Dec 17, 2011 10:07:13 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE
00:12 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Wes! Glad to see you here this morning!
00:13 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
New Orleans, LA.
00:22 - Peggy George
It's great to have all of you with us!! This is definitely a show featuring our
fabulous Canadian friends!!
00:33 - Daryl
Hi everyone!
00:34 - Peggy George
00:39 - Carolyn Stanley
I met Daryl Bambic after my pres in Classroom 2.0, and she was at Canada
Unplugged - hope she's here today.
00:41 - Rodd Lucier
Andy and DAryl
00:44 - Rodd Lucier
00:55 - Daryl
Hi Carolyn!!
00:57 - Carolyn Stanley
Chat is going so fast - oh phone again
01:01 - Peggy George
later we'll ask anyone who wants to add to the conversation to raise your hand
so we can give you the mic
01:33 - Wesley Fryer
@McTeach I'm glad to be able to join in :-)
01:34 - Peggy George
Tammy is such a faithful volunteer moderator for us with her Closed
Captioning!!! So appreciative of her!
01:49 - Laura Antichi
01:58 - @shamblesguru
02:13 - Peggy George
select either the red x or the green check in the tool on the left-not on the slide
02:20 - Ben Hazzard
I think the 7 might be mainly the unpluggers !
02:27 - Peggy George
I have read an ebook :-)
02:37 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Me too, Peggy.
02:38 - Peggy George
I can't wait to learn to publish an ebook though!
02:40 - McTeach (Karen)
Hoping to publish an ebook written by my students in the spring
02:48 - McTeach (Karen)
That's not funny!
02:53 - Tim Fahlberg
Does a flashlight count?
02:54 - Rodd Lucier
... and it felt great!
03:00 - Peggy George
before computers and the internet?? :-)
03:04 - Tammy Moore
10 days without power once
03:12 - Zoe
It was really hard....
03:14 - aforgrave (Andrew)
03:15 - Daryl
Yes, at Northern Edge in July!
03:17 - stidmama
we are rural, when the power goes out, we have a generator for heat and water,
but not the other gadgets!
03:20 - suehellman
Lived in a tent in the Yukon
03:20 - Andy McKiel
@Tammy - Intentionally?
03:32 - Peggy George
I haven't done it by choice--just no internet connection or computer.
03:33 - Kelly 1
Me too Daryl, that was the only time - at unplugd!!
03:35 - McTeach (Karen)
Yes...but not by choice!
03:37 - Wesley Fryer
That sounds great Karen - are you compiling examples of student work for your
eBook, or are you writing a story together?
03:41 - Tammy Moore
Ice storm cause the power outage
03:42 - anachorete
03:49 - Peggy George
yeah!!!! see you all online :-)
03:59 - Zoe
McTeach -> yes and not by choice. Long drive, and no internet in car. :(
04:17 - McTeach (Karen)
Wes...I started a Writers Club with some of my 7th graders. They're writing a
novel together.
04:42 - Peggy George
You'll find most of the links shared today here in our Livebinder http:
05:21 - Wesley Fryer
@McTeach that sounds great! Do you know how and where you'll publish it yet?
05:22 - McTeach (Karen) father announced there will be NO tech allowed over Christmas.
05:31 - Peggy George
I got to participate virtually with the Unplug'd folks on their bus ride home--what
an awesome experience to connect with them through ds106 right on the bus
while I was in Phoenix AZ
05:42 - Daryl
Hi Zoe! I presented the smartpen to my staff yesterday.
05:59 - McTeach (Karen)
Wes...I have no idea! I'm going to be doing some research over Christmas
break. Any suggestions?
06:00 - Wesley Fryer
@Zoe @McTeach have you all seen "Goodnight iPad?" http: (book and youtube video)
06:00 - Peggy George
woo hoo! Congratulations Ben!!! we're getting your late breaking news!!
06:09 - Wesley Fryer
yes congrats Ben!
06:15 - Rodd Lucier
Go ahead Ben...
06:20 - Carolyn Stanley
I went to an CT unconference back in August; it was awesome; Dan Callahan
was there, and I understand he was one of the founders of the unconference
06:26 - Peggy George
haven't seen that @Wes. Can't wait to view it.
06:31 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
My principal is bought me and 2 other teachers livescribe pens!! Looking
forward to playing over the vacation!
06:38 - Wesley Fryer
@McTeach is an ideal place to publish your novel for
06:39 - anachorete
(sorry i have to go - evening event here #timezone ) wish cool holidays to
07:03 - Peggy George
unconferences are hard for people to wrap their heads around
07:05 - Wesley Fryer
@McTeach you can publish a direct link to it from your public dropbox folder on
your school website
07:08 - Carolyn Stanley
I did not write in to present at the CTunconference this year, but I might next
07:14 - Peggy George
happy holidays to you anachorete!
07:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Rodd, Ben, and Zoe.
07:39 - Carolyn Stanley
I know about those ebooks from Daryl. I can't wait to find time over Christmas
break to review them.
07:41 - Peggy George
When you created Unplug'd was your purpose to create the collaborative
07:46 - anachorete
08:14 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Wes!! That's perfect for us!
08:15 - Andy McKiel
Hey Alana :-)
08:16 - Alanna King
Hey Ben!!
08:17 - Ben Hazzard
Peggy, we considered the process was the product and the product (the ebook
was the process)... So it guided but it wasn't the whole focus.
08:24 - Ben Hazzard
Hi Alanna King!
08:28 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
And Jen!!
08:28 - Andy McKiel
Hey Jen :-)
08:34 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I am an organizer for EdCampLouisiana. An unconference for teachers by
teachers. Hope to get more participants this summer.
08:34 - JDeyenberg
Hello from Scotland!
08:38 - Alanna King
Hi Jenn!
08:38 - Peggy George
thanks Ben!! really helpful!
08:42 - Lorna Costantini
HI Alanna Andy & Kim
08:42 - Carolyn Stanley
We had a Posterous from the CTunconference, but it's disappointing that not
many visit it now.
08:42 - Kelly 1
Hello Jen!
08:47 - Peggy George
Welcome to all of you joining us today!!!
08:47 - Daryl
Hi Alanna
08:49 - Alanna King
Jenn...everytime I eat alfredo, I think of you
08:52 - Kelly 1
I Alanna :)
09:03 - alanacallan
Hi sorry I'm late :)
09:05 - Alanna King
Hi Kelly!
09:06 - JDeyenberg
Alanna - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not....!
09:08 - Wesley Fryer
@plnaugle - that is great! Have you set a date?
09:08 - Lorna Costantini
Hi Daryl
09:10 - Kelly 1
Hi Alana too!
09:15 - Andy McKiel
@Alanna - every time I eat toast, I think of you...
09:26 - Alanna King
Hi Daryl...let's find a reason to skype again soon
09:30 - Peggy George
such an awesome group at Unplug'd!! So glad we're getting to hear their stories!
09:35 - Rodd Lucier
09:45 - Carolyn Stanley
Can they use the pointer or draw tool to let us know where the speaker are in
the pic/
10:05 - Daryl
Carolyn: I was not in the picture
10:17 - Peggy George
what an incredible place to unplug!!!
10:20 - Alanna King
Andy...everytime I eat brain, I think of you
10:21 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, Daryl - too bad!
10:29 - Ben Hazzard
Note there are no wires!
10:32 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Wes It will be in July but no set date yet.
10:34 - Andy McKiel
@Alanna - yikes! ;-)
10:34 - Wesley Fryer
Such a great venue...
10:40 - Zoe the moment I started speaking, myskype started ringing, and face time
started ringing..Ah!! distractions! :)
10:45 - Peggy George (Unplugʼ ebook is here)
10:49 - Wesley Fryer
"easy to be offline there" - an important key...
11:08 - Alanna King
Northern Edge really looks like that...stunning design
11:11 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Alanna King What time is it where you are?
11:11 - Peggy George
@Zoe--that's always my luck too!! I have started unplugging my phone during
these sessions.
11:21 - Peggy George
I LOVE this picture!!!
11:28 - Wesley Fryer
environment makes such a big difference for interactions / learning...
11:30 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks, Peggy - I may have watched one of two last Sept, but I'm glad to have
the link.
11:47 - Wesley Fryer
Who is on the far left side of the photo?
11:49 - Alanna King
I love Zoe's expression in this photo
11:52 - Zoe
I dare anyone here to ask Dean about this picture...
11:57 - Ben Hazzard
@Wes Tom Fullerton
12:02 - Wesley Fryer
Thanks Ben
12:03 - Peggy George
how did they jump that high????
12:13 - Ben Hazzard
@Peggy at least an ince
12:13 - alanacallan
Dean hurt his foot didn't he :)
12:14 - Alanna King
The dock is spring-loaded
12:15 - Ben Hazzard
12:18 - Peggy George
12:19 - Wesley Fryer
this photo is "taking the plunge!"
12:37 - Carolyn Stanley
What a great thing - virtual connections that they actually pushed into a face-toface
12:37 - Peggy George
the photographer did an amazing job of capturing that moment!
12:38 - Alanna King
Very bright people....
12:50 - Wesley Fryer
did you have to do that #20 photo take more than once?!
12:56 - Kim Caise
carolyn that is zoe
13:07 - Ben Hazzard
@Wes... stay tuned... the 'after photo' will close our preso
13:18 - Rodd Lucier
One take... with a few fake jumps to begin
13:18 - Peggy George
did people arrive unplugged or was there a moment that everyone there turned
everything off?
13:21 - Andy McKiel
That 4hr train ride felt like about 30min...
13:21 - Carolyn Stanley
Co cute
13:31 - Alanna King
Everything suddenly stopped working, Peggy.
13:34 - Peggy George
funny Rodd!!! fake jumps?
13:35 - Rodd Lucier
We lost connectivity on the way to the edge
13:38 - Wesley Fryer
@Ben very good! :-)
13:40 - Carolyn Stanley
backpack is almost as big as she is
13:44 - JDeyenberg
Unplug'd was fabulous - I'm a Canadian - but came from Scotland, my first time
in "eastern" Canada!
13:49 - Rodd Lucier
Not quite Union Station. :)
13:50 - Peggy George
13:50 - aforgrave (Andrew)
Hotel -- Train -- Bike Ride, wonderful gradual move from plug'd to unplug'd
13:51 - Kelly 1
There was a moment of silence and wonder as we lost connection to internet :)
14:01 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Roxanne.
14:02 - Carolyn Stanley
Recreation is good for the brain!
14:25 - Rodd Lucier
Hi Jen!
14:35 - Wesley Fryer
this was such a great example of creating shared experiences together
involving the outdoors, exercise, expectation and uncertainly... also shared
14:36 - Carolyn Stanley
I do far too much sitting in front of my laptop- have to get out and walk more with
my iPhone.
14:39 - Zoe
Hi Jen!!
14:49 - JDeyenberg
Hi Rodd! - Exciting Saturday Night in Scotland - so I thought I'd hang out with
you guys for a bit!
15:05 - Kelly 1
The bike ride was just the beginning...
15:16 - aforgrave (Andrew)
the bike ride was almost the ending ...
15:22 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
@Kelly1 You got that right!
15:27 - Kelly 1
Oh Andy... we connected!
15:27 - Peggy George
I don't know if I can still remember how to ride a bike! My first challenge...
15:30 - alanacallan
hee hee Andy - we did it though!!
15:32 - Rodd Lucier
@Jen :)
15:38 - aunttammie
I think I would call this a retreat, not a conference
15:42 - Lorna Costantini
we all did not ride a bike :)
15:44 - Rodd Lucier
How are you Alana?
15:52 - aforgrave (Andrew)
Nothing like a nice hill at the end ... ;-)
15:55 - alanacallan
Love hearing your voices :)
16:05 - Carolyn Stanley
I saw the pictures of them canoeing - really beautiful
16:06 - Wesley Fryer
"you've made it so I will remember this moment forever" (due in part to the
unique environment & context)
16:08 - Kelly 1
Ben is right. This is when true relationships were beginning to build.
16:16 - Peggy George
(Rodd Lucier: Lessons Learned at Unplugʼ)
16:40 - Wesley Fryer
"risk taking matters" - YES!
16:49 - JDeyenberg
Risky behaviour - getting in a canoe with Dean.....
16:51 - Peggy George
it sounds like there were MANY risks during this experience!
16:59 - Kelly 1
@Wesley we all took risks. But they were easier together.
17:04 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
More teachers need to become "risk-takers".
17:12 - Peggy George
so true Paula!!
17:12 - JDeyenberg
just about turned from Canoeing into swimming...
17:12 - Andy McKiel
@Jen - we both survived that experience... ;-)
17:22 - alanacallan
We had to swim after that bike ride - we were pretty stinky
17:24 - Peggy George
hahaha @JDeyenberg!!!
17:28 - Zoe
It took a lot of risk as well to be vulnerable.. these pre-experiences helped us
develop the take those risks
17:30 - Wesley Fryer
@Kelly1 yes... it's much easier to take risks with encouragement!
17:41 - Carolyn Stanley
I remember Daryl telling me about a conversation with one of the members who
was telling her that he loves learning so much, it almost hurts - and I so
understood and was touched by that that I filled up with tears and was crying as
I read the post to my husband.
17:42 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
One of my favourite moments! Nothing like being serenaded while paddling!
17:43 - Andy McKiel
@shareski was the 'sternsman' for @hdurnin & I the first night...
17:43 - aforgrave (Andrew)
supportive environment is key
17:45 - Wesley Fryer
"listening to someone's personal passion" - "a mosaic of personal passions"
17:56 - Andy McKiel
'Nautical Disaster' - live...
17:59 - Daryl
18:00 - JDeyenberg
Bryan just wanted to get out of paddling...
18:02 - Peggy George
what a beautiful story Carolyn!!!
18:08 - Peggy George
thanks for that link!!!
18:09 - Wesley Fryer
so were there some pranks / practical jokes played during the weekend?
18:18 - Kelly 1
@Jen I agree! I was in the other canoe paddling!
18:24 - Rodd Lucier
@CArolyn We shared the audio of that quote at a recent presentation...
Powerful stuff.
18:28 - Kim Caise
if dean was there i am sure there were wes
18:29 - aforgrave (Andrew)
@Kelly1 paddling?
18:31 - Andy McKiel
@Wes - too many to discuss here...
18:38 - Daryl
Dean's story about finding joy has followed me since July.
18:49 - Kelly 1
@Andy - yes Andy. Paddling. I'm sure I could find a pic to prove it :)
19:05 - Daryl
And so has Rob's about 'caring so much it hurts'.
19:11 - Carolyn Stanley
Thank, Daryl- that is it exactly! You make me emotional, even now! good
19:13 - Peggy George
this setting around the campfile really lends itself to personal storytelling :-)
19:34 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
@Peggy, it was all about stories! You are what you share!
19:49 -
Happy to be on board this Webinar. Music is the key to getting students
engaged. It works everytime with me. Helene from Ottawa Canada
20:17 - Zoe
Perhaps what Rodd is saying is why this is could be considered a conference,
rather then a retreat. Altough it was both...
20:18 - Peggy George
Some incredible stories shared on these videos from Unplug'd http:
20:18 - Kelly 1
People felt safe in the circle.
20:26 - ardith
Love using circles in my classroom!
20:39 - Ben Hazzard
Symbols, words, and actions
20:42 - Peggy George
I get goosebumps just hearing these stories about the experience!!
20:43 - Daryl
It was about the connections!
20:58 - Kelly 1
the mind map signified the connections between us.
21:14 - Zoe
The map changed throughout the weekend.
21:14 - Daryl
The stories allowed me to connect with people I barely knew but cared about
immediately because we all cared about education.
21:20 - Peggy George
a human mind map! wow!
21:35 - Carolyn Stanley
These connections are really amazing - even virtually, I feel that Peggy and
Daryl really are my friends
21:41 - Wesley Fryer
@Andy but this is certainly a great part of that sharing process...
21:43 - Andy McKiel
Loved Ben's story about what happened to the symbols that were left behind
following unplud'd
21:47 - Daryl
Amen Carolyn!
21:47 - Peggy George
I agree @Carolyn!
21:57 - Alanna King
Oh the food!!! Northern Edge needs to release a cookbook
21:59 - Lorna Costantini
we were so pampered!!
22:17 - Peggy George
that looks fantastic!!
22:23 - Rodd Lucier
Hi @Kelly! Missed your name in the chat. :)
22:24 - Kelly 1
@Andy He definitely shared the idea that the symbols will continue to represent
who we are.
22:25 - Daryl
The kitchen was beautiful as was the food.
22:27 - Andy McKiel
I can still taste Greg's food when I think about it :-)
22:28 - Ben Hazzard
Here is what happened to the rocks...
22:30 - Wesley Fryer
yes, we need to hear more about the ale :-)
22:51 - Kelly 1
@Rodd Hello there - great to hear your voices again!
22:53 - Peggy George
did anyone eat natural food from the environment--really roughing it???
23:06 - Rodd Lucier
@Peggy Do Smores count?
23:11 - Ben Hazzard
@Peggy no grubs (that we know of...)
23:14 - alanacallan
I loved the connection Kelly had to Greg - Highschool friends - imagine meeting
again at the edge!!
23:31 - Carolyn Stanley
Let's face it - conversation around wonderful meals is often the focal point of
23:35 - Kelly 1
@Alana - that was a fascinating discovery for me. Truly great to connect again!
23:39 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your links! I'll add any of these links to the Livebinder after the
23:56 - Peggy George
no---not s'mores :-) I was thinking more of berries...
23:58 - Wesley Fryer
@Carolyn Stanley: I agree. There is a transcendent power to conversations
over a meal which bridges all cultures & contexts
24:39 - Peggy George
everyone cleaned their plates too :-) evidence that the food was fantastic!
24:48 - Alanna King
Yes, Zoe. It feels like a very hard-earned membership into an elite club. There
were no dull moments in conversation.
25:01 - Peggy George
so many circles within circles--powerful!
25:22 - JDeyenberg
My Unplug'd Story -
being-heard/ It was a place I could heal after personal strife...
25:24 - alanacallan
the tree...
25:29 -
This is very important. This also happened to me in Italy this summer. Helene
25:35 - Zoe
Group of Seven...sort of, right?
25:39 - Zoe
Hi Dean..
25:44 - alanacallan
Hi Dean
25:47 - Andy McKiel
Mornin' Dean!
25:48 - Peggy George
thank you @JDeyenberg!!!
25:56 - aforgrave (Andrew)
25:56 - Kelly 1
Hi Dean
26:02 - Zoe
There is a wikipedia entry that references our event at Northern Edge.
26:10 - Peggy George
Welcome Dean! Thrilled to have you join this conversation!
26:12 - Dean Shareski
26:41 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Dean, we want to hear the story about what happened when you jumped into
the water.
26:56 - Kelly 1
Julia did phenomenol work for our book!
27:00 - Dean Shareski
no you don't
27:03 - Andy McKiel
@giuliaforsythe has to be one of the most creative people in the world - so
honoured to have gotten to know her at unplugd
27:07 - Kelly 1
Giulia (sorry about the spelling) :)
27:07 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning, Mr. Shareski!
27:09 - Zoe
oh are brave asking that...
27:33 - Kelly 1
@Andy - I LOVED sitting beside Giulia and watch her think with doodles.
27:35 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have a challenge, Zoe. :)
27:45 - Wesley Fryer
OK, I've added your collaborative eBook to my holiday reading list! :-)
27:50 - Peggy George
as people were selected for this experience was writing one of the criteria?
27:57 - Lorna Costantini
we did not know that there were short comings :)
28:05 - Andy McKiel
@Wes - you won't want to wait until the holidays ;-)
28:16 - Rodd Lucier
Yes Peggy. People had to commit to writing in order to participate.
28:16 - Peggy George
that sounds like a big risk--making everything you're thinking, doing
28:20 - Wesley Fryer
@Andy - my holidays have started! :-)
28:35 - Andy McKiel
@Wes - lucky you!
28:36 - Peggy George
are those Livescribe pens they're using?
28:44 - Andy McKiel
@Peggy - yep!
28:53 - McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...I was just wondering the same thing!
28:54 - Dean Shareski
Livescribe was a sponsor
28:57 - Rodd Lucier
Livescribe sponsored us by providing the tools.
28:59 - Peggy George
wow!!!! curious about how those contributed to the process :-)
29:02 - Andy McKiel
Yet another way that our stories were archived...
29:02 - Alanna King
Ben --- and took us a long time to get to the essence of what matters to each of
29:10 - Carolyn Stanley
You know what - this sound very much like what Steve Hargadon is doing now
with his Mighty Bell.
29:12 - Daryl
It was one of the most important learning experiences of my year in 2011=
Fridge Memories
29:22 - Rodd Lucier
and to keep our voice in the piece right @Kelly?
29:35 - Peggy George
good analogy Carolyn--but that's all online isn't it? Mightybell
29:37 - Kelly 1
@Rodd yes Rodd
30:05 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - yes, but a huge number of folks are sharing about their passion for
30:12 - Zoe
It reminded us of how difficult it is to write an authentic personal narrative.
30:14 - Carolyn Stanley
@Daryl - great picture
30:27 - Kelly 1
My experiences to try to hang onto my voice at unplugd is helping me with my
expereinces in my proposal for my thesis now. GREAT LEARNING!!
30:39 - Zoe
I love Ben's face in this picture...says so much, doesn't it?
30:40 - Peggy George
that would be a challenge to keep your own voice in a collaborative document
30:59 - Kelly 1
@Zoe - yes. More of Ben's crazy eyes - such different versions :)
31:28 - Peggy George
love that photo @Daryl!! Fridge Memories :-)
31:35 - Ben Hazzard
Yes, I have crazy eyes... guilty as charged.
31:37 - Andy McKiel
Regarding the editing process - this was my first time helping someone to edit a
32:01 - Daryl
I showed that blog post to my staff yesterday!
32:04 - Rodd Lucier
32:05 - JDeyenberg
Hi Zoe!
32:15 - Rodd Lucier
Andy was on the blog there recently...
32:26 - JDeyenberg
Zoe had me 'watch' her clas on Skype....from Alberta
32:38 - Peggy George
I'll add these links to the Livebinder after the show today. Thanks so much for
sharing them to guide our learning
32:53 - aforgrave (Andrew)
@Peggy George -- the collaborative process within each chapter was most
interesting -- finding a chapter theme emerged from the pieces, but also was
then resonated/emphasized within them as well.
33:58 - Wesley Fryer
So I'm trying to download the eBook now... are all the PDF chapters availalbe in
a single file?
34:01 - Carolyn Stanley
Who took the picture?
34:05 - Peggy George
wow Andrew!! with so many leaders in the group it must have been an amazing
experience to come up with a collaborative piece that reflected everyone in the
34:10 - Wesley Fryer
I'm seeing links to separate chapters
34:14 - Peggy George
yes they are Wes
34:18 - Daryl
I look at that picture everyday!
34:25 - aforgrave (Andrew)
@Wes -- There is a full document, too.
34:36 - Wesley Fryer
ok I think I found it... first link
34:38 - Peggy George
top link on this page:
34:38 - JDeyenberg
New Observation - the whitest legs in the front row - the girl who lives in sun!
34:56 - aforgrave (Andrew)
34:59 - Wesley Fryer
What platform did you all use to build the website/community?
35:01 - Peggy George
look at those beautiful smiles!!! you can just feel the joy!
35:01 - Alanna King can't see mine.
35:22 - Ben Hazzard
We are now on ning @wes... but we started on weebly...
35:23 - Kelly 1
@Alanna - you have a "hands on your hips" kinda smile - such excitement!
35:35 - Alanna King
Good question, Wes. There are lots of how-to questions that I'd love answered.
35:37 - JDeyenberg
My photo made it back to Scotland and it's up in my room!
35:38 - Ben Hazzard
We are building more functionality as time progresses
35:56 - Peggy George
I can feel the "relaxation" in that group photo! Completely comfortable!
35:57 - Ben Hazzard
we also used vimeo, flickr, Pages
36:04 - stidmama
I so appreciate hearing about this experience -- educators working and learning
and playing together; and the way the story is being told is encouraging to me
as a beginning teacher.
36:06 - Wesley Fryer
@Ben Why did you all choose Ning over Buddypress?
36:12 - Zoe
Plugging in - For many of us - being networked has become a driving force
behind many of our initiatives, our project –t has strengthened our ties,
deepened and widened our relationships and has broadened our perspectives.
36:27 - Zoe
But...Unplugging from our networks gave us a chance to think about what the 3
-4 years has meant to many of us. We needed a chance to stop and reflect.
36:28 - JDeyenberg
I loved the tweet from someone else that their twitter stream had been hijacked
by a bus somewhere in Ontario - as we all got plugged back in
36:34 - Andy McKiel
Then we were broadcasting live on #ds106radio - from the bus...
36:47 - Peggy George
really interesting observation @Rodd!!!
36:49 - Alanna King
Plugging back in meant connecting with loved ones about the euphoria we had
36:55 - Wesley Fryer
@Andy that is GREAT!
37:00 - Lorna Costantini
Peggy and I connected on the bus via #ds106radio
37:05 - Andy McKiel
@Peggy was one of the first people in the outside world to hear our stories...
37:05 - Zoe
You can understand then, why Alec Couros is so happy when he 3g finally
appeared on phone –he first time in 48 hours.
37:16 - Wesley Fryer
@Andy so many platforms for continued connections now... esp with such a
connected group
37:31 - Kelly 1
I learned the j-stroke for the first time at #unplugd :)
37:34 - Peggy George!/unplugdca
37:36 - Kelly 1
@Andy is my witness!
37:38 - Dean Shareski
Is it just my crappy internet connection or is there some other reason I don't see
any slides?
37:46 - Carolyn Stanley
On the other hand, it is kind of frightening on how we all have become so
dependent on being plugged in
37:49 - Daryl
Ah, the power of the metaphor!
37:49 - Andy McKiel
@Kelly - have you had a chance to use it since?
37:51 - Wesley Fryer
@Dean that might be your connection...
38:00 - Zoe
I think it is your connection Dean
38:03 - Peggy George
that was an exciting, incredible moment to connect via your ds106 stream from
the bus!!!
38:09 - Kim Caise
dean you should see images in the middle of the window
38:09 - Wesley Fryer
ah yes, this is what I wanted to see!
38:12 - Kelly 1
@Andy - not in a canoe... but the one Rodd just talked about Yes :)
38:19 - Dean Shareski
@Wes, it's getting upgraded in a couple of hours
38:19 - Wesley Fryer
look at Rodd's expression!
38:25 - Kim Caise
with y'all in the water
38:28 - Peggy George
@Dean-could be bandwidth or possibly java
38:31 - alanacallan
it was shallow there wasn't it :)
38:31 - Dean Shareski
Bad memory
38:33 - Alanna King
Ben looks like he's 5 years old in this photo
38:42 - Zoe
I think Dean was feeling pain.
38:49 - Wesley Fryer
Dean did you hit something submerged in the water?
38:57 - Carolyn Stanley
@Lorna - oh, I didn't know that.
39:08 - aforgrave (Andrew)
@Wes .. Dean hit the sand bottom.
39:13 - Dean Shareski
I injured my foot and it lasted for 2 weeks, that's how I kept the unplugd memory
alive. ;)
39:17 - Peggy George
we'll post the slides on the Livebiner after the show but the story that goes with
the slides is so important that you'll want to view the recording later :-)
39:21 - Lorna Costantini
I was terribly sick and everyone took care of me!!
39:35 - Kelly 1
@Lorna - you were definitely a trooper!
39:37 - Dean Shareski
@Wes, just landed too quickly. I was thinking the water was deeper
39:44 - aforgrave (Andrew)
@Lorna It was wonderful to have you there.
39:45 - alanacallan
You were such a trooper Lorna!
39:55 - Peggy George
40:04 - JDeyenberg
Unplug'd Scotland is in April -
40:09 - Lorna Costantini
No matter how sick I would never have missed this experience
40:15 - Zoe
@kelly did an incredible job..faciliatator guide give anyone an opportunity to do
their own 'unplugd' event
40:20 - Wesley Fryer
@Dean :-(
40:44 - Wesley Fryer
so lesson learned: test the water depth 1st?
40:46 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
40:52 - Daryl
Hi Darren!
40:52 - Zoe
Hi Darren!
40:53 - JDeyenberg
We are going to a loch in the Highlands to meet with educators from across the
40:54 - Darren Kuropatwa
HI FOlks
40:55 - Peggy George
from their FAQ page: If you're thinking of hosting an UnPlug'd event, we'd be
happy to help you out. If you have a question that isn't answered in the
Facilitator's Guide or the FAQ's, feel free to drop us a line at
40:56 - Kim Caise
hi darren
41:01 - Zoe
41:05 - Peggy George
turn on your mic Rodd :-)
41:05 - alanacallan
Hi Darren
41:07 - Kim Caise
rodd, your mic isnt on
41:14 - Alanna King
Hey Kuropatwa!!
41:22 - Peggy George
Hi Darren!
41:23 - Kelly 1
Hello Darren
41:30 - Peggy George
41:30 - Andy McKiel
Hey Darren!
41:31 - Wesley Fryer
there's Rodd!
41:33 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Darren.
41:33 - Zoe
41:36 - Peggy George
perfect explanation Rodd :-)
41:42 - Darren Kuropatwa
Hi Everyone! Feels like a reunion. ;-)
41:54 - alanacallan
41:55 - Wesley Fryer
have those dates been set yet?
42:03 - JDeyenberg
Unplug'd Scotland has people from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England
coming - and one Canadian ;)
42:14 - Peggy George
Guide can be downloaded here:
42:35 - Peggy George
42:36 - Alanna King
That's so exciting Jenn. Do you already have all of your participants?
42:44 - McTeach (Karen)
I'm loving this idea! Mind is whirling...
42:50 - Wesley Fryer
limits are definitely ok... many contexts need limits and are changed in
fundamental ways when limits are exceeded
42:50 - Darren Kuropatwa
There were also a limited number of beds on the site, no?
42:58 - JDeyenberg
We have 20 of 37 - still looking for more!
43:02 - Andy McKiel
More 'glampers'...
43:05 - Dean Shareski
I counted and think I had meaningful conversation with about 25 folks.
43:20 - Peggy George
xg_source=activity (Zoe Branigan-Pipe: Why Relationships Matter-An Unplugʼ
43:20 - aforgrave (Andrew)
@Dean ... Interesting.
43:30 - Alanna King
Ok...I'm going to send out the info to a couple of Brit friends...can you DM me the
link again?
43:38 - Peggy George (Kathy Cassidyʼ
Vimeo: Why Choice Matters)
43:42 - Dean Shareski
I felt bad that I missed probably 3-4 people that I never connected wtih at all
43:53 - Wesley Fryer
I vote you publish the eBook this year in EPUB format, and ask each person to
contribute a short audio recording to accompany a photo they bring relating to
their story...
43:58 - Darren Kuropatwa
I felt the same as Dean.
43:59 - JDeyenberg
44:02 - Peggy George
those stories are all so valuable!!
44:03 - JDeyenberg
44:04 - Alanna King
Dean, you and I need to have a talk about more than music trivia sometime
44:13 - Peggy George
44:14 - Zoe
@dean @aforgrave A few participants documented their connections in their
Livescribe book - It is what I do now at more traditional conferences.
44:20 - Dean Shareski
@alanna, sure
44:26 - Peggy George
anyone else want to take the mic who was part of unplug'd?????
44:28 - Darren Kuropatwa
Even with 37 ppl it was hard to get around to spending time with everyone.
44:31 - Peggy George
raise your hand to take the mic
44:44 - Peggy George
we'd love to hear from you!
44:50 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
I felt like one more day was needed to connect with each person.
45:07 - Peggy George
raise your hand if you were part of unplug'd!! would love to know
45:11 - Ben Hazzard
Please... unplugggers... share!
45:23 - Andy McKiel
I recently had five minutes to tell my unplugd story and I shared it here... http:
45:35 - Rodd Lucier
Your story is likely a different one than ours... what else would you add?
45:39 - Zoe
It would be great to hear from some of the other unpluggers...our experiences
were all so different...
45:41 - Peggy George
if you all raise your hand from unplug'd your names will jump to the top!!
45:42 - Wesley Fryer
It seems as adults we rarely have opportunities to bond through shared
experiences with others as you all did... so impactful!
45:47 - Rodd Lucier
Hi Darren!
46:09 - Lorna Costantini
46:41 - aforgrave (Andrew)
Kumbaya is good.
46:44 - Zoe
@wesley I'm not sure if it was mentioned...but unplugd was a "model" lesson.
47:08 - Dean Shareski
That's a very good video
47:10 - Wesley Fryer
@Zoe a model lesson shared during the weekend, or meant to be a model for
others (or both?)
47:10 - Alanna King
The unperfect/honest/vulnerable moments were what connected us.
47:10 - Peggy George
did you feel you needed to "defend" it @Darren? it's so hard to explain to
someone who wasn't there to help them understand the power! I saw your
video!!! Perfect way to do it
47:41 - Wesley Fryer
we need more opportunities for face-to-face community building and sharing
47:49 - Peggy George
Darren's video is here:
47:52 - Darren Kuropatwa
I didn't feel I needed to defend it.
48:05 - Darren Kuropatwa
I felt like I couldn't properly articulate what I felt.
48:06 - Peggy George
that's good Darren!!
48:11 - Rodd Lucier
Yes. Hi Daryl!
48:12 - Darren Kuropatwa
It took me time to figure that out.
48:20 - Zoe
Nice to hear your Voice Daryl.
48:27 - Darren Kuropatwa
Hey Daryl!!
48:41 - Peggy George
sometimes we keep things private because we don't think others will
understand but you are showing us how important the transparency is!!!
Important risk to take!
48:47 - Kelly 1
In contrast Darren, everyone I told thought it sounded fascinating! I really didn't
have anyone perceive it like that. Thankful!
48:47 - alanacallan
@Darren - it is hard to put into words - especially the emotions attached to the
48:52 - Carolyn Stanley
I agree - nice to hear your voice - gives me another connection
49:14 - Susie
49:16 - Rodd Lucier
That is soooo true!
49:16 - alanacallan
Daryl - turtle shell girls rule :)
49:22 - Carolyn Stanley
Daryl's message resonates so strongly with me
49:26 - Darren Kuropatwa
@Alanacallan Yeah!
49:27 - Alanna King
- the loneliness of pushing the envelope - exactly, Daryl
49:30 - Andy McKiel
I really felt that unplugd was a perfect way to strengthen our connections with
each other
49:33 - Kelly 1
@daryl so true!
49:34 - Wesley Fryer
yes - I agree that shared f2f experiences like this can be WONDERFUL for
helping us feel less isolated / more connected to like minded folks
49:59 - Andy McKiel
And the actual event was just the beginning - those connections have flourished
since leaving The Edge...
49:59 - Susie
That's one reason I try to participate in these sessions on Saturdaywhenever p
50:05 - Carolyn Stanley
@Wes - we really need to get this out to other folks - so often we just preach to
the choir
50:08 - Rodd Lucier
Daryl's original blog post upon our return was very powerful.
50:18 - Lorraine Leo
Thanks everyone.
50:20 - Zoe
Hi Jen...
50:21 - Peggy George
hearing you great!
50:23 - aforgrave (Andrew)
hi Jen!
50:24 - Kelly 1
Hi Jen
50:28 - alanacallan
Hi Jen
50:33 - Darren Kuropatwa
Gotta go, there's a leak in the basement. To the rescue ... ;-)
50:36 - Rodd Lucier
Hi Jen... Nice to hear your voice again.
50:36 - Dean Shareski
@Wes I can't understate the value of the place and time. Conferences, where
we typically connect, lack the intimacy and setting that the "unplugd" outdoor
space offered.
50:41 - Wesley Fryer
@Carolyn... I agree. I've been wanting to do something similar for midwest
educators and this really has me thinking about possibilities
50:41 - Peggy George
oh no Darren!! good luck!!
51:13 - Alanna King
I like the idea of trying to simulate Unplugd with new people, but I don't think I
could facilitate the same space that Northern Edge provided
51:20 - Peggy George
I think we have to create those smaller, connecting experiences even at a huge
conference like ISTE!! We have to make it happen
51:20 - Andy McKiel
@Jen - I can still hear your laughter resonating :-)
51:39 - Peggy George
great photo @Jen!
51:54 - Alanna King
Andy and I have tried to stir up the campfire experience at other conferences
51:55 - Zoe
@Andy great photo!
52:01 - Peggy George
it really was an ideal setting for Unplug'd
52:05 - Andy McKiel
Thanks @Zoe :-)
52:22 - Wesley Fryer
@Dean that's a very important observation. "Key ingredients" were certainly
present at Unplug'd CA that aren't at any 'traditional' conference events
52:34 - Rodd Lucier
@Jen I'm looking forward to seeing your story come to life...
52:35 - alanacallan
Hi Alanna :)
52:41 - aforgrave (Andrew)
hi Alanna !
52:45 - Peggy George
as long as you're isolated from others to allow yourself to experience the
connections/relationships maybe the actual setting isn't that important????
52:54 - Kelly 1
Hi Alanna!!
53:06 - Rodd Lucier
Hi Alanna (and Alana)
53:27 - Peggy George
love that there were so many roles represented at Unplug'd!!
54:03 - Peggy George
I've never experienced a "retreat" that was so powerful!!
54:07 - stidmama
I peeked at the ebook just now and can hardly wait to download and read it!
54:09 - Wesley Fryer
have you all put together a combined video of participants answering a
question like, "What was most powerful for you in Unplug'd CA 2011?"
54:10 - Rodd Lucier
An 'un-retreat'?
54:15 - Peggy George
a great model for all of us!!
54:19 - Peggy George
54:25 - Dean Shareski
Not sure we have to label it
54:26 - Alanna King
Hi Rodd
54:30 - Wesley Fryer
thanks so much everyone for sharing! :-)
54:35 - Rodd Lucier
@wesley... no, but such a video is an interesting idea.
54:41 - Andy McKiel
@Wes - No, but we should
54:44 - Susie
This session packed a lot of punch and info!
54:44 - Peggy George
Thank you all from Unplug'd for sharing with us today!!! What an inspirational
54:45 - Rodd Lucier
Lots of other media exists online
54:45 - Zoe
@wesley It may come still...
54:49 - stidmama
Thank you, yet again, for an enlightening, inspiring webinar!
54:57 - Carolyn Stanley
@Wes -can you take a look at the message I sent you, please
54:59 - Peggy George
true @Dean--the labels really get in the way!
55:04 - Daryl
This has been great. Thanks everyone!
55:12 - Kelly 1
Great job Ben, Rodd and Zoe!
55:16 - Wesley Fryer
@Zoe @Rodd that would be great! Another idea/way to share some of the
lessons learned and key takeaways
55:20 - Carolyn Stanley
@Daryl - hope to connect with you again soon
55:22 - Zoe
Thank you everyone, for the opportunity to share our story.
55:24 - Ben Hazzard
It has been great to connect with everyone today and share!
55:30 - alanacallan
55:30 - Rodd Lucier
I'm smiling at the voices of unpluggers... would love to hear more.
55:38 - Peggy George
Steve's interviews are always great!! Such an amazing lineup of guests and
recordings from previous interviews
55:46 - Alanna King
Thank you for creating this space.
55:52 - Susie
Yes, they are great!
55:57 - Peggy George
the Smackdown for Library World was incredible
55:57 - Carolyn Stanley
You guys have a wonderful, safe, healthy, and happy holiday.
56:19 - McTeach (Karen)
Those TLs rock!!!
56:23 - Peggy George
56:29 - alanacallan
Happy Holidays :)
56:43 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thank you, Caarolyn. Happy Holidays to you.
56:51 - Peggy George
they really do rock!!!! we're stealing their idea!! We hope all of you will consider
coming to the year-end reflection smackdown on Jan. 7
56:53 - @shamblesguru
Many thanks for sharing ... now to sleep 1:00am .... Happy Christmas and
Healthy new Year to all
57:09 - stidmama
good night shambles
57:13 - Peggy George
you can add your slide anywhere between the intro/exit slides!!!
57:18 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Merry Christmas. Shambles.
57:48 - Peggy George
if you shared something in the TL Learning Cafe smackdown just bring your
slide into our smackdown and you're done!!!! :-)
57:49 - Susie
This is a great way to get many people involved. Many are too shy to do a
presentation, but are willing to share something
57:58 - Peggy George
I agree Susie!!
58:05 - Carolyn Stanley
That sounds like a great idea. Will everything be in the livebinder?
58:29 - Peggy George
just pick a tool, copy/paste the URL and create one slide to share it. You can
even just do a screenshot of the website for your slide.
58:30 - Susie
I'm hoping to do one for the reading council in my district.
58:41 - Peggy George
58:51 - Peggy George
58:58 - Peggy George
sorry-typo in that one
59:10 - Peggy George
59:18 - Peggy George
that was my typo in the chat Kim
59:30 - Peggy George
Please come and join in the fun!!!
59:55 - Zoe
Thanks Kim, Lorna and Peggy for this opportunity for us and others. Really
appreciate it.
1:00:13 - Lorna Costantini
Thanks to you ZOe, Rodd and Ben and all the unpluggers
1:00:14 - Peggy George
They were able to share close to 50 slides in the TL Learning Cafe Smackdown
in one hour! Inredible!
1:00:19 - Carolyn Stanley
I shared StoryJumper with some of the students working on a social studies
project - learned about it from Julie Ramsay's show - they love it
1:00:34 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
Thanks all, I love reliving this amazing experience through these stories.
1:00:35 - stidmama
Have to head out, thanks again for sharing!
1:00:51 - Andy McKiel
Nice to 'see' everyone today! Thanks for sharing Rodd, Ben & Zoe :-)
1:00:52 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks to everyone who shared info about Unplugged
1:00:57 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to all of the Unplug'd presenters today!!! Your stories are so
powerful and I'm so glad to have the videos to go back to hear your personal
1:01:28 - Peggy George
I love being able to upload our shows to iTunesU!
1:01:51 - Karima Mann
Thanks for sharing this special experience with us. Happy Holidays!
1:01:51 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Happy Holidays to all of my CR 2.0 Live buddies. See you all in the New Year.
1:01:53 - Peggy George
we'll also embed a recording of this session on our blog so if you want to embed
it anywhere else you can do that
1:02:02 - Peggy George
1:02:09 - McTeach (Karen)
Awesome show! Has me thinking and planning!!
1:02:34 - Peggy George
Recording for today and links will be in the archives as soon as we can get
them created
1:02:51 - Karima Mann
What are you doing differently as a result of the Unplugged experience?
1:02:52 - Peggy George
not hearing you helene
1:03:02 -
Very inciting! Helene Wyskup
1:03:13 - Peggy George
anyone else have a question or something to share?
1:03:18 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks, everyone -my youngest son just came for a visit, so I got to go do some
face-to-face connectiong - great session
1:03:42 - Rodd Lucier
Andy tell us about the polar bears. :)
1:03:58 - Peggy George
1:04:04 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
@karima the words of the unplugd story tellers resonate with me when I am
challenged. the support of that network has been amazing.
1:04:11 - JDeyenberg
Hi Andy!
1:04:29 - Peggy George
it sounds like you all have at least 40 new best friends for life!!!
1:04:44 - Ben Hazzard
So true Andy!
1:04:45 - Rodd Lucier
Thinks changed...
1:04:55 - Peggy George
how did you use the Livescribe pens throughout the weekend?
1:05:41 - Kim (@Gill_Ville)
@Rodd, did they ever!
1:05:42 - Peggy George
thanks Andy!! :-)
1:06:22 - Peggy George
is there a flickr link for the photo group?
1:06:40 - Zoe
1:06:50 - Peggy George
thank you!!
1:06:56 - Andy McKiel
1:06:59 - Ben Hazzard
1:07:17 - Peggy George
can't wait to see all of those pictures!
1:07:28 - Peggy George
yes please talk about the Livescribe pens
1:08:09 - Peggy George
what a great idea for the stickynotes!
1:08:19 - Peggy George
beautiful explanation!!!
1:08:22 -
Amazing technology! Helene W.
1:08:25 - Andy McKiel
Here's a great post from Danika Barker's blog that shows one way that
Licescribe pens were used...
1:08:34 - Zoe
Capture conversations, drawings, descriptive feedback, to save own feedback,
but also listen to feedback. This picture of Vince demontrates it http://
1:08:51 - Peggy George
these links are great and I'll add them to the Livebinder!
1:09:04 - Zoe
Alec actually went swimming with his livescribe in still worked after.
1:09:11 - McTeach (Karen)
I'm loving my LiveScribe pen!! I've only just started using it, but can totally see
using it all the time now!!
1:09:33 - Peggy George
such a great way to create a digital archive while capturing it right in the
1:09:35 - Zoe
It also made a bunch of "techies" pretty happy.
1:10:53 - Peggy George
it's such an interesting experience to meet for the first time f2f but you already
know each other quite well online. :-) You're not starting from scratch in building
relationships but you're enhancing and strengthening them
1:11:42 - Peggy George
amazing Jen to include it in your thesis!!! breaking another barrier!
1:11:48 - Zoe
Educators using Livescribe...reflections
1:12:45 - Peggy George
thank you all for sharing your stories and experiences!!!
1:13:01 - Rodd Lucier
I loved hearing familiar voices today...
1:13:17 - Ben Hazzard
Thank you to our hosts today! It was a pleasure!
1:13:18 - Andy McKiel
Thanks, everyone, for the stories today :-)
1:13:19 - Peggy George
and now you have allowed us to be part of your circle!!!
1:13:31 - Zoe
Thanks everyone...
1:13:32 - Rodd Lucier
Have a great holiday break everyone!
1:13:34 - Susie
Happy Holidays, everyone! See you next year!
1:13:38 - Andy McKiel
Hope everyone has a restful and relaxing holiday season :-)
1:14:06 - Lorna Costantini
Happy Holidays to you all too
1:14:08 - Peggy George
happy holidays!! please consider sharing a tool at our smackdown on Jan. 7th!!
1:14:08 - Rodd Lucier
Thanks for the invitation to participate... and to everyone who joined in the chat
and discussion. :)
1:14:26 - Rodd Lucier
Thanks @Lorna & @Peggy
1:14:27 - McTeach (Karen)
Happy Holidays! Thanks to our Classroom 2.0 crew for the wonderful work you
do throughout the year!! My Saturdays would be so empty without y'all!
1:14:30 - Peggy George
see you all "next year" :-)
1:14:31 - Lorna Costantini
Thanks Rodd Zoe and Ben - wonderful presentation!!
1:14:39 - Peggy George
thanks @McTeach!!!
1:14:49 - Peggy George
bye everyone!