Mar 24, 2012 9:00:50 AM - 1 - CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE

00:17 - McTeach (Karen)
I know we're in for a fantastic session today with Linda!!!

00:20 - shukufa
Angie hello from azerbaijan it is night here

00:21 - Donna Joy
I don't hear anything.

00:27 - Linda Yollis
I don't hear anything

00:28 - stidmama
no sound here either

00:37 - billgx
no one has mic enabled

00:39 - Kenneth Jones
No Sound!

00:40 - shukufa
i was in alabama

00:58 - louisemorgan
good morning!

00:58 - Tina Schmidt
Hi Linda! Can't wait to hear you speak!

01:06 - Angie Kelley
@shukufa it's already in the 80's here.

01:11 - Linda Yollis
I don't hear anything. Hmm...

01:17 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning to my CR 2.0 Live Tweeps. Glad to be here this morning from New Orleans.

01:27 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Hey Paula!

01:30 - Tina Schmidt
Hi Paula!

01:34 - @Len_Horn
Hi Tammy

01:35 - shukufa
how is the weather in alabama now

01:37 - Tina Schmidt
Hi Elle!

01:38 - stidmama

01:38 - louisemorgan
HI @Tina and @Paula!

01:39 - Linda Yollis

01:44 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hey, Elle. :)

01:46 - Tina Schmidt
Hey Louis!

01:54 - Linda Yollis

02:02 - Tina Schmidt

02:02 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Louise. :)

02:05 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Good morning Linda :-)

02:15 - shukufa
hi linda

02:16 - Linda Yollis
Hey Joan! :-)

02:17 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
So great to see so many friends here!

02:20 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Len. :)

02:34 - @Len_Horn
Morning Paula :)

02:36 - Sarah @soltauheller
love all the happy faces!

02:45 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Joan!!

02:49 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Joan, Did you get report cards done.

02:50 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Hi Sarah and Tina. sorry for delay, I was checking my Twitter feed.

03:11 - shukufa
i had problem with electricity

03:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Linda Yollis - blogging queen extraordanaire.

03:21 - @Len_Horn
Thanks Tammy!!!!

04:02 - Carolyn Stanley
So nice to hear your voice, Peggy!

04:29 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi McTeach, thanks for nominating Lida Yollis. She is fantastic.

04:41 - Donna Joy

04:49 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Hello from SEattle! We are going to have sunshine today. Finally!

04:51 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning Paula!

04:58 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Hello Chicago, my hometown!

04:58 - stidmama
shukufa's here somewhere, too!

05:16 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Shambles, it is great having you here with us form Thailand each week. Loved your show.

05:17 - Peggy George

05:18 - @Len_Horn
Good Morning Karen :)

05:40 - louisemorgan
Lots of southerners today1

05:50 - McTeach (Karen)
Good Morning, Len!!

06:04 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Hi Len!

06:06 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Hi Paula! Yes I got them done! Phew...

06:13 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Maureen. :)

06:24 - Maureen@bcdtech
Hi Paula

06:31 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
sorry if I missed anyone's message..stepped away for a second

07:17 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I thought you were snubbing us, Joan. :) Just kidding. Good morning to you.

07:25 - TAMUC-SuchenL

07:25 - stidmama
no -- and most of the teachers I substitute for don't despite the infrastructure being there for most of them

07:26 - Carolyn Stanley
I really don't have a class blog but a school blog.I'll still click yes.

07:30 - TAMUC-SuchenL

07:34 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Haha.. know me ;-)

07:42 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Yes! I just started our class blog this fall.

07:43 - shukufa
i have blogs for the projects together my students

08:14 - @Len_Horn
Hi Elle :)

08:16 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Here is our class blog:

08:18 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
My students are loving it and I have to say that Linda Yollis and Paula Naugle inspired me greatly

08:31 - Patti R
sadly no i keep asking though

08:39 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Agree, Joan! Linda's class blog is our guide!

08:47 - Deanna
Yes but... I wish I had more. ;)

08:48 - Oronoque
I teach at university, so parents are not an issue for the blog.

08:49 - Tina Schmidt
I get some parent comments but not a lot.

08:57 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks, Joan. I'm glad you are now blogging and so are your students.

08:59 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
I have a school library blog and don't get as much parents involved as I would like

09:00 - shukufa
iave comment who is teacher

09:12 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
No parent comments yet. But we do have one parent as a follower!

09:14 - louisemorgan
My pointer is not allowing me to vote. I get some parent support.

09:39 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
We do get comments from our school community.. comments from parents are sporadic

09:49 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Yay McTeach!

09:51 - McTeach (Karen)

09:51 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Hi Melody! Good to see you here!

09:54 - Linda Yollis
Thank you, Karen! :-)

10:16 - McTeach (Karen)
My pleasure, Linda!

10:22 - Linda Yollis
You're sweet!

10:39 - McTeach (Karen)
Still want to get one of those maps for our school!

10:54 - Carolyn Stanley
@shamblesguru - missed your live session last week but I've been listening to the recording - very entertaining and very helpful. I LOVE your avatar -aren't they fun! I would love to dialogue with you sometime -I'm retiring in June and have been trying to get my teachers and students creating webcasts.

11:13 - Jon Bergmann
hi all: I just joined.

11:23 - shukufa
hi jon

11:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Check out Linda's classroom blog I have learned so much from her.

11:34 - McTeach (Karen)
My pleasure!! I know everyone is going to be inspired by Linda today!

11:57 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Jon...glad you could join us!

12:16 - Deanna
Here is my 3rd grade class blog:

12:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Linda and I Skyped over the summer so that I could ask her lots of questions about blogging.

12:46 - Deanna
Ugh sorry

12:55 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I Skyped with her too, Paula! How fun! She is a wonderful resource!

13:02 - @shamblesguru
@Carolyn always happy to chat my contact details at

13:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Elle We need to do a Google Hangout sometime.

13:21 - stidmama

13:23 - McTeach (Karen)

13:24 - shukufa
i use web2.0 for my projects

13:24 - @shamblesguru

13:24 - Thomas Backus

13:25 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Checking out your blog Deanna

13:29 - Peggy George
lots of happy faces for you Linda!

13:45 - louisemorgan

13:51 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
For sure, Paula. Haven't tried Google hangouts!

13:53 - billgx
Web 2.0 = read/write web. Web 1.0 = HTML

13:57 - McTeach (Karen)
Love that pic!!

13:58 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
love that~

14:00 - Deanna
Thanks Elle! We just used them to guide our student led conferences.

14:01 - Peggy George

14:16 - Melody (@soingirl)
Hi Julie :)

14:18 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
I heart Twitter and all of you I have met there

14:23 - Peggy George

14:38 - Peggy George
love that!! started with one laptop!

14:54 - Donna Joy
Where is your school located?

14:57 - Peggy George
be sure to follow Linda on Twitter

15:08 - TMS
Just began blogging with my 4th graders:

15:09 - Peggy George
Linda is in Los Angeles-sorry I forgot to mention that

15:16 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Love the enthusiasm in your class, Linda! Wonderful.

15:18 - louisemorgan
I do the same thing! Not graded/optional

15:20 - Peggy George
Thanks TMS!

16:02 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Global connections :)

16:05 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
We love CLustrmaps! Kids love to see the live ones!

16:15 - Peggy George
feel free to share any of your class blogs here in the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show

16:20 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Yes.. #comments4kids is so great ..we have received comments from around the world

16:24 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Following you now - YES!

16:30 - Sarah @soltauheller
blogging builds community - like that!

16:36 - Peggy George
Clustr maps are so exciting for the students to see that people from around the world are connecting with them!

16:42 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Yes, cybersafety is crucial.

16:44 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Here is my Kidblogs link :

16:51 - Peggy George
this is such a wonderful picture!!!

16:53 - Patti R
my class blog:

16:59 - Peggy George
Thanks Joan!! :-)

17:02 - Tina Schmidt
My 3rd grade blog

17:12 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Differentiation and tech= I'm at home.

17:34 - Peggy George
if any of you would like to take the mic at the end of the presentation to share your experiences with classroom blogging run audio setup wizard :-)

17:34 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Looking for blogging buddies? Join this Facebook group

17:35 - Melody (@soingirl)
My grade 2/3 blog

17:52 - Peggy George
thanks Paula!! That is a great group of teachers to connect with!

18:00 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Love your blog, Tina!

18:09 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Thanks Paula..didnt know there was a group!

18:18 - Peggy George

18:26 - McTeach (Karen)
LOL!! That's awesome!!

18:28 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
O library blog

18:28 - Peggy George
Thanks Melody!

18:29 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
love that!

18:36 - Peggy George
this photo project is fantastic!

18:43 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree

18:43 - billgx
The Student Blogging Challenge is a good place to connect with other class blogs.

18:45 - Sarah @soltauheller
love that folks are sharing blogs - here is my k/1 blog

18:59 - Peggy George
Meet Mrs. Yollis

19:02 - billgx
The welcome video is a fantastic idea!

19:10 - louisemorgan
My kidblog:

19:17 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted) Our class blog for gifted in grades 2-6

19:21 - Joan Young @flourishingkids

19:22 - Joan Young @flourishingkids

19:23 - @teachingwthsoul
OK...will join the fun My Blog:

19:29 - Peggy George
this is such great advice!!! you do need to teach them how to comment :-)

19:35 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
You can also follow us on Twitter at: @reachrocketeers

19:43 - Sarah @soltauheller
can't wait to go back and check all the blogs.

19:50 - @teachingwthsoul @teachingwthsoul on Twitter :)

19:58 - McTeach (Karen)
Hi Lisa!!!

20:06 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I learn from Linda and her students how to leave quality comments, then taught my students, who taught their parents at our Blog Commentig Party.

20:07 - @teachingwthsoul
Hey McTeach!!!

20:09 - Peggy George
I included the links to paper blogging comments from McTeach in the Livebinder--they give great tips about getting started with teaching your kids how to write comments

20:09 - McTeach (Karen)
I love this visual!

20:15 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Me too!

20:17 - Sarah @soltauheller
Linda's taching has helped my commenting as a teacher:[

20:22 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Peggy!

20:26 - Tina Schmidt
@Elle Thanks! Started it after my class Skyped with Linda 2 years ago...she inspired me:)

20:26 - Peggy George
that's a fantastic idea Paula!

20:46 - @teachingwthsoul
Love Karen's Paper a link @McTeach!

20:50 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
My kids love this video :-) They return to it to be reminded of quality commenting..

21:01 - Peggy George
the video will start automatically in web tour but if you have a problem seeing it you can view it in your browser

21:02 - louisemorgan
A recent blog post I did about commenting:

21:02 - billgx
To see example of Linda's "welcome back to school" video as well as a response video see:

21:22 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I heart this video!

21:25 - louisemorgan
Yeah! I need to download Adobe!

21:28 - Peggy George
you should be seeing the video now

21:31 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I use it for teaching commenting to my kiddos

21:42 - shukufa
this is my blog

21:42 - Peggy George
this video is in the Livebinder too

21:44 - shukufa

21:48 - billgx
I show this quality commenting video to my college students!

22:12 - Peggy George
great idea @billgx!!

22:15 - @teachingwthsoul
OMG! I have never seen cute!! Great work!

22:25 - billgx
I'm getting ready to have college students leave #comments4kids & they need to know this stuff

22:30 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
i agree. flipped classroom model

22:45 - Patti R
I have shown this to classes; it's great

22:52 - Peggy George
this advice is so helpful!! and these kids are precious!

23:04 - Doug Henry
These are good tips for my college students' discussion boards!

23:13 - kg 1, too

23:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
My kids learned to use more words, not more exclamation marks thanks to this video. We were inspired to make our own video.

23:22 - Peggy George
they are so articulate in front of the camera!! love it!

23:27 - @shamblesguru

23:39 - Peggy George
Hi Shamblesguru!!

23:45 - shukufa
it is fabulous

23:51 - McTeach (Karen)
I am totally using this video next year!! My seventh graders will love it!

24:00 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your links in the chat!!

24:17 - @Len_Horn
This video is fabulous!

24:44 - roxanne clement
great video!!!

24:47 - @shamblesguru
Love it

24:52 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
I love this .. can you imagine how these kids will remember their time with Linda and all they learned?

24:53 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I believe this video has had many more view that what is showing on YouTube.

24:53 - Peggy George
who wouldn't want to leave a comment with such a great invitation!!??!!

25:08 - Sarah @soltauheller

25:11 - Peggy George
they may have viewed it on Vimeo too :-)

25:16 - shukufa

25:18 - Jon Bergmann
this kids is very cute!!! He has me sold

25:24 - McTeach (Karen)
This guy is fabulous!

25:33 - Peggy George
that is so cute!! use more words and not more exclamation marks!! :-)

25:37 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Use more words! He is great.

25:38 - @shamblesguru
i i captain

25:56 - stidmama

25:58 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
More words and less text talk

26:00 - Jon Bergmann
good video editing too. Good job for the creator as well

26:01 - Donna Joy
Great video

26:01 - Peggy George
fabulous video!!

26:05 - Angie Kelley
Wonderful :)

26:09 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Wonderful job

26:12 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Thank you

26:15 - @teachingwthsoul

26:17 - billgx
Excellent new media literacy skills.

26:38 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Oh...great idea

26:39 - Peggy George
her welcome back video is in our Livebinder too--it is such a great idea!

26:53 - Peggy George
such an easy way to give feedback on comments!

27:08 - Peggy George

27:40 - Peggy George Australian blogging buddies for Linda

27:55 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Loved your little video and the enthusiasm in the kids' voices.

28:06 - shukufa

28:21 - Peggy George
that's a huge help for the parents to leave a video tip on how to leave comments

28:36 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
That's a great idea..

28:44 - Peggy George
Family blogging month!!! great complement to Grandperson's Day if you have that

28:53 - @Len_Horn
Linda, that is a great idea, Family Blogging Month!

28:53 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I am going to do Family Blogging Month in April. Thanks for the great idea, Linda.

29:29 - Peggy George
how clever! not candy prize but get to post on the teacher's blog!! Wow!

29:52 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Oh how wonderful.. I love that idea

29:59 - Melody (@soingirl)
We have a very small class and so we went for a goal, worked great!

30:10 - Peggy George
grandparents would be excellent guest bloggers!!! (lots of exclamation points!!!! :-)

30:21 - Peggy George

30:22 - Jon Bergmann
I like :)

30:31 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I want to do the same! Excellent way to differentiate!

30:42 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
What a fabulous idea for the parents to become administrator so the child can continue

30:52 - Tina Schmidt
Great for grandparents who are out of state to see what children are doing in class.

30:55 - Peggy George
never thought of earning their own blog before Linda told me about this! Love it!

31:16 - Peggy George
all of the examples are in the Livebinder

31:27 - Lynn Castiglione
earning their own blog is a great idea :)

31:38 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Great idea to educate parents. Teaching digital citizenship needs to include parents.

31:50 - Peggy George
lots of new facts being added through the comments :-)

31:52 - louisemorgan #2
great idea! Incorporating curriculum into the blog!

32:20 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Great integration of language arts skills and storytelling

32:21 - roxanne clement
livebindre link Peggy?

32:22 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Look at those verbs :-)

32:23 - Peggy George
they are learning digital ditizenship right along with creative expression!

32:31 - Peggy George

32:40 - louisemorgan #2
My kids' blogging really blossomed during Halloween.

33:14 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Love these prompts!

33:23 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
We did the Alexandria, MInnesota!

33:25 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
It gets your students, parents, and the world involved!

33:30 - Peggy George
I love that these are not just template starters but they model exactly what that should be doing

33:44 - billgx
Love Mrs Yollis as a 3rd grader!

33:47 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
I have 7 siblings!

33:47 - Peggy George
I grew up with Hungarian goulash :-) Montana!

34:10 - Peggy George
Great Kapok Tree

34:18 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
How fun!

34:22 - Peggy George
look at all of those ssssssss's

34:25 - Joan Young @flourishingkids

34:27 - Sarah @soltauheller

34:28 - Peggy George

34:48 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Oh, love that way of contrasting facts vs creative ..just by bolding

34:50 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
This is too precious!

34:53 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
What a fun idea! Going to use this one soon w/my 3rd graders in the library!

34:58 - Melody (@soingirl)
Love the bold text for the facts!

35:02 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Don't you love that her 3rd graders are learning HTML coding! :)

35:04 - TAMUC-SusanB
what a great way to make research fun!!!

35:21 - shukufa
welcome ruhiyya

35:39 - Peggy George
look at the quantity of writing!! AND quality!!

35:47 - Joan Young @flourishingkids

35:50 - McTeach (Karen)
Love this!

35:54 - Sarah @soltauheller

35:55 - Peggy George
how she teaches her kids about HTML

36:09 - Peggy George

36:16 - Peggy George
Biographical Bonanza

36:17 - @teachingwthsoul

36:35 - McTeach (Karen)
Peggy...Linda's gonna talk for HOURS, right?! I've gotten some great ideas already!

36:48 - Peggy George
I wish she could talk for hours!!! She's amazing!

36:51 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
I know, Karen...let's spend the day!

37:09 - McTeach (Karen)

37:11 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
I'll definitely have to watch this recording again :-)

37:28 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I learned how to use HTML is my comments from Linda. She suggests keeping a document on your computer with HTML tags you use a lot so you can just copy and paste into your comments. Love it!

37:30 - Peggy George
I can't believe how much they are learning through blogging!!

37:43 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
We participated in that Math Problems Project!

37:45 - Peggy George
blogging about math problems

37:46 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
It was so much fun!

37:48 - Joan Young @flourishingkids

38:03 - louisemorgan #2
You can really tell she is enthusiastic. Being enthusistic about what we teach makes the students enthusiastic too!

38:09 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Does anyone have a html doc they could share with me? pretty please?:)

38:16 - shukufa
it is online teaching yes?

38:20 - TAMUC-SusanB
ok...have to go set up blogigng now!!! This is fantastic info!

38:27 - jacob
can't hear anything

38:31 - Peggy George
what do you mean by html doc? instructions?

38:52 - Peggy George
if you're not hearing it's probably a bandwidth problem @Jacob

39:02 - louisemorgan #2
Our Kids blog has button which allow you to bold, underline, and italicize. My students have also figured out how to change font color and size using the editing buttons.

39:03 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Our kids were so excited to see Linda's students solve our problems.

39:03 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
yes, the codes! I know Linda has a sheet with the codes. I need to find one to give to my kids.

39:15 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
I wish Kidblogs allowed a clustr doesn

39:18 - Peggy George
@Jacob I see the red boxes by your name so you may have a big lag but it should catch up

39:34 - Peggy George

39:36 - billgx
Hooray for arrays!

39:59 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Great idea to use Google earth to learn geometry

39:59 - jacob
ok thnks

40:19 - Peggy George
how does she think of so many creative ways to integrate these subjects??? Fantastic!!

40:26 - Peggy George

40:44 - Peggy George
PhotoPeach is such a wonderful tool!!

40:50 - louisemorgan #2
love this!

40:55 - Sarah @soltauheller
<3 photopeach - doo you have to pay for that feature?

41:11 - louisemorgan #2
Skype!!! Love it!

41:17 - Peggy George
her Mystery Skype Call blog post

41:29 - Tina Schmidt
Photo peach is free

41:49 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Love Mystery Skype!

41:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)

41:59 - louisemorgan #2
We skyped with an astronaut

41:59 - Peggy George
this is such a great idea from Langwitches-Silvia Tolisano

42:10 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
We are trying our first Mystery Skype calls this April. Going to borrow Linda's jobs.

42:12 - Peggy George
keep those links coming :-) thanks!

42:13 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Mystery skype is such a fun way to get kids excited about georgraphy!

42:31 - Peggy George
Super @Elle!

42:46 - Peggy George

43:01 - louisemorgan #2
Our current skype project

43:06 - Tina Schmidt
@Elle Need to nail down a date

43:23 - Peggy George
what a great way to find a partner class around the world :-)

43:28 - Peggy George

43:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
If you haven't done a Mystery Skype call put it in your plans for this year. Great learning experience for your students. Sign up on #4thchat wiki

43:40 - McTeach (Karen)
Love this project!

43:43 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Oh I love that idea..

44:03 - Peggy George
you can sort on that site for different locations - this is California

44:04 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
That was such an awesome project.

44:12 - Melody (@soingirl)
You'll all have to try Bamboo :)

44:14 - Peggy George

44:19 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Connecting through students real life powerful

44:31 - Peggy George

44:46 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
How fun :-)

44:47 - Peggy George
this video is so cute!!! Sheriff Yollis!

45:02 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
I want to be in Mrs. Yollis' class :-)

45:05 - Peggy George
The Reading Roundup!! you can watch the video in the Livebinder

45:15 - Peggy George

45:20 - Donna Joy
Does Linda have an aide to assist her?

45:54 - Peggy George
This is an excellent post on her site about what the students are learning from blogging

45:57 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I get my support and advice from great Tweechers like Linda, Paula, Sylvia

46:10 - @teachingwthsoul
These are great!

46:19 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
They are my guides and inspiration

46:24 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
and Shellly Terrell of course!

46:29 - Peggy George
Great educational bloggers to connect with

46:34 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I was just invited to do a Mystery Skype call into #edcampss that is happening today in Philadelphia. Yipppee, so excited to be a part of tha tevent virtually.

46:49 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
You're a star, Paula!

46:51 - Peggy George
yes @Elle Shelly Terrell is another really inspiring teacher!!!

47:06 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
We started as a class blog at the beginning of the year and then students really blossomed when I began Kidblogs and they got their own blog in January

47:06 - Peggy George
wow Paula!!! That is so exciting :-)

47:13 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Amazing folks on Twitter. I recommend y'all join if you're not a part already!

47:32 - louisemorgan #2
YOu don't have time NOT to!

47:40 - Jon Bergmann
i agree. my best PD has been via twitter these past few yrs. It was twitter that got me here today.

47:49 - Peggy George
look at all of the things the kids are learning through their blogging and it's so motivating!

47:55 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
It's the same work, only you get to publish it online and with the world

47:56 - @teachingwthsoul
Can use Posterous or Tumblr as an easier lead in to blogging.

48:06 - louisemorgan #2
I love the idea of integrating curriculum - could go hand-in-hand with a "flipped" classroom

48:07 - Peggy George
excellent point Jon!! That's how I discover great PD too!

48:08 - Jon Bergmann
I am definitley going to share this with my staff. They will eat this up.

48:11 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
Instead of a fancy bulletin board in class, turn the blog into an interactive one.

48:22 - billgx
what is the biggest obstacle for teachers to get started with blogging?

48:27 - Jon Bergmann
I even got my new job via twitter

48:30 - Peggy George
these tips apply to any grade level!!!

48:31 - TAMUC-LynnB
Blocks will be a problem, you need to get your tech departments on board with it.

48:34 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
And to see the reaction of your students when they realize they have a global audience- priceless

48:39 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
linda do we have your permission to embed your video in our blogs to help other blogger

48:41 - Peggy George
thank you Linda!

48:43 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine

48:50 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Yes, it can also foster cross-age relationships at school as younger students contribute to comments and vice versa

48:52 - McTeach (Karen)
What an awesome session!! Thank you, Linda!!

48:54 - Carolyn Stanley
I have to give a PD workshop on blogging next week; these resources will be invaluable.

48:54 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for Linda! :)

48:57 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Thank you so much Linda :-)

48:58 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Every time I come on Saturday, I am reinvigorated!

49:03 - TAMUC-LynnB
Thanks Linda! Great Presentation!

49:04 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
yes it was motivating

49:06 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
fantastic session

49:07 - Patti R
I firmly believe in the benefits of classroom blogging but i am the tech teacher and only see them once a week, frustrating when i encourage other teachers to use the blog and they say what Linda just talked about, they don't have time

49:13 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Love your enthusiasm, Linda

49:14 - @SteveHayes_RB60
Thank you, Linda!

49:14 - Linda Yollis

49:17 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Excellent, Linda. Thanks for sharing all the amazing work you do!

49:18 - @shamblesguru
Posterous has been bought by Twitter

49:20 - Ruhiyye
Thank you so much Linda !

49:28 - Rich@rcantrell
Great session Linda!!!!!

49:33 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Super session! Thanks so much Linda! Every time I hear you speak, I learn something new.

49:38 - @teachingwthsoul
Great resources! Will be sharing with newbies :-)

49:38 - Patti R
wonderful sharing, Linda, thanks

49:39 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Beautiful work by you and your students.. can really feel the energy and passion as you share.

49:41 - Peggy George
tell us more about your school Linda

49:42 - McTeach (Karen)
Whoa! @shamblesguru...I hadn't heard that!

49:43 - stidmama
This has been really amazing! Thank you for talking about how to set things up for the families as well as the students - and for the reminder that things like this don't have to be another thing to check off on a list, but can evolve from existing work/lessons.

50:05 - Angie Kelley
Thank you so much! Very informative and makes me want to try blogging :)

50:09 - TAMUC-SusanB
Loved this today!! Can't wait to use it this year in my middle school lang. arts class...but even more excited to use it in my new job as elementary librarian next year...I will be working with 5th and 6th grade social studies and language arts classes for I know what we can do!! :)

50:10 - Carolyn Stanley
What do you think will happen to Posterous since it's been bought out by Twitter -

50:13 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Linda, can you share some links to the blogs your students have earned? They are awesome.

50:14 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
There are great books for html at B & N.

50:20 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@shamblesguru Congrats on your upcoming retirement. I retired in June and consult schools w/ed tech wrkshps

50:24 - TAMUC-LynnB
She had a good one in this presentation.

50:29 - Peggy George
aha! instructions for html codes. I have saved some of those that I could include in the Livebinder. I think Linda's tips are probably plenty to get started with

50:32 - Patti R
the html tags have changed since i started using it

50:35 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich

50:38 - @teachingwthsoul
@Shamblesguru Yes, I read that and got an email. Not much will change. I'm a posterous user :)

50:48 - shukufa
thank you linda it is great

50:49 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Oh wow! I didn't realize that was on your blog! Thanks Linda!

50:54 - Ruhiyye
Wonderful presentation it was and we benefited from it

51:01 - Sarah @soltauheller
the feature - with the ?'s on it?

51:02 - @shamblesguru
Posterous have stated that nothing wil change for the time being

51:02 - Peggy George
you can take the mic in a minute @lourisemorgan :-)

51:03 - Sarah @soltauheller

51:22 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
The quiz feature is free as well

51:24 - louisemorgan #2

51:24 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
picnik is closed or closing very soon

51:25 - Sarah @soltauheller
that particular feature of in slide questions

51:29 - Peggy George
I love Posterous so much so I hope it doesn't change!

51:41 - Sarah @soltauheller
interactive free?

51:50 - stidmama
piknik has been bought and integrated into picasa, as a stand-alone it goes away next month

51:52 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
easily embedded makes it nice

51:56 - Peggy George
the interaction is through comments added to the PhotoPeach

51:57 - Sarah @soltauheller
thanks @jonah

51:59 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
Yes, the quiz feature is free in Photopeach

52:19 - Deanna
So great to know the quiz feature is free!

52:29 - @shamblesguru
This is the official announcement about Twitter buying Posterous

52:30 - @teachingwthsoul
ues Picmonkey! Was designed by former Piknikers!

52:30 - louisemorgan #2
I'm sure including the the parents helps alot

52:35 - Deanna
We blog every Monday in my 3rd grade class.

52:40 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
when blogging the students now love to write and are more than willing to edit

52:44 - Sarah @soltauheller
? is commenting more important than the posting?

52:46 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
they are more engaged now

52:46 - louisemorgan #2
We blog dueing our daily 5 rounds

52:50 - Peggy George
I created this PhotoPeach when I visited Jackie Gerstein's class so I could capture all of the wonderful things they were doing

52:54 - nikki
How do you integrate the student with vision challenges or other disabilities in the blogging or in the classroom?

52:59 - Deanna
It is part of our writing workshop time. The students look forward to it!

53:08 - TAMUC-LynnB
That makes a good 15 minute starter that gives the teacher time to do her admin job such as roll, etc.

53:11 - karen
Where do the kids type the HTML code? In the comment section, in Word then cut and paste?

53:20 - louisemorgan #2
I have a vision impaired student who get frustrated when using the comouter.

53:21 - Peggy George
Lorie will call on you in just a minute if you have your hand raised

53:32 - TAMUC-LynnB

53:40 - louisemorgan #2
time and teaching the students how to use the blog.

53:48 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
the students with visual issues you can use the program "DRAGON DICTATION" they can dictate and it will type on the screen

54:02 - Peggy George
so true and so sad @TAMUC LynnB

54:04 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
Adapt traditional lessons into blog posts/activities

54:13 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@louise morgan - use dragon dictation program- its free

54:35 - @shamblesguru
@louise ... for Special Needs and ICT have a look at

54:39 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

54:39 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Our district is pretty nervous, but happy with Edublogs because it's completely education oriented. For block happy places, it might be an option your district can live with.

54:39 - Peggy George
when you can show your admins all of the incredible things kids are learning through blogging you may get it unblocked--show them this Livebinder with Linda's examples

54:47 - louisemorgan #2
thanks @shamblesguru!

54:50 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Having my students have their own individual blogs is a time committment on my part because I have to moderate all posts and comments.

54:56 - Sarah @soltauheller
@reba I find kids w/writing issues also have articulation issues & dragon dictation is usually an issue

54:58 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
You could always use Dragon dictation

54:58 - Peggy George
many apps and tools for vision impaired students

55:07 - Peggy George
Dragon Dictation is wonderful!

55:13 - Sarah @soltauheller
espec. in k/1 can be a challenge

55:14 - louisemorgan #2
Is that an ipad app?

55:16 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@sarah absolutely

55:21 - Linda Yollis
Great, thank you!

55:24 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Yes it's an ipad app as well as software

55:24 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I agree Paula. I haven't taken that step with individual student blogs because they are still learning about blogging.

55:28 - Peggy George
it has an iphone/ipad app too

55:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Try audioboo to do audio posts to blogs.

55:32 - TAMUC-LynnB
I sure plan to show the tech department this livebinder if BLOCKS remains a problem

55:33 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@louise morgan yes it is an iPad app too

55:35 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
yes love audioboo

55:38 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
easy to embed

55:39 - Deanna
I love audioboo too!

55:43 - Valia @trulygreenfish
Read and Write gold also good text to speech programme :)

55:59 - shukufa
i have a question , do you do it during the lesson or you post them on the blog and then students have a look and respond them at home?

56:02 - Peggy George
if you want something to be bold in your comments select HTML and type <b>

56:02 - Sarah @soltauheller
audioboo is nice to use w/younger students

56:19 - Peggy George
then when the bolding is finished type </b>

56:23 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
never heard of audioboo - will check it out

56:24 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
I use Blogger, so simple.

56:30 - Sarah @soltauheller
don't need coding - like word buttons puts in code for you

56:32 - Peggy George
you have to start and end whatever html code you have

56:32 - TAMUC-LynnB
Usually there is a HTML window tab beside the regular edit window.

56:34 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
I don't think edublogs shows the code

56:39 - louisemorgan #2
kidblog allows has editing buttons for posts but not comments.

56:47 - @shamblesguru
Audioboo has an iPhone/iPad free App

56:56 - @teachingwthsoul
Really great today! Off to virtual #ASCD12 session :)

56:59 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@elle - yes blogger is real easy- I got each teacher to start a class blog using blogger - they love it

57:03 - Peggy George
several hands raised and maybe one of them wants to add their answers to these questions :-)

57:14 - stidmama
I have some visual impairments -- make sure that the text can be re-sized by the user, and that there is good contrast on the screen. Not all of us use screen readers! Avoid the use of tables to lay out web pages, they are confusing to screen readers and don't always enlarge nicely for the rest of us. There are some websites that talk about how to set up pages for people with visual impairments.

57:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Bye, Joan. Have a grea day. Share link on Twittter for virtual ASCD session please.

57:31 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
@Reba Fabulous! I wish our teachers would have a grade level blog. So many great things going on to share!

57:44 - Peggy George
I know of parents who take their kids to the library to do their blogging because they don't have a computer at home

57:47 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
Once students use the basic html code (italics, bold) it is pretty easy for them

58:05 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@elle Some teachers took it on and kept blogging, others would write once in a while

58:21 - shukufa
thanks a lot for the answer linda and peggy

58:25 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
At least you got it started, Reba! That's wonderful!

58:33 - Peggy George
hearing you now Louise but your audio is cutting out

58:36 - Linda Yollis
I can't hear her at all.

58:51 - Peggy George
better now but missed the first part Louise

59:05 - Ruhiyye
so did I

59:07 - Peggy George
how do you handle blog access for students who leave you

59:10 - stidmama
for those who are asking about how to use html, and basic coding, W3 school tutorials are wonderful, free, and by experts.

59:12 - Sarah @soltauheller
? about commenting vs writing? Is the commenting the first step? in K/1 we want writers so I have focused more on writing than commenting - what are your thoughts?

59:18 - Joan Young @flourishingkids
Thank you so much Linda and Peggy too! Have a wonderful day :-)

59:52 - Peggy George
we'll officially wrap up the webinar and then continue with questions

59:59 - louisemorgan #2
that's a great idea!

59:59 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
The pro account for edublogs won't run out of space. I keep my blog going year to year.

1:00:15 - louisemorgan #2
I will probably move to a different format this year.

1:00:19 - Patti R
i use classblogmeister and i can move students to the next grade so their blog is with them for third through eighth grade, like an electronic portfolio where they embed many of their projects

1:00:23 - Melody (@soingirl)
I carry on with the same one as well

1:00:23 - Rae Ann
What is the livebinder link?

1:00:25 - Peggy George
I think that's so important that they are able to access their blogs after they leave your class

1:00:26 - Sarah @soltauheller
I keep mine going -also helps with reusing ideas

1:00:30 - Carolyn Stanley
A blog is such a wonderful diary. I go back a couple of years and look at posts I made and it brings back memories.

1:00:30 - @shamblesguru
ASCD Virtual Conference now at Sat & Sun

1:00:30 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
Can't you pay for more space?

1:00:36 - louisemorgan #2
thank you Linda!

1:00:41 - shukufa
i try to learn and to make the blog by myself without any learning by someone but i think it will be great to make such blog here in my country hope to make like this for my studentsinshallah

1:00:56 - Deanna
I use kidblog and justed asked for more space and they gave it. ;)

1:00:58 - Tina Schmidt
I keep Edublogs as class blog and Kidblogs for kids. So I start new Kidblogs each year but keep class blog going.

1:01:11 - Linda Yollis
:-) Thanks, Paula!

1:01:16 - Peggy George
Karen don't you want to share something :-)

1:01:30 - McTeach (Karen)
Who? Me?

1:01:32 - Sarah @soltauheller
I keep my class blog - edublog - on student's blog (kidblog) I make new class each year

1:01:42 - Peggy George
great idea Paula!

1:01:46 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
great webinar on blogging - will pass it on to the teachers

1:01:54 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
Just saw Royce's new post about predators - Awesome!

1:01:58 - shukufa
thanks linda

1:01:58 - TAMUC-LynnB
What is the title of the next Classroom 2.0 webinar?

1:01:58 - @shamblesguru
ASCD Virtual Conference now at Sat & Sun ... BUT NOT FREE

1:02:05 - @Len_Horn
Showcasing winning blogs is a great idea.

1:02:17 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Great session Linda! I am going to share parts in my district blogging class this week! Great ideas as always!

1:02:31 - Peggy George
this is Linda's blogger list

1:03:03 - louisemorgan #2
@soltauheller do you open it up or is it password protected?

1:03:19 - Peggy George
I'll officially close the webinar and then we can continue with questions. We'll keep the recording going :-)

1:03:24 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
I blog with a student in Australia who has kept her blog for 2 years. She started in 2nd grade and is now in 4th grade and going strong. She just reached 10,000 visitors!

1:03:31 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
That would be a great motivator for students to get their own blog

1:03:39 - Rae Ann
What is the livebinder link?

1:03:55 - stidmama
Thank you, Linda!!! This was just what I needed.

1:04:13 - Linda Yollis
Thank you, everyone, for coming and supporting blogging!

1:04:14 - Deanna
Wow... Alec and Rheingold coming up! Thanks Classroom 2.0 Live!

1:04:17 - Melody (@soingirl)
Thanks so much, Linda! You always inspire me :)

1:04:20 - Linda Yollis
I can stay and answer questions.

1:04:25 - Sarah @soltauheller
ya Alec!

1:04:29 - Jonah Salsich @jmsalsich
Great presentation Linda! I'm going to try to increase grandparent participation. Thanks!

1:04:43 - TAMUC Sharon G
The David Warlick interview last week was awesome

1:04:46 - McTeach (Karen)
@Rae Ann Here's the link:

1:04:48 - Ruhiyye
Thank you so much Classroom 2.0 Live team!

1:04:59 - shukufa
it will be great to know linda's email and want to email her to know something if i need of course if she agree

1:05:07 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I attended the David Warlick seesion last week too. Great conversation.

1:05:12 - TAMUC Sharon G
Sorry. David Loertscher. David Warlick was good too.

1:05:12 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
You all are so wonderful!

1:05:12 - Linda Yollis
Yes, thank you Classroom Live! This has been great! :-)

1:05:20 - louisemorgan #2
Thanks! This was wonderful - will spend the summer rethinking our classroom blogging for next year!

1:05:37 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
Wow I got a tweet about that Stem Wkshp

1:05:40 - @shamblesguru
There is a Brilliant App called Blogshelf on the iPad that allows you to visually look at multiple Blogs on a bookshelf ... potential to save lots-a-time.

1:05:44 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Linda, you ROCKED it as always. I think you have inspired even more to begin blogging.

1:05:45 - McTeach (Karen)
Geez...Easter is two weeks away?!

1:05:52 - stidmama
have to head out -- thanks so much for today's session.

1:05:59 - Rae Ann
Thanks so much, Linda and all!

1:06:21 - Linda Yollis former master teacher? Is that you?

1:06:34 - Melody (@soingirl)
@shamblesguru hadn't heard of blogshelf, definitely going to check that out...thanks!

1:06:36 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I have posted a session on blogging for the April 21 confernece.

1:06:37 - Eileenk
Thank you everyone!

1:06:39 - @shamblesguru
My favourite iPad Blogger App is Blogsy ....

1:08:12 - Elle (@Elle_Gifted)
Can someone please repost the link to the livebinder?

1:08:17 - Peggy George

1:08:25 - louisemorgan #2

1:08:49 - McTeach (Karen)
@shamblesguru...nothing comes up in a search for blogshelf in AppStore

1:08:50 - Peggy George

1:08:57 - @shamblesguru
R&R Recent & relevant ... very powerful

1:09:08 - Peggy George

1:09:34 - Sarah @soltauheller

1:09:43 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Peggy, does such a great job of getting our certificates to us. Tahnk you, Peggy.

1:10:02 - Peggy George

1:10:09 - Sarah @soltauheller
@karen did you find it?

1:10:20 - @lemoinemb MB Lemoine
That she does, Paula! Peggy is such an asset to us!

1:10:28 - Sarah @soltauheller
love the podcasts for long drive!

1:10:28 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
thank you linda!!!!

1:10:34 - Tina Schmidt
Great job Linda! Lots of great idea!

1:10:52 - kg 1
Besides Edublog and Blogger, do you have recommendations for other blogs or wiki platforms for K-12 teachers to use for their own classes?

1:10:59 - Linda Yollis
Thank you Peggy, Tammy, Lorie and Steve! :-)

1:11:00 - McTeach (Karen)

1:11:02 - Sarah @soltauheller
love kidblog

1:11:13 - Margarita Kalyuzhna
Thank you

1:11:14 - McTeach (Karen)

1:11:17 - Linda Yollis
:-) Yeah!

1:11:21 - Sarah @soltauheller
my k/1's use kidblog w/out assistance

1:11:23 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@sarah - yes kidblog is great

1:11:27 - Tina Schmidt
Kidblog is great for younger kids since teacher does all moderation of comments

1:11:36 - Linda Yollis
A brilliant idea, Karen!

1:11:53 - Peggy George
her paper blogging ideas are so helpful!!

1:11:59 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
yes I love mcteach's blog on paper blogging - Great Resource ever

1:12:05 - Linda Yollis
Love it!

1:12:05 - Lynn Castiglione
Thanks to everyone- Peggy, great job today! :-)

1:12:19 - Peggy George
Look at her photos of her kids with paper blogging

1:12:48 - Peggy George
thank you McTeach for sharing with us!!!

1:12:50 - Deanna
I love the video too!

1:12:55 - Linda Yollis
Great! The kids love to hear that their video is being used!

1:13:05 - Peggy George
anyone else want to ask a question?

1:13:06 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
Great photos of paper blogging...Wow..will send out on Twitter

1:13:49 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks Reba! I may have to update those photos

1:13:50 - Sarah @soltauheller
? about commenting vs writing - scared that mine will be too echoy

1:14:02 - Linda Yollis

1:14:03 - Peggy George
thanks Reba!!

1:14:13 - McTeach (Karen)

1:14:21 - Linda Yollis
Oh, that's a great idea, Reba! For teachers!

1:14:25 - Peggy George
take the mic to ask that question @Sarah

1:14:32 - McTeach (Karen)
Yeah, I think teachers need more help understanding the process than the kids do

1:15:02 - Sarah @soltauheller
can you give it to me?

1:15:07 - McTeach (Karen)
What do you mean by echoey?

1:15:14 - Peggy George
I see what you mean

1:15:20 - Linda Yollis
It sounds great!

1:15:22 - Peggy George
if only one mic is on it won't echo :-)

1:15:39 - louisemorgan #2
I missed the video at the beginning - apparently I needed to download flash. Can I have the link?

1:15:53 - Peggy George
great question Sarah! Thanks!!

1:16:02 - Sarah @soltauheller
clear as mud?

1:16:07 - Peggy George
very clear

1:16:27 - Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree
Must leave, thanks again Linda!

1:16:35 - Peggy George
I didn't realize the importance of the comments before Linda shared all of this!! So much more than "nice to get a comment"

1:17:24 - Peggy George
her examples are really helpful!

1:17:58 - louisemorgan #2
Thanks everyone! gotta go prom dress shopping

1:18:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Bye, Louise.

1:18:32 - McTeach (Karen)
Maria Knee would be a great resource for kindergarten teachers wanting to blog

1:18:41 - Sarah @soltauheller
makes sense! My kids aren't reading at beginning (k/1)- makes hard for independance -just need to really think about what your purposes are in beginning

1:18:45 - Deanna
I blogged with 1st graders last year and I let them make those errors.

1:18:49 - Linda Yollis
Absolutely! @grade1 does some great writing with her young students. Check her out.

1:18:56 - Deanna
It was great to see how they progressed throughout the year.

1:19:03 - Linda Yollis

1:19:16 - Peggy George

1:19:19 - @Len_Horn
Blogshelf sounds like a wonderful iPad app, but I can't find it the app store in the US :(

1:19:25 - @Len_Horn
any suggestions?

1:19:26 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
Great idea

1:19:41 - Sarah @soltauheller
have tried that yes! good idea!

1:19:48 - Valia @trulygreenfish
Thanks everyone! I will definitely be listening to the much to learn..happy Saturday

1:19:49 - Linda Yollis

1:20:05 - Sarah @soltauheller
thank you!!!

1:20:10 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2

1:20:11 - Deanna

1:20:13 - @Len_Horn
Thank you LInda!

1:20:15 - Linda Yollis
Thank you everyone! :-)

1:20:16 - Sarah @soltauheller
oh look at all those explanation marks

1:20:26 - Linda Yollis
Ha Ha!

1:20:37 - roxanne clement
thanks again for another great Saturday session!

1:20:43 - reba @jghfoundation08 #2
@deanna will ck out your kidblog

1:20:49 - Deanna
Thanks!! Great way to start my spring break!

1:20:50 - Jane Z
Thanks so much - another great session!

1:20:53 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thank you so much for another great Saturday of learning and sharing to the awesome CR 2.0 Live gang and featured teacher, Linda Yollis.