The 2011-2012 season NBA regular season ended on April 28, Beijing. Due to the contradiction between the NBA management and trade unions, we enjoyed a shriking season because every team had to reduce the number of their games from 82 to 66 during less than five months which means that every team had to play 3 to 4 games in a week. In that case many players were injured, such as Wade, Bosh, Kobe, Rose, Kevin Garnett,Kid, Chris Paul and so on. However, most of them had dedicated wonderful games while got beautiful game data. Now I will make a forecast for the 2011-2012 Season NBA Regular Season MVP award.
1. LeBron James( Miami Heat, 46wins and 20 losses, 27.1points)
2. Kevin Durant(Oklahoma City Thunder, 47 wins and 19 losses, 28.0 points)
3. Kobe Bryant(L.A. Lakers,41 wins and 25 losses, 27.9 points)
4. Chris Paul(Los Angeles Clippers, 40 wins and 26 losses,9.1 assists)
5. Tony Parker(San Antonio Spurs, 50 wins and 16 losses, 7.7 assists)
These 5 players are the top 5 candidates. Their data are excellent.I have logged on the NBA official website and downloaded their wonderful games and converted them with a Batch FLV Converter to store them on my computer as commemoration.