Classroom 2.0 LIVE Chat
Saturday, March 13,2010
Special Guest: Adora Svitak
Topic: Teacher's Top Twenty Handy Technology Tools

00:31 to: Dotty Myers
It is a sunny day in San Jose Ca and I am sitting in an 8 hour class.

00:32 to: Peggy George
we will really miss Kim Caise today!!!!

00:45 to: LarryAnderson
Get well soon, Kim Caise!

00:59 to: Peggy George
you are going to love learning from Adora!! She's incredible!

01:25 to: Jill
Hello from cloudy Nashville, TN

01:28 to: Peggy George
we will be sharing a link with all of Adora's links from the session!

01:42 to: Peggy George
hooray and thanks to Tammy Moore!

01:53 to: manaliss
Good morning from Greece

02:13 to: Peggy George
welcome to all of you!! so excited to see such an international audience!

02:14 to:
Hi Nancy

02:14 to: VIRGINIA
hi from Italy

02:46 to: Sal
hi from nj

02:55 to: McTeach
Yay! I love this part!

03:02 to: Peggy George
don't you love seeing all those red dots??!!

03:03 to: Sal
Hi to hawaii. Wish I was there.

03:09 to: davesapp
Him from Mid Michigan

03:09 to: Rob M
Houston Texas

03:12 to: mike r
Hi, from Cedar Falls, IA

03:14 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
Belleville Mi

03:21 to: Peggy George
you can always drag your dot if it goes in the wrong place :-)

03:22 to: verocri southamerica

03:25 to: Julie L
Camp Verde, AZ

03:28 to: rmac
rmac from manitoba canada

03:31 to: John Kain
Hello from Phoenix, AZ

03:42 to: Christiana
my webtour window is not going away

03:43 to: MB
Hey all, can't stay long because of a Senior recital, but wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone and listen for a couple of minutes

03:56 to: Peggy George
welcome John Kain!! so glad to have someone else from Phoenix AZ :-)

04:02 to: Jon H
Hi from Buffalo NY

04:18 to: Peggy George
fantastic!!!! you are going to love Adora!!!!

04:23 to: Christiana
my webtour window is not leaving

04:47 to: Peggy George
we have closed web tour so yours should be gone too

05:02 to: Christiana
still there. can't close "x" it out

05:04 to: Evita Nepal-Naraine
Please have the moderator joing the audio conference call. Thanks

05:14 to: Peggy George
maybe you should log out and log back in Christiana

05:19 to: MB
@christiana I had to reset the view to Default

05:25 to: Peggy George
this is great feedback! thank you!

05:26 to: LarryAnderson
What if you're not working in a school? There's no response for those of us who are not classroom teahcers. Hmmm.

05:40 to: read4me
Instruction yes -creative writing no

06:05 to: Peggy George
I agree LarryAnderson! I modified my response :-)

06:44 to: Peggy George
We want you to see a YouTube video now about Adora!! This will give you a great idea about what to expect!

07:01 to: Peggy George
it should start playing for you now

07:03 to: Peggy George

07:13 to: Peggy George
can you see the video?

07:16 to: Lorna Costantini

07:20 to: christiana

07:20 to: Jill

07:22 to: Adora Svitak
I'm seeing it.

07:22 to: Lorna Costantini
I can hear it

07:23 to:

07:23 to: Jenny
its Youtube and YouTube is blocked in Turkey. sorry.

07:24 to: Sally Boone

07:25 to: Lorna Costantini

07:26 to: Peggy George

07:31 to: Linda A.
Linda A. yes

07:36 to: the0d0re

07:44 to: js
what was the center for ...

07:44 to: Laura

07:56 to: Peggy George
you can view it in your browser if you're not seeing it in the webtour

08:00 to: Peggy George

08:12 to: the0d0re
Now Yes

08:18 to: McTeach
I'm watching this with my mouth wide open! WOW!!!

08:27 to: Peggy George
me too!!!!

08:32 to: christiana
i know!!

08:42 to: Lorna Costantini
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

08:43 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
How do I add my name to participants, sorry did not see the getting started video

08:44 to: verocri southamerica
my GOODNESS!!! unbelievable

08:53 to: Linda A.
Isn't she amazing!!

09:19 to: Alia Saad
She is amazing

09:19 to: McTeach
I'm showing this video to my 7th graders on Monday!

09:21 to: Jill
she is an inspiration!

09:25 to: Jenny
When you post the show to the archive can you download the video to camistasia or another video capture tool which will give those who cannot access Youtube opportunity to view it? Thanks.

09:26 to: Julie L
good grief words can't even describe this child!

09:32 to: Mukesh Bairwa

09:35 to:
I'm showing it as well.... so inspirational

09:40 to: McTeach
Talk about an "old soul"!

09:43 to: Linda A.
I'm going to show this to my teachers!

09:48 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
I am sharing it with all of my staff!

09:53 to: verocri southamerica
i´ll share this withmy coleagues

09:56 to: Jill
I agree with her...students should have more choices than they do.

10:01 to: Peggy George
get the link to this video from the chat log and it is also included in our links today

10:03 to: wordgirl

10:17 to: Jenny
Perhaps she can upload to TeacherTube. Most countries who ban Youtube allow Teachertube.

10:22 to: Alia Saad
Is she in school

10:25 to: Peggy George
here are our links for today:

10:27 to: debschi
Where to find daily webcast?

10:31 to: chris

10:38 to: Sally Boone
I think I'll embed this video on my blog! Shame youtube is blocked in our schools. TeacherTube maybe??

10:43 to: Peggy George
you can view them on her website too-link is in links

10:45 to: pat pomeroy
Is this whole webinar through youtube, because I am blocked except the written notes

10:46 to: Tammy Moore
See the closed captioning for the audio in text form on the video

10:48 to: debschi
"students like to hane control of their own learning experience"

10:53 to: Jenny
yes TeacherTube is accessable.

10:54 to: Jill
maybe it is in watchknow

11:01 to: Peggy George
all of these links will be posted in our archives today along with the recording of her presentation

11:08 to: Lorna Costantini
@ pat we will finish the video and you will see the rest of the presentation

11:09 to: Laura
She sounds like the up and coming 21st Century teacher!

11:10 to: christiana

11:17 to: Sal

11:18 to: Peggy George
woo hoo!!! isn't she incredible!!!

11:22 to: verocri southamerica

11:29 to: Sally Boone
Double WOW!!

11:31 to: Gila

11:37 to: glumb

11:45 to: Peggy George
welcome Adora!!!

11:53 to: blairteach
Hello, Adora!

11:53 to: debschi
Hi Adora!

11:57 to: Gila
hard to hear her

12:02 to: christiana
hard to hear

12:02 to: cpotash
Hi, Adora!

12:04 to: Peggy George
get closer to your mic Adora

12:06 to: Sal
can't hear

12:10 to: Alia Saad
Hi Adora I am so proud of you

12:13 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
I am thoroughly impressed!

12:15 to: Sally Boone
Hi Adora. Sound not so clear.

12:15 to: Peggy George

12:15 to: ChrisLittle

12:15 to: Sal

12:16 to: Linda A.

12:16 to: verocri southamerica

12:16 to: Alison

12:16 to: blairteach
Much better

12:17 to: cpotash

12:18 to: glumb

12:19 to: Jill
yes better

12:20 to: js

12:21 to: Jenny McCaleb

12:22 to: Mukesh Bairwa

12:22 to: John Kain

12:26 to: sej7

12:26 to: Julie L

12:27 to: Carla Fluharty

12:28 to: Vicki IL
A little better

12:35 to: js
lost it

12:35 to: Dave
fading again

12:36 to: Peggy George
fading now

12:39 to: debschi
low now

12:41 to: Carla Fluharty
losing her again

12:42 to: Linda A.
can't hear again

12:42 to: Alison

12:43 to: christiana
can't hear

12:44 to: Jill
fading for me too

12:44 to: Bob F
Sorry, but after watching that vid, I'm type-less!

12:46 to: roxanne clement
worse...can't hear ata ll

12:46 to: Gila
where are you????

12:48 to: Mukesh Bairwa
no good

12:51 to: Julie L
can't hear again

12:52 to: Jenny
back away from the mic a bit, ok?

12:53 to: Sal
very faint

12:55 to: Sabine
it sounds like a lot of air in it

12:55 to: Steve Hardiman
Please move mic to SIDE of your mouth to avoid the breath sounds

12:57 to: judy anzone
I can't hear either

12:58 to: Gila
can't hear you

13:00 to: mike r

13:04 to: Sal
getting better

13:07 to: Steve Hardiman
MUCH better

13:11 to: Carla Fluharty

13:11 to: Jenny McCaleb

13:12 to: Jenny

13:14 to: Linda A.

13:14 to: Jill
a little better

13:22 to: John Kain
sounds good

13:23 to: Sal

13:24 to: roxanne clement

13:26 to: cpotash

13:26 to: ChrisLittle

13:27 to: cstanley4

13:27 to: Lawrence Armstrong

13:27 to: Mukesh Bairwa

13:27 to: Gila

13:28 to: Alison

13:28 to: Julie L

13:29 to: Carla Fluharty

13:29 to: Jill

13:31 to: Peggy George
yes much better

13:32 to: verocri southamerica

13:48 to: Jenny

13:50 to: debschi
hee, hhe!

13:51 to: Jill

13:52 to: js
art teacher

13:54 to: the0d0re

13:54 to: Peggy George
I'm a retired elementary principal and university preservice instructor :-)

13:56 to: blairteach
School improvement consultant

13:58 to: Jenny McCaleb
daughter is here with me amazed

13:58 to: Sheri Edwards
a and c and d

13:58 to: cclong

14:02 to: Rick (VA)
Instr designer

14:02 to: jllarsen
curriculum developer

14:04 to: VIRGINIA
math teacher

14:06 to: ChrisLittle
spanish teacher!

14:06 to: LarryAnderson
Speaker, Author, Consultant, Coach. Also, just plain Lover of Learning

14:13 to: verocri southamerica
efl / esl teacher

14:16 to: Jenni Voorhees
tech coordinator

14:17 to: davesapp

14:19 to: Steve Hardiman
Publish results please

14:22 to: Peggy George
great description Larry!! lover of learning! me too!

14:22 to: Janelle

14:26 to: Craig Jackson RCU
e-learning specialist working with Career Tech education and Industrial trainers

14:31 to: sayyid

14:36 to: cstanley4
How old is Adora now? I missed it earlier

14:41 to: the0d0re
Hello Jenni Voorhees! Theo here

14:44 to: LarryAnderson
Retired teacher, middle school principal, university professor, so I'm a "has been" :-)

14:44 to: Peggy George
Adora is 12 years old

14:44 to: verocri southamerica

15:04 to: cclong

15:07 to: Jenni Voorhees
Hi Theo

15:10 to: Sheri Edwards

15:23 to: Sal

15:26 to: Julie L
sound again

15:27 to: christiana
i can't hear good again

15:29 to: Carla Fluharty
losing her again

15:52 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
in the hallways

15:55 to: cclong
sound issues here too

16:00 to: cstanley4
I am not really a visual thinker - much better at algebra than geometry, but I do love to take photographs, so maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit

16:02 to: verocri southamerica
sometimes i use glogs

16:14 to: Jill
sounds like glogster

16:17 to: Carla Fluharty

16:19 to: verocri southamerica

16:22 to: Sheri Edwards
or prezi

16:25 to: verocri southamerica
love it!!!

16:27 to: Peggy George
yes!!!! glogster!!!!

16:30 to: verocri southamerica
my kids love it too

16:32 to: Linda
I love glogs and so do my college students!

16:41 to: roxanne clement
voicethread too

16:48 to: Sheri Edwards

16:49 to: debschi
Just created glog on how o use destiny for webpage

17:01 to: Peggy George
these examples will be in our links

17:01 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
Haven't used glogster, but took a long time to "figure out" prezi

17:12 to: Peggy George

17:24 to: debschi
Adora, voice is still low. just lost you altogether

17:27 to: read4me
lost sound

17:32 to: Kathy Cassidy
Glogster takes a LOT of bandwidth.

17:33 to: roxanne clement to your glogster?

17:34 to: Alia Saad
cannot hear you

17:35 to: Kathy
glogster has a lot of glitches

17:35 to: verocri southamerica
me too

17:37 to: Eileen K
no sound

17:39 to: manaliss
No sound

17:46 to: Linda A.
I use Prezi but it still is not smooth for me

17:54 to: donnined
I just sent this to our computer teacher

18:06 to: Dave
technology is great ... until it doesn;t work when you need it

18:14 to: debschi
Glogster only links for me through Safari. Doesn't link through Firefox?

18:18 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Prezi makes me dizzy, haven't done it with kids yet. Maybe they'd have an easier time with it

18:20 to: Sheri Edwards
Just discovered this math teacher prezi:

18:23 to: Jill
I just used glogster for the winter olympics

18:27 to: Steve Hardiman
something is physically rubbing against the mic, collar or hair perhaps

18:28 to: ChrisLittle
you were at TED! WOW!

18:28 to: Jenny
yes prezi is more difficult to use than glogster. I feel, as a PD and instructional designer, that prezi has more use for integrating content into the lesson.

18:35 to: christiana
sound again for me

18:40 to: js
the easier it makes our lives, the harder it makes it

18:42 to: manaliss
Sound please

18:42 to: Jill
me too

18:45 to: Julie L
sound issue

18:46 to: Peggy George
the prezi link right?

18:47 to: Kathy
"technology is great when it works" my students automatically say this when we encounter a problem

18:53 to: joyce svitak 1
amazing experience, her interview will be on CNN soon

19:00 to: roxanne clement
cant hear

19:00 to: verocri southamerica

19:05 to: cstanley4
Hi, Peggy - gotta go - will be looking forward to the archive of this -hate to miss the chat, but he's insistant we go out. I heard Adora in a live webinar last fall, and she sounds even more mature a

19:05 to: cstanley4
nd together in this one.

19:09 to: Steve Hardiman
please intervene and get her mic fixed once and for all. It really sounds like something it touching it

19:12 to: Jenny McCaleb
a little

19:12 to: verocri southamerica

19:13 to: js

19:13 to: debbie

19:13 to: Carla Fluharty

19:14 to: Gila

19:15 to: roxanne clement
just right now

19:16 to: Sabine
now very well

19:16 to: donnined
goes in and out

19:17 to: Sally Boone

19:19 to: Jon H
not really

19:22 to: Alison
sound is in and out

19:28 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
My kids use glogster to pull together all the pieces for their presentations. They can have just about anything on them- ppt, video, images, audio, etc... Great tool.

19:28 to: Carla Fluharty

19:30 to:

19:30 to: Steve Hardiman
is it TOUCHING something?

19:31 to: Jon H

19:31 to: Jenny McCaleb
can hear now

19:33 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
something is htting the mic it seems

19:34 to: Sal
great now

19:36 to: debschi
Great now!

19:36 to: cstanley4
Now coing through live and clear

19:40 to: Sally Boone
sounds good now

19:52 to: Peggy George
view the webtour with with default layout so you can see more of the screen

20:05 to: Jenny
I like glogster because it teaches synthesis. t

20:06 to: debschi
@cstanley: she's 12 now!!!

20:08 to: Peggy George
click on View>Layout>Wide Layout

20:15 to: Sal
we can each bring up prezi ourselves if you want us to

20:37 to: Peggy George (Glog example created by Adora)

20:52 to: Peggy George (Adora's TED Prezi: What Kids Need Now)

20:56 to:
Heard many people talk about Prezi but haven't actually used it. The demos I've seen are very dynamic

20:59 to: Jenny
The space in glogster is finite, and because of that it forces the student to decide and prioritize.

21:20 to: Alison

21:25 to: roxanne clement

21:25 to: Peggy George
Prezi is a wonderful, powerful alternative to powerpoints!

21:25 to: Sal

21:28 to: Steve Hardiman
move mic to side again. Your breath is hitting it

21:30 to: Julie L
sound dwindling again

21:39 to: VIRGINIA
audio is jumping

21:40 to:
can't hear again

21:41 to: Jenny
Prezi is endless space and that is good too. But knowing what purpose you want to effect it a good way to approach either tool.

21:44 to: Scott K- MPLS
it helps when Adora speaks louder. perhaps adjust her mic?

22:09 to: manaliss
I can't hear again

22:09 to: Sal
what is the difference between prezi and glogster

22:10 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
turn your bass down on the speakers and it much better

22:12 to: Sal

22:14 to: JimHoffman

22:14 to: Peggy George

22:15 to: Alison

22:15 to: Julie L

22:15 to: Jenny McCaleb

22:16 to: Scott K- MPLS

22:16 to: Gila
much better

22:16 to: cclong

22:17 to: Jill

22:17 to: Sally Boone

22:17 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

22:17 to: Alia Saad

22:17 to: Jon H

22:18 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology

22:18 to: verocri southamerica

22:18 to: Steve Hardiman

22:18 to: Carla Fluharty

22:19 to: js
so far

22:20 to: roxanne clement
right now

22:20 to: debbie

22:20 to: Kathleen Friery

22:20 to: cpotash

22:20 to:

22:22 to: gianluca.abbadessa

22:23 to: rmac
yes much better

22:27 to: debschi
@Roxanne go to Anthony Wayne. Not quite finished though.

22:33 to: sue

22:45 to: Sal

22:47 to: blairteach

22:51 to: js

22:53 to: Julie L
sound again

22:54 to: Laura

22:56 to: rmac

22:56 to: Cristine

22:57 to: Alison
no sound agian

22:58 to: Peggy George
we've all seen ppt slides like that with lots of text!!

23:35 to: Scott K- MPLS
keep projecting your voice Adora- it really helps with audio!

23:40 to: Peggy George
Wordle is such a great tool for students to explore words and synthesize text

23:45 to: gianluca.abbadessa
still some problem wth the mic

23:48 to: Peggy George

23:57 to: ChrisLittle
we love wordle in Spanish class!

23:59 to: Sabine
perhaps it is the mic

24:05 to: Peggy George
it is her mic ;-(

24:28 to: Peggy George
mic is off Adora

24:31 to: Linda
My students completed a Wordle for their final reflection in an 8-week course that just finished. They were required to explain why they included the words they did. It was a great experience.!

24:32 to: Steve Hardiman
Your BREATH is hitting mic and causing the volume to drop. Please keep it to the side.

24:37 to: Eileen K
no sound

24:41 to: blairteach
SHe needs to click on the box that makes our screen follow hers.

24:58 to: Jenny
Again, is a wonderful tool to develop critical thinking skills.

25:02 to: debschi
@Linda very cool

25:18 to: Peggy George
she is going to try her internal microphone-there will be a background hum so turn your audio down a bit

25:19 to: Jenny
Adora, you are doing a great job...We are very happy you are presenting!

25:43 to: debschi

25:44 to: Sally Boone

25:44 to: Linda
I was impressed with the results and how much college students enjoyed Wordle.

25:45 to: ChrisLittle
This happens a lot in Spanish class

25:45 to: Laura

26:09 to: cchellis
This same phenom applies to teachers!

26:21 to: Julie L
death glare!! LOOOOL

26:23 to: js
don't make eye contact

26:25 to: Peggy George
lots of students don't want to be called on :-)

26:31 to: Cristine

26:48 to: Jill
student response system?

26:58 to: Peggy George
That's me!!! :-)

27:09 to: verocri southamerica

27:18 to: Peggy George
student response system is also known as clickers :-)

27:22 to: Cristine
hummmm...i dont how can you force someone to do that...they will run away!

27:48 to: Laura
clickers are costly

27:55 to: Jill

27:58 to: Peggy George

27:58 to: Sal
what is the url

27:59 to: roxanne clement
Happens to all of us!!! no worries

28:03 to: debschi
what's this called again?

28:06 to: Barbara
Didn't she say that this was an online tool?

28:10 to: Eileen K
my second grade students love clickers

28:13 to: Jill

28:23 to: Laura
Evils of gambling??? I am teaching in Las Vegas :)

28:25 to: js She said fruit machine

28:25 to: Peggy George
are you seeing it?

28:31 to: debbie
not seeing it

28:32 to: Kathleen Friery
students can also respond with cell phones - if allowed

28:33 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

28:33 to: js

28:35 to: Peggy George
funny name! fruit machine

28:37 to: Laura

28:38 to: Steve Hardiman

28:38 to: debbie

28:38 to: Sal

28:39 to: blairteach
Just the original screen

28:39 to: Barbara

28:39 to: Jill

28:40 to: Sheri Edwards

28:40 to: Alison

28:40 to: Julie L

28:40 to: Gila

28:40 to: verocri southamerica
no sorry

28:40 to: Jenny McCaleb

28:41 to: Jon H

28:41 to: Linda A.

28:42 to: Mukesh Bairwa

28:45 to: Sally Boone

28:47 to: Sal
didn't see wordle either

28:50 to: Peggy George
we could see it if you were using app sharing

28:52 to:

30:01 to: Peggy George
looks like a court room :-)

30:07 to: Cristine

30:24 to: debschi
Activ board?

30:30 to: Jill

30:33 to: Scott K- MPLS
can you say more about how you used the tech?

30:39 to: js

30:41 to: Peggy George
Activeboard is like a SmartBoard

30:45 to: McTeach
Love my activboard!!

30:46 to: Peggy George
interactive white board

30:49 to: Scott K- MPLS
how was it used in writing?

30:49 to: debschi
I see

30:58 to: Sally Boone
Promethian I think

31:07 to: Peggy George
yes Promethian

31:15 to: Eileen K
yes, promethian,too

31:28 to: joyce svitak 1
peggy, Joyce here, please tell Adora to change to the new mic I just gave to her

31:31 to: Peggy George
video conferencing is such a powerful way to go beyond classroom walls

32:01 to: Jenny
post the URL please! thanks.

32:02 to: McTeach
Here's the Promethean user website:

32:11 to: Julie L
sound is gone

32:13 to: blairteach
Did you post the links already?

32:13 to: RDetwiler
lost audio again

32:13 to: Peggy George
this is the home page for CILC--an awesome site!

32:16 to: ChrisLittle
Rock Our World is a great example of how to use videoconferencing in project based learning

32:17 to: Jenny
to cilc

32:18 to: glumb
We are struggling to get district officials to move forward this type of learning unfortunately

32:23 to: Peggy George
she's changing mics-she'll be right back

32:26 to: debbie
lost sound

32:31 to: Jill

32:32 to: Jon H

32:33 to: Patti R

32:33 to: Julie L

32:33 to: Alison

32:34 to: verocri southamerica

32:34 to: cpotash

32:35 to: js
so far

32:35 to: Alia Saad

32:35 to: blairteach
MUCH beter

32:35 to: cchellis

32:35 to: RDetwiler

32:36 to: Peggy George

32:36 to: Lawrence Armstrong

32:36 to: Sal

32:37 to: Linda A.

32:37 to: Kathy

32:37 to: rmac
cilc is it only availble to us schools ?

32:38 to: Sabine

32:38 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
so much better

32:38 to: Angie K

32:38 to: gianluca.abbadessa

32:38 to: Cristine
yeap for now

32:39 to: Sally Boone

32:39 to: Sheri Edwards
very much better

32:43 to: debbie

32:43 to: Peggy George

32:49 to: Jon H
lost you

32:56 to: RDetwiler
this was a good fix, no more background hum

32:57 to: Jon H

33:15 to: Peggy George
Adora's Teaching Programs: keyword: Adora Svitak

33:19 to: Scott K- MPLS
like you!

34:13 to: Peggy George
Adora loves to tease us!

34:20 to: debschi
Writing especially!

34:22 to: ChrisLittle
Especially in Spanish

34:42 to: Peggy George
yes! "why do I have to learn this?" :-)

35:06 to: ChrisLittle
gotta go, thanks Adora! Thanks Peggy.

35:15 to: Peggy George
Thanks for coming ChrisLittle!

35:29 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I was subbing for a friend the other day- she had the kids making a brochure for gladiator school- it was fun!

35:41 to: Sal
Adora, do you go to regular school???

35:49 to: Peggy George
such a great idea Maureen!

35:59 to: Peggy George
perfect example of what she is talking about

36:18 to: Peggy George (example of a class blog-8th Grade Science at Spartanburg Day School)

36:21 to: RDetwiler
class wiki, but not blog

36:26 to: Kathy Cassidy
Students use it as an online portfolio.

36:39 to: blairteach

36:39 to: Peggy George (example of a class blog-8th Grade Science at Spartanburg Day School)

36:40 to: the0d0re
wiki and ning

36:40 to: McTeach
Coming up now

36:41 to: Steve Hardiman

36:42 to: Lorna Costantini
yes seeing now

36:42 to: Alia Saad

36:42 to: cpotash

36:42 to: Julie L

36:43 to: Angie K

36:45 to: Jill

36:45 to: roxanne clement

36:48 to: Deborah Daniels
I have wiki for book reviews

36:48 to: roxanne clement

36:48 to: js
what is the difference between a wiki and a blog?

36:52 to: Mukesh Bairwa

36:58 to: Laura
just started with the class blog and am finding its hard to get them started.

36:58 to: Mark Moran 1
All kids should be blogging, learning to build their online presence

36:59 to: Peggy George
the link is in the chat too if you have a problem seeing it in the browser

37:11 to: Mark Moran 1

37:12 to: Lorna Costantini
everyone please send your comments to this room

37:22 to: Peggy George
be sure to post your messages to "This Room" so everyone can see them and not just the moderators

37:29 to: glumb
Start with something fun and nonthreatening

37:39 to: Sheri Edwards

37:39 to: Lorna Costantini
if you see your comments in blue not everyone can see your comments

37:42 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
I do a staff blog for videos, information, my thoughts and reflections, blogs to folow, current research etc

37:54 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Lorna, @Peggy- sorry- sometimes it seems to switch on its own!

37:55 to: debschi
I like to link from Peggy's links so that I can bookmark right away. Just a tip!

37:55 to: Sheri Edwards
Tween Tribune

37:59 to: Barbara
Students post book reviews using hyperlinks to explain their books

38:08 to: roxanne clement
link to the student blog?

38:09 to: Peggy George
good idea debschi :-)

38:11 to: the0d0re
Who is using Blogs with Elementary School Students?

38:12 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology

38:18 to: Peggy George
I end up with tons of tabs after these sessions!

38:32 to: Gila
Edmodo for elemntery

38:35 to: blairteach

38:36 to: rmac
Yes for indid. blogs

38:40 to: Sheri Edwards
Love edmodo

38:49 to: McTeach
We're using google apps this year...awesome for group projects!!

38:49 to: CC
Can Adora come to ISTE 2010 to present this workshop???

39:00 to: Mark Moran 1
that's exactly it - if they know writing is public, they think abt it before publishing many adults don't

39:13 to: carolyn
js - a wiki is a notebook online that others can comment on; a wiki is collective - many people can write on it - like wikipedia

39:30 to: Peggy George (Commoncraft: Wikis in Plain English)

39:33 to: the0d0re
Yes, Mark - Very true

39:50 to: Sheri Edwards
@McTeach - would love to see you share at a CR Live about your google projects

39:51 to: Mukesh Bairwa
my students are using wikis

39:55 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
You just have to set up your wiki so that kids are not trying to edit the same page at the same time

40:08 to: Peggy George
great tip Maureen!

40:24 to: Peggy George
if they are working on separate pages in the wiki more can edit at the same time

40:25 to: CC
The great folks at Common Craft who make these videos are great supporters of educators

40:41 to: Steve Hardiman
Adora... mute your mic OR computer while video is playing... we are hearing an echo from your computer

40:53 to: Karen
we have student write info into a word doc and transfer to the wiki all at once when group members aren't on the page

41:08 to: debschi
@Mike Love Sylvia's projects (langwitches) mentioned in article.

41:14 to: the0d0re
I use wiki's for students to create their group project research and group edit their work

41:18 to: Sheri Edwards
Classroom news and commenting:

41:30 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Peggy- I learned that they hard way- as usual... When I first tried a wiki with a class 3 years ago...Trial and error and more error.

41:40 to: Nour
isn't the point behing wikis collaboration? if students are editing separate pages, doesn't it defeat the purpose?

41:49 to: Nour

41:52 to: Peggy George
I love using Glogster to create the home page for my wikis! so interactive and visually attractive and links to other pages in the wiki or outside URLs

41:58 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Nour- no they can use the discussion tab

42:06 to: js
thought about using a blog for students to look & talk/critique an artists work

42:16 to: Peggy George
they are editing the same pages but in smaller groups

42:35 to: the0d0re
Yes, they collaborate on the same group project; they write to each other, edit their work

42:39 to: debschi
@Sheri wow! Who created this?

42:39 to: Sheri Edwards
Or they can comment on bottom of page in wiki for pbworks; discussion tab for wikispaces

42:42 to: Peggy George
only one person can type at the same time on a specific page but they can all collaborate on the document

42:53 to: Peggy George
this is created by CommonCraft

42:53 to: CC
It is easy to embed othe media in wikis

42:59 to: Peggy George (Commoncraft: Wikis in Plain English)

43:18 to: Eileen K
Elementary Administrators often will not allow teachers to set up blogs- fear of online predators.. How do we convince them that a closed blog will not allow anyone in unless the teacher has allowed t

43:18 to: Eileen K

43:22 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks for clarifying that Peggy. You just cannot be editing at the same time

43:23 to: Nour
smaller groups makes sense, I guess

43:31 to: Peggy George
right Maureen

43:32 to: CC
Wikispaces and PBwiki are great for educators

43:37 to: debschi
Was talking about teen tribune

43:46 to: Sheri Edwards
You can edit at the same time on google docs in Google Apps for education

43:50 to: the0d0re
Try Gaggle

43:55 to: Dave
I use wikispaces

44:02 to: Peggy George
Lee Lefever does some amazing videos to explain technology things in very simple terms

44:02 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Eileen- when will the myth of predators go away?

44:14 to: Jenny McCaleb
can't hear

44:28 to: Steve Hardiman

44:29 to: CC

44:29 to: Carla Fluharty

44:29 to: Sheri Edwards

44:29 to: Patti R

44:30 to: Jon H

44:32 to: Julie L

44:32 to: verocri southamerica

44:32 to: Sally Boone

44:33 to: Linda A.

44:35 to: Jill

44:45 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology

44:46 to: carolyn
no wiki - only blog

44:46 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Http:// is what my kids are working on

45:01 to: the0d0re
Gaggle is a protected site - the teacher is the administrator. Students can blog and email - only within the Gaggle environment. Free with adds.

45:03 to: Peggy George
great! keep sharing your links!!

45:05 to: read4me
lost sound

45:06 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
the sms is my staff wiki for collborative agendas

45:09 to: manaliss
Lost soun again!

45:09 to: Patti R
i have mine set to private so only the class members access it

45:16 to:
working in a Ning

45:34 to: CC
add your VoiceThread projects to:

45:37 to: the0d0re
Nings are the coolest!

45:48 to: LarryAnderson
A good wiki for our NECC/ISTE presentation --

45:51 to: Jon H
Looks good Maureen

45:52 to: js

45:54 to: Patti R
i think you have to be 13 to join a Ning

45:56 to: Deborah Daniels

46:09 to: Karen
open office is not fully compatible, but works well enough

46:10 to: Dave

46:14 to: Sally Boone

46:16 to:
yes like a facebook page, but I find it more secure and clear

46:17 to: Peggy George
for sure!!! desk cleanup time!! :-)

46:19 to: the0d0re
Correct, there is an age limit

46:53 to: Laura
google docs is a great site to share, collaborate and store documents

46:54 to: js
livebinders might be like this

46:55 to: the0d0re
Other free software package is Zoho

47:03 to: Dave

47:06 to: verocri southamerica

47:08 to: gianluca.abbadessa
scribd is the best!ù

47:15 to: McTeach
Laura...we're loving google docs this year!!!

47:16 to: Julie L
i use too

47:17 to: CC
Google Docs and Sites

47:36 to: Sheri Edwards
The kids love google apps

47:45 to: Peggy George

47:47 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Jon H The kids are working on getting stuff together to present... It is hard for them not to be told what to do- lots of choices to make, but they are getting there

47:56 to:
our IT is considering banning google docs because it is not secure enough. Any thoughts?

48:04 to: Laura
yes, the kids are learning faster than I am :o it's pretty cool

48:18 to: Jon H
Sounds great

48:19 to: CC
@jolly Why? How is it not secure for student work?

48:26 to: Peggy George
I sure hope we get to hear all 20 tips!! :-) Maybe we can go longer and if you have to leave you can watch the recording

48:43 to: Jill
sounds good

48:45 to: McTeach
Peggy...I'm not going anywhere!!

48:47 to: verocri southamerica
where can we watch the recording peggy

48:50 to: Carla Fluharty
I have had problems with Goggle Docs. Site is shut down a lot

48:53 to: Peggy George
me either!!! I know what's coming :-)

48:54 to:
they are talking about ownership issues and where (country) that the server is located in

48:55 to: Sabine
Mobi tablets can be used to?

48:57 to: Lorna Costantini
you can use an alias for a teacher Google email address

48:59 to: CC
Schools can use Google Apps for Education - keep within domain

49:00 to: js
I would stay longer just to hear all of the good stuff. Hope it's not rushed

49:09 to: Peggy George
free is good!!

49:16 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I use google docs all the time, never have trouble accessing

49:18 to: Sheri Edwards
@jolly rogers cities are using google docs; universities are using google docs; read googles white papers on security;

49:20 to: Steve Hardiman
Oh, she'll love that you shared that ;-)

49:29 to: Peggy George
nice slide!!! lots of information :-)

49:36 to: mary

49:48 to: mary

50:03 to: Peggy George
google custom search has so many options!!

50:16 to: Jenni Voorhees
A big solution for younger students

50:16 to: Laura
Fantastic tool!!!

50:22 to: mary

50:26 to: Patti R
is there a way to remove the "search the web" option from a google custom search

50:28 to: verocri southamerica
GCS awesome tool!

50:37 to: mary

50:42 to: Peggy George
yes that's why it is a custom search :-)

51:25 to: Patti R
i mean that when i make a custom search there are 2 options at the top, to use that search engine or search the whole web, i want to eliminate that option

51:27 to: Peggy George
yes that is creepy!

51:33 to: Jill
that was here in TN :-(

51:53 to: Peggy George
@Patti R-you create the custom search and they can only search on the sites you select

51:53 to: Lorna Costantini
@pepper there is a free option through Learn Central

51:57 to: Sally Boone
Twiducate is a free tool for classroom use

52:00 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
We have to get our IT people to unblock twitter!

52:03 to: Lorna Costantini

52:04 to: Laura
excellent, my kids want me to get a twitter account, yikes!

52:05 to: McTeach
Loving Edmodo!

52:07 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@patti r- my custom search only searches the sites I put in- no option to search the web

52:10 to: Peggy George

52:16 to: Engaging Students with Interactive technology
I am in love with twitter!

52:24 to: Peggy George
we had a great presentation on Edmodo recently and the recording is in the archives

52:31 to: Patti R
@maureen, there must be something i have to turn off that i havent found

53:04 to: Peggy George (ProProfs Quiz School-create a quiz for your classroom)

53:16 to: McTeach
We have an edmodo ning going if anyone wants to join:

53:34 to: Peggy George (Adora's blog post: Sense and Sensibility Quiz)

53:46 to: Lorna Costantini
scroll down to see the quiz

53:56 to: Peggy George
oh she needs to do more studying :-)

54:09 to: Peggy George
just teasing!!

54:20 to: Gila

54:34 to: Peggy George
I was just going to type Quizlet! Love that tool!

54:45 to: js
Can those quizzes be used with clickers?

54:59 to: Peggy George
yes they could

55:16 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
isn't ning only for 13+?

55:31 to: CC
@Maureen - yes 13+

55:34 to: Peggy George

55:35 to: Jenni Voorhees
yes, it has the same age limit as FB

55:42 to: Jill
love jing and camtasia

55:43 to: Sal
Love quizlet.

55:49 to: Patti R
many sites have 13 age limit

55:56 to: Sal
Jing is great too!

56:00 to: Peggy George

56:01 to: verocri southamerica

56:07 to: the0d0re
I love Animoto

56:07 to: joyce svitak 1
adora's education blog

56:14 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I love camtasia, but it has been cranky lately, crashing a lot

56:20 to: Peggy George (Personal Narrative 1 with Adora Svitak)

56:40 to: Peggy George

56:41 to: js

56:41 to: blairteach

56:42 to: Gila

56:44 to: LarryAnderson

56:46 to: Linda A.

56:47 to: Mukesh Bairwa

56:49 to: Scott K- MPLS

56:50 to: Peggy George

56:50 to: Lorna Costantini

56:53 to: JimHoffman

56:54 to: blairteach

56:54 to: Deborah Daniels

56:57 to: Sal

57:04 to: Peggy George
dimdim :-)

57:17 to: Linda
I have my online students use Jing to submit assignments. They love it and report that they use it in other courses.

57:24 to: Peggy George
there are so many great video conferencing tools

57:26 to: Rob M

57:28 to: Patti R
i recently discovered DimDim it is pretty good

57:28 to: Sabine

57:31 to: carolyn
YES JING is great!!!!

57:32 to: Sal

57:34 to: Beverly Stout

57:34 to: Lorna Costantini
Kim lead a great show about web conferencing - check out the archices

57:35 to: Scott K- MPLS
search tools?

57:40 to: Lorna Costantini

57:40 to: LarryAnderson
If we like FREE stuff, isn't there a pretty hefty cost for Elluminate?

57:41 to: Steve Hardiman
Just Do it

57:42 to: Peggy George

57:43 to: Patti R
need more than 5 min. for Jing

57:49 to: Eileen K

57:50 to: CC

57:50 to: Peggy George

57:54 to: Mark Moran 1

57:54 to: Peggy George

57:56 to: Sal

57:59 to: Mark Moran 1

58:00 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

58:02 to: blairteach
Skype or some video chat

58:04 to: Melissa in Sacto
mobile techs

58:05 to: Beverly Stout

58:05 to: Bruce Neal

58:07 to: Patti R
learn to use virtual worlds for instruction

58:07 to: glumb

58:08 to: Sabine
digital story

58:09 to: Jill

58:10 to: blairteach
social bookmarking

58:11 to: Sheri Edwards

58:11 to: Steve Hardiman
  1. 20: You learn these tools by USING them

58:12 to: Tammy Moore

58:12 to: Peggy George
diigo is at the top of my list

58:13 to: Jon H
cell phones/texting

58:14 to: Peggy George

58:16 to: Mark Moran 1

58:18 to: Sheila
cell phones

58:18 to: LarryAnderson
Tip #20: Bring in Adora to my class via a webconference! :-)

58:18 to: Barbara

58:20 to:
be open minded and search for people who are trying something different

58:21 to: espinozajulie
cell phone

58:21 to: CC
mobile learning

58:22 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

58:23 to: Sabine

58:26 to: Linda
I would love to see/do a presentation using the Pulse Pen

58:26 to: Jill

58:27 to: mary

58:28 to: Mark Moran 1

58:32 to: rmac

58:32 to: Julie Johnson

58:33 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

58:34 to: js
digital presenter

58:35 to: CC
anything that supports student learning

58:39 to: Eileen K

58:40 to: Peggy George
Smart Pen

58:40 to: Sabine
mobi tablet

58:41 to: Jill
released april 3

58:42 to: Beverly Stout
polling tool

58:44 to: JimHoffman
iPod touches

58:48 to: Barbara

58:49 to: Peggy George
lcd projector

58:49 to: Laura
Keep learning and teaching yourself and be open to having your students teaching you!

58:51 to: mary
glogster edu

58:53 to: Sabine

58:54 to: Julie L
I'm going with gaming like quest atlantis

59:10 to: Steve Hardiman

59:24 to: Freddy
voting tools

59:27 to: Peggy George
"To teach is to learn twice." :-)

59:27 to: CC
f2f community is the best tool of all

59:35 to: Sal

59:38 to: Jill
Thanks, Adora! Great session!

59:40 to: Scott K- MPLS
you really tiedt the tools to the pedagogy! Brava!

59:46 to: Sal
Thank you, Adora!

59:48 to: Sally Boone
Thank you. This was great!

59:49 to: Sabine
thanks so much for sharing

59:50 to: js

59:52 to: Lorna Costantini

59:52 to: Sheila

59:54 to: LarryAnderson
"One who learns drinks from a flowing river"

59:55 to: sayyid
Great Bless you

59:59 to: carolyn
thanks! WOW!

59:59 to: Linda A.
Thanks Andora--what an amazing teacher you are!

1:00:01 to: Jenny McCaleb
tahnk you

1:00:04 to: Peggy George
we could do the closing and then continue with questions if people need to leave

1:00:05 to: Laura
Thanks for all the great info! I love the sharing of resources!

1:00:07 to: debschi
Just took a screen cast of this slide!

1:00:16 to: glumb
Nice job Adora!

1:00:23 to: Bob F
I adore Adora. Thanks, Ma'm!

1:00:24 to: the0d0re
Who do you want to be when you grow up? Had to ask!

1:00:26 to: Patti R

1:00:26 to: VIRGINIA

1:00:28 to: cpotash
Thanks, Adora!

1:00:30 to: Peggy George
all of the information is in our links today:

1:00:31 to: Scott K- MPLS
any tools for timelines?

1:00:32 to: cpotash
Thanks, Peggy!

1:00:32 to: Alia Saad
Thank you Adora

1:00:32 to: Sal
could you repeat your twitter

1:00:33 to: Kathleen Friery
Thank you!

1:00:34 to: Adora Svitak
Thank you!

1:00:35 to: Carla Fluharty
thank you

1:00:35 to: debschi
Adora, can I have the quote again that you had on the slide b4 this

1:00:37 to: Cristine
thank u

1:00:37 to: Adora Svitak

1:00:37 to: verocri southamerica
thx ADORA!!!

1:00:41 to: Bruce Neal

1:00:41 to: Jon H
Thank you

1:00:41 to: Alison
thanks Adora!!

1:00:42 to: Jenny McCaleb
thank you

1:00:43 to: sayyid
You shpould build a community of your fans!

1:00:43 to: LarryAnderson
If you have children, what do you want them to become?

1:00:44 to: CC
You ARE a teacher journalist writer!!

1:00:47 to: Nour
can we have access to these slides?

1:00:50 to: gianluca.abbadessa
thank you very much

1:00:51 to: Barbara
Thanks Adora! Awesome !

1:01:03 to: Sal

1:01:05 to: manaliss
Thank you

1:01:05 to: Lawrence Armstrong

1:01:08 to: S. Inak
Thank you for all the ideas!

1:01:13 to: cchellis
Thanks so much; she is an inspiration.

1:01:14 to: Nour

1:01:16 to: the0d0re
Bye Jenni, Theo

1:01:17 to: Mukesh Bairwa

1:01:19 to: gaetana.webster

1:01:22 to: Peggy George

1:01:24 to: Lorna Costantini

1:01:42 to: VIRGINIA

1:01:49 to: gianluca.abbadessa
oh thanks for everything!!!

1:01:49 to: debschi
Is there a quick slide show there alao?

1:01:56 to: debschi

1:02:06 to: VIRGINIA
thk ADORA from Italy

1:02:10 to: Jill
Thanks everyone. Very interesting.

1:02:10 to: cpotash
Thanks, Lorna

1:02:42 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks Adora -- wonderful info for us

1:02:46 to: Lawrence Armstrong
Will be on the road and away from the Internet ahhhh

1:02:48 to: Mark Moran 1
she's inspiring

1:02:48 to: mary
Thank you!

1:02:50 to: rmac
wonderful thank you

1:02:50 to: wordgirl
thank you from boston ma

1:02:51 to: Adora Svitak
Thank you everyone!

1:03:06 to: verocri southamerica

1:03:23 to: Scott K- MPLS
Adora- would love to attend a presentation you give about the future of journalism

1:03:30 to: Jon H

1:04:16 to: Adora Svitak
You can request any of my distance learning programs on; just search Adora.

1:04:17 to: the0d0re
We need a conversation on the new standards

1:04:44 to: JimHoffman

1:05:19 to: Sal
I never get a certificate.

1:05:24 to: Melissa in Sacto
fabulous session (audio problems aside)

1:05:40 to: Lorna Costantini

1:05:41 to: Jenny
thank you. Wonderful presentation. Thank you Adora.

1:05:52 to: Adolfo Arrieta
thank you

1:05:53 to: Adora Svitak

1:06:09 to: Scott K- MPLS
any timeline creating tools you use?

1:06:10 to: the0d0re
Adora, have you use PhotoPeach?

1:06:13 to: davesapp
Thanks Andora -- That was Great--Hope I can you to Michigan

1:06:47 to: Peggy George
great Sal!!!

1:06:52 to: davesapp
I haven't been getting the certificates lately either

1:07:00 to: Peggy George
we love knowing more about Adora!! :-)

1:07:04 to: Eileen K
Any tips on specifically teaching writing to elementary students

1:07:25 to: Peggy George
she does a fabulous presentation on teaching creative writing to elementary students!

1:07:35 to: Mukesh Bairwa
tell me the name of any free webconferencing tool

1:07:53 to: Tammy Moore
Yay for online schools!

1:07:54 to: Tammy Moore

1:08:02 to: Sal
Thank you

1:08:02 to: joyce svitak 1
people can type in their questions

1:08:29 to: Scott K- MPLS
any timeline-creating tools you like?

1:08:31 to: Jon H
what is your skype address?

1:08:31 to: Sal
How do we contact you.

1:08:44 to: Mark Moran 1
Any advice for teaching kids how to use search engines more effectively?

1:08:50 to: joyce svitak 1

1:08:57 to: Lorna Costantini
Kim Caise's presentation on webconferencing

1:09:10 to: Kathy
sweet search, I learned about it last week

1:09:25 to: Mukesh Bairwa

1:09:38 to: Adora Svitak

1:09:39 to: Peggy George
all of her contact information is in our links too :-)

1:09:49 to: Peggy George
and follow her on twitter :-)

1:09:52 to: davesapp
yes, take the time to listen to Kim Caise's conference--she was great on web conferencing

1:10:17 to: Peggy George
Adora's videos:

1:10:46 to: Scott K- MPLS
timeline creators?

1:10:46 to: Melissa in Sacto
just lots to digets today

1:10:57 to: js

1:11:00 to: davesapp
Thanks so much that was great

1:11:11 to: Jon H
Thank you ALL

1:11:17 to: Jenny McCaleb

1:11:17 to: Julie L
thank you!

1:11:21 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks again

1:11:22 to: Peggy George
thank you all for coming!!! such a fun presentation!!

1:11:29 to: Adora Svitak
Thank you!

1:11:40 to: verocri southamerica

1:11:44 to: Adora Svitak
Thank you!Bye!

1:11:48 to: Peggy George
we'll post the recording link very soon in our archives

1:11:53 to: davesapp
can you explain what criteria there is ifor the certificate?

1:11:58 to: Peggy George

1:11:59 to: Lorna Costantini
@dave - attendance at the session

1:12:04 to: Peggy George
the certificate is for 1 hour of prof devel credit

1:12:09 to: Peggy George
some states use them for re-certification credits

1:12:13 to: davesapp
the entire webinar or most or parts

1:12:18 to: Peggy George
1 hour :-)

1:12:23 to: Peggy George
and you can even watch the full recording of the video and request a certificate :-)

1:12:28 to: davesapp
ok, that has been an issue and explains it