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Moderator: Hi, Bob.

Bob Caro: good morning

Moderator: You coming to the Houston workshop?

Bob Caro: yes

Moderator: Thought so.

Moderator: Good to see more signups there.

Bob Caro: I'm looking forward to it

Moderator: I haven't heard from our guest today, Jane Hart, and I think she may have forgotten.


PeggyG: Many people choose to wait to watch/listen to podcasts, webcasts & streams after NECC to help them with conflicting sessions. One way to solve the problem.

Alice Mercer: Ed Tech lady for elementary is on the same floor with curriculum folks, but they don't seem to be interested in how tech could help

PeggyG: NECC Unplugged is definitely complicating my decisions (in a great way) about which sessions to attend.

Alice Mercer: Well, we're here!

PeggyG: Funny! False advertising

Alice Mercer: No, but I'll try

PeggyG: Haven't tried to do that. Only have searched my own bookmarks in Diigo

PeggyG: I don't post a lot of bookmarks to Diigo so I haven't had a need to do that

Alice Mercer: brb


PeggyG: Saw your tweet come through about and wondered what you wanted to do with it

PeggyG: I've been playing with trying to create a list of Voicethreads for webslides on Diigo and having problems. Have any of you tried that?


PeggyG: Haven't used Adobe connect now

PeggyG: Yes-problem is that it usually takes you to the home page of VT rather than the specific VT


PeggyG: Durff is using Pageflakes to compile NECC 2008 docs-great resource to have all in one place

PeggyG: Yes I thought I'd ask Maggie about VT

clifmims: I've run into that, too, Peggy. Let me dig through my notes and see if I solved the issue.

PeggyG: Yes there are separate URLs for VT

PeggyG: If they are on a blog or wiki there's no problem

PeggyG: Looking for Lisa Durff's link


Alice Mercer: Nope, I'm boring


PeggyG: Durff's title says 2007 but it's really 2008

PeggyG: can you send the google link again-got error message

PeggyG: I love having everything linked on one page!

Bob Caro:

PeggyG: that link is giving me a bad request message

PeggyG: Yes

Bob Caro: sorry - that link is bad from google's page

PeggyG: I haven't used google talk-sounds really neat

Bob Caro: you can only use that link if you're already logged into your google acount

PeggyG: Say more about that

dave cormier: hey folks

clifmims: Hey, Dave.

dave cormier: who would ever search for their own name... :|

dave cormier: lol

dave cormier: technorati

Bob Caro: who doesn't - be honest...

PeggyG: That makes sense--that would be great to put a link on Pageflakes for that

dave cormier: i do it all the time...

Alice Mercer: YEP!

Alice Mercer: Hi Dave!

dave cormier: it's just another way of talking

congerjan: I actually did it and was surprised that someone had actually read my blog

dave cormier: when you're publishing your thoughts to the world

Alice Mercer: It helps everyone's technorati/google ranking

dave cormier: as opposed to your desktop

dave cormier: there is a certain assumption that someone might want to read it


clifmims to Tom Barrett: Hey, Tom. It's a nice morning over here. How are things there?


PeggyG: Have you tried this visual search engine? Love it

Tom Barrett: Hi Steve, Clif and all

dave cormier: i would get kicked out of this club everyday

Tom Barrett: pretty grey here but warmer than usual

PeggyG: That's an amazing site-need to explore it further

congerjan: hot and humid here in PA Tom...

Bob Caro: I showed the video of no-cussing to my students in class - they liked it

dave cormier: just checked seems they've put a preemptive lifelong ban on my username

PeggyG: When you use searchme and search your own name it is fascinating!

Alice Mercer:

Alice Mercer: How about that one...


congerjan: yeah... we will have all one-on-one learners soon...

PeggyG: What do you do with CoSN?

Bob Caro: I plan to put "earbud headphones" on my students school supplies list for the fall

Alice Mercer:

Alice Mercer: Why were we twittering each other at EduCon instead of talking to the kids

dave cormier: gotta go put oscar to bed... have a great day all

Alice Mercer: Night Dave

PeggyG: There was a great point made in the Brain Rules book/presentation about the fallacy of multitasking

Alice Mercer: I was never a hard core twitter person, so?

congerjan: For those of us that do not get to go to conferences, Twitter is a good way to keep up with those of you that get to go and on the presentions...

Alice Mercer: I use it to try to find folks

congerjan: I use it about once a day...

PeggyG: He says the brain is unable to multitask with efficiency and we tend not to do a good job--I'll give you a link to his preso

Alice Mercer: I open it up, but work is more engaging for me, than twitter. And that's a good thing, lol

Bob Caro: spreading your brain too thin...

Alice Mercer: Spreading our brains too thin, but not too thin for the younguns?

Alice Mercer: Oh, I discovered the local library for teen programming has video game nights

Alice Mercer: Wii night at local branch where i work

congerjan: I do agree that I can't twitter while I am working... but it is good for breaks...

Alice Mercer: Wanna link? I'll look

PeggyG: Productivity goes way down on important tasks when you are constantly interrupted with online things

Bob Caro: My school baits students intothe after school program with Guitar Hero


PeggyG: John Medina's video for Brain Rules

clifmims: Peggy I don't think I ever solved that VT issue. Sorry.

Alice Mercer:

PeggyG: searchme even shows posts you've made on chats like ETT

Alice Mercer: Look up teen programs

Alice Mercer: You googling yourselves?

PeggyG: Big grin--who else???

Alice Mercer: Ed Tech talk, Dangerously Irrelevant come up, which is not surprising.


PeggyG: Yes-new commoncraft video

Alice Mercer: The DABA link nicely enough

PeggyG: one of his better ones-like it better than social bookmarking vid

PeggyG: I also really like his podcasting vid

clifmims: Steve, I've been in and out tending to our youngest. Would you quickly recap your excitement regarding the Pageflakes doo-hicky?


PeggyG: Alice what was the background on the link you shared-calendar


PeggyG: polleverywhere was used by David Warlick at AzTEA and everyone loved it

PeggyG: Oops-not David Warlick but Tim Tyson

PeggyG: cell phone polling

PeggyG: graph came up on the web which he showed to the audience

PeggyG: everyone who could text used it

PeggyG: about 600 people

clifmims: Steve, I've been in and out tending to our youngest. Would you quickly recap your excitement regarding the Pageflakes doo-hicky?

Alice Mercer: Pageflakes are SO good for that.

PeggyG: Could you show us your page Steve?

PeggyG: Pageflakes seems to have a lot of potential


Alice Mercer:

clifmims: So, is that similar to hitchhikr as far as the NECC Pageflakes?

Alice Mercer: Wrong one, dont'

Alice Mercer:

Alice Mercer: There, that's it

Alice Mercer: sorry

Alice Mercer:

PeggyG: That's perfect for a template to borrow Guess we could do that with Durff's link also to modify it for ourselves

clifmims: Yes

Alice Mercer: And you can change column layout

PeggyG: Great idea! Can't wait to modify Durff's for me and 2008

clifmims: Hitchhikr compiles searches from Google blogs, Technorati, Bloglines and Flickr

clifmims: yep, here it comes

PeggyG: Alice that's a great pageflakes page! Do you have more than one?

PeggyG: Is hitchhikr a different kind of feedreader?

Alice Mercer: Peggy, OH YEAH! I've done them for a lot of projects

clifmims: PIDT 2008 via Hitchhikr

Alice Mercer:

PeggyG: This is my list on Diigo for creating webslides on voicethread examples. The list looks good and links work, but when I view it in webslides the wrong page comes up for the classroom 2.0 slide.

PeggyG: Maybe someone can look at it and figure out what's wrong with it. Hope you can view it without logging in

Alice Mercer: Yep!

Alice Mercer: It creates a flake

Moderator: Peggy. CR 2.0 pulled up for me.

Moderator: The voicethread did.

Moderator: I didn't look at the slide show, but just clicked on the link in your diigo list.

PeggyG: Yes when you click on the link it worked. But when you run it in webslides, the home page for VT came up--at least for me

PeggyG: That sounds really good to get RSS feeds in pageflakes!

Alice Mercer: So Steve knows more about getting the source,

congerjan: Love the examples page Peggy

PeggyG: I have lots more examples to add but it's not working right for me yet.

PeggyG: what code do you enter for the RSS feed? subscribe code?

Moderator: Peggy--yes, confirmed the same behavior you are seeing.

Moderator: Goes to the home page.

PeggyG: Thanks a lot for checking! I'll ask someone at Diigo to explore it for me.

PeggyG: Price is right!

PeggyG: Yes me on VT

PeggyG: I can get direct links to work but I can't get them to work on webslides

PeggyG: I hope it's a glitch they can fix. I really want this to work.

PeggyG: Cliff I would appreciate anything you can share

Alice Mercer: I need to go, bye all!

PeggyG: The great thing about the Diigo webslides is that you can click on the web pages to demo them

PeggyG: Thanks for your great info Alice!

PeggyG: Thought you created it

PeggyG: It's an awesome VT

PeggyG: tons of people sharing how they're using VT in the classroom


PeggyG: Thanks for reminding me Clif-I saw it but haven't added anything to it yet.

PeggyG: Wasn't it Kristin Hokanson who had a great blog post on copyright?

PeggyG: I have some links I can add to your site

suzanbrandt: WetPaint remove if you tell them it is for education.

PeggyG: wetpaint seems to look more like a blog page than a wiki-nice appearance

suzanbrandt: We went with Wikispaces vs. Wetpaint only b/c we could not turn off the comments at the bottom.

PeggyG: is great!

suzanbrandt: Otherwise, I really love WetPaint. The team is great also.

suzanbrandt: Yes.

suzanbrandt: Yes.

suzanbrandt: They would not. They said it was not a true wiki model w/o it.

PeggyG: That's very interesting!

suzanbrandt: We were hoping they would change...

PeggyG: I've definitely learned a bunch today! Thanks everyone!

suzanbrandt: Thank you for all of your information! Very helpful.

Bob Caro: Thanks all - have a great week!

clifmims: bye all. was GREAT

PeggyG: bye all

PeggyG: I'll let you know if I find a solution from Diigo for VT