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[11:50:47] krizovska has joined the chat
[11:51:10] <krizovska> Hi you all
[11:51:22] <Jim Klein> Welcome!
[11:51:50] <krizovska> Has it already started or are you only waiting
[11:52:04] <Jim Klein> Starts in anothe 9 mins or so
[11:52:59] <krizovska> Ok I will make a cup of coffee then. Would you one by the way?
[11:53:09] scottmerrick has joined the chat
[11:53:12] <jsalpeter> Hi everybody. Did you try phoning in to do the audio part? I just got an error message when I did.
[11:53:25] <scottmerrick> isn't it in an hour though?
[11:53:37] Steve Hargadon has joined the chat
[11:53:45] <scottmerrick> i had it now but it looks like the interface is now saying 4pm EST
[11:53:47] <jsalpeter> nope -- 7 minutes
[11:53:53] <krizovska> Hi organizer
[11:53:59] <Jim Klein> Hi Steve!
[11:54:10] <scottmerrick> Howdy Steve
[11:54:18] <scottmerrick> Thanks for helping Caroline
[11:54:27] The recording has started.
[11:55:08] <Steve Hargadon> Can anyone hear me?
[11:55:17] <Jim Klein> i heard you
[11:55:23] <krizovska> Yes I can
[11:55:29] kpruitt has joined the chat
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[11:55:53] <scottmerrick> I can't but may need to dial in, buffering is longlife
[11:56:35] <Jim Klein> ok how do I unmute
[11:56:37] <Steve Hargadon> Jim, are you self-muting?
[11:56:47] <scottmerrick> trying the voip, need to logout of second life lol
[11:58:13] mokm420fritz has left
[11:58:17] Guest 7 has joined the chat
[11:59:08] <Guest 7> Andy Pass West BLoomfield MI
[11:59:16] <kpruitt> kpruitt=Ken Pruitt DuBois, PA
[11:59:38] <kpruitt> Yes, thank you
[11:59:49] <kpruitt> lurking right now :)
[11:59:55] <jsalpeter> 724-444-7444. Call ID: 14636
[12:00:05] JulieEFF has joined the chat
[12:00:08] <scottmerrick> I'm here for chat at least, I git a "personal id number is not valid" voice message when i call in
[12:01:30] <scottmerrick> this isn't bein' skyped is it?
[12:02:00] krizovska has left
[12:02:41] <Guest 7> Steve, I'm assuming that you are not hearing me.
[12:02:44] <scottmerrick> Jim are you in dial in?
[12:03:08] <scottmerrick> got it
[12:03:13] <scottmerrick> i hear ya
[12:03:26] Guest 7 has left
[12:03:39] <scottmerrick> I can hear ya
[12:03:54] krizovska has joined the chat
[12:03:56] <scottmerrick> yes
[12:04:16] JulieEFF has left
[12:04:21] <scottmerrick> do i have to call from the phone i registered? or can I use that pin from a diff. phone?
[12:04:29] <jsalpeter> Has anybody else tried phoning in?
[12:04:50] <scottmerrick> let me fire up my skpe :)
[12:05:00] <kpruitt> You can try me steve if you want to test...Skype: kbpruitt
[12:05:06] Guest 8 has joined the chat
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[12:05:47] <kpruitt> np
[12:06:09] krizovska has joined the chat
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[12:07:14] <Guest 8> I'm not sure why I can't get audio.
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[12:07:54] <jsalpeter> can you all hear us?
[12:08:08] <loonyhiker> i can hear you
[12:08:19] <jsalpeter> If you want to be able to speak, try again with a standard telephone:
[12:08:37] <kpruitt> ahh mute the Talkshoe and just use the skype...:)
[12:08:44] <jsalpeter> If you want to be heard, try a regular phone: 724-444-7444. Caller ID: 14636
[12:09:14] <jsalpeter> Otherwise just type your answers.
[12:10:06] <loonyhiker> Pat from SC: teaching students responsiblility for themselves and towards others
[12:13:54] <jsalpeter> Pat, how are you doing this it with students in your area?
[12:14:20] <kpruitt> That reaction- over reaction is in direct response to the realization that information is out of control
[12:15:08] mjmontagne has joined the chat
[12:15:21] <loonyhiker> there isn't any set rules and teachers are making up the rules as they go along
[12:15:28] <scottmerrick> It's my understanding that copyright itself is unclear by design, that the framers meant for it to be more or less defined by legal precedent rather
[12:15:32] <scottmerrick> than legislation
[12:15:41] <mjmontagne> woe...talk show looks better
[12:15:57] <loonyhiker> until it is challenged, i don't imagine any rules will be set here
[12:16:04] <kpruitt> Info left books and is now pics, text, movies, ....ect.
[12:18:05] Guest 12 has joined the chat
[12:18:08] <scottmerrick> but you can easily use a tool like Citation Machine
[12:18:46] <loonyhiker> use your teacher voice lol
[12:21:22] <scottmerrick> has anyone seen that copyright video compiled of Disney movie clips?
[12:21:59] joaoa has joined the chat
[12:22:26] <kpruitt> All are struggling
[12:22:31] <scottmerrick> The salient point is truly that "everything is a copy" now
[12:22:44] <scottmerrick> :)
[12:23:05] joaoa has left
[12:23:16] <kpruitt> I think you have to look at Music/TV and see that a whole new system is needed
[12:23:44] <kpruitt> Neil Postman: The old will clash with the new in a time of chaos
[12:23:52] <loonyhiker> they are even copy old story lines for new movies
[12:24:12] <loonyhiker> same song just different channel
[12:24:18] <scottmerrick> TED Talks video today has Howard Rheingold announcing the "Cooperation Project," what he says is a new evolution of the species
[12:24:56] Guest 13 has joined the chat
[12:25:23] <scottmerrick> That's why the concept of attribution is so essential to the new sharing world
[12:25:31] <Guest 11> Attribution is important to emphasis here.
[12:25:54] wfryer has joined the chat
[12:26:01] <scottmerrick> Hey Wes!
[12:26:29] <scottmerrick> nobody understands copyright
[12:26:31] <loonyhiker> i don't think the parents at home have a clue how to handle this either
[12:26:38] <kpruitt> It happened so quickly
[12:26:51] <kpruitt> Tech was just a tool and now its a platform
[12:27:26] Guest 8 has left
[12:27:29] <wfryer> howdy everyone! sorry I'm late joining
[12:27:36] <scottmerrick> http://jfriesen.net/copyright/copyrightforedmain.htm
[12:28:10] <scottmerrick> http://www.stfrancis.edu/cid/copyrightbay/index.htm
[12:28:27] Guest 12 has left
[12:28:29] <wfryer> these are my resources on copyright in terms of podcasting and digital storytelling: http://teachdigital.pbwiki.com/copyright
[12:28:33] <scottmerrick> That last from St. Francis U is pretty kidfriendly
[12:29:16] <Steve Hargadon> Judy: it would be good to list all these resources in the report.
[12:29:26] <wfryer> yes, we're hearing lots of FEAR FACTOR discussions
[12:29:35] <scottmerrick> Yes, there are now two lives (at least) the "real" world and the "online" world
[12:30:02] <scottmerrick> Wes's presentation is stellar
[12:30:07] <wfryer> This is my winter 2003 TechEdge article "Copyright 101 for Educators" - http://www.wtvi.com/teks/02_03_articles/copyright.html
[12:30:49] <wfryer> there is a LOT of inaccurate info out there too, I just saw something last week on the website of one of our metro districts
[12:31:02] <scottmerrick> and I think there need to be more kid-level and authoritative and well-rounded resources for the little ones...the earlier the bette
[12:31:05] <scottmerrick> r
[12:31:15] <wfryer> i will try to join now over VOIP
[12:31:38] <scottmerrick> Let's ask the "Plain English" video folks to do one
[12:31:40] <wfryer> the creative commons videos out there now are GREAT
[12:31:47] <wfryer> yes, good idea scott!
[12:31:55] <wfryer> get Lee LeFever on this ASAP! :-)
[12:31:59] <scottmerrick> lol
[12:32:47] wfryer has left
[12:32:56] wfryer has joined the chat
[12:33:08] <loonyhiker> http://www.benedict.com/Default.aspx
[12:33:39] <kpruitt> Yes
[12:34:00] <wfryer> ok, I'm in the talkshoe pro app now so i can talk i think!
[12:34:15] <Guest 9> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bK8AZSYtPU
[12:34:28] <gnelson> http://creativecommons.org/about/ccvideos/
[12:34:35] <wfryer> let me ask to talk!
[12:34:38] <wfryer> np
[12:34:40] <wfryer> sorry
[12:35:08] <wfryer> i have a USB port challenge - I'm on a cell phone laptop card and don't have an extention card for my headet
[12:36:41] <gnelson> the "Wanna Work Together?" video has been especially successful in promoting the basic ideas of copyright
[12:36:44] HelenO has joined the chat
[12:37:07] <kpruitt> Leadership issue
[12:37:26] Malinka Ivanova has joined the chat
[12:37:46] <wfryer> 7 Things You Should Know About Creative Commons (2 page PDF file from Educause)
[12:37:49] <Steve Hargadon> Wes--I think you can mute yourself and then unmute when you want to talk.
[12:37:55] <wfryer> http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7023.pdf
[12:37:58] <scottmerrick> One thing that I constantly emphasize to myself and to my teachers i s our adult habit of taking for common that kids understand key underlying concep
[12:38:03] <scottmerrick> ts we may take for granted
[12:38:21] <wfryer> i agree a big key is getting students AND teachers to be content creators
[12:38:24] <kpruitt> Admin need fundementals first
[12:38:40] <kpruitt> They create the "safe" environment for teacher discussion
[12:38:43] <Steve Hargadon> Wes--I muted you, but just request to talk when you want to.
[12:39:28] <scottmerrick> I'm clapping here
[12:39:34] <kpruitt> Teachers are not reaching out for this...they are watching it go by
[12:39:40] mjmontagne has left
[12:39:51] <gnelson> I think teachers don't know what to ask though
[12:39:53] <wfryer> I think we need to adopt a student led teaching model like iSafe
[12:39:59] <scottmerrick> I agree K
[12:40:13] <kpruitt> agreed @gnelson
[12:41:06] <kpruitt> Character education is not a model to follow :)
[12:41:44] <scottmerrick> Yes, and the students who teach it, of course, learn it more deeply as a result
[12:42:24] Guest 14 has joined the chat
[12:42:37] <kpruitt> We had a 7th graders myspace pic taken and used for porn
[12:42:46] <Steve Hargadon> Wes: would you describe what iSafe is?
[12:42:49] <kpruitt> tough lesson
[12:43:03] <wfryer> you can mute me again if you want steve!
[12:43:11] <Steve Hargadon> :)
[12:43:13] <wfryer> thanks :-)
[12:43:18] <loonyhiker> my husband is always worried about me posting pictures that might be used inappropriately
[12:43:25] Guest 15 has joined the chat
[12:43:50] <Guest 14> http://www.law.duke.edu/cspd/comics/
[12:44:44] <kpruitt> Targeted to law, teachers, students, parents....right Wes? 4 seperate areas
[12:45:13] <kpruitt> Our police officers are required to pass the course
[12:45:20] Guest 14 has left
[12:45:55] <kpruitt> If you can right click, its fair game" -my kids
[12:46:04] <scottmerrick> I like spokesfolks :)
[12:46:07] <Guest 15> haha
[12:46:17] <Guest 15> I think all broadcasts should be fair game
[12:47:22] <wfryer> we are really focusing on the use of creative commons media in our Celebrate Oklahoma digital storytelling project
[12:47:42] <kpruitt> You may never know if its a success...that is a problem too
[12:47:54] <wfryer> the k12 online conference is a great example
[12:48:02] <Guest 15> http://www.epnweb.org/index.php?view_mode=about
[12:48:04] <wfryer> k12onlineconference.org
[12:48:09] <Guest 15> might not be cc
[12:48:22] <wfryer> everything was licensed attribition, noncomm, noderivs in 2007
[12:48:45] <kpruitt> Trickle down education
[12:48:56] <scottmerrick> http://www.creatingthe21stcentury.org/JSB.html
[12:49:24] <scottmerrick> a John Sealy Brown url (above)
[12:49:30] <scottmerrick> Seely
[12:49:51] <wfryer> conversations about online accountability are important here too...
[12:50:08] <Steve Hargadon> Was that Ben Sanoff?
[12:50:30] <Steve Hargadon> Wikispaces work?
[12:50:41] <Steve Hargadon> Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis?
[12:50:54] <kpruitt> Thank you for the discussion. Must run.
[12:51:01] <wfryer> right, learners of all ages need more guidelines on posting user-created content
[12:51:03] <scottmerrick> see ya kpruitt
[12:51:03] <Steve Hargadon> Bye, Ken.
[12:51:06] <gnelson> we (at yahoo!) are working on this with creative commons for teacher projects and curriculum
[12:51:11] kpruitt has left
[12:51:53] <wfryer> maybe we need a certification program for educators and students on Creative Commons and Fair Use?
[12:52:06] <Steve Hargadon> gnelson--are you able to call in and talk about it?
[12:52:49] <wfryer> yes, that is why digital citizenship is a nice wrapper for all of this discussion
[12:53:07] <Steve Hargadon> Wes: I really agree.
[12:53:11] <wfryer> http://www.coe.ksu.edu/digitalcitizenship/
[12:53:17] <Steve Hargadon> Maybe tap into the existing DC movement.
[12:53:22] <gnelson> steve - not in a place where i can dial in this time, but i can for the next conversation.
[12:53:24] <scottmerrick> http://www.ted.com/index/php/talks/view/id/216 is that Rheingold talk
[12:53:38] <wfryer> YES - talking to kids about their POWER is very important
[12:53:40] <Steve Hargadon> Instead of creating a new message, wrap into existing work and inform it.
[12:53:49] <wfryer> i use the analogy of driving a fast sports car: Porche, Viper, etc
[12:54:01] <wfryer> lots of responsibility that goes with having those keys!
[12:54:03] <Steve Hargadon> gnelson: great. Will look forward to it.
[12:54:26] <Steve Hargadon> Wes: you linked to your material here already, right?
[12:54:47] <wfryer> yes.
[12:55:04] <wfryer> http://teachdigital.pbwiki.com/copyright
[12:55:20] <wfryer> right Judy, that is the problem with YouTube, it is not an ACCOUNTABLE system
[12:55:30] <wfryer> VoiceThread for Education is addressing that
[12:55:33] <Malinka Ivanova> Hi! Where we can read more about Creative Commons and their application in the education, exept for the main site http://creativecommons.org ?
[12:55:51] <scottmerrick> Steve doesn't ning do that?
[12:56:17] <gnelson> http://learn.creativecommons.org/
[12:56:30] <wfryer> the key for getting websites whitelisted on school district content filters is having ACCOUNTABILITY in the system
[12:56:37] <wfryer> http://ed.voicethread.com is doing this
[12:56:42] <Steve Hargadon> Not sure on Ning. Will have to look.
[12:56:48] <gnelson> ccLearn is their initiative around education
[12:56:54] <wfryer> right, and stuff is falsely licensed on flickr all the time
[12:57:09] <Steve Hargadon> Wes: yes, I'm sure.
[12:57:12] <wfryer> Virgin Mobile Australia case with Flickr and their national ad campaign is a case in point
[12:57:51] <loonyhiker> know someone who had to delete podcasts off itunes because someone had a trademark name like the name she used for her podcasts
[12:57:58] <wfryer> we could sure approach the folks at Google and YouTube and ask them about this
[12:58:14] tomas has joined the chat
[12:58:21] <wfryer> flickr is enabling people to choose a default sharing license
[12:58:32] <wfryer> right judy, i think that is a good idea
[12:58:51] <scottmerrick> These are precisely the new issues that copyright doesn't address, the reason for a new understanding of creative property
[12:58:57] <wfryer> I wonder if Creative Commons has approached YouTube about this?
[12:59:00] Guest 11 has left
[12:59:17] <wfryer> right, youtube can't confirm it
[12:59:19] <Steve Hargadon> I want us to end on time. We do have a follow-up meeting scheduled for next Wednesday.
[12:59:29] <wfryer> ultimately the users posting the content are accountable
[12:59:32] <tomas> google America "freedom to facism"
[12:59:37] <tomas> google America "freedom to facism"
[12:59:42] <tomas> google America "freedom to facism"
[12:59:46] <Steve Hargadon> If you have a topic we didn't discuss that you want to make sure we talk about Wednesday, please list it now.
[12:59:48] <tomas> google America "freedom to facism"
[12:59:56] <wfryer> steve, maybe you can post some followup questions that we can prepare for and/or contribute to for next week...
[13:00:04] <loonyhiker> thank you everyone. this was really a great discussion!
[13:00:13] <tomas> google America "freedom to facism"
[13:00:28] <Steve Hargadon> Wes: good idea. I'll let Judy take the lead on this.
[13:00:31] <wfryer> why is tomas posting that repeatedly? is that talkshoe spam?
[13:00:35] <scottmerrick> thanks all--treading water as best as one can! Keep the faith :)
[13:00:51] <Steve Hargadon> tomas: are you having difficulty?
[13:00:53] <tomas> google America "freedom to facism"
[13:01:02] <wfryer> tomas, we heard you. really.
[13:01:24] <tomas> pls watch
[13:01:29] loonyhiker has left
[13:01:52] <wfryer> thanks for facilitating this steve, and getting this going Judy!
[13:02:04] <wfryer> will this be available as a downloadable podcast, Steve?
[13:02:06] <scottmerrick> a new phenomenon, talkshoe spam!
[13:02:11] <scottmerrick> Thanks Steve
[13:02:19] <wfryer> i do
[13:02:44] <wfryer> great! :-)
[13:02:47] <HelenO> Thanks for this...
[13:02:49] <scottmerrick> Steve rocks
[13:03:04] <wfryer> thanks steve
[13:03:09] <scottmerrick> /me waves
[13:03:14] <gnelson> great, timely topic steve. thanks
[13:03:22] Guest 9 has left