Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar

Featured Teacher: Elvira Deyamport

Aug 18, 2012 9:01:33 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

01:10 - Peggy George
Welcome Shamblesguru!!! Always love it when you're in the room! :-)

01:22 - Peggy George
Hi Maureen!! So glad you can join us!

01:50 - silvana
Good evening from Italy!

01:51 - Peggy George
Welcome to all of you!! Elvira has some wonderful ideas to share about Skype, Edmodo and many other things :-)

02:06 - Peggy George
Welcome silvana!

02:13 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Hi, Silvana!

02:17 - Peggy George

02:28 - silvana

02:29 - Peggy George
all of our recordings and links are in the archives for you

02:38 - Tina Schmidt
Hi Maureen!

02:46 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Maureen.

02:55 - Peggy George
I love being able to subscribe to the shows and watch them on my iphone and ipad

03:09 - Peggy George
Livebinder link

03:15 - Peggy George
Hi Jane Z

03:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Silvania. Nice to have someone from Italy here.

03:26 - Peggy George
We have a very global group today!!! Awesome!

03:45 - Kati
@Jane Z ... location?

03:49 - Peggy George
India, Italy, Thailand!! woo hoo!

03:53 - Oronoque
Hi everybody, sorry to be late

03:59 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Love this global representation!

04:00 - Greg

04:04 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Hello from Illinois!

04:05 - Annette Whitby

04:09 - Leslinks1 #2

04:11 - Peggy George
and of course all around the US--get those Canadian starbursts on that map :-)

04:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hello everyone from New Orleans, LA.

04:12 - silvana
I love Tailand!

04:13 - Kati
"HEY" from Georgia, USA

04:17 - Jane Z
@Kati Northwest PA

04:21 - Lucky
Lucky- Purvis, MS

04:21 - Peggy George
Greetings to all of you from Phoenix AZ

04:41 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Tuning in from Mississippi

04:50 - Peggy George
hooray!! we have some "believers" for Skype in the room. You'll love her ideas and projects!

04:53 - Kati
@Jane Z - thanks - thought you might be a professor I had ... lol

04:57 - Leslinks1 #2
Yes I have

04:58 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Still blocked at my school :/

05:10 - Peggy George
if you're not in a classroom no worries

05:12 - Greg
Blocked in our district:(

05:32 - Peggy George
I'm really pleased to see that so many of you do NOT have Skype blocked!!

05:33 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Kristen, let your IT dept listen to this webinar as reasons to unblock Skype.

05:33 - Oronoque
I am at a univ. Skype is not on the lab PCs but we can access on personal devices

05:43 - Peggy George
Hi Kristen! So glad you're here!

05:58 - Peggy George
now you'll see a,b,c,d,e in the poll icon

06:04 - Oronoque

06:10 - Julian

06:14 - Lorie Moffat
online -MS & HS

06:15 - Annette Whitby
university (other)

06:16 - Leslinks1 #2
Where is the poll thing again?

06:20 - Kim Caise
professional development

06:20 - @shamblesguru
Lifelong k to grey

06:22 - Rhonda

06:22 - Rae Ann
I do tech integration K-12

06:23 - Tammy Moore
all of the above :)

06:23 - Peggy George
I'm a retired elementary principal and univ. pre-service instructor in teacher education

06:27 - Kim Flack
Arizona PBS Education & Outreach

06:29 - Kim Caise
just below your name @Leslinks

06:30 - Lorie Moffat
the liitle a near your name

06:38 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Hey Paula, I keep trying!! We have a new Tech Director and so I am hopeful, I finally have a shortcut to Google Chrome!

06:43 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
4th grade teacher who used Skype on first and second day of school this year. Kids love it.

06:44 - Peggy George
that is so true Tammy!! huge accomplishment!!

06:44 - Kim Caise
the little @ below your name

07:00 - Peggy George
We'll definitely want to hear some stories from you @Paula!!!

07:03 - Tom Smart
retired private school admin

07:06 - Kati
@Elvira - I also teach elementary gifted

07:06 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Good Morning Peggy, Kim, Paula and everyone else!! So excited to learn from Ellie today!

07:10 - Gupteswar Rao
I conduct Teacher developmental programs

07:16 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
We should connect, Kati!

07:21 - Kati
@Elvira - YES

07:35 - Peggy George
these webinars are great places to find other educators to connect with :-)

07:38 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Welcome Elle.

07:53 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Tina @Paula @Peggy Hello! Sorry, I was multitasking, not following the chat.

07:53 - Kati
@Elvira -

07:59 - Peggy George
if you search our archives you'll find webinars with many of those people she just named :-)

08:12 - Peggy George
so excited to have Elvira here to share with us today!

08:22 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I use web tools to connect my students with a global audience.

08:26 - Gupteswar Rao
Never used so far...

08:26 - Tom Smart
I rep a School Management Software and am eager to see what else is going on

08:33 - @shamblesguru

08:38 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)

08:39 - Tina Schmidt

08:39 - silvana
I use Edmodo

08:40 - Leslinks1 #2

08:40 - @SteveHayes_RB60

08:41 - Rhonda

08:42 - Oronoque

08:42 - Julian

08:43 - Karl Asher

08:46 - silvana

08:50 - Becki

09:07 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Laughing because I'm getting email updates that my 4th graders are on Edmodo right now chatting.

09:16 - Peggy George
I get so excited when I hear Elvira speak because she is so enthusiastic about her kids and the amazing things they are doing with web 2.0 tools :-)

09:19 - Rhonda

09:25 - Peggy George
love it Paula!!

09:29 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@plnaugle - I love that about edmodo!!

09:43 - Kim Caise
how exciting Paula!

10:07 - Peggy George
web 1.0 used to be exciting! but look at us now!!! so much more engaging with web 2.0--the interactive, read-write web!

10:14 - Kati
@Peggy - it is difficult to hear Elvira

10:44 - Kim Caise
there are sliders to adjust the volume just above the word video

10:47 - Peggy George
you can drag your slider for the speaker to the right to make the audio louder

10:52 - Peggy George
do you see that?

11:04 - Peggy George
top left corner where it says audio & video

11:22 - Kati
@Peggy - yes - it's more fuzzy than volume ... :-)

11:29 - Peggy George
This is such an important point about focusing on the learning and not the tool.

11:34 - Gupteswar Rao
We don't have the opportunity to teach online at present... But the tools are greta.. I already had a glimpse of each and shall be bringing up them during next workshops..

12:01 - Peggy George
sorry Kati--not sure what to say. My audio is coming through well.

12:25 - Peggy George
such great choices for us and all free!

12:27 - Larry A
Web 2.0 tools will become web 3.0 whatever that looks like - students will have to use these tools in higher education and in the world of work so using them is not only exciting for a classroom but for students development and preparedness even though new tools are being made regularly

12:50 - Peggy George
Skype really does help to flatten the world!

13:25 - Peggy George
Welcome Wesley

13:29 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My students really "get" geography due to our Skype calls with other around the country and Canada.

13:35 - Tina Schmidt
Skype allows the children to learn first hand about different people and places

13:42 - Peggy George Free to join

14:07 - Leslinks1 #2
Breaks down barriers, promotes understanding...

14:19 - Peggy George
you can read and listen to all kinds of stories from Elvira on her professional and classroom blogs

14:28 - Peggy George

14:40 - Leslinks1 #2
as kids in different parts of the world can see and talk to each other

14:42 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
I'm hoping I will be able to use Google Hangouts to bypass Skype

14:43 - Peggy George (Blogger Homepage)

15:03 - Lisa M
Have used Edmodo to share with classrooms around the world!

15:03 - Peggy George
Follow her class on Twitter :-) (Elvira’ Classroom Twitter Handle)

15:21 - Peggy George
Google Hangout is amazing!

15:27 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Kristen Love Google Hangouts too. I have not used it in school setting yet, but am doing so next week.

16:01 - Peggy George
Culture Exchanges are such a great idea!

16:12 - Rhonda
great paula, I look forward to hearing about your experience

16:13 - Peggy George
wonderful way to practice many languages

16:15 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Google Hangout allows up to 10 people to video conference at same time for FREE.

16:43 - Peggy George
and you can also stream a Google Hangout so many more people can watch the session if there are more than 10 people :-)

17:02 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@Paula Let me know how it goes or I'll see on twitter! I start with kids on Tuesday and I know we have discussed this before, but we need to get our math kiddos together this year!!

17:12 - Peggy George
just getting to see them on Skype helps them to see what things they have in common

17:13 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Rhonda, doing a Virtual PD presentaiton from my school to one in Illinois next week.

17:14 - Doug Henry
Is there any text-to-speech in Skype?

17:25 - Rhonda

17:40 - Peggy George
don't think so Doug--but you can record and convert later

17:45 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Doug, I don't believe that is an option in Skype.

18:12 - Karl Asher
What setup did you have to project the Skype conversation?

18:15 - Doug Henry
@pnaugle: I was thinking for live interaction - maybe even translate...

18:20 - Peggy George
guest experts are so thrilling for the students! and other students can be experts too!

18:33 - Lisa M
I used guest speakers throughout the school year. Made our learning "real world".

19:09 - Peggy George
we have a link to a great skype session her class did with a virtual career session :-)

19:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have a guest speaker coming in for Constitution Day and I will Skype him into my Skype buddy class in Kansas. (Jan Wells). Our students will be backchanneling in Edmodo.

19:17 - Lisa M
We spoke to atwo marine biologists

19:27 - Lisa M

19:42 - Peggy George (Skype with K. Cunningham Animoto Video) Watch later :-)

19:58 - Peggy George (Arrange celebrity Skype calls)

20:02 - @SteveHayes_RB60
If Skype is blocked by your school, you can connect your smartphone to a projector and use the mobile Skype app

20:19 - Peggy George
oh!!! great tip @SteveHayes!!! didn't know that!

20:26 - Doug Henry
Is anyone using Augmented Reality with Skype?

20:30 - Peggy George
Kristan Cunningham :-)

20:48 - Peggy George
Kristan Cunningham is an American actress and interior designer living in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. She studied interior design at the University of Charleston.

20:59 - Tina Schmidt
Mystery Skypes are one of our favorite kinds.

21:00 - Peggy George
Blog post about our amazing Skype experience with Kristan Cunningham.

21:05 - Wesley
what is needed to connect Smartphone to projector?

21:08 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@Paula are you presenting for Learning 2.0 next week?

21:18 - Peggy George
the mystery skype calls sound like so much fun!!!

21:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We had actress Joey King (Disney star of Beezus and Ramono) Skype with us last year. Learned about this opportunity on Twitter.

21:44 - Tina Schmidt
We had so much fun with Global Read Aloud last year!

22:03 - Lisa M
Global Read Aloud is amazing! My class Skyped with Elvira's class last year! The kids loved it!

22:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Kristen, yes I hope to present.

22:09 - Peggy George
you can find these links and more in Elvira's Diigo bookmarks for Skype

22:53 - Peggy George
I love the idea of a Global Read Aloud :-)

23:01 - Kim Caise
looks like you have some great equipment in your classroom

23:11 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@Paula, I'll look for your presentation! I'm presenting my math stuff I did here in June :)

23:14 - Peggy George
Paula-didn't your class do a sing-along on Skkype too?

23:26 - @SteveHayes_RB60
smartphone to projector -- depends on your smartphone. lots of info online - my android has a hdmi output

23:47 - Greg
I am also curious about what you need to connect phone to projector?

23:59 - Peggy George
Paula's Skype site has fantastic resources on it!

24:17 - Peggy George
very helpful Steve! thanks!

24:29 - Lisa M
The kids were 100% engaged during our Skype call!

24:30 - Greg
Thanks Steve

24:38 - Peggy George
such a great novel study plan!

25:03 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks for the shout out, Peggy.

25:33 - Peggy George
the audience really makes the different for the students!!!

25:49 - Peggy George
can't type!!! sorry for typos!

26:20 - Peggy George (State Word Problems Blog Post)

26:30 - Lisa M
Love,love,love Mystery Skype!

26:30 - Peggy George (Estimation Station Blog Post

26:40 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Mystery Skpe - great idea!

27:04 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Mystery Skype signup on the #4thchat wiki

27:06 - Peggy George
there are some videos about the mystery skyp calls on her blog

27:13 - Peggy George
thanks for posting that link Paula

27:49 - Doug Henry
Do online whiteboards work in Skype?

27:54 - Lisa M
Going to try and connect across the country this year!

27:54 - Tina Schmidt
My students keep a Skype copybook where they journal about what they learned in each session. We also keep a map in there to color each state/country that we talk to.

27:58 - Peggy George
you can do mystery calls about any topic :-)

28:01 - Peggy George (Math Skype Buddies Animoto video)

28:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Mystery Skype signup on #6thchat wiki

28:18 - Lisa M
I like that idea Tina, will use it.

28:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Doug you have screensharing capabilities on Skype.

28:45 - Leslinks1 #2
360 skype classroom visits around the world.. think I saw someonne doing this a while ago?

29:02 - Susie @shighley
So many great ideas. I know I'll need to watch this again!

29:04 - Peggy George (Skype in Classrooom website) Awesome projects here and teachers to connect with

29:17 - Tina Schmidt
@Lisa Thanks. Keep me in mind if you need a PA mystery skype contact

29:39 - Peggy George
these webinars are great places to find teachers to connect with on Skype :-)

29:42 - Lisa M
Definitely! Lisa Mims @BriteEyes49

29:44 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)

29:47 - Patti R

29:47 - Lorna Costantini

29:47 - Oronoque

29:48 - @SteveHayes_RB60

29:48 - Peggy George
seeing it great

29:50 - Lisa M

29:54 - Peggy George
click on play :-)

30:08 - Susie @shighley
hmm not seeing anything

30:08 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Hi, Lisa!

30:23 - Peggy George
that video is also in the Livebinder so you can watch it later if you're having a problem

30:27 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Didn't see you there, trying to keep up with the chat and presenting. I'm not a good multitasker.

30:28 - Tina Schmidt
We tried this after I read Elle's blog post. So much fun! We played best out of 3 games.

30:34 - Lisa M
Hi Elle! :)

30:38 - Peggy George
great to see you Susie!

31:05 - Lisa M
I love the way you always assign jobs. It makes management so much easier!

31:15 - Peggy George (Math Skype Buddies Animoto video)

31:21 - Susie @shighley
I almost forgot! I've missed all my Saturday noon friends.

31:32 - Peggy George
we missed all of you too!!

31:38 - Peggy George
so glad to be back from vacation!

31:53 - Peggy George
look how excited they get with their math buddies!

32:07 - Lisa M
Definitely trying this!

32:11 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

32:13 - Peggy George
done watching here

32:18 - Oronoque

32:19 - Lisa M

32:26 - Rhonda

32:28 - Karl Asher

32:29 - Leslinks1 #2

32:30 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Great Video!

32:39 - Peggy George
a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words! loved seeing that!

32:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Don't you just love the excitement the students display?

33:07 - Becki
Great video!

33:15 - Peggy George
yes and the link is in the Livebinder too

33:25 - Kim Flack
very cool!

33:36 - Peggy George
did they try to pick hard questions to stump their buddies?

33:42 - roxanne clement
motivation and engagement...immeasureable for academic success!

33:47 - Leslinks1 #2
I Love livebinders...sigh..

34:01 - Lisa M
It proves this is not just "fun."

34:09 - Peggy George
These Skype jobs make a huge difference to provide lots of value-added to the experience

34:09 - Rhonda
if students of any age like and are involved success happens easier

34:12 - Peggy George (Skype Jobs Chart by Silvia Tolisano/Langwitches)

34:18 - @SteveHayes_RB60
love your enthusiasm

34:24 - Peggy George (Skype Jobs Vimeo by @langwitches)

34:38 - Peggy George
so many important roles!!

35:01 - Doug Montgomery
I teach ELA, and am thinking of ways I can use Mystery Skype for that- books, authors, literary terms, poetic devices etc. Anyone ever use this for ELA?

35:03 - Peggy George
you can have a job for everyone :-)

35:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Try doing a Skype call to collect data from the other class to turn into graphs. Then do another Skype call to share the graphs showing the data.

35:16 - Peggy George
those are all great ideas @Doug!!!

35:17 - Rhonda
moving at the pace of the learners knowledge

35:19 - roxanne clement
great team building and collaborative skills

35:41 - Peggy George
I'll find some links for ELA mystery skype to add to the Livebinder--what grade are you?

35:51 - Tina Schmidt
@Doug We have used Skype to share poems we wrote or short plays we perform with other classes

35:58 - Kim Caise
same with virtual field trips or web conf., things must be structured so that all students are actively engaged and not just sitting there doing nothing

36:21 - Peggy George
excellent point Kim!

36:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Doug also check out Skype an Author

36:53 - Doug Montgomery
Love LiveBinder. I teach 6th.

37:10 - Lisa M
Great idea using Today's Meet to tweet about ut!

37:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
We used Skpye to teach another class our rounding cadence.

37:24 - Doug Montgomery
Thx Paula.

37:43 - Peggy George
Edmodo makes it so easy to bring all of this together

38:03 - Kim Caise
similar structure with pre-service teachers as a model for their future students

38:48 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Check out the projects being posted by other teachers in Skype in the Classroom

38:59 - Peggy George
these are very thoughtful blog posts and comments!

39:20 - @SteveHayes_RB60
We Skyped our high school band concert to Brazil, so that the foreign exchanged student's parents could hear her solo with our band. Our audience (and students) loved it.

39:22 - Peggy George
so exciting to think the students are doing this and it's not an assignment :-)

39:48 - Peggy George
love that idea Steve!! That is priceless to her parents!

39:59 - Lisa M
That is why Edmodo is so great!

40:08 - Peggy George
love that term--my heart smiled!! Mine is smiling right now!

40:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Each year I participate in Jen Wagner's O.R.E.O. Project. We use Skype to stack our cookies agianst each other.

40:24 - Peggy George
they are being so supportive of each other :-)

40:32 - Doug Montgomery
These are thoughtful and great ideas. And people think teachers just teach to "the test." I don't think so!

40:36 - Tina Schmidt
@Paula We did that last year too. So much fun!

41:12 - Lisa M
I will NEVER teach to the test! :) Our students are actually learning with all these projects.

41:27 - Kim Flack
:) :)

41:33 - Peggy George
incredible learning going on with these tools!

41:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Tina, we love doing the O.R.E.O. Project every year. We havie a licking contest too. I invite my principal in and compete against her to see who builds the tallest Oreo stack.

42:00 - Lisa M
What a wonderful idea!

42:11 - Rhonda
involves humor and interest in an activity, paula

42:25 - Peggy George
what fun Paula!

42:31 - Tina Schmidt
@Paula That's a fun idea! I used it on the first day of school in September and the kids loved it.

42:40 - Peggy George (Estimation Station Blog Post)

42:54 - Peggy George (State Word Problems Blog Post)

43:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Rhonda, we do lots of math during the Oreo Project, range, mean, mode, time, averages. It is fun to see the stats from the 1,000 of classes that participate in this project.

44:09 - Peggy George
Linda Yollis did an incredible presentation for us on blogging comments! be sure to check it out in the archives if you missed it

44:21 - Rhonda
I heard of an activity that sounded similar using M&M's

44:33 - Lisa M
I am showing Linda's video to my class this year

44:42 - Peggy George

45:00 - sharon
What is Elvira's blog address?

45:04 - Peggy George
all of Linda's links are in a Livebinder in that show so you can see even more amazing things she is doing

45:23 - Peggy George Elvira's professional blog

45:27 - Rhonda
interaction is everything, even with adult learners

45:31 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I had 5th graders from Montana quiz my 4th graders on their multiplication facts each day. 4 or 5 kids rotated each day through the "hot seat" in front of the webcam to get quizzed.

45:32 - sharon

45:39 - Peggy George
Elvira's Classroom blog:

46:23 - Peggy George
can't wait to have you take the mic during Q/A @Paula to share your stories!! You are doing so many creative things with Skype!

46:24 - Tina Schmidt
We take part in the Student Blogging Challenge each year to connect with others kids via blogging

46:28 - Rhonda
trading cards can be a fun exchange of learning

46:50 - Annette Whitby
I always learn so much from you all! Thanks for the GREAT info!!

46:57 - Peggy George
yes Rhonda!! you can actually even make trading cards using BigHugeLabs--they are wonderful

47:07 - Rhonda
sharing lesson plans :)

47:12 - Peggy George

47:41 - Peggy George
we use Skype daily to plan these Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar--mainly chat so it's there whenever we have time to log in

47:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My students can share their Glogsters via Skype by using the screensharing feature.

47:48 - Rhonda
Yes, tha tis what I think becomes original, creative, and meaningful. Connected learning

48:03 - Peggy George

48:13 - Peggy George
great info on those bookmarks about permission forms

48:16 - Rhonda
Glogster :) so many uses

49:05 - Becki
Thanks Peggy, I was just thinking about permission forms!

49:14 - Peggy George

49:41 - Peggy George
if you have stories to share or questions to ask feel free to raise your hand to get your mic turned on

49:48 - Peggy George
or you can type your questions here in the chat

49:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I used Google Docs to have teachers sign up for our Mardi Gras Skype calls.

49:52 - Kim Flack
what an amazing classroom!

50:07 - Lisa M
Thanks so much Elle!!!!!!!

50:09 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Thank you, great presentation.

50:14 - Peggy George
such fantastic ideas!

50:17 - Rhonda
Nice Job, Elle

50:19 - Becki
Thank You!!!

50:23 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thanks, everyone!

50:35 - Peggy George
Paula ready to talk???? :-)

50:46 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Elle. Such a wonderful, innovative educator.

51:03 - Leslinks1 #2
Thanks you Elle.. your the queen of skype!! teehee..;-D.. well done..

51:09 - Rae Ann
Thanks so much!

51:17 - Kati #2
You are all invited to join me on Wednesday at 5 pm EST at The Learning 2.0 virtual conference - Session: Digital Authentic Assessment. Complete conference schedule

51:22 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Love my PLN!

51:42 - Peggy George
@Shambles-can you share the link for your Skype resources! There are tons there!

51:57 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Y'all need to check out Paula's Mardi Gras Project!

52:13 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Kati! I'll be in sessions all week and hope I don't have to moderate another session at that time

52:22 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
I love how you incorporate Glogster with Skype, Paula.

52:36 - @shamblesguru
Lucky students to have Elle ... many thanks for sharing your journey .... some Skype resource links on Shamble at ... and I'll certainly be embedding this session when online.

52:59 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thanks for sharing, @shamblesguru!

52:59 - Peggy George
thanks @shamblesguru!!!!

53:26 - Tina Schmidt
Great job Elle! Thanks for the ideas.

53:44 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
My pleasure, Tina. Hope we can Mystery Skype this year!

53:48 - Peggy George
fantastic Shambles!

54:08 - Peggy George
I love your idea for a Skype Sleepover @Paula :-)

54:55 - Peggy George
there was also a great free webinar on this past week on Skype in the Classroom

54:59 - Lisa M
I will make sure I make use of those permission slips Elle! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Have a wonderful weekend!

54:59 - Tina Schmidt
Yes, lets!

55:02 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Have you tried Google + Hangouts at school, Paula?

55:21 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
You're welcome, Lisa.

55:23 - Peggy George
so glad you could all join us. If you need to leave, no worries. We'll keep the recording going and post it soon.

55:28 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)

55:45 - @shamblesguru
In teacher workshops I usually use an iPad to Skype others in to the session ... I'm still blown away how well Skype work on mobile devices

55:52 - Peggy George
I added Paula's Skype site to our Livebinder :-)

56:25 - @shamblesguru
iPad connected to a projector

56:31 - Holsendorf
is there a way to get a copy of chat transcript?

56:37 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
very important to teach Digital Safety

56:51 - Peggy George
I just got a new iPad and I'm so excited by all of the things I can do with it. Skype and Facetime are amazing on it!

56:51 - Holsendorf
some great URLs have been shared

56:52 - Maria Zanetti
Hi I am new...I do not know what to do..tell me..

57:29 - @shamblesguru
... and Google Hangouts on iPad now works

57:31 - Peggy George
there was a fantastic MOOC course for teachers over the past 6 weeks about digital citizenship--great resources there and you can join anytime to access them. All free.

57:49 - Peggy George She presented on our show last weekend

58:11 - Peggy George
watch the recording and then go exploring on her course resources for tools to teach digital citizenship :-)

58:29 - roxanne clement
it was terrific!

58:38 - Peggy George
when you do projects like this it is easy to gain parental support for technology in schools :-)

59:07 - Peggy George
Edmodocon virtual conference was a full day of fantastic sessions! you can listen to the posted recordings.

59:46 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thank you for coming and thanks to the Classroom 2.0 Live team!

59:47 - Peggy George

59:55 - Kati #2

59:59 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Here is the link for the EdmodoCon 2011 sessions.

1:00:05 - Peggy George
We had to squeeze a lot on that slide because all of these are Keynote Speakers!!! Incredible lineup

1:00:13 - Lorna Costantini
thanks to you Elle Gr8 presentation

1:00:25 - Peggy George
those are just the keynotes--lots of other presenters too :-)

1:00:29 - Gupteswar Rao
Thank you all.... I really enjoyed the session that allowed me to learn more.... Incidentally, I attended the last edmodo webinar/conference held on 8th..

1:00:31 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thanks, Lorna!

1:00:33 - Kati #2
Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. EST Digital Authentic Assessment Session

1:00:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Elle. we are ready to Skype with your class. Let's set a date.

1:00:42 - Peggy George

1:00:54 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Let's do it, Paula. I will DM you,

1:00:57 - Peggy George
find your own time zone so you know what time the sessions are for you

1:01:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
So much going on online thanks to the Connected Educator Month.

1:01:26 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Great, Elle.

1:01:27 - Kati #2
Learning 2.0 Conference Session Schedule

1:01:28 - Susie @shighley
I'm already so far behind! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!

1:01:37 - Peggy George

1:01:42 - Peggy George
still accepting proposals

1:01:42 - Leslinks1 #2
Hasta los tacos..Elle!! talk later..gotta go feed the brood...teehee..;-D

1:01:54 - Peggy George
thanks for coming @Leslinks!

1:02:00 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
JAJA, hasta luego amiga.

1:02:12 - Kati #2
Elle, great, motivating presentation - thanks

1:02:13 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thanks for cooming.

1:02:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Susie, we will help you in any way we can. Can you use Skype in your classroom?

1:02:22 - Lorna Costantini
Danika will be talking about using twitter to teach Shakespeare

1:02:22 - Peggy George
Danika is doing some wonderful things with HS English students including twitter, FB, skype, Edmodo etc.

1:02:36 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thanks, Kati.

1:02:57 - Peggy George
come and share your ClassDojo experiences that week if you're using it

1:03:07 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Class Dojo is a great class management tool.

1:03:09 - Leslinks1 #2
Do want to talk to you though... have several ideas sparkinghere for the #IYGC.... bruuuhahaha

1:03:28 - Peggy George
we need you to fill out the nomination form to provide all the information--don't put it on the survey

1:03:42 - Peggy George

1:03:42 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thanks for all your hard work you've done with #IYGC, Les.

1:04:00 - Susie @shighley
Paula: Our district is now encouraging the use of Skype. The day before school mtgs started, I found out that my job had changed from serving 1 MS/intermediate and 3 elem to 3 MS/Intermediate. Trying to share all the great resources and support all the teachers is mind-boggling, but I need to start somewhere!

1:04:01 - SusanSi
Thanks for a great session today!

1:04:02 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
We can set up a call, Les. We'll be in touch.

1:04:06 - Peggy George

1:04:15 - Peggy George

1:04:28 - Leslinks1 #2
;-D... Yes indeed... teehee

1:04:40 - Peggy George
I've even been giving certificates to people who watched the recordings on iTunesU :-)

1:04:50 - @shamblesguru
If you don't want to install Skype on a machine (or not allowed to if a school machine) then there is a portable version of skype that will run off a USB thumb dribe

1:04:51 - Peggy George

1:05:02 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
That's wonderful, Peggy. I was about to ask if we could get certificate for viewing recordings.

1:05:03 - Peggy George
available on any mobile device that can access itunesu

1:05:39 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Great tip, @shamblesguru

1:05:48 - Peggy George
that's right on our Archive and Resources page--right column

1:05:52 - Peggy George
RSS link

1:05:58 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Thank you for a great presentation!

1:06:02 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
It's been a pleasure! Thank y'all for having me!

1:06:13 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Susie, yes zero in on one tool to start, and Skype offers so many great ways to connect with others. Using Skype seems to lead naturally to using other tools like, Edmodo, Today's Meet, blogs, etc.

1:06:15 - Peggy George
do you have a link for the portable version of Skype @Shambles?

1:06:33 - Peggy George
thank you all so much for being here and for sharing in the chat with all of us!

1:06:34 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
So true, Paula.

1:07:12 - Peggy George
I don't think it's available in Skype but a 3rd party tool would work--available on Macs I know

1:07:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Do not know of any option for that.

1:07:25 - Peggy George
there are many accessibility tools on Macs :-)

1:07:33 - @shamblesguru
Skype Portable

1:07:42 - Peggy George
thanks!! I'll add that to the Livebinder

1:07:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks @shambles for that link.

1:08:41 - Peggy George
yes-Reflection app is one of them

1:09:20 - Peggy George

1:09:56 - Peggy George
I have seen people present in Second Life using Skype--how about you Kim Flack?

1:10:15 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
No I have not tried any AU yet.

1:11:11 - @shamblesguru
RefectionApp has versions for Apple and Windows to wirelessly send your iPad screen wirelessly to Mac or Windows machine ... and those machines need to be connected to projector. Even though called ReflectionApp it is NOT an App .... software to go on your laptops .... you do not need to put anything on the iPad.

1:11:19 - Peggy George
I even got to see some classes Skyping with other classes right in their own building to have book talks and discussions :-)

1:11:36 - Peggy George

1:11:48 - Peggy George
Kristen Robertson and Len Horn

1:12:09 - Peggy George
great ideas Paula!

1:12:12 - Peggy George
yes Aviva

1:12:16 - Peggy George
Aviva Dunsiger

1:12:18 - @shamblesguru
Google Hangout is now working well to audio/video connect with up to 9 pople now ... also works on iPad and Windoz/Mac

1:12:29 - Peggy George

1:13:12 - Peggy George
that sounds like so much fun!

1:13:47 - @shamblesguru
Skype is now a BIG tool used to interview teachers for jobs in International Schools overseas .... so it is good if teachers are comfortable using Skype

1:14:10 - @shamblesguru
REALLY??? .... thought screen sgaring free

1:14:28 - Peggy George
I have heard of people using Skype for interviews--sure saves on travel money :-)

1:15:05 - Peggy George
you just have to make sure you don't have questionable things in your background in the Skype video (like a tower of wine bottles) :-)

1:15:16 - Denise Huffman
I got my job that way!

1:15:38 - Peggy George
Google Hangouts has limitations though and more bandwidth required than Skype

1:15:46 - Peggy George
wow Denise!! awesome!!!

1:15:49 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Heard through Twitter that Skype will soon be having ads on their free version.

1:16:00 - Peggy George
we should do a session on Skype job interviewing :-)

1:16:14 - @shamblesguru
Online interactive white boards ... my favourite is

1:16:23 - Peggy George
that's the name of the game Paula! ads on free services :-( the price we pay for free

1:16:26 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Yes, not happy with Microsoft for even considering that.

1:16:27 - @shamblesguru
Too late ... already Sunday here :-)

1:16:38 - Peggy George
I'll add all of the links from the chat today to the Livebinder

1:16:59 - Peggy George
we'll wrap up so all of you can get on with your day/night :-) Thank you so much for joining us!

1:17:04 - roxanne clement
livebinder link again?

1:17:04 - Susie @shighley

1:17:07 - Peggy George
have a fantastic weekend!

1:17:10 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks Elle for all of the great things you shared today.

1:17:18 - Peggy George

1:17:24 - Denise Huffman
thank you

1:17:25 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Have a great Sunday, Shambles.

1:17:31 - roxanne clement
thanks Peggy

1:17:34 - Peggy George
Awesome presentation Elle!!! Thank you so much!!!

1:17:36 - Susie @shighley
Gorgeous weather here, and we've had rain. Who knew that August would be the best month of the summer==and we started school in July.

1:17:45 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Thank y'all!

1:18:03 - Susie @shighley
Yong Zhao wowed 'em at ISTE

1:18:05 - Peggy George
wouldn't you know it @Susie!!! best weather now that school has started :-)

1:18:13 - roxanne clement
Great ideas today...thanks Elle!

1:18:14 - Peggy George
Yon Zhao was amazing at ISTE 2012

1:18:24 - Michael Coder
thank you.

1:18:24 - @shamblesguru
'nite all ..... thanks Elle .... and of course the moderators ... you all do a great job ...

1:18:26 - Peggy George
Bye everyone! Hope to see you next week!

1:18:34 - Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru!

1:18:38 - Elvira Deyamport (@Elle_Gifted)
Have a great weekend everyone!