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Hi Paula!

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Hi JoAnn.

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I am?

01:05 to: Steve Hargadon 1

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Hi from Worcester, MA Sunny and cool! Absoluetly Beautiful Day!

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hi paula . Enjoying the photo project

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We will miss Kim and Peggy, but are glad to have Lorna and steve.

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Keep it good! I like that!

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Oops! Sorry about that!

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Must use wide layout!

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love the wide layout to see the chat

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It's a beautiful day in New Orleans, but it will get hot.

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paula will be posting my pictures today.

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@janet: use the drop-down to switch your chat to "this room"

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Yeah, Australia!

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Hi Ian.

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from Italy

05:25 to: Janet2

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That's a green "tic" for those from Australia!

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hi all--from Houston!

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I am attending ISTE11 so excited

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@JoAnn Great glad you are put of the project.

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I hope to go next year. Hoping hoping...

07:08 to: Margaret Thompson
I'm not sure, just learning about this in a tech class

07:41 to: Susan (ssjenk6)
A teacher who lets their students be the creators / discoverers

07:51 to: Silvana
web 2.0 tools for collaborative projects

07:51 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Dvora @teachdog Is this your first time at ISTE?

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connected to the world

08:03 to: Diana Potts
Student centered classroom, problem based learning

08:03 to: dotty
assistive technology

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Video conferencing

08:10 to: stidmama
someone who both uses tech and knows how to help students use tech

08:12 to: connect2jamie
teachers who use ALL tools from tech tools to the "old standards."

08:20 to: Janet2
interactive collaboration usually involving students

08:21 to: reba @jghfoundation08
a teacher who uses web 2.0 tools seamless within their curriculum

08:22 to: Diana Potts
student management systems

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Hi Scott, Paula

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@Paula It is my 1st time at ISTE and my twitter is @teachdig not dog

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A teacher who guides student chosen learning through choices of their resources and their demonstration of learning

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A teacher who uses innovative teaching techiques and incorporates Web 2.0 tools in lessons.

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Hi Jerry.

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I still don't have audio, is it possible for me to participate without it?

10:08 to: Lorna Costantini

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Sorry @Dvora. I'm hosting a #BYOBreakfast Monday 6/27 at the Newbie Lounge on the 3rd floor of the convention center. Please join us.

11:01 to: Dvora @teachdig
@Paula That would be great. I look forward to meeting you there. :)

11:05 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
#BYOBreakfast starts at 8:00 am.

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@Margaret you will miss what Steve says. The chat room is always great though. Have you tried logging out and back in? Maybe that might work? Anyone other suggestions for @Margaret?

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loved it. Attended everyday in my pajamas LOL!

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Last year's Global Education Conference was outstanding

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I was a presenter :)

12:05 to: Keith @peischools
It was incredible...

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@reba me too!

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@connect2jamie LOL!

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Looking forward to EBC. Great conversations and learning will happen.

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Is there someone from Italy??

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Too bad I don't arrive in philly till Sat late afternoon

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Hi Sheri.

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Can't wait for ISTE11; missed last year after going ther previous two years!!

13:22 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Scott.

13:32 to: dotty
i will miss iste this year. will be in san juan pr at a church conf, but will keep up with presentations virtually

13:37 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Susan.

13:43 to: Susan (ssjenk6)
Hi there Paula!!

13:57 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
cost for EduBloggerCon?

14:02 to: Diana Potts
Looking forward to this on Saturday

14:02 to: Lorna Costantini

14:13 to: Sheri Edwards
Hello Paula; is the newbie area online too? -- like a chat or something?

14:42 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I will have to miss part of EBC because of TEDexED event starts on Saturday afternoon.

14:51 to: Govinda Panthy
Greetings from nepal, I was really sad when i didn't have access of internet. Now my dream having computer is done with the help of Kansas Buhler HS Students

15:19 to: connect2jamie
@Govinda That's great!

15:28 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I #Diane Potts. Glad you will be at EBC. I see you there.

15:59 to: Diana Potts
@Paula were you at EdCamp Philly?

16:31 to: Govinda Panthy 1
I'mI'd like to thank Mr. Kevin Honeycutt, his son and friends for facilating the SAV School sponsoring 2 laptops.

16:31 to: Sheri Edwards
Yeah democrasoft !

16:36 to: roxanne clement
love collaborize!

16:45 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Sheri The Newbie Lounge is a space in the Convention Center where newbies will be able to meet and get to know each other.

17:03 to: Lorna2
Thanks everyone for sharing your comments - I miss Peggy!!

17:17 to: Diana Potts
wait, sorry paula that was for Deborah

17:49 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Diane, no I was not at EdCamp Philly. I an organizer of EdCampLouisiana though.

17:56 to: Eileen K
Diana I was at EdCampPhilly, it was great!

18:03 to: Sheri Edwards
Paula-- Yes, I thought last year they also had a connection to the internet -- maybe a session was held there once in Elluminate; I just remember "seeing" the space through the net

18:27 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Sheri Not aware of it.

18:34 to: Diana Potts
Paula, I'd love to get an EdCamp started in NJ. I'd love to chat in person about the process

18:43 to: Diana Potts
EdCampPhilly was tops!

18:55 to: Sheri Edwards
OK -- Thanks for helping the newbies! You'll have so much to share :)

19:30 to: Govinda Panthy 1
of course Sheri

19:33 to: Deborah Gaskins
Diana I agree with you. I was at EdCamp Philly and it was great. I'd be interested in helping you get one started for NJ

19:51 to: Diana Potts
really, Deborah?! I think you just made my day!

20:04 to: Govinda Panthy 1
Anyone who's been to Nepal yet?

20:10 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Everyone makes you feel so welcome.

20:17 to: Dana
i attended edubloggercon at TCEA...was really good! The day went quickly!

20:48 to: Govinda Panthy 1
you are so lucky Dana

21:05 to: Deborah Gaskins
keep in touch (techlady15@gmail.com)

21:08 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Govinda No, I have not been to Nepal.

21:11 to: Lorna2
I have been remiss in introducing Tammy Moore in the chat room who is providing close captioning

21:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual applause for Tammy Moore.

21:41 to: Diana Potts
very excited!

21:41 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I will be there.

21:46 to: Dana
can't go, but will look forward to the streams!

21:55 to: connect2jamie
@Dana me too!!

22:01 to: Diana Potts
Debora: pottsedtech@gmail.com twitter:@pottsedtech

22:06 to: SandyC
Man wish I could come, but Philly is really far from BC and plane fares are UGH!!

22:10 to: roxanne clement
wish I could go!!!!

22:11 to: Dvora @teachdig
Go Tammy!!

22:14 to: Diana Potts
not sure where that angry face came from LOL

22:29 to: Deborah Gaskins
I will be attending the Discovery Educator Pre-Iste Event but will swing by when that's over

22:31 to: Eileen K
Steve, being a newbie does everyone bring different te

22:37 to: kpaw27
Can you come part of the day if not in PhL in the am?

22:37 to: connect2jamie
@Dana LOL!

22:39 to: Eileen K
tech equipment?

22:42 to: roxanne clement
Will you be streaming sessions throughout the conference Steve?

22:57 to: @cybraryman1
My Philadelphia page for EduBloggerCon and ISTE site links and what to see and do in Philadelphia: http://cybraryman.com/philadelphia.html

23:01 to: Sheri Edwards
Hello SandyC in BC -- I'm in Washington

23:03 to: SandyC
Where's the nearest city on the west coast??

23:08 to: Govinda Panthy 1

23:15 to: kpaw27
I am in WA also.. just miles from BC

23:19 to: Diana Potts
ISTE question- I have an iPad2 and MacBookPro- what is suggested most?

23:27 to: roxanne clement
YAY love it...only way to get there

23:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Deborah Gaskins I am a STAR but choose EduBloggerCon over Discovery event. Sad they are on the same day. :(

23:48 to: Eileen K
Thanks Lorna!

24:00 to: Diana Potts
There's a Tedx event too

24:05 to: Sheri Edwards
Coulee Dam -- I live across the street from Grand Coulee Dam

24:17 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, TEDxED is that afternoon.

24:43 to: SandyC
Okay Sheri, I've been on the tour years ago but what town is it close to?

24:54 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Diane I'm bringing both.

25:09 to: Sheri Edwards
Sorry my chat switched to moderators.

25:15 to: Dvora @teachdig
I am excited to check out the Bloggers Cafe.

25:18 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I spent much of my time in the Bloggers Cafe last year.

25:33 to: Govinda Panthy 1
noone replied to me, Has anyone been to Nepal yet? I'm from the land of Mt.Everest. It's my pleaure to have accessiblity of this elumination.

25:38 to: Sheri Edwards
Coulee Dam, WA And where are you in BC --

25:51 to: Lori Bruner Okamura

26:13 to: Diana Potts
Govinda-I haven't been to Nepal but hope looking forward to the money/time to travel one day

26:34 to: Govinda Panthy 1
You are most welcome Diana.

26:38 to: Diana Potts
any ISTE volunteers?

26:51 to: Lorna Costantini

26:51 to: Dvora @teachdig
I have volunteered but have not gotten my assignment yet

27:00 to: Sheri Edwards
@Govinda Panthy Have not been to Nepal -- but have watched many videos about -- how did you get your internet connection and computers?

27:02 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
WooHoo I have signed up to present at ISTE Unplugged.

27:07 to: JoAnn Jacobs
@Diana I'm volunteering Wed. AM

27:12 to: Govinda Panthy 1
I'm new in the Edu Bloggers Cafe, i'm really excited to use it.

27:26 to: Diana Potts
cool- I'm sunday evening and wed. evening. High five for the volunteers!

27:33 to: Steve Hargadon 1

27:49 to: Sheri Edwards
SAndy -- I know Ive been in your area many years ago

28:18 to: Govinda Panthy 1
are u telling to me Sheri?

28:27 to: Govinda Panthy 1
glad to know that if so

28:30 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
JoAnn and Diane thanks for being ISTE volunteers.

28:53 to: Lorna2

29:02 to: Lorna2

29:04 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
will sessions be archived?

29:07 to: Lorna2

29:10 to: Lorna2

29:37 to: SandyC
Good question Lori Bruner...archived sessions are great!! Will they be?

29:39 to: roxanne clement
what does that look like for pst then?

29:53 to: Govinda Panthy 1
It's 22:20hrs here in Nepal now

30:00 to: SandyC
PST is usually 3 hours earlier.

30:09 to: JoAnn Jacobs
Paula, one of my newbies will be coming to your session. She's going to be using edmodo for the 1st time next year.

30:21 to: Diana Potts
I love edmodo!

30:30 to: Diana Potts
It fits my school's budget LOL

30:59 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@JoAnn Great I absolutely love Edmodo. My students are still usng it over the summer to stay connected.

31:02 to: SandyC
Oops, didn't explain that well! My sis lived in Seattle so on long weekends I used to visit her and her family.

31:18 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
where is this located?

31:33 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
ISTE Unplugged is a great experience. It helped me get into presenting.

31:34 to: JoAnn Jacobs
Thank you cybraryman1 you are the best!

31:48 to: Mark Tozer
What are the differences from the Boston event in July?

31:54 to: Diana Potts
The conference center is huge, two buildings. Just be patient with yourself :)

32:28 to: Lorna Costantini

33:01 to: @cybraryman1
How can us unfortunate educators who cannot attend ISTE live participate interactively with people attending ISTE?

33:21 to: Diana Potts
twitter, blogs, video feeds (I would assume?)

34:19 to: @cybraryman1
Aside from Twitter, Blogs - Skype?

34:34 to: Govinda Panthy 1

34:46 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Jerry, it will be all over the web. I know you will have a column set up on your TweetDeck.

35:14 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Jerry, I'll try to sneak you in where I can. I can Skype with you from the Blogger

35:19 to: Govinda Panthy 1
Sheri pz. give me ur email address i'll mail you later how it was possible.

35:22 to: Diana Potts
I have been leading a lot of the technology based PD in our and neighboring schools. It's challenging at times

35:52 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Jerry's Oops hit the enter key. Can Skype you in while I'm in the Bloggers Cafe.

35:56 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN Ro @web20education
@stevehargadon when do you have time to work in all your projects in your semantic web lab :) http://www.web20labs.com/

35:57 to: reba @jghfoundation08
so glad Steve is mentioning about teacher like myself who are working toward online teaching

36:01 to: @cybraryman1
Thanks Paula Tweeting is not the same as actually talking to people

36:10 to: Govinda Panthy 1
people interested to know me, my job, and Nepal can skype me govinda.prasad.panthy1

36:14 to: Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
I am in Roseville, I will be there on June 17th!!!

36:38 to: roxanne clement
I'll plan to come too...not too far away

37:19 to: reba @jghfoundation08
would love to come. i'm from san diego please give info about this event

37:29 to: Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
I will share with some of my colleagues also!! I will be glad to contribute, you have changed my teaching life with Classroom 2.0 and these Saturday webinars!!

37:52 to: Diana Potts
teacher's as teacher leaders

37:54 to: roxanne clement
Networking ideas would be great!

37:59 to: Diana Potts
teachers as teacher leaders

38:04 to: Sheri Edwards
Steve, You need a MacBook Air :) for a "tiny" computer

38:08 to: Govinda Panthy 1
I'm so surprized world has so gone advanced, we are still struggling for pen and paper used to with 'chalk and talk' methodology

38:17 to: roxanne clement
building a community is important

38:39 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I have learned so much from members of my PLN over the last two years.

38:43 to: reba @jghfoundation08
how the self-contained teacher can effectively migrate to the online teaching environment

38:50 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Hi Kristen B.

38:53 to: roxanne clement

38:59 to: Janet2
on-line courses- setting up

39:06 to: roxanne clement
boosting each other up and out

39:09 to: Sara
I agree with reb

39:10 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
teachers assessing student ability and helping differentiated learners

39:15 to: Diana Potts
getting fellow educators to see profesional development as an intrinsic investment that doesn't need extrinsic rewards

39:23 to: Carolyn Stanley
specific examples from teachers in the classroom of how they have used a specific tool with details

39:23 to: reba @jghfoundation08
@Janet2 i totally agree

39:27 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
My PLN helps point me to things I should read, attend, etc.

39:32 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
sharing passions

39:43 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN Ro @web20education
Steve what you think about new concept : ,, social media curation tools " ?

39:43 to: Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
Hi Paula, I wish I could meet you at ISTE!! I will skype with you sometime this summer and then get our math classes together next year!! I would love for my middle school students to chat with your

39:43 to: Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
fourth graders!!

40:05 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I have used spaces like this to find teachers and classrooms to Skype with.

40:07 to: @cybraryman1
How to use the tools in specific subject areas. Need to break down by subject areas. Teachers need this more than career info.

40:15 to: reba @jghfoundation08
@Steve i want to know how to migrate into the online environment from the self- contained classroom teaching

40:24 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
how about developing personal skills to sell products we create?

40:25 to: reba @jghfoundation08
effectively migrate

40:30 to: Carolyn Stanley
@cybraryman - I agree -

40:45 to: dotty
anything for ipads

40:45 to: Diana Potts
Successful ways of setting up in district professional development days

40:50 to: SandyC
Teacher 2.0 well, I have started my own blog for my crafting. I have started a WIKI for my students and may even try a Blog or WIki of my own for sharing teacher ideas.

41:04 to: stidmama
Steve, I just finished student teaching, and am struggling with balancing my desire to stay connected with the teaching community online and with staying "real" in my teaching, working within the some

41:04 to: stidmama
what limited systems in place in my local schools.

41:06 to: Dvora @teachdig
I have done both classroom and online but it can be hard to bridge between with limitations of technology in the schools

41:25 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Kristen B Looking forward to connecting with your class next year.

41:27 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
lost audio

41:32 to: Govinda Panthy 1
how can we jump out from 'chalk and talk' method to advanced technology in the classroom?

41:37 to: SandyC
Agree with stidmana and Dvor!!

41:38 to: stidmama
I blog, and as a grad student I participated in the message boards at school, but honestly most of my peers weren't so interested.

42:12 to: Texas Gail
PLC's in Second LIfe

42:20 to: Carolyn Stanley
@stidmama - it is often hard to find the time to do both-the busier I am in school, the less time I have to connect, and then I'm always feel like I'm missing something- I guess that's inevitable.

42:27 to: Carolyn Stanley
I just joined Teachers 2.0

42:31 to: stidmama
yes, Carolyn, that is how I feel!

42:36 to: roxanne clement
networking each other, growing together as professionals, how we present to the world

42:38 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN Ro @web20education
pearltrees and scoop.it are the best social media and web 3.0 curation tools

42:40 to: reba @jghfoundation08
i started a blog project at my school site and im working toward them to use it more w/their students.

42:45 to: stidmama
now that I am not myself a "student" I hope to have more time for the online connections.

42:45 to: Diana Potts
yes! @ Steve

42:46 to: reba @jghfoundation08

42:53 to: Dvora @teachdig
yes that would be cool to hear

43:00 to: roxanne clement
It's important to race the face of our profession

43:05 to: @cybraryman1
We have chats on Twitter for ed reform and best practices #ecosys #spnchat (Successful Practices) My Ed Chats page: http://cybraryman.com/chats.html

43:09 to: stidmama
Yes, Steve -- for me, I always appreciate when people like Paula talk about that.

43:14 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I think finding a classroom teacher to present what they are doing in the classroom would be great.

43:17 to: roxanne clement
raise the face of our profession

43:19 to: Carolyn Stanley
Classroom teachers who have gone from sage on the stage to guide on the side with specifict examples and how to do this.

43:24 to: Diana Potts
I am finishing up my MS in Instructional Technology and I'm wondering how I can transition into a newer phase that speaks to this passion

44:02 to: stidmama
Diana, instructional technology is intriguing -- would love to explore that area as well.

44:10 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
I want real examples of classroom integration of tech.

44:16 to: Carolyn Stanley
I feel like I've contributed in that two speakers for this program were in part selected because of my input.

44:25 to: Diana Potts
Paula, I can talk about technology integration

44:25 to: @cybraryman1
I agree with Paula because this is what teachers really need help with.

44:52 to: reba @jghfoundation08
@cbraryman1 - i follow u on twitter and thanks for giving that link to your ed chat page

45:09 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
sharing teacher experience--thinking of NPR's model of sharing stories of experiences. could be motivational

45:10 to: Diana Potts
@Steve I think it's important to notice the difference between "a useful website list and actual integration

45:11 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Yes, Diane. You and I are two examples of teachers who can help other teachers step into tech in the classroom

45:13 to: Carolyn Stanley
@Steve - I think the chat is supporting what I originally suggested.

45:27 to: Carolyn Stanley
Hearing from teachers in the trenches

45:40 to: Mark Tozer
Help build a base to get co-teachers involved and excited about all that is available online.

45:50 to: Diana Potts
I like the idea from EdCamp a Smackdown session of websites.

46:22 to: Lori Bruner Okamura
sharing passions to motivate others

46:25 to: Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
Yeah Paula!!

46:26 to: connect2jamie
I am often surprised at some of the basic things that some classroom teachers don't know how to do with tech. They're interested, but just feel they don't "have the time"

46:41 to: Carolyn Stanley
I would love to learn more - and get support to get courage enough to host my own webinar. It's very scarey.

46:44 to: Diana Potts
@Paula, I call it "the sell"

46:55 to: @cybraryman1
My Smackdown page: http://cybraryman.com/smackdown.html Great for professional development, faculty conferences

47:13 to: connect2jamie
example: I had a tchr ask me yesterday how I made my library schedule. She want to learn to "do that." It was just a word document with a chart and one piece of clip art.

47:21 to: Diana Potts
@Paula-have you tried focusing on one tool per gradelevel every year and then one general goal for the school

47:26 to: Carolyn Stanley
I just signed up for EDCamp in CT on August 18 - my very first

47:33 to: Janet Howe
I am retired and would like to volunteer to help at schools. I recently got a certificate in OTL and have been an aerospace engineer most of my career. I have been shy about approaching a school.

47:34 to: kae
Paula - do think this forum Steve proposed is a way those of us who are teacher educators can share tips, trends, etc.

47:54 to: Jane Z
Absolutely, Paula! That hs been my frustration for a while now!

48:12 to: Diana Potts
One things I've gathered from my school is that my enthusiasm comes on a bit...strong? LOL that I need to slow down my brain

48:23 to: stidmama
Yes, and when I was teaching, I came out from behind the doc camera and used the regular white board anyway because that way I was in the middle of the class, and not behind furniture off to the side.

48:32 to: Diana Potts
and let people digest one idea at a time before moving on

48:42 to: stidmama
one idea at a time -- yes!

48:43 to: kae
like at our inhouse conference this year - infographics caught the teachers' interest

49:03 to: roxanne clement
it always comes back to passion

49:05 to: Diana Potts
Our school also does 1:1 tech days

49:12 to: Carolyn Stanley
@Diana - that is a good idea! So often we get overwhelmed with too much, too fast - and then we don't have time to get back and check everything out.

49:29 to: reba @jghfoundation08
@Steve you are right on time w/ that about those students. We work w/ young men in that category w/our foundation

49:31 to: stidmama
I have to leave early -- so good to hear (and see) all the ideas today. I am more optimistic about my ability to take on more tech in the future. Thanks again!

49:31 to: Diana Potts
I push in to a classroom or come in during a teacher's prep time to sit and walk through tools

49:32 to: Deborah Gaskins
Janet please just go and offer your services. Many schools are begging for volunteers with all the budget cuts.

49:54 to: Sheri Edwards
I'd like to see an area that demonstrates the power of connected learning and how to apply it even with one computer in the classroom so those teachers stuck in the past will see and try te possibilit

49:54 to: Sheri Edwards

49:56 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
#Diane Yes, I focus on one tool at a time with them. I have tried to teach them about Skype, how to use their eBoards. or a website that I find useful. Best session last year was VocSpellingCity.

50:00 to: Carolyn Stanley
Vicki Davis just put up an "all about me" page explaining just that evolution of her career.

50:00 to: roxanne clement

50:00 to: Govinda Panthy 1
I'm seeking K-4 and K6 students for skype talk or connected with my students.

50:08 to: Diana Potts
@Deborah- I agree! It breaks my heart when I hear local districts needing help. I just want to go and be there

50:32 to: Govinda Panthy 1
I wanna give experience to my students, they've never done that

50:38 to: Kristen B (@teachteKBeck)
I am looking forward to teacher 2.0 because it will give options of possibilities rather than looking for career changes the traditional way!!

50:45 to: Govinda Panthy 1
hello susan.

50:48 to: Govinda Panthy 1
Where from?

50:48 to: Diana Potts
Thank you for Teacher 2.0!

50:52 to: @cybraryman1
Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher is one of my heroes

50:53 to: Sheri Edwards
Plus, the focus for us on passing "the test" keeps teachers from changing -- it's all get the kids the skills to pass the test.

51:04 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Govinda I use Skype as often as I can with my 4th graders in New Orleans, Louisiana. Skype name is plnaugle

51:10 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks for the link cybraryman

51:20 to: Sheri Edwards
Thanks Paula -- you show there is hope to spread reform

51:23 to: Carolyn Stanley
I have heard Troy Hicks on Teachers Teaching Teachers - that should be good.

51:32 to: Govinda Panthy 1
mail me later at gopisu@gmail.com I want my students write to yours.

51:47 to: Diana Potts
Much like "why students don't like school'

51:54 to: Diana Potts
it was written by a cognitive scientist

51:55 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
@Sheri yes, too many teachers are too wrapped up with teachng to the test and feel they have n otime to learn tech integration.

52:10 to: Govinda Panthy 1
Sheri, is it cybrary instead of library?

52:14 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Mark Moran is great.

52:19 to: Carolyn Stanley
Megan Wilson works in my district; I recommended her.She is terrific.

52:39 to: Diana Potts
Have a beautiful day! Enjoy these last moments with your students!

52:42 to: DUMACORNELLUCIAN Ro @web20education
#edtech20 free project https://twitter.com/#!/web20education/status/77055206885568512

52:47 to: Sheri Edwards
And I teach full time so sharing with them is so difficult; If I could send them to a spot with specific small ways to change that would help

52:56 to: Sheri Edwards
Do we have the livebinder link?

53:01 to: connect2jamie
Thanks everyone! Great session and discussion as usual. Wasn't at keyboard some of the time, so I'll go back and learn stuff from the chat later, I'm sure! :)

53:29 to: Carolyn Stanley
Thanks, Steve. Keep up the good work.

53:35 to: Sheri Edwards
what is the teacher20 link again?

53:35 to: connect2jamie
Thanks for ALL you do Steve!

53:40 to: Govinda Panthy 1
I dont' think online participants can get that certificate.

54:07 to: Dvora @teachdig
Hope to meet you too!

54:10 to: Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)
Virtual applause for Steve. See you in Philly.

54:14 to: Deborah Gaskins
Yes you can...I've received them before

54:23 to: Mark Tozer
Goodbye all...

54:40 to: Dvora @teachdig

54:46 to: Sheri Edwards

54:49 to: Diana Potts
you too! thank you

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