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Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Good morning everyone

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Thanks for joining us this morning

Donna Macdonald: Good morning from snowy Vermont!

MikeR: good morning from cold Cedar Falls, IA.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Do you have a lot of snow Donna?

Donna Macdonald: About 5 inches so far.

Mickey: Good Morning from central Ohio - snow here too!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): I am in St. Catharines Ontario - no snow yet to day just some dusting - I hear it is on its way!

Jenn_Judkins: Good morning from Haverhill, MA. Looking forward to hearing from Richard. I follow your blog daily for great resources!

Donna Macdonald: Me too!

Mickey: Looking forward to this session - this is the first time I have participated.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Glad you could join us today Mickey

Yesid Tafur: Good morning

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): I'll be giving a short tour of elluminate

Dptty: Good Morning from San Jose Ca.

Mickey: great - thanks

rmilana: This is the first time also for me, hallo to everybodies from Sicily!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): You have discovered chat. Pls run the audio setup wizard to be sure you can hear :)

Jon to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne: Good Morning from MT, USA. How long will todays session be?

Mickey: I couls hear the conversation you and Richard just had - so it's working!

Mickey: but will check the wizard

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Our show runs for an hour and some times we have post show discussions depending on the presenter's time

Yesid Tafur: DonĀ“t have audio

rmilana: Nobody is speaking, now, there is only the chat, ok

rmilana: we can ear you

Bell Gallagher: Hooray for dogs!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): I have a german short hair pointer and she makes me walk any kind of weather

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): pls be sure to run the audio set up wizard >tools>audio>audio set up wizard

Donna Macdonald: Quite an interesting mix of music available, Lorna!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): You have to credit Peggy and Kim :)

Donna Macdonald: There's something for everyone.

Bell Gallagher: Where's the music, please?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): exactly

Bell Gallagher: Thanks! Very nice!

zmidler to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne: please confirm hashtag for this session

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): we have 10 min to go - please tweet out the show

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): #liveclass20

zmidler to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne: Thank you--spreading the word now

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Good morning

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): be sure to select send to this room if you want everyone to see your messages

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Tammy Moore: hi Peggy and Kim are not here today

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Tammy Moore: are you all set up

Tammy Moore: I am good :)

Len H: Good Morning Lorna :)

Jon: Greetings from MT - USA, The Last Best Place!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Good morning Len

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Welcome everyone

Tammy Moore: A solo day today? I think this is the first time I have seen a solo moderation in 2.0. :)

Tammy Moore: Would you like to make me a co-moderator just in case you have technical issues and need someone to jump in?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Tammy Moore: Steve is joining me :)

Tammy Moore: Terrific!

Gene Carboni: Hello everyone

Len H: Hi Gene

Florence: Hello everyone

Tammy Moore: Hi everyone

mauilibrarian2: Good morning!

Terri Reh: Hello Vilma!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Good morning everyone

reba @jghfoundation08: Hello everyone

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Thanks for joining us this morning

rmilana: Good evening from Sicily!

Florence: Ciao Milana do dove sei ?

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Good morning, Tammy.

reba @jghfoundation08: @rmilana Wow Sicily - what time is it there

Terri Reh to V. Montealegre: The audio will start soon. This is SOOOOOO fun!

rmilana: In Ispica (Ragusa) Montalbano places

Jon to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: can I change who i am logged in as w/out logging out? wd like to use twitter handle

Tammy Moore: Hi Paula

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Hi Richard.

Moderator (Richard Byrne): Hi Paula

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Good morning Lorna and Steve.

rmilana: it was sunlight today

Esther: Hi everyone from Iowa

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Just jumped over here from RSCON11.

Dorie 1: Hello from Montana!

Maureen@bcdtech: @paula Are you following me or am I following you ?

Len H: Love and appreciate your website Richard!

Florence: hello from Canary islands !

Tara Weegar to Aimee: Hello Aimee!

Len H: Sounds lovely Florence

Yesid Tafur: Hello from Colombia

Moderator (Richard Byrne): I haven't been doing it.

rmilana: E tu Florence? sei mica a Firenze?

Tammy Moore: indeed! Great turn out.

Terri Reh to zmidler: Vilma is here today!

Florence: no in Spagna

glumb: I missed the last several weeks. It is great to be back among such talented folks. Thanks PLN.

Florence: who is PNL ?

Terri Reh: Hi Susan L!

glumb: Personal Learning Network

Yesid Tafur: I would like to have partners

rmilana: and your italian, Florence, were come it from?

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): LOL Maureen. We are just seeing each other everywhere aren't we.

aunttammie: wow, big group this morning!

Florence: oh... sorry it's my first time !

Terri Reh to zmidler: Susan Lamb is here too!! Yay!

glumb: I learn so much from this weekly experience

Scott Shelhart @KD9SR: Good hosts+good guest= big group

V. Montealegre: Another new kid on the block here

Deb White (MN): Lots of participants today!

Florence: I am french with an husband from palermo

Deb White (MN): Good morning from Minnesota, USA!

Terri Reh to zmidler: Vilma, Susan L is here too!

Aimee: Hi Tara!! How are you feeling?

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @V. Montealegre You are going to love this.

Terri Reh to V. Montealegre: Vilma, susan lamb is here too!

Yesid Tafur: my email is

Deborah Gaskins: Good Morning from Philly

Tara Weegar to Aimee: Hello Aimee...feeling fine! You?

V. Montealegre: Hi Susan! Thank you for the invitation Terri!

Len H: Thanks for filling in, Steve. :)

zmidler to Susan Lamb: Hey, Susan, look your dipping your toes in the water!

Yesid Tafur: It`s my first time

zmidler to V. Montealegre: Hey Vilma!

john: @deb--hi neighbor from Willow Grove

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Good morning, Len.

V. Montealegre: Hi Zoe! This is exciting!

Len H: Hi Paula :)

Terri Reh: Yay for newbies!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): We love newbies.

Cindy H.: Hi from snowy PA. Only my 2nd time here.

evi: hello to all from Munich :)

McTeach (Karen): I've been here once or twice. :)

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Hi Karen.

librarian_tiff: Good morning all!

McTeach (Karen): Good morning, Paula!

michellemats: Michelle from Barrie, Ontario, good morning

Len H: We are always glad to see you, Karen.

Silvana: hello everyone from istria, Croatia

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Hi, Tiffany. Glad to see you here.

PaulinColorado to Terri Reh: good morning Terri!

dondi: Hello from Hungary

McTeach (Karen): Good morning, Len! Always glad to be here!

librarian_tiff: Hey Paula :)

Maureen@bcdtech to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Did Jim explain anything further about archiving content from old accounts? I had to mute- my dad called in the middle of the presentation?

Terri Reh: Paul!

Len H: Wide does make it much easier to follow the chat.

stidmama: thank you for that!

Craig Jackson MSU: Good morning from Starkville, MS, home of Miss State University

Bell Gallagher: Thanks for that!

PaulinColorado to Terri Reh: what else do I have to do this am?????

rmilana: all the world is here? wonderfull

BonnieB: Good morning from Orono, Maine

mauilibrarian2: Wide is great!

Cindy H.: Thanks - wide is much better

Edubaker 1: Good afternoon from Bristol, England

aunttammie: Bonnie, I live in TX now, but went to grad school in Orono!

Terri Reh to PaulinColorado: Vilma ans Susan Lamb are on too, be sure to say hi to them

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) to Maureen@bcdtech: Yes, they are working on that feature to archive former students glogs. Will be available only to premium accts.

Sally to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Good morning from Northern Alberta

BonnieB: Light snow at the moment:^)

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): 100 participants!

Maureen@bcdtech: @pnaugle Thx

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Sacramento, CA overcast.

@almedrano: hawaii

stephe1234: West Bloomfield, Michigan

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @Edubaker I've visited Bristol three times. Lovely city.

Moderator (Richard Byrne): Maine

Rob M 1: Spring, TX

reba @jghfoundation08: san diego, ca

Mickey: canal winchester ohio

Carlos38205: Hi from the Canary Islands

Terri Reh to Susan Lamb: Susan you can talk to us by changing send to to anyone of us

Donna Macdonald: Vermont

gsaak: I am from st, Louis, Mo

glumb: hello from Kansas

Holly Loganbill: New Hampshire

Tara Weegar to Aimee: Burlington, Vermont

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Anybody in that East Coast storm?

@kacieann3: Lake Charles, La

Bell Gallagher: Philadelphia area, PA

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): New Orleans, Louisiana.

mauilibrarian2: Hi, from Maui!

Deborah Gaskins: from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Larry A: Los Angeles, CA

aparrish 1: st. louis, mo

Moderator (Richard Byrne): Do I see Hawaii on the map? That's early

Rawya Shatila 1: Beirut, Lebanon

Tara Weegar: Burlington, Vermont

librarian_tiff: Here from Baton Rouge, LA home of the LSU Tigers...Cotton Bowl champs :)

Joann E: Oyster Bay, NY

Angela (kyteacher): Hello from Kentucky.

Dptty: I amimpressed with people in the different time zones.

joyquah: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Donna Macdonald: The storm isnt' too bad in VT right now.

mauilibrarian2: It's 7:05 am here in Makawao, and 57 degrees.

Justin McFadden 1: St. Cloud, MN...Hello everyone.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @lacleann3 Another Louisianian here.

zmidler to Terri Reh: You see what happens when a respected teacher tells other teachers about these sessions?

Maureen@bcdtech: Sharing things from Richard's site makes me look good

aunttammie: It is an INCREDIBLE resource!

Terri Reh to zmidler: Sooo cool....!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): What's a blog?

McTeach (Karen): Do you get extra points for having multiple blogs? :)

stidmama: LOL @McTeach

Bell Gallagher: Does spelling count? ;)

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Yes, Tiffany the LSU Tigers played a great game last night.

Terri Reh to Susan Lamb: Susan have you figured

McTeach (Karen): Steve...funny guy!

zmidler to McTeach (Karen): High achiever!

carolteach4: well - I've skimmed it

Angela (kyteacher): Karen, you can help balance out my infrequent blogging.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): The authors are an awesome part of my PLN.

McTeach (Karen) to zmidler: :P

Sally: What's Richard's site? I missed the first few minutes.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Hi, Angela.

Maureen@bcdtech: That's getting embedded next week for faculty on our resources page. Great resource. Found lots of things I hadn't seen before

McTeach (Karen): Anything for you Angela!

zmidler to McTeach (Karen): Also meant to add--you are my role model

ecrook: love the tips this week via Facebook!

Terri Reh to Susan Lamb: Susam Lamb is having a mouse problem she can

Angela (kyteacher): I appreciate that about you, Karen! :)

Angela (kyteacher): Hello Paula!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): 1st ISTE Newbie.

carolteach4: Richard is from Maine - great teachers from Maine - Maine folks rule - can you tell I'm a Maine exile?

librarian_tiff: Much deserved awards!

Donna Macdonald: Great work, Richard!

Terri Reh: Susan lamb is having a mouse problem. Can't click on anything. Any suggestions?

McTeach (Karen) to zmidler: Oh please! There are so many much better role models out there. But...thank you! You're too sweet!!

Bell Gallagher: Annual Maine visitor here...

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Terri / Susan: try logging out and logging in again.

glumb: Wow, what a resume! Great job Richard

michellemats: Richard, when do you have time to sleep!

stidmama: used to love vacations in maine when I was a child

reba @jghfoundation08: what is Richard's twitter Id?

zmidler: Richard has been a linchpin for me in my career as both an infopro and librarian

carolteach4: I had the honor of meeting Richard in person at the CECA conference at the Connecticut Convention Center in October 2010

MikeR: Awards well deserved -- lots of tremendous ideas.

Ross to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Anyone using Linux. I can't get any sound to work (linux mint).

Maureen@bcdtech: @carolteach4 I agree- the people I met at my 1st NECC conf were all from Maine and really made me feel welcome. So helpful!

carolteach4: I asked him when he ever sleeps - and he said on weekends - sometimes!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Ross: audio setup wizard tools audio audio setup wizard

BonnieB: Appreciate all the positive Maine comments-hope everyone will come visit..

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I got to send a few days with Richard in a cabin with 8 others in Estes Park last summer before ISTE10 in Denver. We had a great time.

carolteach4: @Maureen - I've been in CT for over 40 years, but Maine is still home. I got started on my PLN with Bob Sprankle and Chery Oakes and Alice Barr of Seedlings

carolteach4: all from Maine

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I enjoy Maureen, The Maine educators at NECC welcomed this newbie with open arms.

stephe1234: Starting a blog was very impactful and gave me the confidence to interact in the online world.

Maureen@bcdtech: @carolteach4 Cheryl and Alice were the 1st 2 people I met at NECC in Atlanta

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: I am a huge fan!

michellemats: Richard, do you mean start a blog with your class, or individually for after-school pd

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @carolteach4 They are all great sharing members of my PLN too.

stephe1234: Processing through what I write helps me to grow as a learner and research info that I may not have had.

loonyhiker (Pat): I made great connections with others through my blog

mauilibrarian2: I enjoy using I like that it integrates with Google so well.

Cassandra: Why is having a blog important for a teacher?

loonyhiker (Pat): Blogger is blocked in our school district

Florence: why ?

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Richard finds the best content on the web--always cutting edge of edtech! We are very grateful!

mauilibrarian2: Yes, it IS a bummer, Pat.

loonyhiker (Pat): @Cassandra great for reflections and clarifying thoughts, sharing ideas, engaging in conversations with others

michellemats: I use

carolteach4: Even if your blog is not highly read or commented on, it's still a great place to record experimentation and thinks important to teaching career - I often go back into my blog to find things I wrote about but can't really remember - good organizational, memory tool.

librarian_tiff: For me, blogging is a very reflective process and it helps me to improve my practice.

zmidler: Follow PLN bloggers and observe, get ideas, emulate

Len H: Hi Pat, great to see you!

Carlos38205: I think google sites make a better option for teachers

mauilibrarian2: I agree, Richard.

loonyhiker (Pat): Hi @Len

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to wackjacq: @wackjacq your settings are set to modersators not this room

Valia R: wikispaces is fairly good too :D

Heidi Madsen to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: I have a blog sharing interesting aspect with my collegues. It is a way to share new tech with my collegues

Florence: yes I am a wiki fan

carolteach4: @Steve Hargadon - hope you saw my video post on the Voice Thread honoring you! I was thrilled to participate in that.

Angela (kyteacher) to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: that block blogs.

stidmama: my dog just said hello to your dog...

carolteach4 to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: What kind of dog? Great forceful bark.

bethstill: Hi Morris!!!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @carol: thanks...

mauilibrarian2 to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: I know you love dogs from your FB page!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Dogs are like children - want attention when u r on the phone!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Terri Reh to Susan Lamb: Hello susan again

McTeach (Karen): Hey! Beth is here! Hi Beth!!!

reba @jghfoundation08: his twitter id

Tara Weegar: follow it all!

zmidler: Comes right into my email every AM!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): If you want everyone to read your comments be sure to set up "send to this room"

Angela (kyteacher): GoogleSites & weebly also offer blogging options. More likely to be open in Districts that block blogs.

mauilibrarian2 to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Can't say enough about how your blog is helping me.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Hey, Beth Still, good morning.

rmilana: it's a very interesting and useful site for us

Nancy Broughton to EVD: Turn on your phone so we can text.

Susan Lamb: Hi all! I'm on and it's working now. Thanks Terri!

Deb White (MN): LOVE Weebly for my class web site.

McTeach (Karen): Angela...we use GoogleSites for the kids' blogs. We're a Google Apps school.

zmidler to Susan Lamb: Hey Susan--look your are here!

bethstill: Hi Karen. How are you today?

stephe1234: Blogging has pushed me to expand my knowledge in all areas and understand/hear other viewpoints. Blogging is inspirational and allows you to wrestle with ideas - very motivating.

carolteach4: Richard, you add riches to your district.

mauilibrarian2: Can't say enough about how useful your blog is to me EVERY DAY.

Heidi Madsen: I have never heard of Weebly before - what makes it great?

Angela (kyteacher): Setting one of my classes up on Weebly's Edu option next week.

bethstill: Good morning Paula. :)

Valia R: me too..yay for googledocs :D

carolteach4: Yes - that's what I mean earlier - a great way to keep track of stuff.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): social media pattern: helps you, then helps others.

stephe1234: I use Kidblog, Twiducate, and Edmodo with first graders.

McTeach (Karen): Beth...I'm awake. Everything else is gravy!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I use and Edmodo with my 4th graders.

Deb White (MN): Weebly is super-easy to use and very reliable. And free,

carolteach4: There is so much to keep track of- it's hard to keep it all in our short-term memory.

Angela (kyteacher): @Heidi It's super easy to use...I just turn my high schoolers loose & let them teach themselves. Also has edu option.

zmidler: excited about launching my blog this week, "Not A Rocking Chair Librarian". Still thinking about developing my voice, kinda scary.

evi: I love weebly too...we often use it

Terri Reh to Susan Lamb: Can't wait for it Zoe!

loonyhiker (Pat): when i started blogging, no one else i knew had any idea what blogs were or how to start one

Valia R: twiducate sounds interesting..must check it out

Terri Reh: Can't wait for it Zoe!

carolteach4: Well, Richard, we are sooooo grateful you are doing it.

Heidi Madsen: Thanks for responses. Will hav to check Weebly out after the webinar.

michellemats: yea mom

loonyhiker (Pat): aren't mom's wonderful!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Thank heaven for moms.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Mothers are wonderful:)

Angela (kyteacher): We also use GoogleSites...just hate that sts have to confirm Google account w/ text message.

Breisath: I have started using blogs and wiki for my teaching and my students that used to be not interested in learning English have been more into learning through these online tools we have

Deb White (MN): Check out Weebly EDU.

stephe1234: It is - I use it for daily blogging, homework, posting about school events, learning etc. Very easy to use and secure for K-12. some limitations b/c security but good for lower el.

Len H: Fame, yes, riches,no?

McTeach (Karen): Angela...I also wish getting an RSS feed would work!

evi: I also use wikispaces with my students for projects

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): write about your passions

zmidler to Terri Reh: We will see...working on the identity right now and a schedule of topics--I hate writing

Mickey: getting teachers to integrate technology!

Larry A: You know, some of your blog can be to make connections for students about what they learned in your class with how some of it pertains to the regular world or regular life - how things can fit in together from your observations or what you learn - then what you teach may make more sense

Dave Schaffenberger: I started using moodle to help me organize my materials and to make content more accessible to students.

Ann: It also helps you be a reflective teacher!!

Cassandra: Seems scarey; am I writing to myself or to an "audience." Afraid I'll spend so much time cleaning up my grammar, spelling, voice...

McTeach (Karen): Man, I wish I could get National Geo. channel!!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I started by reading others blogs, then I started commenting, then I started my own blog.

Angela (kyteacher): Karen, I agree. Frustrated with RSS feeds on GoogleSites.

loonyhiker (Pat): @Paula I think I followed the same process

glumb: @Cassandra I have the same worries. When I reflect I think who else could be ionterested in this?

Breisath: nowadays we have a huge amount of possibilities to make classes both interesting and challenging

mauilibrarian2: Every blogger has a unique contribution to the web's body of knowledge, I think.

Deb White (MN): Just b/c it's the weekend doesn't mean we won't be

Terri Reh to Erin: Cynkar?

rmilana: I use moodle from 2005 for my classes

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @loonyhiker(Pat) Great path for any newbie to follow.

carolteach4: I guess we have to write for ourselves first - but with the wider audience in mind.

Angela (kyteacher): My students, of course, hang on my every word...every day. :)

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Richard, How does google apps work in your school? We use Gaggle and it is unversally maligned by students and teachers, and even some principals (privately).

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Blogs are a great way for parents to keep in touch with what students are learning

Tara Weegar: great reflection tool!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Can't get parents to comment on student blogs.

zmidler: It's a cathartic thing to blog, to journal, to work it out and stop complaining--okay, I get that

Terri Reh: Hi Steph

stidmama: thank you for saying this -- it's not about venting, it's about learning!

beachcat11: what use do kids see in blogging if their teacher doesn't use one???

stephe1234: Blogging definitley increases how reflective I am.

Aimee: Have you kids be "guest" bloggers and parents will comment

Dave Schaffenberger to rmilana: do you host moodle externally or on a school computer?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @paula I wish we coould change that

Terri Reh: Aimee great idea!

stidmama: I like to write, and "publish" a little later, so I have time to go back and review it.

lkrichel: Hey Terri

michellemats: I couldn't maintain the interest with my students/parents with our class blog.

Breisath: blogging makes aware of our weaknesses and strengths and encourage us to improve everytime

rmilana: In the school site

Terri Reh: Linda, glad you could join us!

zmidler to lkrichel: Welcome Linda!

Dave Schaffenberger to rmilana: can students access it from the internet then?

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Richard, What are the logistics for tech with your students? Do you have a 1:1 situation? Do you ask for them to blog mostly at home?

lkrichel: morning zoe!

carolteach4: Sharing is what it is all about.

michellemats: I'm not really sure what my learning goal is with the students to continue on blogging all year

Valia R: stephe1234 thanks..just signed up planning on Twiducat(ing) Monday pronto !

rmilana to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: yes they do

Nadia to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: hello..sorry for being late - problems connecting

stidmama: blogging in our area works "sometimes" -- busy parents or parents/students without access means we can't rely on it for family/student communication

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): My 4th graders get lots of comments on their blogs when I tweet using the hashtag #comments4kids.

Terri Reh to lkrichel: Linda use the Send to and pick a person to make it private

glumb: Does anyone use Twitter to communicate from school to parents?

mauilibrarian2: We're starting to have students blog, using Google Sites. Learning ...

Nadia to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: hi..sorry for being late

zmidler: Isn't the power of blogging for students to empower their voice in a way we haven't done before?

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @Valia R Your kids are goig to love it.

lkrichel to Terri Reh: much better

Heidi Madsen: Paula - great idea with #

mauilibrarian2: Agreed @zmidler

Terri Reh to lkrichel: Very cool

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): Aviva Dunsiger @grade1 uses twitter with parents

Nadia: hello

Terri Reh to lkrichel: Keep an eye on zeo she is pretty literate here

Nadia: sorry for being late

Cindy H.: Does anyone in h.s. have a class blog in which students contribute posts, not only comments?

roxanne: @Paula...what blogging tool are you using with your kids

stidmama: I love looking at what other teachers have found and reading their reviews.

Rob M 1: Yes, we have a district Twitter account where we tweet things specific to the district like calendar and weather concerns.

Larry A: Information without filtering, putting meaning to it, putting it in context or comparing with other information is overwhelming

stephe1234: I love todays meet for first grade and teacher PD

stidmama: what is "mob" -- ??

Valia R: our school council has a twitter account, so do most of board and school trustees.......I like the MOB icon soooooooo cute :D

carolteach4: For so many, it's a matter of time. My teachers (I'm a a tech integrator) are so busy with grading, lesson planning, reports, teaching many hours a day - they say they just don't have time

Terri Reh: I used Todays Meet during thanksgiving vacation with my students

Terri Reh: Almost ALL students joined us

Angela (kyteacher): @Cindy My HS blog is on District servers, can't set students as authors. :(

bethstill: glumb: check out this link later:

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Check out when your students start blogging.

glumb: Thanks Beth and others for the connections

evi: @carolteach4 same here...teachers say they have to do so much and to learn so many new things...there is nearly no time left

Bell Gallagher: @carolteach4...same here, but things are improving since we have 5 new Smartboards in school

rmilana: twitter or facebook isnot used in Italy to speak with parents, usually they prefer to speak to the teacher face to face

linda: Used it with my third graders to record information on skype calls. Fabulous tool!

zmidler: We have people in our district point to student posts as evidence that our students aren't learing how to write since their posts are full or typos and misspellings--didn't see that coming

Heidi Madsen: Will be using Todays meet - with my online class - during webinar

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): richards website

stephe1234: so critical to inforporate tech into all PD whether tech is the topic to alleviate some of the time issue and to see actual application.

Sally: Any security concerns with a class twitter account (lower elem?

Carlos38205: An easy way of blogging is posterous because you anly need to set an account as a teacher and your students only need to email their posts or articles and get them published

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @roxanne I use

stephe1234: I use Twiducate with lower ell - secure environment.

loonyhiker (Pat): todaysmeet sounds like it would be good during a faculty meeting

carolteach4: I just played with wallwisher with my faculty - that's also a good tool for gathering short quick responses during an activity.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I use Edmodo with 4th graders.

Angela (kyteacher): I <3 Edmodo!

Terri Reh: Hello Steph

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Stephanie 2: Hi

bethstill: Not surprising.

beachcat11: Answer is YES and NO!

Angela (kyteacher): However, I allow students to use them in my classroom.

stidmama: wow.

stephe1234: no cell phones in grade 1 yet

mauilibrarian2: Yes, this is a dilemma for us.

teachteKBeck (Kristen B) 1: My school does not allow it, but I have permission from my principal to use it!!

reba @jghfoundation08: but i haven't really ask

zmidler: Crazy is right!

Valia R: most my kids got iphones, ipod touches, macbooks...we now have wifi access...and nope...not allowed :(

Bell Gallagher: Not yes OR policy yet.

reba @jghfoundation08: our principal is pretty techy she might - something to think about

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

sharong: Article in Austin Tx newspaper

McTeach (Karen): I had kids bring in iTouch, iPad, AND iPhones (smartphones) yesterday. One of best lessons ever!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Terri Reh to Stephanie 2: Use "send to" and choose the person you want to privately chat with. Paul is here, susan lamb, vilma, zoe and linda Krichel

Stephanie Pearl: Use edmodo it is my whiteboard. easy, fast, students don't need email, double password protected!!

McTeach (Karen): Just hope I don't get in trouble for it! :)

Jenn_Judkins: how do you ensure kids are focused on class rather than just texting eachother?

zmidler: W/all the funding cuts we should be using the tech the students have to make up for this deficit

Valia R: @McTeach awesome ! our school policy is NOT allowed :(

TheHomeworkDog: Ha McTeach :)

mauilibrarian2: Agreed, zmidler.

Carlos38205: I teach adults and using phones is no good idea, trust me ;)

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Richard, How do you get past the school district filter?

Terri Reh: Like the idea of QR Code

McTeach (Karen): @Valia...same at our school. ;)

beachcat11: McTeach: Me too! Most exciting day last year when I did that! Revelation to me...

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @Karen I am going to do a "Bring Your Device to School" day next week to see how it works.

Donna Macdonald: I'm experimenting with QR codes too.

Terri Reh: Good idea Paula

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Richard,

Valia R: i love QR codes...trying to figure our how to incorporate without breaking the "rules" I'll figure it out ;D

zmidler to Terri Reh: Been waiting for you to mention this--really, I have a timer going

teachteKBeck (Kristen B) 1: I have found that my students are using the tools on their phones and I have had NO problems with texting going on and I teach middle school rebels!1

Ryan: Ah, the < 13 problem strikes again!

Angela (kyteacher): We use cellphones to quickly look up information as we discuss topics in my AP US History classes. Love that I am not the only source of information.

Terri Reh: Donna, would love to see how it goes for you.

beachcat11: @plnaugle I will send you a link to what happened in my class if you like

McTeach (Karen): Paula...first day this year that ALL of my 8th graders were prepared for class!!

Sandra to sharong: Hi Sharon

stephe1234: Texting won't be a problem if learning is engaging and student-directed

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @Donna I'm learning how to use QR codes this year.

Terri Reh to zmidler: Ba ha ha!

michellemats: I don't like having to use my own technology for my job (doesn't seem fair we have to provide all of that)

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Richard, How do we increase edtech in the age of budget cutbacks?

zmidler to Terri Reh: Better fill out a IRIUF for Julian before you bring in devices

Ryan: @Paula I'd be interested to hear how you're using them in the classroom!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @beachcat11 That would be great. Thank you.

Terri Reh to zmidler: I spent half my night teaching myself on them last night.

Valia R: We had great discussions pros / cons , usefulness, about apps last week..high level thinking skills from my 7 and 8 LD students...:)

zmidler to Terri Reh: See, you are a sponge

sharong to Sandra: Hey. Here for just a few minutes

carolteach4: @Richard - Steve Dembo recommended JayCut to me - Windows Movie Maker freezes on our computers - JayCut works pretty well.

Terri Reh to zmidler: Oh, my kids wont have access to them, I was checking out how to use them with webcams

Deb White (MN): Some students don't have texting/phones - How do folks keep them involved if texting is being used in class lesson?

Valia R: wish we could share more in class - actual use - *sigh*

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

bethstill: @Paula- I would like to visit about what you have found out about QR codes. I am still pretty clueless, but I have heard great things about how they can be used.

Terri Reh: Deb I understand you can use them with laptops and webcams

Esther: Has anybody use MOB in the classroom?

Sandra to sharong: me too, dishes to do! lol

Donna Macdonald: I saw Gary at a conference about a month ago.

Terri Reh: Esther what is MOB?

Eileen K: What do you do when your administrator refuses to allow you to set up a blog because of predators on the internet? That is even when you explain no one can access the blog unless you allow them...

Sally: definition of QR codes?

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Creation is the apex of the new Bloom's for the 21st Century

zmidler: How does Jaycut compare to Aviary tools?

Valia R: my students love - found it after checking out tutorials about google 3D warehouse etc.

Angela (kyteacher): @Deb In my class, phones are not part of the actual lesson...they are just another resource.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Here are the resources I've collected so far on QR codes

Terri Reh: QR:

zmidler: QR--Quick Response Code

Deb White (MN): @ Angela - Do the few students who don't have that resource feel left out?

loonyhiker (Pat): @Paula nothing comes up

reba @jghfoundation08: Audacity is great also

barbara: can you show us that video that you did with your special ed class

carolteach4: We need better tutorial for JayCut than what was out there when I was using it in November. It's a big learning curve for some of us.

loonyhiker (Pat): @Sally like bar codes only with much more info

Sal: I love audacity

aunttammie: just read about collaborize classroom...anybody tried it?

Aimee: Yes, Richard, the kids can figure it out and teach peers!

Dave Schaffenberger: my students make radio commercials with audacity

reba @jghfoundation08: @sal - totally agree

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Kids are intuitive with tech on average

carolteach4: That is so true - students always figure out more that what I do.

barbara to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: can you show us that video that you did with your special ed class

Heidi Madsen: can't wait to try app inventor

mauilibrarian2: I'm one of the many waiting for iPhone on Verizon. Coming 2/3 -- hurray!

carolteach4: We DO NOT LISTEN to students nearly enough.

Valia R: audacity and then there's!!!

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle):

loonyhiker (Pat): @Paula thx!

Sally: thx

stidmama: very cool -- I use an android phone

Valia R: @Paula..thanks too

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

zmidler: I love it when a student tells me about a new feature they discover or a way to use an app for a project that I hadn't even considered--that's the best

Donna Macdonald: Thanks Paula. The first link didn't work.

lkrichel to Terri Reh: im taking notes!!!

wackjacq to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Google has a similar app inventor for kids?

carolteach4: @Lorna - will all these links be available with the recording of this session?

Esther: MOB is a conversation like Facebook, the presenter showed the site a couple of minutes ago.

bethstill: @Paula- That was a first for me. Just bookmarked your Delicious page on Diigo. :)

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): yes all the links will be in the recording

Terri Reh to lkrichel: The last one I went to was soooo overwhelming....weeeeee!

Gene Carboni: @valia Didn't xtranormal just go pay only?

Valia R: @zmidler.. yes..I learned that there's a hockey night in canada app (watch hockey games and rewind)...there's an app for that! who knew? (from "town") :)

BonnieB: anyone in the group using ipads/working with PreK children?

carolteach4: I was in Camden, Maine over Christmas and had absolutely NO service on my iPhone - even though I'd connected there fine last summer. Bummer!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): as well as our livebinders files

Terri Reh: Oh Zoe, hockey!

Mickey: i thought extranormal was still free

Valia R: @zmidler..i mean learned from a student who was excited to show, describe and assess the app

carolteach4: Some of my kids have created a club within my computer club where they work with Pivot.

Donna Macdonald: Here's a link to my QR code sites:

Doug Henry: ar media...

Valia R: @Mickey class only uses the free parts...other elements you may have to buy xtranormal credits...

beachcat11: I'm not a techie - had to ask my kids to go home, learn whatever I wanted to use, come back and teach me. More big revelations...

Moderator (Richard Byrne):

carolteach4: It's an old program - free download - but they love it.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @bethstill I have moved all my bookmarks to Diigo, but still pull up Delicious first. Old habits are hard to break.

Terri Reh: Carolteach4 what is Pivot?

Deborah Gaskins: my students are using it now and it has gone pay with limited free service

carolteach4: Pivot is a frame by frame animation program.

Donna Macdonald: Diigo can save to Delicious.

Mickey: thanks - I used with 4th grade and they did a great project on how Ohio became a state with 2 free avatars

beachcat11: Pivot... that kids can teach themselves!

zmidler: Aren't QR codes just an entry point for augmented reality? I am using these in a fund raising promotion and it seems to me that this is a way to easily access augmented reality content?

Mickey: slow to render though in xtranormal

lkrichel to V. Montealegre: morning vilma

Terri Reh: I see a variety of Pivot websites. Which is the right one?

Valia R: Senor Zambarinos traveling circus ...tee hee (hoppala opening page "woombas") tee hee

carolteach4: @beachcat11 - it's very intuitive. My computer club kids who wanted the club are making tutorials using the Smart Recorder from Smart Notebook Software 10.

Esther: Yesm xtranormal is paid now.

aunttammie: Anyone tried this? I just heard about it, wonder if RIchard has checked it out

V. Montealegre: Good morning Linda!

Ryan Collins: Is there a hash tag for this?

Gene Carboni: nice idea carolteach

Valia R: @carolteach4 -that sounds like a great club project

beachcat11: Yea! Best answer in the world: why not both?!?

Terri Reh: Thanks Aunttammie

beachcat11: @carolteach4 great idea!

Jenn_Judkins: looking for a Ning alternative. That wecollaborize link looks promising.

stephe1234: Richard, what do you use for individual student blogs?

aunttammie: I use my blog for lessons, especially for grammar

TheHomeworkDog: Paula lost my connection- Would you please share your QR link again. Thanks

carolteach4: @beachcat11 - I told them we'd post the really good ones to YouTube.

beachcat11: RIchard: what is biggest caution in getting kids blogging?

evi: question: can several students blog the same time..means write comments or messages simultan?

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: Students have to think, decide and create when THEY are blogging-HOTS are part and parcel of Blogging

BonnieB: What is the (approximate) turn around time after submitting post for your blog?

Cindy H.: I just started using Collaborize Classroom before Christmas.

Ryan to Ryan Collins: Think we could ever do an Elluminate session for KCS tech PD? Do you think anyone would participate?

beachcat11: Cindy - what is that?

Cindy Glenn 1: Class blog vs class wiki?

Mickey: caution is a great question to address

carolteach4: @Cindy - what is collaborize classroom?

Esther: evi- I have a goup of 24 students commenting on the same blog page.

Cindy H.: I write a question and students answer it. I use it for a way to assess their writing in Spanish.

Mickey: student security is of the utmost importance

Angela (kyteacher): @Cindy I have both. They link to each other.

Susie Go Colts!: If you want to start blogging, you could work through the edublogger challenge that starts on Monday

Jon to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: How do you get over the initial fear of putting yourself out there with a personal reflection blog (committement, can't keep up, etc) sometimes I worry that I will begin to blog to please an audience - taking reflection away from myself

Mickey: I use blog that require teacher approval before post is up

Nancy Broughton to aunttammie: How are you incorporating grammar?

Cindy H.: beachcat11: all students can see each other's answers on Collaborize and they can comment on anyone's answer or ask questions

zmidler: A great way to start teaching blogging is using @mcteach idea of paper blogging--just a great idea and lesson

reba @jghfoundation08: if they have cellphones they can post with posterous through their email

barbara: does anyone know if Delicious can be put on Safari

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: Thank you!

Terri Reh to zmidler: Erin Cynkar is her and a little overwhelmed. She just IMed me this:

carolteach4: Another good reason to allow smart phones and iPods and iPads - students who are in a school that does not have a one-to-one computer program can still post to blogs.

McTeach (Karen): @zmidler... thanks for that!

Terri Reh to zmidler: How did you incorporate all this tech in first grade? I want to get them started just dont know how?!?

Terri Reh to zmidler: So I think you and I need to help her

Moderator (Richard Byrne):

stidmama: good point @carolteach

aunttammie to Nancy Broughton: I do videos on a topic...kid's homework is to watch it

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Terri Reh to zmidler: JUST like suggested in our T3!

Nancy Broughton to aunttammie: That's a good idea.

Susie Go Colts!: I recently heard of grouply as an alternative to ning. I don't know about ads, though.

carolteach4: What a fun project that must have been. Please put the link in your blog when you post it.

reba @jghfoundation08: @zmidler @mcteach yes Karen your paper blogging lesson was fantastic

aunttammie to Nancy Broughton:

beachcat11 to carolteach4: carolteach4 - what's your twitter name? couldn't find you.

carolteach4: cstanley

reba @jghfoundation08: @mcteach - thanks for helping me get into your site

teachteKBeck (Kristen B) 1: I know I have said this often, but I have McTeach's paper blog that my students did displayed in our computer lab and I have had 5 teachers approach me about how to do this and one who did it with his kiddos already. Soooo Awesome!!

Jenn_Judkins: Thanks Susie - I'll check out grouply

Valia R: great DI ! and engaging for sure...

McTeach (Karen): Hey Reba!! No problem!!

McTeach (Karen): Kristen...that is so cool!!

carolteach4: I don't use twitter as often as I'd like - time, time, time

zmidler: One idea is to use something students and teachers are familiar with like blogging in response to a writing prompt--post images from and ask them to research and comment

reba @jghfoundation08: their commenting - being kind

Sally: Could the common craft idea work for retelling a story with lower elm using a flip phone do you think?

reba @jghfoundation08: absolutely - yes getting them to write and appropriately

Heidi Madsen: How do you find great links/web 2.0 techs to share?

Terri Reh: for me, clear purpose related to content.

Len H: They are publishing

stidmama: for me, since most of the kids I teach are younger than 13, there are issues of whether they are even allowed to use certain sites... how do elementary teachers address this?

teachteKBeck (Kristen B) 1: @mcteach: Thank you Karen!!!

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: How do you win the hearts and minds or students/parents who are resistant to 21cent teaching?

Doug Henry: Are there any "audio" blogs...?

reba @jghfoundation08: use avatars w/ elem

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: of students...typo

Terri Reh: Doug, good question

McTeach (Karen): pleasure! Glad it works!

zmidler to Terri Reh: Along time ago I suggested that each member of the T3 rotate through team meetings so we can listen in and make tech integ. suggestions--we need to do this and be available to help them at the point of need

reba @jghfoundation08: screentoaster is BACK!!!!

beachcat11 to carolteach4: use both avatars with aliases - seems to calm most fears effectively...

zmidler to Terri Reh: Loved Drop IO but now I am all about Dropbox!

reba @jghfoundation08: yeahhhhhhhh

aunttammie to Nancy Broughton: might be a good topic for a Saturday...using tools for elementary kids

Terri Reh to zmidler: In the meantime, lets catch her will she's interested.

zmidler: Loved Drop IO but now I am all about Dropbox!

beachcat11: use both avatars with aliases - seems to calm most fears effectively...

clinds: Is Wallwisher back up now? Haven't tried it lately...

aunttammie: might be a good topic for a Saturday...using tools for elementary kids

Terri Reh to zmidler: I strugged with drops, I want them embedded in my website.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @stidmama I use sites that don't require individual email accts. I sign up for an account that allows my 4th graders to login under teacher acct. like, edu.Glogster.

reba @jghfoundation08: screentoaster is a web-based screen capturing tool. Not time limit

loonyhiker (Pat): In the past, I have used audio on my blog for those who are visually handicapped but then I've been lazy and stopped

Cindy Glenn 1: tools for elementary would be a great topic

Valia R: for blogger i default that I moderate comments before posts are allowed..I also tell them to post comments with a pseduonym...(sp?) basically as part of a creative writing assignment they create an online character persona (as intro to blogging and netiquette)..sometimes I get them to write in role ..other times if they respond they just use that character's name...depends on the group..this year's class (gd 7&8) having more difficulty with the idea

BonnieB: for younger children/PreK and elementary, cna join in with this community/ask questions there

Heidi Madsen: @zmidler - do you know if it is possible to use dropbox fx at work with out having access to the administration network

Angela (kyteacher): So important to think about skills vs. sites.

Sally: yeah for elem tools talk

zmidler: It took 5 days to import Delicios to Diigo but it's there now and I like it

reba @jghfoundation08: Love dropbox - I have several!!!!

carolteach4: I was introducing wallwisher to my faculty, but many got frustrated because they kept getting "trouble with the matrix" messages- I couldn't expect them to go back to the link again and again just to meet frustration on what should be an easy participation activity.

Terri Reh: Reba can dropbox be embedded in a website?

Mickey: try Stixy instead of Wallwisher - it is much better and more reliable

Deb White (MN): @carolteach4: Big bummer!

Cassandra: Why several dropboxes?

Jill: Here's a great blog for elementary:

Lorie Moffat: Xmarks does the same. It keeps bookmarks saved on your computer as well as on line.


linda: When my elementary students earn their own blog, I have the parents be the administrator. Great for them to learn alongside their child. They use Blogger.

zmidler to Heidi Madsen: I have admin access on my computers so I had no issue with Dropbox

Mickey: loved Wallwisher but reliability was difficult

teachteKBeck (Kristen B) 1: Have a nice rest of your weekend All!! Thank you Richard!!

glumb: I've had mixed success with wallwisher. When it works it is awesome.

Maureen@bcdtech: @Mickey I use linoit instead of wallwisher

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: Or investing in becoming a self hosted blog

reba @jghfoundation08: @Terri Reh Dropbox is a virtual storage for your files, photos, links, music

Deb White (MN): I second the "dropbox embedded in website" question.

joyquah: Wordpress has embedding issues. Blogger is better.

carolteach4: @Mickey - thanks - my special ed teacher likes Stixy, and I'd forgotten about that.

Valia R: my old posts are gone now (on blogger...each time i post I get an e-mail copy...but stuff from five / six years ago ..has disappeared...any ideas ??

beachcat11: ditto for need discussion of elem blog safety, issues, etc. Thanks BonnieB for link

Terri Reh: In place of wallwisher try

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I am going to have my students do that at the end of the school year. turn their blog into a book. Love that we can do that.

reba @jghfoundation08: @Terri Reh - it stores it online while giving you a local copy on your computer

Carlos38205: You can't embed dropbox

stidmama: LOVE this idea of turning the blog into a book! What a great way to emphasize students' literacy skills

zmidler to Heidi Madsen: Still looking for anyone with Mixbooks experience--want to know if this is the best solution for final student deliverable

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: How do you deal with Blogger burnout in your students?

Maureen@bcdtech: Dropbox saved my day yesterday- I left my laptop bag at home.. but everything I needed was in my dropbox and accessible at school

beachcat11: Excellent!

wackjacq to Steve Hargadon: How do you deal with Blogger burnout in your students?

carolteach4: @Terri - thanks - wow! great resources today.

Terri Reh: Each time you load corkboard it gives you a new personal url

zmidler: Still looking for anyone with Mixbooks experience--want to know if this is the best solution for final student deliverable

Donna Macdonald: Thanks for the corkboard site! It looks good.

reba @jghfoundation08: Dropbox can be access from anybody computers. I don't have to carry a bunch of flashdrives, external drives or laptops around

BonnieB: More here Join us!

TheHomeworkDog: Deb White (MN) Are you on twitter?

zmidler to Heidi Madsen: sorry for the random thougth there

Maureen@bcdtech: @Carlo38205 you can have the link to your dropbox-public folder on your site

ron peck: Corkboard looks promising! Thanks!


Terri Reh: Images can be loaded to corkboard by pasting picture url onto sticky note

Mickey: I like it better than corkboard

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I am creating a Mixbook to record monthly events this year. First time doing it.

reba @jghfoundation08: I think you are asking about a homework dropbox type of application right?

Deb White (MN): On twitter (not as much as I'd like): dwhiteoak

Maureen@bcdtech: Richard, can you talk a little bit more about using AR- MOB in your class?

aunttammie: Is it possible to actually embed a google calendar on wordpress? I try to embed and all it does is list the link. Not pretty.

barbara: what was the name of the site that we can export our blog to a book?

reba @jghfoundation08: I think McTeach had that on her blog

Susie Go Colts!: And the loss can be district-wide too; what if we put all kinds of effort into BlackBoard, and then our district backs out?

Sally to BonnieB: Are you on twitter? May I follow your?

Carlos38205: True, but the documents can`t be embedded

carolteach4: You know - that is a lesson for teachers as well as students - never post anything that you wouldn't say to anyone in person.

reba @jghfoundation08: @mcteach i think some of the participants are asking about a homework dropbox - didn't you have one

Carlos38205: allows you to do that though

aunttammie: edmodo is the ultimate homework dropbox!

beachcat11: thanks!

Ryan Collins: @aunttammie You can create a custom template page in Wordpress to embed a google calendar, but it's a pain.

reba @jghfoundation08: @carlos is a homework dropbox for students

zmidler: I think it's when you put yourself out there, think out loud, is when you get the biggest return on the writing investment, e.g., comments, new ideas, push back, build my PLN, etc.

Terri Reh: Linda K stixy looks like a good lowt and found idea....

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: My students whine about blogging now--How do you combat that?

Terri Reh: I meant lost and found

Valia R: @Terri Reh do you know the home web site address for corkboard itself..I googled..but found online screensavers

mauilibrarian2: Richard - work=fun for you -- I can relate.

Maureen@bcdtech: @aunttammie I embed google cal on edublogs- it is a wordpress run site, but not But you cannot go back to visual tab- must use html tab only- or it disappears

aunttammie: Thanks, ryan...don't think I'm techie enough for that! :)

Angela (kyteacher): Agree that Edmodo serves as a homework dropbox.

Jon to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Thanks for responding...I have one sitting in the wings because of that reason (yet I read and I am inspired by so many) @Mr_Fines

Carlos38205: Not sure

carolteach4: I was worrying about not blogging regularly, but now I blog when i can. I also am not a philosopher, so I've quit worrying about keeping up with bloggers who wax so eloquent.

beachcat11: GREAT question!

mauilibrarian2: Many parents are concerned about internet safety.

glumb: @carolteach4 Great advice!

Carlos38205: agree with you @carolteach

Sally to BonnieB: How do regular bloggers feel about newbies referencing their work and posting links ( sorry newbie)

reba @jghfoundation08: make sure that you will protect their students identity

Cassandra: I have a parent who said first his high school student wasn't allowed to use "technology."

Terri Reh: Valia each time you enter you get a new url is private. For a good explanation:

reba @jghfoundation08: that is what most parents are worried about

Sally: How do regular bloggers feel about newbies referencing their work and posting links ( sorry newbie)

glumb: I want to contribute to my PLN and worry I do not have enough to give.

Angela (kyteacher): Odd...I have students who were apparently born in the wrong century. I remind them that they live in 2010-11 & need to be able to compete.

beachcat11: Richard: just wonder... how often do you get outside??? (-: Actually, genuine concern for kids balancing online v.s. time outdoors/physically active.

Maureen@bcdtech: I have a few parents who have made a choice not to have internet access at home. It makes it hard for their kids. This is not an economic choice, but personal choice.

Susie Go Colts!: and some parents are concerned about internet safety via the school, and have no idea what danger their kids are exposing themselves to via outlets outside of school

TheHomeworkDog: Deb White (MN) Thanks - now following MN too :)

aunttammie: @cassandra, did he change his mind?

Cassandra: After talking about all the "technology" I use, Dad said, okay, he just can't use a computer.

carolteach4: Soon, the netbook - or iPad- or smartphone - will be the textbook. It's coming.

lkrichel to Terri Reh: i wrote it down and will look later. im afraid to link up now for fear that i'll miss somthing!!!!

Carlos38205: there's something in India

reba @jghfoundation08: @carolteach4 - absolutely - it will be the way - paperless teaching

Carlos38205: don't remember the name

Cassandra: Yesterday in the language lab he was able to do the listening lessons, but when we logged on the computers, he opened a book and read.

mauilibrarian2: We're starting to address the issue of safety proactively. We built an Internet Safety>Citizenship>Outreach site.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Lorna--do you want to close up?

aunttammie: @cassandra LOL

Terri Reh to lkrichel: I know, right? I felt the same way last time!

reba @jghfoundation08: parents are worried about cyberbullying

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @Sally That is what it is all about. Sharing the info, just always give credit to source of your info.

Deb White (MN): @TheHomeworkDog - Where in MN?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini) to Steve Hargadon: yes

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: I'll let you take over.

Jill: @carolteach4: Exactly! It is inevitable now.

carolteach4: @beachcat11 - that is a real problem. I am planning to get outside this afternoon - up to 40degrees, and last night's snow and ice is melting. Better get out before next storm comes in.

PaulinColorado to Susan Lamb: Hi Susan - Paul I. here

wackjacq to Richard Byrne: THANK YOU, Lorna, Richard, And Steve!

beachcat11: 40 degrees here is almost boiling (-:

Cassandra: I feel bad for the kid, who will be very behind the tide in college...

carolteach4: This hours has Flown!

zmidler: Web20 is the difference between cooperation and true collaboration

Deb White (MN): Fast show!

stidmama: thank you very much for this session!

Terri Reh: Could you remind new people about the Certificate?

Jill: Does anyone have any resources for learning how to create interactive ebooks?

TheHomeworkDog: Deb White (MN)Live in Plymouth work in Savage - Went to school in Mankato

carolteach4: @beachcat11 - where are you - I'm in CT

PaulinColorado to zmidler: Hi Zoe - Paul here. this is great

beachcat11: say that again please?

MediaFlo: very good Richard..

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Wahoo!

kelly brannock: thank you!

beachcat11: Oh Canada!

bethstill: Richard---as always---YOU ROCK!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Anne is great.

Jill: Came in late, but learned so much. Thanks to all!

aunttammie: @Cassandra, yes I was laughing about Dad until I realized that he wasn't even letting kid use computer in class! Sad

TheHomeworkDog: Thanks Richard!

Cheryl Fulghum: thanks!

Terri Reh: How do we get the PD certificate?

stidmama: Lorna and Steve, thank you a million times for making this forum possible. It has been inspirational for me as a student teacher!

loonyhiker (Pat): Thank you so much for this wonderful session! Thank you Richard! You were awesome!

Moderator (Richard Byrne): Shameless plug: the most read post on my blog this year. 47 Alternatives to YouTube

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Woohoo for Richard. Thanks for all you share with us.

linda silver: thanks richard, happy new year

Sue Irish: Can we get a session dedicated to elem. student tech applications? In low tech schools?

carolteach4: This was great - thanks to Richard - and thanks to all the great folks in the chat!!!!!!

linda: Thank you, Richard!

Pam to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: thanks for sharing

zmidler: Richard, I remain a groupie (but not in a creepy stalker kind of way).

Nadia: thank you for the class, Richard!

glumb: Thank you Richard! Amazing!!

stidmama: thank you Richard for sharing!

reba @jghfoundation08: DEN conference link please

Donna Macdonald: Thanks, Richard!!

Valia R: thank you so much...happy Saturday! :D

Tara Weegar: Thank you Richard!!!

Susan Lamb: This has been very interesting! It was great to listen and hear great ideas. Love from Colorado!

BonnieB: thanks all for the suggestions...

MediaFlo: agree with SueIrish!

mauilibrarian2: Yes, that 47 alternatives is AWESOME. Thanks, Richard for the passion you bring to us every day.

aunttammie: I will miss it! Thanks so much for this weekly wealth!

Angela (kyteacher): Thank you Richard!

beachcat11: Please say how to save chat again please?

Cindy Glenn 1: Thank you Richard - I recommend your blog daily

zmidler to PaulinColorado: Glad you could join us!

Cindy H.: Thanks Richard - Your blog is very useful as I look for new ideas for my classes.

Moderator (Richard Byrne): Mentioned earlier: The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators.

reba @jghfoundation08: Thanks Richard- You were worthy all the awards!!

Terry Friedlander (PicLits): Sorry, I was late to the dance. Cheers

carolteach4: @beachcat11 - Go to File - save - slide over to chat

Theresa Allen to Lorna Costantini, Richard Byrne, Steve Hargadon: Great resource!

Sally: What a wonderful session learned so much from all of you!

Esther: Thank you very much. Wonderful session.

zmidler to PaulinColorado: Love the iTunes channel--geek out while workingout

Aimee: Thanks, Richard! I recommend your blog to my graduate teachers!!!! Keep it up!

MikeR: Thanks, Richard for all your hard work.

beachcat11: Thanks (-:

Bell Gallagher: You've provided motivation, Richard.

Mickey: Great hour - thanks!

zmidler: Love the iTunes channel--geek out while working out

Deb White (MN): Thanks, Richard and everyone!!!!

Moderator (Richard Byrne): Thank you everyone. I hope I offered some useful info

Jill: Thanks again, Richard! I love your blog.

Cindy H.: can you post the address again?

PaulinColorado: Great stuff Richard!

Anita: Thank you very much

rmilana: thanks from Sicily too!

reba @jghfoundation08: Richard you didn't discuss your book or did I miss that?

beachcat11: Thanks Richard and everyone - as always, I learn SO much from you!! his river is fantastic!

joyquah: Thanks Richard!

Jenn_Judkins: I appreciate all of your resources richard!

roxanne: great job lorna!!!!!!

Sal: Thank you

carolteach4: Wow! 112 participants still here on a Sat. afternoon - great teachers - teachers are great- let's advertise the good teachers - where is the media on something like this?

Nadia: congratulations to your mum

Bell Gallagher: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Terri Reh: Last few slides went fast. How do we find them again?

linda silver: happy birthday

carolteach4: Happy birthday to your mom, Steve

BonnieB: Thanks Steve!

Moderator (Tammy Moore): I can comoderate if needed

reba @jghfoundation08: bye Steve

Moderator (Tammy Moore): :)

reba @jghfoundation08: Richard's book the Super Book of Web. 2.0

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): (Super book of Web tools for educators)

reba @jghfoundation08: is it on Amazon??

Jenn_Judkins: newbie question...where will I see the survey & be able to set up to receive certificate from today?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @reba that is the link to the book (Super book of Web tools for educators)

Terri Reh to zmidler: Jenn I have same questions...end went too fast

259tak: googlio, wiki or blog?Which is better?

stidmama: will look at the book -- thanks again.

Moderator (Tammy Moore): @Jenn_Judkins: You will see it when you log out

Jenn_Judkins: thanks!

zmidler: Richard, have you had to modify rubrics to evaluate the addition of Web2.0 tools into a project? I think about things like Glogster, Animoto, Google Sites, blogs, etc.?

reba @jghfoundation08: @Lorna - thxs for the link

Larry A: The ideas of how to leverage tools is more important than the tools - tools will come and go though some will stay around for a long time but learning what we might do with them is valuable

Terri Reh: Jenn thanks, had same question

Jill: Are there any sites that can help me learn how to develop my own interactive ebooks? I am a librarian that would love to get into this area.

Jenn_Judkins: I assume I go to session, leave session?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @Jenn - file exit

Moderator (Tammy Moore): @Jenn: Just click the normal close button like you would for any app

Jenn_Judkins: ok, will do after listening to questions. thanks again!

Laura MacArthur: ditto on the question for adding tech to rubrics - how can inexperienced teachers evaluate this?

PaulinColorado to V. Montealegre: Hi Vilma - Paul I. here

reba @jghfoundation08: link for e book help

Harvey McLeod: Please post links which are being referred to

Moderator (Richard Byrne):

Moderator (Richard Byrne):

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Jill: Thanks so much!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

reba @jghfoundation08: THANK YOU - Wow

Moderator (Tammy Moore): @Jill: Captivate might be a good software for that.

Jill: OK-I'll google that-thanks!

V. Montealegre: Hola Paul I.!

carolteach4: Can we do one other thing - off topic - can you send out the VoiceThread link to honor Steve Hargadon. So far, my video response was one of nine - there should be hundreds of responses. Maybe we should do one for Richard, as well.

Moderator (Tammy Moore): @Jill: I am learning Captivate right now, so let ne know if you find that software interesting

Jenn_Judkins: love rubistar for creating rubrics

zmidler: Have you used mix books

carolteach4: I prefer an assessment sheet to a rubric.

Terri Reh: Rubistar is very easy

BonnieB: if someone submits a potential post for your blog, what is the approximate turn around time for putting it up? (a week, month, etc?)


Nadia: @Terri, what is Rubistar?

Terri Reh: You may even find tech rubrics there

Terri Reh:

Jenn_Judkins: I like to include a checklist when assigning tech assignments to help kids with the process

Jill: Thanks, Tammy

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): @zmidler I am using Mixbook to create a book of our monthly projects this year.

Terri Reh: A rubric builder

Nadia: great, thank you

zmidler: I find that some of the content students create w/Web 2.0 tools is a bit subjective and harder to grade--yes, no?

Moderator (Tammy Moore): @Jill: You can find me through LearnCentral

Terri Reh: Nadia, lots of them already built by teachers and you can modify the ones already there

Aimee: rubistar a good place to start creating your own rubric . . . can change an existing rubric and make it work for your project.

Nadia: @ Terri - this is what i need and is very valuable for me

Jenn_Judkins: I like that rubistar has pre-designed rubrics to get you started but you can edit every aspect of these predesigned rubrics.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Tip- Have kids help you build the rubric for the next project.

zmidler to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Any chance we can have an offline chat about mix book? I am running a project w/3rd graders and I want to think out loud w/someone about this tool--applicability, ease of use...

Eileen K: Rubistar if fabulous to customize your own rubrics for your projects.

Terri Reh: Over 400 rubrics for technology

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) to zmidler: Do you use skype? plnaugle on Skype.

Nadia: i also need assesment samples - for writing, speaking

Jill: @Tammy: I'll check out Captivate and let you know. Thanks again!

reba @jghfoundation08: is the link for the voicethread Tribute to Steve.

Jenn_Judkins: have kids use to build/collect resources for citations. i agree with richard that kids need to cite everything in tech projects

carolteach4: That's the thing I don't like about rubrics. Some students will settle for the lower numbers -enough to get by and not aim for the best.

zmidler to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I refer to Kathy Schrock's for Web2.0 rubrics

carolteach4: @reba - thanks -

zmidler: I refer to Kathy Schrock's for Web2.0 rubrics

Jill: Does your school do anything with ipods?

linda silver: hanging on to every word...can't hang up ;-)

McTeach (Karen): Gotta run...thanks Richard and Lorna!!

Terri Reh: Carol Have students write the rubric

carolteach4: wicked good!

reba @jghfoundation08: @carolteach4 you are welcome

Jenn_Judkins: thanks richard!

mauilibrarian2: Yes, this session was/is spectacular! All I expected and more. Thank you so much, Richard.

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): thanks everyone for joining us

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) to zmidler: Or email me at

lkrichel to Terri Reh: is that paul ingersoll "paul in colorado"?

carolteach4: @reba - have you contributed?

PaulinColorado: is another citation builder site

Theresa Allen: This will be recorded?

Terri Reh to lkrichel: Yup!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): yes

reba @jghfoundation08: richard you have added such a tool based for those of us integating tech into our daily curriculum - THANKS!

Eileen K: Richard do you do any video conferences with your classes?

Terri Reh to lkrichel: :)

Nadia: thank you, Paulin

zmidler to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Much appreciated--I will send you email

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): (Super book of Web tools for educators)

Jon: Great session - thanks for moderating Lorna, Steve, and Richard for your insights!

Mickey: noodlebib is good too

carolteach4: @ everyone in audience - see Reba's link above - please participate in tribute to Steve Hargadon.

lkrichel to PaulinColorado: morning paul!

Sue Irish: I am a first timer and I will definitely be back. Great resource; thanks!

Terri Reh to lkrichel: Stephanie Jarvis is on too!

reba @jghfoundation08: @Eileen K - great question

Moderator (Lorna Costantini):

Jill: Thanks- I just wondered because we're going to start using a set of 20 soon.

PaulinColorado to lkrichel: Hi Linda!!!!

Terri Reh to lkrichel: She is Stephanie 2

Mickey: love livebinders

Jill: I LOVE Livebinders!

BonnieB: Also a first timer- enjoyed it. Thanks!

reba @jghfoundation08: Tribute to Steve through VoiceThread

carolteach4: Thanks so much to the moderators for recording the session and providing us with the links.

Gene Carboni: Thank you Richard. I share your feeds all the time.

lkrichel to Stephanie 2: Hi Stephanie! :-) :-)

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Lorna, you are doing a great job.

roxanne: livebinders instead of glam lorna?

Stephanie 2: Hi Linda!

carolteach4: Do you have any special video conferencing equipment?

V. Montealegre: Thank you everybody. As the new kid on the block I am humbled! Too much to learn about in such little available time. As Richard said, 'Just chose one and take the first step'. Very inspirational! GRACIAS!

Gene Carboni: what is glam @roxanne/

reba @jghfoundation08: What is Richard's Twitter Id???

Stephanie 2: so many great resources to check out, thank you everyone!

Aimee: @ V. Montealegre start small and do it well . . . then add on.

Terri Reh: Well put Vilma!

roxanne: Glam links is what the program uses to share preentatioin links

Harvey McLeod: Please list any exemplary teacher webpages using these tools

reba @jghfoundation08: Yes I video my sub plans using my ActivInspire software - Great tool

mauilibrarian2: Do you use a specific program for your lecture casts?

Gene Carboni: ok thanks - have not heard of that before

Harvey McLeod: Do you use green screen?

carolteach4: Teacher videos - a really great idea.

reba @jghfoundation08: Richard's Twitter Id??

Nadia: Richard's twitter -!/rmbyrne

Moderator (Richard Byrne): @rmbyrne

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @roxanne yes

reba @jghfoundation08: @Nadia thanks

roxanne: So much more power when students are directly involved in the process!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): we are moving to livebinders instead of links

mauilibrarian2: Will you be at ISTE this summer, Richard?

carolteach4: Hey, Richard - did you get much snow from last night's storm?

Nadia: Richard, how much time to you spend on blogging ? =)

Eileen K: I have let students participate in developing rubrics and I feel the kids are more attentive and interested in the project.

Nadia: do you spend*

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): He better be there.

Jill: when do you sleep?

zmidler to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Just saw your skype note, yes, I do skype so maybe I can chat w/you from home, after hours. Where are you located?

Nadia: aha...thank you, Richrad for your passion!

linda silver: haha

Nadia: and devotion!

Terri Reh: Anyone going to TIE in Colorado?

mauilibrarian2: Work=fun for Richard, I think.... We are the beneficiaries!

Len H: Tech hog

reba @jghfoundation08: @Richard thanks- I hope I can follow

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) to zmidler: I'm in New Orleans CST.

Deborah Gaskins: I work with an older staff scared of technology and Web 2.0 do you have any suggestions of sites that might peek an interest for the more seasoned teacher

Mickey: everyone benefits - thanks so much

Nadia: thank you once again, Richard - had better let you go...

zmidler to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Colorado MST

Len H: old? lol

lkrichel to Terri Reh: im running out of paper to take notes - using cardboard!

zmidler to Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): You are an hour ahead of me, right?

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): @ikrichel we have everything recorded for you

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): you can relisten to teh entire presentation

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) to zmidler: Okay email me with a day and time and we can connect. Yes, I'm an hour ahead of you.

linda silver: I'm a tech person in elemen sch, and at times I'm out of the lab into classrooms, and classroom smartboards arent on,comput lock box locked. How can we get teachers on board in a school where people are resistant???

Mickey: I'm the tech integration specialist in my building and probably oldest staff person!

Terri Reh: Deborah voicethread and wallwisher are easy to learn and start. The Voicethread tutorial will be interesting to older folks

zmidler: Shiny is a good carrot--I agree!

carolteach4: @Mickey - I'm 63 - Have I got you beat?

Mickey: remember Wallwisher is tough to access a lot of the time

Terri Reh: Voicethreads tutorial starts out with a family historial flashback....funny and engaging

Mickey: you've got me beat - 56!

Aimee: Teachers resist because they are anxious . . . professional development and mentorships can help move them forward.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I'll still teaching after 35 years because it is so much fun. I use all sorts of tools with my 4th graders.

Jill: @Mickey: I'm 56 as well.

linda silver: my princ doesn't seem to understand that and won't allow time for that

michellemats: Providing pre-made lessons for the technology helps, sometimes the amount of time it takes to prepare a tech lesson is what keeps teachers away from using it.

Eileen K: Linda- I am in the classroom and I see the same thing in my school.. When they want to use technology they come and get me... I try to show them, but they are very pensive about learning how to use technology.

carolteach4: @Mickey - the job keeps me young and I'm constantly reinventing myself and my role as my teachers become less dependent on me.

Terri Reh: Ok, skip wallwisher and try

Angela (kyteacher): I have found that most teachers like Edmodo almost immediately.

Mickey: cool - I vote for Stixy

zmidler: I find it's an equity issue--once one group of students gets to build Glogsters they tell other students and then those teachers are coming to me saying they want their students to build glogs too--very viral

Mickey: is quick easy and fun too, along with ipadio

carolteach4: My principal is very supportive of me and integration of technology

Terri Reh: Mickey, voki is a blast

Nadia: thaaaanks!!

linda silver: i sent it

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I agree @Angela. I think because it looks like FaceBook they are comfortable with Edmodo.

linda silver: linda silver

Terri Reh: no doubt

Terri Reh: I need to get out of my PJ's

Mickey: this has been great - in pj's too!

linda silver: tech teacher with

linda silver: trouble with

mauilibrarian2: My dog is black too -- Shadow - 11 yrs old -- love him.

linda silver: teachers

Jill: @ Terri Red: me, too!

zmidler: Thanks again Richard and moderators

Eileen K: Carol - you are very lucky..

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): Are any of you attending rscon11 today?

linda silver: in her school

Mickey: coffee and pop tarts!

lkrichel: must go check all links!! have a great weekend

Harvey McLeod: Exemplary Teacher sites?

Terp: What are your criteria for choosing and recommending technologies?

Moderator (Richard Byrne): @rmbyrne

Terri Reh: Good bye Flagstaff peeps!

reba @jghfoundation08: email address??

zmidler: Big hand to Terri Reh who got 5 teachers to attend a Classroom Live 2.0 session for the first time--it only takes one

reba @jghfoundation08: again please Richard

carolteach4: Thanks again, Richard! You are a real inspiration to all of us. I'm going to go walk MY dog. I think most of the snow and ice has melted off the sidewalk - we live in coastal CT.

Paula Naugle (@plnaugle): I don't know if it exemplary but my site is

Moderator (Richard Byrne): @rmbyrne

michellemats: Thanks this was great

mary k: Thank you Richard for your time!

linda silver: Peace 2 U Richard, thx

Moderator (Tammy Moore): Thanks Richard and Lorna

Holly Loganbill: Thanks!!

Jill: Thanks again to all of you--I learned a lot today!

mauilibrarian2: Mahalo!

Mickey: so long

Susie: thanks so much! Go Colts!

roxanne: great session.thanks so much!

Christine to linda silver: hi linda

Len H: bye bye

Eileen K: Thanks for the inspiration

Christine to linda silver: what school do you work

Deborah Gaskins: thanks

laura Santos: Ty

caroll pena: bye

Moderator (Lorna Costantini): thanks Tammy for being my backup

rmilana: bye

rmilana: thanks to all of you

Moderator: yw thanks for joining us today