Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar "Accessible Digital Content for Everyone" with special guest presenter, Steven Anderson (@web20classroom).

December 2, 2017

00:12 - Peggy George
Closed captions are helpful to so many students/people! They are great for those who don't speak English as their primary language and of course essential for hearing impaired people!

00:33 - Patricia
Sorry...I'm a retired teacher awaiting my next steps.

00:59 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Patricia - but evidently a lifelong learner and curious!

01:16 - Peggy George
Patricia, retirement is fabulous!!! I'm loving it!

01:27 - Peggy George
Here's our Livebinder link for today:

01:40 - Peggy George (Steven Anderson’ website)

01:50 - Peggy George (Steven Anderson’ blog)

02:15 - Dejan Kreculj

02:43 - Peggy George
Welcome back Maureen! Hope you'll be able to hear on your iPad :-) I included your fantastic special ed Symbaloo resources in our Livebinder today.

03:11 - Peggy George
Steven is such an inspiration to me!!! He "walks the talk!" :-)

03:31 - Peggy George
I remember seeing pictures of all of you at that cabin at ISTE!!

03:37 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
Hello again. Looking forward to hearing Steven. iPad is fine, PC would not do audio on blackboard today.

03:50 - Peggy George
Whew Maureen!!!

03:57 - Peggy George
Awesome introduction Paula!

04:09 - Peggy George
Welcome Laura! So glad you could join us!

04:27 - Peggy George
Welcome Darlene and Guillermo! Thanks for joining us!

05:09 - Laura Antichi
Hi, Peggy!

05:41 - Peggy George
Wes has created a site with tons of resources for Accessibility Apps, Websites, and Tools and it is in our Livebinder!

05:50 - Peggy George (Follow Steven Anderson on Twitter)

05:51 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
This is well timed! I just shared about this last week with our learning/ resources teachers and am looking for more resources for them on these topics!

05:58 - Peggy George
Hi Patti! Great to see you!

06:11 - Patti Ruffing
Hi Peggy, a little computer issue today

06:24 - Peggy George
I saw that tweet Wes and that's how I discovered your fantastic resources!

06:52 - Peggy George
Whew Patti!!! That happened to me last night but today went fine.

07:33 - Peggy George
that picture is a gif and I wish you could see it animated in Blackboard Collaborate! It's great!

07:43 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
@peggy, did you include Karen Janowski's wiki?

08:15 - Peggy George
yes Maureen! I actually included several of her Livebinders and there are lots of great resources in them!

08:16 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Geez, Steven. Crazy day. I hope you got some coffee. :)

08:31 - Peggy George
Welcome clinds! So glad you could make it!

08:51 - Peggy George
I'll try to add that gif to the Livebinder because it's really great!

09:12 - Peggy George
I am terrible with chopsticks! I really need to practice more!

09:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Can't do chopsticks, yet! Need to keep trying.

10:05 - Peggy George
Welcome Darlene and Guillermo! Thanks for joining us!

10:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I'm just uncoordinated. :)

10:11 - clinds
Thanks Peggy - happy to join!

10:21 - Peggy George
I think that may be my problem too Paula :-)

10:47 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
Also super useful for elderly or those with essential tremors

11:12 - Peggy George
great point Maureen!

11:59 - Peggy George
This is a great resource. (Web Accessibility Toolkit: Standards and Best Practices)

13:11 - Peggy George
such an important point Steven! We need to remember accessibility with our parents and communities too!

14:48 - Peggy George
when you make your content accessible for everyone it doesn't interfere with learning even if they don't "need" it

16:07 - Peggy George
would you consider "fear of failure" a disability?

17:29 - Peggy George
My eyes are changing and I use a magnifying glass every day to read recipes, medicine bottles, etc.

17:34 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I project our read-aloud book on our classroom IWB with my Kindle app and use the dyslexia font and white on black background because my students voted that was the best setup.

17:48 - Peggy George
what a great idea Paula!

18:14 - Anthippi Harou (Greece)
That's amazing, Paula!

18:19 - Peggy George
Welcome Suzana! Thanks for joining us!

18:32 - Suzana Lazarevic Petrovic
Glad to be here !

18:49 - Anthippi Harou (Greece)
Hello, Suzana!

19:09 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you, Tammy, for always doing our CC.

19:24 - Suzana Lazarevic Petrovic
Hi ,Anthippi!

19:36 - Anthippi Harou (Greece)

19:44 - Peggy George
We are so grateful to Tammy Moore for faithfully providing closed captioning for us every week!!! We really value this service and love that it is available with the Blackboard Collaborate recordings to view later.

20:37 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Maybe be mentioned that recent Republican initiatives in the US decreasing accessibility. Comment about that?

21:01 - Peggy George
such a sad state of affairs, John!!!

21:28 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Assistive technology resources)

21:53 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Agreed. I'm a music therapist by profession but definitely advocate personally and professionally for those with disabilities/accommodation/etc.

22:28 - Peggy George
(Steven Anderson: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Digital Content Accessible to Everyone)

22:47 - John Lawrence (Canada)
is there a link to WCAG 2.0 in the Livebinder?

22:48 - Peggy George (How to Meet WCAG 2.0)

23:02 - Peggy George
yes John :-) The above link is in the Livebinder

23:28 - John Lawrence (Canada)

23:37 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I heard a few months ago about an Ivy League school that was considering taking all its OpenCourseWare offline because it was going to be too expensive to make it all accessible. Do you have an update on that?

23:46 - Peggy George
Here's the Livebinder link if anyone missed it

23:52 - John Lawrence (Canada)

24:02 - Peggy George
wow Wes! I hope that's not true!

24:46 - Peggy George
Yes it's in the Livebinder.

25:39 - John Lawrence (Canada)
What about transcripts?

25:55 - Peggy George
I'll add Steven's slides to our Livebinder so you can enlarge the images there.

26:18 - @wfryer Wes Fryer

26:35 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
It was Berkeley

26:49 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
One of the AT courses I took had us do all the accessibility stuff. It is very time consuming

26:53 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Thanks Wes

26:56 - @bcdtech Maureen #2

27:12 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
The issue is cost I think not audience size

28:10 - Peggy George
WCAG checklist

28:26 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Wes

28:38 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
The ability of AI augmented programs to transcribe could really help with this

29:13 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Does anyone have much experience with the automized YouTube CC software/option?

30:03 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Are transcripts a consideration or option that is encouraged?

30:40 - John Lawrence (Canada)
with videos

30:59 - Peggy George

31:18 - Peggy George
that's the link to the image Steven shared

31:32 - Peggy George

32:47 - Peggy George
I had a really frustrating experience recently before cataract surgery. They dilated my eyes and then asked me to read and sign all of the consent forms. Could read any of them :-(

33:02 - Peggy George
Hi Sava! Welcome!

33:28 - Sava
Hi Peggy.

33:41 - Dejan Kreculj
Hi Sava, đtić :)

33:51 - Sava
Hi Dejan.

34:15 - Peggy George
I didn't realize that about tables! Good to know!

34:21 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Interesting observation about tables Steve.

34:37 - Sava
I'm late! Sorry!

34:53 - Peggy George
Hi Beth Lockhart! I didn't see you come in but am so happy you could join us!

34:56 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Agreed, Peggy. I know tables don't transition well from one platform to another.

35:45 - Peggy George
if any of you have links to blog posts, tools, etc related to accessible tech or assistive tech please share them in the chat and I'll add them to our Livebinder after the show.

37:08 - Beth Lockhart @spedgeek
Thank you Ms. Peggy. This is a great topic.

37:21 - Peggy George
We had a great webinar a couple of years ago with Toni Plourde on using iPads for accessibility. This is her Livebinder of resources. (Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar Livebinder of resources with Toni Plourde: iPads and Accessibility)

37:45 - Beth Lockhart @spedgeek
Love it!

38:07 - Peggy George
I knew that some fonts were not accessible but didn't understand why. This is great information!

38:16 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Script fonts are especially bad...

38:33 - Peggy George
good point Doug!

38:50 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hate when I open something with fancy fonts. Wish they would stick to use to read ones.

39:10 - John Lawrence (Canada)
This recent report specifically talks about accessibility as a learning requirement for online teachers and is a VERY good report, IMO in general

39:27 - @plnaugle (Paula)
*easy to read ones

39:34 - Peggy George
Another awesome webinar we had with Mike Marotta! He's an AT guru!! (Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar Livebinder of resources for Mike Marotta: Assistive Technology for Struggling Readers)

39:58 - Peggy George
thanks a lot John!!! I'll add that to the Livebinder!

40:52 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
I use Fuji’ scanner to ocr text .

41:45 - Peggy George
Maureen, is the Fuji scanner the same as the Evernote ScanSnap scanner? I haven't tried that feature.

41:47 - John Lawrence (Canada)
When didn't have a physical content I was encouraged by the copyright officer to use PDF to provide content Anyone else experience that?

41:55 - Patti Ruffing
If you make a Word document accessible and then convert it to a Google Doc, is that accessibility gone?

42:01 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I can't wait to share this week's Livebinder with our teachers!

42:18 - Peggy George
these are great questions!! thank you!! Lorie will ask Steven on the mic during Q/A

43:01 - Peggy George
can you edit the closed captioning that is created automatically on YouTube and Vimeo?

43:15 - Peggy George
thanks Steven!

43:16 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
No, it’ a stand alone machine, pricey, but worth it

43:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, Peggy, I edited my CC on YouTube video so that it aligned better with the frames that were playing.

43:52 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Hey please don't represent what I said. I am not advocating that or recommending it, I was just mentioning that Berkley had announced that as a possibility about a year ago

44:01 - Peggy George
my ScanSnap is a stand-alone machine too

44:03 - @wfryer Wes Fryer

44:30 - Peggy George
Paula that is great to know! Thanks!

44:54 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Wes - I took it that you were not advocating for that type of action, but rather saying that it was a wrong attitude that shouldn't be modelled.

45:10 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
Same machine, dif version

45:40 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
DotSub used to be great for closed captioning and multiple language transcription, but I think they went offline

46:04 - Peggy George
I love it when videos or podcasts provide a script so I can read it if I'm in a place where I can't listen to it. :-)

46:16 - John Lawrence (Canada)
So far we've talked about the educator. What responsibility do we have to ensure that students make content accessible in say, video assignment that they contribute to discussion?

46:27 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen. That's what I was thinking about the scanner :-)

46:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
When using Voice Typing on Google Docs, I have to remind my students to enunicate properly and speak slowly.

46:56 - Peggy George
that is such an important question John!!

47:08 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I agree it's unfortunate that is a response... At the university level the scale and cost of meeting these mandates can get quite large

47:44 - Peggy George
raising awareness is a critical first step but it's so easy for us as teachers to require and educator our students to use these strategies and tools

48:17 - Peggy George
Yes I put these resources in the Livebinder :-)

48:30 - Peggy George (Tools, Tricks and Tips for Teachers to Create Accessible Course Content)

48:53 - Peggy George
yes Lorie will share questions

49:07 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
Thank you, great resources

49:47 - Peggy George (Assistive Technology Livebinder by @techieteacher-Karen Janowski)

50:16 - Peggy George (Wendy Burkhardt: Assistive Technology Resources for Teachers)

50:31 - Beth Lockhart @spedgeek
Amazing resources! Thank you!

50:50 - Peggy George (Digital Accessibility Toolkit: What Education Leaders Need to Know)

51:30 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
What do you think of the "Seeing AI" IOS app by Microsoft for its potential to help with accessibility?

51:54 - Peggy George
this is always an important site to explore for resources (

52:21 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
Camtasia video editor makes captioning easier

52:54 - Peggy George
I have Camtasia and I need to learn more about those features!

53:25 - @plnaugle (Paula)
That make me laugh.

53:33 - Patricia
Thanks, everyone. (I just put Camtasia on my "to explore" list.)

53:33 - @plnaugle (Paula)

53:43 - Peggy George
always wanting it to be perfect can definitely interfere with our learning/sharing!

53:56 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Thanks for this great session!

54:11 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual appluase for Steven. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. :)

54:38 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Video Best Practice - i.e. recording and confidentiality, best backgrounds, etc. Any links or resources?

54:58 - Peggy George
we need more people like Steven advocating and educating us on this!!!

55:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Jon Bergman

55:44 - Peggy George (Web Accessibility Toolkit: Standards and Best Practices)

55:53 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Jon Bergman - is that the correct spelling?

55:57 - Peggy George
I'll try to find one of Jon Bergmann's links for the Livebinder

56:07 - @bcdtech Maureen #2
@Peggy I think folks confuse OER with accessibility

56:07 - Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)
Thank you so much everyone!

56:12 - Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)
And thanks for learning with me!

56:26 - Sharon Gullett
Thank you so much for this enlightening session. My online work is going to be changed with accessibility in mind.

56:32 - Anthippi Harou (Greece)
Thank you! Great tips! I have to explore the livebinder in detail!

56:39 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Great presentation Steve. It will be really useful to share with the Online Task Force that I am part of and the CE for faculty.

56:51 - Sava
Thank you so much! Thank for learning...

56:59 - Laura Antichi

57:26 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Jon Bergmann -

57:34 - John Lawrence (Canada)
Thanks Paula

57:50 - Anthippi Harou (Greece)
Wow! Amazing sessions!

58:01 - Anthippi Harou (Greece)
Thank you!!!

58:09 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend.

58:16 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.

58:26 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

58:33 - Peggy George (This link will open iTunes so you can subscribe to our video podcasts.)

58:40 - Peggy George
videos are also on youtube :-)

58:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you, Steven, for agreeing to present for us. We love having you on Classroom 2.0 Live. :)

58:41 - Suzana Lazarevic Petrovic
Thank you!

58:49 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

58:58 - Peggy George
the survey link is also in the Livebinder

59:08 - Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us! Have a fantastic weekend!