Guides for safe Internet Use

  • A site devoted to the responsible use of blogs, photosharing, podcasts, web hosting, educational games, instant messaging and other social software in schools. "We learn, not for school, but for life.' - Senca, Epistulae

Products with built-in internet safety features
  • **ePals** Designed based on features K12 teachers requested for a safe and secure experience for students. Students can be in a walled garden of the teacher choosing. For example, 4th graders can email only with 4th graders in their state; 5th graders with elementary students in US and in selected countries being studied; middle school students with middle school students and younger. Filters include "word list" in multiple languages and flag entries for teachers.
Online Agencies committed to Internet Safety

Resources and Materials for Presentations about CyberSecurity and Internet Safety

"When I go to U.V.A." - Young children discussing what might happen if people don't practice good computer and Internet safety.