Essential Learning with Digital Tools, the Internet and Web 2.0

Join returning guests Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss for a discussion of emerging and tried-and-true technologies that can transform the teaching and learning enterprise.

Having the functional ability to make things visible and discuss-able or to foster collaboration will always be important, even as the tools that help you do these things change. Reinventing PBL authors Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss classify digital tools into eight essential learning functions that support any learning activity and project-based learning in particular. What tools do you use to deliver these essential learning functions?

*Ubiquitous learning
*Deep learning with primary sources and rich data
*Making things visible and discuss-able
*Expressing ourselves, sharing ideas, building community
*Real research
*Project management
*Reflection and iteration

These learning functions are stable but the tools that deliver them are not. Diigo and Twitter were just a glimmer on the horizon when Reinventing PBL went to press so the authors invite you to challenge and update their selection of digital tools. Help extend the shelf life of a resource that prompts generative, purpose-driven thinking about the role of technology in education.