January 2, 2009

Joel: Good evening everyone

Coy435: Good morning here, everyone.

Alan Hodson - elptuxman: Feliz a~o Tim

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi all! Very exciting day!

Megan Augustine: Hello

Marty Caise: Good Morning

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Coy-great to see you here!

Coy435: Hi Peggy!

Roland O'Daniel: Greetings all

Donnie: hello

Mike Temple: Hi from the UK 6pm

Mark Mylod: Good afternoon

alicebarr: Hello Peggy!

LynneH: Aloha from Hawaii - 8:00 am and kinda rainy today

Moderator (Peggy George): I'm in Phoenix AZ--sunny and warm. Let us know where you're tuning in from.

Greg: Any Kansans on board?

alicebarr: Maine USA

M.C09DFF9E2285F8E85F66FD82288A61: Lisette from Colorado

Matt T.: Sunny and 24 here in Iowa!

Tammie: Houston, TX

Alan Hodson - elptuxman: Happy New Year to y'all from El Paso TX

BethStill: Greetings to all from Nebraska!

Steve Guditus: Boston, MA here - anyone else?

Thomas.Sauer: sunny but cold Kentucky (go cats!)

Beth Holmes: Beth Holmes from GA - Hi, Beth Still!

Michelle: Rye, NY

Marty Caise: Well now Houston, El Paso and me from down here in San Antonio

Steve Taffee-Castilleja: Steve Taffee from Palo Alto. Hi everyone!

BethStill: Hello Beth Holmes!

lynnembailey@yahoo.com: Lynne: Rutherford NJ

Joel: London UK

Mike LoMonico: Mike from NY

mclobridge: Hi from Raleigh...Matt Clobridge

P. Bordner: Lugoff, SC

Kate Klingensmith: another Houston here!

Robin: Canton, GA

Richard Potvin: Gatineau Quebec Canana visiting son in San Antonio

philip5147: Phil Karaoke-Style Captioning-Subtitles My mic is not working.

Moderator (Peggy George): @Steve G-I'm formerly from MA-Amherst--does that count? Got my degrees from UMass

Neil Stephenson: Calgary Alberta here

cathywolinsky: Cathy Wolinsky from Freeport, ME

Bruce 1: Hillsboro, Kansas

Moderator (Peggy George): Here we go! wahoo!

LisaThumann: Lisa Thumann from Piscataway NJ

Sean Nash: Saint Joseph, Missouri

Rhonda: winnipeg, manitoba, canada

Terry Lindenmuth: Kutztown, PA

Mary: Katy, Texas

meredith Melragon: Columbus, Ohio 1 pm and it's in the 40s

Sean Nash: noon... SUNNY

Jacqui: hello, all. Happy New Year from Chicago, IL.

nhill: Punxsutawney, PA 1pm EST

Penny: Kailua, Hawaii 8am overcast

Larry Michaud: Larry from Dubai

Virginia: Victoria BC, 10 AM, sunny and above freezing

Helen: Puyallup, Washington... SNOW!

Steve Guditus: Peggy - of course! Come back and visit Massachusetts!

Vini Nair: Rockland, Maine - and yes, freezing!

deb248211: North-West UK - 6pm and a bit chilly!

serundeputy: springfield, ma - snow flurries

Antwon.Lincoln: Antwon San Diego (Foggy) Hello

josh: Newcastle, ME

megkrause: MegL 1pm in New Canaan, CT

Joel: 8p.m. about 12C

Travis Kramer: Ames, Iowa 12:00 noon CST

Greg: Junction City Kansas 12:00

Huik-Wen: Moscow, ID, 10:00 am

ceresegodfrey: Cerese : Eastman, GA 1:00 pm

Roland O'Daniel: Louisville, KY, not too bad, going for a bike ride after this (well bundled)

Chris Lawrence: Chris Lawrence New York Hall of Science (Queens, NYC)

mclobridge: raleigh...Cloudy and COLD

philip5147: Phil Wagner Fort Pierce, Florida

Bruce: Happy New Year from a New Year baby- Fort Madison Iowa

Kim B: Kim: PA and snowing

Kim Thomas: Kim T., Glendale, AZ

Sue Hellman: Sue Hellman from Surrey, BC, Canada

Louis Loeffler: Greetings from Madison, WI

Mark Mylod: Hacketstown, NJ and cold HNY!

Anders_Sweden: 7 pm in Sweden dark, cold about -10 celcius

josh: 23 degrees here, warmer than yesterday

Kim Thomas: 11AM in Arizona

Everett: Glacier Park, MT - blizzard!!!!!!! -8 F and it's still coming

Sheila: Sheila: Powder Springs, GA- raining like crazy!

What We learned in 2008: I'm from Northern Saskatchewan, -20 C snowing, just got in from cross country skiing

LoriB: Hilton, NY (upstate western ny) between Rochester and Buffalo. 34 degrees here today at 1:00 and snow covered

jansmith: Vancouver Island, BC Canada--beautiful skiing day here.

Moderator (Peggy George): @Everett--I was born and raised in Kalispell, MT-grew up around Glacier Park!

Roberta: Roberta

Joanne: I'm from Lee's Summit, Missouri. It's sunny and 45 degrees.

Kathy Schrock: Cape Cod, MA

BethStill: @peggy george and @everett I have always wanted to visit that part of Montana. Someday!

Kim Thomas: Glendale AZ Sunny and warm

Jackie Gerstein: Looks like someone is talking from the visual but no audio coming through - any suggestions?

Nellie Deutsch: hi Joel

Ms. G: Austin, Texas. 60 degrees F! Would not mind some rain at all...

Kevin to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Hi, folks. I can't hear you. I get an audio error "Cannot connect to speaker,"

Kevin to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: but my speakers are working fine.

Roberta: Roberta: I am in San Jose, California

alicebarr: Peggy is a great model of learning!

Heidi Hayes Jacobs: Thanks for putting this together.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Run the audio wizard (from "tools") if you're having any trouble!

LisaThumann: This is fantastic that so many educators are here today!!

nycrican2: I am here

Michael Staton: is there a twitter backtrack #

Michael Staton: ?

Michael Staton: yeah!

nycrican2: I am nycrican2 on Twitter.

MJPage: weekly meeting -a good idea

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://live.classroom20.com

Moderator (kimcaise): @kevin did you try the audio wizard to fine tune the settings?

Michael-IL: 24 Degrees F near Chicago, IL - cloudy, first time

Jackie Gerstein: Thanks Steve - audio wizard did the trick!

connie weber: hello from ann arbor: connie weber saying hi

Penny: is this being recorded?

Matt Wiseley: My twitter ID: @edityourweb - anyone else on twitter?

Eve Heaton: Hi from South Carolina (Beaufort)

Louis Loeffler: Yes Peggy

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Yes, will be recorded and posted.

Kathy Matthes: Hello

LisaThumann: lthumann on Twitter

Louis Loeffler: oops Penny

Anders_Sweden: anybody else from europe?

mclobridge: Twitter: mclobridge

LynneH: time of the show? when does it start?

Bruce: is the software being used today, free, open source

Jackie Gerstein: Saturday works great!

Coy435: Twitter: coy435

TinaShang: @TinaShang on twitter

Moderator (kimcaise): January 10, 2009

BethStill: Twitter ID bethstill

Sean Nash: "nashworld" on Twitter

MJPage: hi from ontario

Travis Kramer: Twitter: trkramer

nycrican2: nycrican2 on Twitter

Louis Loeffler: ljloeffer on Twitter

Sue Hellman: What time will it be on please?

Charlene Blohm: @CharleneBlohm

Jackie Gerstein: jackiegerstein on Twitter

Tammie: aunttammie on Twitter

alison: where is that calendar again?

Bruce: bhudd on twitter

Everett: @peggy @BethStill - great area, but you wouldn't want to be here today. I can 'almost' see the house across the street.

LynneH: summer_sun on Twitter

Moderator (Peggy George): http://live.classroom20.com/index.html Saturdays (9:00am PST/10:00am MST/11:00am CST/12:00pm EST)

Jackie Gerstein: Wow - it looks like everyine is on twitter!

Moderator (kimcaise): http://live.classroom20.com/calendar.html

Nellie Deutsch: Hi Jackie

Mary Ann 1: Hi from chicago - I am having trouble with the audio

LisaThumann: W00T!

Jackie Gerstein: Hey Nellie - good to "see" you again

Jackie Gerstein: Woot!

Nellie Deutsch: will the recording appear on the ning?

alison: Hello from Glendale Arizona

Moderator (Peggy George): 15,000 strong in CR20! Yeah! Such a powerful learning network!

Jackie Gerstein: Congrats on the Edubog award!

LisaThumann: Wasn't it just last summer that it was 10,000?

Nellie Deutsch: I have a another session on Elluminate.

Matt T.: @Bruce: Elluminate is free for a classroom of 3, but is commercial software...pay for more users and features

Jackie Gerstein: From Sahuarita AZ

Bruce: thanks matt t

TinaShang: I just discovered classroom 2.0

Dreams+Ambitions: I can see the Chicago skyline (on a clear day) from here in southwest Michigan ..hello to all

nycrican2: Thanks, Nancy.

Moderator (Peggy George): Nancy is an awesome website/forum host!!

nycrican2: Thanks, Steve.

Louis Loeffler: Yay Steve!

TinaShang: Are parents welcome .. I am not an educator but a mother of five so of course I am extremely interested in education and getting the best for my children.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Tina: absolutely!

Moderator (kimcaise): @tinashang absolutely!

nycrican2: Yes,

TinaShang: Thank you.

Anders_Sweden: No video?

Sheila: @Tina: Welcome!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Sorry--no video this time!

Anders_Sweden: Ok

stacyk: Peggy IS a great mentor for lots of people

Moderator (Peggy George): @TinaShang--parents are definitely welcome! We want to hear from you!!!

Kathy Matthes: This is my first show at Classroom 2.0. Happy New Year!

stacyk: Thanks to all my PLN Plurk friends who have helped me this year

Michael Staton: I"M IN

LisaThumann: Yes - Twitter and Plurk have been invaluable - thank you all for being such a great resource and sharing so much

Michael Staton: no way!!!!

Moderator (kimcaise): @stacyk definitely - thanks to my plurk, twitter and facebook colleagues!

stacyk: the book is a great idea

Moderator (Peggy George): it will be awesome to have a big book on web 2.0!!

Michael Staton: PBS Fantstic!

Nan Lefebure: Peggy has been an Internet mentor of mine for years. Now she is leading the way yet again, with 2.0 tools! Happy New Year all.

stacyk: Like a big sharathon!

Lorraine: PBS...terrific!!! Hadn't heard that news!

Steve Guditus: Yes, a book would be fantastic - and workshops, too. I vote for Boston!

Moderator (Peggy George): Hi Nan! So glad you could join us today! Really appreciate your support!

Mary Ann 1: sounds exciting

paffl: This is new for me. Looking forward to hearing what is shared.

classroom 2.0: tlvik on twitter

alison: Peggy George, where did you say you were from?

Moderator (Peggy George): Phoenix AZ

nycrican2: This is also my first session with Elluminate.

stacyk: There's some video

RichardHRoth: Chico, CA here - N. Cal First time here.

stacyk: NJ here

Beth from Canada: Any Canadians here? Specifically Ontario?

paffl: Beaverton, Oregon here.

nicodemus Ford: first timer-detroit is here

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://wiki.classroom20.com/2008+Wrap-up+Show+Notes

MJPage: Hi beth I'm from hamilton

jansmith: @ Beth, I'm in BC Hi!

TinaShang: First timer - Rogersville TN

Debby: I'm from the coast of NC

Deborah_Boatwright: Portsmouth, nh here

Nan Lefebure: BC here also - Victoria.

stacyk: Go, Lisa

David: Hello from Mount Shasta CA!

alison: yes

Coy435: yes

nycrican2: Yes

classroom 2.0: Sioux Falls, SD

Anirudh: Hi from Pune, India!

Sue Hellman: Sue from Surrey, BC, you can find me at Canadians Mashup in Classroom 2.3

Lorraine: Newton, MA

stacyk: Lorraine, I did a workshop there many years ago

Dave Melone: Los Angeles, CA

nschomp: Hi, Lebanon, PA here

Virginia to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: It would be nice if the list could be shown on the screen here.

Candyce: candyce: Portland, Oregon

Nan Lefebure: Virginia, we'll have to chat re BC education later

Marianne: hello, I am from Seattle

Moderator (kimcaise): http://wiki.classroom20.com/2008+Wrap-up+Show+Notes

Sue Hellman: That should have been Canadians Mashup in Classroom 2.0 (not 2.3).

Lorraine: Jackson School 200 Jackson Road Newton, MA

Nedra: Utica, NY and thanks to my Plurk PLN and to the active members on the Elementary Tech Teachers Ning.

Virginia to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Thank you

jansmith: @Sue, 2.3 is just an indication of what is happening to the Cdn Dollar

Joel: Please can we have the web address of the page (Top ten)

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://wiki.classroom20.com/2008+Wrap-up+Show+Notes

Sue Hellman: @jansmith: lol

jansmith: @Nedra, that ning of yours just sizzles!

Cem Can: Hi.. this is Cem from Turkey

Lorraine: Neat. BLC08 up until this year.. Where were you coming in from?

Nedra: @Steve Guditus-cold and snowy!

TinaShang: Is there a group and resources for parents? I would love resources and information that I as a parent could take to the school system and present to them to encouarge them to embarace technology. Web 2.0 and all of the potential of the web.

Moderator (Peggy George): @Julie Evans-would like to turn the mic over to you next for your top 10

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Peggy--I'd like to say one thing if that's OK...

Moderator (Peggy George): absolutely Steve

Anica: Hello, Anica from Macedonia

Moderator (kimcaise): thanks Peggy - I was going to refer to her list next

Nedra: @Jansmith-thanks. I try to welcome everyone that joins because I was so impressed with that welcome form Steve when I joined Classroom2,0

Kathy Matthes: There are a lot of new people here today. None of us have been welcomed or greeted.

Brian Friedlander: great job lisa

Lorraine: originally from New Hartford...now outside of Boston

LisaThumann: Hi Brian - Thanks!

Moderator (Peggy George): @Kathy-maybe you missed the welcome at the beginning of the show. We're really glad you're here!

LisaThumann: My pleasure

meredith Melragon: what I love about the list is that it's the human part of learning, not just the tools!

jansmith: @nedra, I noticed you got a lot of new members just recently--how awesome .

Deborah_Boatwright: Is Elluminate Live free?

stacyk: oh, absolutely, there is a difference in upper and lower grades

anachorete: hello & #hpyny2.0 09 from luxembourg (europe)

John Oppenheim: Has anyone read "Crossing the Chasm" by Moore? It explains the reluctance of some to embrace technology

Steve Guditus: @Lorraine: No kidding, I went to Hamilton College in Clinton, NY - just down the street from New Hartford!

Coy435: I like her "Free Agent Learner" item.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I really liked "free agent learner" as well.

Matt T.: @Deborah Elluminate is free for up to three users; pay for more. http://www.elluminate.com/vroom/register.go

meredith Melragon: talk about mobile devices -- what about how many kids received iPod touches!

Moderator (Peggy George): There are some fascinating findings in Speak UP survey-be sure to check them out.

drewpolly: what was that statistic about K-2? in urban environments I don't think that's the case.

stacyk: more kids than teachers

BethStill: @debroah_Boatwright A room for 3 ( a "v" room is.

Nedra: @jansmith yes there have been lots of new members. It's great to see!

LisaThumann: @Meredith - I wish we could get some statistics on the # of kids that got iTouches

John Oppenheim: There is a new site "dimdim" that has up to 20 free users - it is also for education

Virginia: Many jurisdictions still ban personal devices from classrooms.

stacyk: @virginia..not too smart of them

Deborah_Boatwright: How to I make sure I have access to the chat after the session?

Moderator (Peggy George): @Mary Page-ready to take the mic? would love to hear from you

Michael Staton: have you guys read Disrupting Class?

stacyk: @michael...no..is it good?

Steve Guditus: @stacyk: There is the matter of keeping control of the classroom and monitoring 30 children properly using PDAs and teaching

jansmith: @Michael,not yet

Margaret L: Main problem teachers don't understand mobiles

gaild: who is speaking please?

Barbara: Just started Disrupting Class for the ISTE book group

stacyk: right now it's Peggy

Michael Staton: feedback!

TinaShang: our schools still ban personal devices

stacyk: @tina...high school?

Moderator (Peggy George): Jing is such a fantastic tool for quick tutorials!

MJPage: jing

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://www.jingproject.com/

Deborah_Boatwright: Gin? project

Megan Augustine: Jing Project

Deborah_Boatwright: thanks Steve

TinaShang: Yes k-12 all of them ban them

LisaThumann: I've been loving Screen-cast-o-matic

LynneH: most schools that band personal devices have leadership that are tech challenged

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://voicethread.com/#home

Mary Ann 1: we use jing for quick tutorials

Moderator (Peggy George): Mary-tell us about Capzels.com

Moderator (kimcaise): http://wiki.classroom20.com/2008+Wrap-up+Show+Notes

Sheila: @JOhn Oppenheim: Thanks for the headds up re Dimdim. It looks great!

TinaShang: I am in small town Tennessee they certainly have not embraced technology here.

John Oppenheim: Mikado is another

Margaret L: Margaret small town NC same here

Moderator (Peggy George): free is good!!!

Moderator (kimcaise): Jing http://www.jingproject.com

Tammie: having a hard time understanding this person

Deborah_Boatwright: Does anyone in the group have the ear of the new administration. Obama

LynneH: I am finding that a big problem is teacher prep classes in college. The schools of ed are way behind

TinaShang: My 7th grader is learning typing in computer class. Nothing more than typing and doing some online tests.

Deborah_Boatwright: To give this group a voice?

Virginia to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Sorry - have to go, other work calls me - thanks for an energizing start to 2009.

Alan Hodson - elptuxman to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Open Source Software advances/uses - is it an anybody's agenda?

LisaThumann: @Lynn - You are so right - This is a HUGE problem

stacyk: I agree about the teachers being trained are way behind in any technology ed

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @alan: it's on my list.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

TinaShang: The town we lived in before moving here wasn't much larger but they were learning powerpoint in 4th grade there and not even teaching it in 7th here?

AdinaSullivan: @Lynn this is a definite issue!

stacyk: that is one of the things I'm working on with my student teachers

stacyk: It's going to take a classroom teacher going INTO the college level to help that

Kathy Matthes: Hi Lynne. I'm working hard to bring Web 2.0 into our class curriculum at National University Online teacher degree programs.

Moderator (Peggy George): www.CAPZELS.com

deb248211: I recently did a 2 hr session on a teacher training course but it was nowhere near enough time to do everything that needed to be done!

Moderator (Peggy George): http://www.capzels.com

LynneH: @Kathy that's good to hear

stacyk: at least it's a start

Al Doyle: I'm sorry, what is the name of this timeline program?

Tammie: what program was she discussing?

TinaShang: I think they did select a few students to participate in learning to do a podcast. but it was only a selet few and I never saw the podcast I dont know if they didn't broadcast or still have not finished or what?

Sue Hellman: Dipity is also really great for timelines

stacyk: Peggy sounds like a munchkin

Megan Augustine: http://capzles.com/

Kathy Matthes: I've been able to add group wiki projects, classroom websites, blogs, podcasting, webquests, etc.

bcdtech 1: @TinaSahng- Have you talked to the teacher?

Deborah_Boatwright: Any ideas on improving reading scores?

stacyk: yes

Everett: Kids get bored!!!! with just typing. My classroom Word, Excel, Powerpoint, podcasting, vodcasting, web pages, movies, daily bulletin news show ........

nycrican2: yes

Moderator (Peggy George): sorry for my voice--I know it's very annoying--just getting my voice back!

nycrican2: No problem

stacyk: no...not annoying...I just thought it was the mike

TinaShang: Yes I have the teachers don't know how to use the technology themselves.

Deborah_Boatwright: We're using Joomla website it's free

deb248211: Am just tutoring a student via Facebook whilst being in here!

stacyk: what grade level is she?

Antwon.Lincoln: My biggest challenges has been moving the district to accept 2.0 tools

Kathy Matthes: The chat window is too small in this this environment.

TinaShang: 7th

stacyk: thanks

bcdtech 1: @TinaShang-even the computer teacher?

Cem Can: I just wonder if this session is being recorded and going to be available later. Any idea?

MJPage: on screen share- wiki webtour -I clicked and aound an now have error how do I put it back?

Mike Temple: @everett yes I agree, the kids are VERY bored here in the UK as the curriculum is extremely dull for many

Kathy Matthes: Adobe Connect allows resizing of the various pods.

Lisa M Lane: @Kathy Matthes are you using the Wide Layout? it helps

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Kathy: you can mazimize the chat window.

Deborah_Boatwright: Blogs have been blocked..

Mark Barnes: Is anyone using individual, private websites? Not blogs but web sites.

deb248211: @Mike - yes I agree

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Cem: yes, being recorded!

TinaShang: The school website provides teachers with a website to use but most of them do not use it at all and those that do .. do not know what they are doing and the pages are horrible and confusing.

Moderator (Peggy George): Yes this session is being recorded

Matt T.: @Cem: Yes, it is being recorded and will be available on classroom 2.0

Barbara: What motivates the speaker to persue technology?

Kathy Matthes: Lisa - how do I do the wide layout?

stacyk: ohhhh...for promethean boards!

Kate Klingensmith: blog rubric? share, please?!?

Cem Can: Thanks Matt.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://wiki.classroom20.com/2008+Wrap-up+Show+Notes

Mike Temple: If creativity is alive and well, it seems to have bypassed the ICT surriculum

RichardHRoth: The Wrap-up Show Notes do not wrap. Is there a solution to this. I have a mac. Have to scroll in both directions

Lisa M Lane: @Kathy upper left menu, also Steve notes you might be able to pull the bottom of the chat section to make it bigger

Vini Nair: i may have missed it but is there a link to the wiki with all the lists?

deb248211: Yes - the ICT curriculum is still about 5 years behind!

nycrican2: Same thing at my college, boards were put in and no training.

Everett: @bcdtech 1 - yes even the tech teacher, our district has a 4-6 tech teacher that knows Mavis Beacon and Powerpoint - yikes

Moderator (Peggy George): Wow Mary-you have so many tools to use-very exciting!

TinaShang: bcdtech even the computer teachers here are lacking in skill they know MS office but not much more.

Vini Nair: if so, please share

Deborah_Boatwright: Mike Temple anytime I am looking at cool stuff the UK comes up shocked you have bored students

drewpolly: Andrew Church has lots of rubrics posted here: http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/

David Huston: Does anyone teach at a laptop school?

Mike Temple: Many schools are still stuck in the commercial software issue and associated licensing issues

Kathy Matthes: Oh, the wide layout is much better. Thanks.

stacyk: not allowed to bring laptop to school

deb248211: @Deborah_Boatwright - that's the students and the teachers, not the schools or the state!

Michael Staton: that's awesome. circumvent!!!

LisaThumann: Click on the VIEW menu, LAYOUTS, Wide Menu (different Lisa, I know)

LisaThumann: Both IWBs are great!

Terry Lindenmuth: 1to 1 in 5th year Macs Kutztown PA

Moderator (Peggy George): @Phil514-want to take the mic next?

mclobridge: @TinaShang Had the same problem re: teacher web sites...using Google Sites now and all teachers have a page and keep it updated.

Matt T.: we have multiple laptop carts, but not 1:1

Travis Kramer: thanks for sharing Eve!

stacyk: I'm sorry you are not feeling well

Kim Thomas: We have had smartboards for several years and love them!

Michael Staton: i disagree with smartboards

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): www.supportblogging.com

stacyk: @michael...why?

Dreams+Ambitions: that is a great idea

RichardHRoth: cool Thanks

Mike Temple: I have always considered that accesss to software and tools at home is as important as using it at school - how many of the kids actually have purchased Office?

Kim Thomas: Sorry, this is from Kim T. in Arizona....not everyone likes them, that is understood

Deborah_Boatwright: Mike Temple: Many schools are still stuck in the commercial software issue and associated licensing issues Introduce all the free stuff!!

bcdtech 1: @Tinashang I recently told a parent who wanted me to focus on MS Office that it too would go the way of Lotus and Wordperfect and I was teaching the kids how to use new tools and navigate the web 2.0 world. I do some MS office, but not my focus.

Tammie: I think I will have one when I return next week...no one knows how to use them, any suggestions for training?

Mary Ann 1: Go to view menu and uncheck layouts - then you can resize the chat window

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://supportblogging.com/Links+to+School+Bloggers

Kate Klingensmith: thanks @drewpolly!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Also can search 1200 blogs at www.conversations.net

stacyk: @bcdtech...sounds like cursive handwriting

TinaShang: I don't think our teachers have a clue about social media and web 2.0 We are a little behind the times here.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): http://www.conversations.net

David Huston: Does anyone use the ZOHO Suite of tools for sharing documents and presentations?

Everett: The big problems with smartboards or any tech, teachers are going to not like them if you don't train them.

MGuhlin.org: OpenOffice is a great tool to provide access to for home use, parents, students and staff.

bcdtech 1: @David Use Google docs

Kathy Matthes: BCDtech: What do you mean by MS Office going the way of Wordperfect and Lotus?

philip5147: Phil my microphone is not working

MGuhlin.org: Of course, GoogleDocs and other tools are fun, too.

stacyk: thanks for the view tip...much better

Mary Ann 1: We use google docs

nycrican2: Sorry to hear that.

Michael Staton: i think smartboards are an expensive way to improve the lecture format that doesn't work.... and are generally misused

Deborah_Boatwright: deb248211: @Deborah_Boatwright - that's the students and the teachers, not the schools or the state!
Please clarify

AdinaSullivan: @Steve have been sharing Conversations.net. Nice tool!

TinaShang: My 8 yr old is proficient at using a computer. I am amazed when I find out that many homes in our area still do not have a computer and internet access.

philip5147: It's not working at all.

Michael Staton: this chat needs to be bigger

Sheila: @Mark Barnes: I'm using a jottit wiki as a "web site" and it's so easy...

alison: @Kim thomas where in Arizona are you?

David Huston: ZOHO has a much richer set of tools than Google. Really worth checking out.

Kim Thomas: Kim T. - Glendale, but work in the Madison School District in Phoenix

stacyk: @mike...go to view and uncheck

Mark Barnes: Sheila, does it include a Content Management system of sites for your students?

bcdtech 1: @Kathy- Lotus and Word Perfect used to be the standard. Now its MS Office. With many apps going to the cloud and the free apps, I don't think we are going to be using a lot of packaged platform specific software in the future- or at least the kids' future.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): link to discussion on website creation: http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/website-creation

Mark Barnes: sites they can work in but only they and I can see?

Matt T.: Any polleverywhere.com users out there?

MJPage: yes I saw that -a digital book -video

Alan Hodson - elptuxman: To plugTexas Open Source Software please use http://tinyurl.com/3e4sh8

alison: @Kim Thomas are you a member of DEN?

serundeputy: http://manhattan.sf.net - CMS

Moderator (Peggy George): great suggestion Kim!!

deb248211: @Deborah_Boatwright - the innovative things that are happening in the UK in terms of edu and tech come from teachers setting up what they need and students embracing this - for eg. I teach Psychology and there are a few tutors who are (like me) pushing technology, such as blogs, podcasts, websites, online communities, but these are isolated incidents rather than the general state of play.

Kim Thomas: @Alison - would love to be a DEN member, just haven't had the time this year with all the smartboard installs and such

drewpolly: anyone using the Wii in classrooms?

AdinaSullivan: Great for second language learners as well

stacyk: @kim...make time...it doesn't take that long at all

Everett: Who uses the smartboard? Teacher or students? My smartboard has been used by me like 2 or 3 hours this year. My students use it everyday, create, collaborate, share!!!!

philip5147: Phil you are welcome.

alison: @Kim Thomas, I am the DEN AZ Chair, can you give me an email address and we could hook up?

Mark Barnes: I use the smartboard for instruction every day

Kim Thomas: Drewpolly, Just had a music teacher request a wii for his room

Marianne: I use the Smartboard Airliner slate.

philip5147: Phil I can put it to foreign languages.

jansmith: Those looking to connect with other classrooms through blogging, check out http://studentfriends.edublogs.org

stacyk: Does anyone here use blogging in third grade or younger?

Mark Barnes: I find the slate tough to use; how do you use it?

Matt T.: @DrewPolly: a special ed. teacher is using a Wii with several wheelchair bound students for PE. Fun to see them bowling..

alison: @Kim Thomas you can reach me at alison.keene@dvusd.org

RichardHRoth: text is still not wrapping in the Show Notes window on my Mac

Deborah_Boatwright: Is anyone using smartboard and connecting with each other etc.

RichardHRoth: regardless of view

jansmith: It's a new blog that carries on the conversation from Sue Wyatt' student blogging competition.

Michael Staton: I imagine that this group here is amazing at using the smartboard

LisaThumann: @Matt - That sounds great!!

nhill: Yeah Plurk!!

stacyk: yeah PLURK!!

Michael Staton: why flock?

Mike Temple: @deb248211 I agree and it's not just a particular group of teachers, it also is prevalent in the leading and advanced teachers. They too have not, in the main, embraced the technology in their teaching - I really feel it's a case of leadership down rather than classroom up approach

Michael Staton: please speak more

alison: what is tweetdeck?

AdinaSullivan: Plurk, Tweetdeck Yeah!

Kathy Matthes: bcdtech: What platform do you see us using in the future? Open Office?

Nan Lefebure: I love blogging with students - I'm the tech teacher - but can't get individual teachers to buy into it...so it all falls on me.

LangLabCindy: Has the edublogs controversy over embedded ads been resolved?

LisaThumann: I still use Twitter and Plurk - can't pick one over the other

Moderator (Peggy George): Flock is my browser of choice too! Love it!

AdinaSullivan: @Lisa Why choose?

jansmith: @Nan, can make it hard to sustain...

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I love how fast Chrome is.

nhill: I am trying edmodo with students this rotation.

stacyk: @Hey, Nan...how about chosing one person a day to try blogging what happened in class that day?

Deborah_Boatwright: i use smartboard in our school, but now I would like to get a going on connecting and having our students speak with other schools

LisaThumann: @Adina - TIME

Matt Wiseley: Another great Twitter client is Twhirl http://www.twhirl.org/

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Chrome is not perfect, but it's so darn fast.

Dave Melone: tweetdeck works with students if you can manage to get them to sign up, group them, and you can do ad-hoc polling in class

AdinaSullivan: @Lisa Oh...that

mclobridge: I have moved to Chrome almost fulltime

Moderator (Peggy George): I still use both Twitter and Plurk too! Can't choose! Love TweetDeck for following tweets!

MGuhlin.org: I like Flock as well for home use, but prefer Firefox at work.

deb248211: @Mike Temple - definitely, although we have a deputy who is an ICT specialist and I feel that the ICT curriculum requirement is a very different beast to the use of tech in education in / out of classroom - the problem is perhaps that the two are seen as the same thing.

Nan Lefebure: I did perusade teachers to use wikis and all class pages are on wikispaces now - that's a good thing!

Sheila: @Mark Barnes: I use it to put up tutorials, worksheets, photos, notes to parents, etc. I tried to use a separate jottit site for the kids but it was unmanageable.

Kathy Matthes: What is the controversy about EduBlogs?

LisaThumann: @Adina - And Facebook - Hmmm - I love Ping.fm

LangLabCindy: @dave - wow! Tweetdeck = adhoc polling for students?

Michael Staton: tweetdeck run on mac?

Matt T.: Looking forward to Chrome for OS X and Linux..

bcdtech 1: @kathy- not platform specific ie not mac, or PC- but more open source tools like open office. Schools cannot afford to keep upgrading expensive software, nor can they rely on startups that may disappear

MGuhlin.org: Tweetdeck and Twhirl are great Adobe Air apps that work well on UbuntuLinux.

Moderator (Peggy George): tweetdeck definitely on Mac

LynneH: twitter has been a huge part of my pln the last 4 months (moved to new school)

Michael Staton: i have a question Steven when you get a chance

Michael Staton: Steve

Michael Staton: sorry.

Kathy Matthes: How are you using Twitter in the classroom?

Nedra: I can't keep up with Twitter and Plurk so stick to Plurk.

Matt T.: Kathy M: same question...

MJPage: Hi tina shang- having parents involved always helps students and that in turn helps teachers too so yes join in and look around

Deborah_Boatwright: Is there a website that lists these programs that are being featured?

LisaThumann: Is anyone using Edmodo with their students?

MGuhlin.org: Advocate Twitter as a tool to build a PLN and join the global learning conversation

drewpolly: @kathy matthes students get on and ask questions to professionals in the field and get answers.

Mike Temple: @deb248211 I think you're right here and many teachers just use the ICT model as the platform for integrating (or not) in their planning and delivery

LangLabCindy: @Kathy heard that edublogs was embedding links (ads) in blogs - not just on the side, but within the actual blog!

Kathy Matthes: Thanks bcdtech

Dreams+Ambitions: alison my good friend teaches in your district, he is flying back to AZ as we speak..

jansmith: @Nedra, I am on Twitter only--We never talk anymore!

stacyk: I can just see Peggy writing things down as people talk

Kate Klingensmith: @deborah here http://wiki.classroom20.com/2008+Wrap-up+Show+Notes !!

mclobridge: Doind a session with teachers next week about creating their own PLN and web2.0

Dave Melone: @LangLabCindy, you can add your students to a group in tweetdeck and display the group on a projector. ask a question and have students answer via twitter using their cellphones

Michael Staton: interesting @MGuhlin

Charlene Blohm to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Kudos again to Classroom 2.0 for the award!

John Oppenheim: One thing that I have noticed is that there are too many products to really figure out if you are a novice. What would really help would be an assessment tool for each teacher to figure out what they want to accomplish and then apply the different technologies to the needs. I have been in the software business for years and this is an important step - planning.

Kathy Matthes: On Twitter, they can contact professionals?

drewpolly: Steve, if you need authors for the web2.0 book, Clif Mims- clifmims.com and I would be interested.

alison: Dreams + ambitions what's his name?

stacyk: jan...you need to come to plurk for DEN summer reunion memories

BethStill: @Nedra Are you from NY?

Matt T.: @Dave Melone: try polleverywhere.com for the same features

Dreams+Ambitions: rich ruelas

MGuhlin.org: @LangLabCindy Edublogs embedding ads is still a current controversy. Some are switching to Google's Blogger, but the best solution for classroom blogging is walled garden approach...host your own blog.

alison: Dreams....he teaches on my campus

Kathy Matthes: LangLabCindy: Oh, that's not good about EduBlogs. I use it for my classes. Guess I'll have to find another blog site.

jansmith: @mclobridge: Sue Waters at theedublogger.org has a new ost on this.

MGuhlin.org: @LangLabCindy Use Wordpress or b2Evolution, or pay for Edublogs.org for schools or November Learning.

Dreams+Ambitions: haha.. small world

Travis Kramer: iPhones rule!

Michael Staton: iphones are so amazing!

Kate Klingensmith: i still want an iphone!!!

Mike Temple: @LangLabCindy I think the 'In-post' ads are there at the moment, but I understand that James is looking to see the response form users before deciding finally on a revenue methiod - evidently, these are seen in only 0.02% of posts, I think

alison: Dreams what is your name?

Kim Thomas: Alison, where does your friend teach? from kim in az

stacyk: Peggy got an IPhone...wow...no stopping her now..not that we could

Nan Lefebure: YES to the iPhone

Dreams+Ambitions: brad

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I use a Verizon Dare and like it as well.

nhill: iPod touch is awesome too

stacyk: that's a good blog idea

Nancy: Hi all!

alison: Dreams, it is a small world as I am finding

stacyk: Hi, Nancy

MGuhlin.org: @drewpolly thanks! Regards to Cliff Mims

Nedra: @jansmith I'm trying to use my igoogle homepage more. Maybe once I get used to that I'll start jumping back into Twitter as well.

Everett: iPhones are only a dream in Montana

LisaThumann: @Stacy I'm doin OK with my iTouch and my Blackberry

Moderator (kimcaise): @mguhlin.org i believe the edublogs campus version is free for classes, is that correct or am i mistaken?

Al Doyle: We are getting off topic.... iPhone is a commercial product not applicable to classroom practice...

Deborah_Boatwright: This group needs a voice in DC

Travis Kramer: check out Aroundme, TED talks, Twinkle Amazon mobile, etc. for the iPhone!

nycrican2: I love my Itouch.

mclobridge: @jansmith: Thanks

Dreams+Ambitions: @alison- what is your role there?

stacyk: @lisa...glad to hear that

alison: @Kim we teach in Deer Valley unified in NW Phoenix

Nancy: Sorry, I'm late--had to take my sis to local quilt shops and out to lunch.

gaild: anyone here from Canada?

jansmith: @kim no campus not free

alison: Dreams, I teach 7th grade Science

Nan Lefebure: I also have an iPod Touch - it's great as well as the iPhone!

Matt 1: anyone from Chicago?

Moderator (kimcaise): ty @jansmith

loonyhiker: i love my gratitude journal

MGuhlin.org: @kimcaise True or not, do all of Edublogs free offerings (class or individual) feature ad-free blogs? That's the question of concern.

jansmith: @galid here in BC-Vancouver Islant

Deborah_Boatwright: Moodle has nice features it's free

MJPage: Hi gaild, i'm from ontario, lots of others here to

debbie: i have used Edublogs for several years and I am so concerned about htese new ads.

Sue Hellman: Sue from BC

LisaThumann: @Al - Many classroms are using the iTouch

Nan Lefebure: @gaild - Victoria BC here

Matt T.: @Deborah_Boatwright: Agreed. Cheers for Moodle

M.C09DFF9E2285F8E85F66FD82288A61: what is moodle

MGuhlin.org: Here's an idea for student blogs. I'm considering hosting student blogs within Moodle. Thoughts?

gaild: hey ....I am gaild from Ontario!!! too

Kathy Matthes: I contacted Edublog and they gave me an ad-free educational blog for several months.

Ms. G: i disagree about iPhone -- iPhone could be *the* 1-to-1 computing solution

bcdtech 1: @John Oppenheim I think that we overwhelm teachers with cool tools, vs looking at what they are currently doing and trying to enhance it.

Nedra: @BethStill-yes! I think we're roomies for NECC this summer right? Another reason I should touch base with Twitter.

Deborah_Boatwright: photo story is great too

Mike Temple: @Al Doyle I think there's a move towards mobile computing and access in schools is something I think many schools are working towards

Margit: Be careful about how you transport your Iphone - not near the body - and avoid using near the head - especially with children.

Dave Melone: smule!

gaild: Gaild (2) is from Ottawa

jansmith: @MGuhin its $40 for ateacher +30 kids--this is a great deal for the support through Sue Waters

Travis Kramer: those wanting more information on Moodle, free hosting at www.ninehub.com

Matt T.: @MGuhlin.org: not a bad idea; the blog within Moodle isn't as user friends as say...Blogger...but it's worth a try

Al Doyle: perhaps, but iphones are not going there

MGuhlin.org: We use Moodle--thanks to Sue Harris on my team--for online literature circles. Would you use it to manage student blogs?

Matt Wiseley: Ocarinas (real ones) are great fun. Check out mountainsocarina.com

mclobridge: eReader for iPhone/iPod Touch is great too

MJPage: cool music tools, will have to look at the flute

Michael Staton: yeah remember the milk!!!!

BethStill: @Nedra Yes!!! That is me!

debbie: I contacted Edublogs and they did not answer my inquiry about the new ads

David Huston: Best site to keep up with all the e-learning web 2.0 tools is: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/ GREAT SITE!!!

gaild: do we have an active Ontario site????

LangLabCindy: @dave - Clever use of Tweetdeck - thanks!

alison: @Dreams + Ambitions I'll be sure to tell Rich that I "spoke" with you

jansmith: @Gailg Went to Laurentian High in Ottawa in the '70s

stacyk: Peggy is never going to get sleep now

MGuhlin.org: @jansmith: Agree that paid service for Edublogs is worth paying for. It's the ads on the free educator blogs that some (me, too) object to.

MJPage: I think i need a iphone

Nan Lefebure: Lisgar Collegiate (Ottawa) grad here

Moderator (kimcaise): @mjpage: i hear you!

alison: Does iPhone work on any network?

Dreams+Ambitions: @alison- great I'm sure he'll get a kick out of that, nice to 'meet' you -brad

Al Doyle: mobile computing seems like a step backward : less power, functionality

stacyk: yes, PEGGY! Finally

Moderator (kimcaise): @alison only AT&T

Nancy: I think the ads on Edublogs are very distracting--glad I dont use it

alison: thanks Kimcaise

gaild: I only did uni here in ottawa, but my kids go to school ...daughter did Glebe

nycrican2: I want to do next, sign up for my own host name.

teachfine: I love dreamhost

stacyk: remember when we were trying to find a site for another connection?

Dave Melone: the iphone 3g unlock came out yesterday though

Steve Guditus: If you like photostory, check out this video from Gilder Lehrman - a summer institute I participated in: http://www.gilderlehrman.org/teachers/seminar_videos/mintz.html

MGuhlin.org: Diigo is awesome!

nycrican2: Will look into dreamhost.

drewpolly: Diigo does rock the world!

LisaThumann: Now I can't live without http://diigo.com

gaild: Nan- are you teaching?

Michael Staton: diigo is crazy good

jansmith: @MGuhlin Yes, I was not happy with the no warning and invasiveness of the ads. I think James is learning to communicate better--that was not a cool move even if money generation was neccessary

mclobridge: Love the teahcer console at iigo

Mary Ann 1: I like the sharing in diigo

Matt T.: 1and1.com is great for domain registration; forward domain to your wordpress or blogger URL

Nan Lefebure: yes, I am a tech teacher in Victoria, BC

LynneH: @David Mahalo for the link

stacyk: nan, I still have some of your sharathon things

Virginia Rego (BC): BC teachers can learn about opensource tools on a weekly basis in knowschools.ca (others can join, but there's a small fee for non BC folks)

drewpolly: the highlighting and stickynote function on diigo- my students (future teachers) just love!

nycrican2: I have to get into Diigo more.

Kate Klingensmith: i LOVE the daily CR2.0 diigo digests with amazing links!!

Eve Heaton: Blog Rubric Site (scroll to the bottom - lots of rubrics for online activities) http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/

Michael Staton: http://friendfeed.com/rooms/classroom2-0

Nan Lefebure: hi Stacy - those sharathons were great

gaild: BC is a little more progressive than ontario, I think

Margit: Aloha Lynne - margit from Maui

Dave Melone: what does Diigo do over Delicious?

deb248211: One thing I have learned about this is that you can end up trying to use too many online services and then end up not really using any - trying them all and picking the ones that work for me has been the best option (IMHO).

Matt Wiseley: I wonder how Diigo maintains highlights if the linked page changes.

drewpolly: @eve heaton- thx. Andrew Church's blog and resources are great!

stacyk: we really should have published them into a book...so many

bcdtech 1: @MGuhlin Your anthology on diigo came in handy as I was making a new moodle course this weekend. Between you and Jen Dorman I didn't need to look far for resources.

LynneH: aloha margit!

alison: @dreams what do you teach?

jansmith: KnowSchools is terrific pro d

Michael Staton: lots

Dreams+Ambitions: @alison 4th grade

Michael Staton: comments

nycrican2: Got the sound back.

Greg: What ways have some of you used Voicethread?

Michael Staton: comments on pages

Dave Melone: iI haven't jumped into Diigo much

drewpolly: Diigo-- bookmarking, highlighting, sticky notes, the tagging and sorting features are so much more robust!

stacyk: @dreams....4th grade...where?

Michael Staton: groups

Michael Staton: yeah

mclobridge: Diggo's teacher console...signup for an educator account

Mary Ann 1: You can add comments, highlight the page

Sue Hellman: knowschools.ca?

Matt Wiseley: I'm a huge delicious fan. Here's my education-related wikis tag: http://delicious.com/edityourweb/education

gaild: gail & nan - www.ld-technokids.com (my blog)

Dreams+Ambitions: @stacyk stevensville, mi

nycrican2: I love delicious.

LangLabCindy: @Mike IMHO .02% is .02% too many within someone's own words. Came to expect ads around things, but not within someone's own writing without their knowledge.

Greg: What ways have some of you used Voicethreads?

MGuhlin.org: @bcdtech1 Jen Dorman's work on Diigo is fantastic. I've learned much from her work. Of course, I encourage others to read my stuff - http://mguhlin.net/share - (no ads, free <grin>)

LynneH: @matt Mahalo for the link

Dave Melone: is there a delicious > diigo importer I have so many delicious links

drewpolly: the group function... teams of teachers are forming groups across schools, across states and finding resources

MGuhlin.org: ssshh

stacyk: @dreams...thanks...like to meet other people in grades 5 and below

MJPage: http://www.diigo.com/

MGuhlin.org: I'm too shy, Peggy

nycrican2: My students thought Delicious was an adult site at first.

gaild: just put up a link today on my blog to a Radio Interview in Manitoba

Kate Klingensmith: if you're not in the group already, join us!!! http://groups.diigo.com/groups/classroom20

Steve Guditus: Do you all have your students participate in Diigo or just adults?

MGuhlin.org: No thanks

Marty Caise: come on Miguel

BethStill: I set up a teacher account in Diigo a while back. My goal is to have students use it this semester.

stacyk: Jen Dorman is great...she shares so much

MGuhlin.org: Let me lurk

Dave Melone: @nycrican2 LOL

Moderator (Peggy George): ok if you insist Miguel

Dreams+Ambitions: @greg VoiceThread is a key part of my teaching and my students learning in 4th grade!!

nycrican2: My students are college students.

Jeanne: still working on my admin to allow new technologies

MGuhlin.org: Jen's stuff - http://jdorman.wikispaces.com/diigo

Deborah_Boatwright: vancouver do you know Natrisha Sagris

Ms. G: I moved to delicious and stopped using browser bookmarks, but haven't checked out Diigo yet. Anyone using it for tracking State or National learning standards?

LynneH: Love Voicethread!

Matt Wiseley: I know many people also enjoy Magnolia for bookmarking http://ma.gnolia.com/

LangLabCindy: @Miguel Edublogs is unblocked at our school. Not sure how to go about hosting my own...

mclobridge: ed version of diigo makes it easy to create accounts for students...no student email needed

MJPage: http://www.diigo.com/education

stacyk: and that's okay

jansmith: @galid, depends on where you are. I think the big action is on the praries: Dean, Alec, Clarence, Kathy Cassidy and so many others...they have it together.

Nancy: ok, dencenting vote---I wish Diigo or Delicious had folders, no matter how good the tags are i spent too much time looking for stuff i know i have

Dave Melone: is there a delicious > diigo importer? I have so many delicious links

LynneH: I like Voki and face your manga for avatar creation

Nancy: *desenting

Dreams+Ambitions: @ dave yes there is

mclobridge: also wish diigo had a way to add a text note

gaild: yes dean and alec were part of that interview & the subsequent chat - I linked to it today on my blog

BethStill: @nancy Have you tried making lists on Diigo?

Dave Melone: @Dreams+Ambitions cool, thanks

MGuhlin.org: @LangLabCindy do you have a server to load blog software?

bcdtech 1: @Nancy- use a list in diigo

AdinaSullivan: Welcome to join "How-to" goup on diigo http://groups.diigo.com/how_to-in-ed-tech/bookmark

LisaThumann: I love the lists and slide shows on Diigo

stacyk: and you all used animoto this holiday, right?

Nancy: then i have to move all my stuff from delicious

Henrik Widaeus: the prezi nonlinear presentationtool is really cool u can try it on www.prezi.com

Debby: Anyone know of a good way to get connected with other classrooms in another part of the country or world for video conferencing?

nycrican2: I agree. folders on Delicious would be great.

A Mercer: Oh good, I didn't miss it.

Michael Staton: jing rules

Michael Staton: !

Jeanne: skoolaborate maybe?

Moderator (Peggy George): I definitely used Animoto this Christmas--send holiday greetings with it!

AdinaSullivan: @Nancy, it's easy to move links and actually cross post at the same time via Diigo

LynneH: want to use animot but haven't had time yet - one of my resolutions for 2k9

Jeanne: not sure if that's video

stacyk: Hi, Alice

Dreams+Ambitions: the animoto holiday card was really cool for sharing with parents

A Mercer: hi all

Mary Ann 1: @LynneH did you see the Voicethread ning?

AdinaSullivan: Hey Alice

Michael Staton: sure i will

stacyk: @Lynn...do it...my students had a great time with that

LisaThumann: What about Google FORMS????

mclobridge: forms is THE BEST

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Raise your hand, Michael.

nycrican2: Thanks, Mike.

MGuhlin.org: @LisaThumann GoogleForms is fantastic.

AdinaSullivan: Animoto and xtranormal have been great tools this year

Nancy: this will be my third storage system--i started with Backflip but it was slowwww

gaild: @jan yes, ottawa is busy doing other things.....

Nancy: did have folders though

LynneH: I did see it a awhile back and showed it to my teachers. It's also on my list for 2k9

Matt Wiseley: If there are any art teachers, this is a great site for studying color: http://kuler.adobe.com/

LisaThumann: Someone needs to talk about that for those that don't know about it

nycrican2: I love the raise your hand feature.

MGuhlin.org: So, no Moodle blogs, huh?

bcdtech 1: @LisaThumann I'm loving google forms

mclobridge: I've found forms can be used as a "poor man's" personal response system

stacyk: Can you believe now many people are here on their day off?

Tammie: never heard of google forms

nycrican2: I guess we are the truly dedicated educators

LisaThumann: @TAmmie - You must check it out!!

mclobridge: Google Forms is part of Google Docs

Moderator (Peggy George): ArtSnacks ning community organized by Kevin Honeycutt is awesome!

alison: how do you get to google forms and what do they have?

LynneH: I think on voicethread I am summer_sun. mostly I jsut teach teachers how to use it

drewpolly: the post-its and highlighter features are great!

stacyk: @peggy...they are great ...artsnacks

MGuhlin.org: Links for ArtSnacks?

Deborah_Boatwright: moodle has a sections in classroom 2.0 i think

Nancy: Mgullin---done book discussions using moodle

deb248211: yes - definite proof that this is pervasive technology!

A Mercer: I'll talk about google form?

LangLabCindy: Can anyone explain Diigolet?

Matt T.: Dropbox! I was just going to mention that...

stacyk: dropbox? sounds interesting

MGuhlin.org: is this drop.io ? or dropbox?

Louis Loeffler: thanks all - must go - appreciate everything

mclobridge: love Dropbox

drewpolly: we had teachers this summer...find resources and post-it on how they would use the resources. teachers then can see those post-its that their colleagues had posted.

David Huston: I have developed an interesting WEb 2.0 approach to sharing presentations and mind maps simultaneously: check out my social web site: http://grou.ps/m4projects/blogs Appreciate any feedback!

Matt T.: getdropbox.com

LynneH: is dropbox like drop.io?

nycrican2: Dropbox rocks!!

John Oppenheim: another one is docstoc

Kate Klingensmith: dropbox is how I can work with Michael while he's in s.f. and I'm in houston!

A Mercer: so like a private wiki.

Moderator (Peggy George): Kim tell us about ShareTabs

Nedra: I love the ArtSnacks ning and I'm not an art teacher. http://essdackartsnacks.ning.com/

drewpolly: drop.io is much easier for beginners!

A Mercer: No Drop io is for sending storing large files.

Matt T.: once dropbox syncs with Google docs, there's no stoppping its popularity..

Kate Klingensmith: drop.io is am embeddable upload bar

loonyhiker: me too @nedra

Mary Ann 1: @LynneH - do you have the education version of voicethread?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Note that Eve and Al are waiting with raised hands.

jansmith: @Debby there is a list of folks interested in using Skype on http://theedublogger.org. the url for the Skype list is too long for here.

Henrik Widaeus: yes

Nancy: HI STEVE, nbosch here!

MGuhlin.org: Thanks for the Dropbox tip!

Michael Staton: http://blog.diigo.com/2008/11/20/wear-your-diigo-education-pioneer-badge-with-pride/

LynneH: Mahalo for dropbox tip

Matt T.: Dropbox is great for cross platform sharing. It would be like getting rid of USB drives

stacyk: @jan...my district won't let me use Skype

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Nancy. Hi! Hope you heard my compliments about you.

C Chausis: I think this is the link to dropbox: http://www.getdropbox.com/

Matt T.: Has anyone used Ustream.tv in their classroom?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Elluminate is good at low-bandwidth (I'm told)

Henrik Widaeus: http://prezi.com/learn/

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): They have three for free program.

jansmith: @Debby there is also a pbwiki that has folks around the world http://skypeinschools.pbwiki.com/

LynneH: Yes, when we set teacher up with voicethread we use the ed accounts. I work with elementary teachers and the K and 1st grade have used it so far

Nedra: @loonyhiker I didn't know you were there. I'll have to look you up.

Lorraine: I use a paid meeting room that works very well in low bandwidth DiscoverE. I have used it in very remote locations with no probem.

Nancy: no, just got here--been out to lunch with sis from Fla

A Mercer: ME?

Moderator (Peggy George): ustream.tv is on my top ten!

stacyk: so, can we conclude that most of the tech is being driven by classroom teachers and not administrators?

loonyhiker: @nedra i just recently joined but it is really great

A Mercer: Sure

Jeanne: anyone in high school that has used these things in the classroom?

C Chausis: Is dropbox like Google Gears?

Moderator (Peggy George): we're starting to use ustream for our workshops and AzTEA meetings

LynneH: @stacyk absolutley!

AdinaSullivan: @stacyk I think that is very true

Matt T.: Peggy: I've had poor luck with bandwidth using Ustream

Sue Hellman: Skype banned in Surrey and we can't get Ustream at my school although other schools in Surrey can

Joel: http://www.wiziq.com allows up to 50 users free (as far as I have seen)

jansmith: I think the biggest learning for me this year is to keep my toolbox small and focused

Debby: Jan...Thanks so much! I had no idea that existed!

stacyk: it can be overwhelming to many which is why some teachers just won't do it

Matt T.: @jansmith: agreed. might be worth talking about how to combine tools

Moderator (Peggy George): http://sharetabs.com/ this is a great new site for me

alicebarr: @Jeanne I am in hs and using lots of these

LangLabCindy: @MGuhlin - yes, but that definitely changes how I go about making it happen - have to beg, barter, etc. Folks stretched thin already

stacyk: My principal still doesn't know how to get on my wiki

alicebarr: But we are small

jansmith: Otherwise it is just tooo overwhelming. I like to have convidence & competence with a few powerful tools

MGuhlin.org: The new tools are swamping teachers and learners, administrators, too. But what's the net impact of those on traditional scope and sequence?

Nedra: Jansmith-I think that's so important but I have not conquered that yet!

LisaThumann: It should be about the skills and not the tools

Joel: Al that is the critical point

LynneH: agree Al

Jeanne: alicebarr: we are catholic school

Henrik Widaeus: same in Sweden

Matt T.: MGuhlin: agreed

MJPage: yes there is great devide amoung teacher and students

Rob McDonald: first time on Elluminate live, so very intersting..

Barbara: It IS overwhelming. I find that sustainability is also a huge thing.

AdinaSullivan: @Peggy Thanks! WIll look into Sharetabs

Kim Thomas: For everyone....I would like to hear suggestions of a few tools that you would use when making your first steps into Web 2.0 with teachers across an entire district....

mark: As the tech teacher in my building I try to pick and choose what apps to teach my teachers very carefully

Mike LoMonico 1: I'm training pre-service teachers and that's where Web 2.0 needs to be stressed.

Helen: GoogleDocs is a good bridge to Web 2.0 for those teachers who are "stuck" in just word processing.

Matt T.: Has anyone read about the teacher ed. framework called "TPACK" ?

jansmith: I think my goal in the 2009 is to filter better. I need to control the "drinking through a firehose"

Lorraine: @ Kim Thomas Voicethread would be my suggestion

LisaThumann: @Helen - I agree

Penny: love google forms - can imbed surveys

MGuhlin.org: @Kim Thomas: Start with Moodle and individual classroom blogs for teachers. Spend time in the classrooms

Al Doyle: i agree, Google Docs rocks as a stater app

LisaThumann: Also to help teachers get into Social Bookmarking for portability and sharing resources

Rob McDonald: ditto

AdinaSullivan: @KimThomas i start with social bookmarking and then digital storytelling

mclobridge: @Kim Have teachers use web2.0 themselves before trying these tools with students

Mike LoMonico 1: Yes

A Mercer: off now

LynneH: We have twice a week 20-30 minute I Can Cafes to introduce new programs or skils. Keep it simple and let them leave with something they can use immediately

A Mercer: done

Al Doyle: What is 'TPACK'?

LynneH: I meant twice a month not week

Terry Lindenmuth: http://web.mac.com/tlindywizdumb/Site/MathEd/Entries/2008/12/20_Google_Docs_4_Live_Polls.html

mark: Getting the transfer from the tech workshop into the regular teacher practice is difficult.

Nancy: I think people need to decide which tools are going to make a difference to learning, thinking, teaching in the classroom. Many of them arent worth the time.

Mary Ann 1: @LynneH - See voicethread ning http://voicethread.ning.com

Sue Hellman: For video conferenceing check out Richard Potvin' page in Classroom 2.0 for something called Vitrual Classroom

Kim Thomas: mark...you are sooo right!

Nan Lefebure: too many teachers still think that technology is just an add-on, rather than a way to make life so much better

Travis Kramer: thanks for sharing these wonderful resources... have to attend another call. Looking forward to watching the archive. Happy New Year!

stacyk: and which tools are good for their age level of kids

LynneH: Mahalo Maryann will check it out

Matt T.: @Al Doyle: framework for diffusing technology among educators (http://punya.educ.msu.edu/research/tpck/)

Kathy Matthes: Have you seen Michael Wesch's "A Portal to Media Literacy" video? Although it's for college, he shows how he has integrated many Web 2.0 apps into one class project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4yApagnr0s&feature=user

Virginia Rego (BC): I agree with an earlier comment that it's about the application and skills, moreso than the tools, however, we also need to be able to select and learn the tool(s) from the plethora available - we can share the time it takes to learn the tools, and then share effective practices and strategies from our colleagues.

Deborah_Boatwright: love teacher tube

stacyk: @nan...they may think that because it takes them a while to learn it

deb248211: my students fight back a bit though - I told them we are doing assessment via eportfolios after Christmas and they tutted and said "Typical - Miss and technology again"

Deborah_Boatwright: you tube is blocked in my school

nycrican2: Yes, I have. I think he rocks!!

Barbara: I link any tools that are workshopped directly to curriculum and classroom practice

Matt T.: @Deborah: Yikes!

MGuhlin.org: @Kim Caise : Have you written this up in your blog?

jansmith: @Nancy agreed., and you have to be ok with failure and messing around time to "get" the tools

stacyk: @deborah, I do as well, but watch the new things that have been added. not child friendly

Mary Ann 1: @LynneH This is the wiki http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/

alison: I heard that vixey.net will convert videos from UTube

MGuhlin.org: I'm putting my links and notes here - http://www.mguhlin.org/2009/01/classroom-20-2008-wrap-up.html

alison: http://vixey.net

Steve Guditus: How do you all keep teacher blogs? Do you think it should be confidential from students?

stacyk: my students can

Deborah_Boatwright: please name what you are talking about now?

stacyk: can't type that well or fast yet, so somethings that slows them down

LynneH: @Maryann Mahalo! You ahve motivated me to make this a priority this sememster

gaild: Thank you Virginia - I will bookmark that .... I am not a teacher tho, am a parent and advocate......

C. Chausis: @mguhlin .. you're amazing!

Nancy: I also think 95% of the tools will be gone of charge a fee within the next couple of years

deb248211: @Steve Guditus - I only put online what I am happy for others (including students) to know about.

AdinaSullivan: @Steve Guditis IMHO you shouldn't wirte anything you woruld be concened about students seeing

bcdtech 1: I have my MS kids investigate a whole host of tools and evaluate them for use in their own work. Then present their work in wiki for other students to see what worked for them.

stacyk: @deb...we need to keep asking for educator's pricing or free to educators

MGuhlin.org: @Steve Guditus: For teacher blogs, no. Those are used to share what's going on in classrooms. Personal learning blogs should be done on other tools (e.g. Blogger/Blogspot)

Steve Guditus: Certainly - but various techniques in the classroom, I assume?

LisaThumann: Yes, Peggy - something that accomplishes something

Kim Thomas: Peggy....baby steps is extremely important!

Alan Hodson - elptuxman: From an Open Source Grokker, please visit http://tinyurl.com/3e4sh8 - TONS of resources and links - more than just the "new and cool" but also hundreds of applications that colleagues and students can use for FREE!!!

Joel: I am involved in an EU proposal to introduce Web 2.0 tools to educators

Sue Hellman: That's what my 10 things are about --how to help others become unfossilized.

Moderator (Peggy George): http://jdorman.wikispaces.com/ppln

Barbara O'Berry: TubeTV (for Macs only) awesome converter for YouTube. Puts videos into iTunes.

Barbara: I'd like to hear Sue Hellman's list

stacyk: a good workshop would be for people to bring their favorite 2.0...like this...to an afternoon in your tech lab

Mary Ann 1: @mguhlin .. thank you

Rob McDonald: edublogstv also helps get around blocked you tube

Kate Klingensmith: I have no mic, but I LOVE www.backtype.com - keeps track of comments that you leave on others' blogs!!

deb248211: www.keepvid.com - downloads the youtube vid in FLV / MP4 format

Moderator (Peggy George): Sue Hellman-are you online? can you take the mic?

AdinaSullivan: If you haven't tried it yet, check out http://www.xtranormal.com/ A fun text-to-speech movie maker

Nan Lefebure: Any of you using classblogmeister? All David Warlick's work on that has been outstanding

Deborah_Boatwright: who has a converter for PC's for utube

MGuhlin.org: Have you seen Tooble for getting YouTube videos on Mac or Win?

Kathy Matthes: We're using a new ed tech textbook in one of my teacher ed classes at National. It has a great approach to tech that focuses on content learning, critical thinking, creativity, etc. and the tools to enable these skills rather than a focus so much on tech. It's called _Supporting Learning with Technology_ by Joy Egbert.

stacyk: thanks, Adina

C. Chausis: thanks... will have to catch the re-run... great stuff!! b

Matt T.: @Peggy: I don't have a "tool", but rather an idea "TPACK" that I could share

A Mercer: can we talk about images in a bit? Have we discussed MS digital images, etc?

LynneH: @stacyk my team (tech integrations sp) do this once a every 6 weeks or so. It's called a smackdown. Everyone shares a new app for 3 minutes. A list is then publshed

A Mercer: Cause I'd add Life on Google.

Jo-Ann: no I didn't want to speak

stacyk: @mg...does that really work? Did you talk about that last night?

Sue Hellman: I think I put up my hand but I don't see it there.

bcdtech 1: Try putting kick in front of you tube address- download converted videos.

deb248211: Deborah_Boatwright - keepvid.com works on any system, but you'll need Quicktime to play back MP4s

gaild: Virginia - great resource - thank you!!! I have just (attempted) to sign up and will follow you folks there....

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Antwon and Eve: will get to you both.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Al: you, too.

Moderator (Peggy George): so glad Sue mentioned PowerPoint--that's actually where I started with web 2.0 transitions

jansmith: sing it Sue! Yes, there is a lack of support for learners at times

Lawrence Miller to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: sorry about the mic problem

Kathy Matthes: Is anyone using Second Life yet in classes?

LangLabCindy: @Kathy - MWesch video is very interesting! Thanks for the reminder/link!

Kathy Matthes: Why do you feel teachers get overwhelmed?

stacyk: @Sue...good point.

Deborah_Boatwright: Steve, thanks for the email to get connected today.. I did

jansmith: We remember "gradual release" for kids, but not colleagues

stacyk: yes

bcdtech 1: @kathy No time!!

Kathy Matthes: bcdtech: no time to learn the tech?

A Mercer: My favorite suggestion was about doing a training on adding just one visual image to each lesson.

Matt Wiseley: Has anyone used Kiva.org with their students?

Rob McDonald: at a certain time educators need to take the leap on their own...

deb248211: no time to learn and no support from management to do so

A Mercer: Cause it's a foot in the door.

Kathy Matthes: Web 3.0 is on its way, right?

stacyk: the dirt road then to the paved road

stacyk: @Kathy...so we are told

Moderator (Peggy George): @jansmith! such a great point! gradual release for teachers too!

Jeanne: @kathy I'm working on SL trying to get them to accept it

bcdtech 1: @kathy yes and no time to learn to collaborate, no time to modify lessons from what they have always done

nycrican2: I guess Classroom 3.0 will be the next classroom.

Kathy Matthes: Jeanne - I have a colleague who is really getting involved in Second Life.

Michael Staton: http://www.edumorphology.com/2008/07/education-30-what-web-30-means-for-education/

MGuhlin.org: Better that AUPs don't support Web 2.0...the gut-reaction is to block resources

stacyk: or teachers say they try it one time in the classroom, something goes wrong, and then they give up

gaild: BC - I have adobe connect pro .... maybe one day we can connect up....

Dreams+Ambitions: good point antwon, policies need to be updates in many districts!

Jeanne: @Kathy put me in touch

Michael Staton: http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/open-internet-evangelism-a

Moderator (Peggy George): great point Antwon! getting support from admin and district for web 2.0

Deborah_Boatwright: love google earth!!

Jeanne: I'm speaking at a conference with David Loertscher in April re this stuff

alison: so how do we get the people at the district levels to allow us to use 2.0 items? too much testing needed and people to look over why we need applications and access

stacyk: administrators are so afraid of lawsuites

MGuhlin.org: "Create a desire" is the key

TinaShang: I believe that would be a huge issue with our district.. it would go against current policy to use a lot of these collaborative tools

mark: Is there a student safe island of place on SL, free of course?

Moderator (Peggy George): AUPs are greatly in need of updating to match the web 2.0 tools we have available!

jansmith: @MGuhlin agreed, I really like the fact that almost nothing is blocked here

Kathy Matthes: Jeanne: david@peakwriting.com

LangLabCindy: This year we updated our AUP to Acceptable Use PRINCIPLES and based it on Doug Johnson's 3Ps - respecting privacy and property, and using aPpropriately

Barbara: good point stacyK about hitting a snag and giving up out of frustration,

Moderator (Peggy George): Cindy-do you have a link for your AUP?

Michael Staton: @Jeanne post link to your talk at conference

stacyk: @alison, I'm allowed more than any other classroom teacher in el school but I had to fight for it

AdinaSullivan: @MGuhlin Yes! Somtimes you have to deomstrate results repeatedly before others are ready

bcdtech 1: @stacyk They need to have someone available to hold their hand. we all know the frustration of tech when it doesnt work

Greg: Does anyone see a problem with the IT department and C & I being two separate entities? That's one of our issues.

Jeanne: thanks kathy. I'm on twitter bookgirl425

MGuhlin.org: First draft of an AUP, stolen, modified, and shared among thieves - http://mguhlin.wikispaces.com/aup

alison: Is there a central place to be able to send the IT and DO folks to see what is being used and what works for other districts?

TinaShang: Oh schools block most outside websites.. facebook, myspace .. etc are blocked

Antwon.Lincoln: LangLabCindy - Do you have a copy

LisaThumann: David Warlick's Landmark Project Sample AUPs http://landmark-project.com/aup20/pmwiki.php?n=Main.SampleAUPs

stacyk: @bcd....they do until they get it...as we do with kids as well

TinaShang: of course some of the kids know how to get around that anyway..

Lawrence Miller to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: Sorry I did/t have my mic set. My point was simply that all faculty will never embrace technology. Work with the early adopters, but the real work would be with the next group to follow.

Moderator (Peggy George): modeling uses can be so persuasive!

Jeanne: one minute @Michael let me find it

TinaShang: Our not oh

LynneH: @ greg that was a big reason why I left my old school

Deborah_Boatwright: I agree with regard to modeling!

Sue Hellman: Being overwhelmed comes from a sense of the accelerating rate of change -- and the fear that we won't be able to keep ahead of the kids in this. I think that there is alos a sense that no matter how much time you spend, you will not have enough time to learn what you need to try things out in class. Also the technology lets you down at the worst time or when you do launcn an intiative, the IT people are not supportive enough because you want to use something that is not on the "accepted" list.

MGuhlin.org: @Greg Separation of C&I and IT isn't the problem. It's that C&I doesn't embrace tech integration, as opposed to technology applications skills

Barbara: I'd like to see a universal AUP -definitely interested in Doug Johnson's 3Ps?

gaild: xtranormal is uber cool ....

Jeanne: OMgosh @Greg - totally I talked to faculty and IT said later you said have asked US first on what to say

Donnie: My home computer is not set up with a mic. I think I e-mailed a highlight list instead of a tool list. As far as tools we are working with blogs, Facebook and videos. I am also on a Second Life committee. Maybe we will see that later. We're trying to use more technology in our technical programs. I'm still new to all of this.

stacyk: @sue i hear your pain

LangLabCindy: @LynneH - love the "I Can Cafe" idea!

Marty Caise: @Antwon.Lincoln - Being and IT support professional I share your concerns. Web 2.0 has a great deal of potential, but selling a support team and specifically district administrators from changing AUP's and network infrastructures is a very difficult task because they are not really consulted initially

Sue Hellman: Also -- everyone is telling us what we ought to be doing and no one asks us what we want to do with technology.

Moderator (Peggy George): I first started supporting technology use in my school when I was a principal by doing "home visits" to teachers and helping them learn what they wanted to learn--like how to create a class newsletter for parents

AdinaSullivan: Yes! You often have to show/prove it first

jansmith: @sue, you have summed up the challenge perfectly. I think the secret for me has been having the courage to be imprefect, to be ok wiht it not working and to trouble shoot with the kids with me.

LynneH: @ Lang it works really well. The teachers help by suggesting topics they want and we fill in the gaps

stacyk: @peggy...you took to technology like a duck to water...not all admins do

Tom: What happens if Web 2.0 and other technologies helped students learn in 60% of the time needed now. Would that help anyone?

Kathy Matthes: Donnie: Contact David Taylor. He's doing a lot of work with Second Life and education: david@peakwriting.com

gaild: A mercer .... which Gail??? are you saying hello to???

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): live@classroom20.com for topics input

MGuhlin.org: BlogsMadeSimple Tutorial is here ...it's our district's approach so far - http://itls.saisd.net/km/uploads/tutorials/

deb248211: many teachers in my school are anti tech due to invasion into their life / privacy - no real understanding that they control it

LynneH: @ lang another big component is food. We offr cookies and juice or something like that to keep it friendly

Deborah_Boatwright: We need DC on Board...

stacyk: @deb...and the fact that they need to get things done before testing

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Will be for all levels, but with a particular desire to help newbies.

MJPage: steve, what was the differnce between classroom 2.0 and new open source k12 wiki site

Jeanne: can

Deborah_Boatwright: Obama won an election with the help of Web 2.0

Jeanne: can't find exact link: http://www.ncea.org/departments/secondary/secondaryconvention.asp

stacyk: Anyone from the Philadelphia area?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @MJPage: http://community.k12opensource.com is just about Open Source Software in K12.

Kathy Matthes: Join you where each week?

TinaShang: What would be your suggestion to a parent on how to approach the school district to advocate for web 2.0 tech integration

LynneH: looking forward to the show. What time will it be held?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Weekly show site: http://live.classroom20.com

Rob McDonald: yes that would be a great help, from a newbie

Deborah_Boatwright: How often do these collaborations happen?

Barbara: Sorry Steve, lost the thread. What is to help newbies?

Moderator (kimcaise): @eve this is our email address live@classroom20.com

Antwon.Lincoln: MGuhlin.org:--Thanks!

Deborah_Boatwright: I think I would be blocked from connecting at school.

stacyk: that's a great idea for any level

stacyk: It's a reflection show

LisaThumann: @Tina - Volunteer to work in your children's classrooms

Jeanne: see page 3 of this link @Michael: http://www.cathla.org/forms/conventions/2009/2009_Convention_PrelimProgram.pdf

alison: what time will the weekly shows be?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Peggy George, kimcaise, Steve Hargadon: 12 minutes left...

TinaShang: Lisa I have and have been allowed to hand out papers and help with snack time that is about it.

LangLabCindy: @Peggy - Our new AUP is at http://printup.pbwiki.com/

stacyk: Breezeway Cafe....is that the right name of Lee's show? is another good source

Moderator (Peggy George): Thanks Cindy!!

Deborah_Boatwright: I AGREE

TinaShang: Ive offered to help with websites.. etc but have not bee taken up on that offer.

stacyk: @tina...come to my school

jansmith: @Tina, ask your school board memebers about their vision for tech, then send them some links of things that demonstrate 2.0

MGuhlin.org: Link for Breezeway Cafe?

gaild: yikes ... that is close I am Gail Desautels

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): We'll be wrapping up in 10 minutes~! Raise you hand for final notes!

alison: what does Google sketch Up do?

David: Slideshare.net is a great tool to get powerpoint files into flash

TinaShang: @jansmith.. that is a good idea. ty

A Mercer: Can I suggest the enhanced google maps for schools with bandwidth issues.

loonyhiker: i'd like to know more about sketch up too

Matt Wiseley: Site with lots of great Sketchup examples: http://dws.editme.com/

LisaThumann: @Tina - Come up with a speciifc plan - baby steps though. Once you experience success in that classroom - other teachers will want to try it in theirs - like Animoto or Desktop VC - something simple and visual

bcdtech 1: @Tina Is there a PTA that you can use to leverage some new ideas?

mclobridge: @TinaShang: Maybe talk to the tech person at your school and see what he or she is doing in the school and collaborate with that person on promoting tech in the school and district.

Rodd Lucier: http://thecleversheep.blogspot.com/2008/11/10-ways-to-harness-power-of-google.html

Steve Guditus: Sketchup is great: we use it in our Colonial America project to recreate houses

Sue Hellman: BC people -- I'd like to see if we can get a tech showcase off the ground for next spring

Moderator (Peggy George): I use Slideshare and love it but have recently discovered AuthorStream from Suzie Vesper and like it even more.

stacyk: @steve...that is a great idea

gaild: sketchkup is fantastic - and the tutorials are great to start with.....

Rodd Lucier: See Google Sketchup possibilities here:

Rodd Lucier: http://thecleversheep.blogspot.com/2008/11/10-ways-to-harness-power-of-google.html

nycrican2: Sketchup is awesome and free. I use in my Multimedia college class.

TinaShang: Thank you all for some good ideas that I can work on.

jansmith: @Sue, what do you have in mind?

LisaThumann: There's a contest going on for Google Rome right now http://www.google.com/educators/romecontest.html

stacyk: saw sketchup at DEN this summer

TinaShang: @stacyk where is your school. lol

nycrican2: And so free.

Moderator (Peggy George): SketchUp sounds fantastic!!

stacyk: NJ...not far LOL

AdinaSullivan: AuthorStream http://www.authorstream.com/

Deborah_Boatwright: anyone here from NH

Jeanne: So Calif here

Steve Guditus: @Deborah_Boatwright: Boston, MA

Lorraine: It sounds great! Is there a wiki page about sketch up?

LangLabCindy: @LynneH Food always helps!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Please fill out the survey before leaving! http://www.clicktools.com/survey?iv=b511e98485ee875

Deborah_Boatwright: ---------------------
Steve Guditus: @Deborah_Boatwright: Boston, MA What grade?

alison: @Dream Brad, what is yur last name?

Sue Hellman: Somethins where a teacher and a student would be there to demonstrate wnat they've done with technology -- a special project , a particular tool -- some way they've transformed their learning environment or a lesson -- for others to visit like a career fair or a science fair, but for teachers and admin and it people to attend and walk through

Matt T.: http://punya.educ.msu.edu/research/tpck/

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): We'll have some wrap-up announcements in just a few minutes.

LynneH: @Lang it keeps it friendly - we do it after school on Wednesdays. Topics have been everything from internet saety to donloading and using clipart in Word.

Al Doyle: http://www.sketchup.com, http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/

Moderator (Peggy George): here are some SketchUp video tutorials http://download.sketchup.com/downloads/training/tutorials50/Sketchup%20Video%20Tutorials.html

Lorraine: @Al Doyle @Peggy Thanks

stacyk: Boy do we have a bunch of intelligent people in this chat today

Kate Klingensmith: Judy Harris gave a great talk about TPCK at ILC in San Jose this year

bcdtech 1: I'd like to have my MS kids do a smackdown for teachers. Maybe i will usteam or record it for the teachers to view...parents too

Rita: Thank you! Very interesting and informative...

freida: sorry Im late how do you get the transcript of today

LynneH: @ lang are you on twitter?

Moderator (Peggy George): transcript and show will be posted on the website

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The recording and chat log will be posted at http://live.classroom20.com

freida: thanks

Antwon.Lincoln: MGuhlin.org - Thanks!!!

stacyk: @nan...thanks for adding me

gaild: Thank you from Ottawa Canada!!!!

Michael Staton: http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/open-internet-evangelism-a

Greg: I appreciate everyone's knowledge and willingness to teach others. I have thoroughly enjoyed this session.

Marty Caise: @ M Staton - Very True

Kathy Matthes: Someone mentioned wanting to use podcasts in class. I use g-cast in one of my classes because students can use the phone to record their podcasts (they can also use mics). The site stores their podcasts and provides the links. http://www.gcast.com/

MGuhlin.org: @Antwon.Lincoln You're welcome! http://tinyurl.com/7zpvdz

MJPage: fear is safety and sometimes job security

loonyhiker: on the survey - what is campaign ID?

Matt T.: our principal encourages text messaging, podcasting, etc., but not all teachers buy in...or use the tools for what they're designed to do...

Deborah_Boatwright: I am not sure how to take the mic?

Tom: We have to remember, students won't engage in the battle, they will just be doing it -- outside of class!

Michael Staton: http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/open-internet-evangelism-a

LangLabCindy: @LynneH Yes - Twittername is LangLabCindy. Goofy, but it is what I started with and it works

nycrican2: Great job everyone. This session was very informative and inspiring.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Ignore the campaign ID field on the survey.

Moderator (Peggy George): Thanks Michael--there are so many great discussion forums on CR20 ning! Great place to learn and get support!

loonyhiker: thank you

gaild: hmm I am home based and independent, where are you BarbaraƉ

LynneH: I am summer_sun I'll follow you keep in touch!

Rob McDonald: Wonderful session, thanks from a newbie in chilly manitoba...

Nan Lefebure: Has been great to connect with others and hear of more wonderful 2.0 ideas - thanks!

Sue Hellman: Thanks for today. It's been a slice.

stacyk: thank you all for your great ideas...thanks moderators for setting this up

Moderator (Peggy George): I think has adopted a lot of us! So grateful!

MGuhlin.org: Yes, blocked at work. sigh.

MGuhlin.org: Thanks to Steve, Peggy and Kim!!

jansmith: Take care all, Happy New Year!

classroom 2.0: Thank you all so much!

jonelle: on the survey...what is campaign id?

Jeanne: our faculty side is not blocked. we are wireless laptop school

Debby: Thanks for all the great information. I'm at work at it is not blocked. Happy New Year!

Coy435: ditto

LisaThumann: Happy New Year! Thanks so much!!

LangLabCindy: Great session - thanks to all!!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Just ignore the campaign id field on the survey...

Matt T.: @jonelle: no id needed

Marianne: I like it the fact that this discussion was at a good time for many of us1

gaild: barbara in Ottawa??? I am ld-technokids.com

MGuhlin.org: ANy chance to legitimize the conversations with CPE hours for teachers to participate? (it's legit already not the right word)

Kathy Matthes: Why are they called shows?

Deborah_Boatwright: survey?

Deborah_Boatwright: Link please

jonelle: thanks

Moderator (kimcaise): http://live.classroom20.com/calendar.html

gaild: hey ... we should talk Barbara ... you can send me an email from my website or gail.desautels@gmail.com

Moderator (Peggy George): "shows" probably isn't the best word--we want to think of them as conversations and not presentations

Kim Thomas: Thanks to all..learned much (teacher, teacher, my brain is full!), looking forward to more learning and interaction with this great group of dedicated teachers!

stacyk: talk about a global world connection

Matt T.: makes Iowa look like a heat wave!

gaild: I have technology and an ld-technokid


Moderator (kimcaise): @kim thank you and to everyone for joining us today

Kathy Matthes: Is there a website that explains these different tools to the teachers?

stacyk: can he see Russia from his window, though?

nycrican2: You are welcome. It is has informative and fun too.

Coy435: LOL

loonyhiker: wow gotta be cold in alaska brrr

gaild: great!!!! maybe we could graduate to telephone????

Antwon.Lincoln: Good point. Leadership 2.0!

AdinaSullivan: Thanks to Steve, Kim. Peggy, and all who participated!

bcdtech 1: Thinking out loud here...I have student tech mentors at school. I think I will have them record vodcasts and put on itunes for teachers...and on their mentoring wiki.

Moderator (Peggy George): what a great point about potential pitfalls with technology when the tech doesn't doesn't work

Matt T.: thanks, everyone

MGuhlin.org: Thanks Steve, Peggy and Kim!!

Deborah_Boatwright: Using technology models logical thinking skills when it does not work think think think

Coy435: Thanks Steve, Peggy and Kim.

Debby: common craft is a great place for explaining these new tools to teachers. They have cute videos.

Moderator (Peggy George): @bcdtech1--what a great idea for the student tech mentors!

stacyk: Thanks, Steve, Peggy, and Kim....great way to start the year. Feel better, Peggy

Kevin: Stacyk, you are very bad. I'm LOL, and, also....

Kate Klingensmith: letting the kids take charge!! I love it! and wrote about it recently: http://onceateacher.wordpress.com/2008/12/22/the-beauty-of-personal-learning-networks/

Barbara O'Berry: This was a great way to start the new year! Thanks to all!

Deborah_Boatwright: I tell the kids it's technology bumper cars.. back up and think!

LynneH: Aloha and mahalo Peggy, Steve, Kim & everyone great session

MJPage: great information, thanks everyone

nycrican2: I alsways have a plan B for every lesson involving Web 2.0.

Deborah_Boatwright: thanks

AdinaSullivan: @Debby Common Craft videos are also on DotSub.com with subtitles

Nedra: Thanks, enjoyed the show.

mclobridge: Thank you...I really enjoyed this...am inspired for the new year.

Henrik Widaeus: thx

Matt T.: @Deborah: great metaphor

alicebarr: Thank all! Great show!

bcdtech 1: Thanks to all - lots to think about

gaild: great forum and chat - thank you!!!! (gail d in Ottawa, Canada)

Kathy Matthes: Debbie: Yes, CommonCraft has great videos. Many sites just list links on webpages. Does anyone explain the tools, how they could be used in the classroom, and links?

alison: thank you great information and I'm looking forward to learning more.

MJPage: looking forward to more shows

nycrican2: I love CommonCraft.

David: Thanks to everyone and have a great teaching/learning year

Lisette: Thanks everyone - great ideas and great listening

Tammie: thank you...looking forward to the Saturday shows!

gaild: Barbara - are you at work today???

Kathy Matthes: Me, too.

Bob: I've been lurking and taking in all of your ideas. Thaks all.

Coy435: Weekly Shares

Kathy Matthes: Shows seesm to be misleading as a term.

loonyhiker: this was wonderful! Thank u so much!

stacyk: Happy New Year

Michael Staton: yeah!

Kathy Matthes: Thank you.


Moderator (Peggy George): I like weekly shares We'll work on a new term for this

Rita: Happy New Year!

nycrican2: I like to think of this as a seminar.

Moderator (kimcaise): @kathy you are right - discussion is a better term

meredith Melragon: thank you! lots to think about

Marianne: Thank you!

philip5147: Thank you for having this show. Phil

Deborah_Boatwright: we need a voice in DC

Rob McDonald: Happy New Year

Deborah_Boatwright: Thanks All

Kathy Matthes: Thanks. I look forward to participating more this year.

Antwon.Lincoln: Thank You

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I like "conversations" or "meetings."

nycrican2: Happy New Year, everyone.

maureen miks: I came on late, but this was great!

Moderator (kimcaise): survey link: http://www.clicktools.com/survey?iv=b511e98485ee875

Deborah_Boatwright: Collaborative Chats

abendelow: Thank you all!


loonyhiker: bye

Rhonda: thanks for a great start to new year 2.p

jonelle: i came in late too- will look at the the rest asap

Henrik Widaeus: the googlestketchtip was cool

MGuhlin.org: My notes are shared here including links - http://www.mguhlin.org/2009/01/classroom-20-2008-wrap-up.html

Moderator (Peggy George): Thank you everybody! I can't wait to go back and read the entire chat! It was hopping!

lynnembailey@yahoo.com: what's the campaign ID for the survey?

Lorraine: Thanks everyone. Happy New Year!!

Sue Hellman: Hard to process so much great print and voice at the same time

nicodemus Ford: Thanks!

Steve Guditus: @lynnembailey: no id

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Don't worry about the campaign ID field...

Deborah_Boatwright: I did not see any video?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Deborah We didn't do video this time.

Moderator (Peggy George): you can also complete the survey once you log out of Elluminate here: http://www.clicktools.com/survey?iv=b511e98485ee875

Deborah_Boatwright: tansk

Deborah_Boatwright: thanks

Bruce: Thanks for sharing. I plan to be back.

Moderator (kimcaise): thank you deborah and thank you for sharing your comments

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): One minute and I have to clear the room to process the recording!

Dan Storchan: The wiki has some excellent resources, thanks. And definitely check out the TPCK framework -- those guys at MSU are onto some innovative topics.

Deborah_Boatwright: My pleasure I will be a regular

Moderator (Peggy George): Does everyone know how to log out of the session?

Moderator (kimcaise): great -- look forward to learning with you!

Deborah_Boatwright: I think we need a Washington DC voice!

Deborah_Boatwright: and you