Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher Charlene Chausis will be sharing tips and tricks for using Comic Life in the classroom. During this three hour workhshop, Charlene will also share digital photography tips and tricks. Charlene is a tech coordinator at Adlai Stevenson High School and very knowledgable about everything related to educational technology.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, you must bring a laptop with Comic Life installed on it. A loaner may be available upon request if you let us know.

This workshop will take place at Little Black Pearl's Digital Youth Network Studio (all events on Friday will be take place there). The address is:

Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center
1060 East 47th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60653

The studio is one or two doors west and I think it's actual address is 1055 East 47th.

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  1. Charlene Chausis - will bring my own laptop (I'm leading!)
    Resources here:
  2. Lucy Gray - will bring my own laptop
  3. Maureen Miks - will bring laptop
  4. Stephanie Mitzenmacher - will bring laptop
  5. Marty Billingsley - will bring laptop
  6. Jennifer Longo- will bring laptop
  7. Gail Poole - will bring laptop
  8. Louis Loeffler - will bring laptop
  9. Allison Weiss - will bring laptop
  10. Nancy jones - may need loaner. Have PC and need to download the program