excellent job

23:52 - Paula Naugle
Yeah Kathy.

23:53 - jackiegerstein

23:53 - jamie
Hooray Kathy!

23:57 - kathy shields

24:04 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I love that hamster widget Kathy!

24:05 - Peggy George
Kathy's site shows you the tremendous potential of weebly because she has done them all!!

24:05 - PennyB
kathy - what is your twitter?

24:06 - kathy shields
and that's just the first page

24:12 - Alan Lutz
love the hamster

24:24 - Meredith Johnson
how long did this take you to create?

24:24 - kathy shields
sendkathy is my twitter but I will admit I mostly just follow tons of people

24:25 - Peggy George
her link is in our gl.am links today so you can explore it at your own pace later http://gl.am/ERkBz

24:37 - mrsdurff
you hear/see her podomatic page

24:38 - PennyB

24:44 - kathy shields
I did unpassword the video blog page for today

24:45 - Steve Hargadon
I can usually build a Weebly website, in basic form, and associate it with a domain name in about 15 mintues.

24:46 - Paula Naugle
I know what I'll be doing later today - making my Weebly website.

24:54 - PennyB
Can Weeble be integrated with Moodle?

24:55 - Peggy George
Mr. Wylie's site is in our links today too! Fantastic site! http://gl.am/ERkBz

25:00 - Kim Caise
jonathon wylie is an active member of classroom 2.0.com

25:01 - PennyB

25:14 - Kim Caise
and is a fantastic weebly resource there as well

25:21 - Peggy George

25:37 - Peggy George
Kathy Shield's site: http://ripplingpond.weebly.com

25:38 - diane
Can there be individual student blog pages?

25:38 - jackiegerstein
My Underground Railroad lesson on Weebly - http://undergroundrailroad.weebly.com/

25:40 - Liz Gallo
Do students have to log onto the teachers account to do their bloggin?

25:44 - kathy shields
I'm loving these ideas from other teacher sites

25:54 - Steve Hargadon
This is what's awesome.

25:57 - Peggy George
Algebra site: http://cnapolitano.weebly.com

26:05 - kim
Yikes, this is incredible!!!!

26:08 - Liz Gallo
Where did you go?

26:09 - Steve Hargadon
I mean, regular Weebly is cool, but the student websites is the killer app.

26:12 - Liz Gallo
slow down please

26:16 - kathy shields
I am looking forward to seeing how we can manage the student created content

26:18 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@steve Can you explain associate with domain.. I have edublogs campus- can these be assoicated with that or do I have to buy a domain on my own

26:54 - Peggy George
everything is being recorded so if you are having trouble keeping up you can re-watch it later and pause when you need to :-)

26:54 - Ben Daley
kathy, curious about the benefits of using weebly over google sites, from your perspective. i see that you are using google docs.

27:20 - Steve Hargadon
@maureen: I don't know that much about edublogs and domains, but any weebly site can easily be published to a domain name you already own or Weebly will help you to buy.

27:24 - kathy shields
I prefer this but use google forms presentation etc for most everything

27:34 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Can you upload students as a csv file? or individ?

27:39 - kathy shields

27:52 - Peggy George
can add whole group of students at once

28:08 - PennyB
Is it true that we can have up to 4 classes with 40 students each for free?

28:14 - Peggy George
yes PennyB

28:17 - PennyB

28:20 - Liz Gallo
each student has their own password?

28:31 - Sue A. Rea
how do upload all S at once ?

28:32 - Kim Caise
no age limit since it doesn't take demo data

28:43 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I have 6 classes of 25... would that work or $$?

29:08 - virginia alberti
It's very friendly!

29:10 - Peggy George
that's such an incredible array of choices to add to your website!!

29:26 - Peggy George
our playlist before the show today was embedded on a weebly page on our site :-)

29:29 - Maureen(bcdtech)
What are dif btwn pro, free, and educator?

29:37 - matt montagne
is it possible to customize the domain/address??

29:57 - kathy shields
I used to pay for the Pro version before the educator option and they pro for educators is a huge bargain

30:08 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Can students take their work with them when they go?

30:09 - Peggy George
these are great questions!! keep them coming! Kim will ask Dan as we go along

30:10 - kathy shields
it lets you password different pages

30:24 - PennyB
are there some good examples we can view of eportfolios?

30:29 - Cindy
can i link the students' webpages to mine so I can view them easily?

30:39 - kathy shields
I'd be interested in seeing the portfolios

30:40 - kim
the privacy aspect is the best...solves so many problems

30:43 - Liz Gallo
cindy, i want to know that too

30:44 - jamie
This looks like a great tool!! I unfortunately have to go...will catch the recording. Thanks!! Great show!

30:45 - Peggy George

30:51 - jimw
6 sophmore classes here- about 40 each class

30:53 - matt montagne
what happens in an environment where students have multiple classes?? Can they have one profile/website that they use across these classes??

30:54 - jackiegerstein
I created a generic parental consent for all of the web 2.0 tools

30:59 - diane
Can student's blogs be moderated by the teacher so that nothing is published unless checked first?

31:12 - Peggy George
this is such a fun story about the 5th grade class!!

31:29 - PennyB
Jackie - do you havea copy of that consent form that you could share?

31:37 - kathy shields
some of my kids just went home and made weebly sites on their own

31:43 - sayyid
So students web sites are withing the teachers website for the class room

31:49 - kathy shields

31:49 - Jacqui Pritchard
Do you think a tool like Weebly could take the place of a LMS such as Blackboard or Moodle?

31:50 - Peggy George
what a great picture :-)

31:57 - Kim Caise
johnathan wylie has shared several permission forms at classroom 2.0

32:02 - PennyB

32:25 - Peggy George
Weebly has lots of features and could be used as a LMS but doesn't have everything

32:32 - matt montagne
@Jacqui...that is a good question regarding Moodle/Blackboard...the inteface of Weebly is so, so much easier looking than Moodle/Blackboard

32:37 - Sheri Edwards
to edit, does each student have their own password, or is it all a site password?

32:39 - kim
could we get the link to wylie's from?

32:41 - jojacobo
is there any cost

32:55 - Liz Gallo
sheri i want to know t hat too

32:56 - Peggy George
no cost unless you want the pro version

32:59 - Sue A. Rea
from the class website are there links to each student in your class so that one student and click and view another's site ?

33:10 - Peggy George
you can do everything Dan is showing us today with the free version

33:13 - PennyB

33:28 - Peggy George
all of the students in a class have the same password and can view each other's work

33:35 - Kim Caise
everything dan is showing is part of the free version

33:51 - kathy shields
each student has a password

34:00 - kathy shields
each student can also change the pw

34:05 - Sheri Edwards
do the students have access to edit any other student's page?

34:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I wish I knew CSS. Know some html but css is so much more powerful

34:15 - Peggy George
theme sharing will be an awesome feature :-)

34:19 - kathy shields
that's why I wonder about content management by teacher

34:23 - Liz Gallo
can the teacher delete stuents websites?

34:30 - xolepino
any RSS feature?

34:31 - rafael
if I have my page the people who navegate the page can they post comments into my webside

34:34 - virginia alberti
very interesting presentation

34:36 - faye V
if student changes the password, does teacher have access to new paswsword in case student forgets

34:51 - kathy shields
I do know css and html but this is soooo much easier, I'd rather be a teacher than a web developer

34:54 - Peggy George
all students in the class have the same password

34:54 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@faye v- great question- happens all the time

35:06 - jojacobo
is there any feature that lets you interact in real time?

35:16 - kathy shields

35:18 - Peggy George
you can even give that password to your parents so they can access the site

35:27 - Jacqui Pritchard
Is there a tool that will allow for student reflection that is not visible to visitors to the site?

35:27 - kathy shields
well you can embed chat features through the html

35:33 - mrsdurff
uh oh low battery

35:39 - PennyB
can the teacher edit a student's page?

35:47 - kathy shields
if you have a passworded blog they can comment in privacy

35:59 - Peggy George
Dan can you explain the differences between teacher, pro and free?

36:04 - kathy shields
but PW on the site blog is PRO version

36:11 - Sheri Edwards
RT PennyB: can the teacher edit a student's page?

36:29 - kathy shields
all of the PRO features/elements are clearly marked in the selection tool

36:29 - Peggy George
glad he clarified that--it's the teacher's website that has the same password for all students in the class

36:30 - PennyB

36:43 - Jacqui Pritchard
Can the teacher assess and provide feedback via a COMMENTING tool?

36:55 - Sheri Edwards
This is great Dan!

36:56 - mrsdurff
very good but battery dieing = bye

37:00 - Peggy George
you can comment on all blog posts

37:18 - jackiegerstein
A comment section is a great idea

37:26 - kathy shields
But Dan, I would love to limit the elements for the students so they don't go home and embed the youtube videos

37:28 - Cindy
can we link student pages to teacher page?

37:34 - PennyB
a commenting tool would be great, like on a word doc

37:38 - Peggy George
we use the Weebly blog to post all of our archived sessions for these shows and there is a place to leave comments

37:39 - jackiegerstein
or a comment section like at the botoom of PBWorks

38:02 - jojacobo
is there a limit to uploading video or any files?

38:02 - Jacqui Pritchard
Love pbWORKS, too.

38:13 - kathy shields
me too

38:17 - Cindy
Thanks for asking for me

38:27 - Jacqui Pritchard
With the PRO account, there is a 100MB limit for uploading files.

38:33 - virginia alberti
I immediately open a new site with weebly for one of my 4 classes

38:41 - kathy shields
yes video files should be brief clips but you can embed with Vimeo

38:47 - xolepino
Ah parent-child structure relationship

38:49 - Jacqui Pritchard
One idea we had was so simply host video on VIMEO and then embed the video into the Weebly pages.

38:57 - Peggy George
embedded videos take a lot less memory/space :-)

39:04 - kathy shields

39:20 - Peggy George
unlimited storage for teachers! that's incredible!!

39:51 - Kim Flack

39:55 - PennyB
embedding is different from uploading then? embedding better?

39:55 - Jacqui Pritchard
Unlimited storage for the PRO account or the free account?

40:01 - Rob G.
Cumulative or individual uploads are limited to 5MB?

40:06 - matt montagne
how does this work if an entire school wants to use it??

40:18 - Jacqui Pritchard
Good question Matt.

40:25 - Peggy George
Dan can tel us about his plan for school licenses

40:26 - Sue A. Rea
100 MB per upload or total ?

40:32 - kathy shields
yes, I like pro but I would still like to choose the elements available to my students.

40:36 - matt montagne
can the domain be customized to the school's address??

40:50 - kathy shields
you can

40:51 - Peggy George
100mb per upload

40:57 - PennyB
40 accounts total? or 4 classes of 40?

40:57 - kathy shields
if you do a forward url

41:09 - Jacqui Pritchard
Problem with the free educational version is that there is a limit of 5 pages. Is that right, Dan?

41:32 - Paula Naugle
Can I make a website for each class I teach?

41:34 - Rob G.
So I have 90 students for one class (3 sections). I couldn't use this with them for free if I hear correctly.

41:39 - Cindy
I love using weebly. It's so easy. About to have students make eportfolios. Here's my site ceegates.weebly.com. Check out eighth grade link.

41:58 - Liz Gallo
rob G - use different email adress? ? ? thats what i plan on doing!

42:17 - Peggy George
@Cindy--thanks for your link!! can't wait to check it out!

42:20 - Jacqui Pritchard
We are embarking on e-portfolios as well :).

42:21 - PennyB
I read somewhere that said up to 4 classes with up to 40 students

42:27 - Peggy George
don't need email addresses for students

42:30 - PennyB
please clarify

43:07 - kathy shields
That's what I want, a district option

43:10 - Alan Lutz
Cindy, awesome 8th grade page!

43:12 - Cindy
Any chance we can get spell check or embedded counter?

43:16 - Jacqui Pritchard
We are considering that, too.

43:20 - kathy shields
Please contact Fulton County, GA

43:34 - kathy shields
yes it spellchecks

43:38 - matt montagne
That is good to know...I was worried about what happens from year to year with student accounts and across multiple different classes

43:45 - kathy shields
I use firefox

43:50 - PennyB
please clarify, what is the total number of classes/students that we can have for free?

43:53 - Peggy George
there's a place on the Weebly site for suggesting ideas for new features--be sure to use it :-) http://weebly.slinkset.com/

44:49 - Cindy
This is so great. Thanks for all this information!

44:58 - virginia alberti

45:00 - Sue A. Rea
40 per free teacher ?

45:01 - Sheri Edwards
how many students with the pro version?

45:08 - Rob G.
Does the pro version limit the number of students?

45:09 - Alan Lutz
Cindy, you did all the uploading 8th grade work to your class page or did they help?

45:09 - Peggy George
Dan can you explain about the student email addresses-are they needed?

45:21 - Jacqui Pritchard
If we had student maintain an eportfolio over 4 years of high school, how best can they take their work with them once they are no longer a student.

45:37 - Sheri Edwards
This is great Dan!

45:47 - Cindy
@Alan I did it but they will be doing it soon.

45:55 - Peggy George
it's hard to believe that you can get the pro version for $39.95 and all of your students get pro too for the same price!

46:07 - Kim Flack
annual fee?

46:08 - Alan Lutz
Cindy, ty, do they have student accounts yet?

46:11 - kathy shields
It is truly the best tool out there for the price

46:27 - kathy shields
for the privacy features

46:27 - Cindy
Yes they have accounts I made but I havent had them do anything with them yet

46:33 - Peggy George
it really is kathy!!!!

46:49 - Jacqui Pritchard
It is one of the best tools I've ever shared with our teachers. My 7th grade son shared it with me 2.5 years ago...and we've been hooked since.

46:50 - faye V
i thought i read 4 classes with 4o students in each class possible.

46:55 - Sheri Edwards
Thank you for keeping the price reasonable!

46:56 - Meredith Johnson
what is CSV?

47:02 - kathy shields
Seriously I want my county to go this way because the LMS pages are so limiting

47:03 - Cindy
@Alan My parents are loving it too

47:16 - jojacobo
Are you providing links to sample weeblies?

47:18 - Alan Lutz
comma seperated values

47:40 - Jacqui Pritchard
Dan should mention the embedded document feature...this is fantastic for e-portfolios!

47:41 - Peggy George
you should blog about that kathy shields--I'll bet lots of districts would be interested!!

47:47 - kathy shields
I have also helped a teacher in Uganda create a school site. http://sanctamariaprep.weebly.com

48:11 - matt montagne
great question

48:15 - kim
kathy, the link doesn't work

48:23 - matt montagne
ePortfolio portability is really important

48:25 - kathy shields
What a great project for MS or HS students to do as a global project, help another school

48:27 - Jacqui Pritchard
Another great feature is that students can UNPUBLISH their sites as well.

48:30 - kathy shields
hold on

48:42 - diane
Does the teacher have the ability to moderate student activty on their blog pages?

48:44 - Peggy George
that is so valuable for students to be able to take their eportfolios with them into future classes or to a regular weebly account for them

48:54 - jackiegerstein
very good question as my biggest concern with LMSs is that students can't take their work when they leave

49:07 - Sheri Edwards
Do we just keep copy of parent consent? -- or do parents need to email weeby for under 13?

49:12 - kathy shields
oops http://lionheartedlearners.weebly.com/connections.html

49:24 - Kim Caise
the teachers keep the permission forms

49:32 - matt montagne
very cool

49:34 - Meredith Johnson
very neat

49:36 - Alan Lutz

49:36 - Peggy George
excellent kathy! can we use that link in our gl.am links today?

49:39 - kathy shields
thank you

49:49 - kathy shields
Florence is so excited about it

49:55 - PennyB
can two students share a website and edit simoultaneously, for instance, for a National History Day project?

50:01 - kathy shields
She just doesn't have the bandwidth to to it herself yet

50:05 - Meredith Johnson
great question

50:16 - Paula Naugle
Are there ads on free verison?

50:24 - Liz Gallo
adding renevue????? what is that?

50:26 - kathy shields
it's all ads free

50:35 - Peggy George
Dan can you talk about teacher moderation options?

50:39 - Rob G.
Great question @PennyB What about collaborative editing?

50:51 - Sue A. Rea
what is price per school ? per studnet ?

51:18 - Alan Lutz
wow, they thought of everything

51:26 - Peggy George
so many of these options are just one-two steps!! :-)

51:34 - Meredith Johnson
paid!?!?!? amazing

51:39 - Meredith Johnson
money money money

51:47 - kathy shields
easy to moderate blog posts

52:00 - kathy shields
the setting default can be moderate

52:17 - Rob G.
So what about portability? Don't think I heard that addressed. Can a student keep their portfolio site after the class? Is that free?

52:26 - kathy shields
I require approval even for blogs as a rule

52:45 - kathy shields
good question about portability

52:52 - Meredith Johnson
approval too much work for you?

52:52 - Jacqui Pritchard
That's great...we need moderation features for teachers. Dan, you rock.

52:54 - PennyB
sorry, repeating question, can 2 students share a website and edit simoultaneously for instance for a Natl History Day Project?

52:56 - Peggy George
Dan said yes to portability--students can have it in their own Weebly account when they leave your class and move on

52:56 - Cindy
Oh thank you! That's important!

53:16 - Rob G.
Thanks @Peggy

53:26 - Paula Naugle
Thanks for that Dan. We need to be able to moderate students' work.

53:36 - Jacqui Pritchard
I have to go, but thank you dan for bringing this tool to education.

53:37 - Peggy George
Weebly and Dan have done an incredible job of anticipating the needs of teachers in this educator version!!!

53:54 - Peggy George
bye Jacqui-thanks for joining us!

54:01 - kathy shields
I don't know why google never picked this up!

54:17 - Ben Daley
@kathy, totally agree

54:19 - Peggy George
that's a really handy feature for teachers to access student passwords!

54:27 - jackiegerstein
Agree Peggy - impressive education features

54:37 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Are there tutorials on the site, for those of us who forget these things?

55:00 - PennyB
sorry, repeating question, can 2 students share a website and edit simoultaneously for instance for a Natl History Day Project?

55:06 - Peggy George
click on support tab for tutorials about everything!

55:07 - Sue A. Rea
How easy is it to add add'l students at $1.00 per. ?

55:41 - Maureen(bcdtech)
This is pretty amazing for an educator. Great affordable pricing

55:59 - Kim Flack
really affordable

56:17 - Renny
Is there a sample parental consent form (template) we can use?

56:21 - kathy shields
I have tried just about everything out there and nothing comes close to being this easy and this attractive

56:21 - Sue A. Rea
district accts still $1.00 per

57:01 - Sheri Edwards
I've just started a google education account, but this seems more manageable

57:08 - Peggy George
we'll be officially wrapping up the show in a couple of minutes but Dan has agreed to stay on to continue to answer questions and we'll keep the recorder going

57:18 - PennyB
We would want to set it up this way

57:25 - PennyB
for a collaborative project

57:32 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Would you have the same problem as with wikispaces- cannot easily live edit at the same time

57:47 - diane
How can be access an archived version of this presentation?

57:49 - Peggy George
yes Maureen--only one person can edit at a time on wikispaces

58:13 - Renny
Does Weebly have a parental consent form template?

58:14 - Sheri Edwards
simultaious editing works well in google docs and then publish as web page

58:25 - jojacobo
great show, thanks got to go.

58:26 - Peggy George
We'll post the recording of this show in our archives as soon as they are available today. http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

58:34 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Do you need a scribd acct to use the embed docs feature

58:49 - kathy shields
I'm so thrilled this web show will bring on more weebly users. I think Dan's company has been very responsive to the needs of users and will continue to be advocates in favor users as opposed to advertisers. Gotta go! Thanks again.

58:50 - kim
Thanks...so much to work with....wonderful resource!

58:50 - Paula Naugle
So I could hav page for 1st Period, 2nd Period, 3rd Peirod etc?

58:53 - Rob G.
Thanks a lot! Great product for educators and students!

58:54 - PennyB
can weebly be integrated with Moodle?

58:56 - Cindy
Thanks so much for this class.

58:58 - Sue A. Rea
This is Wonderful - thank you very much !!

58:59 - faye V

59:13 - Peggy George
You can access all of our gl.am links for today here: http://gl.am/ERkBz I'll add the new links that were shared in the chat today.

59:16 - virginia alberti
very very interesting!

59:16 - mediaflo
nice program

59:19 - Peggy George

59:36 - Cindy
Ah...what a nice guy!

59:38 - Deb from MN
say again?

59:39 - mediaflo

59:40 - Meredith Johnson
:-) a discount!

59:40 - Paula Naugle
Hooray for Dan!!!

59:48 - PennyB
That is SUPER ty!

59:53 - Sue A. Rea
Dan is awesome !

59:58 - mediaflo

1:00:00 - Peggy George
woohoo!!! email Dan directly if you've participated in this show and you can get a 25% discount on PRO for the next 2 weeks :-)

1:00:09 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
excellent, that's brilliant

1:00:19 - Peggy George
great idea Kim!

1:00:28 - jackiegerstein
Smart thinking

1:00:33 - Paula Naugle
If you sign up for Pro can you convert back to free later?

1:00:42 - Sue A. Rea
time for Joyce ?

1:00:55 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Kudos to the classroom 2.0 folks- great topics this year!

1:00:58 - Peggy George
good question Paula--we'll ask after the wrap-up

1:01:01 - Cindy
@Paula You won't want to go back. It's amazing

1:01:04 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen!!

1:01:30 - Paula Naugle
I'm sure I will agree with you @Cindy.

1:01:31 - PennyB
This has been amazing, thanks Dan

1:01:31 - Meredith Johnson
are we not so fortunate to have these tremendous resources???

1:01:37 - Peggy George
Sue's Beginner Series is great and she's starting from scratch this week to help teachers learn about blogging with their students

1:01:51 - virginia alberti
can you repeat Dan email?

1:01:53 - Dan Veltri
Thank you everyone!

1:01:57 - Liz Gallo
will they be recorded on the website?

1:01:59 - Dan Veltri
my email is dan@weebly.com

1:02:00 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I thought I was going to read and take a nap this afternoon. Now I plan on playing with weebly

1:02:03 - PennyB
Yeah to Classroom 2.0 and our moderators!

1:02:08 - Peggy George

1:02:08 - virginia alberti

1:02:09 - Kim Flack
thank you so much - great info!

1:02:17 - kim
Thanks to everyone for a wonderful learning experience.

1:02:23 - Bodie
kudos CR20!

1:02:26 - Barbara O
Cannot wait to get started! thanks for another amazing Saturday!

1:02:40 - Alan Lutz
Well done, Weebly

1:02:41 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Must be a good game- no updates from Steve

1:02:42 - Peggy George
so glad all of you could be here today!! You're getting in on the beginning of something very exciting!!!!

1:02:52 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
already twiddling with it, have some great ideas, sounds a brilliant way for me to communicate with the students and their parents, not a possibility at the moment.

1:02:59 - Sheri Edwards
RT Maureen(bcdtech): Do you need a scribd acct to use the embed docs feature

1:03:41 - PennyB
can we embed google docs?

1:03:43 - Renny
Do you have a Weebly parental consent form template we could use?

1:03:44 - virginia alberti
Dan's Twitter?

1:03:50 - Sheri Edwards
Wowser, that is amazing!

1:04:03 - candice moss
if you want a live chat feature, see http://www.meebo.com/

1:04:05 - Peggy George
awesome! didn't know that about scribd and it's wonderful that your docs don't have to be published on the web to add them to your class site!

1:04:22 - Renny

1:04:29 - Ben Daley
@penny, i saw that kathy did that on her page

1:04:42 - PennyB
ty Ben

1:04:45 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@peggyg yes, I love scribd, but always worried about privacy with school docs. Tend to use gdocs for those

1:04:58 - Peggy George

1:04:59 - mediaflo
has it been tried on districts with firewalls?

1:05:40 - Peggy George
I love that Dan can demonstrate this for us right on the spot!! so helpful to see the actual examples!

1:06:05 - jackiegerstein
Did have problems accessing Weebly - but a lot of the tools I embedded into Weebly were blocked

1:06:08 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Have to go, but thank you so much for this. I had looked briefly at it when it came out, but lost it in the wealth of tools available. Definitely going to try it today. This looks like a keeper.

1:06:10 - jackiegerstein

1:06:21 - Kim Caise
thank you maurren

1:06:32 - Peggy George
Thanks a lot Maureen!!

1:06:40 - virginia alberti
a very web2.0 application!

1:06:51 - Peggy George
definitely a web 2.0 app!! :-)

1:07:12 - Peggy George
it works on all browsers too but seems optimum on Firefox

1:07:17 - virginia alberti
I learned very much!

1:07:24 - Kim Caise
you may need to use the sliders on the app sharing window

1:07:25 - Sheri Edwards
@jackiegerstein: did you solve the blocked problem?

1:07:25 - Deb from MN
questioj was posed earlier; was it answered? - possibility of reverting back to free version from pro?

1:07:43 - Peggy George
thanks Deb-we'll ask Dan

1:07:52 - Deb from MN
oops - question*

1:08:09 - virginia alberti
GREAT!!! it's siple!

1:08:18 - Maureen(bcdtech)
what are nabble forums?

1:08:29 - virginia alberti
simple ! :-)

1:08:37 - Peggy George
remember with YouTube embeds that you can choose to remove the part about showing related videos--great for student use

1:08:56 - virginia alberti
it' s a complete learning enviroment!

1:09:05 - Peggy George
fantastic quiz/poll options!

1:09:24 - jackiegerstein
Wow - I didn't know about that widget - Love PollDaddy

1:09:26 - Peggy George
that is incredibly easy!!!

1:09:27 - Cindy
Can we add a counter?

1:09:28 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I teach afterschool PD for teachers. We had to drop moodle this year, this will work!!

1:09:31 - Meredith Johnson
outstanding ... polls can be so darn challenging

1:09:37 - jackiegerstein
Polldaddy limits to 10 questions for free accounts

1:09:45 - Peggy George
yeah Maureen!! isn't it great to have this option??!!

1:09:50 - Ben Daley
@maureen, why did you drop moodle

1:10:10 - jackiegerstein
10 questions

1:10:37 - Maureen(bcdtech)
We have google apps and edublogs campus- trying to consolidate where info can be found.... $ of course, I was using crteacher for 100/yr

1:10:47 - Peggy George
we'll have to test that out within weebly

1:10:50 - candice moss
Question: are the sites accessible for students with disabilities?

1:10:51 - PennyB
Can Weebly be integrated with Moodle or should I just put in a link?

1:10:56 - Peggy George
see if we can add more than 10 questions :-)

1:11:50 - Meredith Johnson
how many feed reader things are available?

1:12:01 - Maureen(bcdtech)
This webinar is like a "driveway moment" I should go and do something else, but can't stop listening....

1:12:03 - leonards 1
love the session. thanks

1:12:14 - Peggy George
I know what you mean Maureen!!!! :-)

1:12:21 - Sheri Edwards
ditto maureen

1:12:41 - Paula Naugle
Totally agree, Maureen.

1:12:47 - mediaflo
this was great thanks!

1:13:07 - jackiegerstein
@Sheri - no - just didn't have access to those widgets within the school confines

1:13:13 - Peggy George
that is so wonderful that you can try out the PRO version before you purchase it!!!!

1:13:29 - Sheri Edwards
thanks jackie

1:13:35 - jackiegerstein
; )

1:13:51 - Deb from MN
Thanks, everyone! Have a great Saturday.

1:13:56 - virginia alberti
great the dashboard! and very simpleto use and rich to choose

1:14:00 - Peggy George
you too Deb!!

1:14:11 - virginia alberti

1:14:27 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Are your conversions good- HD videos?

1:14:29 - Deb from MN
When is the survey link popping up? Did I miss it?

1:14:38 - jackiegerstein
LOL = thought I never saw this video upload feature

1:14:42 - Peggy George
the survey will pop up when you close the session

1:14:53 - Meredith Johnson
so a principal can have a web site and the teachers could be the students?

1:15:01 - Peggy George
yes Meredith!!

1:15:02 - PennyB
sorry, one more time, Can Weebly be integrated with Moodle or would I just provide a link?

1:15:02 - virginia alberti
thanks DAN very much!

1:15:07 - Paula Naugle
Well it sounds like I'l be signing up for the Pro features because I want lots of video capabilities.

1:15:13 - mediaflo
say you get the pro now but don't add your students for a few weeks?

1:15:33 - jackiegerstein
Is there are archive of uploaded videos so more than one students can put that video on his - her site?

1:15:36 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Is school pricing going to be as affordable as class pricing?

1:15:55 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@jackie- good question- shared media gallery?

1:16:17 - Peggy George
if the principal is just wanting to use it with teachers that would work--but less desirable if teachers also want to use it with their students (if I understand Dan correctly)

1:16:34 - virginia alberti
i can insert authorstream ppt or 280slide ppt?

1:16:45 - Meredith Johnson
::smiling:: I want Dan to come to my meeting Thursday morning and explain this to our teachers

1:16:46 - Shamblesguru
Do you know of any third party review comparisons of Weebly with other similar buiding sites

1:16:52 - Peggy George
yes virginia with the embed code from authorstream

1:17:00 - virginia alberti

1:17:07 - Peggy George

1:17:17 - Peggy George
the ZDNet review is in the links :-)

1:17:45 - PennyB
yes it was, but ZDnet was the one that said 4 classes with 40 students each, so maybe that should be addressed somehow

1:17:47 - Kim Flack
thank you for the great info!!

1:18:11 - Shamblesguru
great tool guys ...... congrats

1:18:13 - Peggy George
this forum on Classroom 2.0 has some enthusiastic testimonials from teachers and additional links to examples http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/new-weebly-for-education

1:18:31 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Thank you- great show. Learned a lot!

1:18:34 - Paula Naugle
Thank you, Dan. I will be setting up my Weebly account today.

1:18:37 - jackiegerstein
LOVE weebly

1:18:52 - Cindy
Does Dan have a twitter account?

1:18:53 - Sheri Edwards
Can't wait to see what you do with this Paula N :)

1:18:58 - Peggy George
me too Jackie!! We use Weebly for our show website!

1:19:06 - PennyB
I have been trying to make a choice, and I am now finally have one, it's Weebly for me

1:19:20 - Paula Naugle
I am excited to get my students set up and blogging.

1:19:27 - Peggy George
that feedback link for suggestions for future features is in the gl.am links

1:19:46 - Peggy George

1:19:55 - Paula Naugle
@Sheri Edwards Thanks and I'll send you links when we are set up.

1:20:03 - Sheri Edwards

1:20:04 - candice moss
college instructors are loving it. Can't wait to tell them about the educator version!!! All have been interested in class sites with students!!

1:20:07 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Dan for an awesome demonstration and even more awesome tool for teachers!!!!

1:20:13 - jackiegerstein
Yes We rock! ; )

1:20:33 - PennyB
thanks so much Dan! WHat is your twitter?

1:20:33 - Peggy George
thank you everyone for asking such great questions and sharing your links!!!

1:20:55 - Paula Naugle
us in education, Dan.

1:21:25 - Paula Naugle
Thank you so much for thinking about us in education, Dan.

1:21:29 - Peggy George
yeah Dan!! a poll question :-)

1:21:34 - jackiegerstein
Already do

1:21:40 - Renny

1:22:24 - Cindy
already do too

1:22:38 - Cindy

1:22:42 - Peggy George
wonderful idea Kim--income taxes :-)

1:22:52 - candice moss
I would love to promote weebly at schools and give more demos!!

1:22:55 - Kim Caise

1:22:59 - Peggy George

1:23:00 - Tammy Moore

1:23:07 - Paula Naugle
Got to go. Thank you everyone. Sounds like Weebly ROCKS!!!

1:23:09 - PennyB
yes can Weebly be integrated with Moodle, or would I use a link to connect

1:23:19 - matt montagne
Get on Weebly Dan!!!

1:23:24 - Peggy George
thanks a lot Dan!!!

1:23:24 - Heidi
do you have to pay to password protect?

1:23:26 - matt montagne

1:23:29 - Tammy Moore
A link with Moodle, I would think

1:23:30 - Sheri Edwards
RT PennyB: yes can Weebly be integrated with Moodle, or would I use a link to connect

1:23:48 - PennyB
ty Sheri, may have to email this one!

1:23:54 - Peggy George
I think so too Tammy-link to Moodle

1:24:18 - PennyB
okay, ty!

1:24:34 - Peggy George
You have asked some great questions PennyB!! Thanks a lot!

1:25:03 - Peggy George
Joyce Valenza will be awesome next Saturday!! Join us!!

1:25:10 - PennyB
This is just been super duper, thanks so much for helping educators do the job we want to badly to do ,but often dont get the support for

1:25:13 - jackiegerstein
muchas gracias!

1:25:19 - Tammy Moore
THanks a bunch CR 2.0 team. :)

1:25:22 - Sheri Edwards
This is so great --- thanks----

1:25:22 - Peggy George

1:25:26 - Renny
YEAH, so glad I signed in today! ;)

1:25:35 - Renny

1:25:38 - PennyB
Thanks to you all!

1:25:39 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
thank you

1:25:44 - matt montagne
great job kim!!

1:25:45 - Alan Lutz

1:25:45 - Peggy George
@Renny--I'm glad you joined us today!!