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Questions for Maggie from Diigo:
  • What is social bookmarking?
  • What makes new version so different?
  • Twitter connection
  • Delicious and two-word tags

Chat Log:

Joined on March 25, 2008 at 1:38 PM

Moderator: Hi, Maggie!

Moderator: You there?

Moderator to Maggie Tsai: This is a private message

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: This is a private message

David Donica: Hi Steve - I'm here and switching to my PC so I can use my mike

KarenJan: Hey, Deb! How is everything?

pixellite: I'm new as well

pixellite: Hello

Deb Barrows: Everything is great

Helen Otway: Morning all! 8:12am in Melbourne

lornacos: Hello Helen 5:16pm in Ontario

Lorraine: This screen seems fine to me...

pixellite: I'm good.

Grundy: It's fine here...

ScottElias: Having a tough time hearing Maggie.

Deb Barrows: KJ - I bet your mind is racing with ideas to use this with kids

KarenJan: everyone was talking about it on twitter today - excited to see this

KarenJan: @debbarrows - did you see my post on Jott?

Deb Barrows: Yes, I read that Brian was checking it out

Deb Barrows: @KJ no

ScottElias to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: Maggie's audio is VERY low.

ScottElias to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: A little better.

Lynn Jacobs: Still quiet

Lorraine to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: audio is popping slightly. Possibly move slightly back from microphone and speak slightly louder.

Lynn Jacobs: I can barely hear Maggie

ScottElias: still very low, though, compared to steve

KarenJan: steve, you sound great

KarenJan: Maggie- that's better

Gail: better!

Lynn Jacobs: better.

ScottElias: better - but she's up and down

WillyB: I can hear her pretty well.

ScottElias: @WillyB you must be special

Jen Dorman: I have been using Diigo w/my students. I "force" them to annotate their bookmarks to encourage content processing as they are researching.

ScottElias: I'm mainly interested to know how it's better/different than delicious

WillyB: @ScottElias Oh...definitely.

ScottElias: i can still barely, barely hear maggie - she's good for a while and then gets really quiet

Gail to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: Are bookmarks, tags, etc. transferable from computer to computer like delicious

Jen Dorman: @ScottElias It is certainly more robust than - the highlighting, sticky notes, share to groups, etc. make it superior

WillyB: @Jen do you find students excited about using it? In my experience students when forced to use a tool don't integrate it into their "online world"

KarenJan: how do the students like the sticky notes feature?

ScottElias: if i get the volume to where maggie is loud enough steve sounds like he's screaming at me

Jen Dorman: @WillyB My students think that bookmarking on Diigo is pretty cool - they actually try to use the word Diigo as often as possible

ScottElias: i like the annotations

KarenJan: @jen - how do you pronounce it?

ScottElias: i can see using this for doctoral research, too

Bud: @scottelias: Me, too.

Jen Dorman: @KarenJan dee-go

WillyB: @Jen What grade level?

Jen Dorman: @WillyB 9th grade

Helen Otway: that sounds useful

Jen Dorman: My students find that when they annotate and share their bookmarks with their research groups that they have a much more valuable pool of resources

KarenJan: @jen - have they shown you any additional things they taught themselves?

Bud: A question I'm sure many teachers will have - can you have accounts underneath accounts - so student accounts under a teacher/teachers - so that teachers can approve comments? Or remove "questionable" ones?

Bud: Also - how do you deal with those "questionable" or objectionable comments on sites?

NancyW: Thanks Bud - you took the words out of my mouth!

Jen Dorman: @KarenJan LOL - that's the way it usually is with tech . . . they have started their own groups for other classes/projects/etc.

KarenJan: @jen- so they have extended their learning and applied it to other areas? Very cool - now they have ownership!!

Deb Barrows: How do you delete an inline sticky note?

Jen Dorman: I created a class Diigo group and when my student groups post to it they have to tag with the word/phrase I assigned to each group (that way they are also learning to harness the power of tagging)

Jen Dorman: @KarenJan I actually have had a number of other teachers meet with me to explain Diigo to them b/c my students keep mentioning it in their classes

Joe: indeed, simplicity is a necessity

Ken Pruitt: only reason I started messing with it

KarenJan: @jen - the ripple effect in action again - congratulations to you!

Ken Pruitt: made it too easy

Jen Dorman: The new launch of Diigo has added some terrific features!

Rachel Murphy - Salt Lake: can you import from delicious?

Jen Dorman: Or, have your students start using it and they will find ALL the features

Jen Dorman: @Rachel Yes

Ken Pruitt: delicious not importing right now

Jen Dorman: @Rachel It also imports the tags you applied in

Ken Pruitt: but can get Diigo to recognize a delicious post

Jen Dorman: @Ken I know it says that, but when I tried two days ago it did import (even though their was a message to that effect)

Rachel Murphy - Salt Lake: where do I find that? I installed the toolbar....not finding it

Ken Pruitt: hmmm

bmuench: @Ken it worked for me today even though it said it wasn't

Bud: IT says import doesn't work - but it seems to. I just wish it was in reverse chronological order.

Jen Dorman: @Bud agreed

Ken Pruitt: I cannot, nor can I add my blog

Ken Pruitt:

Bud: Jen - is this the type of tool that helps kids to "stick together" after they leave your class? Can they still be resources for each other? Seems like they could be.

susan: I was able to post to my blog, twitter, import delicious --all last night

Jen Dorman: @Bud I think so - social bookmarking seems to be one of those easily transferred skills - one that students see an immediate value (academic and social)

Jen Dorman: @Bud I teach 9 week classes and my former students have continued to use Diigo after my class has concluded

bmuench: @susan howdo i post to twitter?

Ken Pruitt: no thoughts about ads yet huh?

Ken Pruitt: ah ha

KarenJan: thank you - this looks great but I have to leave

Maureen: Will there be any way to also integrate Google bookmarks?

Jen Dorman: the annotations, groups, lists, and communities really set it apart

susan: @bmuench I downloaded the diigo toolbar, and it's an option to "send"

mmkrill: @maureen I exported my google bookmarks to html and then imported them to browser favorites and then into Diigo.

Jen Dorman: @mmkrill Great tip!

bmuench: @susan thanks!

Maureen: @mmkrillI did that too, but want o keep on using google as well and not bookmarking twice

susan: How does diigo determine "favorite sites" I have three listed but I didn't designate them as "favorites"

Rachel Murphy - Salt Lake: I would be interested in hearing more about lists versus tags. I may have missed that part of the conversation. When would you use a list versus a tag?

Maureen: re respnsive- I got a reply within hours :0)

Durff: anyone else having trouble getting the chat window here to advance to the most current entry?

susan: hmmm, ok thanks

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: Durff: if you're at the end of the list, it automatically goes forward. But if you go back, it doesn't bring you to the end until you want.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Durff: if you're at the end of the list, it automatically goes forward. But if you go back, it doesn't bring you to the end until you want.

Durff: tried that - no go

Durff: Murphy's Law

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @durff: Don't know

susan: With lists you can create those neat web slides. I like that!

Jen Dorman: I just started a new list - to group related tags

Jen Dorman: Maggie - do you have an printable tutorials?

Maureen: yes

Jen Dorman: That works, thanks

Durff: i never read directions 0 i ask dorman

pixellite: I normally need a teacher

Jen Dorman: @Durff LOL

pixellite: this type of app rocks for learning


pixellite: monthly newletter?

Jen Dorman: We need the Common Craft show to produce "Diigo in Plain English"

pixellite: sure.....haha

pixellite: alpha

Durff: yeah and pixellite writes it

pixellite: gotcha,..thank you soo much for this

pixellite: ahhaha


Kathy Lawrence: I had trouble with DIIGO locking up on older Windows machines. I have a new Mac now, so I might try again, but gave up in frustration few months ago. Have you heard of this before

pixellite: i'll get on that

Jen Dorman: @Kathy what version of Explorer where you using - I think Diigo requires 6 or higher

Jen Dorman: Diigo wiki?

Maureen: Will you have a wiki to share teacher experiences?

Kathy Lawrence: Not sure about the version, may have been 6

Jen Dorman: @Maureen Maybe we can get a page on dedicated to Diigo?

Kathy Lawrence: Thanks

Helen Otway: @srenatee oh I see you now (ignor tweet)

Jen Dorman: Thanks Maggie!

pixellite: I wanna check it out...thank you soo much

bmuench: did we address making student accounts under teacher accounts?

Maureen: Yes please talk about student accounts

srenatee to Helen Otway: @helen...just found the room. more than fashionably late!

Jen Dorman: If you have questions about how I've used Diigo w/my students, e-mail me at or cliotech on Twitter

Jen Dorman: I used the gmail method of

bmuench: thanks!

Jen Dorman: being my dummy gmail account

lindanitsche: khokanson from @twitter wondering how long it is going to be free...afraid to fall too in love w/it

pixellite: THANK YOU!!!

Maureen: Thanks Maggie

Kathy Lawrence: Thanks to you Steve

creatiga: Clap, clap, clap

Jen Dorman: @Linda - I think pretty much indefinitely

Rachel Murphy - Salt Lake: Looking forward to using it! Thanks Steve and Maggie

Jen Dorman: clap, clap, clap

Helen Otway: Thanks Maggie

pixellite: awesome,..will pass the word

David Donica: Wonderful!

pixellite: bye.

Lorraine to Maggie Tsai, Steve Hargadon: Thanks Maggie!

pixellite: next conference?

pixellite: is there?

WillyB: Thanks!

Jen Dorman: Excellent!

Durff: i have lesson plans to do and grading to finish...bye all

Vicki Davis: I've been enjoying Diigo -- just got here a little late.

Jen Dorman: Maggie - what is your e-mail address?

Vicki Davis: What is the status of Tag libraries.

Britt to Bud: Hey Bud!

Moderator (Maggie Tsai):

Vicki Davis: WOW! That is great, I can do it for horizon.

Vicki Davis: I love that.

Jen Dorman: Terrific - didn't know about that!

Vicki Davis: yes, so if you have tagging standards -- it goes there.

Vicki Davis: Thank you, Steve!!! That is great!

Jen Dorman: Thanks Maggie and Steve!

Vicki Davis: Yes. Danah is on at 9 pm EDT

Vicki Davis: Talking about social networking in K12 and what the research says.

Vicki Davis: Sure, Maggie.

lindanitsche: khokanson from @twitter pls pass along how much I love the ease of editing bkmrks, sharing w 1 or many, can't wait 2 see how links post 2 blog

Vicki Davis: Thank you -- I'm glad I got in on the end of this!

Vicki Davis: Bye everyone.

mmkrill: Thanks

Bud: Thanks again, Steve.

David Donica: Bye Steve - thanks for all you do

Moderator: @dd You're welcome!

Moderator: Bud: same~!

elderbob: Hello. all.'

lindanitsche: Thanks Maggie!

elderbob: Did I miss it.

Moderator: Yep, just ending!

Moderator: But the recording will be up in 30 minutes.

elderbob: Sorry about that, I just walked in and saw the message

elderbob: Ill check out the recording.

elderbob: \See ya then.

Moderator: Actually clearing the room right now, which we have to do for the recording to process!


scottmerrick: hey missed ya!

Moderator: Darn!

scottmerrick: will see yr work later

scottmerrick: thanks

scottmerrick: byeeee

Moderator: you bet

Moderator: bye

Moderator: OK, will have to start kicking you out if you're still here!