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Congratulations, Tammy.

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Here we go!!!

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hi laura

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Welcome everyone!!

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Hi Kim!

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Hi Laura! so glad you're here!

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Hi Peggy!

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Thanks Tammy

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I'm so glad we are starting the new school year with a focus on parent involvement :-)

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Grandma Tammy :-)

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that's my google doc--poems to appreciate volunteers :-)

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just tried to access the doc, says I don't have permission :(

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me too

02:16 to: Kim Caise

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Peggy, Google doc says I don't have permission.

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hmmm it's published

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Kim's link works :)

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I just sent a request for permission to use the doc of Kim

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Thanks Kim"s link works.

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sorry! think it's ok now. something happened to it

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cool collection Peggy!

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Love the Poems

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aren't they awesome?

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thanks! I know they're a bit dated because I've compiled them over about 25 years as a principal :-)

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and the full chat log of the sessions

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iTunesU channel :-)

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That's iTunesU

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I am in charge of our Parent Volunteer Bunch each year. Great poems Peggy. I'll probably use one this year on the invitation.

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wonderful!! I was hoping you would find them useful!

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Unfortunately Australia has gone to sleep

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I'm glad Lorna mentioned about all of the links in the chat log. We always post them in the archives so you can go back and get them again.

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A and B

06:19 to: yorkieswv

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we should say all of the above :-)

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A and E

06:43 to: Shelia B

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that's really interesting because I think the trend is that parents volunteer more in elementary than in MS and HS

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not all volunteers are necessarily parents

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we rely on volunteers in our tech association (AzTEA)

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just click on ABCDE in the participants window so your vote shows up in the shart

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what? we don't get paid in AzTEA?

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08:15 to: Peggy George

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we are all cheerful volunteers!!!

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can not hear anything

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Sofia-go up to Tools>Audio>Audio Setup Wizard and run that. It should help you to hear

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sofia, you can adjust the volume in the bottom left.

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Student support for learning.

09:24 to: Kim Caise
if that doesn't work try the audio setup that peggy just mentioned

09:25 to: Peggy George
please use the big blue A

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Having rouble w/whiteboard? Library volunteers

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debschi, click on the A on the whiteboard tools just to the left of the whiteboard

10:19 to: Kim Caise
to top

10:45 to: Reba
our PTA does an excellent job at handling our fundraising, but the classroom volunteering is the problem

10:46 to: debschi

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fantastic list!!! Karen has some outstanding tips and tools to help all of us with volunteers!

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Welcome Karen!!!

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In our school each Homeroom has a Parent Volunteer captain and co-captain. One year I had 11 parent volunteers.

11:43 to: yorkieswv

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that is outstanding!

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Hi Karen.

11:50 to: Lorna Costantini

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wonderful Paula!!! you must know how to make parents feel welcomed and needed!

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I called on the phone pls accept me

12:42 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Peggy, I think too many teachers don't know how to make parents feel welcome.

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we don't have that setup this morning sofia. did you run the audio setup wizard?

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should I hang up

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Ihave working moms make flashcards and learning centers at home so they can be involved.

13:27 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
audio set up it never asked

13:31 to: Laura Sheehy
Sofia, you can turn on closed captioning too - click on "CC" at the top of the window

13:34 to: debschi
@Stephanie Pearl r u from Wykoff?

13:34 to: Peggy George
I agree Paula. And my own daughters (parents) have also found that some teachers didn't want them in the room. Very sad!

13:42 to: Kim Caise
yes hang up for now. did you run the setup wizard?

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the audio setup wizard will help you set your audio properties to hear

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Exactly, teachers feel noncomfortable with parents in classroom.

14:11 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
how do I run the audio should I leave and come back up

14:14 to: Peggy George
that is such a fantastic tool!!!

14:21 to: Kim Caise
no, you don't need to leave

14:39 to: debschi
@ Sofia the closed door syndrom!

14:42 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
how do I runthe set up

14:45 to: Peggy George
just a sec Karen

14:53 to: Peggy George
you can use the dropdown for the slides

14:54 to: Peggy George

14:56 to: debschi

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14:58 to: sebastianpanakal

14:59 to: Sherri

14:59 to: Laura Sheehy

15:04 to: yorkieswv

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go up to tools, select audio and then select audio setup wizrd

15:20 to: Peggy George
those 2 arrows look very similar :-)

16:03 to: Peggy George
and that's why we don't see many parents in the HS and MS :-(

16:09 to: Laura Sheehy
no toolkit

16:10 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Need to make our Hispanic parents feel more involved.

16:13 to: debschi
Tolkit missing?

16:18 to: debschi

16:27 to: Kim Caise
first click on the laser pointer

16:34 to: Kim Caise
then at the bottom locate the green check

16:38 to: Peggy George
can only add one check

17:03 to: debschi
where's check?

17:05 to: Len H
can't see the check

17:05 to: Peggy George
limitation of the laserpointer

17:18 to: Peggy George
the checkmark is at bottom of whiteboard when you click on the laserpointer

17:19 to: Kim Caise
click on the laser pointer first and then at the bottom just below the whiteboard

17:52 to: debschi
Got it tks!

18:10 to: Len H
still missing

18:14 to: debschi
Service Learning?

18:20 to: Peggy George
there are so many things parents can do and often teachers don't think of them

18:25 to: Len H
now its there

18:37 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Helping plan field trips.

18:40 to: Kim T AZ
sorry,have to go....

18:48 to: Laura Sheehy
bye Kim T

18:51 to: Peggy George
we have included some nice compilations of ideas for using volunteers in our gl.am links today http://gl.am/n2zlK

18:53 to: debschi
We have volunteers in the library for check out etc. MS

18:57 to: Len H
bye Kim T

18:57 to: yorkieswv
orginization of events

18:59 to: Shelia B
Chaperone for out of state field trips

19:01 to: roxannec
moving on and graduation ceremonies

19:02 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Making manipulatives at home.

19:13 to: yorkieswv

19:14 to: roxannec
night events

19:17 to: Peggy George
that is a great point Karen!

19:18 to: Shelia B
Chaperones for school dances and activities

19:25 to: Reba
helping with our NASA family nights

19:32 to: roxannec
safety patrol

19:34 to: yorkieswv
count money

19:41 to: Lorna Costantini
talk about innovation!!

19:44 to: Peggy George
even if your current job for parent is only 10 minutes it let's them know you value their help and they'll be more willing when you have a bigger job :-)

19:51 to: Shelia B
Parents serve as members of School Committees

20:00 to: Len H
all volunteers for my district must complete a background check and fingerprint card

20:09 to: Kim Caise
watch classes while teachers have special lunches or team planning

20:13 to: Jennifer Rowe
Assisting with buses and car-riders

20:17 to: Peggy George
our parents completely supervised the student dropoff/pickup every day--huge help!

20:23 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Coordinating supplies needed for class projects.

20:48 to: debschi
Can parents be in class w/o teacher though? District call?

20:51 to: Lorna Costantini
organizing training for parent meetings and school councils

21:01 to: Peggy George
YES!!! a budget necessity AND parent involvement is essential to student success in school

21:12 to: Reba
some teachers need an in-service on how to work with parent volunteers. Some teachers need help with community people skills

21:14 to: Kim Caise
depends on school/district policies

21:20 to: Peggy George
there is a great research report in our gl.am links about parent volunteers and student achievement

21:22 to: Delbusch
grandparents read with our little ones

21:23 to: Kim Caise
and for specified lengths of time

21:29 to: Sherri
fieldtrip, observation of own child, one-to-one instruction

21:35 to: Peggy George
yes Reba!!! parents definitely need some training!

21:53 to: Peggy George
they need to know important things especially confidentiality issues

22:00 to: @shamblesguru
QUESTION: In the USA ...if a parent is in school do they have heir break in the teaher staff room ... or are the seperate?

22:31 to: Reba
I mean that our teachers need training also- Teachers need to learn how to positively deal with parents

22:33 to: Lorna Costantini
personal experience in Canada - eat and drink together

22:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I asked parents who brought kids to classroom if they could stay for about 20 minutes and help collect and organize supplies. Had three that stayed.

22:34 to: Peggy George
that was always a challenge in our school @shamblesguru! we finally created a separate parent lounge for them

22:46 to: Kim Caise
depends shambles

22:55 to: debschi
Separate in my school. Most don't stay for a length of time that deems a break.

23:05 to: Peggy George
teachers talk about lots of things in the teachers lounge...

23:06 to: Reba
Some teachers feel parents are an intrusion or distractions

23:17 to: Peggy George
yes Reba

23:34 to: Peggy George
these are great suggestions Karen!!

23:35 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@shamblesguru In our building there is a special room for parent volunteers, faculty room is for teachers only.

24:05 to: @shamblesguru

24:08 to: debschi
Wow Paula seems like you have major parent support!

24:13 to: Reba
I am going to introduce this at our school- this is great.

24:20 to: Kim Caise
running off copies or laminating can be problematic when teachers and parents are intermixed and casual conversations occurring

24:22 to: Peggy George
important to use parents for tasks they can be successful with--less frustrating for both parent and teacher

24:48 to: Len H
Love bats!

24:49 to: Peggy George
Paula you may want to take the mic after Karen's presentation to share some of your ideas. They are great!

24:55 to: Lorna Costantini
HAving a special room for parents shows wonderful for the importacne of parents

25:00 to: Reba
Exactly Peggy- if they are successful they will come more often and enjoy the experience

25:15 to: Kim Caise
at the planetarium here in san antonio they have evenings where students and parents can view the stars through telescopes outside in the parking lot of the planetarium

25:15 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@debschi I make a point of asking my parents to help me. Any time I see them I will ask for help in some way. Parents want to help.

25:42 to: debschi
@Lorna and they feel part of a volunteer community!

25:43 to: Peggy George
yes! I found teachers tended to stop asking parents if they didn't get the quality of work they expected but it was really asking them to do things they weren't prepared to do

25:50 to: Len H
I'm hoping to set up evening WiFi at our school.

26:01 to: Lorna Costantini
@debschi exactly

26:08 to: Peggy George
"How would you like to get involved?" Excellent!

26:20 to: Reba
Babysitting for younger siblings is a problem at our site for volunteering parents

26:21 to: Peggy George

26:29 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I don't speak Spanish and have many Hispanic parents now. Trying to figure out how to get them involved.

26:44 to: Peggy George
http://www.youtube.com/volunteerspot (VolunteerSpot video: Back to School Sign Up Sheets Boost Parent Involvement)

26:48 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Karen, great idea.

27:23 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
what is the website embrace diversity..

27:30 to: Peggy George
many parent letters include surveys to ask ways they would be willing to help. Giving them a list with specific suggestions to check off really helps

27:35 to: @shamblesguru
Language is a very rich opportunity in International Schools in Asia

27:55 to: Peggy George
http://www.everythingesl.net/inservices/bilingualparents.php (Everything ESL: Working with Bilingual Parent Volunteers)

27:56 to: Shelia B
I send translated letters to both Spanish and Engilish speaking parents.

28:00 to: Sherri
Are there any parent surveys on-line we can use?

28:04 to: Lorna Costantini
The personal touch and ask is one of the most effective ways to get parent participation

28:07 to: Peggy George
we have some in our gl.am links

28:16 to: Len H
Good question Sherri

28:21 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Wonder if I could set up a 10 minute Spanish class a couple of times a week to get Hispanic parents involved.

28:26 to: Kim Caise
google forms

28:36 to: Peggy George
there are many examples online

28:36 to: Sherri
oh thanks

28:53 to: Peggy George
http://www.educationworld.com/a_curr/voice/voice094.shtml (Education World: Tips for Welcoming Parent Volunteers into your Classroom)

29:08 to: Peggy George
http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=7834 (Scholastic: Top 5 Ways to Use Parent Volunteers)

29:18 to: Shelia B
Our school district offers a professional translation team to come out to our meetings and events.

29:21 to: Peggy George
http://www.soyouwanttoteach.com/45-tasks-for-parent-volunteers-in-the-classroom/ (So You Want to Teach: 45 Tasks for Parent Volunteers in the Classroom)

29:38 to: roxannec
e did a before school mini workshop to share learning links for kids with our esl parents

29:42 to: Peggy George
http://www.parent-volunteers.com/ (Book by Rhonda Jones-Turning Parents into Volunteers-$29.95-rationale, recruiting, training, rewarding, forms/letters/templates)

29:49 to: Laura Sheehy
Love the gl-am page so I don't have to go to every link!!!!

29:51 to: debschi
Will share links with staff!

29:59 to: Peggy George
showing appreciation is sooooooo important!!!

30:03 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I'm going to do evening computer training this year. I want to teach them about cyber safety and creating a digital footprint.

30:13 to: Peggy George
they love getting thank you pictures/notes from kids

30:28 to: Peggy George
http://www.projectappleseed.org/npid.html (Project Appleseed-parent involvement pledge and many outstanding resources)

30:40 to: Peggy George
http://ezinearticles.com/?12-Ways-to-Reward-Parent-Volunteers&id=2013657 (Ezine Article: 12 Ways to Reward Parent Volunteers)

31:00 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
how do we save these links will they be erased

31:03 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I was making a Mixbook this morning. You can add contributors so maybe could get parents to help you create a memory book for the year.

31:04 to: debschi
@paula I'm in a 5-6 scholl and want to do the same. If you want to share work, I'm up for it!

31:25 to: Lorna Costantini
Sofia they will be posted on our archives page on our website

31:32 to: Peggy George
Sofia-the links will all be saved in the archives and you can download them later

31:48 to: Lorna Costantini
tips for preparing a community survey http://ncrsc.niagaracatholic.ca/Pro/samplesurvey07.pdf

31:51 to: Peggy George
these are really important tips!

32:03 to: debschi
@Paula Cool!

32:05 to: Len H
I held an evening computer training class for parents last year and will do it again this year.

32:06 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
ppotoday? the web site she just mentioned

32:45 to: Kim Caise
you can save the chat and whiteboard at the end of the session. we also post the chat log of the entire chat conversation on our website at http://live.classroom20.com

32:53 to: Lorna Costantini
archived chat log and recordings http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

32:54 to: Kim Caise
on the archives and resources page

32:56 to: debschi
God point about respecting time limits!

32:58 to: Peggy George
never really thought about sticking to the agreed time limit

33:31 to: Peggy George
love that point!! best job fit! we want them to be successful!

33:32 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Len H. Do you have any resources you could share? I'm collecting my info now for my training sessions. TY

34:02 to: Peggy George
also need to be clear about whether they can bring younger siblings with them when they volunteer--can be very disruptive in the classroom

34:07 to: Shelia B
I send letters to the parents at the beginning of the year and request their email addresses and cell phone numbers.

34:08 to: Kim Caise
whenever we served refreshments we got better turnouts

34:28 to: debschi
@ Kim :)! I'd come!

34:33 to: Sherri

34:34 to: Len H
@pnaugle sure thing Paula

34:34 to: Kim Caise

34:36 to: Peggy George
food is the universal resource for volunteers everywhere!!!

34:48 to: Kim Caise
great incentive

34:57 to: Shelia B
We are a span school (6 -12) and our high school students come to our classroom for community service hours.

34:58 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Open House is next week. I'll have a form ready for parents to sign up to volunteer - either at home or in the classroom.

35:15 to: Peggy George
younger siblings can take the focus off the purpose of the volunteering

35:28 to: Kim Caise
all volunteers have to pass a background check here in san antonio

35:31 to: debschi
@Paula what do u teach?

35:34 to: Peggy George
http://www.ptotoday.com/pto-today-articles/article/30-10-tips-for-classroom-volunteers (PTO Today: 10 Tips for Classroom Volunteers-things parents can do to make volunteering more rewarding)

35:46 to: Kim Caise
or go on field trips

35:50 to: Peggy George
our district required background checks for parents

36:01 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@debschi I teach 4th graders math and social studies.

36:02 to: Len H
Mine does as well

36:06 to: Peggy George
a parent volunteer handbook is a great idea

36:10 to: roxannec
all volunteers this year are going thru a background check this year

36:15 to: Shelia B
I promote volunteerism during "Back to School Night" I also add our parent volunteer discussion to my agenda.

36:22 to: Peggy George
http://www.forestridge.org/uploaded/Parents.../Parent-vol_form2010-11_jan10.pdf (Sample Parent Volunteer form created by Forest Ridge School Parent Association)

36:22 to: Jennifer Rowe
When I was in CA, everyone had to have a T.B. test

36:23 to: roxannec
extra insurance to drive

36:27 to: Sherri
schedule meetingwhen parent is inthe biuliding

36:45 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Peggy You could get Parent Volunteers to make the Parent Volunteer Handbook.

36:54 to: Peggy George
definitely Paula!!

36:58 to: Sherri
good idea

37:13 to: Peggy George
love it!! the KISS principle :-)

37:35 to: Peggy George
this is where VolunteerSpot comes in :-)

37:35 to: debschi
@ Paula Great idea for me entering a new library w/ an already in place volunteer group

37:59 to: sebastianpanakal
Use a Wiki!!

38:13 to: Peggy George
wait until she shows you her tools!!! :-)

38:50 to: Peggy George
this is going to make your life so simple!!

38:51 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@debschi The way you start out with making volunteers feel welcome sets the tone for others. Good luck with new position.

39:01 to: debschi

39:15 to: Peggy George

39:19 to: Radney
In Tools Application sharing, choose "scale to fit" for best results.

39:54 to: Peggy George
that is incredible!!!

40:06 to: Kim Caise
what a fantastic timesaver

40:12 to: Peggy George
the more specific you are the better help you'll get

40:17 to: sebastianpanakal
Wonderful resource!!

40:45 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I need parents to tutor math skills.

40:48 to: Peggy George
Karen can you re-use these every year once you get them setup--just changing dates?

41:12 to: Peggy George
this is great because they don't have to register like they would on Google

41:25 to: debschi
I'm so hoping families have comp access in my new district! This is great!

41:37 to: Peggy George
and this is all FREE!!!!!!

42:00 to: @shamblesguru
Dare I ask if an iPad App is in future plans ....

42:16 to: Peggy George
great question shamblesguru!!

43:01 to: Peggy George
good point--opportunity to create things that don't need a date

43:37 to: Peggy George
the drop down menu really makes it easy :-)

44:25 to: Peggy George
http://twitter.com/volunteerspot (VolunteerSpot twitter account-follow for latest updates)

44:26 to: clinds
Speaking of iPad apps, does anyone know if there is an app that students can use to make a tour of the school for visitors that can be used on iPod Touches? I'm thinking of using Flips and loading mov

44:26 to: clinds
ie onto iPod Touches but wondering if there's another way. Sorry to be off-topic. Loving VolunteerSpot!

44:59 to: Peggy George
@clinds-would GoogleEarth/google maps with images work?

45:08 to: Kim Caise
try @smeech on twitter. Scott was on our show last week

45:33 to: Kim Caise
looks good to me!

45:34 to: Peggy George
there are apps for google earth/maps and youtube videos will play

45:38 to: clinds
@Peggy - That's a great idea. I'll check out GoogleEarth/maps - thanks!

45:59 to: Len H
This is a great tool

46:16 to: Laura Sheehy
looks very easy to use :)

46:22 to: Peggy George
@clinds-also try Trails :-) let's you add images along a "trail"

46:31 to: Laura Sheehy

46:41 to: Peggy George
yes Laura

46:55 to: yorkieswv
Very Neat Karen

47:15 to: Peggy George
Laurie King did a demo of Trails where she strapped her video camera to her head riding her bike around the neighborhood and plotted it all out on Trails

47:39 to: Peggy George
that is SO easy!!! love it!!!

47:42 to: debschi
So cool!

47:47 to: yorkieswv
cool peggy

48:09 to: Laura Sheehy
sounds cool Peggy!

48:55 to: Peggy George
I love that those icons are clip boards!! nice scaffolding :-)

49:28 to: Peggy George
even if parents don't have computers they almost all have cell phones and may be able to receive text messages

49:35 to: clinds
I can't believe this is free - awesome!

49:46 to: Larry
Does this stop people from signing up to bring things when you have all the ones you need?

49:49 to: Peggy George
incredible!!!! "tech timid user" YES!

49:58 to: Lorna Costantini
tech timid I love that descriptor

50:00 to: Kim Caise
i can definitely shop online!

50:23 to: Peggy George
http://www.youtube.com/user/VolunteerSpot#p/a (VolunteerSpot Youtube channel)

50:26 to: Sherri
What services are added value if "upgrade" is opted in

50:44 to: peterhorn33
Karen, I am the National Honor society advisor for my school, one of the requiements for my student mambers if community service/volunteering, would i be allowed to use this for them to sign up and ke

50:44 to: peterhorn33
ep track of their service?

50:44 to: Peggy George
http://blog.volunteerspot.com/volunteer_guru/2010/04/engaging-parent-volunteers-pta-action-planning-for-back-to-school-2010-2011.html (VolunteerSpot Blog:Engaging Parent Volunteers: PTA Action Plannin

50:44 to: Peggy George
g for Back-to-School 2010-2011)

50:58 to: debschi
Good point Peggy. The district I'm starting in is semi-rural 2 dif

51:09 to: Peggy George
so many really helpful support resources on VolunteerSpot!

51:15 to: yorkieswv

51:24 to: Peggy George
http://VolunteerSpot.com/ebooks/roommom(Free Room Mom Survival Guide)

51:28 to: Shelia B
Having problems registering. Checked junk mail...and inbox...no confirmation received.

52:00 to: @shamblesguru
Umm ... free ebooks

52:08 to: Peggy George
wait to register--she has a bonus for you :-)

52:19 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
Do you have these in Spanish?

52:26 to: Peggy George
http://www.VolunteerSpot.com/school (Karen Bantuveris' website: register with promo code 'TeachersSave' for a chance to win $100 in classroom supplies from @ClassWish )

52:51 to: @shamblesguru
Karen ... what is the business model for VolunteerSpot ... I only ask to establish they will be around for a long time

53:02 to: Peggy George
Sofia could you use Google Translate to view these?

53:17 to: Kim Caise
i am adding these questions

53:35 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
no I need them for my parents I teache Spanish Immersion ALL in spanish Middle school

53:50 to: clinds
Would the "Try Live Demo" button be the best way to show this great tool to teachers?

54:00 to: Peggy George
See if there are any resources here to help you: http://www.everythingesl.net/inservices/bilingualparents.php (Everything ESL: Working with Bilingual Parent Volunteers)

54:18 to: Kim Caise
you could demo your account too @clinds

54:25 to: Jennifer Rowe
Could you post the promo codes Karen mentioned?

54:25 to: Peggy George
sure clinds and you can use her short videos

54:44 to: Peggy George
http://www.educatorsroyaltreatment.com/2010/05/10/engaging-parents-to-fund-education-technology/ (Engaging Parents to Fund Education Technology)

54:47 to: Kim Caise
i will ask her to share that jennifer

54:54 to: Kim Caise
i am compiling a list of questions

55:06 to: Jennifer Rowe
Thank you!

55:57 to: Peggy George
http://www.classwish.org (ClassWish - uniting the community, parents and alumni using social media to fund needed classroom supplies)

56:12 to: Peggy George
excellent point!!

56:15 to: Radney
smart boards are now much less expensive than a couple years ago.

56:27 to: Peggy George
that's the link I just shared for educatorsroyaltreatment.com

56:40 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I teach in a school with a 78% free and reduced lunch percent. 90% of my students have computers though. The world is a changing.

56:54 to: Peggy George
yes!! use the technology as more than a projector!! let them see the power of interaction!!

57:14 to: yorkieswv
Wonderful ideas~

57:18 to: Laura Sheehy
students can be great guides too!

57:29 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Using my Promethean board and Elmo on Open House night and will have netbooks set up.

57:42 to: Peggy George
use it with PollEverywhere so they can respond on cell phones and it displays on the Smartboard.

57:50 to: Kim Caise
how powerful would a student demoing an interactive whiteboard be for parent buy in?

57:51 to: Lorna Costantini
@PAula - your parents will love what you do

58:00 to: Laura Sheehy
or Wiffiti Peggy!

58:12 to: Peggy George
yes Wiffiti too!!

58:31 to: clinds
Just saw a piece on local news where parents are complaining about how much they're having to pay for school supplies. Wonder how much they're actually paying and how does this cost compare to purchas

58:31 to: clinds
ing an iPad/netbook...

58:38 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
TY Lorna. My students just started their blogs this week.

58:38 to: Laura Sheehy

58:42 to: yorkieswv
use responders to ask questions of parents

58:43 to: roxannec
embedding videos of activities on the website

58:51 to: Peggy George
having the kids demo how they use it in the classroom is really powerful

58:55 to: Laura Sheehy

59:00 to: Shelia B
Our students create technology science projects

59:07 to: Kim Caise
photo slideshows

59:07 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Use Wallwisher on IWB and let parents add ways they can volunteer.

59:09 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
i have videos do not know how to embedd them

59:09 to: Sherri
had students create end-of-unit newsletter/study guide

59:13 to: roxannec
photos with kids audio on the web

59:24 to: Laura Sheehy

59:26 to: Peggy George
yes roxannec!!! that's where flipcams are so valuable!!! short video clips you can post and embed on wikis

59:29 to: Jennifer Rowe
Yes, slideshows and VoiceThread!

59:33 to: Kim Caise
vimeo.com and blip.tv

59:46 to: roxannec
voicethreads are terrific for feedback

59:49 to: Sherri
students used computer tech, digital camera and Comic

1:00:08 to: Laura Sheehy

1:00:12 to: clinds
Glogster is a fun way to share what's going on in your class.

1:00:13 to: Jennifer Rowe
Pikistrips with their photos

1:00:19 to: Sherri
actual kids faces were feature with comic "bubble"

1:00:21 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
How about each kid doig a short clip to say hi to parent at Open House using Flipcams.

1:00:24 to: Laura Sheehy

1:00:29 to: Kim Caise
smilebox.com and photopeach create great slideshows

1:00:32 to: Lorna Costantini
you will love this graade 5 students http://www.ourschool.ca/5th-grade-digital-portfolios-for-student-led-parent-conferences.html

1:00:46 to: Peggy George
one of my teacher friends set up a paypal donate button on her website to fund a Smartboard for her classroom and got the money in just a few weeks. Anyone could donate who wanted to (like grandparent

1:00:46 to: Peggy George
s) and it wasn't just her classroom parents

1:00:47 to: Lorna Costantini
uses voicethread for parent teacher conference

1:00:53 to: Laura Sheehy
will all the extra links be added to the gl-am?

1:01:12 to: Peggy George
most of these links are already in the gl.am links but I'll add any that are missing

1:01:29 to: Kim Caise
class twitter accounts for parents too

1:01:34 to: Peggy George

1:01:37 to: Laura Sheehy

1:01:39 to: Delbusch
thanks peggy, having the links on gl.am is great

1:01:58 to: Peggy George
I'll add them to the archives too along with the recordings

1:02:01 to: Laura Sheehy

1:02:17 to: Sherri
thank you

1:02:19 to: Reba
thanks great workshop

1:02:21 to: clinds
Have students make screencasts explaining math topics that parents can watch.

1:02:24 to: Laura Sheehy

1:02:36 to: Peggy George
wow that hour just flew by!!! so many awesome suggestions!

1:02:41 to: Shelia B
Can we get an archive of the online links.

1:02:43 to: debschi
1st time I heard the music! so cute!

1:02:55 to: Lorna Costantini
The gl.am links have lots more great info

1:03:04 to: Peggy George
great idea clinds--mathcasts are fantastic and easily created with voicethread

1:03:13 to: Laura Sheehy
links are here! http://gl.am/n2zlK

1:03:16 to: Shelia B
This session was fantastic!

1:03:17 to: Peggy George
I can't wait to hear Amber Mac!! Just bought her book on Kindle

1:03:21 to: Laura Sheehy
Yay and thank you!!!!

1:03:36 to: Shelia B
I am looking forward to implementing my VolunteerSpot

1:03:53 to: Peggy George
all of our links are included in the archives for each show: http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

1:04:08 to: purti singh
provided i get the link by sunday

1:04:15 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you, Karen. I will be sharing Volunteer Spot with PTO board and other teachers at my school.

1:04:21 to: Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot)
Glad to hear it Shelia. Check out our new video at http://www.youtube.com/volunteerspot to share with other parents/teachers at your school - it's a Call to Action

1:04:37 to: debschi
Thanks all!!!

1:04:44 to: Peggy George
if anyone would like to take the mic to share ideas or ask questions we would love it!!! Paula???? Anyone???

1:04:46 to: Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot)
Awesome, Paul

1:05:04 to: Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot)
Whoops -Paula < sp!

1:05:16 to: Peggy George
always send me an email if you don't get your certificate. sometimes the survey messes up!

1:05:18 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
how do I find this session on the archives

1:05:28 to: Peggy George
it will be posted after the show is over

1:05:40 to: Peggy George
we can't post the recording until it's finished :-)

1:06:03 to: debschi
Love the podcasts- have a 45 min commute!

1:06:03 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Sure Peggy.

1:06:03 to: sebastianpanakal
Wonderful session. Thank you very much

1:06:04 to: Peggy George
yeah Karen!!!!! Fantastic presentation and outstanding tool!!

1:06:07 to: Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot)
It was a ton of fun - THANK YOU ALL for joining today and participating!!

1:06:15 to: Sherri

1:06:25 to: Laura Sheehy

1:06:36 to: purti singh

1:06:45 to: Peggy George
it will be so exciting to have an iphone/ipad app!!

1:06:50 to: Lorna Costantini
I am so thrilled with all the ideas Karen and everyone has shared today. I have to leave you. Than

1:07:00 to: Lorna Costantini
thanks for all your support

1:07:37 to: Peggy George
hours tracking reporting is very helpful for community announcements :-) really helpful with grant applications too

1:08:21 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
The info that Volunteer spot can generate would be great for school accrediation reporting.

1:08:25 to: Laura Sheehy
2 people talking?

1:08:36 to: Peggy George
that's such a great idea!! service volunteers from HS :-)

1:08:50 to: Peggy George
Kim and Karen are talking

1:08:51 to: peterhorn33
Thank you! for the NHS question

1:09:18 to: Peggy George
if anyone creates any Spanish or bilingual resources please share them with us

1:09:30 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Could you make a teacher controlled signup for younger students so teacher could help them track their service hours?

1:09:32 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon

1:10:04 to: debschi

1:10:27 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Okay, great.

1:11:13 to: Peggy George
if you'd like to take the mic just raise your hand and Kim will give it to you (blue hand with green arrow at bottom of participant list)

1:11:42 to: Peggy George
yeah Paula!!

1:11:47 to: Peggy George
audio is great Paula!

1:12:07 to: Peggy George
I signed up too and plan to try it out with AzTEA :-)

1:12:38 to: Delbusch
I will sign up today

1:12:51 to: Laura Sheehy
Have to run! Thanks for a great session!!!!

1:13:05 to: Peggy George
you have some really great ideas Paula!!!

1:13:07 to: sebastianpanakal
I already have an account at VolunteerSpot

1:13:09 to: Kim Caise
thanks laura

1:13:15 to: Larry

1:13:22 to: Peggy George
Bye Laura! so glad you could join us!

1:13:32 to: Laura Sheehy

1:13:45 to: Len H
Thank you Karen for sharing today. :)

1:13:47 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
I am on the website, do we have a promo code?

1:14:00 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Exactly. One came back the next day to help.

1:14:07 to: @shamblesguru
Does VolunteerSpot integrate with any school learning management systems or content management databses of e.g. parents names ....

1:14:19 to: Peggy George

1:14:21 to: Kim Caise

1:14:46 to: Peggy George
http://www.VolunteerSpot.com/school (Karen Bantuveris' website: register with promo code 'TeachersSave' for a chance to win $100 in classroom supplies from @ClassWish )

1:15:02 to: Peggy George
http://www.youtube.com/volunteerspot (VolunteerSpot video: Back to School Sign Up Sheets Boost Parent Involvement)

1:15:12 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Wondering if I have to have board approval to put PayPal button on my wiki, blog, and website?

1:15:13 to: Peggy George
her videos are really short and to the point--very helpful

1:15:21 to: Peggy George
probably Paula re paypal

1:15:45 to: Peggy George
but if you didn't need their permission to set up your wiki or blog you may not

1:15:52 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thanks @Peggy. Should I send them a letter of intent?

1:16:04 to: Peggy George
sure :-)

1:16:09 to: Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot)

1:16:35 to: Peggy George
we'd love to have a Classroom 2.0 LIVE winner!!!! :-)

1:16:40 to: Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot)
Happy Back to School Everyone!!!

1:16:41 to: sebastianpanakal

1:16:42 to: Peggy George
thank you all so much for joining us today!!!

1:16:47 to: Tammy Moore

1:16:48 to: roxannec
great session, can't wait to show my parents and pta

1:16:48 to: debschi
Love Classroomn 2.0!

1:16:49 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon

1:16:49 to: virginia alberti
thanks very much!

1:16:54 to: Peggy George
Thank you Karen for a really valuable tool!!!

1:17:00 to: Shelia B
Thanks for this service!!

1:17:01 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon
me too

1:17:05 to: Peggy George
Kim's audio dropped

1:17:07 to: Jane Z
Thank you!

1:17:09 to: Peggy George

1:17:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Thank you gl.am gals and Karen. Love my Saturday mroning sessions. Have a great weekend.

1:17:19 to: clinds
Are the good short videos that you mention on YouTube or the site?

1:17:22 to: @shamblesguru

1:17:22 to: Peggy George
too funny!! pulled a "Lorna" :-)

1:17:27 to: Peggy George

1:17:38 to: Peggy George
http://www.youtube.com/user/VolunteerSpot#p/a (VolunteerSpot Youtube channel)

1:17:53 to: Peggy George
bye everyone-have a great weekend!!!

1:17:56 to: Tammy Moore

1:18:00 to: Peggy George
Congratulations Tammy!!!!!!!!!

1:18:01 to: clinds
Great session, as always!

1:18:16 to: Peggy George
Anyone can type the closed captioning in any language :-)

1:18:22 to: Kim Caise
great question nikki. at this time we do not have someone who can do the closed captioning in spanish

1:18:24 to: Sofia Segurola-Calderon