Name: Cathy Poplin

School / affiliation:
Deputy Associate Superintendent for Educational Technology at the Arizona Department of Education (ADE)

City, state, & country: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Website(s): ****


Favorite book(s): Professionally, the book that has impacted me the most is: Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott. I don't agree with all aspects of the book, but its overall premise. Personally, I am an avid audio book reader/listener. My current interest is in Medieval Church History. Otherwise, I am probably listening to a murder mystery of some kind.

Favorite movie(s): Really like independent movies like Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Michael Clayton, more than the large blockbusters. Also like romantic comedies - Pretty Woman and The Notebook are favorites.

Favorite TV show(s): Watch all of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent and SVU, Cold Case, Cold Case Files, Bones, Dateline, 48 Hours, etc. Also watch The Office, American Idol and most of the Food Network shows.

Favorite Songs: Jazz and light rock: Kenny G, Luther Vandross, Michael Buble

Your heroes: Too many to name. All mostly folks who have impacted my life in special ways.

Your hobbies: Walking, enjoying the new empty nest experience, listening to audio books, planning daughter's wedding.

Your favorite Web 2.0 technologies: Google applications and Wikis. Have not created by own blog.

How has Web 2.0 and social networking made a difference to you personally and/or professionally?
Still learning about them but fascinated and know their power. Have a Facebook account and check it regularly to keep up with my children and their happenings.