Manchester United anounced on its official website last night that they were not going to extent the contract with Michael Owen, the former England striker. Thus, the time of Owen in MU will come to end in this summer.

Owen was born December 14, 1979. He football career began in Liverpool Football Club at 1996. His diligent and talent in football made him join the England National team and participate in the World Cup in 1998. On June 30, 1998, he scored an wonderful goal in the match against Argentina, which astonished the world, and he had been regarded as an international super star. He had been working for Liverpool for 8 season. In the eight seasons, he worked very hard since he scored 118 goals in 216 games including 5 hat-tricks and scored four goals in a match twice. In 2001, Owen was voted as the European Footballer of the Year. Ther was no doubt that his excellent performance had attracted scouts¡¯ attention. In 2004 to 2005 season, he was transferred to Real Madrid, a Spainish football club. However, he was not very happy in that team that was formed by many star players. After that season ended, he went back to England and joined the Newcastle United. In the next 3 years, he missed many games since his leg repeatedly injuried, which made him lose the chance to participate in the World Cup in 2006. Owen transferred to the Manchester United in 2009 as a free player and was regarded as the core of the team. Although he was more than 30 years old, he still maintained a competitive state for the team. After this season ends, Owen will become a free player again. Where his next stop will be? Will he retire or join another competitive football club? Let¡¯s wait and see.

As a fan of Michael Owen, I love to collect all the video about his match. I have downloaded all of his games from the Internet. Because these video files ocupy too much space of my CPU, I trim all the segment of his goal and merge them into one swf file with a FLV to SWF Mac on my mac computer. After I finish it, I upload it to the Internet to share with other fans. I think they must be very happy to see it and collect it.