Classroom 2.0 LIVE Webinar

Felix Jacomino: The Many Facets of Technology Integration

February 22, 2014

00:08 - Peggy George
Hooray! Here we go!!!

00:15 - Peggy George
Hope everyone is hearing ok :-)

00:20 - @shamblesguru [thailand Macbook]
#OZeLIVE starts again in 4 hours

00:30 - dotty
Spring like weather here.

00:32 - Peggy George
we're so excited to have Felix here sharing with us today!

00:36 - Suzanne @ssallee
Excited to hear Felix's presentation

00:52 - Peggy George
Beautiful day in Phoenix AZ too! Going to be 78 degrees today.

00:54 - Carolyn Stanley
The winter is flying by! Hopeful for spring. It's been a snowy, cold winter here in New England. I think we are becoming wimps.

01:15 - Peggy George
Livebinder for today:

01:26 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

01:36 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Carolyn- warm today- my steep driveway is like a luge run

01:49 - Peggy George
double click on the star and then click on the map :-)

01:59 - Peggy George

02:07 - Peggy George
so great to have all of you with us!

02:10 - Carolyn Stanley
I remember using a special education technology resource guide from educators in Florida which was terrific.

02:14 - Elizabeta Filipova
I am from Macedonia

02:25 - Colleen M and Mary A.
We are from Pennsylvania

02:29 - Peggy George
Terrific Elizabeta! We love having a global audience!!

02:41 - Elizabeta Filipova
Thank you Peggy

02:47 - Peggy George
Love it Colleen and Mary! Are you taking turns typing? :-)

03:01 - Carolyn Stanley
recently retired technology integration teacher

03:08 - Peggy George
don't vote on the slide--use the dropdown menu :-)

03:14 - Tammy Moore
A, B, and C

03:17 - Peggy George
you should be able to vote on mobile devices too :-)

03:23 - Lisa Stoutenburg

03:24 - Colleen M and Mary A.
lol yes We are making up snow hours

03:26 - Rich Magee #3

03:39 - Peggy George
I'm a retired elementary principal and Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-host :-)

03:49 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
I wish we did!

03:51 - Lisa Stoutenburg

04:02 - Peggy George
no classroom for me but if I had one I would love a 1:1 classroom!!!

04:10 - Rich Magee #3
Not yet

04:11 - Peggy George
terrific Lisa! How lucky!

04:26 - Carolyn Stanley
@bcdtech Maureen - I forgot - where are you located?

04:53 - Peggy George
the first part was just to set the stage :-)

04:53 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
it needs to get much better!

05:00 - @bcdtech Maureen
western Mass- between Northamption and Pittsfield

05:01 - Rich Magee #3
Yes I would like to see it improved.

05:01 - Peggy George
just answer the second part..

05:18 - Colleen M and Mary A.
I think it's lacking. My district has been focused on Common Core etc so it needs to be improved

05:19 - Peggy George
I somehow knew we would all say yes to that question :-)

05:24 - Elizabeta Filipova
I would like to see it improved

05:25 - Suzanne @ssallee
There is always room for improvement!

05:29 - Felix Jacomino
Hi Suzanne!!!

05:30 - Carolyn Stanley
@ Maureen Oh - thanks!

05:33 - Peggy George
both content and quality :-)

05:42 - Peggy George
no surprise there :-)

05:43 - Suzanne @ssallee
Hi Felix!!

05:54 - Felix Jacomino
Thanks so much for joining in!

06:05 - Peggy George
We're so glad to have you Felix!

06:08 - Lorie Moffat
Click on Talk Wes

06:15 - Peggy George
hearing you great Wes

06:58 - Peggy George
That is such a fabulous Mobile Learning conference! Both the one in AZ and the one in Florida that Felix organizes :-)

07:06 - Peggy George
Welcome @viralber!

07:28 - Wes Fryer @wfryer

07:29 - Carolyn Stanley

07:33 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!!! that was an audio surprise for Wes :-)

08:25 - Peggy George
it's so exciting to be hearing about tech integration and great PD for teachers from someone who is responsible for BOTH!

08:29 - Carolyn Stanley
Welcome - Felix. I'm a retired educational technology integration specialist, but I'm still passionate - just waiting for an opportunity to get back involved.

08:43 - Peggy George
Felix is both a Tech Director and Tech Integration Specialist :-)

08:59 - Peggy George
Hi aunttammie and LucianeCurator! Welcome!

09:07 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
encouraging teachers and students to share publicly on the open web is SO important!

09:07 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Hi Peggy, Lorie, Tammy, Wes,

09:09 - Peggy George
Welcome Justin! So glad you could join us!

09:19 - @bcdtech Maureen

09:21 - Justin 1
Hi Peggy! :)

09:21 - Rich Magee #3

09:23 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
a little

09:24 - Lorie Moffat

09:25 - patkim 1

09:25 - Peggy George (The SAMR Model: Technology is Learning)

09:29 - Peggy George
yes :-)

09:38 - Peggy George (A Wonderful Visual on How to Use SAMR)

09:44 - dotty

09:49 - Carolyn Stanley
I am aware of the process on the slide, but I didn't know its acronym.

09:58 - Peggy George
our Livebinder with the links for today:

10:17 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
thanks for the Livebinder links (as always) Peggy!

10:17 - Peggy George
you can make comparisons to Bloom's with these levels :-)

10:35 - Peggy George (Felix Jacomino’ website)

10:44 - Peggy George (Vizify for Felix Jacomino)

11:24 - @shamblesguru [thailand Macbook]
SAMR : A model for the integration of technology
Substitution => Augmentation => Modification => Redefinition

11:29 - Peggy George
I love the focus in SAMR that makes it clear you need to be using technology to do things you couldn't do without it!

11:38 - Peggy George
thanks Shambles!

11:51 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
Hi! It was very difficult for me to join you. I managed at last.

12:06 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
so glad you persisted, Stella - welcome!

12:07 - Peggy George
Welcome Stella! So glad you made it :-)

12:13 - Carolyn Stanley
In redifinition, my tech teacher at my school is having students use 3D modeling programs to design their own unique models and then printing them out with the 3D printer. That was NEVER possible before.

12:20 - Peggy George
hahaha!!! older than 20???

12:35 - Peggy George
one seems to be upside down :-)

12:56 - Peggy George
that's a great image! everything identical!!

13:25 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
sadly I think we had many "school A's" in our 2009 state laptop initiative...

13:27 - Peggy George
so many schools select and adopt technology without a clear purpose!

13:50 - Dawn 1
Absolutely so true!

13:56 - Peggy George
excellent quote! 21st Century Learning is NOT synonymous with technology!!

13:59 - Patti R
it is a way of thinking rather than a set of tools

14:29 - Peggy George
technology isn't appropriate for everything! we need to make good choices for if/when to use it and which tools to use

14:39 - Peggy George
absolutely Patti R. Great to see you!

14:48 - Patti R
thanks, peggy

14:52 - Suzanne @ssallee
Having a purpose and a plan is vital

14:57 - Dawn 1
Technology must be transparent

15:12 - Carolyn Stanley
That's what our political leaders need to use for a source for improvement -not corporate businesses interested in cashing in

15:29 - Dawn 1
Professional development first!

15:36 - Suzanne @ssallee
And the PD must be ongoing not just one time.

15:36 - Peggy George
I love that Felix is both Tech Director and Curriculum/Tech Integration Specialist. No conflict about what will be implemented and how it will be delivered :-)

15:48 - Peggy George
absolutely Dawn! So great you could join us!

15:50 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
Invisible tecnology for ubiquitous knowledge and appropriate pedagogical decisions.

15:51 - Carolyn Stanley
On going professional development is really important.

15:56 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
I love that: "voice and choice are critical for engaged 21st century learning"

16:10 - Peggy George
love these examples :-)

16:39 - Peggy George
if you're doing what you've always done why do you need the technology??

16:56 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
great nature analogy

17:02 - Dawn 1
Agree Peggy! And expect a different result....

17:25 - Angie.Kelley
I used to think that just going "paperless" was using technology in the right way. I know that's not true now.

17:26 - Peggy George
This is a great video Felix created that you can view later in the Livebinder: (How Teaching Changes When Kids Have iPads)

17:40 - Peggy George
great point Angie!

18:13 - dotty
I would like to see the high tech companies in my area reach out to schools more, rather than trying to sell hardware to the schools. Schools get they technology and PD is haphazard.

18:15 - Carolyn Stanley
Yes - we still need hands-on - that's why I'm excited about the new emphasis on Maker Faires - Maker Spaces - hands on enhanced by technology

18:31 - Peggy George
hahaha!!! only a change in their electric bill :-)

18:39 - Dawn 1
Love that!

18:40 - Peggy George
Hi Sheri! Welcome!

18:47 - Angie.Kelley
Too funny! :)

19:02 - Dawn 1
Only thing going up is te electric bill! Brilliant

19:03 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Because I am mLearning addicted I launch a portofolio with more than 200 ipad apps

19:29 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Peggy. It took forever to figure out Blackboard Collaborate download, open. It used to be easy and automatic.

19:29 - Peggy George
in case you missed our Livebinder link:

19:45 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1

19:54 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Carolyn me too! I think the emphasis on making via different means (including analog) in the Maker movement is really needed... & wonderful so our focus stays on the learning

19:57 - LucianeCurator @web20education
Because I use also a windows phone I want to launch a online portofolio with Nokia apps

20:06 - dotty
I Was looking forward to Macworld this year, but Cue is not supporting it this year.

20:10 - Angie.Kelley
Definitely B!

20:12 - Elizabeta Filipova

20:13 - Peggy George
Sorry Sheri! I have found when I have those issues if I clear my java cache it all improves. Maybe you can try that before your next login.

20:27 - Peggy George
too bad Dotty!!

20:29 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
This is one of the few times I prefer a B over an A!

20:29 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@dotty is this the 1st year CUE hasn't been at MacWorld since 2007?

20:40 - Rich Magee 2

20:42 - Sheri Edwards
@Peggy. will do. thanks.

20:53 - Dawn 1
The clash of IT people and educators.

21:03 - Peggy George
admins need to be listening to teachers!

21:12 - Patti R
I have that advantage that I am the tech integrator and a teacher but I am also the network admin and chooser of tech to be purchased

21:16 - Peggy George
that is so true!!! that communication is essential!

21:30 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
we had an EdCampOKC session last Saturday on "what rocks & what sucks" in education and IT, and both admins & IT directors were in the room... it was a great dialog. Needs to happen more!

21:31 - Peggy George
awesome Patti! definite advantage!!

21:43 - Rich Magee 2
Patti I'm the same at my school.... it is nice to get a big perspective like that.

21:43 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Do you think the PD for teachers may work best by starting with Substitution examples and working towards Redefinition?

21:50 - Dawn 1
It is no wonder reluctant teachers do not embrace technology .

21:55 - Sheri Edwards
We have Technology Liaison -- the teacher who others go to with what they want to do so the IT will help it happen

21:59 - Peggy George
so frustrating when the tools you want/need to use with students are blocked with no recourse!

22:06 - Peggy George
so true Dawn!

22:18 - Peggy George
Tony Vincent is such an incredible educator!

22:19 - Patti R
@Tom, they do need time to become comfortable with tools and if substitution will give them confidence, why not start there

22:30 - Patti R
as long as they are willing to grow

22:39 - Peggy George
Tony's website:

23:03 - dotty 1
@wfyer true, but there is an entire education day on Saturday.

23:06 - Peggy George
I love the kind of PD Felix is describing!!! That's what we all need!

23:16 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
@Patti R Yes. It seems that we can be overwhelming to them at times. Walk before they can run. Give them confidence.

23:21 - Diane A 1
3 IT integrators for a school of 300 -- fantastic! We have ONE overworked genius guy for a school of over 600.

23:22 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@dotty interesting...

23:42 - Peggy George
Welcome to everyone who has joined us! We're so glad you're here!

23:53 - Dawn 1 so sad this is my school district texhmology

23:55 - Peggy George

24:00 - Peggy George
thanks Dawn!

24:07 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
we don't have any tech integrators in our district: 500 teachers, about 8000 students

24:16 - Peggy George
please feel free to share links in the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show

24:28 - aunttammie
Prophet is not honored in his own country

24:38 - Carolyn Stanley
Wow! Three tech integrators for 300 students???? When I retired, they eliminated my post (working with 400 students) and made the teacher in our sister middle school travel between school - 800 student and who knows how many teacher load. Terrible.

24:58 - Peggy George
isn't that exciting!!!

25:25 - Peggy George
what an awesome group of presenters for the upcoming conference!

25:44 - Peggy George (Miami Device Mobile Learning Event)

25:52 - Carolyn Stanley
What a great reason for a Florida vacation - but I doubt I can talk hubby into it.

25:55 - Peggy George
He'll tell us more about the conference later :-)

26:12 - Peggy George
you have time to persuade him Carolyn :-) November 2014

26:35 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh - that's a good time frame! Maybe!

26:49 - Peggy George

27:00 - Angie.Kelley
What about getting this kind of PD in schools that don't have funds? Any ideas?

27:19 - Peggy George
it's so much better when you can have an expert come in to work with you over time and not just a one-shot keynote!

27:45 - Peggy George
great question Angie! Lorie will ask your questions at the end of his presentation if he doesn't happen to see it in the chat

27:49 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Angie It can be gr8 to bring free PD videos from the K-12 Online Conference into your school

28:07 - Angie.Kelley
@wesfryer Thanks! That's a great idea!

28:17 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@angie see

28:25 - Peggy George
we need some great PD for administrators to help them understand how important time for PD is!

28:38 - Angie.Kelley
@ Peggy Amen!

28:52 - Patti R
even getting your teachers to view the classroom 2.0 archives is great PD

29:13 - Angie.Kelley
@Patti R That's another good idea! Thanks!

29:14 - Carolyn Stanley
@Patti - Yes! Yes! Yes!

29:24 - Sheri Edwards
I second Wes's suggestion about k12online -- and ClassroomLIve Archives-- They are free, and both inspired me to understand the importance of learning with student with today's tech

29:36 - Peggy George
there are lots of recorded presentations online that you can use for PD in your schools. Besides the K12 Online presentations you can always use our Classroom 2.0 LIVE recordings. :-) Pick one to show in a meeting and allow time for conversation and hands-on time!

29:58 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Jackie!

30:02 - Peggy George
it's always great to be able to visit and observe in other schools :-)

30:06 - @jackiegerstein 3
Hiya Sheri -

30:09 - Peggy George
Welcome Jackie! Great to see you!

30:16 - @jackiegerstein 3
Thanks Peggy

30:51 - Wes Fryer @wfryer

30:51 - Peggy George
the experts can't just come in and tell you that you need to buy more stuff! They need to help you find ways to work with what you have while still advocating for more :-)

30:57 - dotty 1
I volunteer at a school tutoring reading and I have noticed they have technology unused,, smart board in computer lab not being used.

31:00 - @shamblesguru [thailand Macbook]
web CPD curation

31:00 - Peggy George
Hi Mary! Great to see you!

31:12 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
I think that the idea of taking local field trips to visit innovative neighbor schools is GREAT

31:13 - Sheri Edwards
And love Wes's books...

31:14 - Peggy George
Great link Shamblesguru!! Thanks!

31:16 - Carolyn Stanley
I worked very hard in my district to get them to recognize using web-based PD as an authentic way of earning CEU's.

31:21 - Mary Kasprzyk
Hi Peggy... glad I could make it!

31:30 - Sheri Edwards

31:31 - Mary Kasprzyk

31:33 - Dawn 1

31:33 - Elizabeta Filipova

31:39 - Lisa Stoutenburg

31:44 - Sheri Edwards

31:54 - Dawn 1

31:59 - Peggy George
love seeing all of those green checks :-)

32:06 - Angie.Kelley

32:07 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
this is a tweeting choir!

32:07 - Elizabeta Filipova

32:19 - Carolyn Stanley
My biggest frustration with twitter is not having time to follow all the interesting links.

32:24 - Elizabeta Filipova

32:36 - Patti R
@carolyn, my problem exactly

32:42 - @jackiegerstein 3
ha Wes - tweeting to the choir!

32:42 - Colleen M and Mary A.
I use Twitter for developing a PLN

32:42 - Angie.Kelley
Great people to follow who share wonderful resources. I also love Twitter chats.

32:43 - Melissa @getztech
it won't let me babble on and on and on and on

32:45 - Mary Kasprzyk
new tools, articles, blogs,

32:45 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
I love sharing my students' work with others to my PLN

32:50 - Carolyn Stanley
It's a positive! actually!

32:56 - Diane A 1
Huge, world-wide PLN connections and access to SO much PD and classroom tools.

32:57 - Colleen M and Mary A.
And I use it for finding articles

33:03 - Suzanne @ssallee
Great ideas, resources links, and communication with others.

33:06 - Dawn 1

33:07 - Peggy George
I love twitter for being able to connect with so many smart educators to ask questions and share resources and collaborate on solving problems!

33:16 - @jackiegerstein 3
Finding my tribe!

33:21 - Peggy George

33:28 - Colleen M and Mary A.
I'm still hesitant to use it for my class because I'm unsure how to do that without breaking my Districts Technology policy

33:29 - Peggy George
Tribe = PLN ????

33:33 - Dawn 1
Best way for PD with 21st century leaders!

33:37 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
#comments4kids is such a super way to connect with others

33:41 - Rich Magee 2
Similar to what Carolyn said, I think it can be like "drinking from the firehose" - so much to try to follow.

33:43 - Peggy George
I agree Dawn!

33:56 - Dawn 1
Only good teachers tweet! Love that!

33:56 - Carolyn Stanley
I have participated in a few #chats, and those are nice because you get more immediate feedback.

34:06 - Peggy George
that's a really interesting point!!!

34:27 - Patti R
I don't tweet often because I don't feel like I have anything new and exciting to say like most others

34:33 - Peggy George
that is definitely my experience with teachers on Twitter!

34:43 - Melissa @getztech
so can we make tweeting a requirement for being considered for employment at a school (as a teacher)?

34:54 - Peggy George
you should Patti! you have a lot to share and you can always ask questions too :-)

34:54 - Dawn 1
Those who are enthusiastic are on twitter ..... Agree!

34:56 - Mary Kasprzyk
Patti - I agree, but I am AWLAYS checking it for new info!

35:04 - Peggy George
wouldn't that be fun Melissa!!!

35:28 - Carolyn Stanley
@Patti - you never really know - if you are excited about something and think it's valuable, tweet it out. You never know who will find it useful.

35:32 - Peggy George
it's so true!! you don't have to be tweeting constantly to obtain value from Twitter!

35:43 - Peggy George
so true Carolyn!!!

36:00 - Dawn 1
Best Anytime Anywhere learning took ever!

36:19 - Sheri Edwards
from edudemic: twitter guide

36:27 - Peggy George
I'm loving that there are more and more virtual conferences, many FREE so we don't need to travel and spend money to participate!

36:40 - Peggy George
thanks Sheri!! I'll add that to our Livebinder.

36:50 - Mary Kasprzyk
Also EdCamps!

36:59 - Patti R
I am determined to someday get to ISTE

37:11 - Sheri Edwards
My first edcamp Mar 1 Tips?

37:17 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
I'm going to try and attend the Makerfaire in Kansas City this year the last week of June, instead of going to ISTE

37:19 - Mary Kasprzyk
Phoenix EdCamp is March 1

37:20 - Peggy George
If any of you have links you'd like to share re tech integration and great teacher PD please add them in the chat and I'll put them in the Livebinder!

37:25 - aunttammie
state tech conferences...the Texas one is fantastic

37:28 - Peggy George
ISTE 2014 for me!!!!

37:30 - Suzanne @ssallee
EdCamp Phoenix next Saturday!

37:30 - @jackiegerstein 3
ASCD this month

37:46 - Peggy George
yes! Thanks Suzanne!!! :-) I can't wait for EdCamp Phoenix!!!

38:11 - Peggy George
The Australian OZeLIVE conference is this weekend! Free and virtual!

38:18 - dotty 1
Cue conference in Palm Springs, Ca in March

38:18 - Carolyn Stanley
I always enjoyed the PD conferences I attended - ISTE 2005 and 2007, many CECA (CT), a couple of ed camps, a Google Summit - many Discovery ED conferences - great to speak face-to-face - However, I've also found my web-based PD very valuable and easier - more time to absorb, especially with archives.

38:19 - Rich Magee 2
There are GAFE Summits around the country/world, I'm curious if those have substantial PD opportunities for teachers - vs. more tech side stuff.

38:23 - Peggy George
I'll share link at end for OZeLIVE

38:32 - Peggy George
you are all awesome!!!!

38:47 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Sheri my main edcamp advice is to jump in with conversations & questions in each session... it's important to help Ts make the shift from listeners/watchers to participants/contributors!

39:07 - Felix Jacomino

39:08 - Peggy George
I participated in EdCampHome awhile back and that was an EdCamp entirely online. It was fantastic! All done in Google Hangouts.

39:09 - Sheri Edwards
@Wes Thanks. Will do.

39:35 - Sheri Edwards
@Peggy EdCampHome - hope there are more!

40:12 - Sheri Edwards
Great slide. Imagine being on the beach with these wonders! Amazing.

40:16 - LucianeCurator @web20education
I manage @LucianeCurator and my project @web20education

40:56 - Carolyn Stanley
@Wes - I actually took the plunge a couple of years ago and signed up at an edcamp to run a session on middle-school tech integration -17 people signed up, and I moderated, rather than led- It was great! I was terrified initially, but so glad I did it.

41:24 - Peggy George
There will be another great virtual conference specifically for school administrators (one day) that is hosted by Steve Hargadon. March 27, 2014. It would be great to tell your admins about it.

42:12 - Peggy George
EdCamps as unconferences are such a great way for us to be able to learn about anything we want! Definitely not just "sit and git" :-)

42:25 - Peggy George
That conference sounds so fantastic!!! Sure wish I could go!!!

42:45 - Peggy George (Miami Device Mobile Learning Event)

42:56 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Carolyn that is great. My experience has been that each session varies so it's important there are participants in each that get conversations started... we did have a few where even tho we asked them not to, some people pulled out a PPT :-(

43:02 - Peggy George
What a salesman!!!!! Doesn't that food sound amazing?!

43:25 - Mary Kasprzyk

43:49 - Peggy George
do any of you have questions for Felix. Type them here and Lorie will ask them on the mic for you.

44:10 - Peggy George
does the charge include hotel?

44:32 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
What have you seen as the most successful strategies your technology integrators/coaches have used with your teachers to help them embrace PBL & the creation of media products by students?

44:53 - Peggy George

45:30 - Dawn 1

45:31 - Peggy George
it's a real challenge to find locations for tech conferences that have strong bandwidth and reasonable prices!!

46:24 - Patti R
administrative support is key, if the admin is not behind the tech integrator then you have a harder time

46:26 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
regular shared planning time is a great idea

47:25 - Sheri Edwards
How do we help "priority schools" who focus on posted objectives, pacing calendars, gathered data see the value of PBL?

48:45 - Mary Kasprzyk
Great question Sheri!

48:51 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Sheri that is such a key question. I think the legislative mandates have to change. As long as some school leaders hear "focus mainly on the standardized tests" that is exactly what they are going to focus on. Advocacy for PBL falls on deaf ears.

48:57 - Peggy George
would anyone like to take the mic to ask a question or share your experience with PD?

49:08 - Carolyn Stanley
One strategy I used was to take an existing lesson and talk with the teacher to see how it could be transformed with technology - or enhanced by the use of technology. For example, a By Golly by Gum - where kids chewed gum and then worked with mass and percentage - They still used traditional measuring devices - and did the math manually - but then learned elementary Excel functions. It was a great way to introduce them to Excel and also showed them how their calculator (a form of technology) skills needed improvement.

49:15 - @jackiegerstein 3
Is It Project-Based Learning, Maker Education or Just Projects?

49:30 - Peggy George
any great PD models at your schools that you could share on the mic? just raise your hand and we'll give you the mic

49:32 - Colleen M and Mary A.
How do I convince veteran teachers to embrace more technology in the classroom?

49:37 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Carolyn that sounds like a great lesson idea - do you have a link to a post explaining more?

49:45 - Peggy George
thanks for those questions! super!

50:07 - @jackiegerstein 3
My own belief - way too many educators are doing and staying at the substition level - recreating Education 1.0.

50:22 - Sheri Edwards
Just found this:

50:29 - Carolyn Stanley
I will have to research that, Wes. It's been a while. I do have the lessons saved and maybe even a video. I'll get back to you! Maybe I can upload it to Discovery Ed.

50:42 - Carolyn Stanley
or SimpleK12

50:45 - Peggy George
I think it has to be about the students/learners and not just the teachers! Students need 21st century skills even if their teachers are reluctant!!!

50:58 - Peggy George
thanks Sheri!!!

51:07 - Patti R
I am a "veteran teacher" (40 years) so I always hate that association with "veteran" and "slow to adopt"

51:24 - Peggy George
I totally agree Patti!

51:52 - Sheri Edwards
I am a veteran teacher geek. 28 years. Age and length is not the issue :) Reluctant is a better word -- have younger teachers who are reluctant as well. Mostly due to requirements of district and lack of access

51:53 - Carolyn Stanley
I went back at 50, former English teacher, as a computer technology integration specialist. It was a 14 year ride. Loved it. I think they liked me, and it was a 14 year thrill ride,

52:02 - Dawn 1
@Patti- me too. I am 52 and lead my building. :)

52:32 - Colleen M and Mary A.
Yes, reluctant is a better word.

52:42 - Patti R
growth mentality vs fixed mentality maybe

52:48 - Peggy George
what's the biggest excuse teachers use???? I think it's no time to learn new things...

52:51 - Carolyn Stanley
One step at a time.

53:01 - Colleen M and Mary A.
Yes, there's no time and no professional development.

53:06 - Mary Kasprzyk

53:10 - Colleen M and Mary A.
Our district has NO tech integrator.

53:21 - Peggy George
Felix has a great presentation in the Livebinder about Success has to start at the top!

53:22 - Colleen M and Mary A.
How can I create that position?

53:38 - Carolyn Stanley
I tried to show how the integration of technology would make the lesson easier for the teacher and more engaging for the students.

53:44 - Peggy George
it's definitely not about seat time with computers

53:56 - Sheri Edwards
authentic. creating. the learning happens then.

54:01 - Peggy George (Success Starts at the Top presentation)

54:11 - Peggy George (Technology in Education: To Use or Not to Use presentation)

54:23 - Colleen M and Mary A.
Interesting! Thank you :)

54:35 - Peggy George
love that question!!!

54:58 - Carolyn Stanley
So often, we are so isolated in our classrooms at our schools. Our principal started having tech slams at his faculty meetings which spread the word of how teachers were integrating technology and got others excited.

55:01 - Peggy George
there is no reason PBL teaching/learning can't meet the standards! tons of evidence for success!

55:59 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Carolyn or consider sharing it on YouTube!

56:00 - Sheri Edwards

56:00 - Peggy George
Todd Nesloney gave us some great examples a couple of weeks ago in his presentation re PBL and flipping with tremendous test results (without teaching to the test)

56:29 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks for tip on Todd Nesloney. Will review.

56:41 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
yes thanks - I will check out the archive of Todd's session too!

56:42 - Peggy George
there are also lots of experts in your own schools/districts!

57:01 - @jackiegerstein 3
Creating Schoolwide PBL Aligned to Common Core

57:06 - Carolyn Stanley
@Wes - oh, yes! I almost forgot. I have several on YouTube - but I'm not sure about that lesson. Search on carolteach4.

57:41 - Carolyn Stanley
I do have some for using Microsoft Word to produce a formatted newsletter as well as some on Photoshop.

57:42 - Peggy George
so often we think we need to bring in some big name for PD and it's teachers in the trenches in our own districts who can share tons of practical, valuable ideas and resources

58:10 - Peggy George
woo hoo!! a well deserved shoutout Carolyn!!!

58:14 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
@Carolyn ok super, Iwill - thanks!

58:16 - Carolyn Stanley
@Felix - thanks!

58:32 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
great job Felix, thanks!

58:36 - Felix Jacomino

58:37 - Carolyn Stanley
Classroom 2.0 keeps me on the coaster!:)

58:51 - Peggy George
can't wait for the show on Google Forms! she'll be sharing lots of great tips and examples of ways to use them in the classroom

58:59 - Mary Kasprzyk
Can you go back to info slide?

59:16 - Colleen M and Mary A.
what's felix's handle on twitter?

59:20 - Carolyn Stanley
Classroom 2.0 - such a wonderful source of PD.

59:34 - Felix Jacomino

59:37 - Suzanne @ssallee
Thanks Felix! Awesome as usual!

59:41 - Colleen M and Mary A.

59:42 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Jackie. Really -- it's the State requiring these for schools in poverty with minorities: it's a matter of equity. Schools in higher SES get PBL and tech -- schools in lower SES get objectives, interventions, and more drill and test.

59:53 - Felix Jacomino
PLease follow @MIAMIDVICE too! (note the missing 'e')

1:00:08 - Sheri Edwards
Steve is awesome

1:00:10 - Felix Jacomino

1:00:20 - Carolyn Stanley
@Felix - thanks so much. This was an invigorating session.

1:00:35 - Peggy George

1:00:48 - Peggy George
we love getting your nominations for featured teachers!!

1:00:54 - Sheri Edwards
edutopia is an awesome resource

1:00:56 - Elizabeta Filipova
Thank you Felix

1:00:59 - Angie.Kelley
@Felix-Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to share with teachers at my school!

1:00:59 - Peggy George

1:01:10 - Peggy George
you can get PD certificates for watching recordings too :-)

1:01:23 - Felix Jacomino
You're most welcome, Elizabeta!'

1:01:35 - Sheri Edwards
Thank all again for today's sharing.

1:01:47 - Peggy George

1:02:06 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:02:28 - Patti R
Yes, thank you, Felix!

1:02:29 - Peggy George
recording, Livebinder and chat log will be posted later today for this show

1:02:37 - Felix Jacomino
My pleasure! :)

1:02:41 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks to all of our wonderful moderators, as well.

1:02:43 - Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us today and for sharing actively in the chat!

1:02:49 - Wes Fryer @wfryer
thanks everyone!

1:02:51 - Angie.Kelley
Enjoyed learning with all of you!