Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, Open Mic: Using Games in the Classroom facilitated by Paula Naugle

February 27, 2016

05:27 to: @bcdtech Maureen
probably yahtzee

05:31 to: Eileen
My family loved to play Scrabble. So now I have Scrabble Friday once a month with my students.

05:33 to: Christine Salgueiro
I am a monopoly fanatic too! One summer, we rented a house down the shore and had a game going in a walk in closet for the whole summer!

05:41 to: kerri swenson
Clue-loved deductive reasoning

05:42 to: @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
Scrabble been ever I WON

05:44 to: Kate_Rock
Sorry with my grandma

05:53 to: @bcdtech Maureen
checkers was the fall back

06:00 to: David Gonzalez
In Texas History class, we created our own board games and then played other groups games. It was a great way to review the material.

06:11 to: clinds 1
Remember playing Clue all the time with friends in middle school - so fun!

06:14 to: Lorie Moffat

06:18 to: Kate_Rock

07:02 to: Dotty

07:13 to: evaggeliasariggoli
snakes and ladders

07:29 to: evaggeliasariggoli
and scrabble

07:47 to: Eileen
My students love broad games at school but rarely play them at home.

08:14 to: Eileen
Board games...sorry 😄

08:15 to: @bcdtech Maureen
We played Battleship too

08:55 to: @bcdtech Maureen
no... no one seems to have time

09:23 to: @bcdtech Maureen
good idea to incorporate it with PBIS...

09:42 to: kerri swenson
We do as PBIS rewards also.

09:47 to: evaggeliasariggoli
we play very often (once a week or so) to revise material

09:48 to: Eileen
Scrabble Friday once a month. We play Scategories with different Science and Social Studies topics.

10:14 to: Christine Salgueiro
I haven't dedicated a whole period to a board game, but i incorporate it as an acitivity in a lesson to practicfe verb conjugation

10:23 to: Christine Salgueiro

10:30 to: Christine Salgueiro
*practice - sorry

11:05 to: @bcdtech Maureen
we loved twister when I was a kid!

11:42 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Make your own Operation board game -

11:52 to: Patti Ruffing
it's still popular

11:56 to: @bcdtech Maureen
love it! I made it with makey makey...

12:07 to: @bcdtech Maureen
it works with electricity- making circuits

12:26 to: David Gonzalez
Classroom Jeopardy is another great game to use for review.

12:37 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
No-Tech Board Games That Teach Coding Skills to Young Children | MindShift | KQED News

14:24 to: Kate_Rock
I have not. I am only a second year teacher and have not but I would love to in the future. Maybe with independent book projects?

14:32 to: Eileen
Yes, for math reviews.

15:03 to: Eileen
I am using an iPad so I don't have a mic.

15:09 to: @bcdtech Maureen
I got this - maybe on kickstarter for programming with littles

15:28 to: Kate_Rock
Those of you who have had students create games - what directions do you give them or guidelines

15:34 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Student Created Board Games - presentation.pdf

15:36 to: @bcdtech Maureen
saw this yesterday

15:54 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Paula Naugle’ WORDO Game Boards - Google Docs

16:51 to: @bcdtech Maureen
flippety is online.... but I like it

17:20 to: @bcdtech Maureen
you know how much I love the mic

17:47 to: stidmama
Good morning!

18:02 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
First Last!: Candy Land: Sight Word Edition!

18:36 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
Pinterest has ideas for Twister, Candy Land plus more...

18:41 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Classic games are powerful learning aids in the classroom

19:05 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Top 5 Board Games for ESL Classrooms and Ways You Never Thought to Use Them | FluentU English Educator Blog

19:37 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Classroom Activities: In Praise of Old-School Board Games

19:38 to: Eileen
Pinterest has great ideas.

19:48 to: Lorie Moffat
Patti raised her hand

19:53 to: David Gonzalez
I love Pinterest for game ideas

20:05 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Free Candy Land Addition & Subtraction | Ironic Adventures

20:16 to: Patti Ruffing
do i have privileges

21:14 to: Kate_Rock
I totally agree with you Patti...and that is hitting excellent 21st century skills...creating and problem solving

21:40 to: @bcdtech Maureen
the 5th graders were playing senet- ancient Egyptian board game the other day.

21:44 to: Christine Salgueiro
great point, ladies!

21:58 to: @bcdtech Maureen
The 3rd graders have a running competition with mancala.

22:27 to: @bcdtech Maureen

23:20 to: Patti Ruffing
Anyone remember "Authors"?

23:21 to: Christine Salgueiro
Spoons - I use pictures that display the meaning and verbs in Spanish!

23:24 to: David Gonzalez
Can use cards as fraction numbers.

23:27 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Acing Math (One Deck at a Time!) Reid and Stott Problem Solving Math Card Games.pdf

24:23 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog

24:27 to: stidmama
There is a fun game from the folks who made SET called QUIDDLER. It's a little bit like Scrabble but uses playing cards and no board.

25:11 to: @plnaugle(Paula)

25:34 to: @bcdtech Maureen
computer science - unplugged

26:04 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Fairy Tale Dice | Activity |

26:19 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog This is a link to a book called All Hands On Deck...

26:28 to: Eileen
I have a card game I bought years ago, it is called Think It -Link It. My students love it. The answer is two rhyming words. The clues are synonyms for the answers. Ex: heavy mouse. The answer is: fa

26:28 to: Eileen
t rat. The students start to make up their own using content vocabulary words.

26:48 to: @bcdtech Maureen

26:49 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Making Math More Fun Card Games (download and printable)

27:05 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Math Games Using Dice

27:22 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Math Dice Games for Middle School

27:43 to: @bcdtech Maureen
grammar games TES

28:45 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
I bought foam cubes at the Dollar Store and made the quietest dice by adding dots with a Sharpie to each side. Could also add letters instead for word games. 50 pieces = 25 sets

28:45 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
of “ueit dice”or $1.00!!!

29:09 to: Patti Ruffing
i can't stand it either

29:20 to: @bcdtech Maureen

30:13 to: T
Math Prodigy!!!

30:14 to: @bcdtech Maureen

30:15 to: stidmama
I have laryngitis today :p

30:16 to: Christine Salgueiro

30:16 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
I have used these and called them whisper dice...Tiny!

30:17 to: T
Best online game EVER

30:19 to: @bcdtech Maureen
math playground

30:22 to: Christine Salgueiro

30:25 to: @bcdtech Maureen

30:28 to: Tammy Moore
I make my own using Captivatem :0)

30:34 to: Eileen
Quizlet,Sicrative, KAHOOT.

30:36 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog

30:36 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
403-887807&gclid=CKTGlr69mMsCFQiqaQod8D8IqA Whisper Dice

30:41 to: Lorie Moffat

30:49 to: Christine Salgueiro
duolingo app

30:53 to: Minelle
cool math games

30:53 to: Eileen

30:58 to: @bcdtech Maureen
it is supposed to be amazing... they have data! re dragonbox

30:59 to: Patti Ruffing
my kids in 3rd and 4th love arcademic skill builders

31:16 to: @plnaugle(Paula)

31:20 to: stidmama
I put together a jeopardy game using a template I found for GoogleApps -- review of parts of speech. The principal walked in during the game and loved it!

31:39 to: T
Not joking. My ENTIRE K-5 school loves Math Prodigy

31:43 to: T
Here's the link:

31:46 to: @bcdtech Maureen
zoombinis- it's back as an app & on STEAM

31:48 to: T

31:48 to: T

33:05 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Jeopardy Labs -

33:07 to: stidmama
Just checked and the originator of the jeopardy template was Eric Curts.

33:18 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Quizlet -

33:51 to: stidmama
I used quizlet when I taught middle schoolers, but haven't hit on the magic way to use it for my third graders.

33:55 to: @plnaugle(Paula)

33:57 to: Patti Ruffing

34:14 to: stidmama
PLICKERS -- we make a game out of the multiple choice scanning.

34:37 to: @bcdtech Maureen

34:42 to: stidmama
Anti-glare would be lovely!

34:50 to: Eileen
My 3rd graders make Quizlets for our class. They use our class items and vocabulary words.

34:51 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
Live binders Can find games there too..

35:31 to: Patti Ruffing

35:53 to: @bcdtech Maureen
AMAZING! try this one.. make or play your own games online or on app....

36:28 to: @plnaugle(Paula)

36:59 to: stidmama

37:04 to: @bcdtech Maureen

38:54 to: @bcdtech Maureen
there are flavors??? who knew

38:56 to: stidmama
I can't eat oreos, so won't know any of these!

39:38 to: David Gonzalez
Same here, Stidmama.

40:03 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
I am guessing...oops got that wrong...

40:14 to: stidmama
25% chance each time, right David? LOL

40:24 to: @bcdtech Maureen
I think we only have the regular one

40:38 to: David Gonzalez
Exactly, Stidmama. We get a participation grade. ;)

41:12 to: Eileen
The winner must be addicted to Oreos..

41:22 to: Kate_Rock
Points are also based on who clicks the correct answer the fastest

42:11 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
I do not know my Oreo flavors...Guess I need to do some more research.

42:14 to: stidmama
I like the questions that pop up while we wait to see if we got it right...

42:35 to: Patti Ruffing
Good job Kate

42:37 to: stidmama
YAY Kate!

42:39 to: David Gonzalez
Congrats Kate!

42:41 to: Kate_Rock
Totally guessing!

42:45 to: @bcdtech Maureen
wow! I only got 1 right!

42:51 to: Kate_Rock
Although I did start to get competitive...

42:56 to: Kate_Rock
Thanks everyone :)

43:56 to: Lorie Moffat
I did

44:08 to: Minelle
Great game! Can't wait to use it with my students.

44:32 to: Lorie Moffat
Maureen and Patti

45:23 to: Patti Ruffing
i can hear her

45:25 to: Kate_Rock
I can hear

45:25 to: Lorie Moffat
she did, I could hear

45:28 to: stidmama
I can hear her

45:31 to: Christine Salgueiro
i can hear

45:31 to: clinds 1
I hear her

45:37 to: Eileen
I can hear her

45:39 to: Minelle
I can hear

46:16 to: @bcdtech Maureen
breakout edu??

46:19 to: Lorie Moffat
breadkout edu, Paula?

46:24 to: Lorie Moffat

46:26 to: Tammy Moore

46:26 to: David Gonzalez

46:26 to: Christine Salgueiro

46:27 to: Eileen

46:27 to: clinds 1
What grades would you recommend for making games with Tiny Tap?

46:39 to: Minelle
What chat? I missed that.

47:31 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
Cyberchase Shape Quest Augmented Reality game

47:57 to: @bcdtech Maureen
I used for varied grades.. a 7th graders w/Downes... 5th graders, 3rd, and 1st... Check it out... I like it

49:26 to: @bcdtech Maureen
I joined the breakout edu facebook group... maybe I will tweet it and see if anyone can bring it to edcampBoston next weekend.

51:46 to: @bcdtech Maureen

52:12 to: clinds 1
@bcdtech Maureen - thanks for all the great links!

52:15 to: stidmama
So bummed I got in late -- will wait to listen to the recording... will the chat also be available, because I missed so much of it?

52:30 to: Lorie Moffat
yes. both recording and chat

52:41 to: stidmama
Thanks Lorie

53:05 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Thank you everyone for being here with us today.

53:14 to: Patti Ruffing
Once a Pawn a Time by ScienceWiz Products 34.99

53:20 to: stidmama
This was wonderful. I love it when I can make it!

53:31 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
A special thanks to everyone who took the mic to share during the webinar.

53:39 to: Patti Ruffing

53:53 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Virtual applause for Maureen. Loved that you took the mic. :)

54:13 to: David Gonzalez
Thanks a million Paula, Lorie, Tammy, Classroom 2.0, Blackboard Collaborate, and everyone!

54:32 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Game-a-thon - MIND Research Institute
Looking for a fun and challenging activity for your students? Show off their math and problem-solving skills by participating in the 3rd an

54:32 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
nual National K-12 Game-a-thon challenge!

54:38 to: stidmama
Love this image, thanks!

55:24 to: stidmama
I have told them to be sure that "chance" is truly random so it gives everyone the opportunity to play

55:46 to: stidmama
I also suggest they limit the options until they get a feel for the game play -- don't get too elaborate at first

56:01 to: Eileen
The questions and answers must be from content we have learned.

56:25 to: Kate_Rock
I was the one who asked that...I am thinking it would be great to use with 8th grade book projects...but I don't know where to have them start

56:32 to: Kate_Rock
I am thinking it might be overwhelming at first

56:54 to: stidmama
Game line follows the plot? Characters are the players...

57:03 to: Kate_Rock
Good idea!

57:05 to: Kate_Rock
I like that

57:13 to: Kate_Rock
Maybe would be better in literature circles

57:14 to: Lisa @thehomeworkdog
I am going to do this on Monday. I will have a list of concepts they need to include. 2nd grade mental math chapter

57:14 to: @bcdtech Maureen
choose your adventure

57:18 to: Patti Ruffing
start with the end in mind, what do you want the winner to have accomplished

57:20 to: Kate_Rock
where multiple kids read the same book and can work together

57:27 to: stidmama
If the kids are into role playing games, look at how "magic the gathering" is created and think of a simper form.

57:46 to: Kate_Rock
Thanks so much for the feedback!

57:53 to: Eileen
Question matrix that can incorporate different levels of thinking.

58:30 to: @bcdtech Maureen
thanks Paula, Lorie and Tammy!

58:34 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Sorry, have to run. Have a session here at the conference I need to help facilitate. Have a great weekend everyone. :)

58:42 to: stidmama
:-D This will be a great week for my students! LOL

58:43 to: Patti Ruffing
thanks, Paula

58:50 to: stidmama
thank you all for this session

59:43 to: Minelle
Thank you, Great session!

1:00:10 to: Janet P
Thanks a bunch!