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@ Dotty - sounds familiar - I know some Greens in Weed

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Hi, Everyone!

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@Beth Looks great. We need to use it for a reunion.

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Here we go!!!! :-) Welcome everyone!!

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Hi Lorna.

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The links look great ;)

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Kim isn't feeling well today so we're really missing her!

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Hope Kim feels better soon.

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Thanks Peggy!! Glad to be here!

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who would think it takes 3 people to keep this show going along with Tammy for closed captioning!!!

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Take it slow and don't panic, no matter what....

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Hello everyone - hope Kim feels better soon.

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@Peggy - waves ;)

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Hi Peggy!

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Hi Kim!

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hi Laura!

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Hi Laura and Kim!!!!

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Best wishes to Kim. She's great :)

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Hello everyone

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I love the new version.

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more AZ folks!!! love having you here!!

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My first time in version 10 - glad for the overview

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hi Kim2 I mean KimT :)

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there are some amazing new features in v. 10 for accessibility!!

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Wow, I have been away for a while. Like the new version!

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I'm an AZ person in San Francisco! Cool weather!

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you should explore them during the session just for fun!

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@Laura :P

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Note: you only see whiteboard tools when you have them enabled.

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v 10 will give you lots of sound effects :-)

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Hi Kim Flack! It's Penelope from SL

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hey Penny!! :)

02:54 to: Penny B

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a really fun thing to do is to go under window and select Activity and you'll have a pop up that tells you everything happening in the room

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Hi Ken!

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Like that, Peggy, thanks.

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Note: Wide Layout is recommended for most users.

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Good morning Laura. Glad you could join us. =)

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Hi Sheila_A!! how great to see you here!

03:49 to: Laura Sheehy

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Hi Ken

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Hi all!

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I've been called a ding-dong...

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the dings can drive you crazy :-)

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:-) yeah Karen!

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Note: for Mac users that icon does not go to preferences.

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Good morning Dotty.

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Thanks Radney!

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Very excited, my first classroom2.0 live!

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Mac interface looks somewhat different...

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Mac users need to click on the menu Elluminate Live and choose preferences.

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On Mac, preferences is under Elluminate Live!

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thanks blairteach!

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running around the house while listening

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Way cool new version!!!

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Hi Chris !

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it looks the same you just find preferences in a different location on a Mac

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That's awesome!!!

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this is a really important tip for when Brian is sharing yolink today

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Hi Jan Wells. I sent you an email.

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you will want to see the full screen when he's showing the side-by-side part of yolink

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Love the new version!

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I'm liking this new version too!

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@Peggy - that's cool - the Activity window

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we'll post the full recording right after the show and the iTunesU takes awhile to convert everything

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i've no tools?

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I don't see tols?

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Enable tools please.

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I don't have tools?

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this is so exciting to see where all of you are! get those red dots up there

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i have no tools either

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no tools

07:13 to: anachorete
luxembourg (europe)

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umm ... not whiteboard tools shown

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sorry you needed the tools

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i cannot see the whiteboard tooll

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don't have any tools

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glendale az

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Mesa, AZ

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Cleveland OH

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Portland OR

07:18 to: Barbara

07:19 to: Chris Johnston

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Hello from Atlanta, GA

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YES here now

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got them

07:23 to: Kim Flack

07:24 to: Glenn Hervieux
Must have tools :) Ah, they're back

07:24 to: yolink Updated and Enhanced Search Engine

07:28 to: Radney
Williams Lake, BC

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:-) minor detail!!

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Cleveland Hopkins Airport for now

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reba San Diego CA

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mine disappeared and then appeared

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and type your location in the chat

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Hello from Montana!

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Metairie, La

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Charleston WV

07:43 to: Nancy J

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I'm from Chicago, but I'm logging in from lovely Wisconsin today.

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New Orleans, LA.

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Brisbane, Australia

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Tucson Az

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East Bay (San Francisco), Calif.

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Is that you Amanda?

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Germany ;-)

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Phoenix AZ

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Muscatine Iowa

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The lower half of AK is here! Wow!

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Los Angeles

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West Haven, CT

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that is fantastic!!!

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San Francisco CA but live in Phoenix ;)

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Pittsburgh, PA

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i seem to have indicated that I'm floating in the ocean but I'm actually on land

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Good morning from Nebraska.

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Deutschland. Sehr gut!!

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Hi Barbara, where in Tucson?

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I just started playing it with this morning.

08:43 to: roxanne c
looking forwar to using it this year K-5

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So happy to see they have it working for LInux under Chrome

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love this!! lots of eager learners Brian!

08:55 to: Barbara
NW -near Foothills Mall

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Excellent!! We get to turn those red X's to green checks

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I've tried it out myself, but haven't used it with kids yet

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Loving the cool weather in SF! Great break from Phoenix heat!!!

09:11 to: Glenn Hervieux
I started using it last spring, and gave a teacher training this summer on its use.

09:17 to: carolteach4
I wanted to see how it worked with Google Docs. Created a doc for me from the yolink application, but then wouldn't add any more content to the doc.

09:21 to: Peggy George
students can be adults too

09:28 to: anachorete
@ken i do my very best to get more germans & luxbg here ;-)

09:42 to: sharonbetts
hoping to learn how to use it with Google apps for Ed.

09:47 to: Nancy J
we are looking forward to piloting with our MS this fall

10:00 to: Dotty-San Jose
I mentioned Yolink last year to my coworkers, but they inisistd on using Google.

10:07 to: Peggy George
you are going to love using yolink with your students and Ken and Lucy are going to share some examples

10:07 to: McTeach (Karen)
sharonbetts...me too!!

10:13 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@sharonbetts- me too- Rolling out google apps for all my students this year

10:20 to: blairteach
Not a clue!

10:22 to: Kim T AZ
forgot to add "don't know"

10:22 to: Althea (twitter name=orlama)
What is Yolink?

10:28 to: Maura
i have no idea

10:29 to: Glenn Hervieux
The answer is "D"

10:31 to: sharonbetts
Gotme - know several that are

10:32 to: Radney

10:34 to: Len H

10:40 to: virginia alberti
I don't know

10:40 to: Dorie
I don't have a clue

10:40 to: @shamblesguru
bet a trick question ... bey all

10:40 to: Peggy George
this was a fun question to write :-)

10:44 to: carolteach4
have no idea

10:45 to: Peggy George
love it!!!

10:46 to: Delbusch

10:48 to: Kim Flack
what is sweetsearch?

10:50 to: Kim T AZ
len and I need option F

10:56 to: blairteach
I don't even really know what yolink is; here to learn about it.

10:59 to: Peggy George

11:01 to: Ken Shelton
By the end of this session I will be sure to share my contact info with anybody that wants to continue the discussion on Yolink since I have used it extensively with my students

11:04 to: Peggy George
I'm really laughing :-)

11:14 to: Kim T AZ
F wins!

11:20 to: Peggy George
Brian we are ready for YOU!!! our rescuer :-)

11:21 to: carolteach4
SweetSearch is a great tool - all sites are evaluated before put into the list

11:27 to: BethStill
@blairteach I don't know much either, but I have heard great things about YoLink.

11:28 to: Ken Shelton
Sweet search http://www.sweetsearch.com/

11:30 to: Len H
Hi Kim!

11:34 to: Kim Flack
hi :)

11:47 to: Peggy George
it told us exactly what I wanted to hear--people don't yet know all of the incredible tools integrated in yolink

11:57 to: Kim T AZ
hi len...kim t

12:01 to: Lissa
Never heard of sweetsearch. Thanks for the link.

12:15 to: Laura Sheehy
Hi Kim T!

12:27 to: Peggy George
we also had a show on Sweetsearch last year so you will enjoy watching that recording. Fabulous search engine for kids

12:29 to: Lucy Gray
Hi Everyone!

12:34 to: sharonbetts
Hi Lucy

12:34 to: Peggy George
Hi Kim T!!

12:34 to: Kim T AZ
how is frisco, laura?

12:36 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Hi Brian.

12:45 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Hi Lucy

12:49 to: Ken Shelton
Ciao everybody. =)

12:50 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Hi Lucy. You demo this at ISTE right?

12:56 to: Laura Sheehy
Nice an cool Kim T! Loving seeing my 5 yr old niece!

12:57 to: Nancy J
hey Lucy! You are sure a gal on the go

13:17 to: Lucy Gray
Paula, I didn't do the demo, but I was helping everyone on the yolink team at ISTE

14:00 to: Peggy George
what an awesome team working with yolink in Education

14:09 to: Peggy George
thanks Lucy and Ken!

14:15 to: Lucy Gray
Hi Maureen and Nancy J!

14:16 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Hi Ken.

14:22 to: Laura Sheehy

14:41 to: sharonbetts
my kind of job -

14:47 to: McTeach (Karen)
Wow! How do I get that kind of job???

14:50 to: Radney
Sharon, exactly!

14:56 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
This is a rocking team.

14:59 to: Lucy Gray

15:16 to: Lucy Gray
Materials from ISTE are located here:

15:17 to: Lucy Gray

15:17 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@McTEach- have you gotten any sleep this summer?

15:20 to: Glenn Hervieux
YoLink twiiter link doesn't work :(

15:21 to: Peggy George
you'll find tons of great links in our gl.am links today that you can explore after the show: http://gl.am/e1kT4

15:22 to: Lucy Gray
You can see Ken's lessons there.

15:32 to: McTeach (Karen)
Maureen...some. :)

15:37 to: Lucy Gray
yolink on Twitter is @yolinkeducation

15:43 to: Laura Sheehy
Hi McTeach/Karen!

15:48 to: Peggy George
if you want more background/details on yolink you can go back and watch the earlier show from May

15:58 to: McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Laura!

16:08 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thanks for the twitter ID, Lucy!

16:13 to: Lucy Gray

16:19 to: Ken Shelton
Here is the twitter link

16:20 to: Ken Shelton

16:23 to: Peggy George
we now have the yolink enhanced search engine on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE site :-)

16:27 to: Ken Shelton
Lucy beat me to it. =)

16:29 to: Glenn Hervieux

16:40 to: Lucy Gray

16:41 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Good morning, Sheri.

16:45 to: Lucy Gray
Facebook page!

16:49 to: sharonbetts
just put the yolink widget on my blog - (blogger)

16:56 to: Lucy Gray
And blog: http://yolinkedu.blogspot.com/

17:14 to: Sheri Edwards
It's been a while Paula; Glad to be here. Hi :)

17:22 to: McTeach (Karen)
Wow! Lucy's on fire with the links!! Thank you!

17:30 to: Ken Shelton
It is a very easy browser add-on to install.

17:31 to: Peggy George
http://twitter.com/elemenous/yolink (Follow yolink users on Twitter list created by Lucy Gray/elemenous)

17:33 to: Lucy Gray

17:37 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I have sweetsearch on my blog, need to learn how to integrate sweetsearch, yolink and google apps. Does it do diigo too?

17:48 to: Peggy George
you'll find all of these links in the gl.am links today too

17:50 to: Lucy Gray
Yes, Maureen.

18:13 to: Peggy George
http://news.yahoo.com/s/mashable/20100724/tc_mashable/yolink_helps_web_researchers_search_behind_links (Yolink Helps Web Researchers Search Behind Links: includes video demo of how useful Yolink can

18:13 to: Peggy George
be when doing research from a Project Gutenberg text)

18:13 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Lucy- Ok so, it's practically perfect then?

18:26 to: Lucy Gray
Of course, Maureen! :)

18:31 to: Peggy George
http://www.slideshare.net/yolinkeducation (yolink presentations on Slideshare)

18:36 to: Len H
Thanks for the link, Peggy :)

18:49 to: Ken Shelton
I also have found Yolink to be quite valuable for my role and duties as a teacher. So the benefits extend beyond those for my students.

19:11 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
that sounds awesome

19:13 to: Lucy Gray
It's so different from any other tool I have seen... and I've seen a lot of tools.

19:15 to: McTeach (Karen)
I was just thinking the same thing, Ken...could really help me!!

19:16 to: Peggy George
http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/05/05/google-gives-its-search-results-a-facelift/?ref=technology (Google Gives Its Search Results a Facelift by Brad Stone)

19:49 to: Glenn Hervieux
Yes, it's easy to do research as an educator and quickly bookmark in Diigo and move segments of text into Google Docs - the integration is awesome

19:51 to: Peggy George
it's a powerful too for professional development to target best sites for teachers in your searches :-)

20:18 to: Peggy George
now is the time to go to app sharing and select "scale to fit"

20:41 to: Peggy George
seeing it now

20:44 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
As much as we get the value of this, I think students are going to be blown away by it, and adopt it eagerly and quickly become the "experts" on it

20:56 to: McTeach (Karen)
That's awesome!!! So much better seeing it this way!

20:59 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
i like yr metaphor of giving Ss a 'bag of tricks'; I've always used this term for teachrs but it applies even more to Ss!

21:06 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey Mark!! Good morning!!

21:10 to: Peggy George
Hi Mark--just saw you!! People are interested in knowing more about SweetSearch :-)

21:20 to: Peggy George
you may want to take the mic in awhile Mark :-0

21:20 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Hello Karen and Peggy!

21:24 to: LangLabCindy
Can it search a subscription database?

21:26 to: Kathleen kmb211
That is awesome

21:33 to: Ken Shelton
Thanks for joining us Mark

21:38 to: andi1984
Which browsers are supported?

21:45 to: Peggy George
with yolink you have MANY tools integrated!!!

21:47 to: Ken Shelton
Firefox, IE, and Chrome

21:48 to: virginia alberti
with Opera?

21:55 to: andi1984
safari extension?

22:01 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I just added it to chrome last week- hooray

22:03 to: McTeach (Karen)
Wish I could get Chrome working on my iMac!!

22:13 to: sharonbetts
and I was told that it works on Chrome on Linux - great for our one to one distro

22:14 to: virginia alberti
great to chrome

22:19 to: Peggy George
FYI-Mark Moran is developer of Sweet Search/finding Dulcinea :-0

22:23 to: Ken Shelton
Sweet Search is also on twitter http://twitter.com/findingdulcinea

22:31 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
@Mark Moran Hi. How are you today?

22:40 to: anachorete
(mcteach #nointelinside?)

22:44 to: Becca
are we talking about Sweet Search or Yolink?? are they the same??

22:49 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Hi Paula! Happy to be here.

23:07 to: Glenn Hervieux
A concern a few teachers brought up when I did the training was that it would make it easier for students to plagiarize. Brings up the need to emphasize Digital Citizenship and respecting authoship &

23:07 to: Glenn Hervieux

23:10 to: Peggy George
if you use default view right now you'll see less of the chat but more of the browser for yolink

23:11 to: McTeach (Karen)
Becca...we're talking about Yolink, but it works great with sweetsearch

23:17 to: Anne Kimbrel
@Becca currently we are talking about yolink, I think Brian my touch on ss later

23:29 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
Q: Is this a tool you'd use instead of Google?

23:38 to: Glenn Hervieux
Yolink works so much better if you use the toolbar widget

23:43 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Yolink makes it easier NOT to plagiarize - because when text is saved to a Google DOc, the link comes with it.

23:44 to: Ken Shelton
To avoid plagiarizing and such I require students to site their sources. Yolink also works seamlessly with Easy Bib

23:58 to: Maura
what is easy bib?

24:04 to: Glenn Hervieux
@ Ken. Yes, that is what I showed them, too.

24:05 to: Peggy George
any time you teach students about searching you need to teach them about digital citizenship--especially social bookmarking with annotation tool like Diigo

24:05 to: Lucy Gray
It's a citation tool

24:10 to: Lucy Gray
and one of yolink's partners

24:13 to: andi1984
looks awesome!

24:15 to: Ken Shelton
Easy Bib http://www.easybib.com/

24:16 to: Kim T AZ
Can't type, spending too much time going...OH MY GOSH, this is great

24:16 to: Kathleen kmb211
@Ken thank you just wondering about easy bib

24:44 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Without Yolink, students cut & paste text and often forget the link; with Yolink, the link piggybacks on the cut and paste of the text.

24:47 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
thx for asking/answering about easy bib - i will check it out

24:57 to: Lucy Gray
What's helpful to me... looking at what Brian's talking about... is that if all of your keywords are in a passage, you can tell right away due to the highlighting.

24:58 to: Becca
do I go to yolink.com or is there an educators option as well??

25:11 to: Lucy Gray

25:13 to: Peggy George
and just wait till he tells you what you can do with all of that search information :-) using google

25:22 to: Ken Shelton
Here is the Yolink Education site http://www.yolinkeducation.com/education

25:46 to: Kim T AZ
now that I see it I understand why you are always talking about this app

25:57 to: Peggy George

26:05 to: Lucy Gray
It gets better.. just wait.

26:07 to: Lucy Gray

26:28 to: Ken Shelton
I will share more later, but using Yolink saves an ample amount of time when students are doing research and such

26:34 to: Peggy George
yes!!!! and then there's Evernote... and Diigo... and Sweet Search... and EasyBib and....

26:38 to: sharonbetts
eBooks - yes! so nice for students reviewing or looking for those particular quotes.

26:49 to: Kim T AZ
should not have drank that extra cup of coffee...not sure if it is the coffee of yolink...think it is yolink!

26:52 to: Glenn Hervieux
I don't care much for Evernote :(

27:00 to: Lissa
How can I make the Application Scaling bigger? Mine is scaled to 53%. I have a Mac.

27:05 to: Chris Johnston
I <3 Evernote

27:08 to: Peggy George
we're drinking at the yolink well :-) it's a fire hose!!!

27:08 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Does it even search the links in the references?

27:10 to: sharonbetts
I LOVE evernote - different tools for different folks

27:21 to: McTeach (Karen)
This is beyond awesome!!!!

27:22 to: Becca
are any of you associated with Yolink beyond the speaker??

27:29 to: Althea (twitter name=orlama)
If you save in favs does it retain all the links?

27:29 to: @shamblesguru
Am a 110% Evernote Fanuy

27:34 to: Chris Johnston
Evernote really needs to be part of lifestlye

27:35 to: Glenn Hervieux
Maybe I just don' 'get' Evernote yet :)

27:37 to: Lorna Costantini
@Lissa exapnd your window click the green button

27:38 to: McTeach (Karen)
I definitely need to go back and revisit the previous Classroom 2.0 show with Yolink!

27:42 to: @shamblesguru

27:46 to: Anne Kimbrel
@becca - this is Anne Kimbrel and I work on the yolink education team

27:53 to: Peggy George
Lissa-if you choose the view for default the app sharing will be bigger

27:55 to: Becca
Thank you Anne

27:59 to: reba
Oh my I am a yolink big fan today! This is the greatest tool for myself and my students

28:21 to: Kim Flack
certainly revolutionizes teaching English :)

28:38 to: Peggy George
don't try to read the screen--just follow the process

28:39 to: Chris Johnston
Evernote lets me get to my notes from my Mac, PC, iPhone, and Blackberry

28:48 to: sharonbetts
Yolink as an iPad App??

28:49 to: Anne Kimbrel
@maureen it does search the reference links or you can highlight just the reference links and only search them

28:51 to: Peggy George
you'll be able to explore fully with the links in gl.am today

28:52 to: Peggy George

28:53 to: Lissa

28:59 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks Anne

29:07 to: Chris Johnston
the gl.am links are awesome

29:12 to: Kim Flack
i might not be able to teach without a class set of iPads

29:16 to: Kim Flack

29:19 to: Peggy George
I agree Kim Flack!!!!!

29:23 to: Becca
Anne -- it just is, and forgive me if this sounds harsh, but someone who makes money for promoting a program, I remain more wary than someone who is just a happy user.

29:33 to: Zee

29:53 to: Sheri Edwards
Yes, Evernote lets me get to my notes from my Mac, PC, iPhone, and it searches text even within images
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29:54 to: Ken Shelton
@Becca I am a happy user. I teach middle school technology and have used Yolink within my classes

29:54 to: Laura Sheehy
Wooo Whoooo

30:11 to: andi1984
Nice, to differentiate the paragraphs and highlight the whole paragraph in the original document.

30:13 to: Dorie

30:15 to: Ken Shelton
I will elaborate more on my personal experiences with Yolink later in this session

30:16 to: Laura Sheehy
love Ever

30:17 to: Peggy George
this is so powerful when you compare it to the traditional google searching where you get millions of hits with most of them not useful

30:22 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
This is cool- would not have thought of using project gutenburg and searching text

30:30 to: Chris Johnston
5? Google, Bing, Yahoo, and ??

30:36 to: Anne Kimbrel
@Becca I understand :)

30:38 to: Kim T AZ
must not let head explode....

30:39 to: Laura Sheehy
love Evernote :)

30:40 to: Kathleen kmb211
How long has Yolink been around

30:40 to: Ken Shelton
@Becca and keep in mind this free

30:44 to: Peggy George
this is amazing!!! use yolink to search a search from Google

30:52 to: Carol Broos
thisis amazing,

31:12 to: Glenn Hervieux
Anyone have a good tutorial that will get me jazzed re: Evernote?

31:14 to: Chris Johnston
I'm an SEO guy so I only recognize 3 (2 really becuase Yahoo and Bing are the same now)

31:15 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)

31:30 to: Chris Johnston
keep transposing letters

31:35 to: McTeach (Karen)
Anne Kimbrel...are there any how-to screencasts that I could share with my students? (or, more importantly, the other teachers at school)

31:41 to: Peggy George
love that !!!

31:46 to: Carol Broos
can't get it to work in firefox, only in chrome.

31:49 to: Kim Flack

32:08 to: McTeach (Karen)
Carol!!!!! Didn't see you!!! How are you?!!

32:13 to: Ken Shelton
Karen check out this link http://www.yolink.com/education/how-it-works.jsp

32:14 to: Peggy George
I use it best in Firefox

32:38 to: Peggy George
look at that!! can save sooooo much time searching!

32:40 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Ken!!

32:42 to: Carol Broos
do you have to downgrade the firefox to add extension

32:43 to: Anne Kimbrel
@Karen, yes I can email you one or we have videos on our website: www.yolinkeducation.com. I also believe Brian's May presentation on Classroom 2.0 is in the archives as well.

32:46 to: Ken Shelton

33:00 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Anne!

33:10 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
yes!!! that's true!!!!!

33:23 to: Chris Johnston
Tip: periodically go thru Firefox and take out extension you don't absolutely need. That is the cause of FF slowness and instability

33:24 to: Len H
Brian, you have just saved me DAYS of time!

33:27 to: @shamblesguru
@Glenn ... Evernote Video http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/evernote/

33:42 to: Peggy George
@Carol Broos--don't think so. I've been using yolink over several versions of FF on my Mac and all have worked

33:45 to: Gordon Dahlby
How close do the keywords need to be w/in a paragraph or single link piece in your algorithm?

33:48 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
this is true Brian - i agree fully

34:02 to: Glenn Hervieux
@shamblesguru: Thank you ;)

34:11 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)

34:13 to: McTeach (Karen)
That's what I thought!!!!!! Darnit!

34:14 to: bneal3
How nice! :)

34:14 to: Kim Flack
sneaky ;)

34:18 to: Ken Shelton

34:19 to: Peggy George
3rd party integration :-) I had changed delicious in the question but the wrong slide uploaded

34:29 to: Peggy George
everything on that list is integrated with yolink :-)

35:04 to: Peggy George
http://karenblumberg.com/yolink-and-sweet-search-and-research-oh-my (Karen Blumberg's technology blog)

35:05 to: virginia alberti

35:25 to: Peggy George
http://www.slideshare.net/yolinkeducation/julene-reed-challengebasedlearning (Julene Reed Slideshare presentation: Challenge-Based Learning using yolink in Education)

35:36 to: Peggy George
Diigo is incredible with yolink

35:39 to: Kim Flack
i am going to have to listen to this webinar a few times over... to absorb all this -- fantastic tool!

35:52 to: Peggy George
do your diigo search and then open yolink in the sidebar :-)

35:59 to: carolteach4
@Peggy are all these links you are putting in chat in the glam page?

36:05 to: Chris Johnston
Is EasyBib free for college students?

36:06 to: McTeach (Karen)

36:09 to: LangLabCindy
Any talk of integrating with NoodleBib?

36:10 to: Peggy George
yes Chris

36:15 to: Peggy George
all are in the gl.am links

36:16 to: McTeach (Karen)
I think y'all have thought of everything!!!

36:34 to: EdTechLeader
yolink seems to be a great collaborative tool with lots of educational uses and features.

36:34 to: Peggy George
it really does everything!!! incredible tool!!

36:38 to: Laura Sheehy

36:40 to: sharonbetts
How does it work with Googlle Apps?

36:46 to: McTeach (Karen)
Going to Google next week to learn about "searching smarter"...you think they'll mention yolink???

36:47 to: andi1984
Google Doc embedding sounds so awesome! Great!

36:48 to: Sheri Edwards
Share with Google Docs? Wowser!

36:55 to: Peggy George
http://www.yolink.com/yolink/labs/ (Enhance your Google Alerts with yolink and preview relevant blocks of text by installing the widget on your blog)

37:12 to: Glenn Hervieux
This will blow you away...Google Docs integration!

37:18 to: Chris Johnston
Anything that helps me prepare my references in APA format I will use

37:20 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
It does so much more. I only got to use it a little bit last year. Will definitely be using yolink a lot this year.

37:23 to: Kim T AZ
google docs too? OMG OMG OMG!!!

37:24 to: Carol Broos
this is amazing....

37:28 to: Peggy George
such a powerful way to share diigo links on a topic!!

37:34 to: Delbusch
I need to work with this to get up to speed by Sept.

37:43 to: Ken Shelton
@Chris then using Yolink with Easy Bib is going to save you time and make things easier for you.

37:44 to: Sheri Edwards
RT: Kim T AZ: google docs too? OMG OMG OMG!!!

37:47 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
and when it saves to Google Docs, it sends the link with the text

37:50 to: Laura Sheehy
More power!!! :)

37:52 to: Kim T AZ
i think if we did a wordle of this chat amazing would be the biggest word!

37:54 to: Peggy George
yes yes yes yes!!!!!

37:55 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
I need to get up to speed by Monday.

37:56 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
me too - i want to become a proficient user of this tool

38:11 to: carolteach4
I was able to get yolink to communicate with my Google docs and it created the new document, but wouldn't add any more info to the document. selected correct google doc,but didn't transfer info -opene

38:11 to: carolteach4
d a blank tab

38:11 to: Glenn Hervieux
The link with the text is what really sold me on the google docs integration piece

38:20 to: Ken Shelton
Mark mentioned the other key thing is when you bring information to google docs is adds the link to the source too. Huge benefit for students citations

38:35 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
Is EasyBib free?

38:40 to: Ken Shelton
Yes it is

38:43 to: Peggy George
yes everything is free

38:47 to: Laura Sheehy
love citation help!

38:49 to: Kim T AZ
it if official, my brain is full, text is spilling out of my ears...

38:51 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Carol, I think there's a temp problem with Google docs that won't let it append more.

38:52 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
Thx - that's amazing

38:53 to: KimberlyW

39:01 to: Carol Broos
I just screamed, got it to work in google docs and diigo!!

39:12 to: EdTechLeader
Integrates w/EasyBib for entering bibliographies, great!

39:16 to: Peggy George
you will love watching the recording of this so you can pause it and go explore each thing he is demonstrating :-)

39:17 to: Ken Shelton
Way to go Carol. I heard you all the way here in California

39:17 to: carolteach4
@Mark - oh, thanks. I thought I was doing something wrong. Is the speaker aware of that?

39:19 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
Goodbye to EndNote in that case :)

39:38 to: reba
i wish we could use Google Docs, but our school sites block it

39:51 to: LangLabCindy
Yay - glad to hear about the CC licensing!!

39:52 to: Ken Shelton
Karen Blumberg developed a lesson around the use of Yolink and Creative Commons

39:53 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
CC too- way cool!

39:55 to: Nancy J
whoa...i cannot multitask like some of you folks.

39:57 to: Kim T AZ
@reba :( sorry, maybe you can help them see the light

40:12 to: Peggy George
yes we are aware of the appending problem with Google and hope they get it fixed soon. Google knows about it

40:13 to: Chris Johnston

40:16 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
How does it work with images from a google image search?

40:19 to: LangLabCindy
@Ken - is there a link to that lesson by Karen?

40:23 to: sharonbetts
@reba what about google apps for education - you can now turn on individual apps for different groups of students - should help you convice the "blockers"

40:24 to: Peggy George
amazing Chris!!! :-)

40:26 to: Glenn Hervieux
@reba Talk to your admin....the whole state of Oregon has adopted Google Apps for Education. I have just set it up for two schools in N. CA

40:26 to: carolteach4
@Reba - you need to gather some info about the powere of Google Docs for education and talk your folks into getting your own, protected domain.

40:39 to: reba
@Kim -yep trying to turn the switch

40:40 to: Ken Shelton
All teacher lesson plans are located here http://www.yolinkeducation.com/education/iste/teacher.jsp

40:52 to: sharonbetts
Oh BOy - NEW things

40:54 to: Peggy George

41:04 to: Laura Sheehy
love Wordle! Peggy George is biggest!! :)

41:10 to: LangLabCindy
@Nancy J - it does get easier, and depends on how much you know about the topic that's being discussed :-)

41:11 to: carolteach4
Kids know how to use Google Docs (or other collaborative tools) is essential for 21st century skills

41:24 to: carolteach4

41:25 to: Kim T AZ
cause she is such a force for ed tech information sharing

41:26 to: Peggy George
http://karenblumberg.com/yolink-and-sweet-search-and-research-oh-my (Karen Blumberg's technology blog)

41:37 to: Laura Sheehy
Amen Kim T AZ!

41:45 to: bneal3
Love Karens Blog

41:46 to: Chris Johnston
YoLink on Craiglist would be awesome when looking for a house or an apartment

41:47 to: Glenn Hervieux
I like in Google Apps for Ed. how you can turn on/off apps for students/staff/etc.

41:57 to: Peggy George
http://www.slideshare.net/yolinkeducation/ken-shelton-psalesson-4697173 (Slideshare presentation by Ken Shelton: Producing a Public Service Announcement about a Teen Health Issue)

42:07 to: Peggy George
http://www.slideshare.net/yolinkeducation/julene-reed-challengebasedlearning (Julene Reed Slideshare presentation: Challenge-Based Learning using yolink in Education)

42:14 to: carolteach4
@Glen - it's in the administrative panel

42:27 to: Laura Sheehy
Wonder how Yolink would work on a job search site?

42:27 to: Peggy George
this is Mark's program!!

42:39 to: Peggy George
good idea Laura!!! try it!!!

42:42 to: bneal3
Love Sweet Scearch

42:43 to: reba
yep- its a sweeeet search engine. Luv it

42:46 to: Ken Shelton
Sweet Search and Search4Me are excellent resources for any teacher to use with their students

42:52 to: Laura Sheehy
will do Peggy!

43:01 to: sharonbetts
It is great.

43:06 to: Ken Shelton

43:07 to: Kathleen kmb211
Sweet Search is great

43:14 to: carolteach4
I introduced SweetSearch to my 7th and 8th graders, and they were so impressed that started recommending it to other students who'd not heard of it from me.

43:21 to: Ken Shelton

43:27 to: Peggy George
http://www.facebook.com/yolink (Follow yolink on Facebook)

43:37 to: Peggy George
http://www.yolinkeducation.com/education/pdf/yolink_teacher_guide.pdf (yolink Teacher's Guide-downloadable PDF)

43:44 to: bneal3
This is how my kids you yolink

43:48 to: Peggy George
http://www.yolinkeducation.com/education/pdf/yolink_in_the_classroom.pdf (yolink in the Classroom Educator Resources-downloadable PDF)

43:57 to: reba
@sharonbetts - thxs will use that in my pleading speech

44:01 to: Ken Shelton
Mark is with us this morning

44:11 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
I'm here

44:12 to: Peggy George
and you can embed the widget on your blog

44:28 to: Peggy George
http://www.yolink.com/yolink/labs/ (Enhance your Google Alerts with yolink and preview relevant blocks of text by installing the widget on your blog)

44:30 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
I believe SweetSearch coupled with Yolink utterly transforms the student search experience

44:36 to: sharonbetts
It is on my blog and it works unbelievably smoothly

44:38 to: Peggy George
I agree Mark!

44:45 to: bneal3
I agree mark!

44:47 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)

44:55 to: Anne Kimbrel
Lucy just called me and apologizes for leaving the room. Her computer just died on vacation

44:58 to: reba
?? yolink is free to educators - does that mean when we download you can confirm we are educators or is it through a school site sign up??

44:58 to: BethStill
@reba Look no further than Twitter for HUNDREDS of schools who utillize Google Apps.

45:01 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
The yolink API is great for blogs too!

45:01 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
That is true Mark.

45:14 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
What yolink does for Google alerts is astonishing. It actually makes them useful.

45:16 to: McTeach (Karen)

45:24 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Yolink and SweetSearch = research happiness.

45:28 to: Lorna Costantini
Thanks Anna

45:42 to: Peggy George

45:51 to: Carol Broos
doing this right now on my blog

45:53 to: reba
@Glenn - thanks- I will mention add Oregon

46:00 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
This is SO MUCH better than usual site or blog search

46:13 to: Peggy George
we would love to have Mark jump in and take the mic :-)

46:19 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
not sure if I can add this widget on my posterous blog ??

46:26 to: sharonbetts
@Mark - agreed. I am going to put it on my other sites -

46:27 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
will have to find out

46:34 to: sharonbetts
Will it work in a wiki?

46:35 to: LangLabCindy
Wow - this is really going to change how I teach digitial information fluency skills!

46:41 to: @tbfurman
I give that widget a high coolness factor.

46:42 to: Peggy George
I just added it to my Wordpress blog last night :-)

46:46 to: Laura Sheehy

47:02 to: reba
@carolteach4- thxs- and they know - but they keep saying its insecure - but I'm going to mention all the comments from this room

47:09 to: Len H
Awesome Brian!

47:17 to: sharonbetts
@Laura - we use a private label wikispaces - would be great if Yolink would search a wiki.

47:18 to: Anne Kimbrel
Thanks Brian!!!

47:31 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Great job, Brian!

47:40 to: Peggy George
there's sooooo much to share!!! don't think we can fit it all in an hour!! maybe we can keep going if our presenters are willing :-)

47:41 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
If it can combine with google image search and cc- that would really help my kids on several projects. But would it be better than advanced search for images?

47:42 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
Thanks Brian. That was so helpful!!!!

47:44 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Thanks, Brian.

47:57 to: Laura Sheehy
I'd love to use yolink on my wiki!

48:04 to: Peggy George
http://techedanddev.blogspot.com/ (Ken Shelton's Blog)

48:12 to: bneal3
Good idea Laura

48:16 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Here's our post that explains how we created SweetSearch: http://blog.findingdulcinea.com/2010/02/why-sweetsearch-is-the-best-search-engine-for-students.html

48:17 to: Peggy George
http://www.lucygray.org/weblog/ (Lucy Gray's Blog)

48:22 to: reba
@BethStill - thxs - will do

48:28 to: Peggy George
http://twitter.com/k_shelton (Ken Shelton on Twitter)

48:36 to: Sheri Edwards
Google Security Blog: http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/

48:40 to: Peggy George
http://twitter.com/elemenous (Lucy Gray on Twitter)

49:13 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Saving links to Diigo stops the "looping" that bogs down much student research

49:14 to: Peggy George
http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/tennessee/2010/07/03/yolink-and-easybib/ (Blog post by Tim Childers on DEN Blog: yolink and Easy Bib)

49:27 to: reba
@Ken- do we have to sign up as a school or as individual teacher

49:31 to: Sheri Edwards
Google Security including white paper: http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2010/06/security-first-protecting-your-data_04.html

49:53 to: BethStill
@Ken--Would you be willing to share some of your lessons on teaching students how to search?

49:53 to: Peggy George
http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/1885838/tigerlogic_launches_yolink__nextgeneration_search_technology_extracts_information_from/ (TigerLogic Launches Yolink-Next Generation Search Technology,

49:53 to: Peggy George
Extracts Information from Behind Links and Inside Documents)

49:54 to: sharonbetts
Need to make yolink part of our computer image.

49:56 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Kids start with one set of keywords, find sites they know are not relevant, move on to other keyword and sites, and 10 minutes later they're back on the first set of bad sites. With Diigo, they can ke

49:56 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
ep track

50:15 to: Peggy George
http://yolinkedu.blogspot.com/2010/01/marshall-elementary-pilot.html (Marshall Elementary Pilot in WA)

50:23 to: Peggy George
boo hoo!!!

50:25 to: Ken Shelton
@Beth I generally follow the curriculum developed by Lucy and Cheryl Davis. Stand by for a link

50:25 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I wish there was an easy way to add all the extensions and add-ons that I want kids to use on an image for the machines. Is there?

50:28 to: Peggy George
come back Lucy!!!

50:47 to: Peggy George
let Mark talk!!

50:58 to: Peggy George
and we want people to be able to ask questions of the experts!!

51:08 to: Ken Shelton
Here is the Google Search curriculum developed by Lucy Gray, Cheryl Davis, and several others http://www.google.com/educators/p_websearch.html

51:12 to: Peggy George
that will be an incredible show with Scott Meech

51:12 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
The Meech!!

51:21 to: EdTechLeader
Way to go Scott!

51:22 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Ken- I've used the google search stuff from Lucy and Cheryl too- good stuff

51:29 to: @shamblesguru
Who is the best person to talk to about the API and integrating in a website?

51:30 to: Nancy J
I am hoping the wuestion regarding yolink and wikis will be answered. would be agreat feature

51:38 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
yolink is clearly a tool that all students should be using! :)

51:39 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
the times make sense

51:53 to: Peggy George
thanks for that link Ken!! Lucy and the Google curriculum team did a session for us that you can find in the archives--great explanation of the search curriculum

52:01 to: Peggy George
those times are correct Lorna

52:03 to: Anne Kimbrel
@shamblesguru Brian Cheek would be: brian.cheek@tigerlogic.com

52:11 to: BethStill
@Ken Thanks :)

52:18 to: Peggy George
the Future of Ed interviews are almost always the same time--5:00pm Pacific

52:21 to: blairteach
Thank you for some excellent information. Now I have to go exploring!

52:29 to: Ken Shelton
And here is a google site I set up when i do 1 hour and 3 hour search workshops https://sites.google.com/site/gsineducation/

52:38 to: Peggy George
you are definitely going to want to spend some time exploring yolink!!! :-)

52:41 to: carolteach4
You know what! I'd rather not be paid for what lessons I share on line; people appreciating them is payment enough for me.

52:50 to: Peggy George
thank you Ken!! We'll add that link to the gl.am links

52:56 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
This has been a brilliant lrning experience. Thanks Brian for the info & stories. It is easy to understand yr explanations. Also, I love the poll at the beginning. I know feel like I am a green checkm

52:56 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)

53:10 to: Nancy J

53:13 to: sharonbetts
have an echo -

53:22 to: Sheri Edwards
@reba did you get the google links for you I inserted?

53:29 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
Thanks also to the moderators for yr valuable time.

53:35 to: Joe (@JoePag11)

53:36 to: Peggy George
Mark turn your mic back on when you're ready to speak and the rest will turn their mic off

53:42 to: McTeach (Karen)
You're in Mountain View?

53:52 to: Anne Kimbrel
we offer free PD for both you and your students as well as all of the lessons including yolink are on our website under the ISTE section

53:53 to: Peggy George
definitely add the yolink blog widget!!

53:54 to: carolteach4
@reba - those links Sheri gave you should help you with your case

53:54 to: Ken Shelton
If you anybody wants to know how Yolink is used in the classroom feel free to contact me as well

53:56 to: diana
what is the cost?

53:57 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Hoping to get Lucy to come over and talk to teachers/students re search

54:02 to: reba
@sheri - no i didn't - could you insert them again thxs

54:06 to: sharonbetts
love to get it on our school webpage - joomla site.

54:12 to: Glenn Hervieux
Yes, being able to embed on a wiki would be gr8 :)

54:15 to: Kim T AZ
An incredible useful show...thanks to everyone involved!!!

54:18 to: Ken Shelton
Oh and my twitter handle is twitter.com/k_shelton

54:22 to: @shamblesguru
Yolink seems to work better in some browser than others ... which is your preferred browser?

54:23 to: carolteach4
@reba - just scroll up; they are in the chat

54:24 to: Lissa
Can I use the YoLink widget on squarespace?

54:38 to: Anne Kimbrel
anne.kimbrel@tigerlogic.com or brian.cheek@tigerlogic.com if you have questions or are interested in PD and training

54:43 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
yolink = Free... and the classroom pilots and professional development are free as well!

54:57 to: Peggy George
do a search in our archives for the earlier yolink show and the google search show and the SweetSearch show :-) http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html (Classroom 2.0 LIVE Archives and

54:57 to: Peggy George
Resources for all recordings and links)

55:04 to: Althea (twitter name=orlama)
Thanks very much for this. I am going to be explorieng this with colleagues next academic year after learning how to use yolink. I will also be using with teachers.

55:09 to: carolteach4
@Mark - kids were really impressed with your service

55:15 to: @mmeveilleux (Ingrid)
must go- hate to leave -TY!!!!

55:19 to: Anne Kimbrel
@shamblesguru I like FF but I think that is just because I use it both on my PC and Mac.

55:22 to: Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!!!

55:40 to: Peggy George
if you have questions you'd like Brian, Ken or Mark to answer please type them here in the chat

55:57 to: Abigail Larrison
Thank you for providing this highly useful information for latent luddites.

56:10 to: Peggy George
you're very welcome Abigail!!

56:14 to: reba
@sheri - I found it- thxs

56:15 to: Sheri Edwards
@reba: Google Security Blog: http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/

Google Security including white paper: http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2010/06/security-first-protecting-your-data_04.html

56:37 to: Peggy George
I love that we can come together to learn and then can go back and listen to the recordings as often as we need to.

56:51 to: Peggy George
Thanks Sheri for those links!

56:54 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
I use sweet search for me with my younger kids gr 4-6... really helps with the kids who don't have the reading levels needed for other links

56:56 to: Kim Flack
thanks so much :) fantastic resource!!!

57:00 to: reba
Thank u to ALL of you regarding persuading my school district to allow Google apps on our network

57:07 to: Ken Shelton
At this point I pretty much encourage teachers at my school to use Sweet Search with their students exclusively

57:20 to: Peggy George
this is a powerful reason for school districts to approve the use of google apps :-)

57:27 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Ken- what age?

57:28 to: Sheri Edwards
On vacation and breakfast is ready; thanks for this wonderful search tool and the presentation on it this morning :)

57:34 to: Barbara
Thank you for the informative session & making is easy to go back & look over the logs of sessions-as needed. (brobeson@amphi.com)

57:46 to: Ken Shelton
@Maureen 12-14

57:51 to: Althea (twitter name=orlama)
Sweet search sounds great and I will be exploring.

57:54 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Working at school today. They are closing building at 2 CDT so I need to go and finish my room. I start Mon kids come Thurs. 2010-2011 is going to be incredible.

57:57 to: Peggy George
thank you Mark!!

58:01 to: Glenn Hervieux
The collaboration allowed for in google docs is amazing ;)

58:03 to: Dorie
So exciting! Thank you all.

58:13 to: Paula Naugle(@plnaugle)
Thank you everyone and have a great weeken.

58:32 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks Ken I teach gr 4-9 and the kids think that search means google... so many other options- and sweet search is one of the best for them

58:36 to: Peggy George
http://www.slideshare.net/yolinkeducation (yolink presentations on Slideshare)

58:41 to: Ken Shelton

58:51 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
Make sure you spread the word about yolink! Free download available at http://www.yolinkeducation.com

58:51 to: Ken Shelton
My video with Richard Byrne is on there as well :)

58:55 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
wikispaces please

58:56 to: sharonbetts
WIKISPACES, please. that would be fabulous

59:00 to: Peggy George

59:00 to: reba
@sheri - thxs i will do that

59:08 to: Laura Sheehy
definitely Wikispaces!

59:24 to: sharonbetts
can you verify it works with linux?

59:26 to: Nancy J
we have private label wikispace. I will contact you

59:28 to: diana

59:30 to: clinds
I've worked with 2 tech departments who won't go to Google Apps for Ed because they don't want their data on Google servers and are worried that if Google Apps for Ed goes away (very unlikely with all

59:30 to: clinds
schools that are now using it) or they don't want to use it anymore, there's no easy way to switch to another email/doc solution. Not sure how to respond to that...

59:34 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Can yolink enhance image searches?

59:34 to: BethStill
All Classroom 2.0 Live sessions are great, but this one was FANTASTIC! I learned so much. Thanks for so much information.

59:37 to: Peggy George
Brian can definitely help you with the API--not all websites play nice with it--we're still having a few issues with Weebly

59:39 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
no cost for yolink

59:45 to: Chris Johnston
Ijiust tried installing it on a Wordpress blog and it didn't work

59:48 to: Peggy George
no cost :-)

59:51 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
yolink is free!

59:52 to: blairteach
Thank you very much. Very helpful.

59:58 to: reba
Ken you mentioned its free to educators - so do we have to sign up as individual educators and students

1:00:00 to: Chris Johnston
work on blogger though

1:00:01 to: Len H
http://twitter.com/markemoran Mark Moran's twitter page

1:00:04 to: Peggy George
it needs to be a Wordpress blog you host on your own server--

1:00:09 to: sharonbetts
Contact you to get it to work on a Joomla site? right?

1:00:16 to: Peggy George
it doesn't work on the wordpress.com blogs

1:00:18 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
and the yolink education team will visit your school to work with students/educators for free as well!

1:00:23 to: Ken Shelton
@Reba are you referring to using Yolink?

1:00:25 to: carolteach4
Used yolink with my google docs, and it created a doc, but then I couldn't add any more info to the doc that youlink created.

1:00:28 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
If you upload a pdf to google apps and it goes thru the OCR process- then it wouldn't work on this, correct?

1:00:33 to: Chris Johnston
I installed in on my server

1:00:44 to: Gordon Dahlby
Had to step away. Did you demo integration as API in Moodle?

1:00:44 to: reba
yes - yolink - he said there was free to educators

1:00:48 to: @shamblesguru
What is your business model ... how is Yolink monitised ... I only ask as it reflections on sustainability

1:00:50 to: Bruce Gale
Can it act as a gateway for YouTube and restrict content?

1:00:50 to: Peggy George
yes carolteach4--that was the problem he mentioned earlier about google appending info--it's a google problem

1:00:57 to: Chris Johnston

1:01:01 to: Peggy George
hopefully they will fix it soon!!

1:01:09 to: Ken Shelton
@Reba it is a free download and browser add-on install.

1:01:15 to: reba

1:01:16 to: Kathleen kmb211
@Chris Johnston the free version on your server

1:01:24 to: @shamblesguru
All very impressive

1:01:28 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
Yolink makes Google Alert 100 times more useful.

1:01:29 to: Peggy George

1:01:33 to: andi1984
How do you earn money with yolink?

1:01:44 to: Carol Broos
i am also on overload

1:01:47 to: Chris Johnston
the wordpress plugin on my shared server

1:01:49 to: Ken Shelton
@Reba here is the download page http://www.yolink.com/education/jsps/download-agree.jsp

1:02:04 to: Carol Broos
this is amazing. Will have to really play with it

1:02:14 to: Peggy George
don't be concerned about overload--just take it one step at a time and see what you can do with it. You don't have to do it all at once. Just do what works for you and your kids

1:02:21 to: andi1984
ok, thx!

1:02:29 to: carolteach4
Free is good for education.

1:02:34 to: Nancy J
can you restate re: certifi cate

1:02:35 to: clinds
Youngest age you've used YoLink with?

1:02:36 to: sharonbetts
fabulous product - I will be contacting Brian through the yolink site to integrate it into our joomla website

1:02:36 to: Len H
Thank you Brian

1:02:42 to: McTeach (Karen)
Lots to process!!

1:02:45 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Really looking forward to using this with kids this year- thank you!

1:02:46 to: Marianne

1:02:48 to: Ken Shelton
The ticker symbol for Tiger Logic is TIGR

1:02:49 to: Glenn Hervieux
Thanks again, y'all!

1:02:50 to: Peggy George
so excited to see how so many powerful tools are integrated into this one tool!!

1:02:51 to: roxanne c
thank you for staying free for education and building upon the work keeping us current

1:02:56 to: Marianne
Great topic - can't wait to use this

1:02:56 to: carolteach4
Does he know when Google will fix the problem with adding info to a youlink created doc.

1:02:57 to: Dotty-San Jose
Can;t wait to use this with my students and put into my back to school presentation.

1:03:01 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
yolink has been used in Third and Fourth grade classrooms

1:03:10 to: virginia alberti
Thanks very much!

1:03:13 to: Peggy George
the survey will pop up for you when you log out of elluminate

1:03:24 to: Sheila_A
Thanks so much!

1:03:25 to: Dotty-San Jose
Great webinar-

1:03:36 to: reba
Great session - will be downloading immediately

1:03:38 to: Peggy George
apparently it isn't a priority for Google :-( let them know it's important

1:03:52 to: Delbusch
thank you so much.

1:03:54 to: Anne Kimbrel
Thanks Lorna, Peggy, Ken, Brian and Mark!!!!!

1:04:00 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
yolink + sweetsearch. what a great combo for education!

1:04:02 to: carolteach4
Thanks for the clarification. I guess I could create a bunch of docs and then copy and paste into one.

1:04:06 to: sharonbetts
If google users post to their help site - it will eventually get fixed. be pro-active

1:04:09 to: Peggy George
yolink has been used with even younger kids--if they can read anything they can use yolink

1:04:24 to: Laura Sheehy

1:04:31 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
if anyone wants to write me, mark.moran@DulcineaMedia.com

1:04:38 to: sharonbetts
it would seem that it is a great tool for younger students - almost acts as a filter

1:04:44 to: Tammy Moore
Thanks everyone. Heading off to daughter's baby shower. :)

1:04:46 to: Chris Johnston
Why is New Orleans not inclued in the cities on the Craigslist demo? We have a craigslist page neworleans.craigslist.com

1:04:48 to: roxanne c
i plan to use it this year 2-5 this year

1:04:51 to: Gordon Dahlby
TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR)

1:04:51 to: Peggy George
Aviva Dunsiger does incredible things with her first graders using Diigo, google docs, evernote!!

1:04:53 to: Ken Shelton
It does work with 1st and 2nd graders, the key is to provide a comprehensive lesson before making use of Yolink

1:04:56 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
5th graders will figure this out in minutes

1:05:17 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Can you use with a custom google search

1:05:17 to: Marragem
I'll be using it with my Yr Two's, once I've had a play

1:05:18 to: Peggy George

1:05:19 to: sharonbetts
no email - just a phone

1:05:20 to: Kathleen kmb211
Thank you everyone

1:05:22 to: Peggy George

1:05:27 to: Peggy George
Brian wants to help!!

1:05:29 to: Ken Shelton
And my email kas6415@lausd.net

1:05:33 to: Anne Kimbrel

1:05:41 to: Peggy George

1:05:46 to: Brian Cheek

1:05:58 to: Peggy George
all of this information will be in the recording too :-)

1:06:07 to: Peggy George
thank you all so much for joining us today!! :-)

1:06:11 to: EdTechLeader
Thanks all. Very informative!

1:06:18 to: sharonbetts
thank you - looking forward to the linux release -

1:06:20 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Brian- can you use this with a custom google search?

1:06:27 to: Joe (@JoePag11)
You can still download yolink and use it on the neworleans.craigslist.com website! For some reason, it's just not listed on the Labs section of the website.

1:06:30 to: Radney
Thank you all!

1:06:35 to: Peggy George
remember you can also access the recordings on iTunesU :-)

1:06:35 to: Ken Shelton
@Maureen, yes you can

1:06:41 to: Marragem
Thanks everyone. Lots to process!

1:06:51 to: sharonbetts
Big round of applause - clap clap clap! thank you.

1:06:56 to: Peggy George
cool Joe!!! :-)

1:07:05 to: Peggy George
fantastic information!!!

1:07:11 to: Peggy George
so very exciting!!!!

1:07:16 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Thanks- I have several custom search engines made up for topics and this would really help kids narrow down their subjects

1:07:18 to: stan
Great presentation! Thank you

1:07:24 to: McTeach (Karen)
Amanda...I think you should go to bed!!

1:07:36 to: @tbfurman
great session; thanks for presenting

1:07:39 to: Peggy George
you can all show your appreciation by clicking on the clapping hand or the smiley face :-)

1:07:45 to: Carol Broos
thanks so much, this has been amazing. One more thing in my bag of tricks.

1:07:45 to: Kathleen kmb211
I need another summer to go over all this information

1:07:46 to: Mark Moran (@findingDulcinea)
SweetSearch is a custom search engine with Yolink embedded; it was so easy to do

1:07:46 to: Glenn Hervieux
Try contacting Brian on Twitter, as well ;)

1:07:46 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
Wow! Thanks!

1:07:49 to: Marragem
yes Karen - going now

1:07:54 to: Ken Shelton
I have one question

1:08:04 to: Glenn Hervieux
Totally appreciate YoLinks commitment to education

1:08:05 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
@Marragem- good night!

1:08:07 to: Brian Cheek
brian twitter - cheeker9

1:08:07 to: Peggy George
http://www.facebook.com/yolink (Follow yolink on Facebook)

1:08:26 to: Peggy George
wouldn't that be amazing with image searches?

1:08:39 to: Peggy George
tags should do it!

1:08:56 to: Ken Shelton
Tags and EXIF file information would be awesome

1:09:03 to: Ken Shelton
Thanks Brian

1:09:04 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
lost audio

1:09:16 to: Maureen (bcdtech)

1:09:36 to: Ken Shelton

1:09:37 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thank you everyone!!!!!

1:09:37 to: Maureen (bcdtech)
This has been great- thanks to all!

1:09:44 to: clinds
Thank you! Another amazing session :)

1:09:45 to: Peggy George
you can download all of his slides while you're in elluminate-go to File>Save>Whiteboard>save as PDF

1:09:45 to: Brian Cheek
thanks everyone

1:09:50 to: Marragem
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I'm off to bed!

1:09:58 to: Ken Shelton
Thanks everybody!!

1:10:00 to: @shamblesguru
Many thanks ... now ... sleep

1:10:03 to: Peggy George
Tammy is our rock!!! always here and always helping!!

1:10:13 to: Peggy George
thank you Brian, Ken, Lucy and Mark!!!!

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