Dec 10, 2011 10:01:08 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:10 - roxanne clement
can't wait to hear all about the latest features!

00:40 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Kathy and kg, welcome.

00:49 - Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks for coming, Kathy!

01:42 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Tim, welcome.

01:48 - Sue Glascoe
Hey Tim, glad you could make it!!

01:52 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Vicki, welcome.

02:29 - Tim Fahlberg
I'm thrilled to join you!

03:02 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Bernadette, welcome.

03:17 - Vicki Vossler

03:43 - Bernadette

03:55 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Ron, welcome.

04:04 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Bonnie, welcome.

04:12 - Lorie Moffat
Hi CHristine, welcome.

04:42 - Christine (@jhox1)
Thanks! Glad to be here!

04:45 - Bonnie
Thanks Lori

05:25 - Susie @shighley
when she says filled, she means FILLED!

05:31 - Kim Caise

05:36 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Janet, welcome.

05:49 - Kadidia Doumbia
Kadidia in norther Georgia

06:01 - Lorie Moffat
Hi McTeach, welcome.

06:08 - reba @jghfoundation08
no tools

06:14 - aunttammie
can't find the tools, but I'm in Houston

06:16 - roxanne clement
don't have the access

06:24 - Lorie Moffat
no you do

06:27 - Lorie Moffat

06:41 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Lorie!

06:46 - roxanne clement
Hi everyone from Alameda California

06:47 - Sue Glascoe
I am in Chandler AZ - near Peggy!

06:48 - reba @jghfoundation08
san diego, ca

06:52 - Dan Fletcher
Ithaca, NY

06:53 - Judy H #3
Stratford in Ontario

06:53 - Walter Muryasz
San Diego

06:53 - McTeach (Karen)
San Francisco Bay Area

06:53 - Bernadette
Maryland (St. Mary's County)

06:56 - Christine (@jhox1)
I am from Missouri. Cold here this morning!

06:59 - Bonnie
Alameda, CA

07:01 - Everett
Grizz country in Montana

07:03 - Susie @shighley
Indianapolis== beautiful, chilly day

07:20 - Kathy Cassidy
This is interesting. I had no toolbar until I typed in the chat.

07:20 - Tim Fahlberg
Monona, Wisconsin (near Madison)

07:22 - Karima Mann
Rainy Florida

07:41 - McTeach (Karen)
Sounded like Peggy said "GREAT 1-2 teacher"! That'll work too!

07:44 - Pam
Pam- Grand Rapids, Mi (hometown of Chris VanAllsburg)

07:51 - Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Peggy!

07:57 - Susie @shighley
what was the title/date of that session?

08:01 - Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Karen! :)

08:06 - SusanSi
NE Texas

08:16 - Lorie Moffat
Participant whileboard tools had been turned off. They're on.

08:25 - Aviva (@grade1)
The session was Using Web 2.0 tools in the Primary Classroom. I think I can find you the link.

08:49 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Carol, Mark and Joanne. Welcome.

09:28 - Aviva (@grade1)
Susie, here's the link for you:

09:49 - Susie @shighley
thanks! Bookmarking it right now

09:59 - Peggy George
great Sue!!

10:12 - Kadidia Doumbia

10:19 - Peggy George
I forgot to do the poll questions!! So sorry!

10:23 - Aviva (@grade1)
You're welcome! If you have other questions, Susie, just let me know. I'm @grade1 on Twitter. I tweet a lot! :)

10:52 - Peggy George
click on follow on the slides Sue :-)

11:24 - Bill Schulte
wheres the polling tool?

11:42 - Peggy George
the polling tool is right at the top of the participants list

11:54 - Lorie Moffat
Under your own name.

11:56 - aunttammie
how do you get rid of the notifications when people join or leave room?

12:06 - Bill Schulte
got it thx

12:18 - Peggy George
this is such an incredible invention!!! amazing!!!

12:22 - Lorie Moffat
cnannot do that aunttammie

12:26 - roxanne clement
LOVE it!

12:27 - aunttammie
sound from the pen is unbelieveable!

12:32 - Aviva (@grade1)
I agree, eggy!!

12:38 - Lorie Moffat
Hi Linda, welcome.

12:55 - Peggy George
animated video with sound when you do a pencast with the Smartpen!! :-)

12:57 - @lindayollis
Thanks! Sorry I'm late! :-)

12:58 - Aviva (@grade1)
I meant, Peggy! Sorry! I couldn't see my post before I clicked send.

13:00 - aunttammie
Lorie, thanks...too bad...that is irritating

13:07 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Linda!

13:08 - Peggy George (What is a Pencast?)

13:16 - Bill Schulte
its incredibe!

13:36 - Peggy George (Livescribe Home Page)

13:37 - @lindayollis
Hey there! I'm a big newbie to live scribe!

13:53 - Peggy George
do you have to use the special paper for the pen?

13:54 - Karima Mann
@Peggy thanks for the links

14:14 - Aviva (@grade1)
Yes Peggy! There's also dot paper and sticky notes too.

14:24 - Peggy George
all of our links today are in the livebinder

14:25 - Bill Schulte
you can purchase notebooks or download a free driver and print your own

14:30 - aunttammie
not there

14:35 - Peggy George
not seeing your page yet Sue

14:43 - Peggy George
add it again

14:48 - roxanne clement
lost it

14:49 - Peggy George

15:07 - Tim Fahlberg
no worries - you're doing great!

15:09 - Peggy George
it always wants to show the previous web tour first and then hit return again and your page should come up

15:18 - roxanne clement
I used LiveScribe to record many of my Masters lectures!

15:19 - Peggy George

15:24 - aunttammie
Peggy, you have to have a very good printer to print Livescribe paper

15:24 - Peggy George
click on play :-)

15:29 - aunttammie
most printers can't

15:40 - Kadidia Doumbia
I don't see anything

15:44 - Aviva (@grade1)
Bill, do you have a link for the driver? I've never seen it.

15:56 - Sue Glascoe
now I am bummed you cant see it some of you, but here is the link:

16:00 - Karima Mann

16:01 - Peggy George
the player is working perfectly for me--just don't understand anything about absolute values :-) I need Sue's math course!

16:10 - Tim Fahlberg

16:18 - Aviva (@grade1)
It's working perfectly for me too, Sue!

16:24 - Susie @shighley
It's like creating your own Khan Academy

16:32 - roxanne clement
You can also jump around the page to different parts

16:39 - Peggy George
that was a great demo of the power of the Smartpen

16:49 - Kim Caise
or mathcasts! (hi Tim!)

16:55 - aunttammie
I do pencasts for grammar instruction:)

16:55 - Dotty Myers
Rep from livescribe k12 support called me yesterday.

17:06 - Janice P. Crowley
Great for science teachers too

17:13 - Kim Caise
sure can

17:14 - aunttammie

17:14 - @Techieang 1
yes, hi Aviva

17:14 - Sue Glascoe

17:15 - Kadidia Doumbia

17:15 - @lindayollis

17:16 - terri

17:29 - Peggy George
Hi Tim!!!!! I'm thrilled to have you joining us today! I've included a lot of your links in our Livebinder for today!!

18:02 - Peggy George
What an incredible group of Livescribe experts with us today!! Thank you so much!!

18:28 - Peggy George
this tool is a "game changer" for teachers!!! Wow!

18:40 - Sue Glascoe
YES, it was a game changer for me!!

18:47 - Susie @shighley
I could see writing teachers using it as they evaluate writing and making suggestions

18:51 - Peggy George
even just having one pen for your classroom works well!!!

19:01 - Janice P. Crowley
My students love pencasts for when they are absent and for review anytime and anywhere

19:13 - @Techieang 1
I don't have a Livescribe pen. :( Doodlecast is an app that records a student talking as they draw. I also use Paper Desk HD for recording

19:15 - Sue Glascoe
mine too! they love they can access the notes when they miss class

19:27 - terri
how durable is the pen?

19:28 - Peggy George
We'll be telling you about unplug' next week! That was an amazing experience for all of them and I can't wait to hear their stories!

20:03 - Sue Glascoe
seems to be really durable! My autistic great nephew is hard on his, but it survives!

20:07 - Peggy George
great idea @Janice! pencasts would really help absent students!

20:22 - Janice P. Crowley
My students view pencasts on the bus on the way to play their basketball game - they do this instead of listening to their music and they can do this from the phones!

20:35 - Peggy George (Live Learning with Livescribe)

20:43 - Sue Glascoe
what a great idea Janice!

20:45 - Peggy George (Aviva Dunsiger posts on Live Learning with Livescribe)

20:53 - Sue Glascoe
can you share a link of any of these pencasts Janice?

21:12 - Janice P. Crowley

21:19 - Peggy George (A Livebinder by Tim Fahlberg who is an evangelist for Livescribe and Techsmith)

21:24 - Sue Glascoe
sure if you can, janice - otherwise we can add the link later

21:34 - Sue Glascoe
Links can go in the chat as you can see

21:42 - Janice P. Crowley
ok - I will get a link now

21:50 - Peggy George
there are lots of examples of pencasts in our Livebinder today with links to many blog posts that include other examples

22:15 - Peggy George
any links that get shared in the chat today will be added to those we already have in the Livebinder

22:48 - Peggy George
I love the way the writing syncs with the audio!!!

23:07 - Sue Glascoe
it is great for math because they can watch the order and HEAR what I am doing in each step!

23:12 - Peggy George (How to Create and Share a Pencast by Tim Fahlberg)

23:26 - Peggy George
I'll bet that's really important with Math!!!

23:42 - Peggy George (Tim Fahlberg: Mathcasts/Pencasts using Livescribe)

23:43 - Janice P. Crowley
This is an example of a pencast I use to show how oxygen gas is collected by water displacement

23:46 - Janice P. Crowley

24:27 - Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
This may have been asked (I was late) but how many pens/classroom or per student are ideal for true effective outcomes?

24:33 - Sue Glascoe
I love Tim Fahlberg's math247 mathcasts!!!

24:39 - Tim Fahlberg

24:46 - Peggy George (Livebinder: Livescribe in the Classroom by Kyle Pace)

25:01 - Sue Glascoe
You really only need 1 or 2 pens, as the students share the pen.

25:10 - Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
@Sue thanks

25:12 - roxanne clement
so cool!

25:12 - Peggy George
there are so many great links in the various Livebinders we are sharing today--not only ours but the others too :-)

25:15 - Sue Glascoe
thanks Janice! great link!!

25:22 - roxanne clement
are sticky notes new?

25:28 - Kim Caise
i remember when the pens used to cost $500 a piece

25:32 - Peggy George
this is such an amazing way to do a tour of the art show!!

25:39 - Peggy George
just like having your personal docent :-)

25:41 - roxanne clement
Kim that was my first I bought

25:42 - Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
Love that idea!

25:50 - Sue Glascoe
fairly new, but you can get both sticky notes and dots now from the Livescribe store or from Best Buy

25:58 - Peggy George (Aviva Dunsiger’ Class Blog)

26:05 - Sue Glascoe
actually, not sure if they have athe sticky notes and dots at best buy

26:05 - Peggy George (Aviva Dunsiger’ Blog)

26:15 - McTeach (Karen)
Hey Mary Beth! Didn't see ya!!

26:15 - Peggy George (Sue Glascoe’ website)

26:15 - @teachteKBeck(KristenB)
How many livescribe pens do you have in your dassroom?

26:19 - Dotty Myers

26:23 - Janice P. Crowley
However, on sticky notes the pen that was used for the sticky note hast to be used

26:27 - Peggy George (Sue Glascoe’ Blog)

26:39 - Sue Glascoe
good point Janice

26:42 - Peggy George
these examples are so helpful!!

26:43 - Dotty Myers
Digitalwish has a great deal for educators.

26:55 - Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
So you would use the pen to hear the audio?

27:05 - Sue Glascoe
That is why only 1 or 2 pens is better, it gets too confusing for students to know which pen created which dot or note

27:08 - Peggy George
Janice you may want to tell us more about the sticky notes when you take the mic since the chat is flowing by so fast!!

27:29 - Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
cool, thanks

27:34 - Peggy George
thanks for that great tip @Dotty!!!

28:08 - Tim Fahlberg
such lucky students

28:10 - Peggy George
that was such a great segment from you Aviva!! Such exciting examples of ways to use the pen!!!

28:27 - Peggy George
these links are in the Livebinder because you can't click on it here

28:30 - @lindayollis
Thanks, Aviva! So much potential!

28:30 - Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Peggy! Glad I could share Zoe's examples here and add in some of my own too.

28:43 - Peggy George
Link to Student Notes

28:52 - Peggy George
Link to Animated Example

28:57 - Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Linda! Yes, the potential's amazing! Every day that I think I've figured it all out, I figure out another way to use it.

29:17 - Janice P. Crowley
I am currently using my pencasts to voice record my tests for students with learning differences - I can make multiple copies of the test on the copy machine however, the pen that was used to make the pencasts must be used for each student taking the test The special ed teacher loves it, my students love it and it is not linear which means students can go back to any question easily. When they used audio cassette recorders - you cannot do that!

29:51 - Peggy George
wow Janice!!!! Can't wait to hear you tell us about this on the mic!!! :-)

30:35 - Tim Fahlberg
Sue has this brilliant multi page test with solutions she's created this way

30:47 - Peggy George
I started a for screencasting and flipped classrooms that has lots of suggestions and links for these topics.

30:48 - Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
I guess what I'm missing is how students access these--is it at home? In a 1:1 or similar environment?

31:01 - Aviva (@grade1)
Oh my goodness!! I want to find out how to do this. I'm bookmarking the link for sure!

31:01 - Peggy George
Blog Post: Creating a Text Embedded Interactive Worksheet with a Livescribe Smartpen

31:11 - Peggy George
Link to Text Embedded PDF (on blog post above) If that link doesn’ work use this one to download the PDF.

31:21 -
Peggy George
Autistic great nephew example links:

31:35 -
Peggy George
Talking Test Example:

31:39 -
I had no idea you could embed text! Can't wait to see how to do that!

31:57 -
Janice P. Crowley
I cannot wait to use Sue's text embedded PDF - it is brilliant. I need to learn how to do this.

32:00 -
Peggy George
Direct link to video: (Time-3:19)

32:02 -
roxanne clement

32:02 -
Bill Schulte
I use this with special ed students in 26 can embed audio or capture students thoughts anywhere with such ease!

32:19 -
Peggy George
this is so incredible!!! all of these links are in the Livebinder! :-)

32:32 -
roxanne clement
So sad that parents have to fight so hard for their kids in school!

32:36 -
Peggy George
this tool should be a part of every IEP for special ed students!!!!!

32:40 -
McTeach (Karen)
I'm still stunned they wouldn't let him use technology!

32:41 -
Kim Caise
what an amazing example!

33:01 -
Should have been in the IEP. Period.

33:15 -
McTeach (Karen)
Wow! That's amazing!

33:17 -
Peggy George
such a great example!!

33:19 -
roxanne clement
Have to share more about dot stickers

33:20 -
Bill Schulte

33:25 -
roxanne clement

33:25 -
Aviva (@grade1)
This is a fantastic example! I've used the Livescribe with students that have autism in my classroom. It's been great!

33:26 -
McTeach (Karen)
Amen, Linda!!

33:32 -
Dotty Myers
Administrators are not always open to technology being used in the classroom except projectors. they don't think outside the box.

33:33 -
Peggy George
this is goose-bump time!!! and tears of joy!!

33:45 -
Tim Fahlberg
Thomas Ediison was "addled"

33:51 -
so there is something on the livebinder about getting an interactive pencast on an ipad?

34:03 -
Peggy George
you'll want to go exploring on the Livescribe blog to find lots of examples

34:06 -
Bill Schulte
great way for special ed teachers to provide accomodations as if they do it once, they can make it a talking pdf and send it to the gen ed teachers

34:11 -
McTeach (Karen)
Can't wait to learn more about using this with my severely dyslexic student!!

34:16 -
Our school bought pens, the teachers are not using them!

34:21 -
No, kidding, Karen. It's such an obvious tool for helping!

34:36 -
Any Christmas discounts for those of us who have to buy our own pen??

34:36 -
Janice P. Crowley
Sue is currently explaining why my learning difference students are so excited about the pen for tests

34:38 -
Tim Fahlberg
They might benefit greatly from accessing the "Smartpen 101" course

34:55 -
roxanne clement
We need more detaila about sticky notes and dots!

34:58 -
Could you explain more about how to embed text behind the pencast?

35:03 -
Janice P. Crowley
My students also say that they cut their study time by half because they get visual and audio

35:08 -
McTeach (Karen)
Tim...what's the Smartpen 101 course? Did I miss that?

35:18 -
Do you write out your examples then record? Or do you record as you write

35:25 -
Tim Fahlberg
It comes with 4 and 8 GB Echo Educational Bundles

35:28 -
How much is a pen with software? I'd like to use it to upload on our class blog, but want to know the full cost. :-)

35:30 -
Christine (@jhox1)
Smartpen 101?

35:32 -
roxanne clement
And typed out text with livescribe writing, how is that working?

35:46 -
Bill Schulte
we usually place 1-2..dont need more than that

35:46 -
Janice P. Crowley
I use only one at high school level and at the college level

35:50 -
Peggy George
whenever you'd like to jump in to take the mic please raise your hand and we'll call on you

35:58 -
Janice P. Crowley
I post my pencasts on Moodle and Blackboard

36:17 -
Different colored notebook is a good idea.

36:18 -
Be nice if Livescribe made software to "clone" pens.

36:19 -
one of our local districts has a pen per AIS student, with the pens stored in plastic containers for the kids, with their headsets. They use them for tons, but esp. reading fluency.

36:20 -
roxanne clement
Difference between pulse and echo

36:24 -
Peggy George
after you finish speaking remember to lower your hand so we'll know you're not waiting to take the mic

36:36 -
Bill Schulte
having web presence (blog, moodle, etc) puts the pen on steroids!!

36:46 -
Peggy George
so true Bill!!!!

36:47 -
I have 32 pens in my classroom. Is there anyone else that has a class set? Would love to exchange tips and tricks for full classroom use.

36:48 -
Janice P. Crowley
I use the pulse smart pen for my students with learning differences and use my echo pen for making my lecture pencasts

37:00 -
Tim Fahlberg
Paper Tablet ($15) app

37:04 -
Helene Wyskup
Sorry I am late. Helene Wyskup from Ottawa

37:15 -
Peggy George
welcome Helene!

37:17 -
Bill Schulte
mark..they're working on it!

37:41 -
Helene Wyskup
I know nothing about the pen Helene W.

37:46 -
Tim Fahlberg
Echo vs Pulse:

37:51 -
Janice P. Crowley
I agree purchase the Echo pen to get all the apps

38:02 -
Peggy George
you'll have to listen to the recording later @Helene--lots of information already covered :-)

38:04 -
Tim Fahlberg
Echo pens can take any set of earbuds which is impportant

38:08 -
Sue Glascoe
thanks for the great links Tim

38:20 -
Peggy George
All of our links are in our Livebinder for today

38:33 -
Tim Fahlberg
4 and 8 GB Echos come with Premium Connectors (Email and Google Docs/Sites)

38:45 -
Janice P. Crowley
you are right -any earbuds work on the Echo pen Not true of smart pen

39:01 -
Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1
How are they accessing the pencasts?

39:35 -
Sue Glascoe
I put all of my pencasts on the web, so I have links in my class calendar to all penasts

39:37 -
Tim Fahlberg
Pencast pdfs can even be accessed from USB thumbdrives without internet

39:42 -
Dotty Myers
This would be great for ELL classes.

39:43 -
Janice P. Crowley
access pencasts through Moodle, Blackboard, email, facebook, livescribe site..

39:46 -
Bill Schulte
it puts a flash video and sound inside a pdf document!

40:01 -
Susie @shighley
where is the best place to buy them?

40:02 -
could the pencast audio be converted to mp3 and put on an mp3 player?

40:10 -
Yeah, I love evernote!!

40:19 -
Mary Beth (@mbteach) 1

40:22 -
Sue Glascoe
Because it is flash based, you need to have the free pencast player for the iPad to be able to play them on an iPad

40:24 -
Bill Schulte
or delivers to ipod or ipad or blogs or they provide cloud space,,,,its sooo flexible!

40:24 -
Can the pen be taken apart? fear of visual spatial learner.

40:24 -
McTeach (Karen)
Ok, I need to go sit in Aviva's classroom for a week so I can learn from her!!

40:27 -
Tim Fahlberg
Yes - you can save as aac (m4a) and then convert to mp3 or some mp3 players will play aac

40:32 -
Could you add that there is auto syncing to Evernote, computer, etc?

41:02 -
Peggy George
that's a wonderful thing to know @kg!!

41:07 -
Peggy George
I love Evernote!

41:30 -
where can I learn to sync to Evernote?

41:39 -
Bill Schulte
you CLONE yourself!

41:41 -
Please explain how to record-do you write out a math example, then record how to work it? Or do you record as you write?

41:49 -
Peggy George
maybe someone can explain that for you @aunttammie

42:06 -
Janice P. Crowley
Another plus of using the pencasts is that you can have a library of your pencasts and use them year after year

42:20 -
Sue Glascoe
I record the example as I write - the writing is in sync with the audio so you hit "record" then start writing and talking at the same time

42:24 -
Peggy George
thanks everyone for adding your questions in the chat!!!

42:26 -
@Susan...check out the videos at the site...they totally show how it works :)

42:27 -
You blow me away, Aviva! Wow!

42:37 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Thanks Linda!

42:48 -
Susie @shighley
What impact is the storage size-- I see there are 2G, 4G and 8G.

42:50 -
Peggy George
Let's have Janice take the mic

42:50 -
Janice P. Crowley
Our English teacher is making pencasts of her wordly wise quizzes and can use those year after yar in the class with the kids using their lap tops

42:54 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Yes, I've heard of that before, but never tried it. Do you have instructions on how to do this, Tim?

42:56 -
roxanne clement
Please share more about sticky notes and dots

42:57 -
Bill Schulte
and the software is sooo easy...drag and drop and its done!

43:45 -
Sue Glascoe
Thanks Janice :)

43:53 -
Peggy George
we have so many pros here in the chat for Livescribe!!!!

43:54 -
@Tim...thanks much...this audio sharing will help in the first grade class I work in, cuz MP3 players are now so cheap

44:05 -
Sue Glascoe
great idea with MP3!

44:08 -
Peggy George
Tim please plan to take the mic too

44:13 -
Bill Schulte
sticky notes and dots are really just different versions of the write and embed audio and use them anywhere

44:40 -
Dotty Myers
That sounds great for an accommodation.

44:58 -
it would be nice sometime to have demos of HOW to do these things. Good to know it can be done, but of course we need to know how.

45:04 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Bill, can you upload the "dots" to MyLivescribe & share them? I can't seem to find the audio for these in my Livescribe Desktop.

45:07 -
Bill Schulte
what kid learns it the first time?

45:25 -
Bill Schulte
not the dots, but the sticky notes you can

45:38 -
Bill Schulte
dots are re-recordable though

45:52 -
Peggy George (NY Times article: The Pen That Never Forgets)

46:03 -
Peggy George (Zoe’ for Livescribe in Education)

46:21 -
Kim Caise
just amazing!

46:30 -
Peggy George (Live Learning with Livescribe blog)

46:43 -
Aviva (@grade1)
@aunttammie: What do you want demos of? There are lots of photographs & demos on

46:49 -
Peggy George
these success stories tell it all!!!

47:04 -
Peggy George
(Livescribe tutorials by Brock University student teachers)

47:19 -
Tim Fahlberg
Outline for Smartpen 101 course that I co-developed:

47:22 -
Peggy George (Livescribe Pen and Evernote-Aviva Dunsiger)

47:43 -
Peggy George
thanks Tim!! Please talk about that on the mic :-) Smartpen 101 course

47:51 -
Thanks for the link! I want to know in particular how to embed text. Something else, too...but I forgot what!

48:03 -
Peggy George
bill please

48:28 -
Aviva (@grade1)
@aunttammie Sue shared a link with steps for embedding text. Let me find it for you.

48:35 -
Sue Glascoe
Bill is also on the Education advisory Board for Livescribe with me, Zoe and Janice

48:51 -
Peggy George (Tim Fahlberg-How to Embed Pencasts)

48:54 -
@aviva...thanks for the link on text embedding...can't wait

48:57 -
I found it Aviva, thanks

49:07 -
Thanks for this text help!

49:20 -
Peggy George
Blog Post: Creating a Text Embedded Interactive Worksheet with a Livescribe Smartpen

49:21 -
Aviva (@grade1)
kg and @aunttammie Here you go:

49:40 -
Janice P. Crowley
Great - I want the steps for text behind the pencast pdf

49:45 -
Tim Fahlberg
You can use PDFill PDF Pro Tools (free)

49:49 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Just saw that you find the link, @aunttammie. I'm glad!

50:02 -
Peggy George (Livescribe Education)

50:06 -
Sue Glascoe
Ha Ha, I agree, hard to get math teachers excited about tech, but his works great for math!!

50:36 -
Yes, Bill!! I am a middle school math teacher and I can't wait to share it with my tech-phobic department!!

50:46 -
Peggy George
try again--not showing up for me in web tour

50:59 -
I can't imagine math teachers not being thrilled with this!

51:05 -
Janice P. Crowley
Bill - my teachers were questioning the security of their tests by placing on evernote and dropping and dragging it - what keeps students from sharing the link with other students who have not taken the test yet?

51:19 -
Peggy George
add it again Bill

51:47 -
Peggy George
web tour seems to be lagging-add the link again please

51:54 -
Peggy George
yeah!!! there it is!!

52:01 -
Peggy George

52:04 -
Dotty Myers
I am interested in how to use it with evernote. What about google Chrome?

52:04 -
Does anyone have a contact at livescribe I could speak to about a "pilot" pen to get my department hooked and then my school can buy the rest??

52:12 -
Got to find out more about these sticky notes!

52:19 -
Tim Fahlberg
I do lots of pilot/loaners

52:20 -
Janice P. Crowley
Holly DeLeon is your contact

52:31 -
Kim Caise
great question kristen!

52:32 -
Thanks Janice!!!

52:55 -
Peggy George
Tim, Janice, Sue, Aviva, Bill,--all can be contacts for you :-)

53:21 -
Aviva (@grade1)
@aunttammie I just got the sticky notes on Friday. They have the same numbers & controls as the notebooks. Come in two sizes. You can then do whatever you would do in a notebook. Nice and sticky too. I'm thinking these would be great for formative assessment!

53:21 -
Peggy George
Aviva please tell about the special code :-)

53:24 -
Peggy, they are going to be my contacts when I have questions and need help!1

53:31 -
Peggy George
me too!!!

53:40 -
Sue Glascoe
does anyone have a link to the dot stickers?

53:42 -
Peggy George
Tim ready to take the mic???

54:07 -
so, Aviva, you have to have a pen to listen to the sticky notes? The same pen that wrote it?

54:13 -
Tim Fahlberg

54:20 -
Peggy George

54:27 -
Sue Glascoe
yes, you have to use the same pen that wrote the dot or sticky note to listen to it

54:31 -
Aviva (@grade1)
The special code is Classroom_2011 from Smartpen Central. It will get you a discount. Thanks Joe!

54:33 -
Peggy George
raise your hand Tim so your name will jump to the top of the list

54:58 -
Bill Schulte

54:59 -
Peggy George
do you have to be a teacher to use the discount code???

55:04 -
Tim Fahlberg

55:17 -
Sue Glascoe
the smartpen 101 course is AMAZING!!!

55:17 -
Aviva (@grade1)
No, you don't. At least that's my understanding.

55:18 -
Susie @shighley
I woudl think there might be parents who would want to buy one, too

55:20 -
Dotty Myers
Digitalwish has a great bundle also.

55:23 -
roxanne clement
Please type the code into the chat for us!

55:24 -
Its's a great resource!

55:34 -
Aviva (@grade1)
The code is Classroom_2011

55:34 -
Kim Caise

55:38 -
Peggy George
yeah!!! Tim Fahlberg is such a fabulous resource for us!! We have featured his Mathcasts in the past and that is an incredible show to go back and watch!!

55:52 -
Bill Schulte
Merge is awesome...thanks SUE!

56:12 -
Peggy George (A Livebinder by Tim Fahlberg who is an evangelist for Livescribe and Techsmith)

56:13 -
Sue Glascoe
Tim and Any Van Schaak figured it out :)

56:20 -
Helene Wyskup
I am from Ottawa Canada. Is it easy for me to get such a pen. Helene Wyskup

56:25 -
Sue Glascoe
Why does everyone pick on math...ha ha, :)

56:31 -
Bill Schulte
Thanks Tim and Andy!

56:45 -
Kim Caise
yes, contact tim for a resource in canada

56:53 -
Aviva (@grade1)
@aunttammie Did you get your answer about the sticky notes and dots? Yes, you use the pen that wrote it to listen to them. The sticky notes you can also sync to the computer and listen from there.

56:57 -
Peggy George
I can't wait to explore the 101 course!! Now I just need a pen!!!!

57:08 -
yes, thanks

57:08 -
Sue Glascoe
Yes, I have managed to now get about 10 math teachers in my department to start using smartpens!

57:30 -
Sue Glascoe
Can Tim talk about how to get the dots?

57:32 -
Kim Caise
how much is the discount aviva?

57:36 -
Peggy George
Bring up Tim's Livebinder in web tour and have him tell us about what's there :-)

57:50 -
I have my own echo pen, but we'd never have the money to buy for a class. They are, after all, quite expensive.

57:51 -
Dotty Myers
Digitalwish includes them with their bundle

58:10 -
roxanne clement
What's the package, where to get it?

58:11 -
Peggy George
tell us about your Livebinder Tim!!!

58:16 -
Peggy George
we're seeing it

58:18 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Kim, I'm honestly not sure. It's at least 10%. It might be 15-20% though. Zoe didn't mention it.

58:21 -
If you are downloading pencasts, how much memory do you need... is 2GB enough??

58:21 -
I love using the pens in my math class - I present problems for students to solve, have them all solve it, then after loading the pencasts in my moodle classroom, students critique and respond/ask questions/debate solutions with each other. Pretty awesome.

58:31 -
Peggy George
now you'll see all of his great resources in his Livebinder

58:43 -
So...the bundle Tim is mentioning is the $199 current price?

58:48 -
Peggy George
everyone can click on the tabs

58:57 -
Peggy George
Digital Wish is there too :-)

59:02 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Yes 2 GB is enough because when the notebook is full, you can archive it, and it erases it off the pen but keeps it on the computer.

59:29 -
Dotty Myers

59:31 -
Peggy George
the research tab brings up a PDF so it may not load properly in the web tour

59:40 -
Peggy George
you can view it later directly in your browser

59:52 -
Thanks Aviva, I will be making math pencasts and plan on downloading them often!!

1:00:01 -
May we copy the paper from a notebook in a copier?

1:00:08 -
Sue Glascoe
That would save SO much time Tim!!

1:00:14 -
Aviva (@grade1)
This will work perfectly, Kristen!

1:00:18 -
roxanne clement

1:00:42 -
@kg - you can print it from a laser printer

1:00:45 -
Dotty Myers
Amazon has great deals.

1:00:52 -
roxanne clement

1:01:01 -
Aviva, the 2GB Echo will be enough?!

1:01:02 -
YIKES...just got my sound stickers :)

1:01:11 -
Peggy George
We'll officially close out the show and then continue with questions and sharing after that :-)

1:01:13 -
Aviva (@grade1)
That's absolutely awesome!

1:01:13 -
What is a sound sticker?

1:01:25 -
Peggy George
the time has just flown by and I just want to hear more!!!

1:01:38 -
Peggy George
thank you so much Tim!!!

1:01:42 -
Sue Glascoe
A sound sticker is a 1 " round dot that can record sound onto it and pasted anywhere.

1:01:55 -
Sue Glascoe
Thank you for the great offer Tim!

1:01:56 -
Dotty Myers
I am interested in the app.

1:02:00 -
would love to have that code, Tim

1:02:01 -
Thank you so much! I have lots of tabs open and can't wait to explore more! :-)

1:02:02 -
Aviva (@grade1)
Yes Kristen, it will. I was told that if you're downloading them often, you can just archive your notebooks, and this will erase the data off the pen, but keep it on the computer. Joe said that the smallest one is fine.

1:02:14 -
would love to try that.Did he say he was going to put in a code?

1:02:16 -
Peggy George
this is such an exciting topic that we just want to keep learning more! We'll keep the recording going in case you need to leave now.

1:02:25 -
Tim Fahlberg
Free activation code for the Sound Stickers application: LSS_QI1PMAA3(copy/paste it)

1:02:34 -
@tim: WOOHOO thanks

1:02:35 -
Karima Mann #2
Thank you all for sharing. The livebinders are fantastic!

1:02:38 -
Sue Glascoe
Thanks Tim!!

1:02:44 -
Peggy George
all of the links and the recordings will be posted in our archives

1:02:49 -
Dotty Myers
Great workshop.

1:02:54 -
Tim Fahlberg
Email me with your address and I'll send you a sheet of Sound Stickers

1:03:01 -
Janice P. Crowley
Bill - my teachers were questioning the security of their tests by placing on evernote and dropping and dragging it - what keeps students from sharing the link with other students who have not taken the test yet?

1:03:07 -
Peggy George

1:03:26 -
Peggy George
just in case the survey doesn't pop up use that link. let us know if you want a PD certificate on the survey

1:03:29 -
Janice P. Crowley
Thanks so much for bringing all of us together on this exciting technology!

1:03:30 -
@Tim...remind us of your email, pls

1:03:48 -
Peggy George
I'll add all of the links you've shared in the chat to the Livebinder after the show

1:03:49 -
Tim Fahlberg or

1:03:49 -
Sue Glascoe
This has been lots of fun - thanks to all of you for coming!

1:04:01 -
Thanks, Tim.

1:04:02 -
Peggy George

1:04:08 -
confused...just use a code or email TIm

1:04:13 -
Peggy George
you can subscribe to either video or audio in iTunesU

1:04:23 -
Sue Glascoe
the code to "purchase" email Tim to get the dot stickers to you

1:04:24 -

1:04:32 -

1:04:35 -
roxanne clement
Janice, Has LiveScribe established a user group that would help support the movement?

1:04:38 -
Tim Fahlberg
If you email me I'll send you a sheet of Sound STickers but the code is: LSS_QI1PMAA3

1:04:46 -
McTeach (Karen)
Awesome show today!! Excited to finally use my LiveScribe pen!

1:04:50 -
Bill Schulte

1:04:59 -
Peggy George
HUGE thanks to Aviva, Sue, Zoe, Bill, Janice, Tim!!!! We are so lucky to have all of you here with us!!! You are incredible ambassadors of Livescribe!

1:05:00 -
Janice P. Crowley
Roxanne - great idea!

1:05:03 -
Kadidia Doumbia
Thank you

1:05:03 -
Sue Glascoe
Email me with any questions:

1:05:08 -
Helene Wyskup
Thank you very much! i am going to seek the information you sent today. Helene Wyskup

1:05:11 -
Thank you everyone!!! I'm going to purchase one today for my xmas present!1

1:05:20 -
Peggy George
Sue would you like to take the mic to facilitate the sharing at this point?

1:05:37 -

1:05:39 -
Peggy George
I may not be able to wait to see if I get it as a gift for Christmas :-)

1:05:49 -
Judy H #3
Great session

1:05:54 -
Judy H #3

1:06:05 -
also I Peggy

1:06:12 -
lol, can't get code or email cause the chat flies so fast

1:06:14 -
Tim Fahlberg
I'd recommend 4 not so much for space but because you get Premium Connectors and Smartpen 101 course and Education Idea Book (with Education Bundles)

1:06:28 -
roxanne clement
Tim's email again?

1:06:45 -
Peggy George
if you don't have a classroom and just want the pen for personal use, which pen/apps do you recommend?

1:06:47 -
I am using the 1g for my use in my higher ed classroom, and am getting the 8g for broader use. BUT want to find a bunch of refurbished ones to lend to college students.

1:06:58 -
Bill Schulte
2 gb for an individual, but at least a 4gb for have to have PDF

1:07:03 -
roxanne clement
wow I paid close to $550 for a pulse when they first appeared!

1:07:09 -
Peggy George
if you want to take the mic to add to the discussion, please raise your hand!!! we want to hear from you

1:07:29 -
roxanne clement
Tim's email?

1:07:32 -
@roxanne...yes I paid near 200 for 1g initially

1:07:57 -
Lorie Moffat
Tim, click on the talk button

1:07:59 -
McTeach (Karen)
Would love to use this in grammar. Have you seen any pencasts of grammar lessons?

1:08:17 -
Peggy George
that happens to me all the time!! forget to click on talk :-)

1:08:30 -
hope they will put his email again. can't find it.

1:08:44 -
roxanne clement

1:08:51 -
Janice P. Crowley
Karen, I agree the grammar lessons are ideal for pencasts!

1:08:52 -
Thanks Bill, I need the 4GB for the other stuff!

1:08:57 -
Bill Schulte
MC...I have a video of a lang arts teacher using it at

1:08:59 -
Sue Glascoe or

1:09:02 -
do I get the smartpen 101 if I buy at BestBuy? - going there today

1:09:04 -
I have some grammar pencasts at

1:09:05 -
Peggy George
we'll add the Smartpen 101 course link in the Livebinder

1:09:21 -
Janice P. Crowley
Google grammar and livescribe pencasts - I bet you might find someone who has these

1:09:30 -
Peggy George
please take the mic to share if you're using a pen

1:09:30 -
McTeach (Karen)
@aunttammie Awesome! Thank you!

1:09:37 -
maxine #2
how do you embed a pencast into a blog?

1:09:41 -
McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Janice! I'll do that too!

1:10:02 -
Tim Fahlberg or - Email me for a sheet of Sound Stickers, Smartpen 101 course outline (and maybe a free registration - I'll check), and a sampler (at least) of the Education Idea Book

1:10:33 -
Peggy George (Livescribe Pencast Ning Community created by Sue Glascoe) Please join the conversation there

1:10:42 -
Peggy George (Follow Livescribe on Twitter for great ideas and support)

1:10:47 -
Tim Fahlberg
BestBuy won't have Smartpen101 (they don't have Education Bundles which are only available through Educational Reps for Livescribe)

1:10:49 -
I think that the low-end use of it is a great tease to instructors, to want to work into using the files more flexibly online (e.g., blog, course management system, etc.) posting). And I can't wait to try the PDF merging. I am working with a bunch of higher ed faculty, to get going...tough audience :)

1:11:50 -
Peggy George
we'll be watching the blog for any late-breaking news from Livescribe... :-)

1:11:52 -
link to purchase to make sure I get the education bundle items?

1:12:02 -
roxanne clement
Just bought the new Echo online, but didn't know about an educator's package, how can I get that portion?

1:12:25 -
Peggy George
wouldn't that be amazing--to have all 10 pens get the same information

1:12:40 -
Peggy George

1:12:55 -
Yes, I would want to upload to our blogger account.

1:13:02 -
Peggy George

1:13:10 -
Tim Fahlberg
Or pencast pdfs will display with animated ink & audio in LiveBinders

1:13:45 -

1:13:51 -
Bill Schulte
have to go....thanks everyone! I'll be doing a session at FETC in Orlando if anyone is going

1:14:07 -
Janice P. Crowley
Yes - exactly what we were all excited about for ESL and Learning difference classes and imagine foreighn language clases

1:14:08 -
Peggy George
that's really easy! just click on the "embed this file" to get the embed code

1:14:14 -
Janice P. Crowley
Bye Bill

1:14:21 -

1:14:57 -
I just post the link in my blog...that works fine for me

1:14:57 -
Peggy George
that's a great tip! change the size on the embed code to make it fit the space on your blog or wiki

1:15:08 -

1:15:18 -
roxanne clement
How can we get the educator bundle?

1:15:23 -
Peggy George
any other users who will take the mic?

1:15:26 -
maxine #2
I will try that. If problems, I will contact Tim

1:15:47 -
Peggy George
lots of great sharing in the chat that we may have missed--please take the mic and tell us more :-)

1:16:12 -
Thanks so much everyone! Really enjoyed this and learned quite a bit! :-)

1:16:14 -
roxanne clement

1:16:25 -
Thank you!

1:16:33 -
Peggy George
we'll be posting this entire chat along with the recording today so you can go back to view links, email addresses, etc

1:16:42 -
roxanne clement
I bought my pen recently online and didn't even know that there was an educational package

1:17:02 -
Peggy George

1:17:31 -
roxanne clement

1:17:37 -
Peggy George
LInks will be posted for the recording very soon after the show is over. It will take more time to convert the recording and upload it to the blog.

1:17:41 -
Karima Mann #2
Thanks, Tim!

1:17:42 -
Peggy George
thank you so much Tim!!!

1:18:00 -
SUPER info...thanks for all of this! :)

1:18:00 -
roxanne clement
thanks so much for all the great information!

1:18:07 -
Tim Fahlberg
You're so welcome and great session everyone!

1:18:10 -
Janice P. Crowley
Great discussion - thanks.

1:18:11 -
McTeach (Karen)
Thanks for such a great show!

1:18:13 -
Peggy George
what an incredible session! It's going to take us hours to explore all of the great resources!

1:18:17 -
Sue Glascoe
thank you everyone!!

1:18:19 -
roxanne clement
Love my Saturday startups every week!

1:18:25 -
Christine (@jhox1)

1:18:26 -
Peggy George
me too Roxanne!!

1:18:35 -
thanks so much

1:18:39 -
Thanks! God Bless...Merry Christmas

1:18:41 -
Sue Glascoe
Zoe was missed :(

1:18:53 -
Janice P. Crowley
We missed you Zoe!

1:19:02 -
Peggy George
We'll have Zoe back later to extend the conversation!

1:19:16 -
Peggy George
Zoe will be part of the unplug' presentation next Saturday

1:19:28 -
McTeach (Karen)
Gotta run! Have a great weekend!

1:19:33 -
Kadidia Doumbia
Thank you. Bye.

1:19:36 -
Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!!

1:19:40 -
Helene Wyskup//
Looking forward hearing about it more. Helene Wyskup from Ottawa Canada