Oct 13, 2012 9:01:35 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE
Topic: K12 Online Conference Preview

00:02 - Peggy George
Welcome Becki and Becky!

00:07 - stidmama

00:13 - sarah @soltauheller
aahhh Peggy :)

00:26 - sarah @soltauheller
or Lorna:)

00:28 - Becki
Hi Peggy! It's good to be here!

00:31 - @DoyleRhonda
Steve uses a netbook? I wonder how he attaches it to his cape?

00:32 - Peggy George
Hi Sarah!!! Thanks for joining us every week!

01:07 - Ginger Lewman
Ha ha! Love the comment about Steve's cape! :)

01:16 - Kim Caise
hi jan

01:17 - Ginger Lewman
Hi Jan!

01:19 - Peggy George
This is the Livebinder with links for today's show: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=579521

01:30 - Peggy George
Hi Jan! Great to see you!!!

01:44 - Peggy George
get your clicker ready!

01:57 - Ginger Lewman
Peggy, you're good!

02:08 - Peggy George
sorry-guess the livebinder slide didn't make it

02:14 - Kim Caise

02:14 - @DoyleRhonda
Peggy rules the roost

02:19 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Good morning all!! I missed last week because of soccer, still need to listen to the recording!

02:19 - Peggy George
that's scary!!!

02:29 - Peggy George
Hi Kristen! So glad to see you every week!

02:33 - Kim Caise

02:33 - congerjan
Hi Peggy! You are quick with that livebinder!

02:42 - Peggy George
Welcome Sheri! Thank you so much for tweeting the show today!

02:45 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Hi, Sheri!

02:49 - @DoyleRhonda
some things have priority @teachKBeck, glad you're back

03:01 - Peggy George
Welcome Carolyn! So glad you're here!

03:03 - @DoyleRhonda
Peggy lives in a livebinder

03:12 - Peggy George
greetings from Phoenix AZ!

03:18 - Peggy George
that is so true @Rhonda!

03:22 - Annette Whitby
Fayetteville, Arkansas

03:24 - Susan van Gelder
just moving within Montreal

03:24 - Sheri Edwards
Glad to see you Karen and Peggy

03:26 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Yes, as my son grows, more sports on Saturdays!

03:32 - @DoyleRhonda
Orlando, FL

03:42 - Ginger Lewman
Hutchinson, KS

03:45 - Peggy George
lots of US/Canada folks!! are the rest of you having a problem with the star?

03:45 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - me, too. I've been feeling disconnected of late -2 weeks in the Maritime Provinces

03:46 - Karen Burns
I'm in Washington state- don't see a way to do the icon on my ipad

03:49 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Roseville, CA

03:51 - congerjan
Hi Ginger...

04:11 - Peggy George
make sure your check mark is showing

04:17 - Kim Caise
you click on the icon just below your name

04:25 - Peggy George
that's great to see! we have some newbies to the conference!

04:28 - Ginger Lewman
Jan, I'm so glad you're in here with us today.

04:35 - Kim Caise
hover over it and then select the green check or red X

04:40 - @DoyleRhonda
:) we love new people

04:52 - Peggy George
I'm not a conference presenter but I have been an organizer for many years :-)

05:00 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
I was going to but we are moving in 2 weeks so... school and packing are enough right now.

05:02 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
excited about presenting for the first time this year

05:06 - Peggy George
Lorna was a conference presenter :-)

05:13 - stidmama
I was off wandering... hello Karen, I am at the southern end of the Salish Sea (Puget Sound)

05:20 - Peggy George
now you're going to be choosing a,b,c,d

05:38 - Ginger Lewman
Hee hee! Of course I'm picking my own strand!

05:48 - Kim Caise

05:49 - Peggy George
it's hard for me to choose because I know what's coming!!! they are all awesome!

05:53 - @DoyleRhonda
I like them all, so hard to pick one

05:55 - Peggy George
of course Ginger!!!!

05:57 - stidmama
I chose E because I can't decide!

05:59 - Susan van Gelder
Me too! but they are all interesting

06:00 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
me too :)....but D is of great interest to me as well

06:02 - Peggy George
what fun!!!

06:08 - Kim Caise
we should have an E - all of the above!

06:11 - congerjan
Don't want to choose a strand... want it all!

06:13 - karen (@kfasimpaur)

06:14 - Peggy George
:-) true Kim!

06:31 - @DoyleRhonda
A very wise prof once told me, "What is one thing" you can do....still echo's

06:31 - Peggy George
thanks everyone!

06:48 - stidmama
@KBeck, hope the move will go smoothly

07:04 - @DoyleRhonda
@congerjan I love that you are candid! I do too, but I'm not as explicit

07:09 - Peggy George
that's our "other" life :-) Classroom 2.0 LIVE AND K12 Online Conference

07:35 - Peggy George
the good news is you don't have to choose a strand during the conference--you can have it ALL!

07:48 - Carolyn Stanley
Are they still calling for volunteers, and if so, what is the link to sign up, and what does it involve. Would it be a good way for newbies to get started?

07:50 - Peggy George
Welcome Susan!! It's so great to have you here sharing with us today!

07:53 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@stidmama, it is a bit stressful, we are trying to avoid a double move so... it is crunch time. It will be worth it in the end!!!

08:01 - @DoyleRhonda
That is my favorite part! Conferences allow for having a buffet

08:13 - Brandy Glover-Frye
that is what i wanted...i just thought since i was new i would start with a

08:26 - congerjan
I love my Classroom 2.0 buddies but it's so hard to get here on Saturday.

08:30 - Brandy Glover-Frye
i wanted them all!

08:35 - Peggy George
Welcome Giinger!!!! :-) We're thrilled to have you here sharing with us today!

08:40 - congerjan
@Ginger... noticed you were all alone out there!

08:51 - Peggy George
I know what you mean Jan! That's why we record everything!

09:08 - @DoyleRhonda

09:11 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
love, love, love the student voices thread. every conf should have one.

09:12 - Carolyn Stanley
I watched much of the recording of Peggy and Susan with others hosted by Paul Allison on Teachers Teaching Teachers - the commitment from all the presenters and organizers is amazing.

09:22 - congerjan
I learn so much from Ginger every day in my Plurk PLN!

09:33 - @DoyleRhonda
I'm going to wear a I <3 PG

09:36 - Ginger Lewman
Awe, Jan, thank you. <3

09:36 - @DoyleRhonda

09:37 - Brandy Glover-Frye
what is plurk

09:50 - Peggy George
that's special @Rhonda :-) made my day!

10:00 - Ginger Lewman
Plurk.com is a threaded micro-blog like Twitter, only just a lot smaller and friendlier.

10:06 - Ginger Lewman

10:16 - Brandy Glover-Frye

10:18 - Peggy George
Livebinder for today http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=579521

10:35 - Peggy George
Conference home page: http://k12onlineconference.org/

10:35 - @DoyleRhonda
I missed a lot more than I wanted to of the Library 2.0 confrence and that was so important to me, I'm in recovery from that pain

10:58 - Ginger Lewman
Brandy, if you decide to explore, come find me, @GingerTPLC, so I can get you introduced into our educator PLN.

11:01 - @DoyleRhonda
K-12 conference will be a band-aid

11:09 - Peggy George
Karen F is going to share P2PU with us later to tell us how we can share during the conference

11:24 - Peggy George
our archives go all the way back to 2006

11:25 - Ginger Lewman
Perfect length. They're usually right about 20 minutes long, give or take a few minutes.

11:32 - congerjan
It usually takes me a year to catch up! :-)

11:33 - Peggy George
I'll take you on a quick tour with app sharing later

11:45 - Peggy George
I agree Ginger. 20 mins is a great length!

12:02 - Carolyn Stanley
having such wonderful presentation available 24/7 is a true strength - and kudos to all those wonderful volunteers!

12:20 - Ginger Lewman
Ontario and the UK too!

12:24 - Peggy George
the K12 Online Conference team is such a fabulous group of people to work with!

12:26 - @DoyleRhonda

12:30 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Yay for CC licensing!

12:40 - Peggy George
Wes Fryer has been the creator and chief contributor, organizer since the beginning!

12:49 - @DoyleRhonda
Yes, CC is great. I like the theme this year too

12:54 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Creative Commons means you can reuse, remix, and redistribute the content freely.

13:16 - Peggy George
Susan feel free the advance the slides for your parts here

13:17 - Carolyn Stanley
I wish that officials in government would take time to tune in and see the wonderful things that go on -in spite of standardized testing.

13:37 - Ginger Lewman
Wes has been a great, positive leader for the past several years.

13:43 - Carolyn Stanley
Lifelong Learning Rules!

13:45 - Ginger Lewman
But we know it couldn't be done without Susan and Peggy!

14:09 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Remixing for PD is so important.

14:35 - @DoyleRhonda
PD is all about remixing

14:47 - Peggy George
so true @Karen! Remixing is absolutely the key for 21st century learners! all of us!

15:03 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Great team!

15:04 - Kim Caise

15:09 - Peggy George
thank you Ginger!!! :-) we are all a great team!

15:25 - Susan van Gelder
You are so sweet Ginger - but we are all important

15:33 - congerjan
You guys Rock!

15:34 - Lorna Costantini
this is the link to the flyer http://www.scribd.com/doc/102454494/k-12-Online-Conference-2012-Final-Master

15:56 - Peggy George
I wish Wes and Jose could have been with us today! They have so much to share but both are involved with PD today.

16:04 - Carolyn Stanley
And Peggy is such a great personal friend, mentor, cheerleader, etc. to so many of us. I sometimes wonder if she clones herself.

16:29 - Peggy George
blush Carolyn! I love mentoring and supporting teachers!! It's my passion!

16:38 - @DoyleRhonda
One of my new passions, Student Voices, very inspiring!

16:45 - Sheri Edwards
P2PU connects you with what you need to share and collaborate while you learn or as you share what you know

16:51 - Susan van Gelder
It's all about the students

17:01 - Sheri Edwards
Glad you are here Karen F to share P2PU

17:09 - @DoyleRhonda
I can relate to that pressure feeling. Means so much, so critical but so rewarding

17:13 - Peggy George
it is such a privilege to be able to help develop the themes and select the keynotes & presenters each year! :-)

17:14 - Carolyn Stanley
@Susan van Gelder - absolutely - let us NEVER forget that!

17:17 - Susan van Gelder
Gentle whip

17:18 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Thanks, Sheri. (P2PU is another great volunteer group.)

17:20 - @DoyleRhonda
Yeah, Dream Team!

17:22 - Peggy George
keep going Ginger :-)

17:30 - Lorna Costantini
conference themes http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=1060

17:39 - @DoyleRhonda
@susan :)

17:43 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
http://www.p2pu.org/school-of-ed for remixable peer-driving professional learning

17:50 - Peggy George
crowdsourcing presentations is such a thrill!! we're all trying to keep up!

18:11 - Peggy George
we'll talk about them in each strand

18:27 - Kim Caise
we will expand on each strand a little bit later

18:27 - Susan van Gelder

18:37 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=1068 keynoters

18:42 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
you're good :)

18:44 - Peggy George
the dates are on upcoming slides

18:48 - Peggy George

18:48 - karen (@kfasimpaur)

18:51 - Kim Caise

19:02 - Kim Caise
Oct. 22 - 25 is week 1

19:07 - Peggy George
we'll tell you more about these strands in future slides

19:23 - Carolyn Stanley
I joined Art Snacks some years back before Kevin became so famous -knew he was special. I will have to participate more in Art Snacks now I have the time.

19:26 - Kim Caise
Oct 29 - Nov 2 is week 2

19:47 - Susan van Gelder
Very excited to watch his session

19:55 - Susan van Gelder
He is so dynamic

19:59 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Love Kevin

19:59 - Lorna Costantini

20:01 - Peggy George
Mathew Needleman does awesome video production with his students! his presentations are always fantastic!

20:02 - Kim Caise
Kevin is an awesome presenter

20:03 - congerjan
He's your work husband!

20:04 - Carolyn Stanley
good clarification:)

20:16 - @DoyleRhonda
lol, @congerjan

20:18 - Kim Caise
if you have not seen him present you are in for a treat!

20:38 - Susan van Gelder
And sing!

20:41 - Carolyn Stanley
@Kim - I've only see a couple of presentation on YouTube

20:51 - Peggy George
Kevin is one of the most passionate, caring, dynamic presenters I have ever heard! He does make you laugh and cry at the same time!

21:01 - ouidam
<3 Kevin

21:05 - Kim Caise
just amazing!

21:09 - Peggy George
we'll explain how you find the presentations each day :-)

21:11 - Susan van Gelder
Get inspired for the week (or the year)

21:15 - Lorna Costantini
karen's keynote teaser http://vimeo.com/49281392

21:29 - Peggy George
we are so excited to have Kevin as our conference keynote!!!

21:30 - congerjan
Kevin is in our Plurk PLN too... www.plurk.com

21:38 - Peggy George
Kim you're on

22:08 - Becki
I've got to check out Plurk!

22:09 - Peggy George
the most important thing is everything is FREE and you don't need to register :-)

22:17 - Ginger Lewman
Free is the BEST price!

22:31 - Peggy George
you can view the presentations any time--they are all asynchronous

22:40 - Peggy George

22:46 - ouidam
Hello Plurk Buddies

23:00 - Ginger Lewman
Hello Ouida! So glad to have you with us!

23:01 - Peggy George
I'll explain about iTunesU in a minute

23:12 - Ginger Lewman
Love that these are available via iTunes U!

23:40 - Peggy George
we change some things every year but the basic conference concept remains the same

23:53 - Ginger Lewman
Schools are using that venue for credit and our K12Online sessions, with highly-knowledgeable presenters are worth continuing ed credit, to be sure!

23:58 - stidmama
I love the asychrony -- where I live too many online teaching things take place while I am still in the classroom or commuting home.

24:08 - Peggy George
we have really simplified the process for presenters to submit their presentations :-)

24:25 - Peggy George
I love the Student Voices strand!!!!

24:29 - Ginger Lewman
I remember helping my student upload in 2010. It was kinda rough. Soooo much easier, so if anyone is interested in next year...

24:33 - Peggy George
it's so great to hear the student perspective

24:38 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=1060 themes and strands

24:50 - congerjan
that is so important with advent of Common Core

25:08 - sarah @soltauheller
I have offered tohelp before, not sure how to do this?

25:09 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Common Core is a big opportunity to rethink things

25:17 - Ginger Lewman
I like having it at various times.

25:26 - Peggy George
almost everything in the conference is asynchronous but we try to have a few live events--mostly to announce the conference (like today)

25:40 - Ginger Lewman
Sara, we have a community of volunteers. We'd love to have you with us!

25:42 - Karen Burns
I'm glad about the schedule switching back.

25:45 - Ginger Lewman
There will be more info coming soon.

25:59 - Ginger Lewman
(during this CR2.0 session)

26:03 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
sarah, there is a google doc for volunteer efforts (link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ckwLY_BicJ5tRI5oI5Uc5RNkc9Z0l6nEVlToVO-Q1Y/edit)

26:10 - Peggy George
we used a volunteer form this year and had an online brainstorming session to develop some plans-Karen F. will share a bit about that later

26:29 - Ginger Lewman
We're still taking volunteers?

26:39 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
One way everyone can help is spread the word about K12online

26:48 - Peggy George
there will be volunteer tasks during and after the conference too--some very small :-)

26:55 - Peggy George
yes still taking volunteers

26:56 - Ginger Lewman
Absolutely! Each voice is magnified by others to share the good learning.

27:06 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
We need more teachers who aren't "connected" on twitter etc. to know about this great resource

27:25 - Peggy George
we have a slide about how to get involved at the end

27:31 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Would be great to post the K12 Online poster at your school as well

27:45 - Ginger Lewman
Facebook is a great way to get non-Twittered teachers to be listeners and reflectors.

27:48 - Carolyn Stanley
I will definitely tweet - and also do a blog post for the CT Leadership Council for DE

27:57 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Excellent point Ginger

27:59 - Ginger Lewman
Yay, Carolyn!

28:04 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Seems like everyone's on FB

28:21 - Peggy George
we have several committees and none of them require a lot of time--you can do it on your own time--no meetings :-)

28:32 - Carolyn Stanley
@Karen- I'm still not on FB - I may have to give in but haven't yet.

28:43 - Lorna Costantini

28:45 - Peggy George
I get up every morning at 4:30am to upload all of the day's presentations to iTunesU :-) Love doing that!

28:49 - Ginger Lewman
I also like sharing on FB since I have so many parent communities there. I love to share these with parents so they know what's available to their kids if they advocate.

28:59 - Karen Burns
I will be promoting the conference at school Monday. What time is the keynote Monday ?

29:12 - Ginger Lewman
@Peggy, we love you for doing that!

29:15 - Peggy George
you can view the keynote on Monday any time after 5:00am PDT

29:17 - ouidam
I could help with itunes U. I am an admin for the NCDPI site.

29:32 - Ginger Lewman
@Susan is always there to lend a hand when needed.

29:37 - @DoyleRhonda
GP @Ginger

29:40 - Carolyn Stanley
I will also share the conference with our new Professional Development person at my former school district .

29:48 - Karen Burns
Thanks- and are all of the archives still on iTunes U ?

29:54 - congerjan
I send out an e-mail blast to all teachers in my school... last year a few took me up on it!

29:56 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
That's great, Carolyn. Very important.

30:01 - @DoyleRhonda
lol, well some tears but they are of joy :)

30:05 - Peggy George
@ouidam I have to do the uploading to iTunesU (account permissions) but we can use help getting the descriptions compiled for posting as the metadata for each show

30:08 - @DoyleRhonda

30:14 - sarah @soltauheller
is there a press release in that livebinder? something I can forward via my email network?

30:24 - Peggy George
yes the flyer is there

30:32 - Sheri Edwards
Is there another way to download the flier besides Scribd?

30:33 - Susan van Gelder
7:00 am EDT

30:33 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Sarah, there is one in the volunteer Google document I think.

30:37 - Peggy George

30:38 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy -4:30am -Oh, my -I'm still enjoying sleeping in until at least 7:30am- maybe that will change

30:41 - Ginger Lewman
Yes. I have learned SO much volunteering as a convener for the past 2 years. Technically, and with my community.

30:52 - Peggy George
the flyer is a PDF

30:59 - Karen Burns
Archives on iTunes U?

31:09 - Peggy George
I'll be talking about iTunesU

31:19 - Karen Burns

31:40 - Sheri Edwards
Scribd asks for $ or account to downlaod

31:53 - @DoyleRhonda
I've established that Peggy has re-invented energy and in process of patening the process of keeping up

31:58 - Lorna Costantini

31:59 - Peggy George
it's too hard for people to make the scheduled times for live events--that's the real joy of K12 Online!

32:01 - Susan van Gelder
account is free, I believe

32:01 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
#connectedpd twitter chats are the first Fri. of each month at 9am Pacific...great resource

32:06 - Ginger Lewman
Being hosted on these types of already-established shows (rather than trying to host our own) allows us to continue to get the sessions uploaded on time!

32:25 - Lorna Costantini
you can offer help as a volunteer with this form https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDNoWmhVdkFtYkRiUWQyN2pmN3ZyZmc6MQ#gid=0

32:37 - Susan van Gelder
and there is a great initiative by Karen p2pu

32:38 - Ginger Lewman
Sharing out and participating in these LiveEvents truly are needed volunteering opportunities.

32:52 - Peggy George
we'll be posting the recording and links for this session after the show so you can share those links with others too

33:06 - Lorna Costantini

33:08 - Ginger Lewman
Thanks, Peggy.

33:10 - Peggy George
yes the Learning2gether session will be similar to this one

33:19 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
We'll be discussing K12Online sessions asynchronously at P2pU here: https://p2pu.org/en/groups/k12-online-2012/

33:20 - Peggy George
we will have slides and conversation

33:23 - Susan van Gelder

33:53 - Susan van Gelder
I'm looking forward to participating in the p2pu and encouraging my colleagues to do likewise.

34:18 - Peggy George
that is the day the time changes in the US-Nov. 4

34:51 - Sheri Edwards
FYI: I have a fee scribd account and Scribd is asking for me to sign up for a paid account in order to download the flier

35:08 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=1090 Live events

35:21 - Sheri Edwards
Perhaps someone could upload the pdf into a google account with a link for people to download

35:36 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Sheri, I downloaded w/o a paid acct but forget how...maybe just right-clicked?

35:40 - Susan van Gelder
@Sheri - good idea

35:43 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?page_id=1091 conference schedule

35:48 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
I'll put a pdf in Google Docs. Stay tuned.

36:09 - Kim Caise
http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32204849/FrontPage for Vance stevens

36:10 - Susan van Gelder
Great teasers

36:15 - Lorna Costantini

36:28 - Ginger Lewman
Lots of teasers to get you interested in what's coming!

36:33 - Becki
Thank you!

36:52 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?page_id=1091 schedule

36:57 - Kim Caise
http://tinyurl.com/2012 k12onlinescribd is the link for the PDF flyer

37:22 - Kim Caise
anything you need can be found at http://k12onlineconference.org

37:23 - Susan van Gelder
The K12 Online elves will be hard at work early in the morning

38:09 - sarah @soltauheller
Lorna that link sends me to a mapquest site?

38:17 - Carolyn Stanley
This is a really interesting change; I do like the ability to chat in a live presentation, BUT, this may be a much more efficient way of delivering content.

38:41 - Carolyn Stanley
Will there be a way to add comments to each of the presentations?

38:54 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?page_id=1091 schedule

39:00 - Ginger Lewman
Yes, as they're released, there will be commenting options.

39:08 - Lorna Costantini
@sarah which link?

39:15 - congerjan
We have this link on our PD page on district PD page. I am member of Act 48 Committee.

39:16 - Ginger Lewman
We LOVE getting comments. Often, the presenters get right in there and respond too!

39:18 - sarah @soltauheller
sorry it was the link Kim posted

39:31 - Carolyn Stanley
Short and sweet is often better. What do the Scout presenters say: KISMEF - Keep it short; make it fun.

39:51 - Ginger Lewman
We still get comments to approve from classes who are viewing these presentations from previous years.

40:03 - @DoyleRhonda
Value beyond measure

40:07 - Lorna Costantini
http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=646 itunesu

40:20 - @DoyleRhonda
that's great Ginger

40:35 - Ginger Lewman
It astounds me the effort that is put into these presentations and into the organizing of this event. And it's all volunteer.

40:55 - Ginger Lewman
Great job, Peggy!

41:08 - @DoyleRhonda
I agree Ginger

41:30 - Lorna Costantini

41:40 - Lorna Costantini
Geeting started strand

41:40 - @DoyleRhonda
Look at those beautiful people, that is how this gets done

41:42 - Peggy George
I love these pictures of Gail and Natalie! I got to watch them present at ISTE and took these pics :-)

41:58 - Peggy George
They are doing amazing things with their Digital ID project!

42:07 - @DoyleRhonda
Fun is such an authentic look

42:12 - congerjan
It's good for those of us that have little technology available too!

42:17 - Ginger Lewman
I'm looking forward to this, for sure!

42:41 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Definitely a learning experience to me to present on K12Online

42:45 - Carolyn Stanley
@Ginger - how can we get President Obama to be aware of these grass-roots efforts? He doesn't seem to really be in tune.

42:48 - stidmama
i can hardly wait for this!

42:50 - @DoyleRhonda
GP congerjan. Amount of Tech isn't a criteria. There is so much to be gained

42:55 - Peggy George
we are so grateful for so many educators who are willing to volunteer to present in this conference!!

42:57 - Lorna Costantini

43:07 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Mathew is great

43:12 - Lorna Costantini
Mathew Needleman's site

43:15 - Peggy George
Mathew is amazing!!! I still go back and watch his previous videos!

43:20 - Carolyn Stanley
What a cutie!

43:21 - Ginger Lewman
@Carolyn, I wonder if we can flood Arne?

43:27 - Peggy George
Lorna thanks a lot for dropping those links!!!!

43:28 - Ginger Lewman
There seems to be a stop-gap though.

44:03 - @DoyleRhonda
As a glutten for punishment I'm drawn to Adult learners. But my cup gets refilled in K-12. There is something for everyone

44:05 - Carolyn Stanley
@Ginger - could you get something like that started? I do believe he had some awareness of Connected Educators Month.

44:09 - Peggy George
Mathew's blog is creating lifelong learners and he has lots of student videos there

44:29 - Ginger Lewman
Great point, Susan!

44:33 - @DoyleRhonda
excellent point

44:33 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Connected Ed month is a good entre into higher up policy folks. Lots of visibility

44:43 - Peggy George
it's great to watch these presentations with other teachers at your school and then talk about them :-)

45:27 - Peggy George
I'm going to play a short teaser from the Student Voices strand in a minute

45:39 - Peggy George
their math tutorials are fantastic!

45:47 - Lorna Costantini

45:57 - Peggy George
I saw Tiana present at the Mobile Learning Conference this year :-) She's incredible!

46:24 - Peggy George
Bron Stuckey is doing amazing things with Quest Atlantis remixed :-)

46:38 - Carolyn Stanley
This is so exciting; it's giving me all kinds of ideas.

46:45 - Peggy George
can you see why we're so excited about the Student Voices strand? :-)

46:48 - @DoyleRhonda
exciting fresh material and ideas for communicating

47:15 - Peggy George
this is the first time I will have seen Wes Fryer's son present :-)

47:17 - Carolyn Stanley
I am recently retired but really looking for ways to stay involved and helping kids.

47:35 - Peggy George
good for you Carolyn!

47:51 - Lorna Costantini

47:55 - Peggy George
the video will start playing immediately when I start the web tour

48:08 - Lorna Costantini
sorry wrong link

48:19 - Peggy George
a little loud :-)

48:25 - Peggy George
it's short-45 secs

48:28 - Carolyn Stanley
I was blown away by the TedXRedmont -organized by Adora Svitak (sp?)

48:36 - Peggy George
are you seeing the video?

48:41 - karen (@kfasimpaur)

48:47 - Sheri Edwards
I just got an error exception from Blackboard ???

48:49 - Peggy George

48:55 - Sheri Edwards
I see everything though

48:56 - Peggy George
you can watch it in your browser later

48:57 - Becki
I've got it!

48:59 - Lorna Costantini

49:04 - @DoyleRhonda
Action reporters :)

49:07 - Doug Henry

49:16 - Peggy George
the teasers are all on our Livebinder too :-)

49:16 - Karen Burns
Can't see it on the iPad but ill go look at the teaser on the site

49:37 - Peggy George
Karen Fasimpaur is the keynote for this strand!!!!

49:43 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
it's me :)

49:43 - Kim Caise
keep going

49:50 - Kim Caise
thank you karen

49:51 - Peggy George
that's you Ginger :-)

50:00 - Peggy George
Karen is going to talk to us now :-)

50:13 - Lorna Costantini

50:20 - Ginger Lewman
Oh darn it. It was supposed to be me. It's ok. Karen's better to listen to anyway! ;-)

50:31 - Peggy George
Karen has used an amazing process for developing her keynote presentation! So glad she can tell us about it!

51:05 - Peggy George
such a great idea to crowdsource your presentation!!!

51:27 - Ginger Lewman
I have high hopes for CommonCore. Always positie!

51:30 - Ginger Lewman

51:39 - Peggy George

51:48 - Peggy George
browse around P2PU

52:00 - Peggy George
that's the link Karen created for this conference but there's lots more there!

52:25 - congerjan
Peggy is so quick on posting the links

52:31 - Peggy George
web tour coming up for Karen's teaser for her presentation :-)

52:41 - congerjan
:-) Ginger!

52:42 - Lorna Costantini

52:49 - Sheri Edwards
Love P2PU to connect and collaborate on topics for students and teachers to grow and learn

52:56 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Bud Hunt will be presenting on maker spaces as a part of this strand as well

53:20 - Peggy George
lots of presos re virtual worlds and apps/mobile devices :-)

53:40 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Maker spaces ended up playing a big part in my presentation as well

53:48 - Peggy George
there are a LOT of my personal heroes presenting at the conference!

54:05 - Lorna Costantini

54:13 - Peggy George
this should start playing as soon as you click on play

54:26 - Ginger Lewman
Ok, we click it. :)

54:34 - Peggy George
Vimeo doesn't start automatically but youtube does

54:37 - Kim Caise
you may need to scroll down and click play

54:40 - Ginger Lewman
Gotcha. Thanks!

55:00 - Peggy George
I love this teaser!!! it really captures Karen's process :-)

55:38 - Karen Burns
This one I saw already- loved it

55:38 - shukufa
thanks for such kind interesting resources sharing

55:48 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
More and more over the last couple years, my process is talk to others...write...talk to others...synthesize...iterate

55:58 - Susan van Gelder
I love the way you did this, Karen

56:04 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Good process for curriculum process as well

56:06 - Peggy George
this demonstrates so beautifully about the power of connected learning!

56:14 - Ginger Lewman
Love the message and the music!

56:26 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
(open licensed music :)

56:32 - Peggy George
the weekly shows for Teachers Teaching Teachers are always lively and interesting!

56:33 - Susan van Gelder
But of course!

56:38 - @DoyleRhonda

56:38 - stidmama
yep. this is a great teaser!

56:41 - Peggy George
the music is perfect :-)

56:42 - karen (@kfasimpaur)

56:46 - Peggy George
builds anticipation

56:48 - Susan van Gelder
Just imagine the rest...

57:06 - Carolyn Stanley
Paul Allison - love his quotation

57:17 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Paul Allison rocks.

57:22 - Becki
Love it!!

57:28 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
You'll see his students in my video

57:32 - congerjan
Very cool...

57:34 - Ginger Lewman
Ok, video's finished here for me.

57:52 - Carolyn Stanley
This is definitely a video to share with our Professional Development and Curriculum Committees

58:02 - Sheri Edwards

58:03 - Brandy Glover-Frye

58:11 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Thanks so much, Carolyn

58:16 - Peggy George
you can even get PD certificates for viewing the presentations during the conference

58:26 - Lorna Costantini

58:37 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Love the PD credits for K12 Online

59:03 - Peggy George
you share something you learned and get a link to download the certificate--can get MANY certificates for every session you watch and submit something

59:05 - Ginger Lewman
"respond some way that is beyond surface" ;-)

59:13 - Peggy George
exactly Ginger!

59:22 - @DoyleRhonda
that was a good statement :)

59:25 - Brandy Glover-Frye
not understing where to go today to get a certificate for today

59:31 - Peggy George
creating a product based on something you learned in the presentation is a great thing to share

59:36 - Ginger Lewman
We moderate comments, so do feel free to post on the sessions, even if it's something back from 2006.

59:40 - Peggy George
we'll tell you in a minute Brandy

59:46 - Brandy Glover-Frye

59:46 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Brandy, you'll get a link at hte end (with survey)

59:48 - Kim Caise
that information is coming about a certificate for today

59:52 - Lorna Costantini

1:00:03 - Kim Caise

1:00:04 - Sheri Edwards
In WA state we can set up clock hour credits through our Educational Service Districts

1:00:08 - Peggy George
our time is up so we'll officially wrap up the session and then come back to Q/A

1:00:13 - Carolyn Stanley
I know that CT is changing its PD program - away from CEU's - but I'm not sure what it is evolving into.

1:00:15 - Ginger Lewman
This is a great hashtag to follow, starting toady.

1:00:18 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
I'm going to go post this on FB when we're done

1:00:19 - Ginger Lewman

1:00:54 - Susan van Gelder
And fortunately you don't have to watch all four each day. Take your time and let the ideas percolate.

1:01:06 - Ginger Lewman
Kevin Honeycutt's Keynote is one to watch, for sure! It's going live October 15th, so watch the hashtag for more info.

1:01:14 - Brandy Glover-Frye
what time

1:01:14 - Carolyn Stanley
Not having to tune in a a certain time may get many more educators involved, I hope.

1:01:27 - Peggy George
little soft Kim

1:01:28 - Ginger Lewman

1:01:32 - shukufa
thanks for sharing interesting topics

1:01:35 - Carolyn Stanley
You sound like Steve Hargadon!:)

1:01:38 - Peggy George
much better :-)

1:01:39 - Ginger Lewman
We hope, Carolyn.

1:01:59 - Peggy George
I love all of Steve's interviews! They are so engaging and thought-provoking!

1:02:09 - Brandy Glover-Frye

1:02:26 - Peggy George

1:02:31 - Peggy George
register for free on that link

1:02:36 - Carolyn Stanley
Discovery Education-a new format with lots of speakers at the same time - will be interesting to see how that goes.

1:02:39 - congerjan
So excited that Steve is coming to Philly November 9-10!

1:02:41 - @DoyleRhonda
honestly, Steve could be a billionaire if he moderated dinner table conversations :) They are excellent and fun

1:02:53 - @DoyleRhonda
You're so lucky congerjan

1:03:21 - congerjan
Our local PLN is sponsoring him at Science Leadership Academy! So excited!

1:03:22 - Peggy George
remember to bookmark the link for the conference schedule so you know what's coming up every day :-) http://k12onlineconference.org/?page_id=1091

1:03:36 - @DoyleRhonda
:) Happy for both of you

1:03:44 - Peggy George
I can't wait for the Symbaloo follow-up. If you missed the earlier session you might want to watch the recording because this will build on that

1:04:00 - Peggy George
all of the past recordings are here: http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

1:04:03 - @DoyleRhonda

1:04:09 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - can anyone participate in the Discovery Education conference - even if they do not have a subscription?

1:04:17 - Peggy George

1:04:19 - @DoyleRhonda
*Symbaloo the new alternative

1:04:30 - Peggy George
yes the DEN conference is free to everyone

1:04:37 - Peggy George
all day next Saturday Oct. 20

1:04:37 - Lorna Costantini

1:04:46 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - thanks!

1:05:25 - Peggy George
http://tinyurl.com/cr20liveitunesu Subscribe to our iTunesU recordings here

1:06:06 - Lorna Costantini

1:06:44 - Peggy George
if you would like to nominate a featured teacher (or even nominate yourself!) use this form! We love hearing from other teachers!! http://tinyurl.com/CR20LIVEFeaturedTeacherNominat

1:06:51 - Ginger Lewman
Thanks for having us to share what's going on this year. And thanks to the participants for listening and asking good questions!

1:07:03 - @DoyleRhonda
There is an applause button hidden below the Smile button on the left hand side

1:07:13 - Ginger Lewman

1:07:25 - karen (@kfasimpaur)
Thanks all. Looking forward to seeing you at K12Online + discussion at P2PU https://p2pu.org/en/groups/k12-online-2012/

1:07:35 - Lorie Moffat
I have no questions from chat that haven't already been answered.

1:07:51 - Ginger Lewman
Absolutely! We'd love to answer whatever questions you might have.

1:07:58 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!!! We're looking forward to seeing all of you online during the K12 Online Conference. Remember the hashtag for tweeting about the conference is: #k12online12

1:07:59 - Lorie Moffat

1:08:04 - @DoyleRhonda
answered as we went

1:08:10 - Ginger Lewman
Peggy, Kim, and Susan are really smart and can answer all of your questions!

1:08:17 - Ginger Lewman

1:08:38 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Susan, Ginger, and Karen for sharing with us today!!!!!

1:08:42 - Lorna Costantini

1:08:49 - Peggy George
all of the teasers are in the Livebinder

1:09:04 - stidmama
I sent a note to a tech coordinator friend at my local school to let him know in case any of the teachers there would be interested. :-)

1:09:06 - Ginger Lewman
Yes, Super-Thanks to Karen for coming in today to talk about her keynote

1:09:07 - Peggy George
as new teasers come in I'll add them to the Livebinder

1:09:10 - Susan van Gelder
It was great fun to be here.

1:09:17 - stidmama
I will also send a note to a friend at the local college teacher program.

1:09:19 - @DoyleRhonda
Tweet, post, blog, share, mix, tease, blend, pin, cheer, speak, so much to learn and grow from with a connected group of dedicated professionals

1:09:28 - Peggy George
remember to go to P2PU also to continue the conversation about the presentations and see the videos

1:09:43 - Susan van Gelder
Really looking forward to all the sessions. and to go to P2PU - I've already joined.

1:09:58 - Peggy George
it's really fun to watch a presentation with a few other teachers--do it in your living room, make popcorn and chat :-)

1:09:59 - Susan van Gelder
And leave comments on the blog, too.

1:10:06 - stidmama
And I just finished uploading last year's conference on itunes U. I have my commuter listening ready for the week!

1:10:13 - Becki
Great idea to show presentations at staff meetings!

1:10:19 - Susan van Gelder
A glass of wine helps, too ;-)

1:10:24 - stidmama
I like the popcorn and chat idea!

1:10:31 - Ginger Lewman
Good for you, @stidmama!

1:10:37 - @DoyleRhonda
comment before the wine, for safety

1:10:39 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!! As soon as everyone logs out we'll be able to process the recording

1:10:48 - Ginger Lewman
ha ha, Rhonda!

1:10:52 - @DoyleRhonda

1:10:55 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks for a great intro

1:11:06 - Lorna Costantini
thanks everyone for joining us

1:11:09 - stidmama
thanks again for a great webinar.

1:11:11 - Sheri Edwards
See you at P2PU https://p2pu.org/en/groups/k12-online-2012/

1:11:14 - Peggy George
Sheri did you have a problem downloading the PDF on scribd?

1:11:21 - Lorna Costantini
thanks for all your good work Susan GInger Peggy Kim karen

1:11:21 - Doug Henry
Another great session - thanks!

1:11:22 - @DoyleRhonda
natural protector, I am, Ginger

1:11:23 - Brandy Glover-Frye
do you need to ask for a certificate after the survey or will it just automatically come to my email

1:11:27 - Sheri Edwards
Yes. I can't dowload without paying.

1:11:30 - Annette Whitby
Thanks. Getting ready to tweet about the K12 Online conference. :) My Twitter handle: @3DTwinz

1:11:44 - Ginger Lewman
(sneak peek about Kevin's video--he put a clip of me in it -- surprise! And I help video other parts)

1:11:45 - congerjan
Thanks so much everyone... totally enjoyed

1:11:46 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - I also Could NOT download the .pdf - said I had to be a paying member.

1:11:50 - Lorna Costantini
You need to actually request the certifiacet

1:11:50 - Peggy George
it will pop up in your browser when you log out

1:11:54 - Sheri Edwards
I use scribd a lot, but it's not allowing me to download.