CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar "Student Study Tools" with Tammy Moore

February 28, 2015

00:12 - Dejan Kreculj
Hi, again!

01:25 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you for sharing that Dejan. It is interesting to see what you are seeing. :)

01:27 - stidmama
7C isn't too cold -- we are about 9C right now. :-)

01:39 - Radojka Miksin
The weather is nice! Serbia is beautiful!

01:59 - stidmama
I would love to visit Serbia -- the pictures I have seen are very interesting.

02:06 - stidmama
Hello Tammy! :-D

02:19 - tam

02:44 - Dejan Kreculj
Tamara, you is from Smederevo?

02:58 - tam
komplikovano je :D

03:02 - Radojka Miksin
Welcome to Serbia! :)

03:05 - Dejan Kreculj
Ja u Kovinu :)

03:28 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I use Quizlet with my students to help them build vocabulary for social studies.

03:40 - Annette Whitby #2
Yes : 0 ) Very familiar format

04:15 - Delaine Ulmer
Hello from snowy north Dallas!

04:26 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello Delaine.

04:40 - stidmama
I used quizlet a lot last year, but this year my students really do not have access to computers at home, and our school time is limited so I use other programs first. But quizlet is wonderful!

05:25 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Can print out flashcardsfor the students from Quizlet for those without access.

05:29 - @bcdtech Maureen
doing a grad program in assistive tech- being a student is not an easy job!

05:35 - Dee KC
Ca ncreate really good mindmaps

05:52 - Annette Whitby #2
assessment with remedial feedback

05:53 - JanRobertson
you should be able to talk your notes rather then write them

05:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Collaborative ability like Google Docs.

05:55 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
highlight, sticky note for own words, citations,

06:00 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
I'm going to work with our high school students with Evernote.

06:01 - @bcdtech Maureen
record all audio

06:05 - stidmama
love mind maps!

06:12 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
Google Drive

06:15 - Dotty

06:19 - Minelle

06:22 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

06:29 - @bcdtech Maureen
get feedback from teacher- did I get the important stuff?

06:31 - JanRobertson
Share you note easily

06:42 - Minelle

06:46 - Dee KC
Use proper handwritten notes too

06:52 - JanRobertson
Available on all devices

06:53 - stidmama
I could use a good notetaking tool for ipads... we just got a complete classroom set to share (among 12 classrooms).

07:06 - Susie @shighley
Not cause you to miss the instructor's main points while you create the notes

07:09 - Dee KC
like livescribe pens

07:17 - Dee KC

07:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Ability to highlight on PDFs.

07:22 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
Acrobat Pro

07:37 - @bcdtech Maureen
myscribe kind of ocr for my notes.

07:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
allow me to draw pictures- like sketchnotes

08:01 - roxanne clement
question geenerators

08:25 - Minelle
plickers for quick assessment

08:58 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
For Ss, we have to remember to try and keep easy access.

09:04 - roxanne clement
citation builders

09:08 - tam
connectors, arrows

09:19 - @bcdtech Maureen
Teachers should demo a bunch of tools and let kids choose

09:59 - Delaine Ulmer
It should have a wide variety of options for students to use and work on a cloud based format so it can be accessed from home.

10:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Like that Evernote can be used to add a picture of hand written notes and then it is searchable.

10:22 - tam
building hierarchy

10:35 - Annette Whitby #2
Interesting diagram . . .

11:02 - tam

11:14 - Susie @shighley
Paula: I am starting to use the speech to text aspect of Evernote more too

11:43 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Googles Speech to Text in Docs is pretty good. Just tried it this past week.

12:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I really need to use Evernote more than I do at this time. It has many great features.

14:09 - stidmama
Really love the way the subjects are broken down here. Very helpful to me as I think about what my 3rd graders need.

14:38 - Annette Whitby #2
My field (law) is a blend of Type 1 and 2. Memorization of the law (type 1) and the study of law and ethics (type 2)

14:44 - Susie @shighley
I like those charts better than Bloom's or DOK in some aspects

14:44 - stidmama
Also a bit of 2 and 4 (not much of 3, not developmentally there yet)

15:00 - roxanne clement
Blended since I'm a teacher librarian

15:05 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
As a tech. coord. - mostly areas 1-3

15:11 - Susie @shighley
I'm with Roxanne

15:13 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

16:39 - stidmama
At my grade, everything we do is something they will need again later on... so busy developing all areas of learning!

16:44 - Susie @shighley
You don't have "until the standardized test" as a choice

16:53 - roxanne clement
Unfortunately, with the way many classrooms teach, many students only hold info for the task

16:59 - stidmama
sadly true, @Susie

17:01 - @plnaugle (Paula)
LOL Susie> :)

17:29 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
chuckle -- Susie @shighley

17:58 - stidmama
would love the source of that table, please!

18:45 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

18:53 - janet p

18:55 - stidmama
yep, my paycheck is smaller before I get it!

19:10 - JanRobertson
Love that expression; subscription exhaustion!

19:17 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

19:25 - Annette Whitby #2

19:25 - Dee KC

19:28 - roxanne clement

19:32 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
i haven't used cmap for years -- forgot about it

20:01 - Annette Whitby #2

20:25 - Annette Whitby #2

20:33 - stidmama
Organization is my bane this year... next year we'll be better!

20:41 - Lorie Moffat
It's now free, too! :)

20:49 - Delaine Ulmer
I cannot get used to One am glad to learn more about it here!

22:56 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Whoa. A mac version. Hmmm.

23:39 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Just logged into One Drive and they now have One Note as an option.

24:02 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
I've used this on my Mac: Circus Ponies Notebook: but it is not free.

24:15 - Lorie Moffat
Yes. The OneDrive OneNote has fewer tools, though.

24:49 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Free. awesome.

25:21 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Evernote is awesome -- not sure it has that math ability?

26:25 - JanRobertson
Is there any age requirement for students to sign up. (Just learned that Prezi is supposed to be 13 and over so now I'm trying to be aware of age restrictions

27:14 - LucianeCurator 1

27:23 - Lorie Moffat
Since OneNote program is free now, you might not need email addresses.

27:30 - Dee KC
there is an educational version of prezi wher teacher create the logins and its ok for under 13s I think

27:51 - JanRobertson
Thanks @Dee KC

28:14 - @bcdtech Maureen

28:14 - Dee KC

28:42 - stidmama
grabbing one note now (free makes it worth trying) :-)

29:49 - stidmama
brand new for me

29:52 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Never. Mac user.

29:54 - Susie @shighley #2
I hven't

29:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I'm new to onenote.

30:03 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman

30:04 - Cynthia Collins 4
New to me

30:07 - tam
totally new

30:26 - @bcdtech Maureen
I used to use it years ago... upgrading the version on my computer right now

30:38 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
I started using it last year with audio feedback.

30:44 - @bcdtech Maureen

30:44 - Lorie Moffat

30:47 - Annette Whitby #2

31:14 - Susie @shighley #2
Very cool to see it this way

31:36 - Lorie Moffat
windows show

31:37 - roxanne clement

31:40 - stidmama

32:04 - Annette Whitby #2
What Smart Students Know by Adam Robinson:

33:14 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Very much like Evernote

33:46 - LucianeCurator 1
Important for European Teachers :Deadline for Erasmus Plus KA1 is 4 march. Preregister here if you are interested to join Erasmus Plus KA 1 Courses organised by Euneos Finland . You have left only 4 days to apply .

34:19 - roxanne clement

34:30 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
I create lessons in folders in evernote and share the link.

34:37 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
That is very mac-like.

34:46 - stidmama
This looks nice and simple!

35:00 - Annette Whitby #2
Downloading OneNote right now : 0 )

35:46 - Annette Whitby #2
Will definitely explore it this weekend . . .

36:07 - Minelle
I like the camera feature. You can embed student work or students can input pictures.

36:43 - Lorie Moffat
and it's flagged for collaborators - new notes are bold

37:00 - Lorie Moffat
I don't think so.

37:14 - stidmama
I think I know how I will be spending my TV time today... :-) multitasking to learn OneNote!

37:33 - roxanne clement
Can you export into Google Apps for Education?

38:56 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Interesting. As a Google Apps school, we collaborate like this in our apps.

39:39 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

40:44 - Annette Whitby #2
@Roxanne Good question @Sheri I am also curious about how OneNote compares to Google Apps.

41:04 - Annette Whitby #2

41:20 - roxanne clement
sounds like there is a lag when working together and I love that I can see who is in and working in real time

41:38 - stidmama
google apps is definitely cross-platform compatible, but doesn't have some of the teacher-led features of onenote (as far as I know google apps doesn't allow moodle to push content, for example)

41:58 - roxanne clement
we are BYOD in our 6-8 and I'm having trouble with using tables with the iPads and Google Drive so I'm looking around

42:05 - Annette Whitby #2
Thanks for your input @Roxanne

42:17 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
Here is one of the most outstanding cmaps I have seen.

42:44 - Susie @shighley #3
Good point, Roxanne. Tables and formatting have been a pain sometimes in GAFE

43:11 - Annette Whitby #2
So to share the concept map, you just give other's a link to it and they can then comment and edit it?

43:17 - Susie @shighley #3
Wow! What a neat way for students to look at all they have learned!

43:17 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Well. Google Apps provides docs, slides, spreadsheet, blogger, sites, forms, and more for free with unlimited storage and backup. It integrates with many sites to turn in or embed Apps work -- such as Edmodo.

43:48 - roxanne clement
we are using chromebooks and iPads with keyboards, but there are complaints coming in from my iPad users...disappointing

44:13 - roxanne clement
because of the glitches with GAFE

45:00 - Susie @shighley #3
Sheri: It's the part about trying to make columns where you actually need to use invisible tables and things like that in docs that gets frustrating some times

45:03 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
iPads need to download the separate apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides.

45:40 - Delaine Ulmer
So much good information.

46:01 - stidmama
This is brilliant...

46:16 - roxanne clement
right Sheri, but with Drive and the separate apps kids can't view tables created and shared

46:22 - Susie @shighley #3
And to think that I still have some of my college notebooks from the '70s...

46:26 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Susie: Understood. Docs just added "merge cells" to tables. I needed that.

47:29 - Marcella 1
Again, please remember to give us the actual source of this table and the previous table.

48:04 - stidmama
This is a great reminder for WHY we do "spiral review"

48:24 - Annette Whitby #2
LiveBinder link:

48:39 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
roxanne -- interesting. I haven't used my iPad much for GAFE.

49:20 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
That must be frustrating.

50:11 - roxanne clement
I love chromebooks and iPads in the classroom because when one platform doesn't work for the project the other does and our students are becoming much more flexible about using different devices

50:55 - Susie @shighley #3
I bet my daughter would have loved this in nursing school

51:29 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
roxanne -- that is great. We're thinking about chromebooks. Flexibility to figure out how to get things to work is an important soft skill.

53:43 - Susie @shighley #3
That's exactly what I was thinking-- like a game

53:49 - roxanne clement
Working with students to choose the right tool for their task...and just like us,students get a little too comfortable with older technology if not exposed to a vareity of tools.

53:57 - stidmama
@roxanne -- I like the built-in flexible thinking that using multiple platforms and programs teaches! I think we focus so often on the way things are "done" that we don't prepare our students for the times that things need to be done differently!

53:59 - Annette Whitby #2
Cerego Anatomy:

54:39 - roxanne clement
Tammy, what grade levels do you think for this tool?

54:53 - roxanne clement

55:37 - roxanne clement
love the stats!

56:15 - Annette Whitby #2
Cerego Anatomy Quiz:

56:18 - Lorie Moffat
central regions

56:41 - Annette Whitby #2
This is exciting . . .

57:18 - Dee KC
do the stats go back into Moodle?

58:48 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Would be nice to work with Edmodo also.

59:29 - Tammy Moore
Want a different flashcard app? Try using the tools at to make comparisons on apps. Cerego isn't listed there because Cerego is web based, not an app.

1:00:52 - stidmama
This has been an amazingly "empowering" presentation, Tammy! I have multiple tools that I feel I can try and use now.

1:01:03 - Annette Whitby #2
Thanks for today's informative session.

1:01:08 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
thanks so much.

1:01:11 - tam
Very interesting, very informative, thanks Tammy!!!

1:01:15 - Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)

1:01:18 - Minelle
Thank you

1:01:21 - Delaine Ulmer
Thank you so much. Great information.

1:01:21 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar 1
Thank you!

1:01:35 - Dušnka Galečć

1:01:38 - Dee KC
This has been brilliant! Many thanks.

1:01:48 - Sava 2
Thank you!

1:01:52 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Tammy Moore. You have given us many things to spend our weekend checking out. :)

1:01:52 - Nai Wang
Great... I read the times wrong. oh well..

1:01:53 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
there is a webclipper app that sends to onenote

1:02:37 - LucianeCurator 1
Important for European Teachers :Deadline for Erasmus Plus KA1 is 4 march. Preregister here if you are interested to join Erasmus Plus KA 1 Courses organised by Euneos Finland . You have left only 4 days to apply .

1:02:43 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Nai Wang You will be able to view the archive when it is posted.

1:03:07 - Nai Wang
Yeah, I know. But I love to participate when I actually have a Saturday free, which is very rare.

1:03:24 - stidmama
Nai, remember this willbe on the archive in a couple of days!

1:03:39 - roxanne clement
I'm doing collaborate sessions thru learning REvolution Monday for Dr. Seuss Day

1:03:54 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I know what you mean @Nai Wang. When I watch an archive webinar, I get frustrated that I can't participate in chat. :)

1:04:06 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Thank you Tammy -- your ideas and resources are always valuable.

1:04:12 - Tammy Moore

1:04:45 - Radojka Miksin
Thank you! :)

1:04:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Roxanne are you sharing that information. Would love to join in.

1:04:57 - roxanne clement
Here's the link to our webpage if you might like to drop in K-5

1:05:09 - Annette Whitby #2
Survey Link:

1:05:16 - Nai Wang
It's like to difference of watching Cirque du Soleil on TV and going to a performance. LOL

1:05:40 - stidmama
Lorie and Tammy, thank you so very much! Have to go. :-)

1:05:50 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you fro sharing, Roxanne.

1:05:56 - Annette Whitby #2
Enjoyed this energizing session!

1:05:58 - S Lee

1:06:05 - roxanne clement
My favorite Sturday startup!

1:06:29 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to see y'all here next week. :)