Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers have finished their 6th game in Philadelphia. In the last few seconds, Andre Iguodala beated Bulls with his free throw which sent Bulls from the playoffs.
Philadelphia 76ers is the 5th team in NBA which have completed the feat to beat the team that ranks in the 1st place in their district in the mean while this team ranks in the 8th place.

Chicago Bulls has enjoyed a quite wonderful season. In the last season, leaded by Derrick Rose, this team beated most of the teams in NBA and it ranked in the first place in this association. However, the leader of Bulls, Derrick Rose has sustained an injury in his groin and missed about 10 matches. In the first match of this series in playoffs, the coach of Bulls made Rose to take part in and overused him, which made Rose beat by a serious injury in his knees. After that, their combat effectiveness is becoming less and less and at last they are defeated with a score 2:4.

Generally speaking, the Bulls has contributed a great season for our fans. Some of these matches such as Bulls vs. Celtics, Bulls vs. Heat and Bulls vs. Thunder. I download these matches from the official website with a SWF to DVD Converter and converted these files to DVD files as a permanent collection.