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Leigh Newton: yes indeed

Vicki Davis: Hear you loud and clear.

Birdie: good sound

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great. Welcome everyone. T minus 15 minutes.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Anyone going to tweet?

Leigh Newton: Is a tweet this?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Mleepeak: I hear you.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I'm going to send a message out through Twitter to let people know we start in 15. Be right back.

Vicki Davis: Steve could you promote me to moderator so I may load the slides.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon: Done.

piglet: sorry what time is it now??

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon: Thanks - they are there - will make one slide about st. louis?

Birdie: What's your Twitter name?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We will be starting in 12 minutes -- it is 10:48 EDT for me here in Camilla, Georgia.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon: Up to you. I think would be fine.

Leigh Newton: 2:48 GMT

piglet: ok

Alan Cree: Hi All, yes clocked that GMT without daylight saving - turned up an hour early

Leigh Newton to Birdie: I can hear you Birdie

Leigh Newton to Birdie: That was a decent volume.

Cheryl Todd Meredith College: Works fine.

calvamom: hear you well

Birdie: good

Leigh Newton: Sounds good in Azerbaijan

leeannspillane: good in Orlando, FL

piglet: Ok in Jerusalem

Mleepeak: sounds good in Oklahoma

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Moderator (Vicki Davis): lol -- where is everyone from?

John Peters: Sounded good from Hereford Texas

egosurfer: Italy

calvamom: Detroit

Birdie: Santa Barbara

Sam@CaryAcademy: Cary, NC

Cheryl Todd Meredith College: I am from Meredith College in Raleigh NC

Mleepeak: Oklahoma City

piglet: Jerusalem

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Wow!

Alan Cree: England

Moderator (Vicki Davis): This flat world still amazes me.

calvamom: nice variety

Shoutten: Virginia (rural, on a farm)

Tony R: St. Charles, MO

piglet: but English rules!

Susan: springfield vermont "Home of the Simpsons"

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon: All slides are loaded and I have a special one at the end for the workshop. FYI.

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon: Julie is on her way, just I'med her.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Julie Lindsay is on her way from Qatar.

piglet: can we speak or only write?

Julie Lindsay: Hi from Julie

calvamom: hello Julie

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Hi Julie!

piglet: ok steve

piglet: thanks

Leigh Newton: This is almost as much fun as when the Australian Parliament apologised for years of institutional abuse to its Indigenous people. This Aussie watched the speech three months back at 2am via internet.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): we were doing this just a moment a go! (Julie was just presenting w/ her students and I got up at 5:30 am my time.)

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): I was just listening and watching the students summit again

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): they did a great job

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We use elluminate for our students to present and prior to beginning we all have them go on mike and test it. Please, we want to hear from you!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Also, we love use of the emoticons as well.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Hi, we heard you for a moment @Mleepeek

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Just speak - it sounds like you're not there but you are.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): You don't hear yourself through the headset b/c the 2 second delay would drive you crazy!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: who is flat classrooms?

elderbob: Good morning.

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: I don't know.

Mleepeak: just testing....sorry

piglet: you mean evening-)

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Mleepeak - Not need to apologize, just say hello. Everyone is welcome here.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): wow, great room of people from all over the place.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Julie, you didn't get to see where everyone is from.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): hi elderbob

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @elderbob - Hi!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): we hear you

leeannspillane: I can hear you, Bob. : )

Cheryl Todd Meredith College: Yes thank you

elderbob: Hi.

Noreen Strehlow: <--Phoenix, Arizona here

Dan Serrato: sounds great

leeannspillane: Yes, Ruth, loud and clear

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): Hi!

Leigh Newton: Yes Ruth, coming thru well.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Hi, Jim.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): we hear you Jim

leeannspillane: I hear you Jim

piglet: hi

flat classrooms: I've never done this before, how do you change from flat classroom to myself?

elderbob: I hear birds in your backroom Jim.

Dan Serrato: steve, much better

Moderator (Vicki Davis): If you go on mike just make sure that you don't have your speaker on! You'll get a 2 second delay!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): 6pm here in Qatar

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): great!

TMcGrath: from Philadelphia, PA

Jim Walker: W. Springfield , MA

Maryanne: Here in Maryland, USA

PeggyG: Hi Julie and Vicki! Great to hear from you! Beautiful day in Phoenix AZ.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): lol flat classrooms are crazy classrooms.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): lol

piglet: hey Julie you are in my time zone!!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): Hi piglet

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): where are you?

piglet: Jerusalem

piglet: salaam!!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): ok, good

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): 2006

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): I was at International School Dhaka then

Susan: lost sound for a few seconds

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @susan - when you lose sound it willcompress our voices and turn us in to "chipmunks" as it catches us up.

Susan: k

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): ours is a collaborative project

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): not just a group project

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): it requires constant input from all participants

Sam@CaryAcademy: wikis validate authentic group work

Ken Pruitt: Does it change behavior for some?

John: wikis are great due to the built in log of accountability

piglet: how do you get the ball rolling?

John: history

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Ken -- To me it does.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @piglet - We'll get there.

piglet: great

Shoutten: it gives students a larger audience which makes them more conscious of doing higher level work

Jim Walker: Too oftern students are told to "Do your own work"

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Just one second.

PeggyG: Will you be adding some detail about how you handle your assessments and grading?

Sam@CaryAcademy: RSS feeds help manage all the data, too.

flat classrooms: Can you give some examples of a day or an assignment within the project to illustrate this individual participation?

Suzanne: are the project managers adults or students?

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Yes, and some students want to write "their work" in Word and then paste it in and put their name by it.

Ken Pruitt: group projects often end up in with an acceptance of some...thanks, great answer

Mark Carls: Really interested in getting kids using wikis and Nings out here in Western New York

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): PMs are students Suzanne

piglet: will this material all be available when u sign off?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): This will be archived.

Sam@CaryAcademy: @Mark: Any particular discipline or content area?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Vicki--I don't see the slide...

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Got it now. Slow.

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: 21st century literacies did you uncheck follow moderator

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Mark Carls: I need to show all teachers out here. We have a Social Studies guy who uses it and another English teacher (wikispaces)

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Sam@CaryAcademy: @Mark: I think wikis are great tools for group science lab reports

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

piglet: what techie skills does one need?

piglet: to participate?

piglet: and also what equipment?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): a knowledge of Web 2.0

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): is helpful to start

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): basic PC for multimedia use

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Julie invented Digiteen too!

leeannspillane: this would be wonderful for my senior service learning students

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @piglet we use wikis, blogs (on Ning), presentations in elluminate, we make movies using all sorts of software programs.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We use delicious.

Mark Carls: Thank you Sam

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @piglet we do have an application form and will be taking them for the fall.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): But the #1 requirement is an engaged teacher.

PeggyG: The Digiteen site is awesome-an incredible compilation of tons of resources for teaching digital citizenship!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): yes, an engaged teacher!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): get excited about learning!

leeannspillane: I agree--teachers make all the difference

Virtual Teacher: I would love to have some 9th graders come into my grade 3-4 class and discuss issues like these!

Sam@CaryAcademy: @Mark: Here is an example

piglet: I want in!!

leeannspillane: Vicki your stories of beginning a beginner are such an inspiration to me

mark: i'm giving a final as I watch this; it's a little tough without audio. Is it being recorded?

piglet: do I need all the kids to be online?

newanda: when did you begin designing this project and how long did it take to begin with students?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Mark - it is recorded.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @piglet - e-mail me at and we'll talk.

Mark Carls: WOW Sam, I love the Photobucket videos

Moderator (Vicki Davis): It helps having everyone online.

Maryanne: Is the chat room chatter available later?

piglet: ok Vicki

piglet: thanks

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Yes, I will publish the chat and the full recording later today.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): You can go to File and Save and save the whiteboard and the chat.

leeannspillane: how do you monitor and manage student behavior in the wiki?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Yes, I will publish the chat and the full recording later today.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): The discussion tab and the RSS feed.

leeannspillane: we had a bad experience this year w/ someone posting inappropriate content and comments about a teacher

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @leeannspillane - Did they have their Own ID? Were they held accountable?

Sue to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Will all of these questions and answers as well as the presentation be available after this presentation. And is it ok to share with my fellow teachers?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): If you deal w/ it severely the first time and have everyone with their own ID then you will not have a problem.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): And remember to start in private places.

leeannspillane: they did have their own ID but perhaps we should have changed the invite key daily--they used a made up id

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Both the recording and chat log will be posted in a few hours on the Classrom 2.0 LIVE Conversations site, and are available to anyone who will want to watch or read.

Sam@CaryAcademy: @leeannspillane: You can ask wikispaces to create individual usernames and passwords for all your kids.

leeannspillane: @Sam that is what I will have to do next time because our discipline couldn't handle it even w/ an IP address

Mark Carls: Steve H. Thank you for the link to this.

leeannspillane: opps discipline team

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): links for this project in 2007

Virtual Teacher: Any ideas on where is best to start this kind of thing with young kids? (grades 3-4)

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Virtual Teacher - Start w/ joinin in projects like Technospud or Susan Silverman's projects.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Join in as a group w/ the teacher being the connector.

newanda: sorry, I may have missed this piece. when did you begin designing this project and how long did it take to begin with students?

newanda: *peice

leeannspillane: yes because the outsourced video almost seems like the traditional idea of one student doing most of the work

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We touched base in Sept 2006 and started in late October 2006. They take a good 6 weeks to plan.

newanda: need spell check)

Susan to Vicki Davis: will this presentation be available for me to show at a faculty meeting?

Amy Chayefsky: Mark I have even intriduced staff to wikis in a side winded route - organizing staff meetings, students functions... kind of slip them into particiaption and they many have that aha! relevancy moment!!!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Susan - this will be archived.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Also, encourage teachers to join in the k12 online conference in the fall.

Tony R: was that zanzar?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Get the teachers to connect.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Vicki Davis):

Tony R: thx

Moderator (Vicki Davis):

Mark Carls: Great, free file conversion, just close the pop-ups

jeffmason: ditto the K12 online conference. excellent

PeggyG: Did you have to use common applications for creating the videos and sharing media projects among the students? Did you have to deal with Mac/PC compatibility issues?

dgrice: @leeann FYI: Wikispaces for teachers, how to set up student accts:

PeggyG: Do you use rubrics for the students to self-assess?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): I used iGoogle this time

leeannspillane: @dgrice: thank you -- I think I'm seeing the holes in how we started our reading project and what we need to do to teach students to be more responsible and effective

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): @PeggyG....not as such..we shoudl look at this as well!

newanda: have you seen bloom's digital taxonomy?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): yes I have seen blooms digital

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): by Andrew Churches?

dgrice: @leeann We set up free educator space (no ads) and keep it private for our Middle School projects.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): check out our current student summit recordings here

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Amy Chayefsky: good ppoin t - educator wikis, can be private, allows you to upgrade one level for free if you confirm it is for educational purposes

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We allow students to use different tools depending on what we're doing.

newanda: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy-

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We use a lot of firefox plug ins to allow things to happen.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Like "snagging" their video down, etc.

PeggyG: Do you have any videos on your sites of students talking about the projects? Do they see the longer term values of these incredible projects?

leeannspillane: need for transparency

newanda: do you create your own assessments and rubrics fom scratch? BTW, love what you are doing!

newanda: *from

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @newanda - We have people involved from around the world to help us with the rubrics.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Over 100 hours of time has been spent in the rubrics.

PeggyG: Will Sharon Peters be able to enlist a group from Africa in her upcoming project?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): re Peggy's question

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): my students created videos about the project last semester

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): here \

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): yes, we should ask Sharon

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): re Africa

PeggyG: @Julie-Perfect! Can't wait to view them

Birdie: How do you schedule collaborative activities -- around the world?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): yes!

loonyhiker: time issues are a real world issue. i love that they are learning this now

jeffmason: "English" language primarily?

newanda: YES!

piglet: great name loonyhiker!

loonyhiker: thx

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): For international timing, try

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

PeggyG: The sounding board process sounds really valuable! Peer review is so powerful!

Birdie: A lot of asynchronous work?

Maryanne: How do preservice teachers participate if they don't have students?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

PeggyG: Karl Kapp's book on Gadgets, Games & Gizmos for Learning is an awesome book if you haven't read it.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @PeggyG - It should be called Teachers Handbook for reaching today's Student Gamers.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Karl Kapp's book is amazing and he is a phenomenal person -- the students LOVED interacting with him.

PeggyG: Yes, it is so much more than a "tools" book-provides strong rationale for using gaming for educational purposes

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @PeggyG and how to implement games depending on the knowledge you're trying to convey.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): As well as cultural awareness.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): But it was students who had NEVER been in a private school website or ning.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): So, having a private classroom space is ESSENTIAL.

leeannspillane: I can see how privacy is essential--we had a private space, but a student logged in under someone else's name

PeggyG: It would be fascinating to get a longer term perspective from students who have participated in the Flat Classroom project in a few years to see what the benefits are to them after graduation from HS.

leeannspillane: Thank you for the real-world example Julie--

jeffmason: awesome teachable moment

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @leeannspillane - Students should be held accountable for their own id, if they share their id, then that is totally their fault. we have their own ID to log on the computer too so passwords aren't saved.

Jim Walker: The digital natives don't think about the world before WWW.

leeannspillane: this reminds me of what Kylene Beers said at NCTE last year bout Google's job application process; how students need to be globally collaborative, but in many classrooms students dont' even collaborate within the same classroom

piglet: how do ou seet up an online school space?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): @piglet...use a Ning?

PeggyG: You are both demonstrating how important it is for teachers to be constantly engaged with and monitoring their student communications.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): use wikispaces private label?

Jim Walker: School tell students to shup up sit down and do your own work

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): we are doing both here

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): our staff Ning

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): sorry...will find correct URL

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

jeffmason: appropriate consequence

PeggyG: online behaviors have offline consequences! Such an important concept to teach students!

leeannspillane: yes!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): Australian sharks are the friendliest

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): haha

loonyhiker: hooray for the south! lol

Sam@CaryAcademy: Our AUP says online activity is treated as if you were on a "field trip" so words and actions are as if they were in person on a school trip

newanda: This is fantastic ladies! Thanks for sharing. Gotta go.

jeffmason: yay south

jeffmason: ;

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Jim Walker: Too much inservice is about eating the watermellon

Virtual Teacher: I love the watermelon analogy - will use it when convincing colleagues to join in!

Virtual Teacher: VoiceThread is phenomenal!

dgrice: Important the teacher understand and learn the tech as well. Students quickly learn to take advantage when they feel their teacher is clueless.

PeggyG: VoiceThread would be a great way for elementary students to get started!

Virtual Teacher: We did a collaborative VoiceThread (Japan and Quebec) with grades 1-2-3 this year.

dgrice: Love Voicethread. Even used it with Kindergarten.

piglet: I am feeling overwhelmed

leeannspillane: @piglet: one bite at a time--you can do it!

loonyhiker: this whole project is so motivational

elderbob: Do the two moderators use Twitter.

PeggyG: Do you know of schools who are implementing the Flat Classroom project ideas but are not officially a part of your project?

leeannspillane: Vicki does

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: For sure I'd put up the slide of the St. Louis workshop before you finish.

jeffmason: mayb start a project between two of your own classes

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @elderbob I am

piglet: so just do blogs first maybe?

leeannspillane: good point Julie

piglet: but you still need access to PCs

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We are collecting information on this wiki.

loonyhiker: maybe collaborate with one other school at first?

Ken Pruitt: A great place to start is always within your own district...building to building comm is always lacking

leeannspillane: access can be an issue and the "how to" of posting to a blog was a challenge for my students

piglet: I would love to try a classroom collaboration

jeffmason: wikispaces was a painless entry activity for my classes

PeggyG: Is the Flat Classroom process one of the tutorials on Atomic Learning?

Sam@CaryAcademy: @piglet: To what tech do you have access

Virtual Teacher: @ piglet What age are your students?

piglet: I have high schoolkids

piglet: we have labs but not always available to me

piglet: I have to book them

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

leeannspillane: @piglet: I have high school students too...maybe we could do something

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

piglet: great,where are you leanne?

Maryanne: Can you repeat the title of the book?

leeannspillane: @orlando, FL--let's email or chat after the session

loonyhiker: i have been watching the videos this morning and they r so great to watch

piglet: ok

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): this is a great analogy!

piglet: not upset!

piglet: just challenged

Virtual Teacher: realizing we need to change - absolutely a big realization

leeannspillane: terrific ah-ha sharing

loonyhiker: i have learned so much from twitter - that's where i first met vicki i think

Moderator (Vicki Davis): The name of the book is ClickSmart

Maryanne: thanks.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): It will be published in the next month or so.

Birdie: Do you limit participation to classtime, or do students work from home too.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): But follow my blog it will be there.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Great question.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We had some students in Bangladesh as advisors for this year's project.

Jim Walker: Have you thought about a mashup with the wikinomics concepts of peering and prosumers?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): He's still in high school!

loonyhiker: Do students get individual grades or a group grade on this project?

jeffmason: you must work efficiently to use your 50 minute planning period each day. : )

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Jim - This year's horizon integrated a lot of Wikinomics b/c Don tapscott was involved.

Susan to Vicki Davis: Can you let me know how to find the archived file for this presentation. I'd like to send my colleagues to it, so they could view/listen on their own time. But they'll need an address...(you know what I mean)

Moderator (Vicki Davis): They interviewed us extensively for horizon project.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Yes.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): Vicki?

piglet: know what u mean vicky

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Yes -- we use the term prolearner.

Ken Pruitt: Thank you Vicki, Julie, and Steve...great as usual

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): thanks Ken

Ken Pruitt: See you all soon

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): ok!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): "Pro-Learner" - Good new word for me.

dgrice: Is most of the student work on FlatClassroom done inside or outside class time? Is it done concurrently with other curriculum or exclusively?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): that was an amazing off-shoot to the actual project

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): inside class dgrice

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Pro-Amateur, Pro-sumer, Pro-Learner...

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): embeddedin the curriculum

jeffmason: Do students establish social connections outside the classroom?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): in our various schools and curriuclums

piglet: how much classroom time is devoted to this?

piglet: or is it concurrent with "regular' lessons/

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): @jeffmason...there have ben some connections made

KarenJan: how do students move from this model to a more traditional classroom teacher the next year? they can't choose their teachers

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Niche is ed tech right now in the same way that Open Source Software was the beginning of open culture.

PeggyG: This is such integrated, real-life learning! Not like the projects where students don't even care about getting them back at the end of the semester or year--just an assignment that's finished.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @KarenJan - They take a lot of it with them.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): So, I have AP students who've created wikis.

Leigh Newton: the challenge is for primary teachers to get started with it all.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): They take a lot of them with them. Yes, mys tudents use delicious for their term papers.

KarenJan: so students become the ed tech facilitators!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Teachers shouldn't have to be experts for the tools to be used.

PeggyG: Do other teachers in your schools feel "pressured" to compete with your engaged projects?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): The tools should be there.

piglet: how does it integrate in regular classes?

Cheryl Todd Meredith College: Thnks for all that you shared with us.

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): pressured is not the word....

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): some excitement

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): a lot of bewilderment still

John: Thank you Vicki, Julie and Steve...lots of great ideas, BFN!

KarenJan: I would love to see a public HS involved in this model

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): clinging to trad. forms of assessment and 'delivery of content'

Noreen Strehlow: are those required classes or electives?

Cheryl Todd Meredith College: I agree with KarenJan

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): we had LACHSA

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): in LA

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): last project

PeggyG: I could see how something like GenYES with students teaching teachers about technology would be invaluable support for beginning tech users.

Jim Klein: Has this been replicated within the participating schools or without? Or, has it been used as a basis for another project outside this group that you are aware of?

leeannspillane: love the ladder analogy!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): good questions Jim....

jeffmason: 15 mins a day

piglet: thanks everyone!GTG

Moderator (Vicki Davis): There is the flat earth project - Simon from England -- there are so many -- many voices of darfur

Birdie: Have you used Second Life? Too high-maintenance?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): 1001 wikitales

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Open PD

loonyhiker: Second life uses a lot of bandwidth

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Is ePals a good start for some?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): I've thrown a lot of things up on the board for some ways to connect yourself.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): epals is great

Jim Klein: Where can we find the resulting research regarding academic and/or personal gains of students as a result of this project?

Moderator (Vicki Davis): I like the Technospud holiday card exchange

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

leeannspillane: iEarn is a great site

KarenJan: what would you see as the basic points for replication? Maybe a bullet point wiki to help promote replication may be helpful

KarenJan: love that slide!

Sue to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: where will this be archived? which website???

loonyhiker: thank you so much for doing this y'all! it was wonderful!

Sue to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: can you post that on here?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Some students literally Don't Exist.

Noreen Strehlow: are the classes required or elective

elderbob: Comments on Cell Phone use?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): join our new teacher Ning

Jane 1: What is next for you?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We have weekly teacher meetings in Elluminate -

Moderator (Vicki Davis): this afternoon we have the horizon project teacher reflection meeting at 4 pm EDT

PeggyG: Thanks Vicki and Julie! A fantastic overview of your projects! It will take hours to go through all of your links and can't wait to get started on the exploration!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): It is 4 hours from now.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): All of the teachers will be there reflecting.

Susan: Thank you for this today. It was great!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Julie point out this one here --

jeffmason: for grins and giggles, have you calculated your per hour income

Moderator (Vicki Davis): lol jeff

leeannspillane: I wish ning weren't blocked by our district proxy

Jim Klein: @KarenJan: Quick victories would be key to someone else trying to get started, and should be included on any wiki designed to assist teachers with getting started.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Leann - have you tried a custom domain?

loonyhiker: @jeff, bet it is in the minus category

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): yes! connect via the NIng

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Yes

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @leeann - can you see

piglet: what was the ning url again?

leeannspillane: @Steve: hmmm... sometimes I can open/access my Classroom2.0 ning from an emailed link, but I'm not sure what you mean

jeffmason: but priceless by other accounts

KarenJan: @jimklein - seems that foreign language teachers would be a great starting place for many HSs

mark: I got an education account from ning, then approached the district tech people. they unblocked it since there were no ads

Jim Klein: I may have missed the answer to this one, but to ask again - Where can we find the resulting research regarding academic and/or personal gains of students as a result of this project?

Susan: Is there a place we can look for other teachers that are looking to collaborate? Maybe a database or such, that lists teachers and projects, something like that?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @leeann - if Classroom 2.0 can be seen behind your filtering system, then you could set up your own ning with a custom URL.

leeannspillane: @mark: i will try that. i can see my Classroom 2.0 page every so often, but the graphics don't load from school--it's odd

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): has a full list.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): a "fuller" list...

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Great!

piglet: bye all and thanks a lot!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): We will be covering a lot of information in our St. Louis workshop - -- join us.

Moderator (Vicki Davis): Yes! We're done. Thank you so much!

Jim Walker: Thanks for sharing I will be sending this out to other teachers who coluld not be here.

Virtual Teacher: This was fanatastic. Thanks so much!

piglet: bye everyone

Maryanne: Thanks so much for a great presentation!

piglet: jim is that you?

Alan Cree: Thankyou - excellent and insipring

KarenJan: Julie and Vicki - have you met yet?

Noreen Strehlow: Steve, where can I get pricing information about elluminate?

Moderator (Julie Lindsay):

stylianosm: Thank you

leeannspillane: Thank you very much!

Moderator (Vicki Davis): @Karen - we met last year.

piglet: leanne I will email u

Moderator (Vicki Davis): for about 3 days

Tony R: I enjoyed listening...thanks!

Leigh Newton: What an experience! Thanks to all.

leeannspillane: @piglet wonderful!

elderbob: Great job all around, folks.

PeggyG: So glad you were able to show all of the slides-it will be great to go back and look at them more closely! Great conversation!

Amy Chayefsky: Congrats on your fabulous work!

dgrice: Thank you!

L Fish: Thank you so much.

Noreen Strehlow: this was great

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): thanks you!

Noreen Strehlow: Hello Amy

jeffmason: g2g. well done! many thanks to julie, vicki, steve and chatroom

calvamom: thank you for all this fabulous information

Tom Hemingway: thanks from Ankara!

KarenJan: thank you!

Birdie: thank you all

Sue to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: excellent work. Thank you for sharing

Moderator (Vicki Davis): OK, goodbye!

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): thanks Steve and Vicki

Moderator (Julie Lindsay): bye for now

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great work everyone!

Moderator (Vicki Davis) to Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon, Julie Lindsay: Thank you it was wonderful. Great room!

Leigh Newton: and to think that my mother was the first in her block to get a radio in her street.

Moderator: Please log out when ready so the recording will process. Thanks! Bye!

Leigh Newton: slightly cryptic I guess. I'm in awe at the wonderful technology.

Emily Vickery: I do not have sound. Help?

Moderator: Emily, we're actually done.

Moderator: I'll have the recording posted within the hour.

Moderator: List of educational Ning networks is at

Moderator: Please log out when ready so the recording will process. Thanks! Bye!

Moderator: Emily, we're actually done.

Emily Vickery: Oh, my gosh

Moderator: I'll have the recording posted within the hour.

Emily Vickery: Guess I got my time zones wrong

Emily Vickery: Thanks!

Moderator: List of educational Ning networks is at

Moderator: Darn! Where are you located?

Moderator: The recording will be good.