Concept: GOogle Docs to write a screenplay
Grade Level: 10
Detail: Students in chemistry classes are given a several environmental and nanotechnology related topics to research. We created a classroom account on and they bookmark sites tagging them with the topic. After a week of researching and reading, they select a topic and are grouped with others who selected the same topic regardless of whether they have the same section or teacher. The groups are required to use google docs to write a screenplay and teachers and instructional technologist add tips to the screenplay and add sites to the bookmarks. The screenplay will be turned into a 5 minute documentary to be viewed by the 8th grade science and sustainability classes. Students are permitted to use zamzar to take clips of academic footage from youtube (which we don't block) and edit it into their iMovie. It must be properly sited.

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Submitted by:E Helfant

Concept: Anatomy and Physiology
Grade Level:11-12
Detail: Year long overarching project via wiki in small groups. The work is mostly done at home, with class time set aside for questions and demonstrations of various ideas on how to build a wiki. The students become experts in one body system, creating a wiki as a group to show what they are learning. At the end of the year to review for finals the class will play a homeostasis game where all the body systems work together to keep an individual alive during various stresses. They must apply the knowledge they have gained and interact with other expert groups, just like real world experts do. The wiki instructions and rubric can be found at you need to navigate to DHS Science then Anatomy. You can login as a guest to see the instructions, but because you are not part of my class you can not see the wiki's themselves. The rules for the game have not yet been created. I am going to let my students do that! The directions are at the top of the moodle web page for Anatomy. We are having fun so far!!!

Submitted by: Janet Kaehms
School/Organization:Dublin High School

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