CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE Webinar October 26, 2013

Featured Teacher: Linda Rood

00:10 - Peggy George
that's great news Shamblesguru!!

00:20 - Peggy George
I haven't upgraded to Mavericks yet.

00:27 - Peggy George
Thank you Tammy!!!

00:35 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I had to do a Java update.

00:45 - Peggy George
Welcome back aunttammie!! Did you lose your connection?

00:50 - Peggy George
me too Paula

01:06 - aunttammie
Hi, Peggy!

01:24 - aunttammie
I just got here...didn't lose a connection

01:25 - Peggy George
I always move my chat window too. So much easier to read the chat flying by!!

01:38 - Peggy George

01:53 - Peggy George
we have a great Livebinder for you with all of the tools/apps Linda will be sharing with us

02:07 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

02:16 - Peggy George
Hi Jo-Ann! Great to see you!!!

02:19 - aunttammie
Don't know what I'd do without Livebinder! It's become the core of my class!

02:29 - Jo-Ann 1

02:30 - Peggy George
I'm joining you from Phoenix AZ

02:38 - Peggy George
Welcome nikki!

02:54 - nikki
hi Peggy :-)

02:56 - Dotty
San Jose(silicon Valley)ca

03:03 - Peggy George
if you don't have a school you have to say no :-)

03:13 - aunttammie
not officially...but I guess we do in practice.

03:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have done a couple of BYOD days. Hope to be allowed to pilot BYOD in my classroom.

03:25 - Peggy George
funny aunttammie!

03:35 - Peggy George
that would be so awesome Paula!!

03:47 - Peggy George
you are the perfect person to pilot a BYOD!!

03:48 - Dotty
I tutor at a school., but no one on one or even laptops or tablets.

03:55 - Peggy George
Welcome Rosalyn and Patti R!

04:04 - Patti R
Hi Peggy and all!

04:08 - Peggy George
your students could be adults too!

04:18 - Peggy George
Welcome Eileen and Aida! So glad you could join us!

04:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have netbooks, but students use my personal iPad and iPhone.

04:29 - Peggy George
Hi Melissa--welcome back :-)

04:31 - Eileen
Hi Peggy!

04:31 - Dotty
Tutoring program does not. I attempted to use with students, but was reprimanded.

04:32 - Andrea 1
Hi everybody. Glad to be here ;)

04:34 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Patti R.

04:39 - Patti R
Hey Paula

04:40 - Peggy George
Hi Andrea!!

05:02 - Peggy George
this may apply just to yourself :-)

05:08 - Peggy George
do you use ipads to create things?

05:10 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Wish I had more than one iPad.

05:30 - Peggy George

05:43 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have used Educreations to create some video tutorials.

05:55 - Peggy George (Linda Rood on Twitter)

06:11 - Dotty
To create I have used Glogster, Educreations

06:11 - Patti R
I am going to use our one and only Apple voucher to purchase Explain Everything

06:12 - Peggy George
We're so excited to have Linda here to share with us today!!

06:36 - Peggy George
Here's our Livebinder link for today if you're just logging in.

06:41 - Patti R
Yeah DEN!

06:47 - Jo-Ann 1
Woot! Woot! Yay, Linda!!

06:47 - Peggy George
Woot for DEN STARs!!

07:28 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Being a DEN Star is great. You should become one if you haven't done so yet.

07:41 - Peggy George
do you all still use the term web 2.0? do we just take it foregranted that we mean interactivity on the web. :-)

08:06 - Patti R
wish i had all my teachers here for this session; i will have to pass on my learning

08:07 - Peggy George
my life on the web changed dramatically when I could do more than just browse and read things!

08:20 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Peggy, I say web tools, apps, sites etc.

08:24 - Dotty
I miss being a Den Star, but once you retire you can't be one.

08:30 - Peggy George
definitely @Patti R--you can share the recording and the Livebinder with your teachers :-)

08:44 - Peggy George
yes you can Dotty!! I'm a retired educator and I'm a DEN STAR :-)

09:00 - Peggy George
I recognize all of those apple computers!!!

09:07 - Peggy George
have used them all!

09:10 - Patti R
@Peggy, oh that is good to know!

09:15 - Jo-Ann 1
We still have a lot of those computers at our school!!

09:20 - aunttammie
me, too, Peggy...we are old :)

09:26 - Peggy George
they work forever!!!

09:38 - Jo-Ann 1
Thank goodness

10:02 - Peggy George
that is so exciting Linda!! I remember creating lots of things in Hyperstudio!

10:32 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I remember those days. Seems so long ago.

10:33 - Peggy George
so glad we don't have to depend on software so much anymore!

10:41 - Jo-Ann 1
I miss hyperstudio. Hoping for a great app soon

10:54 - Dotty
Is Hyperstudio still around?

11:00 - Peggy George
I still have a lot of software on my Macs but I do so many things on my browser now

11:04 - stidmama
I miss the old Blackboard that just loaded the first time and stayed up...

11:08 - Peggy George
great question Dotty! not sure

11:22 - Peggy George
hahaha @stidmama

11:30 - Jo-Ann 1
Hyperstudio is still around.

11:58 - Peggy George
I love hearing this story because many of us got started this way but wait till you hear how far she's come with her iPads :-)

12:26 - Jo-Ann 1
Not boring for me!

12:30 - Patti R
I used computers before Windows was even invented so I am way old!

12:30 - Peggy George
key point!!! we have to use what we have!

12:37 - Peggy George
nor me Jo-Ann!

12:44 - Peggy George
hahaha Patti!

13:02 - Peggy George
have any of you received Donor's Choose grants?

13:23 - Jo-Ann 1
Yes! I have a total of 7 Chromebooks from Donor's Choose

13:36 - Dotty
Commodore Vic 20 was my first computer.

13:38 - stidmama

13:44 - Peggy George

13:55 - Peggy George
that's terrific Jo-Ann!

13:58 - stidmama
our first computer was a KAYPRO (Mark II)

13:58 - Jo-Ann 1
I learned beginning programming on a commodore

14:07 - Dotty
I have received Donorchoose grants.

14:11 - Jo-Ann 1
She sucked me in, big time!

14:29 - Peggy George
we don't often think of BYOD for such young kids but it's great to know it's possible!

14:42 - Peggy George
and it sounds like you loved it Jo-Ann!

15:00 - Peggy George
Welcome Carolyn and Joanna!

15:01 - Jo-Ann 1
I did, and I still do!

15:06 - @plnaugle (Paula)
That's a great program to get sucked into Jo-Ann.

15:19 - Peggy George
this is our Livebinder for today:

15:32 - Jo-Ann 1
Linda is easy to follow... and hard to say no to!

15:37 - Peggy George

16:15 - Peggy George
we have shared many of Linda's sites and projects in our Livebinder today so you can explore them later

16:36 - Peggy George

16:43 - Peggy George
Love that they have an app!

16:52 - Peggy George (Edmodo app)

17:04 - Jo-Ann 1
Edmodo works on almost any platform. It also looks like Facebook, which doesn't hurt to suck the kids in

17:24 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I love Edmodo and have been using it since 2009 as my learning management system. Helps me be paperless.

17:31 - Peggy George
I use Edmodo all the time to connect with other teachers! I don't have a classroom but love hearing what teachers are doing in Edmodo

18:11 - Peggy George
was that basal alignment project??

18:18 - Jo-Ann 1

18:29 - Peggy George (PicCollage app)

19:19 - Peggy George
PicCollage is so much fun to use! I used it to compile my DENvirtcon pics to share on the group Flickr page

19:32 - Peggy George
Hi Sharee! Welcome!

19:37 - Sharee Darce
Good morning.

20:00 - Peggy George
where do you find all of your pictures to use with PicCollage?

20:18 - Jo-Ann 1
We used Pic Collage to create Native American Tableaus. Printed the posters at Costco. Kids loved them

20:20 - Peggy George
what a fantastic way to sort items

20:29 - Jo-Ann 1
We took our own pics

20:32 - Peggy George
do you have a link for that Jo-Ann?

20:51 - Jo-Ann 1
No, sorry. Just hard copies.

21:00 - Peggy George
any links you share with us in the chat will be added to our Livebinder after the show :-) Please share your examples!

21:18 - Peggy George (Google Drive app)

21:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I could have my students find pics of prime and composite numbers around school and make a Pic c

21:25 - Peggy George
Welcome Myrielle!

21:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)

21:36 - Jo-Ann 1
Paula: great idea!!

21:36 - Peggy George
love that idea Paula!

22:13 - Peggy George
this is Linda's class website:

22:28 - Peggy George
I'll share a link to some of her class projects soon :-)

22:41 - Peggy George (Doctopus)

22:46 - Jo-Ann 1
I can't live without Doctopus. I love that I can make a template for them and then share it.

22:55 - Peggy George
Doctopus is incredible!!! Have any of you used it?

23:06 - Peggy George (Richard Byrne: Try Docotopus for Managing Google Docs)

23:13 - Patti R
never heard of it but i have google apps so i am definitely looking into it

23:40 - Peggy George
that doctopus link explains how it works with a video :-)

23:51 - Peggy George (Subtext app)

24:23 - Peggy George
Jo-Ann if you'd like to add anything by taking the mic throughout the session or when Linda is finished, we'd love to hear from you!

24:29 - Jo-Ann 1
Subtext... sigh. I love it so, yet it is so frustrating.

24:39 - Peggy George
we had Holly Clark on our show awhile back and she is doing amazing things with technology!

24:57 - Jo-Ann 1
Oh, thank you Peggy. This is Linda's special time.

25:17 - Jo-Ann 1
Holly is amazing.

25:19 - Peggy George
love that they can really analyze text using Subtext! highlighting and commenting!

25:46 - Peggy George
@Jo-Ann--then we'll just have to have you back for a full show all of your own!!!! :-)

25:53 - Jo-Ann 1

25:56 - Jo-Ann 1

26:05 - Peggy George
we could form a Subtext support group :-)

26:09 - clinds
How did you get the ebook for your students?

26:10 - Peggy George
Hi Laura! Great to see you!

26:18 - Jo-Ann 1
Now that is something I need!

26:28 - Peggy George (Explain Everything app)

26:30 - Jo-Ann 1
Clinds, I use articles from the web.

26:32 - aunttammie
It is kind of tough to figure out...I'd like to upload a file to it, since it doesn't have many titles. Can't do it yet

26:48 - Peggy George
Welcome Fidelia! Thanks for joining us!

27:06 - Peggy George
Hi clinds and Carolyn--didn't see you enter the room! So glad you're here!

27:07 - Jo-Ann 1
I haven't tried uploading files yet. Still using web articles.

27:28 - Peggy George
what a fun way to learn and to share what they have learned with others!

27:36 - Jo-Ann 1
I have seen the projects Linda is sharing. They are so cute! And they demonstrated mastery.

28:04 - Peggy George
Hi Rhonda--just saw you! So glad you're here!

28:11 - Sharee Darce
Love the video upload feature. We use it to have our deaf students upload ASL videos explaining concepts on he screen.

28:16 - Peggy George
what a terrific idea for assessment!

28:51 - Peggy George
awesome @Sharee!!! would love to have you do a show with us sometime to share what you are doing with your deaf students!

29:03 - aunttammie
How does ee compare to doceri?

29:11 - Peggy George (Kidblog app)

29:13 - Jo-Ann 1
Much easier to use ee with kids

29:19 - Peggy George

29:28 - Peggy George
Kidblog is fantastic even if you don't have iPads!

29:39 - Patti R
i have converted to kidblog after about 7 years with far so good

29:41 - Peggy George (Linda Rood’ Class blog)

29:42 - clinds
Kidblog on the iPad makes it so easy for kids to post - love it!

29:47 - Carolyn Dufort 3
I'm using Kidblog in 3rd. They love it.

30:04 - Peggy George
@Patti I've heard of many teachers making that switch to Kidblog from Classblogmeister

30:10 - Jo-Ann 1
I am using it, too. I love it

30:35 - Peggy George
if any of you have questions for Linda feel free to post them here in the chat and Lorie will ask them during Q/A

30:36 - Patti R
@peggy still hanging on to my blogmeister account; i often share posts in both places, but kidblog is where the kids are now

30:37 - Carolyn Dufort 3
Linda Yollis has a great video about "Quality Comments" on her website

30:41 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Start with paper blogging -

30:59 - Peggy George
that's interesting Patti! do you find Kidblog easier to use?

31:01 - Eileen
Did you ask parents permission for their children to blog?

31:26 - Peggy George
so glad you shared that link Paula! that is such a great way to get kids started blogging using paper blogging!

31:30 - Jo-Ann 1
We have a district permission form that they sign at the beginning of the year.

31:33 - Patti R
@Peggy One of my needs was being able to upload images within the blog site itself rather than having to upload everything to a flickr acct and then using the links

31:38 - Eileen
This is an amazing App!

31:47 - Peggy George (Book Creator app)

31:54 - Peggy George
those are sooooo cute!

32:08 - Jo-Ann 1
This is on my project list. A project is still "perculating" in my head.

32:15 - Peggy George
thanks Patti!

32:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Linda Yollis' Quality Commenting video on vimeo -

32:25 - Eileen
Great fir a class Flat Stanley Project

32:30 - Andrea 1
I use Kidblog and I always start with paper blogs first. I got this idea from the site that @plnaugle (Paula) shared.

32:32 - Jo-Ann 1
Thanks for that link Paula

32:54 - Peggy George
Linda, do the kids spend time reading books together on their iPads (especially the books they have created)?

33:13 - Peggy George
@Eileen--super idea for the Flat Stanley Project!

33:19 - Carolyn Dufort 3
We blog on paper first, too.

33:28 - Peggy George (QR code creator)

33:47 - Jo-Ann 1
Linda needs to share her Abraham Lincoln books made on Book Creator.

34:20 - Peggy George
is Scan a free app?

34:24 - Jo-Ann 1

35:03 - Peggy George
is it called Genius Scan? This app is free.

35:05 - @DoyleRhonda 3
:) I could see how those fit with creative lessons

35:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Just used Scan to go to Linda's site for the QR code on this slide on my iPhone. So quick and easy and FREE.

35:29 - Peggy George
incredible possibilities with QR codes! love the ideas Linda is sharing!

35:48 - @DoyleRhonda 3
Huge for many things later in learning too

35:55 - Peggy George
parents would love that!!

36:15 - @DoyleRhonda 3
Exactly Peggy, they could really relate

36:19 - Peggy George
Paula is that the right link for Scan?

36:59 - Jo-Ann 1
The app is Scan. No longer free...$1.99

37:05 - Peggy George
QR codes are so easy to make using the online tools

37:24 - Peggy George
aha Jo-Ann--that's what I was wondering! I saw the $1.99

37:33 - Jo-Ann 1
There are tons of free choices, though

37:40 - Peggy George

37:46 - Peggy George
that's the 1.99 app

37:50 - @DoyleRhonda 3
worth it for many long term uses 1.99

37:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Peggy, this is the link for Scan -

38:00 - Peggy George (Spelling City app)

38:14 - Peggy George (Spelling City)

38:24 - Peggy George
you can use all of these on your computers too

38:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, Scan is now $1.99. I got it free a couple of years ago at a conference.

39:07 - Peggy George (Haiku LMS)

39:10 - Patti R
i-nigma is also a qr scan app that works well and is free

39:13 - @shamblesguru [thailand Macbook]
There is already an App that creates a QR code to go to an recirded audio file .... QRVoice

39:32 - Peggy George
I use i-nigma as my first choice for scanning QR codes! Always works :-)

39:55 - Peggy George

39:59 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I use Spelling City for my science and social studies vocabulary. I have a premium account and kids have logins. But can use free side of it too.

40:24 - Peggy George
Welcome Zsuzsa and Janet P! So glad you could join us.

40:42 - Peggy George
This is being recorded so you'll be able to watch the full session later

41:33 - Peggy George
do you teach them how to storyboard in advance of using it or as part of creating?

41:53 - Peggy George
student artwork is so important and you don't have to worry about copyright issues!

42:07 - Peggy George
I love the book covers created by kids with their own art work!

42:10 - Jo-Ann 1
Student artwork also makes the project "theirs"

43:02 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I love that I can introduce a tool and let kids play and discover. Then they can teach me how to use it. :)

43:38 - Myrielle Badio
Is brainpop free?

43:48 - Peggy George
I think they remember it much better when they explore and discover on their own.

44:01 - Peggy George
love the messy message!!! that's authentic learning!

44:03 - Carolyn Dufort 3
Brainpop, maybe $99 per classroom

44:06 - @plnaugle (Paula)
No BrainPOP is subscription based. They do offer a free video daily through their app.

44:15 - @DoyleRhonda 3
creativity in action

44:19 - Peggy George (Linda Rood’ class website) (Linda’ class website 2010-2012)

44:40 - Peggy George
great advice!!! :-)

45:05 - clinds
I love Apple TVs if you can get one for your classroom. Makes it is so easy to have students share when they learn something new about an app and they can teach the class.

45:09 - Peggy George
love that point about time and projects usually take longer than you expect :-) so true!

45:32 - Peggy George
great point @clinds!!! that sharing is so important!

45:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Create short video tutorials for your students on a tool you are using (or have them create them) and put in Edmodo or on your class blog so they can access to review as needed.

45:56 - Eileen
Has anyone used a reflector to use your iPad with a projector?

46:17 - Jo-Ann 1
I used reflector before I got apple tv. Worked great for most apps

46:30 - Peggy George
I have seen many teachers share their ipad projects in Blackboard Collaborate using Reflectorapp and it works great!

46:57 - Joanna #2
Yes! We love it at our school.

46:58 - Jo-Ann 1
I had trouble getting Reflector to broadcast sound

47:00 - aunttammie
wow, just checked out Brainpop...super expensive!

47:07 - @DoyleRhonda 3
printing continues to be a mobile dificulty

47:09 - stidmama
Also a color printer... b/w doesn't render their work well

47:22 - Peggy George
but remember her first tip--start small--one step at a time. You don't need a plan to include tons of apps from the beginning. Bring them in as you're ready for them

47:22 - Eileen
Great! Thanks! Have to use reflector until we can get Apple t.v.

47:38 - aunttammie
that's a LOT of car washes!

47:55 - stidmama
LOVE this slide! :-)

48:01 - Peggy George
PTOs and PTAs also are often willing to pay for something like Brainpop once they see the value.

48:08 - Peggy George

48:08 - Jo-Ann 1
Sing it, Sister!!! Jump in and have fun!

48:14 - Bahar

48:25 - Peggy George
you can start with ONE ipad! :-)

48:30 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Great thought! That is the key of innovator teachers.

48:30 - Peggy George (Examples of class projects)

48:42 - Peggy George
you can scan that QR code and get to the same link :-)

48:53 - stidmama
This has been so great for giving ideas. Thank you!

49:03 - Peggy George
super ideas!!!

49:05 - Jo-Ann 1
We didn't start school until Sept. 10. Still in the training stages

49:08 - Bahar

49:08 - Peggy George
@roodls :-)

49:17 - aunttammie

49:19 - Jo-Ann 1
You rock, Linda!!

49:20 - Peggy George
please type any questions you have for Linda and Lorie will ask them

49:23 - clinds
How do you get paid apps (like Explain Everything) on student BYOD iPads?

49:23 - Sharee Darce
So many great ideas. Thanks.

49:49 - Andrea 1
Great session! Thank you so much ;)

49:53 - Jo-Ann 1
What app do you recommend for people to start with?

49:53 - Linda Rood
you are very welcome

49:55 - @DoyleRhonda 3
Linda great ideas and informaiton on useful ways to integrate Apps, iPads, and more

50:01 - @DoyleRhonda 3
Very well done, Thank You

50:13 - Peggy George
do you use a template for storyboarding?

50:39 - Carolyn Dufort 3
Could you post Linda's new website, too?

51:02 - Peggy George
how do you assess student projects done on ipads? do you use a rubric to assess their actual work?

51:21 - Jo-Ann 1
How do you think of your ideas?

51:40 - Peggy George
her new website isn't active yet (you get Go Daddy) :-) But I'll add the link to the Livebinder once she has it ready to go.

51:58 - Carolyn Dufort 3

52:13 - Peggy George
I've seen some great rubrics for project-based assessments online--like those created and shared by Kathy Schrock

52:32 - Peggy George
thanks Linda for that explanation!

53:03 - Peggy George
I love that question Jo-Ann!!!

53:21 - Jo-Ann 1

53:25 - Myrielle Badio
I need some creative ideas for algebra. We do a section a day. I need more time :)

53:28 - @plnaugle (Paula)
My guest blog on BrainPOP about differentiating instruction using BrainPOP and Edmodo -

53:32 - Peggy George
do you start with the great idea of something you want to have the kids do and then find an app that will help you do it?

53:43 - Jo-Ann 1
Good question!

53:44 - Peggy George
thanks Paula!!! I'll add that to the Livebinder!

54:04 - Peggy George
it's so hard to choose one app to start with!!

54:26 - aunttammie
Peggy, could you list the link for Kathy Schrock's rubrics?

54:29 - Peggy George
educreations is great!

55:00 - @plnaugle (Paula)
How do you manage getting apps you use on all of the students devices? Do you only use free apps?

55:08 - @shamblesguru [thailand Macbook]
List of recommended Apps on Shamb;es at Apps

55:16 - Peggy George

55:25 - Eileen
I use the Pages app for my own notes.

55:25 - Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru!!

55:41 - Carolyn Dufort 3
I am enjoying Haiku Deck--it's free

55:48 - @shamblesguru [thailand Macbook]

56:05 - Peggy George
I think I heard that with the new OS Mavericks you can get the operating system and Pages for free :-)

56:20 - Peggy George
that's so funny! creative teachers always say it just happens!!!

56:31 - Peggy George
fabulous presentation Linda! Thank you so much!

56:40 - Jo-Ann 1
My favorite comment is that it happens in the shower or in the car...

56:43 - Jo-Ann 1

56:49 - stidmama
Thanks again! This has been another great seession. See you next time.

57:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Linda. Fantastic and inspiring presentation. :)

57:11 - Carolyn Dufort 3
Thanks for the great resources!

57:13 - Jo-Ann 1
Yay, Linda!!!

57:26 - Patti R
thanks, Linda, great ideas

57:28 - Eileen
Linda is inspiring!

57:35 - clinds
Great presentation. Will definitely share with other teachers!

57:47 - Eileen
CEM sessions have been wonderful!

57:52 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I've attended a few of the CE Cafe conversations. Great ideas being discussed.

57:54 - Myrielle Badio
Thank you Linda

58:10 - Andrea 1
what kind of iPad covers did you use for your iPads?

58:21 - Eileen
Peggy's session was amazing:)

58:35 - Peggy George
thank you Eileen :-) it was so much fun!!

58:44 - @DoyleRhonda 3
Linda, you are a very special asset for education. Thank You :)

58:52 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Thank you. Have a nice weekend all of you.

59:01 - Peggy George

59:04 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you to the Live 2.0 Live crew. Have a great weekend everyone. Off to work on lesson plans.

59:12 - Peggy George

59:35 - Peggy George
Survey link if you have trouble with tinyurls

59:46 - Peggy George

59:55 - Peggy George
I love watching the shows on my ipad and iphone :-)

1:00:29 - Jo-Ann 1
Me, too!

1:00:34 - Sharee Darce
Thank you, Linda!

1:00:50 - Peggy George
we missed the upcoming shows :-)

1:00:56 - Peggy George
some great guests!!!!

1:01:05 - Peggy George
woo hoo Lorie!!!

1:01:21 - Peggy George
Sam Patterson is a HS teacher and is puppets in fantastic ways!

1:01:32 - Linda Rood
Thank you so much for inviting me!

1:01:36 - Peggy George
that will be so much fun to connect with EdCampNJ

1:01:40 - Linda Rood
Thank you for listening!

1:01:46 - Peggy George
we'll get to hear all about how EdCamps work :-)

1:01:54 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!!

1:01:57 - Sharee Darce
Thanks to you all.

1:01:59 - Peggy George
have a great weekend!